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this month... BACKYARD BISTRO Is there a more charming style for outdoor furniture? And it‟s perfect for small patios and balconies.


on the cover The perfect deck or patio tops the wish list for most of us. With record gas prices, this may be the summer to make it happen! (On a side note... if you’ve never tried out an Adirondack chair, make this the summer you do that too! They’re seriously comfortable.) Editor-in-Chief Loreen Epp


Food writer Wendi Hiebert


Contributing writer Dominique Waters

Bistro fare!

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Pommes Frites Nicoise Salad



Making the most of your back yard. 2 MAY 2011

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Laid-back and luxurious, natural materials inspire resort-style elegance.




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bathroom remodels on the rise Amid a battered remodeling market, bathroom makeovers are a bit of a bright spot. Bathrooms, in fact, are rivaling kitchens as one of the best places to invest money in your home that you can't take with you when you leave. Bathroom budgets vary, but the average spend is $10,000 $15,000. READ MORE.

what we do in bed Once the domain of the elderly and the back-problem-prone, adjustable mattresses have gone from notso-cool to red hot. According to recent research, 38% of us want to incline or recline our head or feet at the touch of a button. It's no wonder, based on how we live. Nearly half of us (45%) use a computer while we're on our bed; the same number of us who watch TV in bed, often as a family. Nearly twothirds (60%) of us read books in our bed and one third of us (33%) read to our children. All of that makes an adjustable mattress a serious contender for next mattress purchase. PHOTO COURTESY: Tempur-Pedic, TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System™

celebrity homes

Mariah’s nurseries

While Mariah Carey‟s bedroom was dubbed the most glamorous room in her New York penthouse by Architectural Digest a decade ago, the new nurseries for her twins, one each in Bel Air and New York, have been dubbed tranquil and cozy. But nursery photos featured in last month‟s Life & Style magazine, show the singer's strikingly similar approach to room design for herself and for her newborns. READ MORE. MAY 2011 3

room design layout

pets get the luxury treatment Fido and Garfield will be well taken care of in new homes. Demand is growing for dog showers (tiled or painted to suit the pet‟s personality), built-in feeding stations windows located lower to the floor (so pets will have better outdoor views) and hideaways and sleep areas built into laundry or foyers. READ MORE. But if remodeling your home to make four-legged creatures happy isn't in your future, consider this lowbudget project idea from a recent Arm & Hammer advertisement. Simply line the outside of your cat's litter box (or dog's food bowl) with bumper-style stickers befitting their prevailing attitude or personality.

room design layout kitchen design

kitchen priorities revealed Today's dream kitchen is remarkably practical, according to a recent GenShift 2011 survey by Masco Cabinetry. Among their findings? We‟ll be staying our homes longer, but many of us are concerned that our existing homes aren't equipped for our future needs. We want more dedicated storage for bulk food, small appliances and waste/recycling… and dog food storage has overtaken wine food storage as a top „extra‟ in our kitchen. Many adults and younger children also expect that they‟ll live together under one roof in the future... and an open floor plan is vastly preferred to a kitchen behind walls. READ MORE.


MAY 2011

one house, two homes There may be a silver lining to the housing crisis. Today‟s tough times are spawning a major shift in thinking about home… namely, the trend to turn one house into two homes. Adding a second, independent living area, whether a converted garage or basement, new wing or separate structure, makes a lot of sense at a time when aging parents need to be cared for, retiring baby boomers want to age at home, healthcare costs are soaring, single-parents wouldn‟t mind a second adult on the premise and children are moving home after college in droves. In a new book, In-Laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats, author Michel Litchfield explores the benefits, uses and designs of this timehonored living arrangement. Founding editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine, Litchfield explores all aspects of multi-generational living and dual living quarters on one property. READ MORE.

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back yard


It’s the perfect furniture style for patios, decks and balconies, especially small ones. (It’ll also transport you to Paris without booking a flight!)

Ahead, we partnered with American Country Home Store, our favorite source for original French-made bistro furniture, to inspire your very own, very charming, outdoor living space. MAY 2011 5

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and our thoughts turn to our own artistic side, our romance life, accordion tunes and La Vie en Rose. Obsessed with beauty, famous for comfort and the ultimate arbiters of good taste, the French have always insisted that outdoor furniture look as good as anything inside.


