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ROOM181 Sixth issue July 2012 Cover: Julián Ángel Digital Illustration 2012

“Commercial use of the original work or the generation of derivated works are forbiden. Content may be reproduced totally or partially without the prior permission of the author, by providing the source as acknowledged: All pieces are published with the permission of each author”






CHECK IN Practical steps to give yourself to fantasy 1. Take a pillow (a brand new pillow) 2. Put it gently over your face. 3. Push the pillow very strong against your face without any resistance. 4. It is very important not to make loud noises. 5. Wait patiently with the pillow pressed, until the air be not longer necessary. Some people do not believe it, but I can tell you, it works.


“Lost in time, she uses her third eye as a platonic idealism instrumet, getting to see the ideas of that place�


“You came to stay and you are alive, live every day like no other and be happy no matter what happens around you.�


OSDA 2907

“ I need paint fuck”


“Fantasy are not happy unicorns, rainbows, fairies, no sir! Nothing like that ... fantasy is what I live, what I feel and what I do best.�


“ Although centaurides are better known in art than they are  in the literature a couple of stories are known about these beings in antiquity.”


“When I woke up I realized that it was real, was in the middle of a valley of tears. It was a huge place with many phallic forms and in middle of it, was my bed.�



“Snoop Dead Dogg is a zombie rapper, and he handles the situation to live relaxed, make his music, eat brains and to smoke his ganyah.�


“Dreamed family portraits, where the Conservative and eccentricity are synthesized in the unbelievable, the grotesque, the exotic and the unreal.�


“The fantasy is the excitement, the mix, the cocktail, all the stories that you learned as a child, what you dream, what you see.�


“She waited what she had to wait and the other arrived (the devil), and when she saw what she had in front of her she whistled: fiu, fiu,�


“The fantasy is a way to express ourselves by creating extraordinary worlds and characters”


“As the night advances ... your body starts to shake, your senses are driven increasingly approaching a moment full of lust ...�


“I prefer to live in that fantasy world without death and pain, but just sometimes I imagine these innocent characters suffer hunger and lust.�


“One of my favorite stories is that of traveling musicians (also known as the Musicians of Bremen), I have given a touch of European story and my own touch of bohemian musicians�


“It’s that little industry that is in each of the minds of people who use it and take off from the absurd reality.”


“The fantasy in fashion illustration.”


“My drawings are my map, are my guide, tell me where to go, is my passion. Every day is a different challenge every day I undertake a journey to a place that only the artist knows.�


“The fantasy is your favorite place can be your room, your bed, your favorite bar, restaurant ... your head.�


“Trying to see the possibilities in spite of the limitations is not an act of motivation but an act of superiority. “The common does not absorb our minds”


“Perfect Match”


“Fantasy is to be able to create worlds, where the animalas are made of many different colors�



“It’s up ... to us”


“When you share with another person, these worlds of that are created by shared dreams. Magical worlds full of color and love.�

The color as a real interpretation of fantasy, forests and animals, surreal characters mixed with the reality that the artist Catalina Arango proposes in every creation that she makes, a revolution of reality in which she abstracts using the color her fantasy, her imaginary experiences illustrated and painted with a giant range of living and bright colors, and with no fear of showing her fascination about the color and to prove that the color is fundamental in her conceptualization and artistic conception. In that way this dreamer of parallel realities comes, realities that happen in worlds plagued by the nature and color everywhere you pass by.

From the serie“Paraíso Adentro” Acrilic and marker on wood 2012

Ni単os escondidos Acrilic

How long have you doing this? When I graduate from university, I started a T-Shirt business; I traveled to Brazil and from that moment I realized that I didn’t wanted to do any more T-Shirts and I decided to focus again to paint, because the art and design are part of my work, but the direction to illustration and painting came back to me in my travels in South America, dedicate myself to my artwork is essential to me. How your work does contribute to your personal life and vice versa? Is a way to express my perception of life, the colors and the way that my works develops; in the search of honesty and how to express the life with the colors, which flows naturally in me. The forms, the expressions and the line have been mutating while my work in going deeply inside of me; to look inside and to show to people that spirituality is a way to grow, and mature both personally and professionally, and the art work is the picture of who I am, of what makes me, what I think and what constituted me as a person and as an artist. Is the FANTASY real or is the reality a FANTASY? I think the reality is a Fantasy. We all have different realities and they become in relatives positions, from there, they configures the reality as a fantasy, but the fantasy of each one becomes into a reality. I live in my own world and always is been seen as naivety, which has been transformed into a very interesting way of see the life and to express it through my work. My fantasy is an ideal world, in this point it becomes in my reality.

Which are your fantasies? To live in Paradise. Where do you keep your FANTASIES? I keep it in my heart Are your FANTASIES dark or are they colorful? They are very colorful, with lights and shadows, but plenty of color. Do you believe in fairytales with happy endings? I live in paradise, there’s my answer.

