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By: Mia Bonvissuto

I’m dedicating my book to my mom’s friend Scarlet because she always tells me, “If someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up say, I want to be a creative writer.” - Mia Bonvissuto

Chapter 1 Up In the Mountain One early winter morning April Minswell was sitting in a hot minivan on her way to Jiminy Peak Ski Resort. She was watching a movie with her sisters Alexi and Nicole and her little brother Christopher. April was nine years old and the second oldest. Nicole was 12, Alexi was 6, and Christopher was 1. Jiminy Peak was their favorite place to ski. They drove for what felt like forever and finally got there by noon. All of the kids hopped out of the car. It was beautiful. April was amazed and right away she asked her mom if she could look around. Her mom said that April and Nicole could look around as long as they were back by lunch. They two girls walked off to explore. First, they looked up and saw a beautiful mountain as perfect as a painting. Next, they went to the lodge, which was just as amazing. They wanted to get something to eat, but had no money. The girls finally went back to get their skis, forgetting to check in with their mom. April was a little nervous because she’s not that good at skiing. Also she broke her leg last year and was worried about falling. As Nicole ran off to get her skis, April just walked slowly worrying about her day on the slopes. Suddenly April had an idea. “Wait!” she screamed to Nichole. “First we have to eat lunch.” Nicole agreed and they went back to the lodge to meet their parents. Finally it was time to head down the slope. The whole family took off fast down the mountain. Next thing they knew they all saw April starting to slip down the steep icy mountain.

Chapter 2 The Worst Day of Vacation April was slipping like crazy on her brand new, shiny skis. The next thing she knew, she was headed down the mountain sitting on her skis. When she finally stopped, she fell on her butt and realized that her left ski wasn’t connected, but was on the hill all the way back. She had no idea how she was going to get it back together. She also didn’t realize that she was on a black diamond trail. April walked back up to get her ski, but slipped tons of times. She started down the hill again and noticed that the slope was getting icy. Her skis were out of control. The wind was so strong that it was blowing her over. The next thing she knew she was on the ground facing straight up staring at the gloomy, dark sky. She saw her family looking at her with all different but all worried faces. They helped her up and she started to ski again, but still a little wobbly. When they got to the bottom April’s mom called the doctor so he can look at April’s leg. She ended up breaking her leg when she fell. For a moment April was happy that everyone could sign her bright purple cast and give her lots of treats. But she was in so much pain that she could barely move to the table from the bed. Her cast was all the way up to her knee. April felt so embarrassed that she started to cry right in front of the doctor and all the people on the mountain. Later that night April was eating with her family. “I just realized that I can’t ski the whole week and its only Sunday. We are staying till next Friday. What am I going to do the whole time?” Her mom said, “Why don’t we just leave early!” “No!” April screamed. “I just ruined your whole vacation. I’ll just stay here in the lodge and do nothing.” April watched TV the whole night because she couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, April slowly walked to the lodge to get a snack and saw somebody looking at her with a gloomy, but nice smile!

Chapter 3 A Friend Forever April was sitting in the lodge having a cup of hot cocoa all lonely until she saw a girl standing in front of her with crutches and a big purple cast, just like her. The girl said, “Hi, my name is Spring.” “My name is April,” she softly squeaked. April realized that it was the girl who was looking at her from across the room. The two girls stood up and hugged. At the same time they both said, “Can you stay and sit with me?” The girls started to talk and talk about how they fell and broke their legs. It turned out that April broke her leg the exact same way that Spring did. The girls got something to eat and then promised to stay with each other the whole week until they leave the mountain. They also agreed to eat and have a sleep over every night. The next day they spent the day together. They had breakfast then went to the gift shop and bought a game to play and t-shirts for the others. They got the same shirts for themselves. Next, they talked about themselves and realized that they had so much in common they could be twins. They talked all day and at dinner they found out that their moms were best friends since Pre-K and still are. The girls became best friends on the second day of their trips. On Wednesday night at dinner the girls also found out Spring was going to be moving across the street from April. Also, they will have the same teacher Mrs. Lean for 3rd grade. The girls got so excited that they fell out of their chairs with excitement. The next day they played The Game of Life and bought a big lunch to share with a hot pretzel. April and spring watched a funny movie at the outdoor movie

theater and laughed every five minutes. They met up with their families at the end of the day. At dinner they found out that their sisters were best friends too. The end of the week was finally here and everyone was getting packed up to leave. Nicole was going with Spring’s sister Ali to help her pack her room up their house. April decided to have Spring sleep over until Saturday because Spring was moving in on Saturday. Their parents said it was okay and the girls went to pack up. When they got to the room the girls made friendship bracelets because they couldn’t hold their bags. When the girls got in the car to go home they picked out a movie to watch about two best friends. The girls both said, “This turned out to be the best trip ever!” When they got home and got their casts off there was a blizzard in their town. The girls went sledding in April’s backyard and had the time of their lives.

Mia Danielle Bonvissuto was born on April 20th in Winthrop Hospital. She is now 9 years old and is 4ft. 9 inches tall. She has lived in 3 different places with her mom, dad, 1 sister, and two brothers. First, she lived in Hempstead, NY. Then she lived in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Now she lives in Garden City, NY. One moment she‘ll always remembers is when she first started swimming. If she could be anything when she grows up, it would be a teacher. The schools she wants to go to are Georgetown, Hofstra, and Stanford University. One goal she really wants is to be a great swimmer. If she could get any car she wanted it would be a Lamborghini. Some great advice for 3rd graders would be to LISSTENNN!!!!!!! She loves to write books every day. ď Š

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