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Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation Service Apartments in Chennai The

service apartments are generally lodgings that provide all the amenities for a luxurious stay of the travelers that too at the lower rates when compared to hotels. Chennai Service apartments are gradually emerging as the trendiest place to stay for both corporate and leisure travelers today. A service apartment in Chennai is a rental facility, like a hotel, where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks depending on the nature and purpose of your visit.

Many guests prefer to stay at Budget Service Apartments in Chennai when they relocate to Chennai and have to look for a permanent place. The reason why Luxury service apartments in Chennai are the preferred choice for those who seek transit accommodation either for short-term or extended stays is because living at a service apartment feels much like living at home. Service Apartments are usually 30% to 35% less Email: Website:

Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation expensive when compared to hotels. This is because the pricing structure at cheap service apartments is predicated on longer duration stays thus resulting in significantly higher occupancy ratios.

Short Stay Apartments Chennai Chennai is a major business hub and also a good Travel Spot. Hence all sections of visitors opt for Short Stay Apartments Chennai during their short stay in the city as it is necessary that a customer should get all the facilities at an affordable price, which is equally match than the facilities available at hotels. The stay at Serviced apartments will make sure of enjoying the highest living comfort, a relaxed atmosphere and the best facilities making you feel at ease during your corporate stay will make the customer feel like he is enjoying his comfortable life at his own home. In Short Stay Serviced Apartments, there will be an elegant living-cum-dining area complements the spacious air - conditioned bedroom that also has an attached toilet. Most of the short stay apartments in chennai offer you a balcony as well.A sleek and wellequipped kitchenette with a refrigerator, tableware etc., will add to your comfort.

Guest House in Chennai A serviced apartment is a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Email: Website:

Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation Guest House can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. Since the beginning of the boom in cheap international travel and the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travelers, interest in Budget Guest House has risen due to the expense of the use of hotels for short stays. The benefits of Paying Guest House may include more space and privacy, convenience when traveling with a family, and the cost savings associated with cooking one's own meals in the apartment.

Luxury Guest House combine the advantages of a short-stay hotel rooms with that of rental residential apartments. Also known as Apartment Hotels / Guest Houses, Serviced Apartments which offers fully furnished residential units on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basis. The cost of renting a service apartment is usually lesser than renting of hotel rooms, Email: Website:

Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation but provides comparable facilities and a much larger space.A typical Serviced Apartment in Chennai would have facilities like air-conditioned bed-rooms, fully equipped kitchens, refrigerators, internet (broadband/wifi), in-house catering, gym, LCD/plasma TVs, DVD players, home theatre, washing machines / laundry services, geysers and more. Staying at serviced apartments would be an excellent option for visiting friends/relatives and their families, when they have to make a short stay in the city, probably to combine a function (like marriages) with local site-seeing. This type of accommodation also enjoys patronage from corporate visitors, like executives dropping in for a training / seminar.

Accommodation in Chennai India₏™s fourth largest city, Chennai, has a good range of places to stay that extends from the best of luxury hotels to span budget hotels and spacious Serviced Apartments with reasonable prices. Recently in Chennai, the Serviced Apartments are providing budgeted accommodation solutions for all needs that speak of Quality, Service and Assured comfort. Like every other luxurious Hotels in Chennai, the serviced Apartments Accommodation also has exquisite interior designs, stylish amenities, comfort living options and mainly, privacy. While thinking about a stay at Chennai, serviced apartments are Budget Accommodation, Cheap Accommodation, and Luxury Accommodation highly affordable and hygienic when you compare it to the expensive hotels in the city. It is equipped with all the essential comforts which you could blindly choose in any season. It is undoubtedly one of the premium comfort stays at Chennai. While you stay at Chennai, the serviced apartments offers you flexibility and full freedom and are located to key commercial areas and popular shopping, dining and tourist areas which helps you to enjoy the best that Chennai has to offer.

Rooms in Chennai Email: Website:

Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation Old Mahabalipuram Road is popularly known as the 'IT Corridor' because this stretch has become home to many IT/ITES companies. The main industries are software services, hardware manufacturing, automobile and financial services. OMR in Chennai is experiencing a major real estate boom. The primary cause of this is the rapid development of the Information Technology in the city. The prospective property buyer in Chennai is highly fragmented; the majority works in the I.T sector followed by Financial Services. There is also another segment- the NRI’s or the Non Resident Indians who are visiting OMR for business usually prefers high value ‘elite service apartments in OMR Road. Land prices in OMR have showed an upward trend in the last few years; this has led to an active demand for flats or Serviced Apartments in the area.

All the Serviced Apartments Rooms in OMR are fully furnished which are custom designed to meet the everyday needs of the business or leisure traveler. All the apartments in OMR are having either a spacious single or double bedroom with a large bed and a private balcony, a guest sitting area, a kitchenette plus comfy space for dining. It is also equipped with smart hotel facilities including Air conditioners with individual temperature control, Bathrooms with 24 hour Hot and Cold water, A Email: Website:

Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai (Madras) Accommodation colour TV with cable, Fridge, Washing Machine, Telephone, Wi-Fi Internet connection etc. The apartments in OMR are fully cater exclusively to companies –our clientele ranges from large multi-nationals to mid-sized corporate. Our Corporate Residences offer significant cost savings and flexibility to companies that use star hotels. Our guests are senior and mid-level corporate executives who most often have a budget to stay in 4 and 5star hotels but have consciously and consistently chosen us over these hotels because we provide similar comforts and more personalized service at lower prices. If the corporate are looking for a place that’s priced right and located centrally, and can help you feel connected while away from home on your long business sojourns, then OMR Apartments provides a great solution. For more details about Chennai Service Apartments visit here

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Chennai Service Apartments - Your Chennai(Madras) Accommodation  

A service apartment in Chennai is a rental facility, like a hotel, where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks depending on the nature...

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