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Jaclyn Smith holiday color trends

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british born & bred classic furniture takes on a bold new look

cheese party!

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easy holiday entertaining

a winter white kitchen ‌ always in season

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9 holiday color trends

Gold ribbon ideas to crate more sumptuous holiday decor!

New Christmas décor and new runway fashions share colors in common this season.


5 what the pros know Living rooms need a focal point!


6 make it personal Transcend time and trends with one-of-a-kind home furnishings.

6 2 NOV / DEC 2010

Recipes and tips for entertaining family and friends with ease.

22 a cheese party Holiday entertaining in 3 easy steps.


17 Christmas with Jaclyn Smith Holiday décor fit for an angel.

8 what color is that? Neighboring colors tone down a bright red sofa.

20 holiday fare


24 A Festive Brunch Make holiday mornings special by serving up something memorable for your guests… and easy for you!



on the cover Organic materials mix with some new holiday colors this season. Check out the trends in this issue.

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26 British born and bred A new furniture collection suggests some shifts in traditional thinking.


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a winter white kitchen: always in season

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try this at home

tie a yellow ribbon ‘round just about anything ...make that a gold ribbon and you’ll be ready for all-out Christmas glamour!

Tie a fork, knife and napkin together, with a simple bow on top. This is ideal for a buffet table! Or place it where you normally would, on the side of a dinner plate. Thread a narrow ribbon through the top of an ornament, then tie a bow above it. You‟ll double the size of the ornament and make it easier to hang on the tree!



Tie a ribbon tightly around the stem of a wine or champagne glass. Place it near the top of the stem so it doesn't get in the way!

Drape a ribbon among the branches of a wreath or tree.


NOV / DEC 2010

Tie a gold ribbon around the width and length of a plain box. A white, black, silver or red box look spectacular with a gold.

Use a ribbon reinforced with wire edges. It‟s easy to work with and your designs will stay in place! Wired ribbons are also easy to save and use for a future project.

what the pros know

living rooms need a focal point Focal points are more than just pretty to look at. They give a room purpose and guide the placement of furniture! According to interior designers, the perfect focal point is ...


What’s the easiest way to create a focal point? Select an object that promotes the room’s key activity.

5 7


1 Nice to look at. Being the center of attention, focal points need a good design and beautiful detail. Ancient Greeks insisted that the most beautiful objects had a ratio (between top and bottom sections) of about 2/3 : 1/3. Given how important a focal point is, it helps if it meets classic standards!

2 Well lit. Recessed or accent lighting adds art gallery-like drama.

3 1 4


In most living and family rooms, watching TV is the key activity! A grand cabinet, like aspenhome’s Napa, houses a large TV without letting it take over the room!

Napa by aspenhome®

3 Personal.

4 Useful.

5 Without a bad side!

6 Next to seating.

Adding books, picture frames or favorite objects to a focal point makes it unique. Adjustable shelves are ideal for flexible display.

A focal point with a purpose does double duty! Media storage drawers are handy next to a TV; glass doors ensure components stay dust-free and the remote works.

There can‟t be any unfinished sides on featured furnishings! If visible from a balcony, the top must look as good as the front.

Whether a fireplace, window or TV wall, focal points should draw us like a magnet, inspiring a convenient place to perch nearby.

7 Scaled for the room.

8 Unlike the wall behind it.

A focal point needs to be right-sized for the room! In a large living room, a tall grand wall will hold its own under high ceilings.

Focal points that contrast the color or texture of the wall behind it stand out. Objects with sculptural qualities add extra drama.

roomplanners +

Inspired by inns & antiques in the Californian wine countryside, Napa is sure to make together time the key activity in a living room. At 103” high, it‟s ideal for rooms with high ceilings. It also meets all eight criteria designers look for in the perfect focal point!

= ideas you can use NOV / DEC 2010 5

Unique home furnishings don’t have to be old or antique to add personality. But they do need to be carefully chosen, much-loved and well-used.

Additional pieces from the Melange Collection. CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Pagoda Chest & Hutch / Sumner Dining Table / L’Inspiration Script Chest, Kenmar Pedestal Table

TO VIEW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION... category/home-furniture/510/mélange.cfm

make it personal

transcend time & trends with one-of-a-kind furnishings unexpected pieces in unexpected places tell a personal story Rare art collections aren‟t the only route to a unique, stylish home. Personalizing our homes simply means using furniture with personality… and placing it where it‟s sure to be used.

