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SUMMER 2011/12


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Annual PCV Dinner Dance Winton Sprints Spring Run Last Run WIYG


SUMMER 2011/12


Any vintage. Any model.

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Porsche Centre Melbourne 109 – 111 Victoria Parade Collingwood VIC 3066 Tel: 03 9473 0901 Hours Mon to Fri: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm Sat: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm www.porschemelbourne.com.au



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PARADE www.pcv.com.au


Rex Broadbent’s 911S under the microscope





Horizontally Opposed


Winton Sprints


Competition Editorial


Spring Run


P re s i d e n t ’s M e s s a g e


Club Committee 2011/12


Confessions of a Porsche Heart


The Last Run 2011


P O R S C H E U S A Tr i p o f a Life Time


Social Corner


F ro m R a c e C o n t ro l L o o k i n g f o r w a rd , l o o k i n g b a c k


AGM & Club Night


Annual Dinner Dance


W h a t ’s I n Yo u r G a r a g e ?


Rennsport Reunion

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2 6 .Phillip IslandP Sprints re s i d e nWhat’s t s Dinayour y Garage?


9 9 6 / 9 9 7 R e g i s t e r Tu r b o Mountain Run


Mid 911 Register End of Ye a r L u n c h


Roll of Honour


New Members


51. N o t j Plus ust Good(wood) Boxster–Shootout t r u l y G re a t !

Porsche Regularity 53. Va l e L i s a J a c o b s o n Footsteps in the Ash 54.

Ballarat Run


Mid 911 Weekend to Warrnambool 9 9 3 R e g i s t e r C a p t a i n s C re e k W inery Run Monterey 2009

SUMMER 2011/12


SHOW “N” SHINE Plus Winton Sprints Spring Run Annual PCV Ball Last Run WIYG

Print Post Approved PP 349069/00056

Club Calendar

Cover Photography: Ron Widdison



SUMMER 2011/12



calendar for 2012 February




COMP - Phillip Island


COMP - Haunted Hills


COMP - Winton


SOCIAL - Summer Run (TBC)




REGISTERS - Torque Tube Run


REGISTERS - Boxster/ Cayman & Torque Tube Run




SOCIAL - Go Kart Challenge (TBC)


Club Night BBQ


COMP & SOCIAL Tasmanian Hot Tour (TBC)


Sandown 6 Hour

March 4



Weekday Driver Training & Practice at Sandown


COMP - Sandown


REGISTERS - Boxster/Cayman Run

30 - 3 Apr SOCIAL - Warrnambool & Grampians Tour (TBC) April 1

COMP - Calder


SOCIAL - Autumn Run (TBC)


Club Night

28 - 29

REGISTERS - 996/7 Overnight Run

June 3

REGISTERS - 996/7 Run


COMP - Winton





REGISTERS - 996/7 Run


Club Night


COMP - Broadford (TBC)


REGISTERS - Mid 911 Run Overnight Run


SOCIAL - Spring Run (TBC)


AGM & Club Night


SOCIAL - Show & Shine at MotorClassica (TBC)


COMP - President’s Day (TBC)

July 1

COMP - Phillip Island


SOCIAL - Mid Year Dinner (TBC)


SOCIAL - Winter Run (TBC)


REGISTERS - 996/7 Run

August 12

COMP - Haunted Hills


REGISTERS - Mid 911 Run


Club Night



November 11



Mid 911 Lunch


REGISTERS - Torque Tube Run

December 1

Annual Dinner Dance


SOCIAL - The Last Run (TBC)

SUMMER 2011/12


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horizontally opposed

In our feature stories Michael Browning shares the first instalment of his 30 years of Porsche ownership with us and John Lewis reports on his USA road trip. Tristan De Carro returns to the Rennsport Reunion, this time at the famed Laguna Seca Raceway. And finally Adrian Nelson reports on the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

Motorclassica. I spent a full day scraping a year’s worth of competition grime off the CS to compete in my first Show N shine. Great weather, turnout and event, one not to miss next year! Will and I visit Tom Walstab for the latest instalment of “What’s in your Garage”! Tom has a great little collection in his basement with the ultimate garage accessory - a turntable! If you’re reading this Romana I’ll have one of those for Christmas please! A warm welcome to our new Club President Will Darvall. In an interview with Michael Browning Will shares his vision for the Club over the next twelve months. Socially our team reports on the Spring and Last Runs and the Register guys report on their adventures over the last three months.

Rounding off the competition year we report on the Winton Sprints. Congratulations to Peter Fitzgerald for taking out the Outright Award and to Aaron Ireland our new Club Champion.

Also featured in this edition is the Annual Dinner Dance once again held at the Sofitel hotel. Congratulations to Michael O’Brien and his social committee for staging another excellent event.

We then revisit Sandown for the Annual President’s Day event. It’s the only track event for the year that we get to take out passengers on the track and scare the living bejesus out of our mother in laws!

A big thank you to everyone who wrote stories or took photos for this issue.

Our cover story sees the PCV Show & Shine moved with great success from Fed Square to The Exhibition Buildings in conjunction with

Take care and drive safely over the holidays.

Remember you can view this and other back issues on the club website.

Ron Widdison, Editor

competition editorial That’s it, that’s all folks, 2011 is done and we now enter the ‘motorsport drought’ until the start of February 2012. Personally I find this very tough as I’m a massive motorsport addict! F1, V8 Supercars, Carrera Cup, WRC, FIA GT1 Championship, Indy Car, etc, etc is all done for at least two months..... and of course no more PCV competition until Feb 5th!!! So how do us ‘addicts’ survive these long dark lonely months??? I guess we all have our own ways of dealing with it; personally I tend to lean towards watching re-runs of Top Gear, F1 and V8 Supercar races, although the cricket does distract me for most of January (Or is that the Bull Ring Bar at the MCC???) Either way it’s a long painful wait.......... Congratulations to all the place getters in this year’s PCV Motorsport Championship. The results can be viewed on page 17 in the Annual Dinner Dance report. It was a huge honour to finally get my name on the big trophy and there were a few people I forgot to thank in my speech at the dinner dance; Cameron Goodyear was generous enough to let me share his car at the Winton/ DECA long weekend when my car was being fixed, without this I wouldn’t have been able

to win the championship (or it would’ve been near impossible at best) so Cam, thank you so much, I owe you big time! Also to anybody else who has let me drive their cars in PCV events or driver training/practice days over the years (there’s so many that I don’t think there’s enough room to fit them all on this page. I’m also worried that I’ll forget somebody!) It’s so amazing and a huge privilege to be allowed to drive these cars on a race track. Only ten years ago I hadn’t even driven a Porsche on the road and it was a thrill just to sit in one let alone drive one on a track! I really do have to pinch myself sometimes and remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do this on a regular basis. I can’t wait for next year, in particular Sunday 5th February at Phillip Island for the first round of PCV Competition 2012. In this edition of Porsche Parade we have Competition articles from PCV Members – Marcus Lethlean (Winton Sprints) and James Sanderson (Presidents Day at Sandown) Enjoy! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Regards, Aaron Ireland Motorsport Editor



Rex Broadbent’s 911S Editor in Chief: Ron Widdison under the microscope Motorsport Editor: Aaron Ireland Social Editor: Felix Rieniets “Porsche Parade” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. (ACN 005 727 0942) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. Plus PO Box 911, Kew, Victoria 3101 Boxster Shootout Porsche Regularity web site: www.pcv.com.au Footsteps in the Ash email: pcv@pcv.com.au Print Post Approved PP 349069/00056

Welcome to the final “Porsche Parade” for 2011, and what an action packed edition it is with stories from our members from three different continents!


Editor & Advertising: Ron Widdison mobile: 0418 359 450 email: editor@pcv.com.au Phillip Island Sprints

What’s in your Garage?

Ballarat Run

Monterey 2009


Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche Parade is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. A minimum of four issues are published annually. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to editor@pcv.com.au. Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2011 by The Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Victoria Inc not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution.

Porsche Club of Victoria Administration: Carly Pasco Phone: 9391 5955 Fax: 9391 5911 e: administrator@pcv.com.au Post: P O Box 911, Kew 3101 www.pcv.com.au SUMMER 2011/12






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president’s message

club committee 2011/12 Will Darvell Peter Harrison President President

Peter Harrison Vice President

Welcome to Australia’s (the World’s ?) best Porsche Club magazine and my first Report as President. I feel like an Eastern Block or African despot, having been elected unopposed at the AGM in October. I look forward to completing the year without being shot, kidnapped or tortured. Our new Secretary, Neville Sampson, was also elected for the first time, and Wayne St. Baker and Tony Carolan, who were appointed during the year, also were elected, along with the other 8 Committee members, listed on this page, who were reelected. It is a very united, enthusiastic team, who will proactively manage the fortunes of the Club and the interests of the members.

Michael O’Brien Treasurer & Social Director

NevilleSampson Secretary

PCV Show ‘n Shine held at Motorclassica Andrew Bonwick Competition Director

What does PCV do well? 1. Competition.

6. Show ‘n Shine.

Every year we have a 10 round Competition season, for class and overall categories and prizes, held at race tracks in Melbourne and around the State, contested by over 200 different drivers.

Held in conjuction with the very successful Motorclassica, it is an annual event for those who love to show their pampered pride and joy. Over 30 participated this year, with the event to be expanded next year.

2. Social.

7. The Dinner Dance.

Throught the year we hold 5 bi-monthly Club meetings, with dinner, socializing and interesting speakers. Social runs, with a fabulous drive to an interesting lunch venue, punctuated by a sumptuous morning tea at a CFA branch, are also held 5 times a year. Over 300 people also attend these.

To wind up each year, we honour the prize winners of the Competition season, the Club Member of the year, and perhaps induct a new Hall of Fame or Life Member. We also wine, dine, dance and socialize with around 250 or so happy guests, as a delightful way to end the year.

3. Registers. Each one of 9 Registers, of models grouped by type or years, runs about 3 events, usually of similar format to the Social runs, or of a more informative nature about their particular vehicles. Again, perhaps 150 different people attend. 4. Marshals. At every Competition round, PCV marshals run the event, from organizing to total control of all aspects of the day, by well qualified senior marshals or enthusiastic “flaggies” manning the corners. Over 50 marshals help out each year. 5. The World’s best magazine, Porsche Parade. Ron Widdison pulls together and brilliantly formats and prints this magazine 4 times a year, with contributions from multiple writers and photographers, about all the events that have been held since the last issue, as well as other topics of interest. Perhaps 40 people are involved each year.

So, if you’re not in one or more of these groups, where the bloody hell are you? PCV has around 800 “primary” members, with other family members bringing the numbers to around 1200. Perhaps half our members are “live” and the other half is “dead”, or inactive. Perhaps you’re busy, or just love to keep up with what’s going on via the magazine, or you’re a little hesitant to come along. Don’t be, because the club is full of very agreeable, unpretentious (or equally pretentious), friendly, welcoming and like-minded Porsche wankers, just like you. Give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! My wife Barbara and I were at the birth of the Club in 1975 and have participated in all aspects of Club life and organization, without ever losing our eager enthusiasm for the next event. So, come on down!

Ron Widdison Porsche Parade Editor

Wayne St Baker Registers Director

Felix Rieniets Deputy Social Director

Graham Lachlan Driver Training

Stephen Wood Advertising

Aaron Ireland Driver’s Representative

Will Darvall, President Tony Carolan Membership

SUMMER Carly2011/12 Pasco

Club Administration


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social corner It is incredible how quickly the second half of our year has just disappeared, it feels as though our Hunter Valley Tour has only just finished, but now the Annual Dinner has been held and our year is complete! It has been another fantastically enjoyable year for me in my role as Social Director. I regard this as an absolute privilege and pleasure, and extend my thanks to all for allowing me this honour. At the outset I want to thank all our members who have attended any of our events throughout the year, and to all those involved in helping in anyway to the success of these events, thank you. The Annual Dinner Dance was a great success with our new President Will Darvall a star. He added more than a touch of personality when joining me as Masters of Ceremony. Planning for next years dinner has already begun, so if you enjoyed this year’s event, make sure you lock away Saturday 1st December 2012 for yet another night to remember. The 2011 Social Committee included Julia Anderson, Jolanda Brezovec, Janet Conheady, Will Darvall, Neil Drew, Trevor Leavesley, Adrian Nelson, Carly Pasco, Felix Rieniets, Keith Ryding and yours truly. Many others including Alf Carrigan, Barbara Darvall, and Don Ballingall have continued to provide support and direct assistance to Social Activities as needed. On behalf of our club, I extend our thanks to all those and many others who ensure that we provide such a successful programme. For 2012 we welcome Leon Christodulaki to the committee. Leon will also co-captain the 993 Register with Felix Rieniets. New Club Award: The Porsche Club of Victoria will conduct a new club award for the 2012 year, The Participant of the Year Award, previously known as the Social Competition. This new prize will be available to all PCV members and is to encourage members’ participation in all PCV events. The PCV has therefore entered into sponsorship agreements with three companies to provide prizes for this competition which will be conducted during 2012. First Prize is “The Traction Tyre & Suspension Centre Award”, providing Yokohama tyres of the winner’s choice, from Traction Tyre & Suspension Centre, including fitting and balancing, to the value of $2,000. Second Prize is “The Porsche Cars Australia Award”, providing items of the winner’s choice from the PCA Selection Department to the value of $400. Third Prize is “The Nillumbik Cellars Award”, providing Wine of the winner’s choice from Nillumbik Cellars to the value of $200. The rules for the Participant of the Year Awards are available on the club’s web site under Club Info Rules - 2012 Participant of the Year Award. Members will be awarded points for participating in a wide cross section of club events including, Social, Competition, Marshalling & Volunteering, Registers, and off course the Annual Dinner Dance.

