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By Dylan

Their legs were filled with sprint as they ran to the dull grey space ship they were on their way to Cybertron when they got trapped ‌

If I am not mistaken I can hack into his brain said captain tooth let the hacking start ahhhhhhhhhhhh IronGrip fell to the ground they had to get out!

CaptainTooth franticly slashed at the bars with his sabares. Eventually the energy overwhelmed the energy bars. When they safely cruised to Cybertron the split seconds they got there they warned all the other bot shot people to get ready. At last PlasmaBreaker came. It was a battle field full of fury. Eventually they defeated it but there was still Lord Nimbasa. CaptainTooth and IronGrip were the last left. As the dark shadow floated towards them they got their bot shots ready. “Now time to destroy the little puny guys� said Lord Nimbasa.

The shadow danced behind them and the wind chanted like ghosts. Nimbasa’s eyes glittered with evil. Fear sliced IronGrip and CaptainTooth. This was not a bot shot battle. CaptainTooth raced into battle. IronGrip charged ready to punch the glowing dim fade of darkness. The glowing dim fade of darkness zapped out of the way. Four hours later, they just destroyed Lord Nimbasa.

The End.

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