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new styles for a new decade If a room re-do is on your to-do list this year, count yourself lucky! This year’s new home furnishings promise to be the most exciting we’ve seen in awhile. In fact, so many compelling new products inspired us to create an entire style issue around the most beautiful new furniture collections of 2010. As far as we know, it’s the first of kind. But our Style Issue is unique for another reason too. For the first time in a long time, no single style trend is leading the way. We’re free today to use our location, our favorite vacation destination or even our personality as a catalyst for our home’s style.

Loreen Epp President, RoomPlanners Inc.

A wider variety of furniture styles is making that easier to do. Vintage finishes are becoming as plentiful as polished, glamorous ones. Hefty, masculine looks are balancing unabashedly feminine looks. A trend to contemporary styles is mixing with a trend to more historical references. And some these trends are even combining in a single room!

With the housing market showing signs of life, there’s a new energy to lighten up, freshen up and mix up furniture designs. Maybe it’s a hope that the worst is behind us, maybe it’s the energy we feel at the start of a new decade. Whatever it is... get set for some head-turning home fashions as we head deeper into the 21st century. Enjoy!

on the cover Light, chunky woods, naturallooking fabrics and quiet colors come together in Forecast, an understated collection that illustrates the new mix of casual and contemporary styling. Pennsylvania House is a 120year old supplier of traditional and transitional furniture using predominantly solid woods.

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retreat... escape...

Sanctuary, by Hooker Furniture


make your home into your own private haven We’ve become a nation of busy bodies. As nine to five become 24/7, our homes are fast becoming one of the few places we can disconnect from the world. So how can you create a sanctuary, or private haven, in your own home? Start by taking a look at your home in a new way. Look for ways to relax or unwind in comfortable, unexpected places. At the same time, look for ways to reenergize in open, well-lit places. The perfect private haven balances intimate, private spaces with head-clearing open spaces infused with natural light. You’ll know if your home is haven-worthy if you can achieve each of these 5 private haven benefits in each room!

get comfortable Getting comfortable at home means finding plenty of places to kick off our shoes and settle in. Adding upholstered chairs around a dinner table invites us to linger for hours. Adding extra bed pillows helps us sleep better. Choosing weathered furniture finishes or organic colors inspires a feeling of quiet calm.

lighten up

see things in a new way

embrace the imperfect

reach out and touch something

Daylight rejuvenates and heals. Sheer or translucent curtains diffuse light rather than blocking it. Light or white walls recreate daylight, while mirrors and mirrored finishes double the amount of natural light in a room... especially when placed next to windows and chandeliers!

A change is as good as a rest, even at home. Leaning a picture against the wall, mixing two wood finishes in the same room, using mismatched chairs around a table or adding a bar cabinet or chair in the bedroom feels fresh and new.

A perfect home no longer needs perfectly matched, new or polished furniture Time-worn finishes, uneven, natural weaves and unmatched accent pieces make us more relaxed, connect us to nature and invite us to experiment without regret.

Think how good it feels to walk barefoot in the sand. Creating similar sensory experiences at home means choosing textures that beg us to touch them and feel good when we do… a wooly rug next to the bed, hand-scraped or waxed table tops, carved bed posts or nubby fabrics.

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home trends


simplicity, hand-crafting, nature and subtle references to the past dominate this year’s home furnishing trends We scoured the recent furniture markets to cull together the big ideas inspiring furniture and home decor. Here’s what we found...

touch wood… and more For 2010 and beyond, expect to see more real, raw and natural furniture finishes and materials. From weathered, handwaxed or reclaimed woods to matt, nubby linens to hammered metals... we’re moving toward hightouch, irregular, aged and imperfect surfaces. The trend reflects our ongoing fascination with one-of-akind flea market finds, a

more casual lifestyle and an appreciation for products that look planetfriendly or recycled.

