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By Lemuel Levi -

A common question I see all too often and search term related to the usage of Rhidiola Rosea is " How do I take Golden Root" . It Seems Despite The Popularity of this herbal supplement, the majority of Consumers do not quite now how to administer this natural herbal supplement .

What Is Golden Root Formula Another misconception is due to the fact this natural herbal supplement is Also known by three other key names , Those being Golden Root, Golden Root Complex and Golden Root Formula or it's Latin name Rhodiola Rosea.

Also This confuses people and Consumers As They are under the impression That These are three different herbal products but the fact Remains The key active ingredients are always the same and all found Within this product. There is one discrepancy however it Between the supplement and variations That is the size or dosage of the supplement. The supplement is available in 150mg, 300mg and 450mg variants , however it this is

only the milligram dosage of the active ingredient and not the overall weight supplement. In today's market place the Most Commonly found the supplement of 300mg That is , for the mere reason That it is the best performing product. The 150mg was Deemed too weak and a number of Consumers Reported to having to use twice the amount of supplements or doubling up to get the Desired 450mg supplement and the effect was found to give Consumers a headache after consuming, so the dosage was a little too high.

For this reason the key manufacturers and distributors of Golden Root are now mainly producing the supplement dosage 300mg And This accounts for nearly 80 % of all sold Golden Root Formula Within the UK and Europe. In order to make sure That your Golden Root Formula is suitable for consumption you need to make sure That it is packed in a sealed blister type packaging. If the blister is broken , the seal is opened or damaged in anyway then discard This and do not consume. Secondly Golden Root Should all eat with a batch number and a ' use by date ' or ' expiry date'. Typically produced When formulated in the form blistered sealed Should last for around 3 years, After This period and the active ingredient compound Becomes ineffective. Directions for use - It is advised to take one 300mg capsule 30 to 60 minutes prior to activity , ideally with a glass of water.

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A common question I see all too often and search term related to the usage of Rhidiola Rosea is "How do I take Golden Root". It seems despit...