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Ron Yosef portfolio

Curriculum Vitae Born in June 1982, Tel-Aviv, today lives and work in Jaff. Independent designer and a partner with the “Four’n’Five Design Group”. Education: 2006-2010

B.A. Industrial Design, Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem.

Exchange student program, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.


Awards and Exhibition:

Relevant Experience:


Design Space - Tel-Aviv, Jaffa.

2011 – Present

Lecturer at “Designers for the future”, “Outbox” association, Tel-Aviv.


“67Km”, Four’n’Five Collective exhibition, Jaffa port.

2010 – Present

Four’n’Five Design Group – design cooperative of Bezalel graduates, freelance designer.


Bezalel academy of art and design final exhibition.


Designer at “Adva Hofstein – interior & product design”, Jaffa.


Time 02 Exhibition in Jerusalem, “lepers” project was exhibited.


Workshop supervisor at Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem


“Sitting low, seeing far” – the Israel museum, Jerusalem.


Industrial Designer at FT&A design office, Milano.


“Five Senses of Vilnius” - a street exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania.


Graphic designer for Maariv newspaper web site.


“hayim” association competition - 1st place.


Stamp maker & Graphic designer for “Briner stamps”.

Pitta Toaster 2nd year studio B-1 Bezalel academy of art and design

Pitta Toaster 2nd year studio B-1 Bezalel academy of art and design

In the “pitta toaster” I address the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, by introducing the Zen garden aesthetics to the everyday life. In Hebrew, the word “KIBBUSH” describes both ‘occupation’ and ‘pressing’. The pitta bread is a Middle Eastern bread tied with the Arabic culture and mentality. The toaster forces a new form to the pitta bread, it presses the pitta in to a bowl, changing its function from a “pocket” bread to an edible plate. The white plastic platform emphasize the natural olive wood which is a tree that symbolizes territorial borders. It is mentioned several times in the Bible and in the Koran. The olive tree branch symbolizes peace.

GOOD or BAD 2010, 4th year Bezalel academy of art and design

GOOD or BAD 2010, 4th year Bezalel academy of art and design Answer to Prof. Ezri Tarazi’s question: “Are designers the enemy?”

Am I the enemy now? As a designer being accused as the enemy I decided to answer with a three-dimensional object, designing yet another completely unnecessary plastic product. A quick judgment device, I strongly believe that the piece of plastic passing the criticism back to the consumer and to the media. The GOOD/BAD device fits every standard pocket camera, it enables you to tag the object in real time for good or bad. 3d printed working model

“GOOD” side

“BAD” side

Romanian family Portrait 2009, 3rd year, studio B-1 Bezalel academy of art and design

Romanian family Portrait 2009, 3rd year, studio B-1 Bezalel academy of art and design

Stools, Tableware and a Lampshade. All objects refer in one form or another to my father’s family pictures taken in Romania in the 40’s and 50’s. ABAAJOUR: Light fixture with two points of illumination. BANKA: a series of pine stools with pressed and sewn felt cushion. WESHINIAK: A cherry glass.

liqueur decanter from

Glass blowing, 2mm sheat Polystyrene foam, birch wood.



The moment I saw the old pictures of my father as a little boy with his parents, I knew I wanted to perpetuate the memory and even if on the most personal level. A measure for success was having my father as a saticfied client, the object stimulating his memory of years ago, end-product being a smile.

In the picture - Backyard, Grandma and Grandfather, “Saba Juli” and “Safta funi”. A dog and seven angora rabbit on the steps. The rabbits fure was used to create angora sweaters. Above the “farm” were the family living quarters. I wondered what it felt like sitting on an angora rabbit... They’re very soft, maybe to sit beside them and pat them or rest my head on one of them.

I chose to use the tarpaulin of food as raw material for sketches. I appriciate the feeling it gives, it contain a strong smells of the original content all coming from overseas or from neighboring countries.

In the picture - grandma at the entrance of the family business. The original image is very dark, making it difficult to see the inside of the shop. After enlarging and magnifying, I discovered another lady standing and watching my grandmother, might be her mother... Many household items were revealed in the picture - especially plates and glasses arranged in different ways. It felt like an archaeological excavation. As if I found something magical buried many years ago. Blurring, lack of focus, lack of clarity. Things that apply to photographs also apply to our memory, then we complete the information: the memory of other stories that we remember, it seems logical to us. Everything unites, heals, and alines in the brain convincing us, seeming entirely reasonable and realistic.

