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Bon Cheveux It’s French for

Dear Ron Wilson and Associates,

“Good Hair”

I want to take a moment to thank you. We have been using the Keratin Complex line for the past few years at Bon Cheveux Salon & Spa, and it has become our highest-selling retail line. We had not even heard of it until your rep, Noah Wilson, introduced himself one day and asked to talk about these incredible products. We weren’t looking to add or replace any of our existing product lines, but Noah explained the benefits of the line so well, we were intrigued. Of course our team had to try it, and loved it! Keratin Complex is truly in a class by itself. I have been working in the beauty industry for many years, and have worked with countless product lines and reps. I must tell you what really won me over was Noah’s superior customer service. He conveyed from the first visit that his intention was to help my business grow, and he meant it! He has done just that by working together to provide education, great purchasing deals, develop promotions, and much more. Noah was truly interested in developing a long-term relationship with my salon and has shown my team time and time again that he cares. He continues to make sure that we have everything we need to succeed, and that is what sets him apart. In fact, one of our stylists is now an educator for the Keratin Complex line! Thank you Noah, we wouldn’t be where we are without you. With sincerity and appreciation, Paige Ward, Owner Bon Cheveux Salon & Spa 19880 Seventh Ave. NE, Suite 104 Poulsbo WA 98370 360-779-3993

1977 to 2017 2

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INDEX PROFESSIONAL TOOLS FastApp Foiling Board 23 Flat Irons, Blow Dryers 12-13 Aerorasor 23 Brushes, Combs and Clips 12, 17, 23 Capes/Aprons 10, 23 Mannequin Heads and Tripods 23 Gloves, Processing Caps 23 Foils 17, 23 Bowls, Applicator Brushes and Bottles 10, 17 Power Blonde 17

RETAIL LINES BLNDN 5 Glop & Glam 21 Hair Evolution - Mens Styling 20 Indie Hair Products 19 Keratin Complex 11 Moringaplex 4 Scruples Pearl Classic 18 Scruples White Tea Collection 19 Sojourn 6 Spongelle Bath and Body Soaps and Lotions 22

HAIR COLOR Keratin Complex KeraHold Color KeraBrilliance Gel Demi Color Metamorfix Extreme Direct Pigment

10 10 10

Scruples True Integrity Permanent Hair Color Hypnotic Single-Step Creme Highlight Color Illusionist Brilliant Creme Highlight Color High Definition Gel Color Blazing Highlight Toner Infused Gel Shadow Lowlight Filler Infused Gel Color Art Conditioning Color Gloss MENZ 5 Minute Hair Color Urban Shock and Urban Shock Brights

14 14 14 15 15 15 16 16 16

OTHER SERVICES Keratin Complex Smoothing Lighteners Permanent Waves Hair Extensions

9 10, 17 17 21

ARTICLE Top 10 Salon Opportunities for 2017


Doing Shop and Business Orderwith How You Like RWA Serious Beauty Only Store · On-line Professional Complimentary Education Receive your order in one to two business days · In-Salon Personalized Service in Your Salon! (2-3 days to the PNW) delivered right to your door. Our flat rate shipping charge gets you all you of · Call: M-F 8:30 amstanding to 5:00 pm Just ask! We have educators by to help this saves you money. You pay one so ormakeand decisions about the products that rate, you use and ·der Email: as much as you like, we’ll get it to you quickly. the services you perform. We can provide you with complimentary smoothing, conditioning, hair color · Fax: 775-267-0474 No broken case up-charge

and retail product classes even if you are NOT a current customer. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Contact Us toll free: 800-446-3987 Going Green local calls: 775-267-0760 RWA Serious Beauty offers several retail lines that facsimile machine: contain 775-267-0474 are biodegradable, sustainable proteins and are otherwise environmentally conscious and safe for text: RONWILSON to 22828 to joininour email cardlist your salon.Your orders are shipped recycled board and packed with end-rolls of newsprint. email:

No hassle returns policy serious i RWAbeautyy

Ron Wilson & Associates

Prices are accurate at time of printing but are subject to change.

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FINALLY LESS IS REALLY MORE The ideal brand for chair renters, suites, or any salon that wants to SAVE TIME, MONEY and LIVES. Due to the incredible breakthrough of this proprietary formula of skin care re-engineered for both hair and skin, just 3 MoringapleX products provide 17 benefits to hair and skin. Pre-Style Leave In Spray: Created for all hair types. It will not weigh down even fine hair. Helps to add volume, shine, manageability and moisture while conditioning. Enhances and prolongs hair color, detangles, reduces drying time as well as split ends and protects against UV damage. Now available in a 9oz Back Bar size with a trigger pump for professional use only. Say goodbye to your water bottle. Use Pre-style Leave In Spray before all salon services, cuts, precolor, pre-lightener and blowouts. You will see and feel the difference instantly. Shampoo & Body Wash: Created for all hair types. Color safe for hair and also acts as a body wash. Free of Parabens, Gluten, Sodium Chloride, and Sulfates.

MoringapleX Shampoo and Body Wash 9 oz Shampoo and Body Wash 27 oz

$8.98 $25.00

Conditioner 9 oz Conditioner 27 oz

$9.48 $26.50

Pre-Style 4 oz Pre-Style 9 oz

$14.48 $23.95

Try-Me Kit: Shampoo and Conditioner 9 oz., Pre-Style Spray 4 oz. A $32.94 value for $23.96

Retail New Account Packages $86.88 to $199

Conditioner: Created for all hair types. Daily hydrating or weekly deep conditioning (leave for 20 minutes), a skin moisturizer and great for shaving.

