June 2020

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But George Jr. wanted to get outside on job sites. An opportunity took him to a Jacksonville, Florida-based company selling footage products. He was asked to sell a line of more than 600 products with practically no training in a state—Tennessee— where they didn’t have much market share. But like his dad had done years before in Canada, George Jr. built a market from the ground up. In fact, he was so successful, the company built a plant there. In 1992, fate came calling in the form of a recruiter. George Jr.’s successful track record had been noticed and he was offered a job with a company called MBCI a division of American Building Components. Like his dad, George Jr. was now officially in the metal roofing industry. According to George Jr., one of

George Allaster Sr. and George Allaster Jr. in 1968

his greatest professional accomplishments happened during his seven years at MBCI. He was one of 8 or 9 people promoting a product called Galvalume®. Back then, everything was G100 and many weren’t interested in hearing about anything else. But persistence paid off, and that small handful of promoters laid the foundation for today’s practically 100% market share

who set the bar for educating the market about the benefits of metal roof ventilation. Especially for a guy whose so-called “retirement” includes answering ventilation questions from Marco customers on a weekly basis. George Jr. has been with Marco for 10 years now. He’s recently moved to Florida to focus on the state as part of his duties as Eastern Regional Sales Director.

“It was George Jr. who taught me that education builds trust, and trust earns orders.” - George Allaster Sr. for Galvalume. As it turned out, George Jr. was just as gifted in sales as his dad. After a successful stint at MBCI, he joined Metal Sales where, for a decade, he shared his knowledge with customers and became one of the company’s top salesman. By now, George Jr. had been in metal roofing for nearly 20 years. He wanted to stay in the industry, but he wanted to do something different. Perhaps with the regional roll formers market, which he felt was a growing opportunity. That’s when Mr. Goodvent himself spoke up and introduced his son to Marco. The Rest Isn’t History, It’s The Future … George Jr. will tell you he’s learned a great deal from his father. After all, the guy is an industry icon. But it’s George Sr. who gets the last word: “My son has worked both for me and with me,” Sr. says, “and I can tell you, he is right up there with anyone I’ve ever worked with in my career. It was George Jr. who taught me that ‘education builds trust, and trust earns orders.’” That’s high praise from a man

Like his dad, he emphasizes education as a critical part of customer service, providing proper training and product knowledge to help his clients succeed. “It’s all about education, trust, and a quality product,” Jr. says. “I’m lucky to follow in my dad’s footsteps, earning my customers’ trust by educating them and offering the industry’s best metal roofing ventilation and accessories. Amazingly, from the same company and in the same state as my dad did.” That’s the future for George Allaster Jr. His presence in Florida, along with a distribution warehouse in the Tampa area that offers 24-hour delivery time throughout the state, is a clear sign of Marco’s investment in Florida’s metal roofing community. And though he has a big name to live up to, he’s proven many times over that he’s up to the task. Ventilation, it seems, runs in the family. To learn more about Marco, visit www.MarcoIndustries.com or call 1-800-800-8590.