Glamour Mirror Zebra Mirror Felicity Chair

Artistic qualities (like a French script fabric) add unexpected style to a dining chair, making it the perfect companion next to a desk, sofa or bed. Or pair it with a floor mirror to create a pretty dressing area.

Sofia Writing Desk.

A small writing desk feels personal and nostalgic. This versatile, goanywhere piece lets you write out a recipe or check your emails. With antique reproduction hardware or other unique details, even simple tables and desks can look like they have a history! Tucking a one-of-akind chair or ottoman below them creates unexpected warmth.

roomplanners +

Floor mirrors add glamour and personality at home… especially if they‟re injected with a unique finish or splash of exotic style. A twotone zebra print is simple and bold, making it versatile and unforgettable.

Filigree Hall Chest.

Unique chests and console tables transcend generations, life stages and room locations! More than handy, these accent pieces go in the unexpected places - between or in front of windows, by the door at the end of a hallway.

= ideas you can use NOV / DEC 2010 7

what color is that?

neighboring colors tone down a bright-colored sofa A red sofa looks great during the holidays. But surrounded by the right colors, it’s a remarkably good choice all year round.

The bold red hue on this shapely sofa and chair is from the warm side of the color wheel. Using other warm hues (yellow and orange) for walls and accents downplays its brightness. A warm, yellow-based wall, as seen here, makes red look less bright than cool blue or green-based hues would have. Umber-colored floors and drapes round out this warm color scheme. Dark brown accents hold their own against the bold red (and also help tone down it down). Notice how the wall color is repeated in the toss pillows and wall art to add continuity!

roomplanners + 8 NOV / DEC 2010

Sofa Pillows

Benjamin Moore #1109 Monarch Gold

Behr #1875 Polar Bear


= ideas you can use


holiday decor colors

as seen on...

the runway?

This season’s hottest Christmas décor... and this season’s hottest runway fashions share something in common! What is it? Color! We don’t think this kind of parallel thinking happens every year, though we’re pretty sure that fashion trends for our closet and fashion trends for our home are finding more in common all the time. Read on to decide which new holiday colors you like best. Then vote for your favorite on page 15! NOV / DEC 2010 9


Burberry Prorsum 3.1 Phillip Lim Oscar de la Renta Yigal Azrouël Jill Stuart Photo courtesy:

plum perfect There‟s just something about this party-ready color that makes it a natural for holidays and special events. Of noble birth, purple is hitting its stride in fashion and expected to be a popular hue for home accents in 2011. Nostalgic, dreamy and poetic, this luxurious hue is delicate— but not feeble! While youthful and girlish to some, it symbolizes elegance and maturity to others. From plum and amethyst to lavender, mauve and lilac, this glamorous color is entering our homes in small, but memorable ways. Redbased purples are especially alluring. Purple and plum colors look even more magical when paired with other soft, similar colors. Harsh color contrasts spoil their subtle beauty. Gold makes a great accent. 10

NOV / DEC 2010

Behr #590B-4 Anemone

Benjamin Moore #1391 Naples Sunset

Sherwin Williams #6822 Wisteria

Benjamin Moore #2072-50 Lavender Lipstick

mystical feminine pampered luxurious nostalgic glamorous poetic NOV / DEC 2010 11


Dries van Noten 3.1 Phillip Lim Chloé, Gucci Photo courtesy:

au naturel Organic colors aren‟t new in fashion or in home, but they offer a sophisticated alternative to tried-and-true holiday color schemes! Loved for their serenity, neutral colors hit runways in camel, gray and metallic colors this fall. The look is monotone but hardly monotonous! Paired up with organic, dry textures, they add subtle, unexpected qualities to holiday décor. From taupe and pearl gray to charcoal and peppercorn, the new neutrals are likely to recall a winter landscape, making them ideal for holiday décor! Lifeless on their own, these subtle hues come alive when mixed with other neutrals and a range of light and dark tones.