Instant Rewards Program Never pay for Back Bar Again! Buy 12 of any of the retail size products and receive a FREE BACK BAR size or Styling Station product for FREE. No Paperwork, no computers…SAVE TIME AND MONEY Remember each time you and your client purchase a MoringapleX product, you are helping serve the malnourished of the world. MoringapleX has already donated $100,000 to grow and export seeds as well as educate worldwide how just one seed from this “Miracle Tree” can produce enough protein and nutrients for a family for a lifetime. See our MoringapleX/Echo literature for more information.


To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

Retail | $28.00 Salon | $14.00

Retail | $28.00 Salon | $14.00

*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

Retail | $30.00 Salon | $15.00



BLNDN-SILVKI T-4 4 Units of each SKU + Marketing Kit

BLNDN-GOLDKIT-8 8 Units of each SKU + 2 Back Bar Liters + Marketing Kit

BLNDN-PLATKIT-12 12 Units of each SKU + 4 Back Bar Liters + Marketing Kit

SAVINGS | 10% Retail Value | $1,064 Salon Cost | $478.80

SAVINGS | 15% Retail Value | $2,128 Salon Cost | $946.90

SAVINGS | 20% Retail Value | $3,192 Salon Cost | $1,356.80



SOJOURN - Positive Chemistry For Hair Color Preserve

Color-Preserve Shampoo 3 oz Color-Preserve Shampoo 300 ml Color Preserve Shampoo Liter Color-Preserve Conditioner 3 oz Color-Preserve Conditioner 250 ml Color-Preserve Conditioner Liter Sculpting Taffy 150 ml Thermal Protectant Spray 250 ml

$4.00 $12.50 $23.00 $4.50 $13.00 $24.00 $10.00 $12.00

Smooth Shampoo 300 ml Smooth Shampoo Liter Smooth Conditioner 250 ml Smooth Conditioner Liter Leave In Detangler 250 ml Leave In Detangler 30 ml Sample Smooth Serum 125 ml



Moisture Shampoo 3 oz Moisture Shampoo 300 ml Moisture Shampoo Liter Moisture Conditioner 3 oz Moisture Conditioner 250 ml Moisture Conditioner Liter Monoi Oil Samples 15 ml Monoi Oil 50 ml Molding Paste 150 ml

$4.00 $12.50 $23.00 $4.50 $13.00 $24.00 $2.50 $13.00 $12.00

Keratin Cashmere pH 4.5-5.5


Salt, Sulfate, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Gluten, Denatured Alcohol, Artificial Color.



Volume Shampoo 300 ml Volume Shampoo Liter Volume Conditioner 250 ml Volume Conditioner Liter Volume Gel 30 ml Volume Gel 150 ml Volume Gel 475 ml


Clarifying Shampoo 8oz Texture Root Lift Spray Gel 6 oz Texture Spray 4 oz Texture Soft Wax 2 oz Texture Styling Balm 2 oz Working Hairspray Firm 8.5 oz

$12.50 $23.00 $14.00 $26.00 $11.00 $1.50 $12.00

$12.50 $23.00 $13.00 $24.00 $1.50 $9.00 $18.00

$9.50 $10.00 $12.00 $10.00 $11.00 $12.00

Back Bar Support Program

Salons that purchase a complete Sojourn intro deal, and maintain a full retail display, may purchase their back bar products at these low prices. Shampoo and Conditioner Liters $10.50 Styling Products (Regular retail sizes) $4.50 to $6.50

100% Biodegradable

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

CLASSES IN YOUR SALON At RWA Serious Beauty we believe that providing quality education is paramount to building successful salon and stylist relationships. All our manufacturers offer ongoing education to bring the latest in trends, new products and technology, as well as moneymaking services to help astute salon owners and stylists grow their business. Whether you’re looking for insalon product knowledge or national education opportunities. RWA Serious Beauty is committed to bringing you the best in education. • Barbering • Hair Color • Smoothing • Business Building • In-salon classes • Regional classes • Regional educational events • National manufacturer academy sponsorship* • In-salon quarterly update training*

BECOME AN EDUCATOR, CALL US FOR DETAILS 1977 to 2017 Ask how you can host a class in your salon. *available to Elite, Destination and Signature Salons.

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Top 10 Salon Opportunities for 2017 With a new year come new opportunities, challenges and plans to make it all work. ISBN Members Name the Top 10 Salon/Spa/Barbershop Opportunities for 2017 1. Offering unique services, especially add-on services. Unique services and add-ons can set your salon apart in its marketplace and bulk up its bottom line. New services and products like bond builders can kick your expertise up a notch and establish your business as a market leader. “The consumer is changing, and as a result, our growth will come from offering unique and personal services, especially add-ons like bond builders and hair strengtheners,” explained Pat Neville, president of BeautyFirst, Beauty Studios and Paradigm Advisory Group, and ISBN vice president. “Those open the door to a multi-million dollar business from additional services that are exclusive to salons.” At V’s Barbershops, CEO/Founder Jim Valenzuela, and his team target affluent males and their sons, and create an experience accordingly. “Our DNA is the authentic barbershop, so we are focused on staying authentic and doing what we do really well in an elegant way,” he says. 2. Focusing on the guest experience. “At Gene Juarez, our single biggest opportunity is to increase our existing customers’ visits by one annually,” explained Scott Missad, CEO of the Seattle-based company. “That alone will give us double-digit growth. To that end, our marketing, merchandising and incentive plans are all revolving around creating an experience that attracts one more visit per client per year. One example is our Color to Cut and Cut to Color Referral Cards.” Missad added, “Clients are coming in less often, especially those wearing long hair with a balayage technique that doesn’t require as much maintenance. We’re finding unique approaches and techniques that bring them back in more frequently. For example, we are currently running a Color Bounceback Promotion Gift with Service with Oribe.” At Hairzoo, based in New York and California, with a goal of attracting 75 new guests per month, President Gary Reed and his team are creating a memorable experience for their guests at every touch point. “We believe the service walks into the salon, but the overall guest experience walks out of the salon,” he explained. “We focus on the off-the-menu service—the welcome, the greeting, the good-bye—to make the guest experience warmer, more inviting, hospitable and gracious, as well as consistent. We open the door, hang their coats and offer a beverage every time. We train our philosophy weekly, starting with our language. For example,


