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Business, Banking... and Orphans? ROOF Presentation 1 Nov 2011

1. Business

What is Business?

Business is the provision of goods or services in exchange for money

Where does its reputation come from?

1a. Social Business

How could business be different? Combines the dynamism of traditional business â—?


With the goals of traditional charity

Seven Principles of Social Business ●

The goal is social/environmental, not profit

Business must be financially and environmentally sustainable ●

No dividends, only original sum is repaid

Profit stays with business, does not go to investors or shareholders ●

Environmentally conscious

Employees receive at least market wage, plus additional benefits ●

Work with joy

Social Business and ROOF Provide business experience, training for adult life ●

Income for ROOF and orphans

Work with local community, reduce prejudice

Social benefit for community

2. Banking

Where will the money come from?

No credit history

No collateral

No experience

2a. Microfinance Pioneered in Bangladesh Small loans Targets people banks will not touch People create their own future NOT charity A chance to make a difference?

3. Project Details

Financial and Educational


Introduction ● Ideas ● Business Plan ●Progress Meetings ●




Profits and Sustainability

Business, Banking, and Orphans?  

Outline of a presentation to ROOF staff on Microfinance

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