Our Year in Review Club Nights: Our year began with an “Aeronautical Theme” at our opening outdoor Club Night and Barbeque on 15h February 2011, at “Hangar 5”, Short Stop Jet Charter, Essendon Airport. The evening included joy flights across the bay in a restored ex-RAAF C-47/DC-3, ‘Melbourne’s Gooney Bird’, as well as our superb BBQ and refreshments. This event was attended by over 160 members and guests, and will be a hard act to follow for the start of 2012. Our second Club Night on Tuesday 19th April 2011 was at Porsche Centre Melbourne. On the night we had three presenters; Juris Briedis, talking about both the tours to the Nurburgring in 2008 and his F1 experience in 2010; Michael Lentini, who was also on the 2010 tour, talking about his impressions of the trip; and Anthony Moss, who runs the tours, talked about the 2011 tours on offer. Our third Club Night was held on Tuesday 21st June 2011, at Porsche Centre Brighton, complements of Steve Ellet. Jolanda & Keith organized a “Winter Warmer”, whiskey tasting which was a real hit with many of us not experienced in whiskey tasting. We returned to Porsche Centre Melbourne for our fourth Club Night on Tuesday 16th August 2011. Chris Mason organized a short presentation from David Stannus, around the topic of “Reducing your Personal Best Lap Time by 2 seconds using data”. David used actual data from one of Greg Humphies lap times which was analyzed showing how to improve on it. Keith Ryding provided the second presentation on how to import a vehicle from the UK, and of his experiences in Europe during his recent vacation. The final Club Night of the year our AGM, was held on Tuesday 18th October 2011, at Porsche Centre Melbourne. This year the theme was be based on the Spring Racing Carnival. Carly organized special guests Brad and Jo Spicer, who provided an insight into race horse ownership from Brad, and Jo provided samples to the ladies (or men) about the range of Arbonne Specialist Skin Care Products. Thanks to Brad we obtained the famous voice of Bryan Martin on disc performing a phantom race call of the “Porsche Club of Victoria Club Championship Cup at Sandown”. The Club Nights would not be possible if not for the efforts of the Social Committee, and of course the incredible support and facilities provided by Porsche Cars Australia, Porsche Centre Melbourne and Porsche Centre Brighton. The Grand Tour; Canberra, Hunter Valley and South Coast NSW: 9 - 17th April 2011: Our grand tours are held every two years and are always very popular and well supported. This tour was no exception; we had 37 cars and 75 people away for 8 nights and covered over 110,000 kilometres. If you missed out on this event, our next grand tour is being planned for 2013, and will be a Murray Valley tour, with extensions for those who can afford the time. For next year however, we have a mini tour planned to Warrnambool and Halls Gap. Watch the web site for details but reserve some time in your diaries now for the end of March next year.

Our Major Social Events: Our first run for the year, the Summer Run was held on 20th February 2011, and organized by Julia Anderson and Neil Drew. We were once again spoiled with a truly magnificent morning tea at the Yea CFA. The Lunch at the Eildon Boat Club was simply outstanding! Appetizers’ of oysters, entre of scallops, main of crayfish, balmain bug, and prawns – buffet desert with the works – tea and coffee! I can’t wait to return. Our Autumn Run on 15th May was organised by Neil Drew and David Turner, to Bellarine Estate Restaurant, on the Bellarine Peninsula. The CFA, for morning tea was John Bakers CFA home, and we were treated to hot pikelets, as well as the usual good fair. Our Winter Run on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July was a combined event with a Competition event at Phillip Island on the Sunday. We had 19 for the social run on Saturday, 24 for the dinner Saturday night; a further 31 came down on the Sunday run. The lunch at Phillip Island catered for almost 200! Complementary lunches for provided for Officials and Marshals. The run succeeded in bringing a vast number together, and a highlight for the Social group was to be able to participate in a couple of laps of the Island driving their own cars, simply magnificent. The Spring Run on Sunday 2nd October was organized by Trevor Leavesley and Graeme Anderson. The run provided some great driving through the winding Gippsland Hills satisfying the most enthusiastic of drivers! A magnificent 3 course, Brazilian Churrasco lunch at Brandy Creek was then enjoyed by all. This venue and run ticked all the boxes - great drive, great food, and a simple drive home! The weather and a great morning tea at Loch CFA made it perfect. Our final run for the year “The Last Run” on Sunday 20th November was a repeat of my Spring Run from 2008. We followed an unusual track to Mount Macedon for morning tea at the Macedon CFA, then to Mount Alexander via some challenging roads and onto the surrounds of Harcourt Valley, where we enjoyed wine tasting and a sumptuous and relaxed gourmet Lebanese BBQ, together with some live country entertainment. Our fourth “Show and Shine” event organised once again by Felix Rieniets and Michael Bailey was held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in conjunction with RACV’s MotorClassica as part of the “Picnic with the Classics”, was host to 32 entrants with competition and awards across all of the Club’s Registers, as well as a “member’s choice” award. The continued success of this event, and now our inclusion with MotorClassica confirms the event as a permanent fixture on the Social Calendar for many years to come. It is a real show case event for the club. Go Kart Night: Our ‘Go Kart Challenge’ evening on 14th September achieved a full field of 38 entrants, who enjoyed a very thrilling and competitive night. The new venue Auscarts Indoor Racing, proved to be a great improvement. Andrew Bonwick provided new supplementary regulations, and the venue provided a fresh challenge to all who competed. The event ran with teams of 2 and 3 drivers. In a magnificent effort Rolf Preston representing team Blue Bull, has obtained our inaugural lap record with the fastest lap time of 28.539 seconds. SUMMER 2011/12


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L13, 256 Queen Street, Melbourne. VIC 3000

Principal Sponsor PCV Social Competition 2011-2012

5% D

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The Annual Dinner Dance: Our night of nights at The Grand Ballroom, Sofitel on Collins was held on 3rd December 2011. We had a lower response to this event than last year with 227 members and guests in attendance. Combined with our favourite band Cheek to Cheek, and excellent service, the event was a great success with everybody staying long after the official finish time. Fortunately we also had the benefit of Sofi’s Bar for an after party till well after 2.30am. The efforts that go into the event each year is just staggering, and would not be possible without the financial support of the general Committee, the work of the Social Committee, and of course Carly Pasco and Lisa Gillespie, for giving their all to ensure it would be right on the night. Our Club Nights and major Social events have included over 1,506 attendances for the year, which despite a generally slow year, is only slightly down on last year’s numbers. This is not

from race control A competitive event at Winton and the traditional fun of President’s Day brings the season to a close. Winton was its normal little package of surprises, with a cold and wet start. The sweeping and tight curves at Winton coupled with a challenging set of turns off the main straight make it a challenging track, and adding rain to that mix just makes it even more interesting. Although it is one of the tracks that tolerates rain well, for the first hour or so the groups were being suitably tentative. As the track dried out the times crept down, with new records being set in MM1 and M2 just before lunchtime. As is normal, the quickest way to get the rain to depart is to call the lunch break, and the surest way to get it back is to send out the flaggies after lunch. The deluge as the flaggies arrived at their spots and Bathurst showing on the big screen meant there were few takers for the track, apart from a number of die-hards keen to get out and experience the track under tougher conditions. It dried out relatively quickly and the day kept going. Winton, as usual, delivered some great duels and those at the track had a good number of runs. President’s Day opened with a rain squall as well. Surely we must be getting due for a dry one. Around 70 entrants attended, with a solid turn-up from our volunteer marshals and officials. The rules of the day included no spins and no 4-wheels-off-the-track, on which basis the pits were opened up. Drivers were careful with the circuit (and the accelerator), and we enrolled 180+ passengers for rides in the morning. The rain gods prevailed in the early afternoon, but we still seemed to get the remainder of the passengers into cars and onto the track, with some fairly dry sessions in the mid afternoon.

to mention all of the events organised by our integral Registers, let alone the mainstay of our club - competition. Social Competition Winners: The Social Competition has now completed six years and has proven to be an important catalyst in boosting attendances at all our social events. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors the following prize winners are: First Prize – Yokohama tyres of the winner’s choice, including fitting & balancing, to the value of $1,500 courtesy of Traction Tyre & Suspension Centre, has been won by Michael Dennis and Second Prize – items from the PCM Selection Department to the value of $400 courtesy of Porsche Cars Australia, won by Christine O’Brien, and Third Prize – wine to the value of $200 courtesy of Nillumbik Cellars, won by Jeanette Sampson. Congratulations and thank you for the support you have shown over the year.

I hope that every member who attended social activities this year gained as much enjoyment as we did from putting the program together. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to experience as many social and club events in 2012 as you are able. You will automatically be in the running for the Participant of the Year Award, so if you haven’t extended your activities from “competition” in the past, next year will be the time to do it! On behalf of the Social Committee I wish you a very enjoyable Christmas and hope to see you all back in 2012 for many more varied Porsche social adventures in the New Year.

We had anticipated (and advertised) some premium catering for the day, but were unable to get the changes approved in time, and so we had to revert to the traditional catering approaches. We will try again next year, as part of our general thrust to improve our catering at the race venues. Catering is tied to the track operator, and it is very hard to get alternatives and interest into the catering options provided as part of the track hire agreement, and let me tell you, that is an understatement.

couple of years the time might be right for a 12 or 24 hour club event.

Next year’s calendar is pretty much finalised. There is a focus on sprint events in the first half of the year, with outings to Phillip Island, Sandown and Calder before a Hill Climb at Haunted Hills. The Winton DECA Queen’s Birthday event has had to be moved due to a clash of bookings at Winton, and is now being held on the following Saturday and Sunday. It should return to the holiday weekend in 2013. In line with feedback from the survey conducted among Competitors during 2011, we will include a Driver Training and Open Practice day at Sandown on 9 March, before the 12 March Sandown Autumn Sprints. I anticipate running this with John Bowe Driver Training as we did with our Phillip Island day in August. The second half of the year will include a day at Broadford again, after the very successful return to the facility in 2011. Also in 2012 we will be running a multi club 6 Hour at Sandown on 25 and 26 February. Bookings have opened for what we hope will be a very popular and large event. Jeff Thomas and Michael Chapman have been carrying the load on the organisation of this event for the last couple of years and it is great to have them enthusiastically managing such a significant event for the Club. Grant Stephenson is putting the finishing touches on an excursion to Simmons Plains in Tasmania for August/ September and a number of club members are looking forward to returning to this track in 2012. We canvassed the development of a 24 hour event during the year, but the feedback was insufficient to justify the organisational effort and risk of setting up such an event. Maybe in a

Michael O’Brien, Social Director

The Rules Review was held on 10 November, and discussed a number of prospective changes to the Standing Competition Rules. Key outcomes were no changes to tyre regulation, after a debate on the use of Hoosier and other grooved slicks, and no ‘control tyre’ regime. The changes that were adopted were the incorporation of the weight of the driver in the ‘as raced’ measurement of power to weight ratios in M1 and M2. This was adopted because of the very close competition that has developed in these classes in recent years and to improve the closeness of the competition. The other change that was developed after discussion in the Rules Review was that of a GT class for modern, unmodified vehicles. The list of cars this includes is at Appendix 1 of the Standing Competition Rules on the website, and the weight to power criteria allows the Mk2 2004 GT3 as well as 996 and 993 turbo’s and the 997 Carrera S. This category is a great demonstration of the capability of Porsche vehicles from the office car-park on Friday to track on Sunday, and competition is expected to be very vigorous. We continue to have good enrolment in Entrée events, an initiative which has been running for several years. Members bring a wide variety of cars, and the aim is to enjoy a day at a racetrack environment within the safety confines of the way we run events. Some members come for one or two meetings, some regularly turn up to particular tracks, and some have moved from Entrée to the competition classes. New entrants are always welcome, although numbers are limited to enable us to match the coaches with the entrée driver effectively and keep a track session devoted to entrée drivers. Give it a go! Andrew Bonwick, Competition Director

SUMMER 2011/12


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Looking forward, looking back In a year when Porsche recalled its 60 year history in Australia, the Porsche Club of Victoria also made a significant connection with is roots, with the appointment of founding member Will Darvall as the Club’s 20th President. Michael Browning found Will gazing into his crystal ball and asked him what he saw ahead for the PCV . . . BROWNING: What benefits are there for the PCV in having a President with 36 years’ membership experience? DARVALL: I think it’s a matter of perspective. In almost any sphere of personal and business life, having the ability to stand back and view the evolution of something over a period gives you an advantage of hindsight. You can better see how things have evolved, what’s worked and what hasn’t. When I joined the PCV in 1975 as one of its founding members we were a small but enthusiastic group of owners with a common purpose: to further and share our love and enjoyment of our Porsches. The same is true of new members today. The only real difference is that our numbers have grown significantly and the range of Porsche vehicles we own is much wider.

DARVALL: Many Cayenne buyers are existing Porsche owners and the others are ‘Porsche enthusiasts in waiting’. The Committee will be looking at ways to interest these new Porsche owners in sampling the Club and what it offers them, perhaps through automatic short-term membership for all new Porsche buyers. Most members owned other vehicles before they became Porsche enthusiasts and I don’t think anything has changed. At least Cayenne buyers now own Porsches! BROWNING: You have talked about the common bond that binds all members, past and present, but how do potential members know what the PCV stands for? DARVALL: After 36 years the PCV still has no listed aims or mission statement and no written code of conduct that binds all members and these are things I am planning to address as President.

BROWNING: Has the type of Porsche owner that the Club attracts changed over the years? DARVALL: I don’t believe so. This is an amazing Club of individual, self-motivated and fascinating people who have one thing in common: they have all wanted to own a Porsche and have succeeded in doing so. By and large they are all unpretentious people who love driving their cars.

I see my job, and that of everyone on the Committee, as being the friendly face of the Club and to make these new members and particularly their families welcome. We currently have of close to 800 ‘primary’ members, but half of these have spouses as members and some have joined their children as well, so two thirds of our membership is potentially interested in ‘family-friendly’ activities. We have to be more mindful of this and plan accordingly. BROWNING: Half of all new Porsche buyers in the past year have purchased Cayenne models, mostly diesels. Do you see these people becoming new PCV members?

My wife Barbara and I are both members of the Australian 356 Register as well as being Life Members of the PCV and we enjoy that. While sharing a common love of Porsche, the 356 people form a distinctly different group and are happy that way. Probably a realistic view is that the various clubs will remain separate, but grow closer, perhaps with some shared events in the future. BROWNING: You have said elsewhere in you President’s Report that Porsche Parade is a club magazine that sets the benchmark. How can you see it being even better? DARVALL: Personally, I’d like to see the magazine develop along its current lines with even more articles on club members, written by a wide range of people. I’m in favour of the Club hearing as many voices as possible rather than leaving areas like Competition reports and other sections of the Magazine controlled by small ‘cliques’ of members. BROWNING: I’ve heard the argument against the PCV having its own Club Rooms, but it’s been a concern of mine that there is no formal archive or database of results and documents that traces the Club’s history back to its earliest days. I hear you are looking at this.

