January 2021

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The Best Path to Change Kevin Smith, President, KMS Wealth Management, Inc. If there’s one thing that 2020 has shown, it’s that big change can happen in the blink of an eye. When things change rapidly, we often make quick decisions about how to react. But the path to real, lasting and positive change is actually slow, maybe even boring. The pandemic has made us more focused on our retirement savings, income stability and short-term cash flow than ever before. These are important parts of your financial plan, so take the time to consider all the options before rushing into change.

way to make some things exciting and complex and superfast, you can sell it to people even when the evidence is clear that it works only rarely. Compare these options with things like benefiting from compound interest slowly over time, buying and holding low-cost diverThe Best Path to Long-Term Change is Slow, sified investments, building Simple and Boring a business using the busiMany of life’s choices fall into two categories: ness’s own profits, eating healthy and exercising. ■ Option A: Exciting and complex and quick, but the They work — every time. action rarely works. But few people choose them over the exciting option. ■ Option B: Boring and simple and slow, but it works There are plenty of reasons we pick option A over nearly all the time. option B. It’s got me thinking about the quiet power I have been thinking a lot lately about why we are so of incremental change. Incremental change is about intrigued by option A. taking small, gradual steps instead of making big The list is endless. Trying to sell at the top of the sweeping changes. stock market or buy at the bottom, day trading, raising Let me give you an example from an email exventure capital and seven-day diets. If you can find a change I had with a reader about my recent column

Vent with the BEST!

Use O’Hagin Attic Ventilation Products high on the roof near the ridge & low on the roof above the eave to create a balanced attic ventilation system.

NOA 19-0114.02 Tapered Composition Vent 72 NOA 20-0902.09 Standard Universal Direct Deck Attic Vent NOA 19-0109.02 Cloaked Vent (Tile) NOA 19-0904.04 FIRE&ICE Off-Ridge Attic Vent (Tile) NOA 19-0904.05 FIRE&ICE Composition Vent 72 with High Wind Diverter

Proper Attic Ventilation is Very Important – Here’s Why: • Ventilation reduces heat and moisture build-up in the attic • Sufficient ventilation extends the life of the roof and structure • Attic ventilation is required by most roofing materials manufacturer’s warranties • Proper ventilation eliminates the build-up of trapped contaminants and helps reduce energy costs

FLORIDA ROOFING | January 2021

S-Tile Attic Vents

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