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Executive Summary Dear Friends, It has been 19 years since we first presented a program of films on a small rooftop in the East Village. Though we have grown tremendously since then, Rooftop Films’ mission remains the same: to present the best independent films in the world to huge crowds in scenic outdoor locations. The 2015 Rooftop Films Summer Series was our most successful to date, reaching a record number of attendees--more than 46,000 film fans across all five boroughs of New York City, as well as 3 screenings on a rooftop in Chicago, IL. In 2015, Rooftop set out to reach a wider range of venues and neighborhoods and to take our programs of spectacular films to new corners of the city. We presented screenings in breathtaking new locations, like the scenic Elevated Acre in Lower Manhattan, the stunning roof of John Jay College in Midtown, and the idyllic campus of Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island. We screened a diverse collection of many of the most important and exciting new feature-length and short independent films in the world, and nearly every event featured live music, after-parties, and additional enhancements as we continue to reshape New York’s nightlife and public spaces. As a year-round nonprofit film organization, our work goes beyond just the Summer Series. Through our Rooftop Filmmakers Fund, we distributed more grants than ever before to emerging artists and through our Rooftop Community Fund we provided discounts and free consulting to artists, nonprofits and community groups looking to create their own events. 2016 will mark Rooftop Films 20th Anniversary of bringing underground movies outdoors to thousands of NYC residents. For this special year, Rooftop Films will present the most spectacular and far reaching Summer Series in our history. Not only will this be an opportunity to look back and celebrate our accomplishments and impact on the social and cultural landscape, but this will also be a celebration of the filmmakers, audience, partners, funders, donors, members and NYC itself! Thank you for being a part of the Rooftop Films community. We look forward to another fantastic year in 2016. Dan Nuxoll, Program Director Genevieve DeLaurier, Managing Director Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Founder, Artistic Director


Mission Rooftop Films’ mission is to engage and inspire diverse communities by showing movies in outdoor locations, helping filmmakers to produce new films, and renting equipment at low-cost to artists and non-profits.

But Rooftop Films is more than a film festival. We are a community. We are a collective collaboration between filmmakers and festivals, between audience members and artists, between venues and neighborhoods. Our goal is to nurture a vibrant independent filmmaking community not only by exhibiting the work of emerging filmmakers but also by providing essential support systems for those who otherwise have none. At Rooftop Films, we bring underground

Photo: Peter Dressel

movies outdoors.


Films and Events Rooftop Films has grown from a single screening in 1997 into one of the most dynamic film institutions in the world. As a nonprofit organization and a permanent fixture on the New York cultural landscape, our mission is to engage and inspire diverse communities through the medium of film. Rooftop’s events have expanded all across the city, attracting massive crowds and widespread media attention by showcasing thought-provoking independent films to thousands of movie-lovers in spectacular outdoor spaces.


Sneak Previews

We show films that are garnering different levels of

For films about to hit theaters, it is crucial that they

exposure—films that will only be seen at Rooftop,

draw large audiences in their opening weeks in

films that will play in limited release, and films that

theatrical release. By presenting a sneak preview at

will be independent hits. For lesser-known films,

Rooftop, filmmakers generate buzz that spurs box

we provide an enthusiastic audience and a uniquely

office sales. In 2015 we presented sneak previews for

memorable platform from which to launch a successful

films such as Heaven Knows What, Tangerine, The

run. 2015 Premieres included: 7 Chinese Brothers,

Wolfpack, Fresh Dressed, Goodnight Mommy, Room,

Finders Keepers, Digging for Fire, Kings of the Wind

Goosebumps, and many more.

and Electric Queens, and Romeo is Bleeding, among others. 5

Short Films

Innovative Events

Some of the most daring films in the world are shorts.

