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New Zealand

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Why New Zealand ?

100% PURE YOU Are you looking for a place you can enjoy with friends or family? There is so much to do, see and experience in New Zealand. It is a place where many holiday dreams come true. This magical destination offers adventure, romance, relaxation and an abundance of natural attractions. There are many things to do and see from air, on land and under the sea. You will be amazed how it is all possible in one place. There are many regions that have snow and sun, beaches, hot geysers and mud pools, the diversity will astound and delight you. Start planning the holiday of a lifetime, visit - where dreams become a reality. New Zealand - 100% PURE YOU!

North Island

New Zealand North Island – Known as Te Ika a Maui (Maui’s fish) in Maori, the North Island offers 100% diversity and is central to New Zealand’s main population and largest cities. Auckland is located on the North Island as well as Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. Experience the lush green hills of Wellington; the metropolitan atmosphere of Auckland; the smoking craters of the Central Volcanic Plateau at Rotorua to the sub-tropical rainforest of the Bay of Islands.

A trip to the north island is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is definitely one of New Zealand’s finest holiday vacation spots. It is filed with everything you need when planning a vacation, especially if you are keen on fishing as publicised in the 1930s by Zane Grey. The Bay of Islands is a 16 km area, famous for its very uncommon horseshoe shape, this island is abound with nature, beauty, art, history and a museum. Step back in time or chart a boat and sail around this peaceful, scenic place. If you’re visiting New Zealand make sure you make this one of your top spots to visit.

100% Beauty


Coromandel is New Zealand’s all year round vacation spot. Its weather is considered to be the best in New Zealand with temperatures from 24o C to 31o C during the summer and 12o C to 14o C over winter. This place is full of beautiful beaches with white and golden sands with a stunning backdrop of majestic trees and forests. Coromandel is also famous for the Blow Hole at Big Bay Hahei - it will literally, take your breath away.

Coromandel at New Zealand 100% Pure Adventure

Great Barrier Island

If you ever find yourself in the Hauraki Gulf you will probably want to visit the Great Barrier Island. This island is about 100 km away from the shore of New Zealand and it is an area of 285 square km. A true Island experience. The highest point of the Great Barrier Island is Mount Hobson that rises 621 meters above the sea level, offering outstanding views and photographic opportunities. Access to the island is easy and the 100km trip across the sea is certainly worth the rewards of visiting such an amazing place.

100% Pure Nature

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty. Well that name is just a perfect description of what Bay of Plenty actually is. The name was given by Sir James Cook from the British Royal Navy because of the vast number of different food supplies he saw there. The bay of Plenty is not jus abound with an abundance of local produce, it is also fodder for those seeking a variety of experiences. Adrenaline junkies will love it and those seeking a more sedate experience will be in awe of the scenery and nature. Tauranga, the most popular city in the Bay of Plenty region has a population of over 120,000 and is a popular place to visit. New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty offers such diversity that it really is the complete holiday experience all in one location.

100% Pure Diversity


Taranaki is a region in New Zealand and it is the 10th largest one by its population. Maori tribes started settling in this area from as far back as the 13th century. In that time Maori were selling flax to the European whalers, who came sailed by them. There are beaches around New Plymouth where you can surf and see The unique black sand. In this area you will have a chance to see a volcanic cone that will amaze you because of its beauty and size. Taranaki also offers you the experience of hiking through nature packed, Egmont National Park. Helicopter rides will also give you access to stunning views. For those who like climbing their way to the top, Paritutu rock offers a great experience. Trananaki has music festivals and events throughout the summer, the options are endless - Golfers can also rejoice as there are 21 golf courses that offer scenic ocean views.

100% Pure Action


The city of Gisborne got its name from William Gisborne who was the Colonial Secretary of New Zealand. If you visit this region, you will very quickly notice that the streets are named after many other well known English statesmen like Grey, Gladstone and others. Not far from the city are the white sandy beaches of Walkanae and Midway, a place you can go and relax and unwind soaking up the summer sun, there is also the Wainui surf beach. If you like beaches, and mountains then Gisborne gives you both. You can experience the clean crisp air of the mountains whilst sunbaking on the white sandy clean beaches. Kaiti Hill is also the perfect place for great views and scenery.