Bistro folding chairs in the famous Bryant Park.

With an impeccable tradition of quality, French furniture makers are famous for the graceful shapes, intimate scale, exquisite designs and quality of their pieces... whether using wood, cast iron, colorful metals or exotic rattan.

BY NOW, CAFES IN PARIS HAVE THROWN OPEN THEIR DOORS, pushed chairs and tables onto the sidewalk and are serving their delicious bistro fare outdoors, or, en plein air. Café, or bistro furniture is the hallmark of Paris sidewalk cafés, brasseries and the city itself. For more than a century, Parisians (and want-tobe-Parisians!) have huddled around charming bistro tables to eat, drink and discuss the events of the day. It was also on bistro chairs that the likes of Picasso, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sartre and other famous artists and writers once perched to wax poetic. Just one look at bistro furniture today

Bistro furniture has inspired our own ideas about eating on patios and decks in North America. Many of our most romantic notions about eating en plain air, in fact, have a French vibe... from elegant Louvre chairs in Napa wineries to folding bistro chairs in New York‟s Bryant Park. With its light-weight design, bistro-style furniture lifts our mood, beckons us outdoors and makes the perfect choice for small spaces. Given that all outdoor furniture isn‟t created equal, when in doubt, we say go French. Such elegance is actually incapable of looking trendy, tacky or tattered over time. Check out the backyard bistro ideas on the next page… and original, Frenchmade bistro furniture at American Country Home Store.

3 big reasons to love small furniture


Designed for crowded sidewalk cafes, bistro furniture is perfect for balconies and small patios or decks. Its open, airy designs make the space look bigger.


MAY 2011



Lightweight, compact, folding or stackable, bistro furniture is easy to move around and store when not in use. Move it in or out of the sun, or to your own perfect spot.

Small-scaled furniture makes it easy to be bold with color or to mix and match table and chair styles or colors. The look is warm, intersting and very personal.

Louvre Garden Terrace Chairs at Peju Province Winery in Napa Valley

Castille Plus Table & Chairs

Campaign Folding Table & Chairs

BISTRO Perhaps


Bistro c hairs the mos t famo

us chair s in the world!

Bistro t ables w

At just 28-38�

ide, the y’re


and pot s and h anging


smart f or small spaces.



Bistro Metal High Table & Chairs

SO char min

s + umb rellas


Trust th e French to make even sh elter fas hionable



A much -loved c heckere provinc d patte ial-style rn that warmth adds to table linens.

Bistro Folding Table & Chairs

The colo r red

True; an y color will wor k. But r ed is Pa ris.


dinnerw a

As simp le, but s ubstant


ial, as t he food it holds. MAY 2011 7

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planning your own back tables

chairs RATTAN


Michael Thonet designed the first bent wood chair in 1859. French artists Renoir and Lautrec showed it in their paintings, and Picasso kept one in his studio. Paris cafes made them famous, especially rattan bistro chairs for outside, with a checkered weaved seat and back. Few are handmade in France today, but fine versions are made in the Philippines.

They‟re everywhere in Paris! Small café tables with heavy iron base and marble top with brass edge (or laminate top with steel edge) are as sturdy as a French lamp post! With a center pedestal base, it‟s easy to fit plenty of chairs around it.



This practical invention at the end of the 19th century and was an instant hit at French cafes. Simple folding chairs were easy to pack away (and still are!), allowing cafes to avoid fees for a permanent terrace! The lightweight design looks good anywhere (also indoors!) and in custom colors. Check it out in fjord blue, right.

The perfect companion to folding bistro chairs, folding tables are space– savvy and ideal for small areas (or for a private dinner for two)! They‟re easy to collapse, store in tight spaces or move where needed.



Inspired by garden chairs found in Paris squares during the late 1800s, Louvre chairs aren‟t as delicate as they looks! Sturdy enough for public places, their simple, airy design celebrates life in the garden or on a flower-filled patio or balcony. Color it cedar green for classic elegance, or carrot for fun.