In the picture - Grandmother and my father. Edi (my dad) wears a hat that Grandmother made him ​​of angora and is tied with satin ribbon, the man\rabbit doll also has a satin ribbon tied around his neck with two little bells. I wanted to design a lampshade with two lights sources, one light suitable for the room - nice and soft that illuminates everything. Second - a spot light - focused, sharp, with limited scope, to read a book or get a splinter out of a finger. There is action taking place: When one turns on the switch, the two lights operate together under the same shade. During time (one hour) the main light fading and only a spot light remains working. Two hours later, the remaining light begins to fade. Darkness.

Hadas 2010, 3rd year Bezalel academy of art and design

Hadas 2010, 3rd year Bezalel academy of art and design

A portrait of a classmate (hadas). Strong smell of yeast in the air. 3kg of dough rising, it’s alive. The great mass turns in a circular motion slowly on a wheel, making fine creaking noises. The seven iron nails penetrating and changing the texture of the round, smooth, living dough. Tearing pieces of coarse dough, leaving scars. The dough continues to turn and rise.

Pottery wheel, MDF, 3kg yeast dough, iron bars.

Glory Pavement 2011 FOURn’FIVE gallery, Jaffa port.

Glory Pavement 2011 FOURn’FIVE gallery, Jaffa port.

There are things that people tend not to appreciate, to forget, we can even say to step on. I appriciate the pavement, meeting an inconceivable amount of people, they are street. I was looking for a good excuse to put bricks from the street on a dining table, and so I designed a matching light shade from steel. Found object, sheet metal, light

Typical concrete floors at the port of Jaffa, 14.5\32 cm.

Street paving of a typical Tel Aviv street, 20\10 cm.

lepers Design week jerusalem 2010, Time 02 exhibition.

lepers Design week jerusalem 2010, Time 02 exhibition.

Since the Jerusalem municipality began construction of the light railway in the city of Jerusalem, I began to notice “blue Stuff” much more, it’s everywhere - holding, hugging, semitransparent, glossy, blue spots, refreshing , it has wrinkles but is tense. Blocks, lumber for building, tiles, pipes - it holds them all together in neat piles.

Found object, polythene.

Time 02 exhibition, Design week jerusalem 2010.

Politiln, “Laflafen”, shrink, plastic wrap, “that blue thing” .... not having one clear name in hebrew, no real personality, temporary. Used for packaging and sometimes for storing. Polluting, dirty, easily torn, very cheap, short life. People have a strange tendency to not throw it away, and then it starts wandering in the wind, stuck in fences, trees, railings, between the walls by the roadside

potatoBOX 2010, 3rd year Politecnico di Milano, Italy

potatoBOX 2010, 3rd year Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Potato-growing furniture for the house territory. Combined with the light fixture. One potato can potatos.

yield up to 35 additional

The furniture helps practicing tolerance, for watching and longing. Trying to bring a little piece of nature in the modern house hold.

LAVANA 2010, 4th year Bezalel academy of art and design

LAVANA 2010, 4th year Bezalel academy of art and design

Tribute to the extinct light bulb. A night-light, an atmosphere light, a sleeping partner, close companion, not hot to the touch, an independent instrument with personality. The only visual difference between LAVANA and a regular light bulb is the switch, that serves as an anchor and prevents the light bulb from rolling off the night stand...

Found object, switch+LED.

endless pile 2010

LAVANA 2010, 4th year Bezalel academy of art and design

A mass production personal jewelry - each object is in a different composition than the other. A computer program generates the given 15 rectangles that differ in length - is a obliged for them to overlap at least at one point. After randomly processed in a computer the file is sent to the cutting laser machine. The cut metal is gold or silver plated, worn with a magnet on the inner side of the jacket.

1mm steel, magnet, silver/gold plate.

5:27 2010, 4th year, studio “ladder� Bezalel academy of art and design

5:27 2010, 4th year, studio “ladder� Bezalel academy of art and design

A series of steps that latches on the trees and sign poles in the city. Objects give the city inhabitants a step up on the vertical level in the city. Allows them to view more of the street, wait for a bus or rest their head one level above the rest. I was constantly wandering around Jerusalem city, all of the temporary connections were installed at night time. My project ended at sunrise, 5:27am.

1.5mm Laser cut metal, Ratchet strap

These are some tests of my first attempts to get more height on the street. Using the basic environment in the street, columns and trees

Advanced part of the process. Experience a real connection with the street and the near surroundings to the object.

Using reverse engineering I hacked the familiar and popular Ratchet straps. Transforming it to a small step that can be applied easily anywhere in the city .

the twins 2008, 2nd year, studio B-2 Bezalel academy of art and design

the twins 2008, 2nd year, studio B-2 Bezalel academy of art and design

Present in the space together share the same power supply.