Below. Vintage Patina Round Table, Bernhardt Furniture. Right. Grand Bergere Chair, Century Furniture.


beefed up After nearly 300 hundred years spent taking structure away from furniture to make it more elegant and lightweight, it seems we’re adding some of it back, with inspiration from furniture designed prior to the 18th century.

hefty leathers, jacquards and nail studs, or updated with faux suede for a more contemporary look.

Carved, turned or heavy low stretchers in rich wood finishes are being attached to legs or central braces. The look is heavy, weighty, masculine and reassuring… perfect with

Left. Ocean Club chair, Lexington Furniture. Right. Outside-In desk, Schnadig International Corporation.

pedal to the metal It’s hard to beat industrial furniture for its efficient, straightforward design. The clean lines of shelving, drafting stools and work tables recall old city factories, art studios and lofts. Industrial motifs are inspiring furniture for any room, but the look is retro and warmed up with aged metals, chunky wood in whiskey barrel, bucket or waxed finishes and hefty cross

braces. The look is retro, reliable, masculine and versatile.

Above. Side Table and Bookcase, Palecek, Right. Great Rooms Entertainment Console with Bookcases, Universal Furniture.

like a day at the spa In a world that feels chaotic, loud or way too busy, a hotel or resortinspired style seems the perfect way to make our home feel like an oasis of calm. Hotel and spa-styled furniture is drawing on contemporary lines, natural materials and Japanese influences. Clean, low and horizontal, it simulates the calming effects of the horizon line. Natural

tures and light woods in dry, matte finishes seem to bring the outdoors in… and a lack of ornament creates the look and feel of quiet.

Clockwise from top left. Swirl Wall Décor, Palacek. / Monterey Buffet with Stone Top, Bernhardt Furniture. / Adrianna Modular Sectional, Bernhardt Interiors.


single… and happy Mixing and matching fabrics and styles in our home isn’t a new idea. But that doesn't make it any easier to pull off!

also giving way to chairs with patterns and styles that complement rather than coordinate with the sofa and each other.

Professionally-designed coordinates have always been popular, but they’re getting more interesting... especially in living rooms, where matching sets are being re-thought. The loveseat is being inspired by the settee; a non-matching, wood-framed seat that doesn’t match the sofa. It’s

Pre-mixed sofa and chairs styles and patterns. Kincaid Furniture

cool and collected Our desire to recycle, shop at flea markets, be unique or live with less decorating rules is increasing interest in one-of-a-kind , collectorinspired items. This collector trend is less about owning a precious 18th century antique as it is about owning unique, single accent pieces imbued with history, character or an interesting story behind its acquisition. An aged finish or unique feature alone can

make them conversationworthy. Contrasting plain and fancy materials and textures makes it easier to mix unique items.

Above. Signatures, Stanley Furniture. Right. Mendocino Settee, Century Furniture.

a bit of bling Not to be outdone by the trend to more masculine, pre18th century looks, the trend to unbridled glamour shows no sign of letting up. The look is undeniably French-inspired, reflecting updated 18th century rococo and baroque influences mixed with 20th century art deco. Button tufting and gilded, silver or mirrored finishes add dressy opulence, but may be

mixed with weathered woods, antiquing effects, or chic, neutral colors for a more relaxed look.

Left. Capiz Shell Chest, Hooker Furniture. Above. Sanctuary console with antique mirror and gold, Hooker Furniture.




most beautiful


collections of

The first of its kind, our list of 2010’s Most Beautiful New Furniture Collections covers a range of styles and prices. But a common thread runs through all our top picks… a blend of stylishness, quality and timelessness; the ultimate keys to great design. So how did we pick the most beautiful furniture collections from millions of square feet of supplier showrooms and hundreds of new furniture introductions in a single year? It wasn’t easy. Especially this year. We were thrilled to find more variety and


fewer run-of-the-mill products coming to a furniture store near you. But that just made our job more difficult. Our plan of attack? Use three criteria to pick the best of the best.

that made it relevant to today… a reflection of our values, a commitment to quality or the environment, or a unique idea that suggested a bigger or growing trend.

