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You will need: blue tac, plastic pot and lid, 2 straws and sticks that will fit inside, coloured card, a pin, cellotape, scissors, heavy cardboard, a compass.

1. Stick a lump of blue tac to the lid of a plastic pot. Pierce a hole in the bottom of the pot and place pot on top of the lid. 2. Push a stick into one of the straws and push both through the hole in the pot and into the blue tac. 3. Mark N,S,E,W at each corner of a square of cardboard. Make a hole in the middle of the card, push onto the straw. 4. Cut 2 triangles from the card and glue one to each end of the other straw. 5. Push the pin through the straw and into the blue tac at the top of the first pin. 6. Check that the arrow spins freely when you blow on it. 7. Glue the weather vane to heavy cardboard. Use the compass to find north.

Weather vane  
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