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Key Benefits of Roof Moisture Surveys In ensuring a long life for your business’s roof, catching problems early via roof inspection is often much cheaper and simpler to rectify than catching them later on. Leaks can be an especially expensive problem for a roof if not caught and corrected quickly. A roof’s useful service life can be drastically curtailed by the incidence of a serious leak. In order to catch leaks before they get out of hand, an ounce of prevention is the key, and one of the best ways to prevent the spread of serious leaks is to pinpoint them with a moisture survey by a qualified inspector. Potential Damage that Can Be Done If left untreated, roof leaks have the potential to break down insulation, cause insulation to be bereft of its insulating qualities even if it does remain in place, have deleterious effects on structural decks, and cause damage to whatever property lies under the roof that’s supposed to protect it. All these factors combine to cost building owners “billions of dollars each year.” For this reason it is important to have your roof inspected, to have the inspection done by a qualified professional, and for the inspection to be of a type that’s relevant to catching potentially serious leaks, in order to save large sums in roof repairs and maintenance down the road. There are two types of inspection that are especially relevant in the fight against leak damage: infrared surveys and the nuclear survey How an Infrared Survey Works An effective way to perform an infrared survey is to use a thermal imaging camera. This type of camera makes it possible to see the location of trapped moisture in the roofing system. Performing the survey during nighttime lighting conditions makes it possible to bring the temperatures of the air and the roof surface to the same level so that thermal differences, called anomalies, are visible. Daytime heating levels cause moisture inside the insulation of the roof to reach higher temperatures, which are then retained for a longer period into the night. These anomalies of higher moisture are what the infrared camera catches, and the inspector uses this information to pinpoint problem areas. The Nuts and Bolts of a Nuclear Survey A nuclear survey sounds high tech, and it is. This type of roof inspection service scans a roofing system to accurately map moisture concentrations by density. Specialized nuclear roof gauges are used, and the entire roofing area to be surveyed is marked with a grid. At each grid point, the nuclear gauge takes a reading that the inspector records on a roof plan that matches the grid on the roof itself. After all the readings are collected, the inspector takes a core sample of the roof at the area with the highest recorded reading and uses this sample to see if moisture is present. If it is, more samples are taken from other areas of the roof. Despite the “nuclear” name, these gauges are safe and contained, and do not represent a dangerous safety issue, especially when the inspector using them is properly trained. Choosing an Inspector Both infrared surveys and nuclear surveys require a great deal of expertise and experience to perform. Therefore it is a smart idea to do a good deal of research into roof consultants, like Roof

Consulting Services, Inc., before determining which one is best for you. There’s no substitute for knowledge and experience when high-tech inspections are involved. Company Bio Roof Consulting Services, Inc. offers a great deal of expertise in consulting on every facet of industrial roofing. RCS has thirty years of experience in the business and in that time has developed a wealth of knowledge on the dos and don’ts of roofing solutions. RCS’ noncontractor status enables it to offer unbiased third-party evaluations of roofing projects. RCS is a trusted source of consultation for any type of industrial roofing project. Summary Water damage caused by leaks in a roof can significantly shorten the life span of the roof and can cause serious damage to property stored under the roof. Regular inspections are a good idea, and two methods of effective inspection are infrared surveys and nuclear surveys. Tags Roof inspection, roof repairs and maintenance, roof inspection service, roof consultants Source 1. Various Authors (2014). “Save Money with Periodic Visual Inspections.” Roof Consulting Services, Inc.

Key Benefits of Roof Moisture Surveys | Water damage caused by leaks in a roof can significantly shorten the life sp...

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