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“if eBay, Facebook and got together one night to make a cyber baby, they would no doubt issue forth a site like� - Chicago Tribune

Take Advantage of the Global Market Place

One of the largest problems facing vacation rental managers today is vacancy. With the loss of so many jobs over the last few years in the US, the “stay-cation� has become increasingly popular. Consumers are more often than not, spending their two weeks off each year sitting around the backyard swimming pool. Even those with jobs have chosen to forego the typical annual trip in favor of saving money and/or avoiding the rising cost of fuel.


Significant increase of leisure travelers taking a “stay-cation” in the US and spending less since 2010.


America Seems to Hate Vacation Days...

Or at least all our bosses sure seem to hate them. American’s have 14 days on average (some of us are saying, “I wish I had 14 days”). We are the worst when it comes to time off and other countries have more vacation days and more opportunities to travel. The more important question to answer here is how to get those International travelers to our U.S. Properties. Italy comes in with the most time off, 42 vacation days annually. This means they will be out traveling and exploring more. For property managers that means an opportunity to book longer stays, much longer than they’ll see from American travelers.



International Consumers Travel More International consumers consistently travel to North America. In fact, studies presented at the ITB Berlin show in March of 2011 expressed “a strong ratio of French consumers plan to travel more versus those that intend to travel less.� German and UK travellers also showed increased plans for travel.


When they travel, they stay longer, spend more, and are more likely to buy property than their American counterparts, especially while property values are down. The cost differential of items purchased here and shipped back home in many cases pay for their trip. They also have different holiday schedules and could travel at times when US rental units typically sit vacant. It doesn’t make sense not to expand to an International demographic.


64% of Europeans still plan to travel as much or more in 2012 despite the current financial and economic crisis. In fact 27% aimed to travel more in 2012 than they did in 2011.



In 2012 Online Bookings Still Growing

Property managers are aware of the vacancy issue but are unsure on how to tackle a demographic location on the other side of the ocean, especially when deciding to advertise and weighing the costs. It’s definitely possible to attract European travelers to book their trips online. According to the European Consumer Travel Report, 94% of French travelers plan to book their trips online. With an overwhelming 92% of Chinese online users - double the proportion compared to Europe and North America - are estimated to use social media according to the ITB World Travel Trends Report 2011/2012.


Online is the place to be, but just try Googling “Orlando Vacations,� you will find yourself lost in a sea of never-ending results. For lesser-known destinations, merely having your site show up in a search can be difficult. For example, if you happen to be renting out vacation cabins in Georgia, how do you get a family in Germany interested in staying for their month-long holiday? A tough question to answer for anyone.


Reaching International Consumers

Truly the best way to target those International travellers is to piggy back onto a larger conglomerate - one with a larger budget, one that already reaches your target demographic, and one that focuses on bringing these travellers to American destinations. Roomorama was founded on the principle that there is more to travel than visiting a checklist of tourist attractions. As two young executives caught between professional obligations and perpetual wanderlust, Jia En Teo and Federico Folcia would rent their New York apartments to a few friendly folks with a similar desire to live like locals. The proceeds in turn would subsidize their travel needs. That simple and effective method became a habit. But using classifieds to advertise their apartment -the most accessible platform at the time- took too much effort and, more alarmingly, involved too many risks: hundreds of responses to sift through; overlapping and contradictory requests; dubious, non-secure methods of payment and worst of all, no-shows.


Jia En and Federico quickly identified the demand for a service that handled short-term rental transactions quickly, easily and securely. was launched in January 2009 and has since been a leader in the development of online rental communities.


Roomorama Today and the Future

Your Properties

Roomorama is constantly searching for new ways to increase your properties exposure online and offline. This year we will be offering the most extensive marketing for your properties than ever before. Just take a look at the new features we are adding to help create a higher conversion rate so your properties are always booked.

Facebook Application We are putting the finishing touches on an application to allow Facebook users the opportunity to search in the comfort of an application they already love. Multiple-site Distribution Listings will gain exposure through online classified sites like OLX, Craigslist and nearly 200 others. Each property will have a video tour featured on YouTube. Social Networks Fully integrated social sharing features to enable guests and hosts to share reviews with friends and increase trust and transparency with every booking.


International Marketing TV ad campaigns & PR throughout 2012, proven SEO algorithms (the same ones used by OLX classifieds with over 150MM unique visitors per month.

Not only can property managers post their listings and expand to reach new demographics we already know well, they can also gain online notoriety via social connections, resulting in consistent referral-based traffic. Think of it as a Yelp for vacation rentals with a focus on driving Global traffic right to your property’s front door.


