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New Year – Safety Minded Kevin Lindley, Safety Consultant, FRSA Self Insurers Fund There is always so much going on at the beginning of a new year, that it can be difficult to make sure you cover all your bases. In addition to all the other administrative burdens, there is also the requirement by OSHA to update, verify, log and post the OSHA 300 log and 300A form. The OSHA 300 form must be posted in a visible location at the place of business from February 1 through August 30. It is recommended that individual employee names be removed from the copies posted in the facility. A digital copy of the OSHA 300 log, 300A form and the OSHA 301 form are available on OSHA’s website at www.osha.gov/recordkeeping/forms. Let’s start with a description of what the OSHA 301 form, 300 log and 300A form are. The OSHA 301 form is an Incident Report document for job-related injuries and illnesses. This form helps you record what happened at the time of an injury or accident and will be beneficial when it comes time to enter the information into your 300 log. The OSHA 300 log is a record keeping document used throughout the year to list and track any recordable injury which occurs at work to an employee throughout the calendar year. Information about the individual involved in the incident, date of incident, location, classification of the injury/illness, type of injury/ illness as well as total number of days, both away from work and return to work, on light duty or transfer are to be entered on the log. The OSHA 300A form is the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. It must first be determined if an injury or illness that occurred at work is a “recordable injury.” NOT ALL INJURIES ARE. An injury or illness meets the general recording criteria as a recordable injury if it results in any of the following: death, days away from work, restricted work or transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid or loss of consciousness. A case must also be taken into consideration for the general recording criteria if it involves a significant injury or illness diagnosed by a physician or other licensed health care professional, even if it does not result in death, days away from work, restricted work or job transfer, medical treatment beyond first aid or loss of consciousness. There are many basic requirements used to determine 26

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if an injury is a recordable injury, too many to list in one article. For a complete list of basic requirements go to www.floridaroof.com/osha-1904-7. Classes are also available online for a complete understanding of OSHA recordkeeping requirements that employers may attend or research. A common mistake on the OSHA 300 log is to enter the number of days in the incorrect column. The only location the actual number of days is entered on the OSHA 300 log is column K or column L. All other columns for classification and type of injury/illness are a check mark. Once the information for each injury/ illness is entered onto the OSHA 300 log, the final row at the bottom of the page is totaled for all categories, types and days away from work and job transfer/ restricted workdays. If the company is requested to share information from the OSHA 300 log, it is recommended that all individuals names and personal information be removed from view on the log prior to sharing. Once the OSHA 300 log is complete, the OSHA 300A form can be correctly entered. The OSHA 300 log totals entered at the base of the page are then referenced and entered into the first half of the OSHA 300A form. Additional information is required about the company, number of employees, total time worked by all employees, as well as a general description of work and a signature by a company executive. For companies who are required to electronically submit their OSHA 300A Summary form online, it is recommended that two individuals within the company have the profile information and log-in code once the establishment information has been created within OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application (ITA), www.osha.gov/injuryreporting/ita.