NOV / DEC 2010

Benjamin Moore #1060 Blanched Almond

Benjamin Moore #2133-40 Dior

Sherwin Williams #6070 Heron Plume

Behr #790E-3 Porpoise

organic subtle ww


chic quiet simple sturdy NOV / DEC 2010 13



Chanel Tommy Hilfiger 3.1 Phillip Lim Dior; Photo courtesy:

baby blues

Behr #590E-3 Hyacinth Tint

Even cooler than white, baby blues are refreshing, expansive and very chic for holiday decor. Turquoise may have been decreed 2010‟s color of the year, but by year-end, runway fashions were showing traces of pale blue. This icy hue feels poised and neat, but it‟s also hopeful, reassuring and spiritual; the perfect color for tough times.

Benjamin Moore #814 Behr #1850 Ultra Pure White

From hydrangea and powder blue to pale cornflower, this effortless color works perfectly with satiny, glossy or powdery textures. With its transparent, ethereal qualities, baby blues partner well with white and silver. Avoid pairing it with yellow or pink for holiday décor.


NOV / DEC 2010

Sherwin Williams #6807 Wondrous Blue

peaceful genteel dreamy elegant Century Furniture

pure refreshing reassuring NOV / DEC 2010 15

which holiday dĂŠcor colors do you like most? Vote for your favorite!

red & green

plum & gold

silver & gold

light & dark neutrals

blue, silver & white



NOV / DEC 2010

Christmas with

Jaclyn Smith HOLIDAY DÉCOR THAT’S FIT FOR AN ANGEL For more than 30 years, award-winning actress and designer Jaclyn Smith has captivated us. Starring in TV roles from Charlie‟s Angel to Jacqueline Beauvais Kennedy, Smith also pioneered the first celebrity brand in 1985 with a line of women‟s apparel at Kmart. We caught up with this warm, humorous entrepreneur at the launch of her Christmas décor collection in New York. We think you‟ll enjoy her approach to decking the halls at home. NOV / DEC 2010 17

“You don't have to match everything. I mean, yes, we want it to

all be cohesive. But the surprise of using things in a different or unexpected way is always nice.”


TEXAS NATIVE JACLYN SMITH loves the holidays. “Call me a little Christmas crazy, but I put a tree in every room,” she admits. “A tree in the dining room feels especially right. It’s the place we gather round, so it belongs there.”

The ornaments that adorn those trees are among Smith’s most valued possessions. “I have ornaments from when I was a little girl,” she explains. “Some are handmade, some are from the children, you know, that they made at school. Nothing ever gets thrown away. It’s all part of our history.”

Jaclyn Smith launched her first holiday décor collection at Kmart in 2009, followed by an expanded collection In 2010. Table linens, ribbons, ornaments and wreaths are offered in color-themed displays.


NOV / DEC 2010

A love of tradition is what drives Smith’s love of home décor that has longevity. “I’m one to say you should keep a rocker from your grandmother, paint it and make it work in your home. I think that’s what it means to be eclectic and have a history.”

For the holidays, Smith recommends taking unusual things you already own and looking at them in a new way. Something that might normally belong on your tree, like an ornament, can work well as table decoration, she suggests. Mixing materials and textures is also a way to create new looks. Smith points out how natural it is now to do that in apparel.

cohesiveness. “Let a color from one room spill into another room. Gold and burgundy are themes in our gathering areas, but we let them spill into our bedroom.” Of her new holiday décor collections at Kmart, Smith says they reflect her sincere commitment to family and home. “I’m committed to helping consumers create a beautiful home at a more affordable price.”

“You don't have to match everything,” Yes, we want it to all be cohesive. But using things in a different way is always nice.” Taking something new and putting it with something you already own can have unexpected charm, she adds.

Helping her with that is a Kmart product team that Smith refers to as genius. “They come to my home and look at what I have. Then we brainstorm on how to make my things adaptable to different lifestyles and customers.”

It’s also important to consider the whole house. Smith suggests that taking time to understand your overall style and philosophy will help bring a home a

Smith hopes that her holiday décor will be loved enough to become part of a family’s history. “Not just for the moment”, she adds, “but forever”.

“Burgundy and gold are a theme in our house. It becomes even more festive alive during the holidays.”

TOP. Smith‟s holiday décor ideas include gold-rimmed plates atop cut ribbons. A damask napkin is held in place with a gold slipper napkin ring. BOTTOM. Layered tablecloths add lush romance to a simple table. Burgundy and gold are inspired by Smith‟s own home‟s color palette.