100% Pure Beach Heaven


Waikato is the forth largest region in New Zealand and has a population of 409,300. In this region is the well known Waikato River, which can be explored with via the paddle steamer. You will see and experience all of the natural beauty of this river. In the centre of this region is a city called Hamilton. If you love animals, then this city will be of a interest to you. This city has a zoo and an aviary, where birds fly freely. You can enjoy your time in the aviary and experience native birds flying next to you. If you like to explore caverns, then this region will take your breath away. There are magnificent caverns with stalagmites and stalactites in the Waitomo area that are now a very rare tourism commodity. If you are a person, who likes to relax on a vacation, then the Te Aroha will be of interest to you. In this spa town you can find mineral pools with natural hot water springs that you can enjoy as long as you want. You could visit the beautiful beaches of Raglan and Kawhia

100% Pure Fun


Rotorua region is the area around the city with the same name and few other smaller towns around it. And enjoying the beauties that New Zealand and this area are giving. This region is located in the Bay of Plenty and has a population of about 69.000. This region is a very popular place for visitors offering a wide assortment of things to do and see. There are geysers like the highly visited Pohutu Geyser in the area called Whakarewarewa. Something else of interest to visitors are the pools of hot mud.. Rotorua is not just an international “hot spot� it is also widely visited by New Zealanders as well. It offers a very unique experience that has been delighting visitors for decades.

100% Pure Hot


The highest point of Mt Ruapehu is 2797 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is called Crater Lake and is special for being one of three in the world that are surrounded by ice and snow. Mt Ruapehu also has eight glaciers, which make up all of the glaciers on the North Island of New Zealand. The abundance of snow makes this place a popular place for skiers. When the winter is over there is still plenty of fun to be had. With two great national parks called Whanganui National Park and Tongariro National Park, you will be able to hike through beautiful and untouched forests or explore mountains. This outdoor mecca offers the ultimate in fun and adventure.

100% Pure Adrenalin


The Taupo region has many attractions that will fascinate you. Lake Taupo is the largest lake of New Zealand. The population of Taupo is around 33,900. This is a region that you can visit all year round and enjoy sightseeing, culture and nature. Lake Taupo and the Tongariro River are well known by trout fishing enthusiasts. If fishing doesn’t take your fancy, then there are many other activities that include spending time on the water. If you like to see natural beauties, then Orakei Korako Geyserland will be of interest to you. Orakei Korako Geyserland has a valley of hot springs, silica terraces, mud volcanoes and geysers. This destination is also very popular in winter for skiing and snowboarding. This region has very friendly people, who are very welcoming, you may arrive as a visitor, but you will leave knowing that you have made many friends here.

100% Pure Joy

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay is recognised by many as a very special place, holding the Guinness Book of Records for the longest name: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokai-whenuakitanatahu. It is often known as just Taumata, a hill that is found on in Hawkes Bay. This region is not only famous for the Taumata, but for the Art Deco Buildings as well which were built to resemble those of the early 20th century. The local vineyards will also give you a chance to taste some of the greatest wines that are famous all over the world.

100% Pure Indulgence


Great people, beautiful surroundings and a life that promises a lot of good things to come. These are the things that you can see and feel in the air when you visit Manawatu, located on the lower North Island two hours north of Wellington. It is a place of tranquillity and fun, locals have a famous motto “that everything is easy”. It is easy living, easy teaching and easy learning for the people living in Manawatu. If you want to come to a place that seems to be heaven on earth then Manawatu is perfect, from the views and beaches to the people, it is a place of beauty and harmony. Don’t be fooled by the laid back feeling of Manawatu, this place also knows how to give you a good time. There is white water rafting, fly fishing, bungee jumping and much more to explore.

