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Target Diversity Quality Profit Maximize Sales

Roofers World is a North American wholesale roofing tools distributor selling to more than 5,000 stores annually Supported by in-house legal, engineering, marketing, finance, sales, R & D, & operations staff The management team has over 50 years of combines industry knowledge and experience

More than 25,000 roofers and general contractors use our products for their roof repairs Our products are developed based on their feedback in the marketplace They demand efficiency, durability, and value

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The Red Ripper was Roofers World’s first and only product for distribution in 1996. To date, Roofers World owns more than 35 intellectually protected products and agreements In 2013, we have over 100 product skus for sale through distribution and are represented in every major LBM chain and roofing group in Canada The Red Ripper is still the number one selling product with over 50,000 units sold each year

All year, our internal product development team is busy developing concepts and designs for new products. Each year, we release 2-4 new products that have been thoroughly tested and patent-pending Our number one goal is to expand our current product lines creating a diverse family

Roofers World currently has the following product lines that are sold to vendors ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Tear Off Tools Roofing Staging Brackets Knives & Blades Hammers, Hatchets & Sweepers Leak Repair Tape Snow and Ice Guards

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The Red Ripper line include the Dgrip, Long, and Short Handle used for shingle tear off

The Little Red Ripper is the ultimate demolition tools used for prying everything from cabinets to flooring to siding.

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The Extreme Adjustable Bracket Endura Fixed Bracket Adapt-a Bracket

The “adjustable” Extreme Bracket is the most versatile adjustable roof bracket on the market. Instantly adjust the board platform from 18 to 90 degrees while in use. The Extreme Bracket is made with high-grade steel, reinforced striker plates, and easyadjuster handle.

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Retractable Utility Knives Fixed Utility Knife Breakaway Knife Bowtie Knife XL Hook Blades Breakaway Blades Utility Blades

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Cutting Edge Magnetic Hammer Magnetic Hatchet Magnetic Sweeper

Snostop Plus – Polycarbonate Snow Guards with Heat Trace Cable Option

Resellers receive an average 30% gross margin on products Take advantage of semi-annual promotions in winter and summer offering an additional 10% off the sale price Save money on shipping by meeting the prepaid order amount

Increase space productivity with assured product placement Tighter inventory control and a reduction in stock-outs

Encourages JIT supply chain management

Simple product replenishment

Increase sales with a strategic and attractive visual display

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Roofers are more likely to buy a roofing tool along with their shingles, rather than browsing an extensive tools section Sales history proves that positioning like products together will increase sales


Roofers World - Offering Distributors Choice  

Roofers World offers LBM and Roofing Distributors a range of great tools and merchandising options

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