We aim to make every Rooftop event unique and

Rooftop Films started as a shorts film festival and we

memorable, and much more than a simple screening.

continue to prize the short as a medium unto itself. Our

We have live music prior to every screening, and in

thematic programming displays multiple perspectives

2015 we showcased emerging musicians such as Banda

on a single topic, and screenings of “New York Non-

Magda, Foxes in Fiction, Dai Burger, Seoul, Vulkano,

Fiction,” “Dark Toons” and other programs include the

Wilsen and many more. We also further enhanced

personal work Rooftop celebrates.

many of our events with special performances and unique elements.



7 Chinese Brothers Our second screening of the summer featured the NY premiere of Bob Byington’s hilarious and charming new comedy, 7 Chinese Brothers. Stars Jason Schwartzman and Olympia Dukakis were in attendance for a highly entertaining and unpredictable Q and A as part of our sold-out event on the roof and in the courtyard of the Old American Can Factory.

The Wolfpack One of the biggest screenings of the year featured a special sneak preview of one of the most talked about documentaries of the year: Crystal Moselle’s shocking and fascinating documentary, The Wolfpack. This incredible true coming of age story is being buzzed about as a certain awards contender and follows the six Angulo brothers who have spent their entire lives locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

LOFT in Chicago While most Rooftop Films events take place in New York City, we also often branch off into other cities. This year, Rooftop teamed up with LOFT to present three outdoor screenings on a rooftop in Chicago, giving the windy city a taste of the Rooftop Films experience. Each event drew hundreds of enthusiastic attendees for live music, film screenings, and fantastic food and drink.


Tangerine Rooftop Films specializes in programming exceptional engrossing films that capture the personal lives of diverse and under-represented audiences, and one of our biggest screenings of the year featured just such a film. Rooftop presented a special sneak preview of Sean Baker’s raucous and brilliant new fiction film, Tangerine, which tells the story of a transgender prostitute making her way across the hardscrabble streets of LA, trying to track down the pimp who broke her heart.

Racing Extinction In July, Rooftop and Arts Brookfield presented one of the most important documentaries of the year, Louie Psihoyos’ powerful Racing Extinction, which documents the mass extinctions taking place all across the world. The producers of the film were present along with 1,300 attendees, and the next night the filmmakers projected beautiful images of endangered species on the Empire State Building for tens of thousands of onlookers.

Krisha Rooftop specializes in discovering the most talented new filmmakers in the world, and in August we presented a special sneak preview of Trey Edward Shults’ SXSW winning, Rooftop-funded drama, Krisha. More than 600 attendees came out to see the film and to celebrate the joint birthday of Rooftop and Indiewire.

Digging For Fire Rooftop has presented many of indie auteur Joe Swanberg’s films over the years, but none of those previous films were as star-studded as his latest work, Digging For Fire. Jake Johnson, the star of the film, was in attendance for the sold-out event that took place on two rooftops at Industry City.



By the Numbers 2015

108,000 Total Audiences Served Summer Series and Outdoor Co-Presentations Audience


Off-Season Screenings Audience


Events Supported by the Rooftop Films Community Fund Audience





countries represented

feature films

NY, US, World Premieres




venues across NYC

short films

sneak previews



Community and Collaboration Rooftop Films is a unique collaboration between filmmakers and festivals, between audience and artists, venues and neighborhoods. At Rooftop Films we don’t screen in theaters, we screen in communities. In an effort to support truly independent screenings, Rooftop makes all our film/video exhibition equipment, as well as our event production expertise, available to the public through lowcost or free rentals through the Rooftop Films Community Fund.

In 2015 we donated and discounted over $150,000 worth of equipment and services to artists, nonprofits and community groups. From individual artists, local neighborhood organizations to larger community organizations, Rooftop provides a vital support system and resource to our community in all five boroughs. And by partnering with local organizations and venues, Rooftop is able to host numerous free screenings in multiple locations each year. We believe that art and culture should be inclusive and these screenings allow underserved and diverse audiences to take part in one of New York’s most important industries.


The Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund

Rooftop Films sets aside $1 from

Rooftop Films not only exhibits films from around the

filmmakers in the form of grants for

world, we also support the filmmakers whose work we have screened to help them to produce new movies through the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund.


every ticket sold and every submission fee received and gives it to alumni their film productions.


