June 2020

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getting on in years, so I decided that this might be a great opportunity to tell him how much of an influence he had been on my career and beyond. These conversations can be hard, but when heartfelt they can also be important. He was old school and wasn’t too big on warm and fuzzy, but of course, I persisted. The room seemed to go quiet as we reminisced. He and I did not always agree, but we always respected that we each had the interest of our Association and our industry at heart. Several months later he fell ill, his family blessed me with the opportunity to talk to him one last time in his hospital room prior to his passing. I remain grateful that I had the chance to tell him how I felt during our discussion at Convention because life does not always allow us those moments. It wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t in that setting at that time. His son recently told me that he really seemed to spark up during our last visit at the hospital. I said he was ready to go at it one last time. FRSA’s dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to make our new virtual Convention all that it can be. A new President and Executive Committee will be sworn in. Awards will be presented. Scholarships will be awarded. An online auction will be conducted, and many other programs will take place. Seminars will also be presented virtually. They will be roofing-specific and presented by industry

professionals. Many will cover the numerous roofing-related changes in the new 2020 7th Edition of the Florida Building Code. Don’t let these code changes or license renewal continuing education requirements sneak up on you. Preparing these seminars will be a challenge and a new learning experience. Our ability to accomplish this is necessary and will survive this temporary pause that we are all living with. There will be a Convention next year and the one after that. Our leaders will make every attempt to share the spotlight with those for whom it was dimmed. It will take a lot more than a virus to dissuade our hardheaded and incredibly resilient roofing family. After all, we have survived 98 years’ worth of challenges and we’re just getting started. With social distancing so much a part of this time, most of us will find ourselves at home with our families when we would have been attending the Convention. It makes this year’s theme seem especially fitting: “FRSA - A Family Tradition.”


Mike Silvers, CPRC is owner of Silver Systems Inc., and is consulting with FRSA as Director of Technical Services. Mike is an FRSA Past President, Life Member, and Campanella Award recipient and brings over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience to FRSA’s team

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