How do you describe your work? The exaltation of the form through the use of the color, with the creation of imaginary shapes based in nature and in its background. I think the construction of my work is Naïve, with the color as the principal element of every piece. What attracts you more of your work? The exquisite use of color; the way of using the color is very interesting and is a mental and natural process, that’s why is very attractive. Although the shape can be very interesting, is the color what attracts me more about my work. What artists or authors have influenced your work and who still do? There are two contemporary artists that I really like: Calma, from Brazil and Catalina Estrada, who is a Colombian designer, they are really important referents for my work. What do you need to remain alive creatively? When you are creative, you are creative, is inherit and it doesn’t take to much to be creative constantly, being an artist is not about knowing how to draw or paint, is about the sensibility, a special sensibility and know how to express it, is a look that you have about the life, a particular look, the artist have sensibility since its was born, and the creativity is born with the artist.

Marcela LeguizamĂłn under her alter ego “White Deerâ€? invites the thought to leave the head, to float above the magic of the illustration, to visit characters that show how a fantasy can become reality. With implacable technique and unwavering dedication, shows us the beautiful journey into the torture and calm, sadness and happiness, turned into plastic dichotomies, where the feeling is indescribable but with whom reality is perceived in every line, and which accompanied with a bit of magic bring the head back to the body with a hit of reality that reflects the interior of the illustrator and lets us see the greatness of her stroke.

Alfa Watercolor Personal Wrok

Atlas Watercolor Personal Work

How long have you doing this? I have always drawn, since I was a little girl. But working in this and take it for serious, in the middle of the year 2009. How your work does contribute to your personal life and vice versa? Draw, beyond as well do it as work, is a pleasure for me. Therefore, it is absolutely indispensable. It’s my way to do catharsis, shapes my mood and at the same time it is born from it. I think these are things that feed each other. Because my main inspiration is my daily life, everything around me. I live thanks to drawing and vice versa. Is the FANTASY real or is the reality a FANTASY? Fantasy, thankfully, is never true. Because the fantasy is perfect. It is a place where thousands of bits of reality are reset as a perfect collage where things happen as we expected to pass. Things are pleasant or not, pass as we decided to pass. The reality is far less charming.

Fresa Watercolor Art from the record “Tu nombre es fresa” of Adrián Juárez

Which are your fantasies? I have many, thousands for every mood. For each person, for each place, for each idea, and obviously, they’re mine. Share them would ruining them a bit. Where do you keep your FANTASIES? Nowhere. They are not saved, they are like the dreams, and they never repeat and never can be remembered as they were the first time. They are ephemeral. Are your FANTASIES dark or are they colorful? The both of them. Sometimes they are beautiful and utopian things. Sometimes are born of fear, and they are very ugly. The fantasies are assembled from reality and that is everything. Do you believe in fairytales with happy endings? I got tired of listening fairy tales with happy endings, and I think, because they exist. But they are stories. They are fantasies. That is why they have perfect ends. How do you describe your work? Simple. Sincere and a little cyclothymic.

Zombie killer Color Pencils Personal work

Koi Color Pencils Personal Work

What attracts you more of your work? The freedom that it gives me that I do not find in any other work. What artists or authors have influenced your work and who still do? I always say that I do not know if they believe me or not, but I’m not an art consumer. I do not watch what others do; I will not buy samples or art magazines. I know many artists. So I never know how to answer to this question this is a point where I would like to improve. What do you need to remain alive creatively? The truth be told, I do not know, because I wonder it to myself every day. And as I must happen to all who work based on their creativity, I have dead times where I get nothing. But I think beyond the capacity of each one, or those magical moments of inspiration, the question is to work. Is sitting, even if you don’t wan to even if nothing comes out, and drawing. So far, I think that there is no better system.

Oto単o Watercolor Personal Work

Yeti Watercolor Personal Work

Because of what I’m about to say she will pass as a fool, because in front of others it is as if to say, because this is my cousin I’m talking about, a relative, I will not say her name. To be clear before doing so, it is not a catharsis of resentment or a joke, because I love her too much, instead of criticizing I always try understand, or at least do the exercise. In any case, although it would be good and wise to read what I said so many times in discussions, and maybe the perspective will be best for your understanding I would not like that she came to hear about what I talk about her, either because at the moment of the reading she will find her here and catch me or because some observer rascal, after finding the link, it told her.

Theology: Finally, it should start talking about her harmful courtship dating, but I’ll go over here, to religion, because since she was only a little girl, I sensed -and I have told her- that she is misleading. Religion has been a historical fighting between her and me.

She, despite her 24 years, which are evidenced in her body already grown up and developed in every way, still thinking that heaven is a paradise to be integral after you die if you have lived a blameless life. And this despite her education focused on logic and reason. This is not to say that I am an atheist, because I’m not, but I admit that this is a twisted story, full of the pleasures of paradise. For me nothing is there after death, for her a sunny day with clear sky, lawns and greened trees, whims satisfied and the possibility altogether. In discussions, I have said to her “Don’t you think that if for another heaven is a different scenario and get to arrive there after having fought, and discovers that is really like it is in your mind, will be a shame for him and may even assume that the hell could be better? “. I say that her life is a total fantasy. Just look at what she does to earn heaven, the heaven that were designed for her parents: She gives coins to people on the street, at least every time we go out together, sometimes gives away money, and usually ends up being the worst candidate, the worst face, and I have to say to her “Why did you give that to him?” and she says things like “For him to buy something to eat”, then I say anything because I don’t know whether to laugh or deny. Not long ago asked. I know when a face have good intentions and when not, but she always has to assume the healthiest thing, what is good for her, without stopping to reflect, my cousin is pretty optimistic, I say. She also makes other “good works”, but is not necessary to dwell about it.

