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E-Commerce Website Peoria IL: is currently one of the only companies in the Peoria area to offer responsive web design services. Years ago, the web was almost exclusively viewed on a conventional desktop computer. Web designers created their designs with this viewing medium in mind. In recent years, the number of different devices that can be used to view the web has exploded. This includes conventional desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, and many more. Each device is different and requires that a website be tailored to fit that device’s unique size and user experience. Since the number of different devices is certain to continue increasing, responsive design was created to handle the problem.

About Us: Your business will benefit from our superior expertise in building attractive websites that meet the needs of your customers and accomplish your business goals. You’ll get a carefully developed and fully integrated Internet technology solution. A web presence you’ll be proud of — structured to position your company as the “go to” expert in your field. Here’s what a website should do: 1. Present your business in a sophisticated manner 2. Emphasize your distinct competitive advantage, friendly service, and professionalism 3. Be customer-centric, not “we-oriented” (talk about solving customer problems, instead of focusing on corporate assets) 4. Convey high credibility (colors, images, layout, and wording of content) 5. Have great usability (as proven by testing typical users to ensure it’s easy to use) 6. Quick and simple navigation (facilitating the quick finding of the exact information or taskaccomplishing tools the user needs at that specific moment) 7. Create an immediate and memorable impression of trustworthy integrity and need-gratifying value 8. Have high search engine visibility (via implementation of keywords and frequent news page / blog updates 9. Capture customer data (via email newsletter signups, contact forms, blog comments, and interactive widgets) 10. Provide sufficient product information and model selection guidance — resulting in store visits and online purchase decisions.

Contact Us 4609 N Prospect Road, Second Floor Peoria Heights, IL 61616 PHONE: (309) 213-9398 You can visit at:

E commerce website peoria il is currently one of the only companies in the Peoria area to offer responsive web design services. Years ago, the web was a...

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