We also grant additional cash courtesy of our sponsor

Past grantees have included Gillian Robespierre’s

Garbo NYC, and service grants courtesy of our sponsors

Obvious Child , Jonas Carpignano’s Mediterranea, Ana

at Eastern Effects , Edgeworx Studios, Brigade

Lily Amirpour’s The Bad Batch, David Lowery’s Ain’t

Marketing, Technological Cinevideo Services, and

Them Bodies Saints, Shaka King’s Newlyweeds, Sean

Downtown Community Television.

Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene, Benh Zeitlin’s Beasts of the Southern Wild and Glory at Sea, Johannes

Unlike festivals which give away awards for filmmakers’

Nyholm’s Las Palmas, Lucy Walker’s The Tsunami and

past work, the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund is an

the Cherry Blossom, and dozens more.

opportunity to help deserving filmmakers make their next movie.



Outreach Rooftop Films has a strong fan following on multiple social media platforms. We strive to provide diverse, creative and thought provoking content that covers our own work, the work of our filmmakers and partners, and general observations on film, culture and NYC. Our loyal fans help spread the word about Rooftop, documenting their own experiences at screenings via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, among others.






Press Rooftop Films was featured in over 145 articles in the summer of 2015, including coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire, New York Magazine, AMNY, Complex Magazine, Time Out NY, Paste, NY1, The Village Voice, Brooklyn Vegan, Gothamist, and more.

Rooftop Films Helped Launch Lena Dunham and Benh Zeitlin: Who’s Next?

New York’s Celluloid Summer

By Chris O’Falt - May 29, 2015

By Mekado Murphy - May 29, 2015

“Rooftop’s screenings serve as an effective platform for building word-

“This film series turns the tops of the

of-mouth and launching rising talent — once-unknown shorts directors

buildings that make up the New York

Lena Dunham, Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and Gillian

skyline into a screening room with the

Robespierre (Obvious Child) all had their short films screened at past

city as its backdrop.”

fests. And Zeitlin and Robespierre were both recipients of Rooftop Films grants that helped expand their shorts into the features that put them on the map.”


Rooftop Films’ Brings Movies to Scenic New York City Spots By Robert Levin - May 26, 2015 “Rooftop Films festival has become an indispensable summer institution during the course of its nearly two decades.”

Rooftop Films Reveals Bulk Of Summer Movie Lineup, Kicking Off May 29th By John Del Signore - May 4, 2015 “A trailblazer in the NYC outdoor summer movie scene.”


Financials 2.89%



10.51% FY 2015 Revenue





Consulting, Curating and Rentals




Foundations and Government


Ticket Sales and Submission Fees





17.17% 3%

FY 2015 Expense

79.83% 79.83%

Expense Programs


Filmmakers Fund




Donors and Members Rooftop Films relies on the support of our donors and members to bring the magic of Rooftop to neighborhoods across New York City. As affordable venues for independent film and public art disappear due to economic realities, the mission of Rooftop Films to provide public outdoor screenings in multiple locations throughout NYC becomes more important each year. We thank our donors and members for their support of Rooftop Films, filmmakers and the arts in New York City.

Donations and Memberships help to ensure: • Our submission fees stay low, providing filmmakers of all kinds the chance to show their work. • Projects by emerging filmmakers are supported by grants from the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund. • We continue to offer affordable tickets to our screenings. • We program insightful panel discussions, Q&As and other enhancements to supplement our screenings. • Artists and nonprofits can take advantage the Rooftop Films Community Fund equipment rentals and event services


Member Spotlight Caitlin Mae Burke Caitlin Mae Burke is an Emmy-winning producer of documentary features, narrative short films, and nonfiction television. “For the past five years, my most memorable summer nights have been spent at Rooftop Films. As a filmmaker, the unparalleled programming allows me access to the best festival films (and undiscovered international gems) in my own backyard and beautiful new parts of the city. Every time I bring an uninitiated friend, I feel like I’ve let them in on the (notso-secret) best film event series in New York, and like I’m the coolest kid in town for being in the know. Most of my friends have joined me for more than one evening; many have become members themselves!”