First, we looked for furniture collections that stopped us in our tracks. From among the dozens, even hundreds of new collections launched the past year, our top picks had to be eye-popping. We wanted to be caught offguard with something fresh and beautiful.

Finally, the furniture had to be timeless. None of us buy furniture often enough to merit a trendy purchase that will time-warp our homes. We insisted on collections with longevity… a unique style with lasting power.

Second, the furniture had to have a story; something

We also wanted to bring together a range of styles… something to suit a variety of tastes, including yours. We hope we succeeded! 7

finally; after a decade of dark furniture finishes ‌ a shift to lighter ones.

This handsome collection was one of the freshest, most stylish things we’d seen in a while. Its unique design is modern and metro on one hand; warm and familiar on the other. We liked the spare lines, industrial motifs, matte, low-sheen wood finish and all that solid wood.. in a lighter color!


Forecast is made of solid white oak, with a natural woodstone finish in a dry, low sheen. Oil-bronzed hardware adds a warm but understated accent. Square legs and chunky tops mix with xshaped metal stretchers

Forecast, by Pennsylvania House, was designed around stacking and bunching pieces. Multiple combinations of metal bases and white oak door and drawer chests were designed to offer storage versatility. Forecast will be in stores this summer.

A series of basic cases create versatile storage pieces for an evolving household. A drawer chest that once served as a night stand can move to the nursery to store baby blankets, or to the family room to corral games and remote controls.


sophisticated French country styling meets American casual.

Still in a love affair with the movie set of It’s Complicated (Universal Pictures, 2009), we were thrilled to see a style that perfectly captured the movie’s casual elegance and relaxed comfort.

twilight bay

Twilight Bay, by Lexington Furniture, shows its roots in ‘French laundry’ style. The look originated in Europe when worn hopsack was applied to carved wood frames using exposed nail head trim. Motifs and words were often stenciled onto the cloth. Updated for today, the look blends unique and sophisticated finishes, replicating the patina acquired through gentle use, not just the passage of time. Twilight Bay will be in stores this fall.

dr The collection’s finishes are relaxed and weathered. A warm saddle finish mixes with a distressed white crackle finish with a rub -through slate color below, or a taupe-gray driftwood color is applied to textured surfaces. Antique pewter finishes

ment a soft color palette, along with burnished stainless steel tabletops. Natural linen and Merino wool mix with vintage document designs. Relaxed cushioning, slip-cover tailoring and decorative nail trim mix with woven cane and rush seating.


the structure is the design; craftsman style is updated for today

There’s no denying that craftsman style is still an American favorite; make that the American favorite. But even this old reliable was in need of a little updating. At a time when we’re all ready for a little more honesty and a little less excess, that update couldn’t have come at a better time.

modern craftsman

Cathedral cherry veneers mix with rustic maple, mahogany and mindi solids. Finishes include a dark mink finish with charcoal highlights and a distressed saddle finish. Select accent pieces feature a chisel technique and hand-rubbing over a rustic tobacco

Modern Craftsman, by Stanley Furniture, is built on the simple idea that craftsmanship you can see is a style unto itself. It showcases how an artisan would build a piece of furniture, recalling mission and arts-and-crafts design movements, where wood itself was integral to a product’s style and appeal. Modern Craftsman will be in stores this spring.

finish or a lighter driftwood finish. The collection recalls authentic craftsman style with its exposed dovetail joints, posts that come through the tops of cases, stretcher motifs, hammered metal accents, industrial hardware and leather details.


British styling is updated with sleeker finishes and deeper proportions.

From Chippendale chairs to button-tufted chesterfields that get better with age, the lasting appeal of English furniture is impressive. This updated version of classic British design reminded us why we still love traditional design... and why it’s far from becoming obsolete in a contemporary design world.

regents row

Mahogany veneers mix with rosewood, tulipwood and ebony inlays. A rich brown mahogany finish with minimal distressing looks rich next to black Nero marble, antique mirrored doors and sable-colored faux crocodile leather on accent mirrors.