BROWNING: How important has been the growth of the Registers and how will this be fostered in the future? DARVALL: The Club is very cohesive and has become more so since we started the Registers eight years ago. We now have five major social runs each year open to everyone in addition to the 2-3 events run by each individual Register. It is through these social events than many members enter the Club and very firm and long-lasting friendships are made.

DARVALL: I would like to bring the various clubs that represent Porsche owners closer together, but at this stage I think we can coexist without sharing partners in the same house, so to speak.

BROWNING: I’m aware you are keen to make some changes in the way the PCV Committee acts and accounts for its decisions. What are they? DARVALL: I’m keen for the Committee to have more transparency with the membership. For example, we have introduced a ‘binding decisions’ register, so that decisions made by the Committee will be carried forward and not be forgotten. I also would like contact phone numbers and email addresses of all Committee Members published online and in the magazine as they were in the past so that members can establish personal contact if required. BROWNING: The Porsche clubs used to have an annual meeting that members from around Australia attended, but these have now faded away. We also have a fiercely independent Australian 356 Register and the separate Type 901 Register. Would you like to be seen as the ‘Great Healer’ and bring the PCV, 356 and 901 Registers under the same umbrella?

DARVALL: We started collecting information in 2004 and since then were have been working to gather valuable historic items such as trophies, records and all the old magazines, but this is still a work-in-progress. I would like to see something set up online and hope to have everyone participating, including old members. BROWNING: Finally Will, are you a one or two-year President? DARVALL: That decision is a fair way off, but what I will say is that with the support of the Committee, I would like to see a more assertive style of succession planning introduced, so that we get to elections knowing what type of person and what skills we want on the committee rather than relying on enthusiasm and a show of hands alone. For example, to run this club professionally we need a committee of people with skills in accounting, legal affairs, business management, IT, editorial, printing and publishing and advertising. Many people are too busy to remain on the Committee for long periods, so we must actively headhunt people with these skills from our membership to take over. SUMMER 2011/12


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Story: Janet Conheady Photos: Felix Rieniets

AGM & Club Night

18th October 2011

Porsche Club of Victoria Club Championship Cup, featured competition members, with a few extra members being incorporated in the commentary to make a very clever and amusing call – the end was very exciting, leaving much anticipation for the Annual Dinner when the result of the dead heat/ photo finish will be announced.

Spring Carnival in the Showroom Once again we had a special theme for our final Club Night of the year that as usual incorporated the AGM. I must say we had the best dressed attendees for an AGM! Everyone made an effort to dress to the theme with very dapper gentlemen in top hat and tails and business suits, some looking the part sporting there binoculars etc. Who would have expected we would even have a jockey present – courtesy of Michael O’Brien in his very appropriate Porsche jockey silks. All of this and I haven’t yet mentioned the elegant ladies in the most beautiful hats and gorgeous outfits. The evening started a little earlier than usual with the AGM at 6.30pm which was well attended and gave an insight into the successful state of the Club. This was followed by several fun activities including a fabulous phantom race call by well-known race caller Bryan Martin. The race,

We also heard from Brad Spicer, racing personality heard on 1116 SEN, racehorse owner and boutique syndicator of high quality racehorses, Spicer Thoroughbreds. Brad spoke of how racehorse ownership is possible for every one and told of thrills and excitement of being part of a successful syndicate including the close contact it brings to jockeys, trainers and of course the horse. Jo Spicer, the elegant wife of Brad is a District Manager for a superb skincare and cosmetic range called Arbonne. This highly regarded range of Swiss heritage safe and pure products is amazing and I can vouch for that because I have now tried them!! A great product I would highly recommend. Jo had a very impressive product display and kindly shared knowledge and samples of Arbonne products. Brad and Jo very generously put together some great prizes. A lucky door prize of two tickets to a Dining Box at Moonee Valley on a Friday Evening Meeting and three prizes for the Best Dressed Male, Best Dressed Female and Best Hat/Headwear, which also included an Annual Dinner ticket each, provided by the club.

Lucky winners of these prizes were: Lucky door prize: John Kalogerakis Best dressed Male: Michael O’Brien Best dressed Female:Janet Conheady(Yippee!!) Best hat/headwear: Madeleine Serle The Club is so grateful to Brad and Jo as it is people just as them that give both their time and prizes at our Club Nights that make them so interesting, fun and special. Should members wish to contact either Brad or Jo visit: www.spicerthoroughbreds.com.au or www.jospicer.myarbonne.com.au The social committee is very keen to hear new ideas from members for future AGM Club Nights.

SUMMER 2011/12


Story: Trevor Leavesley Photos: Happy Medium Photo Co & Neville Sampson

Grand Ballroom, The Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. Saturday 3rd December.

Aaron ireland receives his Club Champion award

Life Member “inductee” Michael Chapman in fire engine red thanks to Will

Michael O’Brien as MC

It was with some anticipation that Paula and I arrived for the Annual Dinner Dance. Last year’s dinner had been one of the largest ever, justifying the move to the excellent Sofitel Hotel. Ascending the escalator to the lobby area of the hotel we were very surprised to see so many members already assembled. Obviously we weren’t the only ones anticipating another great night. The Sofitel staff was soon distributing copious amounts of quite delightful hors d’oeuvres and liquid aperitifs.

ensemble – Michael in black, Will in silver. Michael began by welcoming everyone and then excited them by announcing that those stunning decanters would be given away as table prizes later in the night.

A break was then taken for the consumption of entrees and ‘Cheek to Cheek’ started to play music for dancing.

This year the Social Committee had decided to emphasize Porsche’s 60th Anniversary, in the theme of diamonds and sparkling dress for the dance. It was apparent from the members present, particularly the ladies, that this theme had been echoed to the full. The time between 7.00 and 7-30 seems to be really enjoyed by members and their partners, as a time to meet with old friends to reminisce and catch up on the year’s activities.

Will, resplendent in sparkling silver scarf and trilby hat, then addressed the gathering in his usual relaxed and humorous manner, welcoming everybody present. He then made special reference to members, who were present, from the new “Porsh Klub of East Sowth Astraya, formed at his recent crowning as “King of Warrnambool” by the Warnambool Crew!! Following the President’s speech, it was time to introduce the Club Person of the Year for 2011.

Promptly at 7.30 we were called into the ballroom and after locating our table on the notice boards outside, we were soon seated for the presentations to begin. Social Director Michael O’Brien and new President Will Darvall shared the MC duties with each of them wearing a shimmery sequined hat, scarf and bow tie

Will joined Michael and introduced our special guests Alan Hamilton along with wife Lorna and daughter Fleur, together with a Porsche table made up of many long serving Porsche Centre Melbourne staff. Alan is the son of the founder of Porsche activities in Australia, therefore an eminent guest for the 60th anniversary.

Andrew Bonwick spoke of this year’s Club Person of the Year; this long-standing member had joined the Club with her husband and was soon driving her Boxster at Club meetings. Recognizing that she was better suited to other functions within the Club and with her husband an active driver, she became a regular marshal. She was given responsibility for leading and organizing the marshals for all track meets and since 2009 has attended every meeting. In that time she has introduced comprehensive changes to marshalling, emphasizing safety and

Andrew & Jennifer McCathie of Traction Tyres

Alan Hamilton with family

Cheek To Cheek



Full dance floor


SUMMER 2011/12


better conditions for all marshals. Meet Robin Humphries, a worthy Club Person of the Year. Grant Stephenson was then called to the stage, to perform what is a rare occurrence in the Club. That is to induct a Club member into the Club’s Hall of Fame. This member was the very accomplished and modest Mike Chrzanowski. In 10 years driving in ‘C’ class, he has won the championship 8 times and been 2nd twice. In 104 races in total, he has won 62, was 2nd and 3rd thirty percent of the time and had only eight percent “other” results. He has held all ten track records at one time and has been Club Champion 4 times. A real, “Hall of Famer”. President Will then announced the granting of a new Life Membership, this person to join Alan Hamilton and Will himself, together with his wife Barbara, as previous life members. That member, Michael Chapman was asked to the stage and was presented with a red scarf, red tie and red trilby to match his 993 C4S with the red CFA signage, known as ‘the firetruck’. Michael joined the Club in 1996, became Social Secretary and then Social Director in 2000. He had a great

interest and was very active in the initiation of driver training, the use of in-club marshals and improved safety precautions, including coordination of driver briefing and marshal briefing. He was Club President in 2005 and 2006 and then 993 Register Captain for 2007 to 2010. He was also the Club’s representative on the CAMS Council. In the last 3 years, he has been very active, with Jeff Thomas in organizing the 4 hour and 6 hour Regularity Trials. In reply, Michael thanked the Club for the knowledge he gained and lessons learnt from race organization and his sincere thanks were given to Jeff Thomas for the assistance and experience freely given. Will then commented that Michael was a longtime friend of the Club and the Award of Life Membership was truly earned. In closing he also mentioned that it was great to see long-term members, Alf and Gay Carrigan here and looking so well tonight, particularly after such a trying time in their lives. Another break was then taken for the main course and more dancing.

On tables 17 and 18, as ostensible members of the new PKESA, we really enjoyed the food and service presented by Sofitel, with much discussion about who had which of the alternating dishes presented for our enjoyment. After a suitable break, Michael invited Andrew Bonwick for the presentation of the track awards. Andrew thanked our new life member, Michael Chapman, for basically setting up the track competition in its present form. He then fully detailed the various Class and Major Competition awards. (Details of which can be found together with this report) Andrew brought to the stage Peter Harrison, the Club Vice-President, for an informal interview with Aaron Ireland, our Club Champion. This was to give us all, an insight into the intricacies and aspects of Club racing, as seen by Aaron. What followed was a detailed, humorous, illuminating, somewhat protracted question and answer session with a very deserving winner.

D Class John Swan (absent) Garry Voges & Melanie Treloar

C Class Aaron Ireland, Mark Chrzanowski & Simon Dunn

B Class Peter Harrison, Marcus Lethlean, Bill Sevastas & Ron Widdison

A Class Phil Treloar, Rick Moscati & Geoffrey Mould

M2 Class Dean Nick Karnaros

MM1 Bob Hawker, Matthew Stoupas & Steven McLaughlan



Open Class Peter Fitzgerald, Tim Williams & Greg Humphries Neville & Jeanette Sampson

Competition Director Andrew Bonwick

Cameron Goodyear & Natalie Mol






Socail competition winner Michael Dennis

Geoff & Barbara Mould

Michael O’Brien came back on to announce the results for the final competition of the year, The Social Competition Awards. Prior to doing this, he explained this competition would have different rules next year allowing for wider participation by more members. This year the winner’s prize was Yokohama tyres supplied by Traction Tyre and Suspension Centre. This was won, by Michael Dennis, the former Social Director of the Club. In his thank-you speech, he was clearly embarrassed by his win, but said that he just enjoyed the Club so much, that he attended every function he could. 2nd and 3rd prizes were a tie between Yannick Anderson, Paula Gardner, Jeanette Sampson and Christine O’Brien. With the winner being drawn out of a hat, Christine won the 2nd prize, of $400 of Porsche gear. Jeanette won the 3rd prize of wine, supplied by Nillumbik Cellars. All four ladies were up on the dance floor for the draw, so in a nice touch by Michael, the unlucky Paula and Yannick each received a decanter. Another dance bracket, dessert and then the table prize draw. Those lucky attendees on each table with number 5 on their place card got to take home the much sought after decanters, on our table John Kirby was the winner. Janet Conheady from the Social Committee deserves our thanks for sourcing these. The rest of the night was socializing and dancing to “Cheek to Cheek”. A few heroes made it to the Hotel lobby bar to continue celebrations until the early hours, a great night, enjoyed by all. There was a tremendous amount of effort put into the organization of this event. Particular thanks must go to our Social Director, Michael O’Brien; Carly Pasco, Club Administrator; and her assistant, Lisa. The Social Committee and many others also contributed. As usual, Michael is already working on next year’s dinner dance. Can’t wait!!!

AWARDS Competition Class Awards

Overall Competition Awards

Class Open

Rookie of the Year

1st 2nd 3rd

Peter Fitzgerald Tim Williams Greg Humphries

Class MM1

1st 2nd 3rd

Bob Hawker Matthew Stoupas Steve McLaughlan

Class M2

1st 2nd 3rd

Dean Taylor Benjamin Faggetter Nick Karnaros

Simon Dunn Outright including Don Tryhorn Memorial Award Peter Fitzgerald Club Champion Aaron Ireland

Club Awards

Club Member of the Year Class A

1st 2nd 3rd

Phil Treloar Rick Moscati Geoff Mould

Robin Humphries Hall of Fame Mark Chrzanowski

Class B

1st 2nd Equal 3rd Equal 3rd

Peter Harrison Marcus Lethlean Bill Sevastas Ron Widdison

1st 2nd 3rd

Aaron Ireland Mark Chrzanowski Simon Dunn

Class C Class D

1st 2nd 3rd

John Swan Garry Voges Melanie Treloar

Life Member Michael Chapman

Social Awards

Social Competition 1st Michael Dennis (Yokohama Tyres thanks to Traction Tyre & Suspension Centre) 2nd Christine O’Brien (Porsche Design merchandise thanks to Porsche Cars Australia) 3rd

Club Person of the Year Robin Humphries

Hall of Fame inductee Mark Chrzanowski

Jeanette Sampson (Wine thanks to Nillumbik Cellars)

Peter Fitzgerald Outright winner

SUMMER 2011/12


story: Will Darvall photos: Ron Widdison




what’s in your garage?