TOP. Small, burgundy-colored tumblers or candle-holders, flipped upside down, replace mini lamp shades on a chandelier. BOTTOM. Multi-colored Christmas balls stacked inside metal trays mix with candles and angels for a rich table centerpiece. NOV / DEC 2010 19

Frozen Christmas Pudding (Makes 12 servings) 1 cup candied pineapple or candied mixed peel ½ cup halved candied red cherries ½ cup halved candied green cherries ½ cup golden raisins ¼ cup brandy or rum 4 cups vanilla ice cream 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted ½ cup slivered almonds, toasted Chocolate Orange Sauce (recipe follows) Line a 6 to 8-cup pudding mould or 9 x 5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap, leaving enough overhang to cover top; set aside. Combine pineapple, cherries, raisins and brandy in a large microwavable bowl. Microwave on High power for 2 minutes, stirring twice. Let cool completely. (Or cover and soak at room temperature for 8 hours or overnight.) Soften ice cream in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Stir pecans and almonds into fruit mixture; stir in ice cream. Pack into prepared mould, smoothing top. Cover with overhang and freeze until solid, about 12 hours. (To make ahead: Overwrap with heavy-duty foil and freeze for up to 5 days.) To serve, let pudding stand in refrigerator for 15 minutes. Using overhang, remove from pan. Dip sharp knife in hot water and wipe dry; slice pudding. Serve with sauce. TIP Toast nuts by placing in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven until golden, about 6 minutes.

Chocolate Orange Sauce (Makes about ¾ cup) ½ cup whipping cream 1 tbsp corn syrup 3 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped 1 tbsp orange liqueur 1 tsp grated orange rind In a small saucepan, bring cream and corn syrup to a boil; add chocolate, liqueur and orange rind, whisking until smooth. Let stand until thickened, about 15 minutes. (To make ahead: Transfer to airtight container. Place plastic wrap on surface; cover and refrigerate for up to 5 days. Reheat before serving.) Recipe Source: Canadian Living magazine

20 NOV / DEC


ALL ABOUT PLUM PUDDING! Christmas pudding is a rich, heavy dessert (also known as plum pudding) served on Christmas day. This festive dessert originated in England. It was prepared about five weeks before Christmas, (typically on the Sunday before the start of Advent, a day known as "Stirup Sunday"). According to tradition, each family member in the household would give the pudding a stir as it was prepared, then make a wish. In many homes, silver coins or charms were stirred into the pudding. The pudding is made of a dense mixture of fresh or dried fruit, nuts, spices and sometimes suet (a raw beef or mutton fat) moistened with brandy, rum, beer or citrus juice. It is quite dark in appearance. After the pudding is mixed and steamed, it‟s kept in a cool dry place until Christmas day. Before serving, it‟s steamed for a few more hours. Christmas pudding can be decorated with a sprig of holly or doused with alcohol and set on fire. Usually it‟s eaten with brandy or rum butter, hard sauce, custard, cream or a sprinkling of icing sugar. These days, ready-made and cooked Christmas puddings are available for those who don‟t want to spend time preparing them. There‟s also an updated version made with ice cream and the flavors of Christmas pudding! (see recipe, left).

holiday fare

Recipes and tips for entertaining family & friends with ease this season.


a cheese party!

a festive brunch! NOV / DEC 2010 21

a cheese party Simplify holiday entertaining with three easy steps! 1. Pick up an assortment of cheeses at your favorite grocery store or deli. 2. Arrange the cheeses on a large tray or cheese board along with some accompaniments. 3. Crack open a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy the party!


NOV / DEC 2010

cheese platters Serve at least three varieties of cheese. Plan for a variety of types and strengths of cheese, as well as a contrast of colors, textures and shapes. You could choose to sample cheeses of different textures (soft, semisoft and hard) or intensity of flavor (mild, medium or strong), or from a particular cheesemaker, region or country.

Label the cheeses with cheese markers to help guests identify what they’re tasting. Purchase 6 to 8 oz (180 to 250 g) per person if serving just a cheese platter, fruit and crackers. Purchase about 3 oz (100 g) of cheese per person if serving as an appetizer. Show off cheeses on a cheese board, marble slab, white or black porcelain platter, wooden cutting board

or stainless steel tray when serving. Remove cheeses from the fridge 45 minutes to an hour before serving. Cheese cuts best when cold, but should be served at room temperature. Use separate knives for each soft and semisoft cheese so their flavors don’t mingle. Although

it’s preferable to have a separate knife for guests to cut each cheese, hard cheeses can share a knife or a cheese plane. Place firm cheeses at the edge of the platter and softer ones in the middle. Leave enough space between the cheeses so they can be cut or sliced without touching each other.

