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This book was made by: Emily Andreuzzi

I dedicate this book to my Grandma. My grandma went to Florida for two whole months and I didn’t get to see her. Friday when I got to see her I gave her a huge hug. Her birthday is May 11th. That’s when I want to give her the book. She will be proud of me. It’s her 70 birthday we are having a HUGE party with her friends and family. I love my Grandma!

Chapter One Ice Skating One cold, freezing February day, Jessica Lane was at home playing with her dolls. Jessica is beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is ten years old and very smart. She likes every sport but ice skating. Jessica and her mom are opposites. Mrs. Lane, came into the room with bad news about ice skating. Mrs. Lane loves ice skating and is a professional ice skater. Everyone says she is amazing. She can do flips and twists in the air. Jessica can’t even walk on ice. People sometimes think she’s faking, but she really is a terrible skater. Her mom offers to be her teacher, but Jessica always says, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Chapter 2 The Ice Skating Disaster “Hey honey, I have really good news for you,” said Mrs. Lane. “I signed you up for ice skating.” “What?” Jessica screamed. “I never wanted to ice skate. Not once my whole life. That’s not good news. That is horrible news.” “Please, please, please try it,” said Mrs. Lane. “Fine,” said Jessica. “But I’m scared someone might see me fall. I probably won’t know anybody there.” “Just try going and you’ll make new friends anyway,” said Mrs. Lane. “No, I won’t,” said Jessica and she stated to cry. Mrs. Lane felt very, very, very, bad, but she still made Jessica go to her ice skating lessons. They got in the car and Jessica felt nervous. Her heart was beating fast and her face was bright red. She told her mom she was going to be sick, but she was lying. She just really didn’t want to go.

Chapter 3 Ice Skating Dream Jessica finally got on the ice. “I’m walking on ice,” Jessica said. People couldn’t believe their eyes. She was doing SPINS! Her mom was almost crying. Jessica told her mom that she loved ice skating so much that she wanted to sign up for lessons. Her mom was so proud of her. The next day Jessica didn’t fall at all when she was having lessons. She was having so much fun. Jessica loved ice skating so much and got better so fast she felt like a professional. Of course she knew that she wanted to be an ice skater when she grew up. She wanted everybody to know her and watch her on television. Jessica loved when her feet slid across the ice. She loves when the crowd cheered for her. Jessica is an amazing ice skater!

About The Author Emily Andreuzzi was born on September 29, 2002 at the Long Island Jewish Hospital in New Hyde Park. Emily’s family members are Debbie, Peter, Jacqueline, and James. She also has a dog named Lilly. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and her height is 52 inches. Her favorite hobbies are soccer, art, and horseback riding. Emily’s dream is to be a singer. If she can’t be a singer, she wants to be a teacher. For preschool Emily went to the Lutheran School in Garden City. She went to Locust School for kindergarten and first grade. Emily is cute, sweet, nice, beautiful, and talented. Perhaps she is going to make another book. Look and see if you can find her next book.

Emily's Chapter Book  
Emily's Chapter Book  

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