It would be hard to assemble a 3 car collection that better demonstrates Porsche’s roots, branches and successful crop, than that put together by Tom Walstab. Tom grew up tinkering with cars, because “if you didn’t fix ‘em, you didn’t drive ‘em”. There was an XY GT look-alike, with a 250 six; an HQ327; an XP convertible with a rebuilt V-8, for 18 years; a WRX; an S2000 Honda; a Monaro CV8 R; a VW Touareg and a VR6 Golf. Working in the printing business as a young man, Tom identified a niche and filled it with his own

flat guards, enabling fitment of 7’s all round. It has a magnesium case 2.7, with S cams and triple PMO carbs (no kiddies, not the ones you eat). It has adjustable Konis, a 5 speed 901 box and has done 1.55 at Phillip Island. Tom enjoys track days with PCV, with much flatter cornering than standard, shown in the accompanying pic from Bathurst. We used to think that early 911’s

“Who would have thought that early 2.0 litre flat 6 would grow to 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 and now 4.0!” company, Pentagon Print Production, in South Melbourne. In his recently built home in the South Eastern suburbs, there is a real you-beaut underground garage, with a turntable, which solves all the problems of using the space and managing to drive in and out forwards. His first Porsche was a ‘68 911L, last of the short wheel base cars, which had standard and S versions. Long wheel base versions came along in ‘69, with T, E and S variants. Tom’s car is ex-California, with LHD, which was imported by Spencer Harrison. It is a bit of a hybrid (no, not that sort), with the ‘69-on slight guard flares, replacing the “pure” early

were stiffly sprung, but if you see a standard car on the track now, the degree of body roll is astounding. How suspension has changed! The previous owner in the USA was a pilot and used the 911’s front tow hook to retrieve his plane from the hangar; hence the nostalgic transfer on the rear window. Who would have thought that early 2.0 litre flat 6 would grow to 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 and now 4.0! Tom’s next Porsche was the 928 GTS, one of 14 sold here in 1995, the last year of production. Tom had always loved the 928 and finally was in a position to get the one he wanted, after a long search. 928’s ran from

SUMMER 2011/12


928 GTS rotates into position on the turntable

911 L



Cayenne Turbo


928 GTS

The previous owner of the ‘68 911 was a pilot in the USA and used the cars front tow hook to retrieve his plane from the hangar. ’78 to ’95, starting out as a 4.5 litre V-8 with 240 HP, progressing through 4.7, then 5.0, to 5.4 litres, with 350 HP (257 kW), 500 Nm and a factory figure of 5.9 seconds to 100 k’s in auto, or 5.7 in manual. That’s still a quick time and automatics were slower than manuals then! No PDK or Launch Control! Of course, 928’s, 924’s and 944’s were expected to take over from the ageing and “obsolete” 911! The 928 was a relative “failure”, but ran for 17 years and was highly admired by every motoring journalist and owner. Tom’s car is Iris Blue, with grey upholstery, only has 68,000 on the odometer and still looks drop-dead gorgeous, with beautiful proportions and bulging guards. What a change of direction for Porsche in that time, to produce a serious big V-8! Unfortunately, it came along at a time when engines were getting smaller and V-8’s were being phased out.

driving a brand new demo Turbo around Winton, with Barb’s 3.2 Carrera on R spec tyres and the Turbo on standard tyres. I would catch up in the corners and he would disappear in the straights. Porsche was late into the SUV market, but went straight to the top of the heap, in typical style. There is also the family Audi Q7 in Tom’s garage, which dwarfs the Cayenne, being about 300 longer and 150 higher! In 1968, only a mad man would have suggested the future direction that Porsche has taken very successfully and he would have been put away for life if he saw multiple V-8’s in the crystal ball!

To complete the walk or drive through time, there is a 2004 Cayenne Turbo, another big V-8, with 450 HP (331 kW) and 620 Nm; that’s real grunt. It is Seal Grey, with 22” Techart wheels. I remember following Michael Browning

Tom in his ‘68 911 at Bathurst

SUMMER 2011/12





Rennsport Reunion

story & photos: Tristan De Carro

The fourth installment of the Rennsport Reunion promised to be the year’s largest gathering of Porsches and with approximately 350 Porsches racing on the track and another 1,300 in the corral, the event did not disappoint. For the first time Rennsport was held on the West Coast of the USA at the famed Laguna Seca Raceway. The change of venue was a wise choice because there is nothing worse than seeing photos of empty grandstands which plagued the venue for the last two episodes, the vast Daytona International Speedway. Mazda Raceway was never going to lack atmosphere with the inner paddock turned into a German beer garden (complete with Oktoberfest maids) and the general public further enticed by sprawling arrays of memorabilia and parts suppliers. In addition Porsche had flown in some of the most successful drivers of today and yesteryear, along with legendary engineer Norbert Singer. Rennsport Reunion is a celebration of Porsches racing accomplishments with three days of on-track competition split into eight race groups. This year’s event paid special homage to the 911’s decades of success with the pit-boxes filled with the evolution of the race 911; beginning with a 1964 911 that won its class at the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona (the 911’s first ever race win) right up to the latest 997 GT3 R-Hybrid unwashed from its recent ALMS success. Included in this incredible lineup were some of the Porsche museum cars, including the 1998 Le Mans winning GT1 (still emblazoned with the Porsche Centre Melbourne sticker from its visit to Melbourne years ago) and the sole Porsche 961; the race version of the iconic 959. Porsche were also using this event to make the North American debut of the latest 911, the 991. Rennsport Reunion kicked off unofficially on Thursday and gave those attending the chance to wander around the paddock without having to fight the crowds that were due. The sights to behold were truly remarkable with every form of motorsport represented; even Porsches foray into Formula 1 with the successful Tag Porsche-McLaren MP4 and the massively unsuccessful Footwork-Arrows FA12. However,

my personal standouts were a spectacularly original Martini liveried 917 K (917-019) and the Lowenbrau-sponsored Porsche 962 HR1, the most winningest 956/962.

Friday was practice for the competing seven groups and saw the crowds roll in and the parking lots fill up. The lines of Porsche road cars were amazing and they were neatly arranged by model. One could have spent the whole weekend just wandering through the Porsches in the corral. The fog rolled in on Saturday morning and completely blanketed the track. Spectating was nigh on impossible, so one can only imagine how bad it was from the cockpit. However, it left quite an impression as the sounds of the glorious engines and the powerful headlights cut through the very thick fog. Fortunately, as is always the case at Monterey, the sun eventually broke through mid-morning. The 8 Groups ran each had a run in the morning for warm up/qualifying with three scheduled races to take part in the afternoon and the rest to be held on Sunday. Group 1, the aptly named Gmünd Cup, were the first to hit the track. The field consisted of more than 40 of the earlier competition Porsches including 356s with race history, the range of 718 Spyders and the beautiful Abarth Porsches. Also taking part were some special Porsches including Poopers (PorscheCooper), a very early Glöckner Porsche with the race being won by a 1964 Bobsy-Porsche. Disappointingly, none of the numerous 550 Spyders in the paddock entered the race. Group 2 – Eifel Trophy contained the early 911 competition cars (including a rare 911R), 914s, 904s and Elva-Porsches. Once again it was a large field containing more than 40 cars and was won by another Porsche special, this time a 1964 Platypus-Porsche S/R. Group 3 – Weissach Cup was the smallest field of the weekend but was the crowd’s favourite. This was the grouping for the earliest cars that Porsche built as genuine outright contenders.

SUMMER 2011/12


Porsche 906s, 908s, 910s and the immortal 917 featured in this field. Four glorious 917 Ks thundered around the track with many more remaining in the paddock including three 917/10 Can-Ams and the 16-Cylinder 917 from the museum. However, the track layout favoured the more nimble cars and the Sunday race was duly won by Brian Redman piloting a 908/3 Spyder.

Group 6 was the most colourful class and featured the Cayman Interseries and 964, 993 and 996 racecars. Many of the 911s in this class had achieved international success in their heyday, whether it be Le Mans class victories or international championships. However, the highlight was seeing the Caymans which had all been cloaked in the most iconic Porsche liveries of the past, with one sporting Gulf sponsorship, another with Martini, a “Hippie Car”, ‘Pink Pig’ and the list goes on. This was a spectacle no other manufacturer could come close to replicating. Group 7 was for the Porsche Club of America cars. It had a very diverse field and was interesting to see standard Boxsters compete against purpose build 914s and 911s with their multi-storey, tri-plane wings.

The Porsche Race Car Classic was staged at the Quail Lodge and benefited lung cancer research. The event was run with military precision befitting the Porsche marque as each car was draped in specially made, matching car covers. At precisely 10:20am each cover was simultaneously raised to reveal what was underneath. Part of the deciding factor for attending this event was the outcome of a five year restoration of Jerry Seinfeld’s 1953 550 Coupe would be revealed. The end result was glorious and far different to the bare shell I had seen years earlier.

Group 4 – The Carrera Trophy held special interest as it contained four Australians who had flown their cars over for the event. It was not a surprise to see Rusty French in his trusty 935 K3 top the timesheet. However, it was surprising to see the three other Australians; Geoff Morgan, Peter Boylan and David Withers, in early 911 Carrera roadcars (albeit slightly modified), battle against full blown racecars including 911 RSRs, 934s and 935s. Group 5 – Stuttgart Cup was by far the fastest group as it contained the modern prototypes and latest 911 racecars. It was my first time to see the modern RS Spyders run at pace and the speed with which they travel through corners is extraordinary. However, just as impressive were the 956s and 962s. Despite giving up two decades of technology the fastest was merely a few seconds off the pace of former Audi factory driver Didier Theys in the quickest RS Spyder and far quicker than the latest batch of 997 Cup cars.

Group 8 was the most fiercely contested group and featured modern Cup cars competing for the Rennsport Reunion Cup. There was plenty of action in each of their outings with very close racing and a few spills. Unfortunately some of the most important Porsches were not eager to race and remained on static display throughout the weekend. There was a parade at lunchtime to give some of them demonstration laps and the opportunity to be reunited with their esteemed drivers. Following the three races on Saturday there was also a concours held on the pit straight. Sunday was race day at Laguna Seca but surprisingly I decided not to attend. It was not a decision arrived at lightly as it meant turning my back on arguably the most significant Porsches and undoubtedly some of my alltime favorites. The reason was a name that would not be familiar to most, even within the Porsche fraternity… Stephen Heinrichs.




Stephen Heinrichs organized the 50th anniversary of the 356 Speedster back in 2004 with more than 500 cars in attendance. Here had promised a ‘once-in-a-lifetime gathering of vintage Porsche race cars solely from Porsche’s break-out era of 1950-1965’.

The field consisted of 180 hand-picked Porsches including countless four-cam 356s in all guises (including ten Abarth Carrera GTLs), four Type 540 America Roadsters, two 804 Formula 1s, thirteen Porsche 718s, five 550 prototypes (there were seven more 550s including a unique yellow outlaw as well as four 550A Spyders) and no less than ten 904s. The cars were listed with a chassis number, brief history and a full race results table. Each car was meticulously arranged which gave visitors the ability to see intricate differences between the cars and refreshingly, there was a nice mix of restored and original cars. In addition, each guest was served a marvelous lunch and left with no regrets about attending this event and seeing Porsche’s silver race car period in numbers and provenance never seen before.

SUMMER 2011/12


President’s Day story: James Sanderson photos: Tristan De Carro & Felix Rieniets

“Things come in threes!!”




Sunday 30th November 2011 saw the running of the annual PCV President’s Day return to the fantastic circuit of Sandown. For me, President’s Day, along with the occasional chance to instruct, is my personal favourite event of the PCV Calendar. I purchased my Porsche for several reasons but one of the great things about Porsche is the almost uniform admiration of the marque. The President’s Day and the opportunity to instruct throughout the year allows me to share my absolute love of the marque with both friends and fellow Porsche enthusiasts in the environment where a Porsche makes the most sense. Out on a racetrack. President’s Day in particular is unique in it allows the opportunity to invite friends along to take them out for a ride. And we all know the joy scaring the living bejesus out of one’s mother in law brings!

With twins born in April this year, my venturing to the racetrack has been severely limited so it was with great anticipation that I got my car prepared for the event, checked everything twice and made sure my passengers that were planning on attending the event knew the correct apparel to wear and what times to come down for a ride. Spending the night before down at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, I should have known the planets weren’t aligned when I went to move my car and click……click. Nothing. So much for best laid plans. Several

frantic phone calls to the boys at Nineplus were made and with a very limited amount of tools the situation was resolved. Mind you, it was two hours later and with much skin removed from knuckles. The culprit, a 10mm nut had fallen off the alternator earth. Nut back on, turn the key, first crank. She’s alive!! One disaster averted. Bag packed by the door night before, up early, lovely drive to Melbourne ensues in pouring rain but spirits are still high. The glass is still half full my friends. A quick splash and dash at the BP 250metres from Sandown, all is still going well. Into the carpark at Sandown, Porches everywhere, anticipation is high. I can’t wait to get scrutineered and hit the track. Hop out of the car and a beautiful rainbow coloured oil slick is slowly growing in the large puddle of water by my right rear wheel. That’s ODD!

A couple of pumps on the handle of the race jack, wheel off and the culprit is found. ‘You ‘ave got to be #$%*ing kidding me’ I mutter to myself. A very large oil hose has burst. Well that’s not going anywhere. A second disaster but I’m still not deterred. Plan B. Stuart from Nineplus, in his ever jovial manner advises me not to stress, the Nineplus 968CS is at my disposal should I wish. Brilliant!! In all honesty, I am very happy with this turn of events as Sandown in the torrential rain in a 911

is sometimes not that much fun with random front end aquaplaning down the front straight a constant threat. The 968CS, so beautifully balanced with it’s 50:50 weight distribution is the kind of car you instantly bond with.

Strap myself in, check my passengers helmet (The wife) and head out on to the track. I LOVE this car. This particular 968CS is so beautifully set up, so easy to catch when it looses grip and with shortened gearing, just drops straight into the power range after each gear shift. With Stuart and I both taking people out for a ride the little white car is getting a fair hammering. It is so wonderful to see the absolute thrill on a passengers face, their first experience let loose on a race track. This is where you really experience what a car can do.

SUMMER 2011/12


Rocketing off the back straight into the blind left hander and bouncing off the curbs down into Dandenong corner always puts the heart in the mouth and for a passenger I am sure the experience is doubled, especially when it is very wet and greasy.

is the run down to Dandenong corner off the back straight and of that, the biggest challenge is keeping the accelerator buried for as long as possible before heading down the hill as a lot of speed and time can be gained in the last 100m prior to turning in off the straight.