Regents Row, by Lexington Furniture, showcases the exceptional tailoring the English are famous for. Sumptuous seating, deeptufted leather frames and carved wood silhouettes mix with velvets, silks, tapestries and exotic animal patterns. The detail is rich, the scale is contemporary. Regents Row will be in stores this fall.

Solid brass hardware is hand-cast, using the age-old ‘lost wax casting’ process used to create fine jewelry. We liked the oversized door knocker and lion head ring pulls. Seating is deeper and more comfortable than most British antiques.


antiques no longer have to be old, but they do need to look unique and well-used

Inspired as much by bold, historic details as it is by relaxed, weathered finishes, this collection inspires us to look at antique furniture in a more casual way. Seems oldlooking furniture looks more comfortable when it doesn’t look too precious to use.


Finish options range from dune and beach to ebony, along with accent pieces in copper, silver leaf, gold and mirrored finishes. Casual textures are grayed down, planked, sanded and full of character. The collection combines serene style with elements

Sanctuary, by Hooker Furniture, isn’t easily categorized into one style. Though the collection recalls classic designs of Italy, Portugal and England, it’s updated with seven, weather-worn casual finish selections and an array of eclectic furniture inspired by coastal homes, cottages, villas and penthouse suites! Sanctuary will be in stores this summer.

of ‘bling’ with the lustrous metallic accent finishes. Strong graphic elements include classical cross motifs and stylized fretwork motifs. A large selection of chairs are easy to mix and match with their grayed-down colors and quiet textures.


elegant details and new furniture finishes make for an elegant, unabashedly romantic look.

We’ve flirted with bold new interpretations of 18th century European furniture the past years. But this unique collection offers both bold and subdued ways to freshen up historic designs. It offers another new twist on traditional design, without being so over-the-top that we wouldn’t actually put it in our homes!

Jessica McClintock


The collection features walnut veneers, inlaid with intricate scrollwork and maple and ebony borders on many case tops. Silver leaf or mirrored accents are applied to shapely accent pieces, while elegant dining chairs are decorated with floral and

Jessica McClintock Couture, by American Drew, is rich in rococo-inspired carvings of shells, leaves, vines, flowers, scrolls, lace and ribbons. It’s also pretty hard to miss all those rococoinspired curves! Many chairs and accent pieces are finished with a unique mink finish that’s wool waxed to add depth and softness. Jessica McClintock Couture will be in stores this summer.

vine in optional finishes. Jessica McClintock is well-known for her romantic style and stylish prom dresses and bridal gowns. Her signature style is seen in the Victorian-inspired details, serpentine shapes and curved fronts or base rails on many pieces.


smaller, less showy homes make restrained design fitting and timely.

Despite its smaller scale, there’s no lack of sophistication in this chic collection. At a time when we all need more calm and quiet in our lives, restrained, pared-back furniture seems capable of lifting us from a world of chaos.


American walnut in a soft, hand-rubbed brown finish looks chic and graceful. Walnut’s straight, controlled grain pattern makes it a favorite for simple, refrained designs. Hammered silver is a unique choice for hardware; it’s understated without loosing its

Tribeca, by Century Furniture, is a lesson in controlled design and understated elegance. Fitting too, at a time when opulence and showy wealthy seem to be taking a back seat to serenity and balance. The collection’s pieces are scaled back and clean–lined. Solid colors, quiet textures and barelythere curves are designed for smaller homes and personal spaces that reflect a changing social consciousness. Tribeca will be in stores this fall.

sophistication. Graceful saber legs on the dining table mix with forties-style French chairs. Storage pieces have a unique shadow -box molding silhouette and dark and light contrasts always feel modern, clean and fresh.


sustainable wood works well on a sustainable style.

