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P Page Flip Publishing P Specificattions H How to forma at and submit a PDF docum ment for a su uccessful Pag geFlip™ publiccation.

1 How to crreate PDF filles for PageFFlipTM: 1/ TThe best and easiest way to create a PaageFlipTM is with a single PD DF containingg all your pages. T system works The w with mo ost PDF settings. But if you u want to ensu ure a quick an nd safe proceess, follow this check TM list. It shows PageFlip Su upports recom mmendationss for the best PDF setup: ¾ Create One PDF fille with indiviidual pages (n no spreads) sorted s ascend ding s dimenssions ¾ All paages must havve the exact same ¾ Single e-pages - One e page in the PDF must be e equivalent to t one printe ed page (howeever, you mayy have many single pages in one PDF) ¾ The PDF P should be e without cuttting marks ¾ The re esolution mu ust be at leastt 300 DPI, depending on the t width of the t pages ¾ All fonts must be embedded e to o the PDF file so that text is searchable e. Document must allow selecting s of texxt as opposed d to a PDF image that will not allow texxt selection. (Fontss CAN NOT be e turned to outlined fonts or text searcch will not wo ork) ¾ The PDF P should haave English ass the defined d language – But B not requiired. 13 Language optionss availaable. ¾ Do No ot make PDF files from an ny drawing prrogram or Photoshop ¾ With Adobe® InDe esign™ you caan export the e PDF without bleeds, boxxes etc.

2 Colors 2/ Iff your PDF waas originally created c for prrint, the colorr model will be b CMYK. Som me CMYK colo ors cannot bee shown TM c correctly on the internet as well as in th he PageFlip . To create an n optimized PDF P for PageFFlip web preseentation, c convert your PDF according to the RGB color model.

3 Upload 3/ Please upload P d your PageFliipTM ready PD DF document to our web FTP at the following URL: h http://pagefli upload.html

4 Benefits 4/ Distribute PaggeFlipTM on re D eusable USB Drives D for a smart s premiu um - a 100 pagge catalog is approximatel a ly 10MB! TM P PageFlip is available a for Websites, W USB Drives and soon iPhone too! View On nline and Offlline! S State of the Art A page flipping technologgy is eye candy to your readers and friendly to the eaarth! O PageFlip offers updating. Keep you Only ur PageFlip fresh with a neew cover, new w products, new prices.

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