Serve any variety of complementary foods, including unsalted crackers, bread sticks, rye breads, pumpernickel, baguettes, flat breads, nut breads, pickles, pates, fresh or dried or candied fruit, nuts, honey, wine jellies, jams, chutney, conserves … and wine!

types of cheese Fresh





Fresh cheeses are ready to eat; no aging is required.

Semisoft cheeses are aged for a few days or a few months. They melt easily with a minimal amount of heat.

Soft-ripened cheeses soften as they age. They have white rinds and creamy, soft interiors.

Hard cheeses are aged for months to years. They’re firm textured.

Blue cheeses contain

Gouda is a favorite.

Brie and Camembert are favorites.

Asiago, Parmigiano Reggiano,,Cheddar are favorites.

Gorgonzola and Stilton are favorites.

Crescenza, Buffalo Mozzarella and Chevre are favorites.

blue veins of mold. They can be creamy textured or crumbly. NOV / DEC 2010 23

a festive brunch (Make it memorable for the cook too by choosing recipes such as Prosciutto and Mushroom Strata; it can be made ahead and popped into the oven when needed. Or serve Egg ‘n Muffins; they’re easily assembled at the last minute.)

Whether it’s Christmas morning breakfast for the family or a holiday brunch for guests, make it memorable by serving something other than cereal and toast or scrambled eggs.

Festive Fruit Compote

Egg ‘n Muffins

(Makes 8 servings)

ingredients to make your favorite muffins (muffin mix or your favorite recipe)

clean, uncooked eggs in their shell

¾ cup dried figs ¾ cup dried apricots ¾ cup prunes 1-½ cups orange juice ½ cup rum 2 cups seedless green grapes 1 cup red seedless grapes 2 peeled and sectioned mandarin oranges or clementines

Prepare muffin batter. Spoon into lightly greased or paper-lined muffin pan. Nestle an egg, in its shell, into each unbaked muffin.

Combine dried figs, apricots, prunes and orange juice in a saucepan; cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add rum; let stand for 20 minutes or until fruit is plump Bake in a preheated and tender. Let cool. 400°F oven until a Combine fig mixture, grapes, and mandarin toothpick or cake tester oranges in a serving bowl. inserted into muffins comes out clean, about Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate 20 minutes. for up to 3 days. To eat, remove egg TIPS Substitute ½ cup orange juice for the ½ cup rum if from muffin, peel and enjoy (egg will be hard desired. -cooked) along with One undrained can (10 oz/284 mL) of mandarin muffin. oranges can be used instead of the fresh mandarins.


NOV / DEC 2010

brunch tips! 

a fruit salad, fruit compote or fruit tray complements almost any brunch entree.

a Festive Fruit Compote (left) provides a delicious mix of fresh and dried fruit and can be made a few days ahead.

Prosciutto & Mushroom Strata (Makes 6 to 8 servings) 2 tbsp butter or margarine 1 medium onion, chopped ½ lb portabello, cremini or white mushrooms, sliced ¼ lb thinly sliced prosciutto or ham, cut into ¼ inch strips ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley 1-1/2 tbsp fresh chopped basil (or 1-1/2 tsp dried basil) 6 cups cubed (1/2-inch pieces) day-old French bread 2 cups shredded Swiss cheese 6 eggs 2 cups milk 1 tbsp Dijon mustard ¼ tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper Melt butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and mushrooms. Sauté until liquid from mushrooms has evaporated, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in prosciutto, parsley and basil. Arrange half of the bread in a greased 13 x 9-inch baking dish; top with half of the prosciutto mixture and half of the cheese. Repeat layers. Whisk together eggs, milk, mustard, salt and pepper until just blended. Pour over top. Cover with foil and refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight. 

Round out brunch with muffins, scones, croissants, cinnamon buns, danishes, coffee cakes or special holiday breads. Pick up something from your favorite bakery or to save time, make your own ahead of time, freezing and reheating as needed.

Bake strata, covered, in a preheated 350°F oven for 20 minutes. Remove foil and bake until the centre is set and top is golden, about 20 to 25 minutes longer. Recipe Source: Egg Farmers of Ontario NOV / DEC 2010 25


born & bred


NOV / DEC 2010

It was o 2010. W this fre


THIS PAGE. Wellsley Dining Table, Lewiston Side Chair. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP. Chandler Buffet with Esquire Mirror. BOTTOM: Estate sofa with Chamberlain Table.