Venues List Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

Solar One

2nd Ave & 47th St,

24-20 Fdr Drive, Service Road East At 23rd St

New York, NY 10017

and The East River, New York, NY 10010

Elevated Acre 55 Water St,

The Bushwick Generator

New York, NY 10041

195-215 Moore St, Brooklyn NY, 11206

Industry City 220 36th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

The Jay Walk at John Jay College of Criminal Justice 860 11th Ave,

Metrotech Commons

New York, NY 10019

5 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Old American Can Factory 232 Third St At 3rd Ave,

On The Beach At Coney Island

Brooklyn, NY 11215

3059 West 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11224

The Roof of Trilok Fusion Center for The Arts

River to River Festival: Liberty Plaza

143 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

28 Liberty St, New York, NY 10005

Waterfront Plaza at Brookfield Place

River to River Festival: Pier 15

230 Vesey St, New York, NY, 10281

Pier 15, East River Esplanade, New York, NY 10006

Westchester’s Ridge Hill 1 Ridge Hill Blvd,

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Yonkers, NY 10710

1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301



Socrates Sculpture Park

Whole Foods Market Lincoln Park

32-01 Vernon Boulevard,

1550 N. Kingsbury St,

Long Island City, NY 11106

Chicago, IL 60642


Supporters Sky Donors Ariel Agai Paul Aldaz Iddo I. Arad Steven C. Beer Elizabeth Burrows Michael Clark Samara Daly Brooke Devine Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton Philipp Engelhorn Laura Heberton Teresa Lee Evan List Brian Newman Casimir Nozkowski Robert and Elizabeth Nuxoll Cathy Simon and Michael Palmer Max Shterngel

Roof Donors Mashael Alqahtani Nick Brandestini Dino Del Zotto Sandra Franklin Cari Hauck Steven Lewis Michael Little David McMahon Aaron Naar Thomas and Joyce Nozkowski Philip and Charlotte Rosenberg Dana Schwartz Robin Rose Singer Vinay Singh Martha Snider Anne Swanson Andreas Turanski Thomas Vander Stichele Maurice Willems A24 Films

Loft Donors David Blackman Edward Brooks Mariah Evarts Renato Fadel Fava Nathaniel Giraldi Rosemarie Gordon Mary Gover Katya Kazbek Karen List Colette Michaan Alexander O’Kane Sarah Palmer Mark Read Francine Ricchi Jose Rodriguez Maria Schmidt Ryan Smith


Danielle Strle Yancey Strickler Heather Traher Ruben Vargas Jr. Kumaran Vijayakumar Ken Webb

Balcony Donors Veronica Ades Karen Alschuler Christine Ambrose Katie Aquino Tej Arora Christina Balas Douglas Barrows Nancy Boehm Ian Bradley Nancy Brous Ellen Brown Samuel Browning Jason Burke Kat Burrows Brandy Butcheck Jason Bylan Josh Calix Bryan Cashman Ana Cerro Amber Chandler Noah Chestnut Tim Cheung Azhar Chougle Kung-Gene Chu Will Chu Sophie Chung Michael Cohen Lauren Cunningham Johnnie Davis Jahaira Diaz Indira Dingledine James Dopman Anthony Dorment Caroline Elizondo Jaime Fallon Clay Farland Danny Field Kaisa Filppula Michael Frankfurt Paolo Gaudiano Tony Gerber Konstantin Getmanchuk Lyn Goldsmith Maurice Goldstein Max Greene Alicia Halloran Dana Hammer Jonathan Handler Ian Hassett Tom Hayes Joseph Hernandez Carlos Herreros Shawn Hill Greg Hitt Nathan Hume Julie Jakubiec Stephanie Jasinski Peter Jebara Margaret Jenkins-Wax