They‟re known as opera tables and it‟s easy to see why. The elegant, lightweight lines of this elegant table makes it perfect for Parisian gardens, terraces and balconies… or in an elegant garden in your back yard!


MAY 2011

yard bistro umbrellas No awning? No problem. Smaller bistro umbrellas are ideal for bistro tables. At 5- or 6feet in diameter, they offer just the right scale and sun protection. Fabrics from the south of France add extra charm!


Custom coloring outdoor furniture with a favorite hue (or hues!) makes it personal and interesting. Even in bold colors, the light, airy scale of bistro furniture is never overpowering. Avoid fading or rust with a top-grade steel and a rust–resistant powder coating.


Click here to receive the American Country Home Store 2011 catalog, shipping in June.

cushions Sure, they add comfort outdoors, but bistro chair cushions are most loved for their color and character. Gingham and stripes are favorites‌ so are the famous French reds, provencal blues and tea stained hues.

dinnerware Dinnerware in French bistros is surprisingly simple and sturdy, suiting the food served in them! That makes authentic French dishes, tableware and linens hearty enough to use outdoors For fun, choose dinnerware with a French restaurant logo, like the very charming tableware shown here from la Brasserie du Square in France. MAY 2011 9


french bistro cooking

Create a French eatery ambiance at home by serving friends and family a bistro-style Nicoise Salad or oven-baked Pommes Frites (French fries). Add a great bottle of wine and you‟ll have your guests saying “ooh la la”!

nicoise salad Makes 4 servings 4 to 6 cups mixed salad greens 1 lb mini potatoes, cooked ½ lb green beans, trimmed and steamed 1 - 2 cans (5 - 6 oz/170 g each) solid white tuna, drained and separated into chunks 2 cups cherry or grape tomatoes, halved 4 hard-cooked eggs, cut into wedges 1/3 cup pitted black olives, 1 tin (approx 2 oz/50 g) anchovy fillets, drained, rinsed, patted dry and halved lengthwise 1 tbsp capers (optional) ½ cup olive oil 2 tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tbsp chopped fresh basil 1 clove garlic, minced

Cover a large plate or platter with salad greens. On top of greens, arrange potatoes, beans, tuna, tomatoes, and eggs. Sprinkle olives, anchovies, and capers (if using) over top. Whisk together oil, vinegar, basil & garlic. Serve with salad. TIPS: Instead of serving as an arranged salad, gently combine potatoes, beans, tuna, tomatoes and eggs with some of the dressing, then spoon over the salad greens. Three medium potatoes, cooked and diced, can be substituted for the mini potatoes.

pommes frites

Tomatoes, cut into wedges, can be substituted for the cherry tomatoes.

Makes 2 servings

Substitute Italian dressing or your favorite vinaigrette for the dressing.

2 large potatoes (ex. Yukon Gold or russet) 1 tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil Salt Preheat oven to 450ºF. Cut each potato lengthwise into four slices. Cut each slice into 3 or 4 fingers. Place in a large bowl. Cover with cold water. Let stand 10 minutes. Drain potatoes; pat dry with paper towels. Return potatoes to the bowl. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt. Using your hands, mix to evenly coat potatoes. Spread potatoes on a baking sheet. Roast, uncovered, on the bottom rack for 15 minutes. Turn potatoes over. Continue roasting until golden brown, about 15 more minutes. TIP:


MAY 2011

Paprika, chili powder, onion powder and/or dried herbs can be sprinkled over potatoes before roasting.



Pain p erdu French Onion Soup Potato & Leek Soup Croque Madam e Quiche Lorrain e Nicoise Salad Coq au Vin Beef Bo urguign Roast C on hicken Proven Steak a cal u Poivr e and Pomme s Frites Apple G alette Tarte T atin MAY 2011 11


coastal What if escaping to a seaside resort were as easy as walking through your front door? MAY 2011 13

TOP. A hearty, weathered table with metal base contrasts a delicate elegant chandelier, drapes and étagère. BOTTOM. What‟s more natural than sleeping next to a woven water hyacinth bed with gently weathered frame? RIGHT. Washedlooking shelves and antiqued pewter finish frame invite an open display of beautiful things. The simplicity of white kitchen cupboards and stainless steel show off the textured chairs.