our hosts ask, ‘May I place you on a brief hold?’ rather than saying, ‘I’m going to place you on hold.’ It’s surprising what a big difference that little twist can make. We never forget that we are working for the guest.” That training also covers team image. “Our image as professionals is so important,” says Reed. “We want our guests to look up to our team as style leaders.” 3. Maximizing the benefit of technology to improve the stylist and guest experiences. “Our biggest opportunity in 2017 is how we leverage technology to strengthen the relationship with our customers and how we use data to evaluate our customer experiences objectively,” explained (Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips, Inc. and president of ISBN) Olsen. “Our focus is on doing whatever we can to make the stylists’ jobs easier, because we know the most important aspect of our experience is with our stylists.” “If we can use technology to make it easier for them,” he continued, “then we can use that same technology to strengthen our relationships with our customers. As we continue to refine our online check-in and the data around customer waits, we know customers will use our app more. Olsen added, “There are so many services and products for caring for and styling textured hair, the opportunities are tremendous,” Neville said. “What’s more, the textured-hair client is more particular about her hair, spends more time at the salon and is willing to spend more money with her hair than other clients. As we create and offer more services and products to satisfy her needs, the category -- and the referrals -will grow substantially.” 6. Creating a manfriendly experience. Charles and Debra Penzone, long known for their palatial Charles Penzone day spas in Columbus, Ohio, are hot on men. “We see gentlemen as a key contributor to our

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

Personalized BlowOut Out™Same Treatment Personalized Blow Same Day Day Keratin Keratin Treatment

AAcustomizable treatment powered a proprietary customizable treatment powered by by a proprietary juice juice blend.blend. projected three percent growth in 2017, and as a result, we are giving them their own space in our new barbershop, the Royal Rhino Club,” they say. Valenzuela added, “Our biggest opportunity is still to increase same-store sales along the same path as we have for the past 3 to 4 years. As more men head back to the barbershop and want an authentic experience, we concentrate on that metric closely.”

Coming soon!


7. Bringing beautiful hair back en vogue. “Consumers are returning to beautiful hair in color and style,” Neville said. “The extremes are fun, but retreating to the fringe. The idea is to help our clients look natural, elegant unique, while still polished in cut, color, texture. Marketing the services and products that support elegant hair will result in a strong ROI.” 8. Offering solutions for a healthy hair and scalp. “Consumers are increasingly aware that so many environmental factors, chemicals and lifestyle choices can greatly impact the health of their hair and scalp,” Neville added. “As a result, they are looking for services and products that will help create a healthier scalp and healthier hair.” 9. Offering a menu of services for women and men experiencing hair loss. Following that same thought, more women and men are experiencing hair loss than ever before, and they aren’t willing to sit back and let nature take its course. “They want solutions and they want them now. Those solutions can range from modern topical and ingestible options to hair extensions, partial hair pieces and wigs,” said Neville. 10. Promoting salon/spa/barbershop memberships and packages. “We focus on memberships and packages to increase sales, referrals and loyalty,” explained Gary Reed, president of Hairzoo, who with his parents is expanding the company’s footprint on both coasts in 2017. “We start with a haircut or blow-out membership, then build add-on services or amenities to thank guests who purchase a package of multiple services. That allows us to sample new services and reward our best clients. In addition, we’re rolling out a new loyalty program to incentivize our guests to help us increase both our retention and referral numbers. When they refer a friend of family member for a discounted service, they enjoy the same discount on their next service. That encourages them to purchase more than one service from us.” Condensed and Re-printed with the permission of Stylist News Papers ( and Jayne Morehouse, President, Jayne & Company jayne@ 440-846-6022

From the innovators of the industry

From our signature Smoothing Therapy—the award-winning keratin hair treatment that started it all—to the launch of Color Therapy, a full collection of keratin-enhanced professional hair color, Keratin Complex is redefining what it means to be an industry leader.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment Natural Smoothing Treatment 4 oz Try-Me Kit* $60.00 Natural Smoothing Treatment 8 oz $110.00 Natural Smoothing Treatment 16 oz $200.00 Natural Smoothing Treatment Liter $350.00 Express Blow Out 4 oz* $50.00 Express Blow Out 12 oz $125.00 Express Blow Out Liter $300.00 Blonde Smoothing Treatment 4 oz $60.00 Blonde Smoothing Treatment 8 oz $110.00 Blonde Smoothing Treatment Liter $350.00 Clarifying Shampoo 12 oz $12.50 Clarifying Shampoo Liter $32.00 *Kits include a 4 oz. treatment, 3 oz. clarifying shampoo, Colorcare Shampoo and conditioner 3 oz.

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at


Keratin Complex KeraHold Color

KeraBrilliance Gel Demi Color

Luxurious, brilliant results from proven keratin technology. Delivers reflective, vibrant color and radiant shine–every time. Keratin fills in porosity for even color distribution. Micronized pigments anchor inside the cortex for superior longevity. All KeraHold shades are intermixable and can create an infinite array of vibrant results. 100% oxidative color. 100% gray coverage. Economical 3.5 oz tube and user-driven mixing ratios of 1:1 or 1:1.5 allow for greater creativity and money-saving applications.

Triple Protein Protection, a blend of keratin, collagen and silk amino acids, helps strengthen damaged hair, enhance softness and shine, and restore moisture balance. Blends gray hair up to 50%.