I – sorry to speak about me- I say that the heaven is the nothing, like when you are in the darkness all alone, just without the possibility of thinking. Neither sleep was like the nothing in its blackness. If you think that the heaven is the nothing, nothing can disappoint you, because nothing is worse than the nothing. You get to create illusions and when you can’t achieve them, nothing is stimulating, everything is a shame.

Music: My cousin also has a problem with the music, another sensation, another entelechy. Turns out that she has a car, and she can never go anywhere without it. Every time I go out with her I have to copilot her, and I have to stand her music out loud, unable to move away from the noise, but, I must admit, it’s nice music and sometimes interesting, but does not become mine, my point. However she assumes that I am going dazzled and crazy with her music, and if I smile, she takes it as a sign of approval to turn up the volume as saying “It’s good, right?” And when there are people around is even higher the scandal: the windows goes down and she turns up the volume, as if she was preaching, as indoctrinating for the benefit of good taste, waiting to see the reaction of the revelation as far as the lasting of the change of a traffic light, which until that moment had never heard music of real quality. In that sense I do not ever say anything, not a word. I leave her engrossed in her collective

enjoyment and unreal. The music can liven up a meeting or a party or bringing people together, but can be at the same time, the solitary pleasure of all. Nobody is going to enjoy her music as much as she does, even if she believes so, it is accompanied.

Love, Then society It happens even being with her boyfriend she creates to herself serenades of passion She programs playlists to consummate their love, their blind love, as I call it. Although I did not venture to interpret the situation or say that it is or not a nuisance to her partner. As I said, she is 24 years old. She is a beautiful woman, well endowed by nature, appealing to me if she was not my cousin. I found with her and with other that beautiful women are more vulnerable to suffer emotional deceptions, false love, and I think, without a doubt that my cousin has to live with that. She, who is so dedicated and passionate, nor is it given cognizance of that her boyfriend is lying when he swears everlasting love, “forever�. As if a man could not lie to defend and secure the good attributes (physical) of a woman ... What is going to last forever the love of a man that subtly changes the subject when she starts to express their interests and unwrap the fervor of her personality? I say that the guy beyond his good face, because he’s pretty was lucky to find one beautiful and easy to fall in love girl. And several times I have told her, but try to cure a fantasy of a girl in love is like talking to a wall, a wall of sordid arguments.

In any case she will not give me the reason when something happens, she will not accept that I was always right, that I was wise; there will come a conflict and disappointment, and that reason will be the cause of the end of that relationship, but never, I know it, will recognize the entire lie. Women may have the ability to see things in the other, but men-at least me-have the ability to identify fakes, to know when a man has a total interest or superficial. Getting more over here, to the present, in which she still innocent, I must say that at least her boyfriend has served to guide her occupations. They are both artists, he is the experienced. Let’s say they are good. Painting is the largest and strongest pillar of the relationship. You hear them talking and you strike against the pride wall of “I’ve already seen that.” They took that phrase as its theme. Although in general, mind you, is not exactly superb. No. It’s more than that: is peace, tranquility, certainty of being above others and believe that everything is mediocre with the exception of their own work. This vice is exacerbated in her, because besides feeling advanced in artistic matters and a benchmark of good taste; she assumes that nobody knows the true way to conceive love. She says that the love of others the love of couple, is founded on the fear of loneliness and the desire to settle with something before the youth escape, and instead her love, their love, have solid foundations, because it is a love based on a common interest in a life goal or project, highlighting the perfection of affinity. She

says that people can not love, or appreciate art, or live, or a lot of other things. She is a clear example of that the fantasy of being above or outside of the masses is the largest source of peace of mind, serenity. And what happens to me it that every time I hear the word fantasy, it takes shape - in other cases turns into a concept or an idea: the shape of my cousin: her body continuous from childhood until now. And make no mistake, and finally, I do not judge or blame her convictions, because in no way are immediately harmful, it is more, I figure that she can never reach a timely conclusion. Because I know what this is about I no longer wore so much giving advices and discussions.

Maurice Brosandi Betancourth

Photo: Diana Carolina Ni単o Bustamante -

Costume design: Mauricio Cobos M贸nico / Farhad Arbanian - Styling: Melissa Shool



Submit your proposal before september 16th of 2012 dimensions: 30 cm wide x 20 cm high

Felipe Cruz Mauricio Mej铆a

Catalina Arango Marcela Leguizam贸n Maurice Brosandi Proyecto mural 2012 Juan Ariza Paolo Petrangeli Vitae Viazi