Leslie Jordan Scott Joy Leah Jubara Nada Jung Veronika Kana Amy Kantrowitz Marc Kirchner Liam Killion Anna Klenkar Amit Kooner Nate LaFave Andrew Linderman Susan Locht Kristie Lutz Sai Mandis Fred Marbach Dylan Marchetti Maisie McAdoo Sarah McCleskey Denny McFadden Mark Meatto Kristine Miranda Lenny Misuraca Cécile Moore Edgar Morais Megan Morrison Jesse Moss Jennifer Murphy Paul Nasrat Andrew Neel Lucas Neustadt Nam Nguyen Michele Noe Philip Nuxoll Manus O’Callaghan Alexander Papp Pamela Parlapiano Colleen Peabody-Diez Estee Pierce Evgeniya Plotnikova Rebecca Ralls Sally Riggs Angel Rivera Matt Rogers Nick Rowe Alessandro Ruffini Adrianne Santiago Ayan Sarkar Michael Scharf Jen Sellar Margaret Shafer Blake Shapiro Carrie Skowronski Emily Slater Ledra Solomon Emily Stange Sean Steed Marek Stępniowski Eric Stone Mark Thornby Matthew Thurm Eirini Veliou Farah Velten Patricia Voight Jodie Volk David Webb Adam Weber Nancy Marie Whitchurch Marty Wiesner Amy Winn Thomas Wolfe Anne Marie Wright Jeremy Yaches Humu Yansane Liz Zimiles

Mezzanine Donors Veronika Adaskova Jarred Alterman Zachary Amundson Elizabeth Apicella Dorit Arad Ben Arnon Agnieszka Baginska Jason Bahling Anna Barnes Simone Barsky Peter Bartek Marcella Baum Elizabeth Bellingham Danielle Bellucci Brian Belovarac Alison Benowitz Kathy Berry Jeffrey Bowers David Braun Caitlin Mae Burke Lauren Burke Pedro Canales Rachel Chait Todd Chandler Rodrigo Chaves Jessica Chen Mark Cheng Lee Isaac Chung Vanessa Connelly Liz Cook Zoe Cooper Heather Courtney Jen Cox Kathleen Crosby Aude Cuenod Cara Cusumano Ellen Dabela Celine Danhier Ashley Dennig Sia Ea Valerie Eaton Adam Edwards Michael Edwards Chris Fairbanks Shannon Flam Kevin Frankenfeld Maxwell Frey Bryan Friedman David Gallagher Rob Garver Madelon Gauthier William George-Louis Mara Gerstein John Gidicsin Bradley Gill Michael Glumac Rachel Grady Janis Greenspan Caitlin Grossjung Erika Grunhoff Valerie Haliburton Brianna Halstead Nikolas Hample Cari Hauck Meredith Haupt Don Hertzfeldt Mason Hu Sharon Kenig Braden King Jessica Kingdon Ahreum Ko

Natalia Kovtunova Shivpal Kulhari Taia Kwinter Aaron Lackman Clement Lee Ilene Levenson Eliza Licht Jason Lifton Tamar Lisbona Andrea Lodico Welshons David Lowery Stephen MacDonald Maura Madden Christie Marchese Sarah Means Walter Montie Oscar Morales Rebecca Mulhern Hannah Murphy David Napitupulu Armond Netherly Adam Newport-Berra Will Olivry Michael Palmieri Heather Parra Catherine Paszkowska Angela Pham Asha Phelps J. Raúl Ramírez Liz Rao Ben Richardson Adam Rihacek Andrea Roa Renee Rober Stuart Rosenberg Hannah Rosenzweig Anne Rothschild Vikash Rughani Amy Russo Veronica Rutledge Dan Schoenbrun Tom Schroeder Isabelle Schulze Stephen Shohl Rachel Siegel Jyoti Singh Chole Sit Ben Smith Sara Solomon David Sosnow Daniel Starer Terry Steiner Susan Szochet Catalino Tolejano Bernard Topper Pierce Varous Nicolas Vendeville Eddie Vidales Nicolas Vieira Edward Waisnis Rebekah Ward Jennifer Wattley Erin Whitson Robert Wilson Marcin Wolynski David Woon Victoria Yarisantos Natalie Younoszai Rob Zapol