100% Pure Heaven


Wanganui is a region in New Zealand that is located around the Whanganui River. In the 1900s this river was called ‘Rhine of New Zealand’ by the people who visited it. If you are adventurous, then this river will be of interest to you. You can explore this river by boat, raft, canoe, kayak or with a paddle steamer. There are also other options that are available if you want to test your spirit and courage. There are activities that will increase your level of Adrenaline like jumping from bridges or aeroplanes. You can also climb rocks, explore caves and go sightseeing. If you are a person, who appreciates culture and tradition then this region will definitely amaze you. Here you can find Maori tribes, which will warmly greet you and kindly introduce you to their style of living and culture. If you want to educate yourself more about the culture of this region you could also visit Wanaganui Museum. If you want to see a wonderful view of this region, you should go to Durie Hill the views are breathtaking.

100% Pure Culture


Wellington region includes 4 beautiful cities and has a combined population of 483,200 residents The four cities include: Wellington, Lower Hutt, Porirua and Upper Hutt. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. The first people who inhabited the Wellington region were Maori and they have called it Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui. The Europeans inhabited this area in 1839. If you are after a retail fix, then the place you should go to is Porirua, it is a large retail centre. Wellington is also known as a cultural and artistic centre so If you are fond of music, ballet and theatre, it’s definitely worth a visit. If you enjoy gourmet food then this place will certainly tantalize your taste buds. There are many interesting cuisine’s that are worth indulging in. Wellington also hosts a large range of accommodation styles such as apartments, hotels and lodges.

100% Pure Culture


Wairarapa is a region that earnt its name by the famous Lake Wairarapa. The translation of the name Wairarapa is very interesting and it means Glistening Waters. The population of the Wairarapa region is around 32,000. If you visit this area, you will have a chance to taste great wines, to eat fresh organic food and to enjoy the fresh air and nature. This region is particularly known as a region that produces the best wines and has over 50 vineyards. If you enjoy art, then you can visit the arts community in Cartertown. There are many small villages that are worth exploring such as the small fishing village, Ngawi plus the Greytown and Martinborough Wine Villages. If you want to see as much as possible, This region is large and has many things to see and do, so renting a car might be a good option.

100% Pure Freshness

South Island

New Zealand South Island - surrounded by spectacular scenery, a wide range of attractions and activities galore, the south island is a must visit destination. Dominating the South Island of New Zealand are the Southern Alps, which run the full length of the island. Queenstown owns the reputation of the adventure capital of the world - 100% pure adrenalin, and a great base to explore Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park. Further to the south is Dunedin with its Scottish heritage and diverse fauna and to the north are Nelson and Marlborough, famous for their world class wines and food.

100% Pure Action

Nelson Bay

The beaches in Nelson Bay are simply breathtaking, clear, blue sparkling waters that are reminiscent with paradise! The natural fragrances of the sea and natural forest backdrops, clear the senses and restore the inner you. There are also national parks to explored once you’ve rested on these white sandy beaches. The beauty of Nelson Bay has also inspired the creative juices of a well known art community, which celebrate and hold many art events so be sure to check out the numerous galleries that exhibit pottery, glass making, bone carvings and jewellery.

100% Pure Paradise


Marlborough is New Zealand’s region well known for a climate that produces some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world. The capital of Marlborough is Blenheim and is located over an area of12.484 square km. This place will leave you in awe of its natural beauty. If you are the outdoors type then you will love the hiking you can do in the mountains which offer spectacular scenery once conquered. If you are more inclined to indulge then the local food and wines are a must.

100% Pure Outdoors


Kaikoura has a population of only 3,600 residents. It is interesting that the Maori gave the name to this town by this delicacy and the translation is ‘to eat crayfish’. This region was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. This is the place where mountains meet sea and where visitors can experience the natural attractions and wildlife. The region is world famous for swimming with the dolphins and whale watching. “Seafest” is a huge annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of every October and is very popular with tourists. The event celebrates the local produce and wines and is well worth attending.

