Nature Day

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Nature Day

Goals of the Activity: To acquaint the children with the surrounding natural environment (forest, wilderness);  To learn about forest animals (by looking at them);  To go through a serious of challenges in game form. 

We ourselves became animals, with the help of a magical gypsy lady, acted by Liza Chirkova

Sandy-coloured Elephants

Fidgety Parrots

Enchanting Pandas

Bunny Rabbits

Mischievous Zebras

We looked for berries with the help of a forest gnome

And looked…

…some more

We competed in dexterity...

…with a fox and a wolf

We helped a hare (zaika) do a puzzle (mozaika) − zaika-mozaika!

And searched a way out of the forest with a butterfly

Results: The children received a host of new impressions from the summer, evening forest; ď‚— Role-playing games with animals to develop imagination and expand horizons; ď‚— The children showed keen minds and physical strength to pass their forest tests and continue along the way. ď‚—

Some Observations: The children learned about new, exotic (to them) animals with the help of costume games – these animals were way different than the livestock the children usually see in Belskoye-Ustye!  We had: exotic parrots, chameleons, zebras, pandas, to name a few. The children didn’t only make their own costumes, but enjoyed each others costumes at the dance party after Nature Day. 

Nature Day wasn’t only wonderful, but really quite amazing. The children had such grand fun imitating animals and were “over the moon” at the painted faces of the volunteers. After our walk through the woods we had a dance party and in the photographs you can see a crowd of satisfied, smiling faces 