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Roopkund Trek – Paradise on Earth

If you are into regular trekking trips, and you have not yet visited Roopkund, then you should start the plan of going there as soon as you can. You would not at all like to miss the awesome place with immense scenic beauty. It is a complete package. It comprises of deep green forests, rambling rivers, splendid campsites and huge lush green meadows. Whenever you look up, you see peaks covered with ice. Overall, the whole place is just mesmerizing to the eyes of the viewer. Roopkund is also known as the skeleton lake. It is located in the Garwal Himalayas. It has an altitude of 5029 meters. It has become a very popular place for trekking nowadays. It takes utmost 8 days to have a complete trek. There are three main reasons why people opt for Roopkund treks. These are: •

This trek is totally ideal for the ones who are trekking for the first time.

Secondly, this trek is full of unique things.

Then the climb to Roopkund is just mesmerizing.

Ideal for the starters If it’s your first time in trekking, and still you want to do the high altitude challenging treks, Roopkund is the best option for you. Roopkund is really a very high altitude trekking trip.

This trail is really safe for the beginners. It is among the very few in our country which have got a good height but are equally very safe for the beginners. The track is quite wide and it is laid out very well. You have no chance of losing your way or getting lost in the summits. It is such an easy trip that you do not even need a guide for this. You actually need a guide when there are adverse conditions of snow and ice. Uniqueness of the trip The trek is full of unique thing around you. You have got a twin meadow out there which is considered as the largest meadow in such a high altitude in India. You need to treasure those moments which you spend on the lively green meadows. Some other beautiful things about the trek are that there are a lot of oak trees to be seen. Huge and dense oak forests are present in your way which is over five hundred years old. And the most beautiful thing is that there is a trishul, which is giant and magnificent. Maybe it is the largest trishul you would ever see. The climb Not all the treks provide such an awesome adventure while trekking. The best part of climbing is the snow a person gets when he completed the trek. At that time, to see the snow is the best feeling for you. The place is alpine and the level of thrillers is very high. Actually, the main reason to opt for the trek is that this adventurous trekking experience touches the heart of each person just because of its thrill and intensity. But you need to be physically prepared for the trip. About the Author Many people go for trekking in India nowadays. Roopkund trek has become very famous because of the good path and splendid scenic beauty.

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