Traditional furniture has been a staple in America since the first colonialists stepped off the boat from Europe. Centuries later, traditional style continues to suggest a refined lifestyle and a respect for timeless, rather than trendy designs. But as we move deeper into the 21st century, traditional styling is shifting its handsome footing a little. No, it‟s not necessarily giving up a stately lion‟s paw foot or elegant cabriole leg, but it is adapting to a more casual lifestyle. In the hands of expert designers, we‟re seeing exciting new directions for traditional style. With its good bones, this look will never need to be reinvented... but it can certainly be reinterpreted for the times. How‟s it happening? In a few ways. Sofas, chairs and settees are deepening to reflect sophisticated new comfort standards. Case pieces, once sized to fit an estate, are becoming flexible enough for any variety of home sizes. Designers, once adhering to strict period styles, are migrating toward a freer use of historical ideas together... or just adding a few unexpected details. We found these shifts in traditional thinking perfectly interpreted in Regents Row, a new collection from Lexington Home Brands. Generously-sized sofas, chairs and settees are unexpectedly comfortable. Rich traditional materials mix with exotic or unexpected elements. An eclectic array of pieces seem to encourage a bolder, more eclectic approach to décor… offering the stately heritage of classic design without the stiff rules about what goes with what. For design inspiration, Lexington chose the British furniture tradition. “British design embraces rich heritage, authenticity and hand craftsmanship,” says Phil Haney, President and CEO of Lexington Home Brands. “It‟s really without equal in its enduring appeal and still the benchmark of stately living.” Looking at Regents Row, we concurred. In a word, it‟s refined… impeccably tailored and thoughtfully designed. British icons are all present... tufted chesterfields, wing chairs, Chippendale chairs, monogrammed pillows, woven patterns, velvets, tapestries, solid brass NOV / DEC 2010 29

How to set a British Table

Watch Regents Row video at

and of course, mahogany. The British were famous for their mahogany furniture, in part because the wood species was easily imported from their colonies in the Caribbean. They were also famous for borrowing furniture ideas from other countries, though they carved out their own distinctly unique looks. Many of these distinct looks can be found in Regents Row. The collection covers three centuries of British design… from heavy shapes and nail studs of the 17th century… to lion‟s paw feet, cabriole shapes and Chippendale influences of the 18th century… to the simpler, neo-classic Greek key motifs, brass rings, bold stripes and cleaner lines of the 19th century. FORMAL DINING HAS ALWAYS BEEN PART OF BRITISH TRADITION It was common practice for the English to dress for dinner—wherever they found themselves. We may not be following suit today, but Haney believes families are valuing special occasions, perhaps now more than ever. Many of us are entertaining more at home and reluctant to give up a classic dining room. He believes that we tend to want a little drama in our dining rooms, but not without intimacy and comfort too. More than a little comfort—and a lot of drama finds its way into Regents Row’s dining room styles. One dining chair option combines familiar Chippendale shapes with an animal print chair fabric. This mixing of past and present, local and exotic is another British tradition! Thomas Chippendale, for one, liked to mix exotic ideas, especially oriental motifs, into his designs. Animal prints may be a bolder choice today, but they‟re not un-English; British Colonialists were fascinated with exotic patterns when they lived abroad! An animal print-inspired fabric also finds its way onto an ottoman and pillows in this collection. Revealing a trend to loosen up how traditional fabrics, patterns and colors are used together, Regents Row‟s formal textiles seem more casual when mixed with unexpected prints or a bolder use of color. It would be tough to pick a favorite piece in


