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Create peer focus group benchmarks through trade associations or market research firms and grade your results on a percentile scale. Sadly, most sales teams are so focused on gaining new clients that they do not set up efficient databases, so they are unaware what loyal clients prefer. To hold onto your clients, you must inquire about their needs. Then, check back in regularly to see how many data channels you have to monitor their needs and wants. If your hard bounce rate rises, you’ll know the existing client data needs review. Re-examine your data entry process regularly to create standardized data entry. Improve your data quality by updating procedures. Auto-form filling can be good and bad depending on how your clients are filling them out. Of those who complete them, some may not pay much attention when they fill them out. If you utilize auto-fill forms, the information clients are giving you may not be up to date. Including an open-ended question can help force them to reflect and share opinions. However, make sure you also include valuable content to mold your target audience. You need to be capturing relevant consumer data so that you can segment new leads. One common mistake is offering them too many options, which can be confusing, leaving users unsure about what to choose. Stay consistent in your procedures to preserve data

quality. Do not create too many fields. Users will skip fields if a form is too long, leaving holes in your datasets. Do not ask them to rate something from 1 to 10. Give them five choices, instead. You do, however, want to move beyond just collecting a name, email address and phone number. Include a couple of in-depth questions. You can easily segment leads once you have gathered rich information. This quality data becomes your foundation for effective sales, crucial to keeping your company competitive and driving more revenue. If sales teams are constantly blind-sided, struggling to segment leads and track progress, finding it difficult to keep existing clients and approach a sales call without proper preparation, something has gone awry with data quality. Again, sales teams need competitive intelligence, which means setting up an excellent data entry system and data tracking processes to collect the necessary information to close sales. FRM John Kenney has over 45 years of experience in the roofing industry. He started his career by working as a roofing apprentice at a family business in the Northeast and worked his way up to operating multiple Top 100 Roofing Contractors. If you would like any further information on this or another subject, you can contact John at jkenney@cotneyconsulting.com.

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