14 MAY 2011


If the next pages resemble the pages of Coastal Living magazine, it‟s no coincidence. The popular periodical that celebrates life along the coast has brought its pages to life with a line of seaside-inspired furniture. Joining forces with Stanley Furniture, the new Coastal Living Resort furniture collection follows on the heels of this power duo‟s launch of a cottageinspired furniture collection in 2009. “Like our magazine, our furniture is ideal for people who live, or dream of living a coastal lifestyle,” says Heather Chadduck, Style Director for Coastal Living Magazine. “We want our Resort collection to recall places our readers have been or dreamed of being,” Chadduck says, noting that, based on the success of the initial cottage collection, the company saw the potential for a more transitional look that mixed a casual coastal lifestyle with more sophistication. “Resort effortlessly marries the breezy simplicity of shore life and the understated elegance of a five-star hotel,” says Adam Tilley, Vice President of Product Development for Stanley Furniture.

Airy, open shelves are a lesson in SEASIDE SIMPLICITY AND STYLE.

Tilley acknowledges that some of America‟s top resort interiors inspired the simple elegance of the products, along with select international influences. The breezy, openness of the design is often associated with Asian and Scandinavian design, he explains, where clean lines and organic materials coexist, and modern is soft and slightly modified.“The look is sophisticated and laid back, elegant and casual, old and new, all at the same time.” Tilley also cites the resort lifestyle MAY 2011 15

itself, where destroyed jeans, designer shoes, black ties, bare feet, suntan lotion and Channel No. 5 coexist... as providing additional inspiration. The unique mix of worn-down, seaworthy textures alongside elegant, clean-lined furniture does seem to be a hallmark of the look. It‟s intended, no doubt, to induce downtime and relaxation of the most understated, but luxurious kind. Weathered driftwood, burnished boat fittings, louvered shutters, coral and seagrass are all represented, along with subtle, but identifiable nautical details that include a maritimeinspired X-motif and tarnished steel accents. Woven water hyacinth and a coral matelasse fabric keep the look rooted in nature, as do a choice of eight tactile, grain-baring painted finishes that channel nature‟s effects on wood. But there‟s no denying the presence of modern in the mix. Boxy cases on antique pewter stands, contemporary stretchers, floating tops and Parsonlike bases add an industrial vibe that feels fresh and updated. A nearlywhite and nearly black wood stain are pure chic; countering the range of muted cottage-like tones that, though weathered and grainy, look fresh on such clean shapes. Perhaps it‟s this perfect storm of clean shapes with seafaring textures that make it so easy to mix the collection‟s pieces and finishes in a single room. The look is also easily dressed up or down. Chrome or glass accents suit the simple shapes. Elegant chandeliers, simple drum shades or a maritime lantern all seem at home here. Even the polished and antiqued hardware hint at the eclectic possibilities, inspiring that look of sophisticated and laid-back, elegant and casual, old and new… all at the same time.


MAY 2011

TOP. A bottle shelf in an antiqued pewter finish gives this serving table industrial functionality. A contrasting mirror finish adds dimension. BOTTOM. A simple drum-shaped pendant contrasts a casual, weathered table design and mix of chairs. RIGHT. The cocktail table‟s weathered, grainy texture stands out against a quiet, neutral background.

Natural textures BRING THE OUTDOORS IN.

ABOVE. Modern shaping on the dresser is warmed up with cottage-pull hardware. RIGHT. A leather collar holds the lamp tableâ€&#x;s legs together; a coral-patterned bench hints at life by the sea. RIGHT, BOTTOM. A flip-top table converts from sofa table to writing desk to dinner table. BELOW Concealing a pull-out-writing shelf and drop-down top drawers, this media chest goes anywhere. OPPOSITE PAGE. A wavefront chest conjures up driftwood at the beach.

18 MAY 2011

“Like our magazine, our furniture is ideal for people who live, or dream of living a coastal lifestyle.” Heather Chadduck, Style Director, Coastal Living Magazine.