77 shades in 3.5 ounce tubes


Demi Glaze Demi Crème Color

Zero Lift Developer Liter 10 Volume Developer Liter 20 Volume Developer Liter 30 Volume Developer Liter 40 Volume Developer Liter

$6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99

Demi-Glaze Keratin-Enhanced Demi-Permanent Hair Color is a combination pigment hair color that enhances levels 8 and above while increasing durability and shine in blonde shades.

Swatch Book New Account Packages starting at Try-Me Kit for $95.88

$46.75 $173.00

31 shades in 2 ounce bottles New Account Packages starting at Try-Me Kit for

6 shades in 2 ounce tubes

Multi-purpose, highly concentrated direct pigments achieve rich, prismatic color or dramatic results.

It’s A Blonde Thing



Metamorfix Extreme Direct Pigment

5 shades in 1.35 ounce tubes

Bleach 16 oz 10 Volume Developer Liter 20 Volume Developer Liter 30 Volume Developer Liter 40 Volume Developer Liter

$5.50 $220.00 $66.00

$24.50 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 $6.99


Color Perfector 18 oz Stain Remover 2 in 1 5 oz

$42.50 $14.99

Other Timer (Mechanical) Tint Brush Tube Key Measuring Cup Color Applicator Bottle Apron (Chemical) Cape (Chemical) Bowl (Mixing)

$5.00 $3.00 $1.00 $2.50 $3.00 $15.00 $15.00 $3.50

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

Keratin Complex Retail Collection Cleanse and Condition Color Care Travel Valet Color Care Shampoo 13.5 oz Color Care Shampoo Liter Color Care Conditioner 13.5 oz Color Care Conditioner Liter Care Travel Valet Care Shampoo 13.5 oz Care Shampoo Liter Care Conditioner 13.5 oz Care Conditioner Liter

$9.50 $11.00 $19.50 $11.00 $19.50 $8.50 $11.00 $19.50 $11.00 $19.50

Timeless Color Shampoo 13.5 oz Timeless Color Shampoo Liter Timeless Color Conditioner 13.5 oz Timeless Color Conditioner Liter Timeless Deep Conditioner Masque 8.5 oz

$12.00 $22.00 $12.00 $22.00 $20.00

Blondeshell Travel Valet Blondeshell Shampoo 13.5 oz Blondeshell Shampoo Liter Blondeshell Conditioner 13.5 oz Blondeshell Conditioner Liter Blondeshell Masque 6.7 oz Dry Shampoo Blonde 9 gram Dry Shampoo Brunette 9 gram Dry Shampoo Neutral (white) 9 gram

$10.00 $12.50 $23.00 $12.50 $23.00 $22.00 $18.00 $18.00 $18.00

Infusion Therapy Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner 7 oz Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner Liter

$12.50 $28.00

Infusion Replenisher 2.5 oz Infusion Replenisher 4 oz Infusion Replenisher 18.6 oz (with pump)

$14.00 $20.00 $62.50

Intense RX 1 oz Intense RX 3.4 oz

$22.00 $55.00

Thermo Shine 3.4 oz $10.50 Kerawhip Cream Conditioner 8.5 oz $12.50 KeraBalm BB Cream 1.7 oz $15.00 Vitalshot Restorative Ampoules 10 Pack $32.00 Style Therapy Flex Flow Hair Spray 10.2 oz $12.50 Vita Volume Foam 8.5 oz $12.50 Glowtion Potion Oil 3.4 oz $15.00 Iconic Polish 2 oz $11.50 Liftoff Root Amplify Gel 8.5 oz $12.50 MoldMe Texture Cream 2 oz $11.50 Shine Serum 1.7 oz $9.50 Sparkle & Shine (Bronze, Copper, or Gold) $17.00 Sweet Definition Sugar Mist Spray $8.50 New Account packages starting at less than $200

Trade your current color, smoothing or retail products for something new. 1977 to 2017 Shop on-line 24 hours a day at


STEALTH V DIGITAL SMOOTHING + STRAIGHTENING IRON - 1.25” Sleek, ergonomic design features premium beveled titanium plates to straighten and smooth the hair effortlessly. 360-degree power swivel cord for flexibility and ease of use. Ionic technology reduces frizz and flyaways. Digital temperature control heats accurately from 280° to 450°F (137° – 232°C). Makes styling faster and easier.


TRANSFORMER INTERCHANGEABLE STYLING ROD Includes three versatile attachments—1/¾-inch cone barrel, ¾/1-inch reverse cone barrel, and 1¼-inch barrel with clip— to create endless styles, from downtown waves to amplified volume. Revolutionary non-stick TOURTANIUM™ barrels combine the best of titanium, tourmaline and ceramic to deliver long-lasting waves and curls with two times more shine. Secure PHANTOMlock™ barrel-locking system with easy release mechanism allows for instant swapping of hot barrels. Advanced heating system enhances performance and improves heat distribution while automatically maintaining a consistent temperature of 410˚F. Includes heat-resistant silicone mat, insulated travel bag and glove to store everything in one handy place. Ergonomic design with 8-foot, 360-degree swivel cord gives increased flexibility while styling.

