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Common Roofing Maintenance and Materials Every Homeowner Should Know

Roof is one of the most crucial elements of the home design. Roof repair Burlington experts make people aware of the material used to build a roof. The more awareness about roofing materials makes you aware of its positive and negative issues. There are several roof repair Mississauga contractors providing comprehensive solutions for damaged roof. One can choose the best suited material for home roofing as per the requirement and budget.

Asphalt Shingles It is also known as composition shingles. It has low cost and requires less maintenance. It is available in variety of styles and colors. Fiberglass is used in the manufacturing of these shingles. Positive Point  

Simplest and most effective form of roofing material It can be recycled

Drawback  

They are not highly weather resistant. Snow damage destroys shingles life.

Modified Bitumen: It is the best option for a flat roof or low slope roofing. It is related to built up roofing in construction sense. Positives  Fire resistant Drawbacks  

Water logging problem Single layer leads to leaking and water logging

Single ply roofing: These roofs provide multiple layers of protection against natural elements. Mechanical insulation and barriers can be installed seprately. Positives  

Light weight Eco-friendly

Slate: It has its aesthetic benefits. It is a vers material which is also rot resistant. It holds great capacity to protect against fire. It proves as a boon to contractors to enhance the value of real estate. Positives  Rot resistant  Provides protection against fire  Energy efficient Drawbacks   

Quite expensive and heavy Tendency to unsettle the lighter foundations Fragile nature leads roof to blowing off in the harsh weather

Metal: Today in modern time metal roofs are of great use. Homeowners are more likely to use metal roofs like- zinc, copper, and lead. Wooden patterns are also available.   

Fire resistant Durable Light weight (for specific roofing)

Why it is Necessary to Maintain Trouble Free Roofs Roofs are always needed to be maintained because it is most likely that it will encounter problems at some point of time. Each material has its own plus and minus points. Homeowner should acquaint with these materials. 

To extend the life of your roof: Regular care can check current problems as well as future problems. Regular maintenance makes your roof long lasting.

Regular maintenance keeps roof away from bigger issues: Regular checking makes your roof more durable and avoid bigger problems. Ordinary roof problems like roof leaks, roof puncture, and moisture trapped under roof cover can easily be controlled by regular checking.

Makes you aware of root cause of roofing problem: Regular maintenance keeps you aware of potential causes of the problem. Debris of years of weathering can be the cause of roof problem. Regular maintenance keeps it free from debris.

Regular repair assists you to know whether skylight is accurately sealed or not. It will help by not letting the rain and debris enter the building. If skylight is not appropriately sealed, water will penetrate via leaks and displace the position of skylight.

When you know the material used in building the roof it is easy to choose the material accordingly. Knowledge also helps the person to maintain it in pristine conditions. provides wide range of roofing material at affordable rates. We strive hard to provide durable and reliable roofing services to our clients. Call us now to consult our roofing contractors about roofing, siding and eavestrough.

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