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Zombies Zombies are EVERYWHERE now a days, now you have to watch your back because if you see a zombie, or what you think is a zombie they will NEVER STOP to get to your brain. So the thing you’re most likely to run and I’m here to help you… First up your goanna need to know how to identify a zombie. Everyone can be a zombie even you!!! First when you see a zombie or what you think is a zombie you see the, dark eyes and unnatural mouth. Secondly you’ll see the reaching arms and unnatural shoulder position. Last but not least you’ll see the limp legs and pale skin. Now that’s a zombie. All so take you teacher and if he/she gets bitten the infection is erasable and early stages of zombieism zombies can still go fast. Now you know what a zombie looks like now you need to know how to survive. When you get attacked by a zombie you’re most likely to return to a home or business, but this is only a short term solution, consider retreating to a supermarket, FCO or hunting and fishing store. Recent discoveries say to retreat to sea via boat because zombies can’t swim or retreat via mountain or high climate because cold climate makes zombies slow and fragile, or your other option is counter attack. Watch at Halloween because zombies don’t eat candy nor do they dance with Michel Jackson.

Next and last you’re going to need to know how to kill a zombie best way to kill a zombie is to slice the head off or a bullet to the head now chainsaws are advanced tools so advanced people can use them.

So remember food and rations, guns and ammo and retreating so you time in life will be a good and safe one. By Brock

I Am From Poem I am from A 1 level house with an ever green garden, A place with the chirp of birds and smell of pine, Swift moving rivers with the howl of the wind, Animals talk, tractors rev and the smell of silage fills the valley, Trees to climb and huts to build, A pool to jump in of sunny days. Fields of grass to roll in and hay to stack.

I am from A grandmother that loves and a granddad that plays, Baking that’s aroma moves swiftly down the colt blue, neverending hallway, Books that stay and books that go, Toys clatter and fans whirl, Screams of children and barks of dogs, Fish to catch and a boat to clean, Time to relax as a day comes to a end.

I am from Bouncing on a trampoline in the night to riding a bike, Games on Saturday and phones on speed dial, Movies at night and PS2 to play, The never read the terms and conditions, DVD rentals are due and computer at day, Guns to shoot and cars to drive, With cows to milk and pools to dive in,

I am from Don’t get to close to that thing or you’ll get square eyes, If you want to get a good job you need to work hard, No shoes inside or you’ll be sorry for no TV “half an hour before you get in the pool or you’ll get cramp,” You have 1 hour on the computer no more than that, You need to learn or you’ll get dumb, Read its good for you.

I am from A big cool family, Different schools, different places, Living the dream in a world of peace

I am big, as big as the world. I suck the planet dry of water, as I Earth with great, zeal. I like being a killer because it’s my nature too. My little brown soldiers pierce the bare bottoms of human feet. Trees wither in my presence and humans long for a drink. Little green is left… I’ve eaten it all. Humans fear me as I’m dangerous and armed with the sun on my side.

Why The Earth Is Round!!! Have you ever wondered, Why the Earth is round or in the shape of a sphere? Well it all comes down to gravity. All objects have mass even the tiniest of things, even us, But bigger things have bigger mass like Earth and Neptune. Mass. One of mass’s effects is that mass attracts other mass. When you have millions and even billions of mass, the effect of gravity starts to builds up, and all the mass pulls on each other and tries to create the most efficient shape… a sphere. When you have objects like asteroids the force of gravity is trying to pull it into a sphere but it isn’t enough to overcome the strength of the rock keeping it in shape. When you get over a certain size and mass the strength of the object can’t stop the force of gravity from pulling it into a sphere. Most objects about more than 1,000km in size are able to pull themselves into a sphere. In fact, the International Astronomical Union decided in 2006 that this ability was one of the requirements for an object to be considered a planet. They must orbit the Sun and they need to have enough gravity to pull themselves into a sphere. By Brock Haine

Brock term 1 & 2 writing