$132.00 12

Flat Irons & Blow Dryers Mix-n-Match 5% off 12 10% off 24 15% off 36

Keratin Complex Tools Curling Iron Black 1/2” Cone Curling Iron Pink 1/2” Cone Root Refiner Taming Tool Transformer w/ Interchangeable Rods Stealth V Iron 1.25” HydraDry Blow Dryer Thermal Blanket & Pouch Thermal Glove 3 Finger Thermal Glove

$80.00 $80.00 $130.00 $132.00 $135.00 $125.00

Thermal Round Brush with comb 2” Thermal Round Brush with comb 2.5” Thermal Round Brush with comb 3” Thermal Round Brush with comb 3.5”

$17.00 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00

Vent Brush Black Vent Brush White

$15.00 $15.00

Bling Brush Black


Extension Brush Detangling Comb Carbon Pintail Comb Small Cutting Comb Alligator Clips (6 pk) Steel Chopsticks (4 pk)


$22.00 $20.00 $20.00

$10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $6.00 $15.00

More combs, brushes, clips and the Aerorasor on page 23

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987


HYDRADRY DUAL ION + CERAMIC PROFESSIONAL SMOOTHING DRYER Ceramic + tourmaline far-infrared heat quickly breaks down water molecules to dry hair up to 50% faster. Dual-ionic function features a positive ion generator that seals the cuticle to deliver a smooth, shiny finish. Two speeds, three temperatures and a cold-shot button allow for complete control and customization. Three attachments: Concentrator nozzle, comb nozzle and diffuser.


INFINITE CERAMIC STYLER One tool, endless possibilities! An ideal flat iron to use for everyday styling. Adjustable temperature up to 450° F and automatic shut off feature. Fast heating ceramic tourmaline 1” plates. Negative ion feature and far-infrared heat seals hair cuticle to provide a smooth, shiny finish on all hair types. Dual voltage 110 – 250 volt can be used anywhere world-wide with appropriate power plug adapter. Comes with thermal pouch, 4 clips and a comb.

$125.00 Shop on-line 24 hours a day at


*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

you own it. you build it. you keep it Our mission: empowering hair professionals with smart solutions to exceed customer expectations. Everything we do is designed to help make the hair professional more successful Professional only - never sold in mass

retail outlets. A true salon exclusive brand that works to improve and retain your residual business - you own it. you build it. you keep it. Embracing a culture of integrity - family owned and privately operated since 1983

True Integrity Permanent Color Low-Ammonia permanent and demi permanent hair color system. All ranges are calibrated at very level and are true to level and tone. Conceal Gray Coverage Additives take the guesswork out of formulating hair color for gray coverage, creating excellent results every time.   70+ shades 2 ounce tubes


Pure Oxi 10V Cream Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi 20V Cream Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi 30V Cream Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi 40V Cream Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi Demi Cream Developer Ltr.

$7.00 $7.00 $8.50 $8.50 $8.50

Pure Oxi 10V Clear Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi 20V Clear Developer Ltr. Pure Oxi Demi Clear Developer Ltr.

$5.50 $5.50 $7.00

Swatch Book New Account packages starting at

$57.75 $99.00

Illusionist Brilliant Highlight Color One step low-ammonia highlights save colourists time and leave the hair silky. Unlimited creativity with controlled lift from 1 level to as dramatic as beyond 7 levels. Amazing base break formulas offer a creative lightening technique to soften the contrast between natural and highlighted hair. 8 shades in 2 ounce tubes Accelerator Powder Packet .35 oz Accelerator Powder 24 oz Illusionist Swatch Book New Account package


$6.75 $1.50 $33.00 $35.75 $160.00

Hypnotic Highlight Color Corrective color in a tube! Contains the filler and lowlight shade in one simple, time saving formula. Low ammonia conditioning colour. Use to create deep, rich accent pieces or as an all-over colour. Enriched with Acai berry, Acacia flower extract, Aloe Vera, and Avocado oil. 10 shades in 2 ounce tubes Hypnotic Selection Spinner Hypnotic Swatch Book New Account package

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

$6.75 $12.50 $35.75 $160.00

*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

High Definition Gel Color 10 Pure-base mixing colours are all you need to produce over 200 permanent and demi-permanent hair colours. Low inventory, high profit mixing system reduces salon inventory by 70%. Complete, unsurpassed gray coverage that stays true and natural. Thick enough to be applied with a brush, yet smooth enough for bottle application. 11 Pure-base mixing colours in 4 ounce btls. Lift, for Ultra Light blonds 4 oz. Intensifiers, Two Shades, 1 oz. High Definition Swatch Book New Account Package

$9.35 $9.35 $6.75 $57.75 $245.00

Blazing Highlight Toner Infused Gel Specially formulated to lift up to 7 levels through natural or colour treated hair and deposit permanent  hair colour in a single process. 5 gel colors mix to create 19 shades. Never requires more than 20 vol developer. Requires Oil lightener and X-tra light Booster Concentrate products. 5 colors in 4 ounce bottles create 19 shades Oil Lightener 8 oz Blue Oil Lightener 4 oz Extra Light Booster Powder 16 oz Blazing Highlight Swatch Book New Account package

$9.35 $13.50 $8.00 $23.00 $44.00 $150.00

Shadow Lowlight Filler Infused Gel Each gel color contains the proper filler to achieve expert results in a single step. 7 gel colors mix to create 18 Low Light shades. Time savings and Inventory savings. 7 gel colors mix to create 18 in 4 oz bottles Shadow Lowlight Swatch Book New Account package

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at

$9.35 $44.00 $150.00


*Not available in OR, WA or ID.


Urban Shock Color Craze

Urban Shock Brights

Color outside the lines . Choose from 7 intense, ammonia-free colors that mix to create custom colors. Dilute for beautiful pastels .

A shocking series of pigment-packed, direct dye hair colors that expand the Urban Shock palette.

Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal and Yellow (2.5 ounce) Pastel Mixer 8.5 ounce Urban Shock Swatch Book New Account Package

$6.00 $7.00 $23.10 $60.00

Aqua-Mint, Berry-Magenta, Ruby-Rose, Amethyst-Lilac, Cobalt-Sky, Charcoal-Silver, Clear Mixer 3.04 oz New Account Package

$6.75 $6.75 $54.00

Color Art Conditioning Color Gloss Revolutionary ammonia-free hair color gloss 10 (4 oz) pure-base mixing color gels and a clear base are all you need to produce over 100 no-lift, deposit-only hair colors while reducing hair color inventory by 70%. Provides superb gray coverage and brilliant colors when processed with heat or blends gray and produces natural colors when processed at room temperature . 10 (4 oz) pure-base mixing color gels $8.00 Color Art Equalizer 4 oz $8.50 Color Art Processing Solution Liter $7.00 Color Art Swatch Book New Account Package


$33.00 $180.00

MENZ 5 Minute Hair Color Look years younger in 5 minutes. Ammonia-free, deposit-only permanent hair color Natural looking neutral, cool and warm shades. 9 Shades in 2 ounce bottles 1 Min Stabilizer 8.5 oz Activator Liter Menz Swatch Book New Account Package

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

$8.00 $9.25 $7.00 $33.00 $100.00

*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

Scruples Perms Effects Buffered Perm Normal Effects Buffered Perm Tinted Renewal Condition Perm Norm Renewal Condition Perm Tinted Centura 1 Acid Perm Centura 2 Non-Thio Perm Centura 3 Buffered Alkaline Perm Texture Fusion Perm Texture Sponge Kit

$4.60 $4.60 $4.60 $4.60 $6.25 $6.25 $6.25 $6.75 $8.50

Hair Clearifier Treatment 8 oz Hair Clearifier Treatment Liter No H2O2 Peroxide Neutralizer 8.5 oz No H2O2 Peroxide Neutralizer Liter No H2O2 Peroxide Neutralizer Gallon

$6.00 $16.50 $8.50 $23.50 $45.00

Scruples Support Items Cape or Apron Gel System Color Organizer Tray Two-Sided Mixing Bowl Tube Key Measuring Cup Applicator Brush Black Applicator Brush Silver Applicator Bottle Color Brush Tool Aluminum Foils 10”X4” 400 Pack Aluminum Foils 10”X6” 400 Pack Foam Papers 200 Pack

$18.00 $25.00 $6.50 $2.00 $1.25 $1.25 $1.25 $2.00 $2.25 $14.00 $20.00 $20.00

Color Away 8.5 oz Color Whip Color Thickener 8 oz Color Whip Color Thickener 1 Liter Gallon Pumps Liter Pump Trigger Sprayer 8.5 oz Tools and Brushes Infinite Ceramic Flat Iron 1” Professional Clips 6 Pack Sure Grip Brush Teasing Brush

$5.75 $5.75 $14.00 $3.30 $1.30 $1.30 $125.00 $12.00 $3.50 $5.00

Quad (For Color) Mannequin Head Pearlscriptive Prescription Pad (25/Pad) Display Rack Banner

$50.00 n/c $525.00 $80.00

1977 to 2017

Power Blonde Ammonia-free and PPD-free toning system to be used following power blonde Lightening Powder. Develops long-lasting color that neutralizes, enhances, or cancels warm underlying tones caused from decolorizing. Conditioning panthenol and aloe preserve and protect hair quality. Toner Caramel $6.75 Toner Creme $6.75 Toner Ice $6.75 Toner Platinum $6.75 Toner Steel $6.75 Toner Shampoo 8.5 oz Toner Conditioner 8.5 oz

$10.50 $11.00

Power Blonde Bleach Powder 14 oz Power Blonde Bleach Powder 28 oz Balayage Clay Lightener 16 oz.

$21.00 $35.00 $27.00

Power Blonde Toner Swatch Ring New Account Package

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at

$11.00 $49.95 to $99.95


*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

Scruples Pearl Classic Collection Designed to handle every hair type. Gluten-free, paba-free and cruelty-free. Gentle and color safe. Salon-exclusive, not available in mass retail outlets. Established, trusted formulas Intro Packages Starting at $29.95 Shampoo Hair Clearifier Shampoo 12 oz Hair Clearifier Shampoo Liter Hair Clearifier Shampoo Gallon Moisture Bath Shampoo 12 oz Moisture Bath Shampoo Liter Moisture Bath Shampoo Gallon Renewal Color Retention Shampoo 12 oz Renewal Color Retention Shampoo Liter Renewal Color Retention Shampoo Gallon Structure Bath Volumizing Shampoo 12 0Z Structure Bath Volumizing Shampoo Liter Structure Bath Volumizing Shampoo Gallon Total Integrity Shampoo 2 oz Total Integrity Shampoo 12 oz Total Integrity Shampoo Liter

$7.00 $13.00 $36.00 $6.75 $13.00 $36.00 $7.00 $13.00 $36.00 $7.00 $13.00 $36.00 $3.75 $11.00 $26.50

Clearet Dandruff Shampoo 8.5 oz Clearet Dandruff Shampoo Liter Platinum Toning Shampoo 8.5 oz Platinum Toning Shampoo Liter Dry Shampoo 7.5 oz

$9.50 $18.50 $9.50 $18.50 $10.75

Conditioner ER Emergency Repair Conditioner 8.5 oz ER Emergency Repair Conditioner Liter MoistureX Replenishing Conditioner 8.5 oz MoistureX Replenishing Conditioner Liter Quickseal Detangling Conditioner 2 oz Quickseal Detangling Conditioner 8.5 oz Quickseal Detangling Conditioner Liter Quickseal Detangling Conditioner Gallon Renewal Color Retention Conditioner 8.5 oz Renewal Color Retention Conditioner Liter

$7.50 $15.00 $7.50 $15.00 $3.50 $7.50 $15.00 $43.00 $7.50 $15.00


Renewal Conditioner Gallon Quick Recovery Leave in Conditioner 6 oz Complete Recovery Masque 8 oz Complete Recovery Masque 25 oz