What’s with this weather! It seemed that everytime I got strapped into the harness and headed out, the heavens opened. Later in the day, I was elated to find myself out on a drying track. Chasing a white 964, tyres gripping up nicely, time to have a bit of a push and give my passenger a thrill. Yep, track feels good, let’s really have a crack.

Feeling confident, my foot is buried into the firewall. The track flattens out, foot still buried, still accelerating hard in 6th. Lift off, change from 6th back to 5th, noises, can’t get a gear…. a box full of nothing. I glance at my passenger, eyes like saucers, ‘grab a gear, grab a gear’ she’s yelling. I somehow manage to guide the car down the hill, bouncing off the curbs whilst wrestling with the gear lever. With no ability to balance it under power, how we didn’t end up in the Armco is a combination of a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck.

One of the biggest thrills as mentioned above

It appears the clutch has literally exploded. The clutch pedal is stuck, hard against the firewall. Crap, I’ve broken the car! I manage to get it back to the pits expecting a hammering from Stuey. I pull up sheepishly, ‘Clutch has gone’ I explain through gritted teeth.




‘Oh yeah, I felt that going a bit strange on my last run’ was the reply. Thanks for telling me I mutter under my breath! Why is it that things always come in threes…..

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SUMMER 2011/12





story: Adrian Nelson photos : Ron Widdison & Felix Rieniets

SHOW ‘N’ SHINE “Picnic with the Classics” Sunday 23rd October 2011

SUMMER 2011/12


Sun Shines on Show Being invited to stage the annual PCV Show & Shine as part of the 2011 RACV Motorclassica was a tremendous coup which raised the profile of the marque and the club amongst thousands of motoring enthusiasts. It also caused the Social Committee sleepless nights about the one thing beyond our control – the weather. Previous S & S events were held in the cosy confines of Federation Square with most cars under cover, but that option wasn’t available at Motorclassica. Thankfully, the weather gods again showed their predilection for Ferry’s finest and turned on a sunny day in a week of wet gloom. The Sunday “Picnic with the Classics” format of which PCV was a part was a new event introduced for the 2011 Motorclassica. Judging by the thousands who turned out to admire the Porsches, Jaguars, Alfas, Mercedes, Mercurys, Lincolns, Fords, Fiats, and even Volvos (yes there is a Volvo owners club), the organisers should be well satisfied.

PCV members provided by far the largest contingent, with over 30 cars lined up and gleaming in the sunshine by 9.00. Among the notable member cars on show were Turbos from most registers including Colin Moss’s factory Flatnose 930 SE, Russell Sturzaker’s rare Carerra GT, Paul Duggan’s extremely popular VW “I’m no longer a Combi Van I’m a 911 powered twin cab ute” and Will Darvall’s much photographed 550 Spyder. The motoring public arrived in force by mid morning, prompting many interesting and sometimes surprising conversations with PCV members. One youngster was certain he was looking at a Ferrari until the owner commented that he had actually driven his car to the show.

Our expert team of judges Michael Bailey, Will Darvall, Ray Baty, John Cahill, Alex Van Ravenswaaij and Rowen Burnett started their rounds at 10.00, checking each car carefully for cleanliness, originality, overall condition and who would offer the largest bribe. To make this year’s competition even tougher, those entrants who were successful in winning their register entry for the previous two years were elevated to Master Class and scrutinised to a more rigorous standard than those in the Classic Class (registers). By early afternoon, the winners were decided and prizes were awarded as shown below. Congratulations to the worthy winners who all set a very high bench mark for car preparation and presentation. (Polishing the inside of tail pipes is a good guide to who is serious). Thanks also to all who gave up their Sunday to organise and take part in what was an enjoyable and relaxed day in the sun. We hope the PCV contingent will be even bigger and better at next year’s Motoclassica where we will again hold our annual Show and Shine event. Finally, the club wishes to acknowledge the generous support of Porsche Cars Australia, Porsche Centre Melbourne and Meguiar’s automotive products for supporting the event and providing give-aways.




And the winners are:

Master Class – Russell Sturzaker – 924 Carrera GT

Turbo & GT2 – Michael O’Brien – 993 Turbo

996 & 997 – Roger Holding – 996 Carrera

993 – Felix Rieniets – 993 Carrera

Mid 911 – Henry Arundel – 911 Carrera

Torque Tube – Michael Bailey – 944 S2

Boxster & Cayman – Fred Solazzo – Boxster Spyder

Historic – Will Darvall – 550 Spyder

Members Choice – Russell Sturzaker – 924 Public Choice – Paul Duggan – VW/Porsche Carrera GT Ute 35 SUMMER 2011/12

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WINTON SPRINTS story: Marcus Lethlean photos: Ron Widdison

Sunday 9th October 2011

Winton - just two letters separate the place from a season. We copped Winter that day. The drive up with Macca on 774 from 5am was great, many had been there from the night before. This was the last competition event and it was to decide many of the standings. Winton is the favourite track of many, a skill based track that also asks you to test your bravery. Walls have a way of controlling your right ankle. The wall on the esses have seen some fine Porshe grafitti left over the years. Mark Chrzanowski’s Turbo and Joe Di Bartolo’s 964 left their colours, Matt Stoupas has nearly kissed the wall several times and there was a 928 some years ago that did, writing the car off, thankfully not the driver. This time it was Simon Dunn’s turn to leave his mark on the wall at the exit of the esses with some guards red paint from his 911SC. Luckily for Simon there was only very minor damage and with a quick wheel change he was able to continue.

For spectators it allows for an almost constant view of your champion whoever he or she may be. On this day the weather would play a role, making a pivotal championship day all the more interesting. Leading into the day, points scored in class C, M2, and MM1 would determine the champion. The water proved to be difficult, the puddles unsettled the cars and the reduced traction for some resulted in spins that Katarina Witt would be proud to perform. With no let up to the rain in sight, those in the hunt for points had to push hard to get the best time just in case the day did not clear. After some time, the cars circulating moved most of water off the driving line. Late in the morning some glorious blue broke through and those that kept it under control were about to give it all they could before the rain came again. The track, the dense air and the points’ tension had everyone visit the scoreboard to map their progress.

The big guns have abandoned the controversial Hoosier semi slicks. The mere mention of the Hoosier name takes us all back to the late 50’s when young girls on roller skates would serve sodas and malted milk shakes to the driving aces on the dummy grid. Again, unfortunately, Hoosier is relegated back into the history books. The Hoosiers have been replaced with Yokahamas, more in line with the original Karate Kid than malted milk shakes. Peter Fitgerald of Open Class reportedly has a birthmark that is eerily similar to the circuit map of Winton. Peter spends a huge amount of time at Winton. His driving school calls Winton home. Some mornings, just before total light, Peter can be seen slowly walking the track, talking to the ripple strips he calls friends. His knowledge and wisdom at Winton is profound; choosing to leave his car on the trailer till the track “corrects itself” for him – that and he forgot his all weather tyres.

Mark Chrzanowski takes 1st in C class SUMMER 2011/12


we could with all doing PBs. Drew Hendrey, 3rd, showing a 1.41.08, PB by nearly 1 sec, Bill Sevastas, 4th smashing his PB by nearly 3 sec and Ron Widdison by nearly 2 secs on his last Winton outing in his new car. Perez Hilton has reported that PCVs own Top Gun might be flying into B Class and Peter Harrison departing B for the driving glory of MM1. Welcome to the class Aaron Ireland, if this is true, I will be enjoying season 2012 from the web updates in Acapulco. Peter was the only driver to show a sub 1.30 (1.29.824), congrats Peter. Tony Jennings 2nd, posting a strong 1.32.81, the fourth fastest time of the day. With the championship for M2 still undecided, the day needed Nick Karnaros or Manny Messasalma to feature high in the points if there was to be an upset to class leader. They didn’t. But the ding dong battle between Dean Taylor (in the 964) and Ben Faggetter (in the 993) was great to watch. Ben posted a 134.166 and Dean 135.352, with Ben taking Dean’s old lap record by 0.3sec, a record that no one thought could be broken. Congratulations Ben, reshpekt. In Class A, Phil Treloar missed his friend and steely eyed racing foe, Rick Moscati to push his ultimate times. Phil posted a 1:37.283 around 0.7sec behind their last encounter but 7 seconds ahead of his next rival. Two-month-old fuel didn’t help peak engine performance nor his times. Geoff Mould finished 2nd in a time just off his last Winton, 3rd to Phillippe Chabbert and Michael Dennis’ pristine Turbo coming 4th. In Class B, Peter Harrison showed us all a clean set of heels and faster times as it turns out. Everyone in class chased Peter as best




In Class C, Mark Chrzanowski scared Winton into submission in posting a 1:39.035. Simon Dunn performing 0.1 sec better than his last outing and the Renaissance man, Grant Stephenson continuing his year of track PBs 3rd with a PB of 1sec. Engine problems stopped Aaron performing an educational for everyone on “How to Winton”. In Class D John Swan applied his clean lines to win by over 2 secs, beating his last outing by over 1.5 secs. Garry Vogues, 2nd 1:42.841. The ever-improving Melanie Treloar, 3rd a 1.45.771, Mel’s first outing at Winton, a great result. MM1 – what a class. Points equal when you remove the bottom two events. Hawker v Stoupas. 131 a piece. There was some tension. My lip reading friend, Ruprect who joined me on that day saw Bob Hawker utter the words, “Matt Stoupas, Fava Beans and Chianti” just before donning his helmet. Can’t blame him, I love a little Greek appetiser. Bob’s concentration was surgical.

Matt’s outlook was a bit more “caution to the wind”. Ruprect viewed Matt Stoupas saying, “Today, I win it or bin it”. Clearly both men had their eyes on the sheep stations and their impending tree change. The winner takes all, but mostly pride. Matt had his way with Bob on their last Winton outing and now they both need to best their times, the conditions on the day and most likely, the track record if either is to win from the other. Game on. They managed to find their way into the 1.33s with great effort and in not the neatest of ways, but Matt had done a 1:32.7 on their last battle and Bob knew a 132 low was needed. And that is what Bob did, a 132:181, grabbing the psychological advantage, the track record and a 0.5 sec gain on the last Winton, oh and he dished out a little spanking to his nemesis along the way. Matt 2nd with 1:32.569. Thanks for fun guys, congrats on the record Bob – you both make it very entertaining. Steven McLaughlan 3rd with an improved time of 1:34.657, besting his last outing by almost a second. Harry Philippou 4th with 1:36.068 only beating the disappearing man Stan Bougadakis by less than .005sec, Stan was an awesome of 2.2 seconds faster than his last Winton, stripping off weight equals faster times apparently. Well done Stan on both counts. We now look forward to hearing all the results on the 3rd of December at the Sofitel, what a season! We have fun because the marshals and officials ultimately allow us to. Thank you very much; your help encourages our passion.

Porsche Club of Victoria Winton Sunday, 9 October 2011 Driver

Class Position



Peter Fitzgerald

997 GT3



Tony Jennings

996 GT3 Cup car



Rohan Little

993 3.8 Turbo



Tim Williams

997 GT3 3.6



Greg Humphries

GT3 3.6



Sally Anne Hains

997 Turbo 3.8



Class: OPEN

Class: MM1 Bob Hawker

996 GT3 3.6 MKI



Matthew Stoupas

GT3 996 3.6



Steven McLaughlan

GT3 Mk1 3.6



Harry Philippou

997 Carrera S 3.8



Stan Bougadakis

997 Carrera S 3.8



Tony Carolan

GT3 3.6



Gary Higgon

GT3 3.6



Chris Mason

GT3 CS 3.6



Class: M2 Benjamin Faggetter

993 3.6



Dean Taylor

964 C2 RS 3.6



Jamie Lovett

911 3.0 RS



Manny Mezzasalma

993 3.6



Greg Muller

964 RS 3.6



Nick Karnaros

993 3.6



Malcolm Batten

964 C2



Howard Burton

993 3.6



Rob Rogers




Class: A

Phil Treloar

996 3.6



Geoff Mould

997 3.6 Carrera



Philippe Chabbert

996 Cab 3.4



Michael Dennis

930 3.3 Turbo



Class: B Peter Harrison

964 C2 3.6



Marcus Lethlean

964 3.6



Drew Hendrey

911 Carrera 3.2



Bill Sevastas




Ron Widdison

911 Club Sport 3.2



Class: C

Class Result 99.035 Position 1

Driver Mark Chrzanowski

Car 911 3.0 SC

Simon Dunn

911 SC 3.0



Grant Stephenson

911 3.0 SC



John Michailidis

911 3.0 SC



Aaron Ireland

911 SC 3.0



Ian van Driel

911 SC 3.0



Barry Swan

968 Sport



John Swan

944 S2 3.0



Garry Voges

944 S2



Melanie Treloar




Tim Rout

944 2.5



Bruce Pollard

944 3.0 S2



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Class: D

Class: OTHER Spencer Harrison

911 3.0 Carrera

SUMMER 2011/12



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story: Trevor Leavesley photos: Felix Rieniets