Lobby Donors Sarah Adina Smith Cristobal Almagia Angela Alston Mariana Amato Mike Ambs Jose Arevalo Joanna Arnow Eric Ast Joanna Auritt Julia Bakonyi Diandra Barsalou Addie Baughman Michael Beach Nichols Bradley Beesley Wyatt Ben Bernstein Lisa Benger Alison Benowitz Jen Benson Andrew Berends Spencer Bernstein Marion Bloch Frances Bodomo Andrew Bond Emily Branham John Briggs Gavin Briscoe Bernardo Britto Ellen Brown Susanna Brumm Buffoonery Factory LLC Kristopher Burrell Joseph Campbell Kat Candler Jonas Cartano Chris Cassidy Yvonne Chen Kiran Chitanvis Phil Chung Noel Claro Sarah Cogan Peter Cohen Douglas Comeau Victoria Cook Jessica Cooper Kristin Coral Alex Cormier Cristina Kotz Cornejo TJ Covert Alex Cox Alex Cox Daniel Croix Henderson William Cusick Breno da Mata

Lauri Dahl Eric Damon Walters Thomas Davis Nick Dazzo Gregory Delaurier John Dimatos Aaron Dobbs Liam Donovan Brenna Dougherty Daniel Eber Danelle Eliav Christopher Escobar Lisa Esselstein Kristen Felicetti Film Festival Guild Michael Forstein Willy Friedman John Frisbie Sonia Ganess Araujo Leah Giblin Andrew Gilchrist Greg Gilpatrick Tonya Glanz Hannah Goeppert Reva Goldberg Matt Goldman Frances Goodwin Bobby Gorman Green Sea Productions Kris Haamer Sarah Hanssen David Hartstein Shabbir Hassan Jeremy Hatter Jeremy Hersh Tim Hettler Cindy Hill Lee Hirsch Gregor Hochmuth Riley Hooper Matt Hopkins Johnson Hor Chris Horton Zontee Hou Dorien Iedema Jane Ikpeme Malcolm Ingram Danielle Jablonski Andrew James Kent Johnson Julie Kahn Margarita Karan John Keeshan Michael Kefeyalew Kelly Kivland

Michael Klein Ella Klik Nellie Kluz Sarah Koch Willa Koerner Jason Kohl Paul Komniers Rachel Kovner Dana Krieger Eliot Krimsky Daniel Laabs Nate LaFave Jeremy Lamberton Penny Lane Missy Laney Monika Le Delphine Le Courtois Jeff Leber Shannon Lee George Lee Jessica Lee Tracy Leigh Jon Leland Allie Leviatan Mary Lewey Amy Lewis Ang Li Marina Lienhard Betty Liu Eliza Loring Anna Louise Paul Lovelace Weilu Luo Yanzhao Lv Teresa Danielle Lynch Alex Mallis Reinaldo Marcus Green TaraFawn Marek Ian Martin Alan Martofel Jessica Marvin Pamela Mascio John Maslowski Anthony Mathile and Stacey Lee Phillip Mayer Sarah McCleskey Kristin McCracken Michael McGregor Holly Meehl Timothy Mekhlin Debbie Melita Danny Mendoza Karen Meneghin Dara Messinger

