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“ Tim Sam we’ve been here for nearly 6 months”. “ Hey what did you mean to say?” “I meant to say we’ve been here for nearly 6 months”. “ What” “ what are we here for again?” “ We are here for gold stuff remember” As they walked through the forest they saw this green stuff it was light very very light.

They also saw green green leaves on big huge trees and funny and weird looking bushes. They searched and searched by digging big deep holes and looking for a gold light that gave them the signal where the golden stuff was. They found gold lights like over 100 times but it was never what they were searching for ‌.The lost treasure of Orabours! Tim was 10 years old, wore a blue top that shone in the light, also wore purple shorts and always wanted to try new stuff and Tim stomps. Sam was 12 years, wore a red top and tangy yellowy orange shorts and Sam does long strides. Laura was 11 years old, wore a purple top [ most of the time], yellow shorts [ never takes them of and there always stinky] and always kind.

“ Come on that’s the 100th time” “ It was your chance you piece of dumb rubbish” “Hey you’re the piece of dumb rubbish”. They stomped onwards & later they stopped because they had to have a drink of ice cold water. Once they finished they found out they had to refill the drinking vase they had.

Once they finished they came across an abandoned mansion and lets say a spooky abandoned mansion. “ I’m not going in there” “ come on you scardy cat” “ okay I will”. As Sam walked into mansion the others laughed & Sam shivered “ ha ha ha you are a scardy cat Sam ha ha”.

“If your not scared how about you come in” “ okay we will” Tim whispered to Laura “ he is a scardy cat”. Tim and laura walked up to the abandoned mansion and started trembling as they got closer and their hearts started pumping like they were on a rampage. “ Ha ha ha ha ha ha you are scared ha ha ha ha”

“ stop laughing Sam it’s not funny” “ oh yes it is” “how” “well you did it to me” Sam poked his tongue out at Tim & Laura & Tim & Laura poked there’s back and then it started to get ugly. They started to push and kick and even punch and also getting sticks and poking them at each other in the eye. After two hours of fighting they finally stopped.

They also settled it and marched into the abandoned mansion. They started to shiver and suspense went down their spine. They stepped inside still shivering once they got use to it. In three hours the suspense and shivering stopped.

They started to look for something that might help them find the golden stuff “ Tim & Sam I found something” it was a map to the treasure and they followed the map searching and searching and then they said to each other “ it’s not here try the top” so then they searched and searched and found the treasure at the top of the mansion in the right corner of the mansion. Luckly the map wasn’t wrong otherwise they would never find it nor would other people. Also they knew how to read maps. They found the treasure chest hidden under a pile of fallen bricks. Nearly 6 months in the bush had been worth it!

A scary adventure by aidan  
A scary adventure by aidan