Spring Run to Brandy Creek October 4th 2011

SUMMER 2011/12


Arriving very early at our meeting point in Hungry Jacks car park, on the Hallam Road, we were filled with some trepidation, as to the number of cars that would actually turn up. The previous week’s weather had been appalling and the forecast for the day was not good. In addition, the AFL final had been played the day before and most of our clocks had been put forward one hour. To this writer and Graeme Anderson, who together had organized the Run, it was pleasing to see 24 Porsches (16 x 911s; 2 x 944s; 2 x Boxsters; a 928; a Cayenne; a 968, a 924 and a 914-6), plus an Aston Martin, turn up before the scheduled start and to know there were 2 more Porsches, (a Cayman and a 928) still on their way, their ‘unnamed’ owners having completely forgotten about the start of Summertime! Two weeks earlier, we had been ‘somewhat’ apprehensive about numbers, as there were only confirmed bookings for 13 cars. We welcomed new members, George and Fiona Forbes, together with their handsome Amazon green 968 to the Club. Then after handing out route details and a map, a briefing for everybody detailed various aspects of the Run of which we should all be aware. Particularly the existence of many and random potholes in the roads, caused by the recent heavy rains. By this time one of our latecomers arrived and in cool and promisingly sunny weather, we were off. Paula and I waited, hoping for the last car to arrive, but after phoning them we arranged to meet them at our morning tea stop. Nevertheless once on the road and within a few short kms we passed them, just as they were exiting the freeway.(They of course, did not have any route instructions!). Another phone call informed us that they had found another Porsche, (with instructions) and they were going to follow them. The route initially took the M1 Princes Freeway, then went South towards Koo Wee Rup, followed by a country Run through, Bayles, Lang Lang, Nyora, Poowong and Korumburra, subsequently finishing the first section with morning tea at the CFA Station in Loch. The 108 km route had been a mixture of long straightish sections, enabling a quicker access into central Gippsland and had then become a series of nice sweepers




that we Porsche owners enjoy so much. Paula and I had spent the previous Friday driving and re-checking the route again, which was when we realized the potential pothole problem. But oddly on the day of the run, there was nowhere near the number of potholes as there had been on the Friday before. Obviously, there is a council out here that cares for its community! Upon arrival at Loch CFA, the morning tea was something to behold, beautiful! The CFA volunteers, who answered our questions and demonstrated their equipment and vehicles to us, which were out on display, made us very welcome. On behalf of the Club, Graeme Anderson thanked the CFA Brigade chief and his staff. After they had taken photographs of all of our cars lined up (and blocking the main street), it was nearly an hour before we were back on the road again. The next section of the route was a 107kms of ‘twisties’ from Loch to Brandy Creek. This was mainly in South Gippsland, leaving Loch and then going via Krowera, Archies Creek, West Creek, Lance Creek, Kongwak and back to Korumburra. From there we then drove the classic driver’s road, the C425 through Central Gippsland from Korumburra to Warragul. (40kms of drivers’ heaven!) Before entering Warragul fully, we turned left to meander more slowly up the old Princes Way, particularly the drivers without power steering! Finally we found ourselves turning right, up Lardner’s Track to find the Brandy Creek Winery and Restaurant on our right. I don’t think anybody got lost, although there were rumours of cars heading to San Remo? We all eventually made it to Brandy Creek for a welcome aperitif. Upon arrival, Marie McDonald and Rick Stockdale, the owners of the winery, made us warmly welcome. Some of our Club members had been to Brandy Creek before and knew that we were in for some good food and fine wines. But I don’t think anybody had previously sampled the Brazilian Churrasco menu. After a tapas starter, we were served from flaming swords of various meats and seafoods, that were carved at the table on to our individual plates. Each person was given

a little card, green on one side and red on the other. Eventually we realized that if you leave the green side up, they keep serving you food, until you discover if you turn the card over to show its red, (stop) side, they stop serving you food! As an accompaniment most of us sampled some of Rick’s fine wines. We had a suitable break at this time, where Michael O’Brien brought us up to date on the goings on at the Club including details of future events. A raffle was also held, the prizes being a Spanish Cookbook, written by Marie McDonald and some bottles of Rick’s wine. The winning names were drawn out of the hat by the new members, George and Fiona Forbes. After this, Brandy Creek served us each a choice of four different Spanish desserts, for those that were still hungry, followed by coffee and tea. What a wonderfully sumptuous and delicious meal! I’d like to thank Graeme for helping put this run together. Would also particularly also like to thank the Loch CFA and of course Marie and Rick of Brandy Creek, for making it such a great day.

SUMMER 2011/12


Confessions of a Porsche Heart Long-time PCV member and former President Michael Browning reflects on 30 years of Porsche ownership. Since Norman Hamilton hung up the Porsche shingle in Melbourne 60 years ago in 1951, around 22,000 new Porsches have been sold through the front door. Eleven have been mine in half that time, with my 30th anniversary of Porsche ownership celebrated in 2011. It’s been a great journey that is hopefully far from over, but looking back gives me an interesting perspective of the strengths, weaknesses and special attractions of the different models that have siphoned my bank account over the years, yet have given so much pleasure in return.

parked outside, when my foot slipped and my handlebar put a small dent in the door. I pedalled off very quickly! I never really ‘got’ Porsche then. My first love was the British sports cars of the day and wire wheels, woodrim steering wheels and leather-clad interiors were then the mark of real cars like Aston Martins, Jaguars and AustinHealeys. The painted metal dashboard, black plastic steering wheel and steel wheels of the 356 were an assault on this concept and didn’t grip my imagination.

I’m not sure how many others relate to this, but three decades on, my spirits still soar twice every day when I see the digital clock hit 9.11, followed by all the other hallowed ‘9’ prefix model numbers: 9.34, 9.35, 9.59, etc. Then it’s over for another 12 hours unless your timepiece is set on 24-hour time.. I pity the new 991 owners. They will never enjoy this experience!

Consequently, my first car was a very shabby MG TC that I interrupted on its way to the crusher, or so it seemed. The woodwork was so rotten that the previous owner had tagwelded the doors to the body to stop them flying open, it spent more time off than on the road with mechanical issues. The chassis snapped in half the day I sold it, as if to say, in Amy Winehouse speak, ‘I told you I was no good!’

I was relatively late in ‘finding’ Porsche. My first ‘brush’ – literally – with the make was outside the Riverside Inn near the Porsche showroom at the corner of Punt Road and Swan Street, Richmond in the late 1950s. I was astride my bike, peering through the window of a red 356 Coupe

Then followed a series of several more sensible early model Holdens that I drove far too hard, managing two full 360-degree spins in the wet on Beach Road, Brighton – one disappearing backwards down a side street – miraculously without hitting anything. Perhaps there really were less cars on the road then!

Birch G reen st 911 – the Michael’s fir d by Geoff ce ra w a 2.7 no 1975 Carrer . storic events Morgan in hi




Michael’s late st 911 – his cu rrent 1977 Ca rrera 3.0

So it needed to be taken back to basics to be made as good as I wanted it to be, but it cost me a lot more to buy than the basket case I should have started with, if you follow my drift! Eventually, another $13,000-odd later, I sold it for $26,250. I think it was a top Australian price for a Speedster at the time, but as it owed me every cent of it, I squeaked out at no cost. In contrast my next Porsche was the best I have ever owned. The late John Gregory became a personal friend after helping me get the Speedster into saleable order and visiting his Balaclava, Melbourne home one evening I saw a light green 911 on the back of his tandem trailer.

Origianl “Wheels” magazine road test by Michael in 1973 My next Porsche experience was when I was a cadet journalist on the Melbourne Sun newspaper and I went out with their thenmotoring writer Peter Livingstone on his road test of a blue 912 coupe in late 1966. We flew down the Geelong Road past Werribee and it was all very impressive, but it still didn’t hold a candle to the Aston Martin DB4 that I had been a regular passenger in a few years earlier and which remained my pin-up car.

in snowbound Stuttgart during an extended overseas trip and was offered a car to drive for the weekend: a mid-engined 914 2.0 litre or a new Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight? It was a no-brainer!

After a couple of years overseas driving Contiki Commer minibuses through Russia and other odd European places in the late 1960s, I came back to work for motoring writer Paul Higgins. Paul Michael’s first Porsche – a 1958 356A Speedster and his wife Carmel enjoyed the good things in life and one of them was Carmel’s stunning silver with red I covered nearly 1,000km that weekend but to leather 911 2.4E Sportomatic Coupe. be honest I never really bonded with the RS. It was so foreign to me after a series of hot Minis I drove it once for a very short distance, that I was scared of it and wondered when it but the rasp of that flat six penetrated my might bite. Maybe that was the fatal attraction. soul and lodged there for a decade. As Paul I wish that weekend had been a decade later. was then very chummy with Alan Hamilton at Porsche Cars, we’d visit them quite I came even closer to putting a Porsche in my often in their small corner showroom in garage in 1979 when, looking to buy a new Chapel Street, South Yarra and I’d chat with vehicle, I test drove a beautiful blue 1969 salesman John Emery or mechanic Eddie 911T at Hamiltons. Its first owner had been Hackel while Paul was schmoozing Alan. fastidious PCV member Max Errington, but while it looked like new, it had done 100,000 miles The 2.2 and 2.4-litre 911 models of the day at the time and I got cold feet. I could have had were stunning looking cars in their bright a brand new RX7 or a beautiful red three-year Signal Orange and Viper Green colours old BMW 3.0Si saloon for the same money – and glorious Fuchs forged wheels and the around $14,000 – and with a young family and memory of their exhausts echoing off the a rubbish trailer to tow, I went for the Bimmer. Chapel Street shopfronts as Eddie blasted out on a test drive still gives me tingles. But my first Porsche wasn’t far away. In 1981 Duttons had a muddy red 1958 356A Speedster But I was racing Minis in Rallycross then in need of some TLC for sale for $13,500 and and later handled PR for Renault and all those brushes with Stuttgart over the years Peugeot throughout the rest of the 1970s, somehow made me want it. In hindsight it and Longbridge, Billancourt and Belfort probably ranked alongside my original TC as the were a long way from Stuttgart . . . second worst vehicle purchase I have made. In early 1973 a bit more magic rubbed off when I visited the Porsche factory as a journalist

The problem with the Speedster was that it had been partially, but not very well, restored.

It was an Australian-delivered 1975 911 Carrera 2.7 that needed an engine rebuild and I wanted it badly. John always loved making Porsches go even faster and we agreed on a deal. He’d rebuild the 2687cc engine as an even-stronger 2806cc (2.8 litre) and I agreed to pay him $24,000 for the completed car. I recall tossing up between the Carrera, a metallic brown, slightly rusty UK-delivered 911 Turbo 3.0 owned by Alan Jones and a Ferrari 308 GT4 with just 24,000km on the odometer – both of which were available for around $29,000. This time I made the right choice and the first of my seven 911s to date entered my life and my blood. As I had never really driven a 911 in anger on a circuit until then and had was not yet a member of the PCV, John Gregory invited me to drive his lowered and potent yellow 911S 2.4 at a Club Sprint meeting at Calder while the ‘75 Carrera was being reborn. Coming from more benign car clubs like the Morris 850 Car Club and the Moke Owners’ Association, I was gob-smacked by the intensity of the competition and how hard everyone drove their Porsches. But I left red faced after spinning the yellow 911 harmlessly in the corner at the end of the main straight. John was not overly impressed, muttering something about ‘flat spots’ and I learned to respect the 911’s legendary lift-off oversteer! The Carrera had been driven hard and fast when I got it and with its new John Gregory 2.8 litre engine I drove it even harder and faster. But that’s another story that I’ll continue in the next issue of Porsche Parade.

Michael prepares to head out in his Carrera 3.0 SUMMER 2011/12


I only service cars for my friends... It doesn’t always start that way, but that’s how it ends up. We both own Porsches, we have shared values and interests. They’re skilled and committed to their careers, same here. When I started as an apprentice at Hamiltons over 15 years ago, it was bred into the Service Team to always go the extra mile, always strive for excellence. I call it the “Hamiltons Touch”, and it’s part of my DNA. My friends deal directly with me, I do the work, I answer their questions, I sort problems. They get the Hamiltons Touch without the price. … and I’m always looking for new friends. “the car ran beautifully...the whole car was feeling more refined… A very good outcome and satisfied customer.” Stephen Marshall “my wife is very happy with her Boxster’s performance and says it even sounds better... your follow up call was also greatly appreciated.” John Mitsy

” icks r T and ips ter T “ y t .au o m ewsleech.com t e N t b scri Email ibe@har Sub cr bs

il su


9A Spray Avenue, Mordialloc VIC 3195 Ph: 9588 0134 Email: info@hartech.com.au


Hartech Automotive Services TM




story: Michael Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien photos: Felix Rieniets

The Last Run 2011

to Harcourt Valley 20th November 2011

SUMMER 2011/12


Our Last Run for 2011 was held on Sunday 20th November 2011, a beautiful sunny day following a very wet Saturday. The weather gods once again were kind to us! This was important indeed as we planned an outside barbeque in the beautiful surrounds of Harcourt Valley Vineyards, located in Harcourt, North West of Melbourne on the Calder Highway. The meeting point was West Gate Bridge, and early at that, 8.15am. The drive was a bit longer than usual with a morning tea stop at Macedon CFA, before embarking on the scenic route to Harcourt, which included a detour over Mount Alexander. In all about a three hour drive, but balanced by a relaxed drive back to Melbourne via the Calder Highway of about 90 minutes. Will Darvall has settled seamlessly into the role of President welcoming all those present during our driver briefing at the Todd Road Service Centre. It was excellent to have five general committee members, as well as five social committee members attending. There were new members, prospective members, as well as members attending their first social run - all set for a day full of promise.

community, and we really enjoy the benefit of their delightful and sumptuous morning teas. Will thanked Captain Greg Snart of the Macedon CFA, and presented our “donation” of $550.00. Will also admitted to missing one of the turns on one of the roundabouts, taking the third exit not the forth as advised. But was soon back on track, and maintaining “in car harmony” I’m sure! After our break we headed out in search of more remote roads taking us through Mount Macedon to Harcourt via the Burke & Wills Track and over Mount Alexander, on a route that was used by the club for a hill climb event in 2006. A truly exciting quick squirt made especially for Porsches. The Bourke & Wills Track is a very good albeit narrow sealed road. It covers some beautiful countryside in central Victoria including some old narrow and single lane bridges. The roads today carry very little traffic and a really enjoyable run was had by all. Kye and Quinn Livingstone opened their winery to our club for a magnificent and relaxed gourmet Lebanese BBQ, together with wine tastings all throughout the day, including some very “Australian Country” live entertainment.