Ventilator and Radiator, A & B, descendants of the same family. They have a shared umbilical cord that supply them with electricity. The objects work better together, leveraging each other’s function. Heating: Ventilator is under the radiator distributing the heat to the room. Cooling: Radiator is the base for the ventilator, the fan leans on it. Their bodies are identical, porcelain castings from the same template, one with a white “cold” glaze and the other with a “hot” white glaze.

Twin on cooling positions

Twin on heating positions

Home Buoy 2011 67km exhibition, FOURn’FIVE, Jaffa port.

Home Buoy 2011 67km exhibition, FOURn’FIVE, Jaffa port.

A buoy is an object that synchronizes with the surface of the water, creating choreography with the waves. Sometimes it seems to be drowning, it looks like something is pulling it to the bottom of the sea but the buoy contains air. The inflated shape work against the natural weight and gravity, letting it always float and keeping it’s head above water.

Polystyrene foam casting, light, steel rods.

SUPERSTITIO 2010, 4th year final project Bezalel academy of art and design

SUPERSTITIO 2010, 4th year final project Bezalel academy of art and design

My final project gives a broad overview on the world of magic - from an objective point of view. Millions of people around the world believe in unseen forces. This way of life provides them with answers to the most difficult questions and gives them a feeling of control and influence over reality. Folk stories, Jewish mythology, cosmic energies, charms, religions, magical archeological finds and mind-control. There is no way of measuring these “phenomena� (which in Latin are called superstitio) or to deny their existence. These are supernatural phenomena, above the physical world. A series of products examined through re-use, the influence of magic - the human-materialspirit connection, or the connection between consumption and purpose on the one hand, and results on the other. Actions that cannot be measured with western tools, the main motif is belief. How is belief embodied in the product, in the material, in western culture, domestic, human and day-to-day life...

Salt 2 Blowing* Spreading salt scares away evil spirits and negative energy in the kitchen and around the house. Blow hard through the golden spout toward the contaminated area. Salt 2 Blowing* Operates as a double cleansing instrument - breath blown through the instrument is cleansed by the salt, then, the salt that sprays around the living space preforms another cleansing procedure.

Pyrex glass blowing.

String* Toy Camera - Slideshow for spiritual guidance. Look through the eyepiece while raising the toy towards a source of light. Eight RABBIES will be revealed to you, slide after slide at every push of the button.This product was designed to be a cheap plastic toy for the orthodox Jewish sector, it’s orientation is to inhabit the shelves of department stores. It’s another link in the contrevercial territory of sculpture and mask.

3d printed working model.

K.O.W* Indicator to “Knock on Wood”. With this device you can be sure that the gods that are responsible for the cancellation of vanity received the motion to dismiss. To cancel a silly thing that has been said and may cause the ‘evil eye’, for example: knock on wood three clicks at equal intensity and at equal intervals in two seconds. If the procedure was done correctly the device will illuminate through the wood for five seconds.

An electronic sensor, LED, cherry wood, aluminum

Echo* A Jewel that allows a direct and natural self-conversation. Wear the object on your face - mouth and ears. Talk to yourself out loud. Talk about ambitions, goals that you have not yet achieved, fears, things that you want, dreams, and hidden thoughts. This device will surfaces the subconscious to the conscious.

Plastic, brass, felt, oak and more

Good day machine* This machine produces a daily mascot for a better day. Every morning, charge the machine with 15cm of tin and a leftover from yourself (hair/nail/eyelash). After 10 minutes take out the tin that melted into the water from the machines bottom drawer. The tin you received from the machine should be kept close to the body during the day. Before bedtime throw the mascot to the trash bin. m.d.f. model

Products of the machine, tin talismans.

During the “SUPERSTITIO” project I tried to make myself different mascot and talismans. They were a three-dimensional invention solutions to a spiritual problems; such as: Creative block, boredom, too much of an optimistic thinking and more. Unfortunately most of my mascot did not work but some did achieved a partial goal.

Reduces concerns: Barbie’s hand holding another doll’s head.

Self-assembly positive Voodoo dolls. Sharpens the imagination: Eucalyptus Wood bark with a red light switch.

3d printed emotions absorbing dolls. restarting the sense of creativity: lego brick, pine stick, Sewing Thread.

Chains of the three angels Senoy,Sansenoy and Semangelof.

Increasing couples intimacy: Homemade cupping-glasses

One garlic clove ring holder.

Studio walls 2011-2012 “bird’s house” & “deer’s head” FOURn’FIVE gallery, Jaffa port.

“deer’s head”

2011-2012 FOURn’FIVE gallery, Jaffa port.

Three-dimensional sketches for a personal interpretation of the subject.

Whatever comes to hand

“bird’s house”

2011-2012 FOURn’FIVE gallery, Jaffa port.

Three-dimensional sketches for a personal interpretation of the subject.

Whatever comes to hand

Thank you for watching

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