We thought fast-growing mango wood was the perfect choice for this casual collection.. not just because mango wood is one of the most sustainable wood choices available, but because the collection’s styling is environmentally conscious too. Such warm, transitional style won’t need replacing anytime soon!

cross country

The slightly distressed saddle brown finish on this casually rustic group suits mango wood’s warm, lively grain. Burnished metal knobs replace wood knobs for an updated look. A collection of beds include a variety of under-bed storage options.

In fact, when it comes to this collection’s style, don’t let the word country fool you. Cross Country, by aspenhome, would be equally at home in the city or country. With its mix of clean lines and worn edges, we’d classify it as an urban country… a transitional look that can be dressed up or down. Cross Country will be in stores this summer.

forward lines and gently worn edges suggest that this furniture has been in the family for years… and has become valued as much for its practical, utilitarian and reliable qualities as for its timeless, familiar style.


don’t sweat the budget; vacationing at home can feel like you’re somewhere else entirely.

For about the price of a family vacation to the Pacific islands, this exotic collection will let you live with resort style at home every day!

ocean club

Hickory veneers are finished in a sun-drenched Bali finish; a medium sienna coloration. Mixed with woven and split rattan, crushed bamboo, polished travertine, decorative metal and etched glass, the collection is complex in its rich detail and

Island living has always been about creating a soothing, soulful retreat at home, but Ocean Club, by Lexington Furniture, offers a more contemporary alternative to traditional tropical island styles and includes a distinctly Asian vibe. Its inspiration is the resort side of the island, where aromatherapy candles replace tiki torches and infinity pools, and a concierge replaces the floating bar. Ocean Club will be in stores this fall.

mixed media, but elegant and quiet in its simplicity. An Asian aesthetic dominates, seen in long, horizontal lines contrasted with vertical elements to create balance. The unique geometric patterns resemble a Japanese shoji screen.


a beach shack vibe combines a laid-back attitude with natural, faded materials

It’s tough not to want to be a kid again with a laid-back beach shack collection like this one. It takes us straight to beach with its mix of faded canvas sailcloth and worn wood.


surf club

Heavily distressed, weathered oak wood, sun-washed graphics and old luggage labels are key to this collection’s casual look. Storage pieces are inspired by trunks that have been around the world. Dark bronze hardware is inspired by large, rustic bolts.

SpongeBob Surf Club, a new Nickelodeon™ kids furniture collection by Lea Furniture, is inspired by a casual, southern California 60’s surf style. Natural materials and casual, preworn finishes evoke a carefree SpongeBob who doesn’t take life too seriously, loves the west coast vibe and is always in search of the perfect wave… or a cool place to chill for awhile. SpongeBob Surf Club will be in stores this fall.

Colors are muted colors and stone-washed cotton canvas creates an aged, faded and laid-back look. Lofts and beds include canvas tent extensions, privacy curtains, memo boards, underbed storage drawers and padded back rests.


check out these

cool new products

Who says stackable chairs can’t be fashionable? Left, the lacy Lovie Chair. Above, the shapely Lettie chair.

High tech meets artful with this easel-inspired TV stand in hickory veneers.

Tall ceilings require tall furniture. An oversized wall unit offers the scale needed in larger rooms. Napa Grand Wall.

The breast cancer awareness ribbon inspired this collection of chairs, tables, vanities and credenzas that use the ribbon as its central design motif. Ten percent of the sale of each piece goes to cancer research. Alyce Collection.

An antique feed sack chair features favorite phrases… a hot trend inspired by French laundry style stenciling. Grand Bergere.

A canvas chair with a side and zippered front pocket let kids keep things close at hand. SpongeBob Surf Club.

The perfect piece for tight space. This 12” deep console fits narrow halls, entries and dining rooms. Sanctuary Console Table.

A lighted, mirrored cabinet conceals and organizes barware. Available in white or aubergine. Diamond Bar Cabinet.

One of a variety of Nickelodeon-themed lofts and kids bedrooms. Nickelodeon, TweenNick Collection.


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