100% Pure Nature

West Coast

The West Coast or Westland is made up of three districts, the Fiordland, Buller and Grey districts. Together they make the beautiful west coast of New Zealand. Even though this area is one of the biggest, the population is more sparse than in the other areas of New Zealand. Making sure that you are having fun on your next vacation is no longer your problem if you decide to come to this amazing place. It seems that no matter where you turn direct your attention there is always something great to do. From Quad bikes to a hike that will give you the opportunity to see glaciers, which you would normally only see if you are an experienced mountain climber. Pilots in aeroplanes and helicopters can take you over various parts of the West Coast Region. There are also hot parts like glacier pools, aqua aerobics and much more.

100% Pure Glaciers

North Canterbury

The North Canterbury region is the place to be, if you are looking for fun and a great time on your vacation. Some of the things that you can find in the North Canterbury are bungee jumping, jet boating, surfing, mountain biking and similar adrenalin rush activities, and you’ll find more relaxing activities as well. There are amazing walks through the forest, guided tours, hikes and scenic lookouts. If you go to the Mount Lyford or to the Hanmer Springs you could enjoy wonderful winter season skiing. Or if the snow isn’t your thing you can visit North Canterbury’s famous wineries while you are riding on a horse from one winery to another. If you would like to complete your vacation with some local events, then make sure you visit the annual Wine and Food Celebration in March. There is also a steam train that will take you back in time, it will take through the limestone hills that are just above the towns.

100% Pure Adventure

South Canterbury

South Canterbury is a region that is found in the South Island of New Zealand and it is the largest region that covers an area of 45.346 square kilometres. The main city of this region is Christchurch with its population of about 376.000 people. The scenery of the South Canterbury, promises to take your breath away. It is something not many places in the whole wide world can offer you. The Southern Alps is truly unique with its natural majestic beauty, the Alps on one side, the ocean on the other and never ending pastures that just roll on and on.

100% Pure Alps


If you want to see the biggest city in South Island, then you should visit Christchurch. The population of this city is 337,000. Archaeological evidence suggest that this areas was settled in 1250 by hunting tribes. Christchurch city is well known for its magnificent gardens. There are places like Hanmer Springs Village where you can relax, spending time in natural thermal pools. If you want to educate yourself about the culture of the people who lived here 150 years ago, you should visit museums in Cust, Oxford, Kaiapoi and Rangiora. If you like to visit casinos, then you should not miss the Christchurch casino. If you like nature and animals, then the Wildlife park will be a must visit. There are also other attractions in this area you may enjoy like the Gondola ride, visiting the International Antarctic Centre and the Historic tram ride. You could also have fun while you are shopping, going to the theatre or wonderful art galleries. There are so many things you could enjoy and see in Christchurch.

100% Pure Happening Place


The region Wanaka is located at the south end of the twin name lake, Wanaka. This region has a very high population compared to the other region with a 50% increase over the last 10 years. The increase is based on the fact that this resort town has many things to offer and it does this through out all of the seasons. During the summer you can enjoy great open air moments while you are fishing, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting or paragliding. There is tons of stuff to do. The winter is just as much fun with New Zealand’s premier ski resorts, like Treble Cone, Snow Park, Cardrona Alpine Resort or Snow Farm. Some are oriented towards experienced skiers and some are better for the beginners. There are also many things you can do over any season like visiting Stuart Landsborough’s Puzzling World or tasting wines in some of the many wineries in Wanaka.

100% Pure all year round fun


Dunedin is a city, whose origins date back to the gold rush times of the 1860s. This region is one of the four geographical, historical and cultural centres of New Zealand, so you can expect to have a meaningful and cultural experience. This city was found by the Scottish Presbyterians. The name Dunedin came from the Scottish DĂšn Ăˆideann that represented the name of the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. Today Dunedin has a population of 112,000. If you come to Dunedin and you just enjoy seeing old and historical buildings, then you should visit the Larnach Castle that was built in the 19th century. You should also pay a visit to Oamaru to see the white stoned buildings. On the outskirts of the Dunedin city, you can see wildlife such as the albatross, the yellow-eyed penguin and the cormorants. Dunedin offers many interesting things and activities that you can enjoy. You could visit the botanic gardens, pubs, cafes, restaurants, museums and theatre, or take a tour that highlights all the great places to see and experience.