$42.00 $8.75 $12.75 $28.00

Styling Blow Dry Spray 6.6 oz Creme Parfait Volume Foam 8 oz Design Base BB Creme 2.5 oz Direct Volume Root Lift 8.5 oz Dual Design Gel/Wax 4 oz Enforce Sculpt Glaze 8.5 oz Enforce Sculpt Glaze Liter Enforce Sculpt Glaze Gallon Enforce Spray 8.5 oz Enforce Spray Liter Heat Up Thermal Style Spray 8.5 oz High Definition Hair Spray (aero) 1.5 oz High Definition Hair Spray (aero) 10.6 oz High Impact Styling Gel 2 oz High Impact Styling Gel 6 oz Hypershine Spray 4.2 oz Pearl Finish Shine Pomade 1.2 oz Renew Therapy Polish 2 oz Rock Hard Hairspray (aero) 10.6 oz Silk Control Blow Dry Elixir 5 oz Smooth Out Gel 8.5 oz Smooth Out Gel Liter Soothing Polish Serum 3.4 oz Texture Fix Seasalt Spray Gel 8.5 oz Texturizing Paste 3.5 oz Twisted Curl Creme 5 oz

$8.75 $8.50 $9.75 $8.50 $9.00 $7.50 $19.00 $57.00 $7.50 $18.75 $8.50 $3.75 $9.50 $3.50 $7.50 $9.75 $9.00 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $8.50 $23.50 $9.75 $9.50 $11.00 $9.00

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

*Not available in OR, WA or ID.

Scruples White Tea Collection Contains sulfate-free, fade-resistant technology. Formulated with Scruples’ Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) WHITE TEA restorative complex works to pamper and protect every client’s hair color and texture investment. Intro Packages starting at $115.00 Shampoo Restore Shampoo 2 oz Restore Shampoo 12 oz Restore Shampoo Liter

$2.85 $11.50 $26.00

Conditioner Restore Conditioner 5 oz Restore Conditioner Liter Daily Soothing Conditioner 2 oz Daily Soothing Conditioner 8.5 oz Daily Soothing Conditioner Liter

$9.00 $26.00 $2.85 $9.00 $21.50

Styling Hydrating Lotion 8.5 oz Luminous Gel 5 oz Luxury Hairspray (aerosol) 8 oz Magical Serum 5 oz Miracle Foam 5.1 oz Panthenol 5% Treatment 8 oz Panthenol 5% Treatment Liter Panthenol Eda Creme 2.7 oz Satin Paste 1.5 oz Velvet Mold Gloss 1.5 oz

$6.25 $10.50 $9.50 $12.00 $9.00 $8.50 $23.00 $21.50 $10.50 $10.50

#WreckIt Hair Putty 2 oz #MixItStrong Hair Gel 5 OZ #MixItSoft Hair Polish 3.4 oz #Round2 Hair Powder .245 oz #DirtyFinish Spray Glue 5.1 oz #BigVolume Hair Foam 6.75 oz

$7.75 $8.50 $8.50 $8.50 $7.75 $7.75

Forget mundane styling, boxed-in standards and anything conventional. With an individual take on styling, INDIE Hair gives you the freedom to express yourself as you see fit and takes you inside the world of INDIE fashion, art, music, and of course, #INDIEHAIR Intro Packages starting at $39.95 Shampoo and Conditioner #Cleansweep Shampoo 10 oz #Cleansweep Shampoo Liter #Untangled Conditioner 8 oz #Untangled Conditioner Liter Styling #Superfirm Hairspray 1.5 oz #Superfirm Hairspray 9.1 oz #Come Clean Dry Shampoo 5 oz #Catchawave Sea Salt Spray 8.5 oz

$6.75 $13.50 $6.75 $13.50 $3.75 $9.00 $7.75 $9.00

Apparel and Literature #detangle Shower Brush Liter Pump Tagging Kit

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at

$5.00 $1.30 $20.00


Shaving Serum 8.5 oz $8.75 After Shave Tonic 8.5 oz $7.75


Intro Packages starting at $150.00

Extra Hold Gel 7 oz $5.00 13 oz $5.95 32 oz $9.00 64 oz $16.50

Working Wax 4 oz $8.00 12 oz $20.00

Firm Pomade 4 oz $7.95 12 oz $20.00

Firm Hold Gel 13 oz $5.95

Paste 2 oz 4 oz 12 oz

Pomade 4 oz 12 oz

Ultra Hold Gel 13 oz $8.25

Sculpting Mud 4 oz $8.00

$4.75 $8.25 $20.00

$7.95 $19.00

Defining Pomade 4 oz $7.95 12 oz $20.00

To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

Shampoo Blueberry Clarifying Shampoo 10 oz Candy Apple Shampoo 10 oz Candy Apple Shampoo 25 oz

$8.00 $8.00 $16.00

Conditioner Cake Batter Conditioner 10 oz $8.25 Cake Batter Conditioner 25 oz $16.50 Coconut Dream Leave-In Conditioner 6.7 oz $8.00 Styling Creamsicle Mist Detangler 8 oz Banana Molding Putty 2.5 oz Chocolate Controller 2.5 oz Glitter Gum Gel 8 oz Vanilla Cream 2.5 oz Watermelon Candy Gel 8 oz Pomegranite Curl Cream 6.7 oz

$7.50 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $9.00

Trio of 3 oz Candy Apple, Cake Batter & Creamsicle Blueberry, Cake Batter & Creamsicle

$9.00 $9.00

Hair Extension Blonde Hair Extension Black Hair Extension Burgundy Hair Extension Electric Blue Hair Extension Electric Red Hair Extension Hot Pink

$2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00

Intro Packages starting at $127.00 Fun packaging, mouthwatering names and natural colors but what makes them wonderful are their natural ingredients making them safe to use on our babies and children who may have sensitive skin. Our products are free from parabens, sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, gluten, peanuts* and utilize vegan, cruelty free formulas. Our preservative free fragrances add a fun element to the product line that matches the visual appeal. We have added natural and organic ingredients/botanicals to improve the health of the hair rather than weighing them down with chemicals. CALIFORNIA PROP 65 - THE SAFE COSMETICS ACT Our products are made in California and we exceed the standards set forth by California’s Consumer Safety Protection, California’s Safe Cosmetics Program & Prop 65.

