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Run to Killara Estate, Yarra Valley Story: Vickie Morris Photos: Angelo Monteleone Sunday 21st May 2017

The Mountain Lion Twins (a translation of their surname) certainly provided an eventful excursion for the lucky 50 odd PCV members attending the Torque Tube Run to Killara Estate Winery. It would be a different day out for me right from the start. I would be navigating for my partner Grant in his ……gulp… Mazda 6. This was a decision I had made as the weather forecast appeared to be reliable, promising a glorious 19 degree Melbourne autumn day. Wine tasting was on the agenda. I hadn’t indulged in a Sunday afternoon Shiraz for quite some time. I may be self-righteous but I don’t drink at all when I take Dietfried (my 964) out on a date, so you see my dilemma readers… and not experience the wonderful produce of Seville East vines or volunteer fellow club member as my chauffeur albeit in an import. It was a tough decision leaving Dietfried behind but I bit the bullet and took up residence in the Mazzy’s passenger seat. Beginning at Porsche Centre Doncaster at 9.30am Frank and Gloria were punctual in their bright yellow 2015 Cayman GTS. Pole position in front of the dealership was taken by the double

trouble Twins in their model matching 944 S2s. Jonathan Ford parked his new acquisition a 2003 996 Targa behind the Mazda. Dealer Manager Raymond and his delightful daughter Mikhalia were on hand to greet us with delectable morning tea consisting of choc chip croissants, sweet slices and fresh fruit filled pastries accompanied by barista style coffees. Attendees wandering in perused the latest dealer temptations whilst enjoying a café latte. As a surprise, Raymond offered the members to lay eyes on an absolute gem of the Porsche lineage….some lucky person’s 911 R - repeat “911 R”. Simply mesmerising. I have vinyl records at home that look like 5 cent pieces compared to this monster’s discs brakes. With run notes distributed, and captain briefing done, Raymond surprised us with one last generous gift presenting everyone with a Porsche Cap. I could have gone home then and still have been totally satisfied. This club is the gift that keeps on giving. Beware new members as parking position is a pivotal part to getting out in the pack, otherwise you might get stuck at the back like us taking up last position behind Ivan and Domenico’s lovely 928 S4. Even though the first 4 kms heading east seemed relatively straightforward my navigation instinct was tested early on. I am sure I counted 4 roundabouts and then a right turn on to Stintons Rd, contradictory to the 3 roundabouts and then a right turn as stated in the run notes. Never mind, I let the fact that in front of me were at least 10 Porsches turning at the 5th. Grant was




over his wrestle with Ivan to achieve 2nd to last position and relegated himself to last again. There is something special about being last – you get the privilege of the blissful view of the inspiring club convoy motor along the bitumen. Too much distraction for Bernard and Rita in their 1974 white 2.7 911s. They missed the right turn at 17.4 km leading Ivan astray too. Not my first picnic, I instructed Grant not to follow and navigated him to a glorious 3rd to last position. We celebrated in re-joining the peloton bar until an irritating silver Toyota obstructed my view. The roller coaster Edward Rd enabled me to catch glimpses of the conga line ahead. Finally, we were behind John Iacovangelo’s 944 S2 1990 Guards Red Turbo. Celebration would be cut drastically short as the next part of the run would prove to be a survival of the smartest (GPS).Confusion reigned at 37.4km. The untested run notes sent the Torque Tube run into bewilderment. A false right turn on to the mysterious Don Rd C506 proved to derail drivers and puzzle navigators.

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Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria