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Our order for sunshine on the day looked well on the way to being delivered, with nice clear skies and a lovely orange sunrise, although all soft-tops remained in place which was fortuitous, because it wasn’t long before we were blanketed in fog and hair-styles wouldn’t have carried that level of damp. We were off on time, and the lack of traffic resulted in a neat column of Porsches heading through Sunbury and on to Romsey. On taking a turn onto the Lancefield Rd, Tony slowed up his GT3RS to allow his daughter Alice to take some film-footage, giving several cars (me included) the opportunity of passing him for a change. The fog really had set in by the time we got into Broadford, and the slippery road surface on the downhill windy roads which followed had everyone paying extra attention. But the great parade of Porsches remained intact with no-one

turning their steep descent into a sudden ascent. We made an impressive site for the occasional pedestrian and cyclist.

Yea vineyard. This was presented as the prize in our raffle, and was won by a most appreciative Stephen Lofthouse.

We reached Yea by 9.30am or so and were right on schedule for breakfast, commandeering the adjacent car-park for ourselves. Jo and her staff at the Yea Emporium had reserved the front of their establishment for us and once seated hot coffee and tea were ordered.

The morning’s events were wound-up, with attendees deciding on whether to head for home……. extend the drive through King Lake….. or, politely accept an infringement notice from the local constabulary, like Tim.

The choices on offer for breakfast were incredible; eggs every which way- traditional or savoury, toasties, waffles etc. Excellent service and value. With breakfast done, most of us had a wander around The Emporium, looking at the bric-a-brac, buying old books, jams & preserves, frozen pies, chillies (for a gold coin donation) even eggs…. Trying to keep things regionally specific, Margaret even sourced a bottle of wine from a

ISSUE 2, 2017


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Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria