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and full covering clothing. Once polyurethane foam dries on a Photo 2 surface or skin, the only way to remove it is mechanically. So, a little preventative measure up front will pay off. Always consult the manufacturer safety data sheets for more details. These products are all packaged in pressurized tanks. Avoid leaving the tanks in direct sunlight when not it use as the temperature can exceed the manufacturer’s recommended maximum storage temperature and possibly over-pressurized. Other product-specific procedures may be required, review the manufacturers installation needs to exist and the adhesive needs to be listed instructions for all the details. with uplift values in the tile NOA. In general, Broward Adhesives are more expensive than fasteners, County also utilizes the Miami-Dade NOAs and perhowever, in the total cost of a typical tile roof, the mitting process. Here is a link to the MD search site: additional cost is in the 3-5 percent range. While use www.miamidade.gov/building/pc-search_app.asp of adhesive adds a small percentage of cost to a tile Manufacturers update their testing and approvals roof installation, isn’t it worth the peace of mind that it periodically, so it is recommended that approvals are pulled from these websites as needed rather than rely- provides to your customers? FRM ing on printed copies you may have in your files. Regardless of which type and brand of polyureTom Parker, owner of TCParker & Associates, a technithane foam adhesive you choose, the manufacturer’s cal sales agency representing TILEBOND roof tile installation instructions must be followed in order to adhesive. Tom grew up in the construction industry comply with Florida Building Code product approvals in his father’s residential construction company. He and Miami-Dade NOAs. later earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and Manufacturers are obligated by code to train and worked at Dow Chemical for 33 years prior to opening certify installers to ensure proper installation. From his agency in 2013. Tom is a Registered Professional a safety standpoint, minimum personal protective Engineer. equipment generally includes safety glasses, gloves Proclimation, continued from page 17

importance of doing business with competent and ethical firms, and WHEREAS, for the past century, the organization has maintained a sound focus on its founding principles. Today, the organization is known around the country as the premier state roofing and sheet metal contractor’s Association, the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc., and WHEREAS, the citizens and contractors of Florida have been well served by the Association through its emphasis on and long history of providing consumers and others with information they need to make sound decisions when it comes to roofing-related information, knowing that a professionally installed roof protects not only a consumer’s investment, but also loved ones who reside in the home or place of business, and

WHEREAS, the Association is celebrating its 100th Anniversary on July 20, 2022, and WHEREAS, the Association continues to be a resource for consumers and other property owners seeking information on duly licensed, professional and ethical roofing and sheet metal contractors, NOW, THEREFORE, I, Senator Keith Perry, of Florida State District 8, do hereby recognize the 100th anniversary of the Florida Roofing Association on July 20, 2022. Many thanks to our volunteer members for attending meetings with the Senate and House of Representatives and for testifying before these bodies when needed. FRSA owes you a debt of gratitude for all you do! FRM

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