NOV / DEC 2010


THIS PAGE: Coventry Leather Sleigh Bed, with Coville Dresser. OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP: Coventry Leather Sleigh bed with Rupert bed bench. MIDDLE: Yorkshire Bunching chests, Wellshire Mirror. BOTTOM: Chester Settee PAST PAGES: Bradsworth Dining Table, Townsend Side chair, Alexis Console Table

this unique collection. But we‟ll try! We especially liked the Williams Hall Chest with its antique mirrored doors and solid brass details; this versatile piece could go in any room. The Coventry Leather sleigh bed looks inspired by an Old English chesterfield. And the Torrington sofa is inspired by the original ratchet arm sofa whose arms reclined so it could be used as a bed. At 102”, Regent Row’s 21st century version has the elegant look without the moving parts! DESIGNING WITH BRITISH STYLE There‟s a tendency toward symmetrical décor with traditional designs… lamps on either side of a sofa or mirror, chairs on either side of a sofa or fireplace. But with its bolder, unexpected traits, Regents Row also invites more casual, asymmetrical décor. As for colors… the collection‟s heavier, button-tufted pieces gravitate to wood panel walls and rich-colored interiors. Its lighter, shapelier pieces tend to be work with lighter, more elegant interiors. But that‟s not to say you couldn‟t mix things up a little! With a good eye, some of these handsome pieces could be perfectly integrated into a more contemporary setting.

ABOVE. Chandler Buffet with Esquire Mirror. BELOW. LEFT: Cambridge Bed with Yorkshire bunching chest. RIGHT: Haviland Wing Chair with Bitianna End Table. OPPOSITE PAGE: Torrington Sofa with Chamberlain Cocktail table and Britianna End Table.

Above, Yorkshire Bunching chest, Cambridge panel bed. Left. Haviland Wing Chair, Britianna End Table Right, top. Torrrington Sofa, Chamberlain Cocktail Table


NOV / DEC 2010

it’s so British!

floral centerpieces

wing chairs

blue & white porcelain


monograms bronze frames

ratchet-arm sofas

tufted seating

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Burgundy & Yellow Flower Arrangement, $199 / English Blue & White Porcelain Temple Jar Lamp, $249, / Regents Row, Haviland Wing chair / Regents Row Monogrammed pillow / LRA0002, $29.97 / Springwray Spiral Topiary, $139—$249 www.Home / Regents Row Chair / Regents Row, Torrington Sofa NOV / DEC 2010 35

room of the month

a winter white Kitchen 36

NOV / DEC 2010

. . . always in season! NOV / DEC 2010 37


White kitchens are remarkably versatile; able to move in a modern, traditional or cottage direction merely by changing cabinet door styles. They‟re also lightreflective, lowering our lighting bills and our stress level at the same time! The homeowners of this month‟s room of the month were unwavering in their wish for a white kitchen, even claiming it would entice them to cook more. “Neither of us wanted to spend time anywhere but in a bright space,” they agreed. But the couple was concerned that a very bright white kitchen would look too modern. “We wanted new stainless steel appliances and were concerned the overall look would be stark.” The solution? Winter white cabinets that had a hint of warmth. To offset their urbanlooking stainless steel appliances and gray granite counters, they also selected cabinets with deeply carved frames and crown molding. In tackling their makeover, the homeowners faced a linear kitchen stretching sixteen feet. With heavy foot traffic through the center of the space and not enough width to add an island, they opted for a modified galleystyle layout. A cooking wall with double oven, commercial



materials & colors

Cabinets & hardware

Behr #760 B-4 Adobe Straw

Backsplash Tile flooring Granite countertops

Stainless steel appliances

room of the month

stove and fridge were installed on one side, a generous working counter, sink and cabinet storage on the other. Adding a return on both ends of the sink wall allowed a pass-through to the dining area. In place of a formal china cabinet, the owners chose cabinets with glass doors on

both sides of the passthrough counter. Tall cabinets were run to the ceiling, topped with heavy crown molding. Similar molding was also added at the bottom of the upper cabinet‟s to conceal under-cabinet lighting and to reinforce the height and substantial look of the cabinets.

A proper cooking station was on the homeowners‟ musthave list. A large gas cooktop was placed between the fridge and double oven. Adequate counter space on both sides of the stove and a pot filler faucet was added to save steps to the sink. A stainless steel hood and steel backsplash created a

sleek „restaurant kitchen‟ look. Rather than tiling the backsplashes, the walls were painted a restful, coffee-shop hue. Again, to avoid too modern a look, the homeowners selected a wrought iron metal for faucets and knobs.

and steel appliances, the obvious choice would have been black or brushed nickel,” they admitted. “But we wanted something warmer.. to complement the winter white cabinets. The wrought iron finish was the perfect choice.”

“With white cabinets

which chair would you pick for the dining area? You’ve seen the kitchen, Now pick the chair you’d put with it! Vote for your favorite!

A white painted

B striped fabric

C woven back

D metal & wood

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