A fresh take on DRIFTWOOD. MAY 2011 19

style guide

coastal living resort

paint colors

fabrics & covers Benjamin Moore #OC-56 moonshine

MAY 2011



woven hyacinth


Benjamin Moore #1597 pebble beach Behr #1850 white


cottage pull

cup pull

wood finishes

sail cloth


sandy linen

morning fog



sea oat


stormy night

channel marker

Benjamin Moore #1576 ice cap

Benjamin Moore #OC-59 vanilla milkshake

Benjamin Moore #OC-9 ballet white



compliments of Stanley Furniture

compliments of Stanley Furniture


black & white prints

silver lamp bases

pillar candles

Simple black frames with a white mat board create a modern, unexpected elegance against weathered textures. Black-and white photos or scenes of nature are ideal.

A shiny silver or chrome surface on a retro lamp (or an antiqued mirror surface on a contemporary lamp) add an updated elegance to Resortâ€&#x;s distressed wood and metals.

Candles define the romance of resort life. Choose wide pillar candles in a variety of heights; with colors inspired by white and any variety of off-whites, from vanilla to cream to driftwood.

striped rugs

Reminiscent of awnings, beach towels and umbrellas, stripes are the ideal inspiration for rugs or linens; their simple lines look casual and modern, adding texture without taking over!

white flowers

Born for wedding vows by the sea, white flowers add five-star elegance and luxury to an interior. Seen against green leaves, white flowers are also thoroughly modern and fresh.


Ceramics plates, vases and pots in solid colors, mat textures and simple shapes maintain the simplicity of the collection. Choose a mix of light and dark hues for a modern elegance.

glass vessels

From the sea itself, glass jars, tumblers and platters keep stones, seashells and everyday items in open view. Glass maximizes daylight; semi-sheer or simple drapes on windows let more of it in!

picture books

What says vacation like picture books stacked on a nearby shelf or table! They reflect our interests (especially with bold titles on the spine!) and encourage us to lose ourselves in a favorite subject.

broad-leaf plants

They recall coconut and banana trees and warm-weather plantations in exotic locations. Simple green ferns or large palm fronds inside a pot or vase feel relaxed and nature-inspired. MAY 2011 21

compliments of Stanley Furniture

… 9 things to like about this collection Laid-back, but sophisticated, Coastal Living Resort uniquely marries wood stains with painted finishes, weathered textures with contemporary shapes and maritime with industrial influences. But there’s more than a pretty face on this collection. Casual, comfortable and elegant elements come together, along with some modern features. Eight sea-faring, weathered finishes on solid wood and white oak veneer crate a relaxed, natural warmth… inviting a confident mix of wood finishes in a room.

8 finishes Hung or leaned, this casually elegant mirror works anywhere. Its simple design works perfectly in a contrasting color to the chest, table or vanity below.

1 4

picture mirror Don‟t let its name fool you: the Cape Comber console table packs in 12 drawers for storage. At just 14” deep, it‟s ideal for a foyer, hallway or smaller guest room.

What‟s not to love about a TV chest with a flipopen shelf for DVD player, pull -out writing desk and extra storage drawers that keep clutter at bay?



This narrow sofa table fits behind a sofa, in a hall or bedroom. With one or two flipopen sides, it transforms to desk or table!

flip-top table

Woven hyacinth adds tropical ambiance to the Water Meadow bed. There‟s no need to cover up, or clutter up, the woven side rails with a bed skirt.

Weathered shelves and an antiqued pewter frame are simultaneously warm and modern. The Lake Shore etagere‟s open design is ideal for highlighting stylish contents.


woven bed


There‟s plenty of worthy dining chairs in this collection, but the Heritage Coast chair is uniquely casual and elegant, mixing shapely lines with weathered textures.

The louvered design of the Cape Comber panel bed is inspired by white-painted, shutters; the hallmark of coastal decor.

console table


media chest

side chair


panel bed

6 9

about Stanley Furniture Founded in 1924, the Stanley Furniture Company is a leader in the design of residential wood furniture for every room in the home. Located in Stanleytown, Virginia, the Stanley Furniture brand targets the premium price segment of the residential market, delivering sophisticated design, hand-applied finishes, intricate construction details and the tasteful use of fine materials from around the world.