Janelle Miau Stephanie Mikulich Keith Miller Anne Milne Ali Mir Ian Mitchell Adriana Mitu Jeff Mizushima Lucila Moctezuma Martini Monkey Chelsey Morar Daniel Morgan Celia Muller Curtis Myers Robert Neilson Sara Newens Amy Nicholson Derek Nievergelt Sachiko Ninomiya Jacki Ochs Samir Oliveros Madeleine Olnek Alfie Palao Alfie Palao Kelsey Parsons John Pasicznyk Elizabeth Pauker Sophia Paulmier Alexandra Pearson Stephanie Pereira Hugo Perez Zac Petrillo Lindsey Phillips Niina Pollari Thom Powers Alex Primas Malcolm Pullinger Nick Quested Tonya Raber Justine Raczkiewicz Natasha Raheja John Raso Kendel Ratley PJ Raval Dana Reinoos Todd Remis Andrew Renzi Robert Reynoso Nataniel Rivera CortĂŠs Victoria Rogers Samantha Rothaus AnaĂŻs Rousseau Deborah Rudolph Rumur Jason Santa Maria

Leah Sapin Garret Savage Ryan Scafuro Erica Scher Dan Schoenbrun Kelly Sears Judy Seid Andrew Semans Brian Seward Lucy Sexton Jonathan Sharp Imran Sheikh Oskar Simann Caroline Sinders Jaspreet Singh Chris Skiles Nate Smith Lina Srivastava Noah Stahl Jeff Stark Leonard Steinbach Kim Stickels Nic Strahl Rajneesh Sudhakar Meg Sutton Matt Sweeney Steven Tanenbaum Jef Taylor The Varsity Theatre Julie Thiery Zachary Timm UnionDocs Dani Vale Alona Vorobyov Christopher Walker Matthew Wang Tomasz Werner Eleanor Wilson Karen Winther Rachel Wisterman Greg Wong Julie Wood Stacy Wu Jeffrey Yamaguchi Alexander Yan Tieg Zaharia Dan Zelikman

Help keep Rooftop Films strong! Donate or become a member today! Rooftop Films is your community organization. We are here to serve you, your friends and family; our filmmakers; our diverse audience; and the vibrant city of New York. Not only will your gift to Rooftop Films provide the resources that make an immediate impact on the work we do, your gift provides support to filmmakers, artists and a thriving New York arts scene.









Laurence W Levine Foundation James, Jay & Sandy Levine

NYC Council Member Cumbo NYC Council Member Lander NYC Council Member Kallos NYC Council Member Menchaca NYC Council Member Garodnick NYC Council Bronx Delegation


Thanks to the Rooftop Staff and Board of Directors Directors

Board Of Directors


Evan List (Board Chair) Samara Daly (Board Vice-Chair) Casimir Nozkowski (Board Secretary) Teresa Lee (Board Treasurer) Iddo I. Arad Steven C. Beer Ellie Burrows Anne Carey Michael Clark Brent Green Anne Hubbell Brian Newman Mark Elijah Rosenberg Vinay Singh

MANAGING DIRECTOR Genevieve Hsiao-Yung DeLaurier ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/FOUNDER Mark Elijah Rosenberg



SHOW / TECH COORDINATORS Cedar Apffel Wilmer Arellano John Bennett Kyle Brunette Emily Cameron Alex Chmaj Sofia Contino Olivia Heberton Creamer Veronica Davila Brandt Dettling Christopher Gorski Ryan Howe James Martin Tommy Martinez Grace McLeod Jonah Pielow Michael Rodriguez Christopher Rice Chris Rogy Hila Shani Lindi Shepard Earline Stephen Kayla Thomas Amy Weiner Colin White Liz Zimiles


Big thanks to our volunteers!

ROOFTOP FILMS PUBLICIST Brigade Marketing – Adam Kersh INTERNS Alexandre Benhsimon Katherine Delby Ethan Judelson Sabrina Kissack Alexandra Keosayan Chloe Lizotte Cecile Moore Aslihan Şekercioğlu April Wen SCREENING COMMITTEE Alice Burgin Emily Cameron Hilary Campbell Kate Gellene Anna Germandi Cressida Greening Grace McLeod Alison Joy Allison Kalman Donna Kozloskie Max Kutner Christy Lamb Sheila Lobo Lela Scott McNeil Asha Phelps Michael Rodriguez Deborah Rudolph Leah Sapin Michael Sauter Adam Schartoff Juna Skenderi

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