100% Pure History


The Otago is the second largest region in the South Island of New Zealand. It covers the area of the 32.000 square km and has a population of 207.400 people who enjoy the natural surrounds on offer every day. The Otago’s main difference from the rest of the New Zealand is its own diversity. In the Otago region you can find any type of landscape you are interested in. There are various parts like mountain regions and glaciersustained rivers. Then on the other side you have the large grass covered plains and deserted beautiful beaches. Otago is also a place where you can not only find natural beauty, but valuable history as well. Many of these historic riches are not known to the outside world. If you are more action orientated, you will still not be let down, in Otago there are various ways to have fun, you can go jet boating through the fast rivers or you can visit semi-submersed caves. There is also a miniature castle and an abundance of wildlife.

100% Pure Nature


Waiheke Island region is a region that was discovered by the Maori’s. They discovered this region 1000 years ago. If you want to visit an old settlement of the Maori, you should visit Te Putiki O Kahu, where you can learn more about their culture and history. They inhabited this place 700 years ago. This region is located in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. The region of Waiheke can be visited by a 35 minute ferry ride from Auckland. This region has a climate and soil that is ideal for wine growing. The wine makers managed to combine the weather conditions, the land and the sorts of wine to produce award winning and tasteful wines. This region is known as the ‘Island of Wine’, because it is a home to many very successful winegrowers. It also well known for it’s white sandy beaches. The most visited and famous beaches are Blackpool Beach, Oneroa Beach, Palm Beach and Little Palm Beach.

100% Pure Beaches


Queenstown is a town located in the Otago region on the South Island of New Zealand. What is special about this place is the lake, which was formed over 1000s of years by glacial processes. The lake was created in a ‘Z’ like shape, which can be viewed from the top of the surrounding mountains. There is a story that tells us that the town inherited its name during the gold rush when the gold was found right beside the town. It is said that a gold digger told people about this town and how it is fit for a Queen, hence the ”queen’s-town”. Queenstown offers snow skiing, snowboarding and all snow activities in the winter time and all year round adventure activites, like bungee jumping, and jet boating.

100% Pure Glacier Lake


The Southland region is famous for many things including the Rakiura National Park and Fiordland National Park. The Stewart Island is also part of this region and in fact the Rakiura National Park makes up 85% of this island, making it the fifth biggest national park in New Zealand. There is however a big difference between the Rakiura and Fiordland National Park. Even though the Rakiura is settled over an area of 1.570 square km, the Fiordland is much larger. Covering an area of 12.120 square km, it is one of the largest national parks in the world and the biggest one in New Zealand. The Southland can be regarded as a phenomenal place to be explored in New Zealand. It is also home to the largest processing plant for raw milk in the entire world. There are of course many different and exciting special things to do and see in this amazing nature filled region. Southland is a region where the day is filled with extravagant sands and nights covered by the beautiful Aurora Australis.

100% Pure National Parks


Fiordland is New Zealand’s least populated region. The biggest part of this region is the Fiordland National Park that has 12,120 square kilometres. It is the largest national park in New Zealand. This region has a World Heritage status. If you come to this beautiful and unique region, you should start your exploring at the town called Te Anau. If you want to truly experience this area and its beauty, then the best way to go is by plane. giving you access to many areas that are otherwise not approachable. You an also explore this area by boat or kayak and or go by foot. It is up to you how you want to discover this magical place. There are many activities here that you can do including seeing the Te Ana-au Caves, the Underwater Observatory and the cruise on the Lake Manapouri.

100% Pure Heritage Status

Stewart Island

Steward Island region is the perfect place to be if you want to explore the beauties of Aurora Australis. The population peeks at just over 400 people, as Stewart Island is somewhat of a secret tourist attraction. The landscape you can expect to see is forests over hills and golden beaches a beautiful, natural environment waiting to be explored. Since the eco tourism on the Stewart Island is mostly unexplored, making it a breathtaking place to visit, unspoiled by man’s interference. Steward Island, is a paradise waiting to be explored. .

100% Pure Unspoilt Territory

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