Our route to Macedon was via the back roads, “Wildwood Road” aptly named, Konagaderra Road, Riddells Creek, and onto Macedon. Morning tea was provided by the Macedon CFA. Sunday 20th November 2011 was also CFA Sunday throughout Victoria, a day where over 400 CFA brigades across the state open their doors to the community. We were able to participate early enough in the day so as not to disrupt the main event, but in ample time to enjoy the magnificent hospitality provided by the CFA as they do in all their stations across Victoria. The PCV is extremely grateful for the CFA’s support, they provide such an important role in our

On arrival we enjoyed Harcourt Valley Olive Oil infused with fresh lemons, ground black pepper and gourmet salt, for people to help themselves, served with crusty bread. Offered on platters were kibbeh, burghal & lamb stuffed with mince meat, pine nuts and onion, fataiya, and Lebanese spinach pastry. Our lunch included lamb kebab served with yoghurt salad, chicken kebab served with hummus. Also salads of tabouleh, fresh beetroot salad, and bean salad, with self served dessert plus tea and coffee. During lunch Will completed the President’s duties of welcoming our new members




Andrew and Isabella Everington in a beautiful 1978 white 911 SC, and Geoff and Sally Ley in their equally beautiful 1984 blue 944. We all welcomed our new members to our club, and hope to see them at another event as soon as possible. Watch for our opening Club barbeque in February! We also welcomed long time members Chris Tzanis and Emanuela Doughty to their first “Social Run”. Great to see some traditional “Competition Members” enjoying the wider benefits of membership. Don’t wait too long before you return! Barbara’s Shiras is a signature wine offered from Harcourt Valley Vineyards, and we provided two bottles of “Barbs Shiras” to the winners of our lucky draw. There is safety in numbers, Michael De Silva brought along five guests, and two of his guests took prizes. Jasmine Hu was named on our booking sheet, but the other winner only identified as Michael’s guest. I’m sure they’ll be happy. Our other winner was John Kalogerakis continuing his winning form from the AGM Club Night - well done John. We really did have a magnificent day at Harcourt Valley Vineyard. It was a great event, and definitely one to try again. If you are looking for a beautiful drive, I recommend this part of Victoria with the added bonus of a visit to Harcourt.

SUMMER 2011/12


story & photos: John Lewis

PORSCHE USA Trip of a Life Time

You beauty, it is January and its time for that beach holiday. We had chosen Separation Creek these holidays, with all the usual beach gear packed and four issues of PORSCHE PARADE to catch up on. “Hey now this looks like a great idea”, I call out to Jane, “how about a seven day tour of northern California driving a 997 Carrera Cabriolet, now that could be a good idea?” I had neglected the SC for some time, and the 356 had been in winter hibernation. Months in the planning, was all a pleasure with Patrick Martin of California Car Tours. Patrick’s love of Porsche cars developed when he bought his first Porsche in 1979, it was 50



a 911S Targa. Patrick is also a Californian by birth and he clearly loves his home state and wants to be able to help visitors share its beauty. His idea for the company stems from the European driving tours, and he has adapted them to his part of the world. Jane and I certainly didn’t fit in everything that Patrick has to offer, but we designed an eight day tour to do just what suited us. Before you know it August has arrived and we are at Sacramento Airport with Patrick waiting to brief us and hand over a beautiful red 997 cabriolet. The car was tucked under its red cover and the anticipation of rolling back the cover to reveal the immaculate Porsche was a great photo opportunity. The weather

was top down perfect and we stripped our luggage down to shorts and shirts, gave Patrick the bulky cases for pick up on our return and we were off on our adventure. Every day was entered into the Sat Nav, plus a hard copy of maps and other information were all in a smart folder, with the best spots to see and places to eat, plus most importantly the low traffic, curviest routes to head for. I was in heaven, and what was even better is that in the USA the speeds are higher, 65mph which means you can be running at 75mph without a worry. I had to chase down a 4WD truck and I had to do 100mph to pass him, bliss. The little car did it with ease, of course.

Morro Bay, The Anderson Inn with just eight rooms, we had the best thanks to Patrick, overlooked Morro Rock and we enjoyed a pre-dinner drink watching the pelicans diving for their dinner, it was quite a spectacle.

Our first day was a short drive to the premier wine region of the Napa Valley, with a beautiful loop run, a few samples and a local sample to attend to that night. We stayed at the Napa River Inn, a beautiful small hotel on the Napa River, and a delicious meal at the Angels restaurant made for a memorable start to our tour. Day two, I can’t believe my luck, it’s Wednesday and we are off to Monterey and this weekend is the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, starring RM Auctions as well as everybody else that exists in the motoring world. I must have died and gone to heaven, we are booked in at the Portola Hotel and Spa, and yes this is the epicenter of Monterey. In the foyer are nine Ferraris that are just immaculate, with one expected to sell for $2.5M. Jane loved the beautiful 1935 Type 57 “Grand Raid” Roadster Bugatti (Lot 220, valued at over $1M US) all the way from Switzerland, nestled amongst the Ferraris. But wait, Mercedes have booked the ballroom, and there lies fifteen of the rarest Benz’s on the planet, including the kill for 1937 540K Special Roadster (Lot 242) with an expected $4 to 5M price tag. It actually sold for $9.3M. The guard pulled us up, “No entry sir, unless you’re a registered bidder”. Although we weren’t staying until Friday when the auction commenced, I had the $200 out of my pocket so quickly and there was no pain, so we could have full access rights and two beautiful catalogues to keep forever. The 540K was no doubt the most extraordinarily beautiful car I have ever seen, and it was in better than show room condition. 750 photos later it was time to leave on Thursday, which was difficult with every corner you turned a black Mercedes, an Aventador Lamborghini, you name it, it was there, with a collection of 356’s you could only dream about. The only bonus leaving Monterey was that driving down the Pacific Highway coastal drive, over Big Sur, (not quite as good as our Great Ocean Road drive) every motoring club in the USA must have been coming the other way, and with our top down we witnessed all those beautiful sights and sounds as they passed us heading into Monterey.

Day three, we headed south and a tour of William Randolph Hearst’s Castle overlooking the Pacific Ocean, unbelievable and extravagance to the extreme in real Hollywood style. Our night was spent at very picturesque

impressive and he took twelve of us 10,000 feet above sea level and as high the mountains around the Lake. The views of Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake were beautiful on the clear, still morning and the breakfast we were served prior to our flight was terrific. Days four and five were spent in the Yosemite National Park. The park is massive, so big, so beautiful, and so clean. The roads were great with all you could wish for, top down still, tunnel’s to get that Porsche engine to do its thing, hill climbs, curves, and snow capped mountains and king of the road in the 997. We were warned to “Be Bear Aware” and Patrick couldn’t emphasize strongly enough that you must not leave any food in the car at all as the bears will have the top off the car in minutes to get a feed. Sadly we didn’t even see a bear, but we did see a lot of other wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Patrick booked us in to the Ahwahnee Hotel right in the centre of the Yosemite Valley. Our room looked up to the spectacular mountains and the clear blue sky only added to the beauty of this very popular National Park. We also hired push bikes for the afternoon making for some much needed exercise with all the good food we were eating.

Day six and seven we are off to Lake Tahoe, more hill climbs and fast bends. This may have been the best day yet for great driving roads. Right across Yosemite National Park, high above the tree line, summer snow lying in patches everywhere, wonderful stops to enjoy the scenery and great photo opportunities around every bend, and there were a lot of them. Our first morning in Lake Tahoe was an early start because Patrick had booked us on a balloon flight over the lake. Stunning and a great experience, this balloon is the only balloon registered in the world to takeoff and land on water. The skill of the pilot was very

There are 70 miles of road around Lake Tahoe and Jane and I did most of them on Patrick’s recommendation, stopping off at beautiful little beaches for a swim, the water was freezing, but incredibly clear (melted snow is all that fills the lake because it does not rain there), and really enjoying the driving experience all the way.

Day eight is depression day, we have to give the 997 back to Patrick, but after 1200 miles, no incidents with the law or the car, and it was just the perfect way to start our four week holiday in the USA. We met Patrick back in Sacramento and we stayed on the Delta King Hotel, an old, fully restored paddle steamer. While the cabins were not very big as you would expect on a boat, the facilities were great and we had a lovely dinner on the boat enjoying the wonderful atmosphere, more sampling of Californian wines and boutique beers.

The pleasure that Patrick had in arranging our holiday was tangible and his enthusiasm and local knowledge of Northern California all helped to make our holiday all the more memorable. Both Jane and I couldn’t recommend Patrick and the California Car Tours trip any higher, and hope that other club members take the opportunity to enjoy a break and Northern California. I am happy to talk to any club members that are considering the trip.

SUMMER 2011/12





story & photos: Adrian Nelson

Not just Good(wood) – truly Great!

Porsche’s unique 961 2.85 litre turbocharged flat six from 1986 built for circuit racing using the 959 platform keep the punters at bay. Near the hilltop end of the track (and it is a seriously steep hill) a 2.1km rally circuit has been created through thick woodland, and again you stand almost close enough to touch the generations of rally cars as they hurtle round the stage with white chalk soil flying everywhere. They aren’t supposed to be racing but they are timed…..!

Want a little two seater soft top for summer? This Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport will do over 350kmh and costs over $1m! Where is auto-heaven? Ask any car enthusiast and you will get a variety of answers –Monaco Grand Prix, Nurburgring, Mille Miglia, Stuttgart Porsche and Mercedes Museums, Schlumpf Collection, Pebble Beach Concours – the list goes on. I haven’t been to most of the above, but this year I went to an event that is hard to beat – the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS). I defy any other event to match the unbelievable array of cars and bikes which are assembled each July in the beautiful grounds of Goodwood House – home to Lord March as well as the famous Goodwood horse and car racing circuits. Cast in the classic mould of the English upper classes, a recent article in a tabloid sums up his Lordship and the event perfectly: “A successful photographer (and Eton dropout), Charles Gordon-Lennox, 55, Earl of March and Kinrara, took over the running of the 12,000acre Goodwood Estate in West Sussex from his father, the Duke of Richmond, at the age of 40.

The next unusual thing you realise is that all the cars – from the most exotic supercars and Formula Is of last season to some of the older or humbler machinery – are accessible. You can walk freely around the various paddocks and garages, peer in, touch, and chat to owners and drivers. Indeed – don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself talking (as I did) to a still sprightly Hannu Mikkola, or standing next to Nigel Mansell in a queue for a beer. This is the secret of the Goodwood Festival of Speed which is now in its 18th year – it is a true festival. It is a celebration of the motor car that no one takes too seriously, and even the professional drivers love to attend because they are ‘off duty’ and among friends. The main festival days are Saturday and Sunday, but many will tell you Friday is the best day because everything is even more casual as drivers and owners prep their cars and practice their drive up the hill. The cars are grouped in categories by age and/or type (rally, racing, supercar etc) and twice each day one by one within their groups the cars drive the track up the hill from bottom to top. That may sound mundane, but these boys are out to have fun and show off their cars

A lifelong car enthusiast, he restored the estate’s historic motor-racing circuit and established the Goodwood Festival of Speed, held each July, and the Revival, held each September. They are now the world’s foremost historic motorsport events, drawing 150,000 guests to see drivers from Lewis Hamilton to Stirling Moss drive everything from Edwardian racers to modern F1 cars. Lord March also hosts July’s Glorious Goodwood horse-racing meet. He has five children and lives in Goodwood House. “ Once through the ticket check, the first thing that strikes you is that the roughly S-shaped 1.9km bitumen track up the hill has no elaborate safety fences even on the two main corners – just a row of straw bales and the odd ditch to

The new Morgan 3 Wheeler shows its class on the track. The 75kw 1.8ltr V twin engine is capable of hurling the 500kg ‘trike’ to 100kmh in under 5 seconds and on to a top speed of 185kmh – if you’re brave enough!

1984 911 SCRS in excellent condition (and bikes) so donuts, multiple tyre-smoking starts, and some serious speed up the hill are all part of the aural and visual feast. The rally cars have their paddock at the top of the hill, and throughout both days they are blazing around the rally circuit competing in their various categories. When did you last stand 10 metres away from Paddy Hopkirk’s Monte Carlo winning Cooper S or Mikkola’s Audi Quattro on full song? Finally, you can’t ignore the static displays and motor industry stands, where the cream of international brands are represented. The motor industry has recognised that the Goodwood FoS attracts more people than the traditional National Motor Show, so they are now there in force. Porsche not only had a large stand in the main display paddock, but were offering punters a free white-knuckle ride around a dirt track in Cayenne Turbos – I hope they had sickbags in the glove boxes!. So if you can arrange to be in England at the beginning of July – book tickets in advance over the web and go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. You will need to spend two days to really enjoy the experience, and there is ample accommodation in the many historic towns in the region. I found a charming B & B about 15km away in Arundel, where the classic 11th century castle dominates the medieval town centre with its brooding presence. With 150,000 people turning up each day, there are traffic queues, but with several entrances to the estate getting in and out was not the huge challenge I expected. It does pay to make an early start however! SUMMER 2011/12





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n PORSCHE o i s s Pa Vale Lisa Jacobson (nee Gregory)

If Lisa could return as a car, it would probably be an early Porsche, like the black 356A Speedster that her well-known father John Gregory drove hard and fast, day and night, after he

bought it new in 1958. John was seriously passionate about Porsches. His fascination with the marque grew from his admiration of their technology and engineering after arriving from his native Lebanon in the early 1950s. It was his sixth-sense expertise in tuning and repairing them that led to his company Spyder Automobiles being accredited

will have to remain a good but plausible story.

It is fair to say that Lisa was John’s surrogate ‘son’ and she inherited her unmitigated love of the Stuttgart sports cars from him. The family home resembled a Porsche shrine, with magazines and spare parts contesting space with other household items and Lisa absorbed the ‘Porsche patter’ that reverberated around home and workshop. Lisa carried her early enthusiasm through to her adolescent and early adult years so much so that she was known to use the stray Porsche lying around at home to impress the opposite sex in a unique reversal of a typically male role.

as an official Porsche service agent from the early 1960s until the late 1970s. During this period literally hundreds of 356s passed over his hoists and it was into this Porsche world that John and Jean Gregory’s only child Lisa was born on May 4, 1965. It is rumoured that she was conceived in a Porsche, but as neither of her parents are with us now, it

The first Porsche she could truly call her own was a red 356 Cabriolet, followed later by an Ice Green 911 2.7S with a unique set of close-ratio gears that her father installed. Like Lisa, it went everywhere fast! Certainly from an early age she was authoritative and outspoken on all things Porsche and had no hesitation correcting any challengers. Not everyone appreciated her forthrightness, but Lisa saw her passion and ability to speak her mind as an important part of life. “Never let your voice be silenced,” she later instructed her children. Lisa met her husband Michael Jacobson when he was preparing to run with wellknown Porsche repairer Mike Tankard in the Winton 24 Hour race in 1990. Six weeks later they were engaged and the following February they were married. The death of her father John in 2003 followed by her mother Jean in 2007 devastated her. “She said they were the only people who really understood her”, recalled Michael.