CLICK HERE to find the Stanley furniture store nearest you. 22 MAY 2011

take it



making the most of your back yard For most of us, an outdoor room is just a dream. Maybe that‟s because the ones we‟ve seen look like a major project … complete with overhead ceiling, four walls and a full-fledged kitchen.

True, an outdoor room does need some privacy. It also needs good sight lines, traffic paths and comfort, Get the look and feel of an outdoor just like an indoor room. room by planning your backyard But none of that requires with two priorities: a little shelter building a separate structure.

and a great focal point! inspired. MAY 2011 23

TIP! The larger your yard, the more comfortable at smaller, sheltered area will feel.

shelter An outdoor room doesn‟t need four walls. But it does need enclosure. A private, or sheltered area is key to achieving the look and feel of an indoor space. IF YOUR HOME ISN’T BLESSED WITH EXTERIOR WALLS that naturally create an enclosed courtyard, not to worry. There are other ways to create a little shelter. Erecting a structure across from, or adjacent to the exterior wall of your house (such as a railing, trellis screen, tall fireplace or cluster of tall plants) will create the look of a wall, adding privacy and defining a floor plan for placing furniture and cooking. Carefully positioned, it will also create the appearance of a second room from inside your house... and block your view of neighbors (or their view of you!), a busy street or other unwanted sightlines. Check out these clever options!

24 MAY 2011

ARCHITECTURE can enhance outdoor living. An L-shaped patio with fireplace integrated into one of the home‟s exterior walls, creates a feeling of privacy and shelter.

how to

enclose your yard... Privacy and shelter in the great outdoors is unexpected, bringing the protective warmth of indoor living outside.

A TRELLIS is inexpensive and creates a wall with benefits! It works overhead too and can be attached to the house for stability. Add climbing plants for shade.

PLANTS & UMBRELLAS are the most popular way to create enclosure. Clustering trees and shrubs creates an organic wall of privacy. An over-sized umbrella feels like a ceiling.

HALF WALLS made of stone pavers define a living area and create a feeling of permanence. Add a stone top to create a bar overlooking the yard or create an L-shape and integrate a grill! PHOTO COURTESY: Belgard Hardscapes

A FIREPLACE WALL can be stand-alone, increasing privacy and providing a place to gather chairs around. a stone

LANDSCAPING FLOWER BOXES build up the height of a simple railing, adding privacy.

with shrubs or trees will shelter a quiet eating or sitting area. A tall swing also creates the look of an exterior wall. MAY 2011 25

TIP! A focal point doesn‟t have to be a single thing; it can be a group of things, or an area.

focus Just like indoor rooms, an outdoor room needs something great to look at and a reason to exist, even if it‟s just to gather „round. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ROOMS look most inviting when objects are anchored around a focal point (or made into one)… avoiding a random scattering of furniture around a big spaces. Focal points don‟t have to be big, costly or impressive; they just need to guide our eyes (and us) to where we want to be and what we want to see. A large tree, fire pit, fireplace, fountain, dining table or cozy seating area are all possibilities. Anchoring, or reinforcing your focal point with a change of flooring material, plants or bold color will enhance it. Check out these clever options!

26 MAY 2011

RUGS made for outdoors, or interesting floor tile patterns are more than great to look at; they anchor a seating group or table and chairs.

how to

create a focal point Focusing attention on a very specific place creates a feeling of security, permanence and connection to nature.

SEATING AREAS in a structured living room or dining room arrangement draw us to them, creating a natural focal point.

COLOR CONTRASTS define a key area. Dark deck boards contrast the ground around it, drawing us to the seating area.

A STONE PATIO contrasts the lawn around it, anchoring the table and chairs, and providing the groundwork for a surrounding wall.

POOLS & TREES are natural focal points, especially when framed with brick, paving stones or flowers, and lit from below!

FIREPLACE WALLS aren't just a source of shelter; theyâ€&#x;re the perfect focal point, day and POTS & PLANTERS night. Surround with clustered together create a focal point. comfortable chairs! They also help anchor larger items, in PHOTO COURTESY: this case, a pair of Adirondack chairs. Eldorado Stone MAY 2011 27

roomplanners magazine - May 2011  

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Resort-inspired interiors inspired by sophisticated coastal living. Plus... planning an outdoor room, French bistro-style...