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Number 5 is very important because it pertains to the options available for both new construction and the ability to meet the uplift requirements of the code. reroofing. When “reroofing” – both replacement and All new roof coverings must meet the wind uplift rerecovering of existing roof systems – these code resistance requirements called for in the code, currently quirements should always be taken into account. ASCE 7-16. If the new system is being mechanically FRM attached (screwed or nailed) to the deck, the manufac- Mike Silvers, CPRC is owner of Silvers Systems Inc. turer’s installation instructions or product approval will and is consulting with FRSA as Director of Technical provide the proper fastening patterns for a recovery. Services. Mike is an FRSA Past President, Life Member However, if you plan to adhere your new roof system and Campanella Award recipient and brings over 45 to the existing roof covering, the existing roof covering years of industry knowledge and experience to FRSA’s attachment method must be considered. The uplift team. resistance requirements of the code have steadily increased over the last several decades. A mechanically attached roof system or an adhered roof systems that uses spaced ribbons of adhesive installed under the previous editions of the code, most likely wouldn’t comply with the current code. Using that existing roof covering as part of the load path for the new roof covering by adhering to them would, in most instances, not meet current requirements. I said likely wouldn’t comply in most instances because there is a small chance that the existing roof applicator added additional fasteners or adhesive. But we know that isn’t very likely. Visit Rooforders at Booth 2748 So, it is best to accept that it most at New Orleans IRE 2022 likely will not comply and plan for a sweet deal. accordingly. You may be able to add additional mechanical attachments before adhering to the roof covering. However, unless the manufacturer’s product approval Accurate – a 3d CAD model is created for every roof, reducing errors or recommendations describe how to accomplish this, you would need Affordable – single or multi family residential roofs for only $25 regardless of size or complexity site-specific engineering. Keep Awesome – friendly customer service, reliable overnight delivery, easy to use PDF reports in mind that if the roof system and free XMLs to load into your applications such as Acculynx. was set in continuous adhesive (e.g., mopped to a concrete deck), If you aren’t using Rooforders now, you should be. the uplift resistance may be high enough to act as part of the load path. Verifying the quantity and quality of the existing adhesive may prove difficult. This section applies to all roof coverings that use the existing roof system as part of the load path. Yes, even to sprayed polyurethane foam and liquid applied roof systems. A maintenance coating does not constitute a roof covering. The advent of new or improved Visit https://www.rooforders.com or call 888-386-8384 cover boards, adhesives and fasteners have greatly increased

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