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at


Bath & Body Display of 10 Wildflower Infused Body Buffers Salon Cost $60.00

Wildflower infused Body Buffers cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate & massage, all in one. A unique surface changes instantly as you squeeze, from a sensual exfoliating massage texture to soft as silk. 14+ washes. Salon Cost $6.00 each

Five Scents

The Spongelle Boxed Duo has two Infused Body Buff Wash Buffers packaged in a gift box and available in Bourbon Vanilla and Pink Tiarre. 30+ uses. Salon Cost $14.00

Coconut Verbena Ginger Bergamot French Lavender Bulgarian Rose Papaya Yuzu

Heart Shaped Body Wash Infused Buffer & Polisher. The perfect gift for the one you love! Dual sided and enriched with olive oil & a blend of energizing & toning extracts.14+ washes Salon Cost $7.50

Body Wash Infused Sponge for kids. Hyper-allergenic and dermatologist tested. Sulfate, paraben and cruelty free. Individually boxed. Salon Cost $6.00

DON’T FORGET YOUR FEET The Spongelle Pedi-Buffer goes “Beyond Cleansing” to soothe aches and pains and massage away a days stress and strain. Beach Grass and Mandarin Mint. 30+ uses. Salon Cost $8.00 Spongette Body Lotion keeps skin silky smooth. Coconut Verbena, Ginger Bergamot, French Lavender, Bulgarian Rose and Papaya Yuzu. Salon Cost $10.00


To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987


Why Fastapp? Full foil in 9 minutes! • Techniques in 1/2 the time! • Allows YOU Control • Hold Entire Day’s Foil/Paper CREATE:

High Flex Vinyl Cape/ Black Light Weight Cutting Cloth / Black Stylist Vinyl Apron / Black Via Deluxe Cutting Cloth / Black Via Stylist Fabric Apron / Black

$12.95 $21.95 $15.95 $26.95 $16.95

Crystal Ion 110 Small Round Crystal Ion 120 Med Round Crystal Ion 130 Large Round Crystal Ion 135 Extra Large Round Crystal Ion 145 Extreme Round Crystal Ion 170 Styling Brush

$12.95 $13.95 $14.95 $15.95 $16.95 $16.95

Crystal Ion 210 Small Round Boar Crystal Ion 220 Med Round Boar Crystal Ion 230 Large Round Boar Crystal Ion 240 Extra Large Round Boar Crystal Ion S40 Oval Boar Brush Crystal Ion S60 Styler Brush Boar

$15.95 $17.95 $18.95 $21.95 $13.95 $11.95

Crystal Ion S10 Medium Vent Brush Crystal Ion S20 Extra Large Vent Brush Crystal Ion S50 Paddle Brush

$10.95 $12.95 $13.95

• Balyage • Ombré • Foiling • Any Multi-Dimensional Technique

For educational video:

Instagram @FastAppHair

Scan QR Code or visit the FastApp Tool Youtube Channel

Was $49.95 NOW

Purchase FastApp board: $49.95

Use with foils listed below right.


To Order Call: Toll Free: 800-446-3987

Carbon Comb Clutch Black: VCSCC $34.00 Pink: VCICP $34.00

Ion Carbon Combs are heat resistant to 500’ in either pink or black. 54 Ion Brushes and a FREE floor display ($75.00 value) $807.30 VFDUL

Ion Carbon Long Styling Comb-Pink VCIP6 Ion Carbon Long Styling Comb- Charcoal VCIT6 Ion Carbon Fine Pin Tail Comb VCIT1 Ion Carbon Reversible Comb VCIT3 Ion Carbon Low Tension Comb VCIT4 SG Super Wide Cutting Comb VCIT5 SG Wide Tooth Pin Tail Comb VSG505 SG Thin Tapered Barber Comb VSG510 SG Multi Purpose Cutting Comb VSG520 SG Low-Tension Cutting Comb VSG525 SG Super Wide ToothCutting Comb VSG530 SG Wide Tooth / Handle Comb VSG540

$6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $5.00 $5.00 $6.00 $5.00 $4.50 $4.50 $4.50 $5.00 $5.00

Via Cobra Clips 4 Pack Via Ultra Grip Clips Black 6 Pack

$8.75 $6.50

Miscellaneous Other Items Disposable Vinyl Gloves Clear Soft-N-Style Box One Size fits most 100 Ct $16.75 Jet Black Powder Free Reusable Latex Gloves 1 pair (Choose Small, Medium or Large) $2.95 Embossed Foils 300Pk 5X8 $7.00 Embossed Foils 500Pk 5X11 $14.00 Embossed Foil 300 pak 5x12 $13.99 Clear Processing Caps 30 Count XL $2.95 Mannequin Heads (Sam 2, 23”) $50.00 Mannequin Head Stand Tripod $89.00

Aerorasor 15 Ion Thermal Round Brushes w/ Display $224.25 VTHCD

15 Ion Styler Brushes w/ Display $191.25 VSHCD

15 Ion Boar Round Brushes w/ Display $275.25 VBHCD

C1 Blade Replacements (8) S1 Blade Replacements (8) T1 Blade Replacements (8) V1 Blade Replacements (8) Aerorasor Intro Unit

Shop on-line 24 hours a day at

$18.00 $18.00 $18.00 $18.00 $149.00 NOW $79


2561 Business Parkway Suite B Minden, NV 89423


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To place an order or for education in your salon call (800) 446-3987

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Celebrating 40 years from 1977-2017

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