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Know the Importance Of Roof Coatings

Roof coating is a roof membrane that is fluid adhered to the roofing material. It is elastic in nature, meaning it can stretch and return to its original shape without any damage. The roof coating can be of varying thickness, with the thinner coatings being of different prices than the thicker ones. A roof coating protects the roofing material itself from damage by sunlight, UV rays, rain, hail and physical damage. It is the first barrier against any sort of damage from the outside world, and can be applied on metal roofing or steel roofing and roof shingles. You should choose your roof coating according to your roof shingles, as metal roofing or steel roofing will accommodate different types of coating than ceramic or asphalt shingles.

Types of Roof Coatings

There are many different types of roof coatings that help with different types of roof shingles:

Roof coatings help bolster the properties of certain roofing substrates, and help contain known problems areas in different types of roof shingles. You should choose the coating according to the material you will put it on. However, one has to first know the different types of coatings available in the market. They are: •

Traditional Coatings: Here, the material is designed to be chemically compatible with the existing roof shingles which can even be steel roofing and are made from basic materials that have been in use for decades.

Traditional coatings protect the roof from the harmful effects of the sun, UV rays, water, hail and other natural elements. It extends the life of the roof in this way. Examples of this include asphalt emulsions, coal-tar and solvent-based asphalt applications. They can be applied on steel roofing. The coatings help in repairing or sealing minor imperfections on the existing roofing.


Reflective Coating: These are useful in places where there are high temperatures.

1. The essential nature of this coating reflects the rays of the sun. By using a reflective coating on roof shingles, you can even reflect infrared rays. It is also unable to absorb much heat. 2. Thus, it keeps the house itself cool naturally, keeping down electricity costs for air-conditioning. Since the heat is not absorbed, the steel roofing or metal roofing itself is subjected to a lot less heat damage, thus extending its life. 3. This sort of coating is of two types: water-based acrylic and reflective aluminium asphalt coating. In the first case, the coating must be chosen carefully according to the material that is under it.

4. For metal roofing, a water-based acrylic coating must be found which is specifically formulated for steel roofing. They are more environment-friendly as they contain less VOC. These last as long as any other coating, though they are a delicate material to install. 5. Aluminium-asphalt coatings are a mixture of aluminium flakes in an asphalt matrix. This can be used on a variety of coatings, including steel roofing or metal roofing. When used on metal roofing, the steel roofing retains its metallic appearance.


Maintenance Membranes: These are used in many cases where a quick, shortterm problem is needed to be dealt with quickly. With experience, these coatings can be used as a long-term solution to extend the life of a roof up to fifteen years. It is essentially a mixture of both some type of reinforcing fabric and some type of coating material. However, a simple maintenance coating will not replace an entire maintenance system. Visit to get your complete system in one easy place!

Roof Shingles: Metal Roofing or Steel Roofing

There are several different types of roofing. Before you put any coatings on your roof, find out what your roof shingles are made of: Different types of roofing, such as steel roofing are compatible with different types of roof coatings. 1. Metal roofing has several inherent unique properties, and a few susceptibilities. By providing a coating, you are extending the life of your steel roofing for several more years, along with the additional benefits of the coatings themselves. Being made of a material that is predisposed to rust damage, one of the most crucial needs of metal roofing is water-proofing. 2. Without water-proofing, rust could wear away at your roof, making it prone to breaks and leaks. Rust could set in in places not readily visible to the naked eye, and slowly eat away large holes, which would be further compacted by the elements. 3. When choosing coatings for steel roofing, one needs to know several nuances of products available in the market. Aluminium-zinc alloys outperform aluminized coatings, and their lives exceed their guarantees. 4. Another decision would be whether to use fibred or non-fibred roof coatings. All these nuances can be confusing and difficult for the lay-man. Let Blass Roofing take care of this for you! With our years of experience and trained experts, we will provide you with the best roofing plan for your needs!

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If you are the owner of a commercial building in Tucson Arizona, you undoubtedly know that commercial roof repair Tucson is very important....

Get a Free Tucson Roofing Estimate Today!  

If you are the owner of a commercial building in Tucson Arizona, you undoubtedly know that commercial roof repair Tucson is very important....