Roomorama by the Numbers Inventory Size: Total Number of Nights Booked: Nights Booked in 2011: 2011 Total Unique Visitors:

More than 110,000 More than 60,000 Over 1,350,000

Page Per Visit:


Average Time on Site:


Average Gross Booking:


Average Length of Stay:

9 nights

Consumer Disposable Income:


30,000 listings

60% > $50,000

Roomorama Features Features For Travelers • Neighbourhood search & display • Instant Booking (like online hotel bookings) • Availability Calendar Export (ICal / GCal) • Social graph integration, showing relationships between, hosts, guests and friends • More payment options and multiple currencies options • Roomorama Reward Program to get perks and deals on additional services (Car rentals, local activities,…) • Last minute deals organized by theme • Mobile Apps to search and manage Bookings • 24/7 concierge Service for emergencies, tickets, events,… • 100,000 more listings to

Features For Hosts • Automated payment 72 hours after check-in if no complaints from travelers • Be paid in your local currency • Build your reputation more rapidly with enhanced social media integration • Insurance for damages • Mobile Apps to manage your listings, bookings and payments • Video conversion and multiple syndication for all your listings for better exposure and more bookings • A/B testing to improve conversions creating more bookings

choose from in more cities and vacation spots around the world 14

Instant Booking With Ease To increase online bookings, Roomorama has created a website that allows travelers to simply book vacation property online, bringing the ease of online hotel booking to the vacation rental industry.

Our API Integrates with your... YES

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NO Roomorama stores data locally to enhance the user’s browsing experience. For example, having an accurate local calendar allows users to search by location AND availability--which would not be possible (it would be too slow) if a web service call had to be made for every property in a search payload. Because of this feature, users looking for a specific date are more likely to complete a transaction during that browsing session. 15

Property management system

2012 Calendars are checked and updated with booking

Travellers can start a booking that will automatically and instantly check the price and availability within your system and make the reservation.

Create a login and start uploading your listings today and gain exposure to a global market!

Start booking international travellers and earning more money per booking.


Discerning Clientele? No Problem!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could approve or deny a guest? With Roomorama’s booking requests you can do just that. Instead of offering instant bookings, you can list your property and respond to traveler’s individual booking requests. This way you will be able to pre screen the traveler and make sure they are the right fit for your client’s home. We want to ensure property managers have the ultimate control over bookings. Now with the option to list your properties for either instant booking or booking requests, you stay in control of your properties and how they are rented.


Business Concierge Service “But I need even more exposure than just international travelers.” No problem. With our Business Concierge Service, we target business travelers who prefer to stay in properties like yours. Upon acceptance to the Business Concierge Property Network, you will enjoy the added benefits of: • Heightened visibility to business travelers looking for high-quality accommodations • Double exposure: Properties will be listed in both Roomorama’s regular and business inventories • Higher turnover at faster speeds • Development of long-term business relationships with companies who use Roomorama • A set of exclusive perks available only to Business Concierge users It’s time to experience a true Global Booking Portal. Contact us today to find out how you can start filling your vacancies by utilizing the perfect tool! Roomorama was created for you!


Contact Info

For more information about integrating your property management system, listing your spaces or any other questions about Roomorama please contact Angela Simanek.

Angela Simanek

Business Development, North America Cell: 407.361.4374 Skype: angela.simanek Email:


Roomorama Today and the Future

Not only can property managers post their listings and expand to reach new demographics we already know well, they can also gain online notoriety via social connections, resulting in consistent referral-based traffic. Think of it as a Yelp for vacation rentals with a focus on driving Global traffic right to your property’s front door. Roomorama is dedicating an incredible amount of energy into its International marketing; using TV ad campaigns throughout 2012, proven SEO algorithms (the same ones used by leading online classifieds site OLX – with currently over 150 million unique visitors per month), and allocating a large dollar amount towards SEM. SEM manages over 10 million key words and web display campaigns with leading websites worldwide. On top of that, Roomorama has a global PR presence throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.


We will soon be introducing our newest feature: Multiple-site Distribution. Your listings will gain exposure through online classified sites like OLX, Craigslist and nearly 200 others. In addition, each of your properties will have a video tour designed (using the pictures you supply) and be featured on Roomorama’s YouTube Channel. We are also putting the finishing touches on our new Facebook application, allowing anyone to book your property directly from Facebook. This will create a higher conversion rate as Facebook users like having the option to search for new properties in the comfort of an application they already know and love.


Roomorama White Paper  
Roomorama White Paper  

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