At Christmas 2006 the Jacobsons and their three children Tom, Charlotte and Billy, moved to Warragul – a relocation that surprised many of their friends – but it allowed Lisa more time with her family and she became actively involved with a range of school and community issues. She also maintained her passion for Porsches, initially being involved in the formation of the Type 901 Register while maintaining the administration of Spyder Automobiles, which Michael carried on after John’s death. In early September 2011, Lisa was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She died on October 26, aged 46, with many PCV members and Porsche friends attending her funeral to pay their respects to her and the Gregory family. “Five weeks is not a lot of time to get used to big changes in a person’s life,” said Michael, “but like a Porsche, everything for her happened fast.” The 30 or so pages dedicated to her on various international forums included the proposed dedication of Targa California (formally the no frills Iron Bottom Rally) in the USA next year in her honour, combined with fund raising for breast cancer research. She would have been pleased with that final achievement. Michael Browning SUMMER 2011/12


story: Trevor Leavesley photos: Neville Sampson

Sea Change Weekend to Warrnambool Mid 911 Register Friday, October 21st to Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 his hand whilst sawing and was still in the hospital in Adelaide! He said that he would still come, but we all had doubts about whether he and his wife, Sharon, would make it.

After the last Warrnambool weekend in July 2009, we had had such a great time that we could not wait for the next one. Well here we are, two and a half years later, setting off in the ‘fat bottomed girl’, on our way to Sorrento where we plan to meet Graeme and Yannick Anderson in their 964 Carrera 4. In a somewhat placid, but drizzly atmosphere we all sail over to Queenscliff on the ferry and we’re soon on our way. Following a fairly uneventful run, we stopped for lunch at a rather ‘rustic’ old pub in Colac. The hotel, whilst very quiet outside, was packed to the rafters inside and the atmosphere was rather more ‘Deliverance’ than ‘rustic welcome’! Nevertheless, after a quick and eatable meal we are soon safely on our way, planning to meet the rest of the group at the Lady Bay Hotel and Resort in Warrnambool. With the weather slowly clearing, it became a pleasant journey, arriving at the Resort to find Peter and Clair Cromie already there and Peter cleaning Clair’s Boxster. Upon checking in, the accommodation was found to be superb, a double bedroom, double kitchen suite with views over the beach and Lady Bay. A brief rest was taken to settle in, but we were soon called down to drinks and meet the rest of the crowd, who had all arrived except for poor old Ron Wishart. Ron had cut




With welcoming drinks in our hands, we sat down around the dinner tables in our private dining room and there was much chat about being in the presence of the new Club President, Will Darvall and his wife Barbara. Neville Sampson, the new Porsche Club Secretary rose to address the gathering and likened Will’s attendance in Warrnambool to the Queen arriving in Australia to visit her loyal subjects. Continuing in this vein and with unanimous support proceeded to crown Will, ‘King of Warrnambool’! The newly crowned ‘King’s’ response was to raise a glass and with tongue firmly in cheek, disparagingly and hilariously remark on the lack of sophistication of the ‘quaint folk’ in the Warrnambool Crew and dub them a club in their own right, henceforth to be known as The East of South Australia Porsche Club. ‘The Crew’, represented by Peter Johnson, who was somewhat in shock and very uncharacteristically at a loss for words, thanked his Majesty for the ‘honour’ and his ‘kind remarks’ and opened up the club for membership, decreeing that it’s activities would commence tomorrow!

At 8.00am the next morning, the whole group assembled, including Ron and Sharon, who had made it after all. We meandered along the Esplanade to breakfast at a restaurant on the beach. During a very pleasant and enjoyable meal, Peter rose to address ‘King Will’ and his assembled subjects. Thanking the ‘King’ again for the previous night‘s ‘honour’, he inducted him into membership of the new club and presented him with a ‘T’ shirt, which he assured the ‘King’ they had laboured over all night. The ‘King’ raised the shirt to the gathering, pointing out the logo on the chest, which said “Porsh Klub off East Sowth Astraya”. Much support was shown by members at large, who all wished to immediately sign up for the new ‘Klub”. Returning to the Resort in good humour, we were soon in our cars and off on the ‘run proper’. Starting with a drive down ‘orgasm alley’, a part of the Esplanade with an interesting arrangement of bumps, we wended our way to Thunder Point, where a photo shoot and general views of the area were seen. After the photos we proceeded on a convoluted, but interesting route through Warrnambool and off into the northern countryside. As the clouds descended and a persistent drizzle set in, everybody came to a halt at the 42 Km mark. Evidently we had lost our ‘King’! Soon with the group all back together we were off again driving down a succession of increasingly narrow lanes.

Just when it seemed we were in the middle of nowhere, we arrived at the premises of Jan’s Fine Glass. The rain then started to pour down, but we were entertained by Jan demonstrating the beautiful art possibilities that could come from ‘slumped glass’. Opportunity was then given, and taken, to purchase samples of Jan’s work, whilst we enjoyed her scones, tea and coffee. Just as we were leaving through Jan’s gate, the ‘fat bottomed girl’ decided she wouldn’t stay in gear, which is rather unusual for a tiptronic! By the time the gear lever’s recalcitrant return spring had been sorted, there was a traffic jam of cars behind us and the cars in front had disappeared. The route took us around and into the Mt Eccles National Park and on to Lake Surprise, where it had been planned that we would be able to walk around. Unfortunately due to the rumoured presence of leeches on the overgrown paths, this idea was cancelled. Our book of instructions indicated that we should keep our eyes open for signs of koalas and snakes in the area. Sure enough, we very quickly found them as they were in abundance, on rocks, the paths, everywhere. They were delicious, Koalas by Cadbury and Jelly Snakes!!!!!! Thus, in a good mood we continued on to the Blue Room Café for lunch. This was part of the village hotel in Macarthur. Whilst enjoying a substantial pub lunch, there was more hilarious jousting of ‘King Will’ by Peter and the Crew. Such that ‘King Will,’ then addressed the assembled crowd and conferred membership of the East of South Australia Club on one and all. With that, he and his Queen bade farewell, to perform other royal duties at Motoclassica in Melbourne. As the rest of the afternoon was free, it was recommended we visit Port Fairy, which is a beautiful little town with many attractions and amenities. Most of the group followed this recommendation, many of them searching fruitlessly for a replica Spanish caravel that we had been told to look for! Whilst strolling through town, we kept seeing Aston Martins of

various vintages, until we came across Graeme Jane, who is an Aston owning, Porsche Club member. He informed us that there were 21 Astons in town for a weekend get together. So with 16 German Porsches and 21 English Astons, it was recommended not to mention the war! The highlight though, was seeing a 1930’s light blue Bugatti Type 37 driving through town. Worth about a $million, it had NSW plates and looked as if it had driven the whole way. By the time we returned to our room in Warrnambool, it was necessary for us to get ready for dinner, which had been arranged at the Club Warrnambool. This used to be a gentlemen’s club, but was now a fine restaurant. The thirty of us arrived promptly by bus and were shown to sit either side of a very long table. With drinks now in hand, each couple received a 9 question quiz from the Crew, some questions intelligent, some ‘clever’ and some downright sneaky. Nevertheless, Club Sec. Neville and his wife Jeanette got 6 correct and won the competition. As we were finishing our meal, the Crew proceeded to bombard us with further queries, based on the content of the weekend’s route instructions. Holly seemed to know all the answers, but was only allowed two prizes and Harriett and Ken Anson won a bottle of wine. This was their first win in over 20 runs. Our coach then transported us merrily to our beds, after another great night. Breakfast on the Sunday was taken at ‘Pippies by the Bay’, a restaurant situated in the historic Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. The food and service was excellent and after completing our meal, we congregated in the entrance to

the Village for a guided tour. This proved to be very enlightening, describing the plight of many an early immigrant on board ships to Australia and the dangers presented by the ‘shipwreck coast’. We had an early morning tea in the Village, prior to getting back into our cars for the final run of the weekend. An interesting drive took us through various parts of Warrnambool, before leaving the town and heading towards the Otways. The roads we travelled on were many, varied and largely deserted, allowing us a great run. The conga line of Porsches, gradually breaking up into smaller groups as we headed East. Eventually we found ourselves on the Colac-BeechForest Road where we soon came across Otway Estate Winery, our lunch destination. Arriving in dribs and drabs, we congregated, talking about the drive and the great weekend until we were all present when we then walked into the restaurant. The establishment not only produced its own wine, but also made a large range of beers, Germanic in style to go with the German food served in the restaurant. A substantial German meal, including ham hocks, schnitzel, various wurst, rosti and many other items was consumed to such effect, that very few people took advantage of the range of German tortes and other desserts on show. Sincere thanks must go to the Warrnambool Crew of Peter & Jenny Johnson and Graeme & Muriel Aberline, for their participation in, and organizing of, a fantastic weekend that was enjoyed by everybody in the group.

SUMMER 2011/12


story & photos: Felix Rieniets

Captains Creek Winery Run 993 Register

When searching for a new luncheon venue to accommodate a hungry mob of Porsche enthusiasts, having someone with hand on heart recommend a location is always welcomed. Bill who is one of our members from Ballarat approached me with a suggestion of a place he’d recently been to. Trusting Bill’s judgement I listened on and when he mentioned the location being a little township called Blampied the destination of Captains Creek Organic Winery was set in my mind for a 993 outing. Blampied is a township located within the Shire of Hepburn just outside of Daylesford on the Midland Highway and like so many Australian country towns was established around the local pub and was named after the hotels owner. The hotel was later named The Swiss Mountain Hotel when the ownership of the establishment was taken over by a couple of Swiss sisters early in the hotel’s history when the floor still consisted only of sawdust. These Swiss sisters held a tight reign on the drinking habits of the local farmers only allowing them the maximum of two drinks per person regardless of where the mercury sat on the thermometer or the hard days work that had been performed. Please excuse this authors indulgence of Blampied’s history, but Blampied holds a special place in my heart being the place where my father was born & raised and where I spent many a Christmas playing cricket in the driveway of the farm with my brother and cousins or rummaging through the wreckage of FJ Holden bodies that were the result of my dad testing how well they would bounce off trees at speed. It was this very place that I gained my first tastes of driving. Firstly in the form of my cousins go-kart that propelled me

through fencing after one of the steering pins fell out and secondly taking my Dad back to my Grandfather’s place a couple of hundred metres up the road after visiting the Swiss Mountain Hotel where the rule of a maximum of two drinks had long been abandoned. After meeting at the Rockbank BP where we were met with a change to the previous days fine weather that resulted in those of us with roofs down quickly clambering for the electric roof closure button. After a brief journey up the Western Freeway the convoy of 9 cars headed towards Greendale to take in some country scenery through Blacktown and onto Trentham where we’d be stopping for morning tea. Along the journey you would have been forgiven for thinking you’d spotted life size stone kangaroos or native wildlife in the front yard of one of the houses. These it would be later discovered belonged to the owner of the Two Fat Wombats, a very quirky and intriguing shop in Trentham that housed an extremely varied collection of items that included anything from motoring to science fiction such as mosaic car emblems included




the extremely familiar Porsche crest to life size versions of numerous animals and robots. The second leg of our journey saw us deviate from the main roads onto some very Porsche friendly stretches of bitumen that gave the driver the opportunity to leisurely take in the countryside or test the suspension against some fabulously tight sections of roads wrapped in the magnificent surroundings providing spectacular views across farms, through the steep inclines of the spruce pine decorated Upper Coliban Reservoir, and the lush countryside that seemed to become more luscious and beautiful as we approached the township of Hepburn Springs. Sadly our sightseeing of Hepburn Springs was short lived as we made onto Daylesford and lastly toward Blampied via the Midland Highway that offered one last stretch of tree lined roads through the valley before our turn off at the aforementioned Swiss Mountain Hotel to the Captains Creek Organic Winery.

Driving up the long driveway we arrived at the winery of which its architecture wouldn’t be out of place as a chalet in the mountains or as a contemporary home of which you’d have your bedroom and living area in the exact location of the restaurant so you could enjoy the fabulous views to the east over the luscious fields either inside or from the extensive veranda. As this wasn’t a chalet or private house we were able to enjoy the fabulous views as diners and as such was the perfect environment to settle in for the afternoon. Upon arrival we were met by our very humble host in Doug who immediately kicked off the wine tasting offering a sensational of selection of wines including their own hand made Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Normally a Shiraz drinker I sampled the Pinot Noir for something different and immediately found my drink of choice for the afternoon. Our lunch consisted of 3 courses selected and prepared by the delightful chef Valentine which consisted of locally grown or where not possible locally sourced produce that still has me salivating as I write this thinking another visit will be on the cards. As with any good group of friends over magnificent food the conversations flowed very free to which it was admitted by one of our group of which shall remain anonymous, that the activity of washing a 993 was reminiscent of embracing our finer sex with its gorgeous curvaceous lines. His wife was quite puzzled by the comparison and at that moment I was quite relieved that someone else shared my thoughts of washing my first 911 and openly admitted my similar experience. Should one end up in the doghouse

at least hugging the 993 in the garage should be comfortable till the morning. After a brief session snapping the posing 993’s on display in front of the winery or the International Harvest tractor from the 1930s still with it’s crank start handle I wandered back inside to enjoy a coffee before heading back to Melbourne where I had the pleasure of meeting with Doug’s wife Glenda and father Morris who informed me that the land of which the winery was on had been in the family for over one hundred years. Unfortunately Morris wasn’t able to give any incriminating stories about my father but did provide some wonderful stories of the Rieniets clan which brought back my own memories, this in turn prompted me to pause reminiscently in front of my Grandfather’s old house that still stands up the road from the winery for a few reflective moments before firing up the flat six and riding off into the sunset at least until the Melbourne turn off.

SUMMER 2011/12


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• limited drivers and open pit structure allowing plenty of track time • strictly non-competitive advanced driver training • strictly non-competitive advanced driver training • morning tea, catered lunch and all drinks, including • morning tea, catered lunch and all drinks, including espresso coffee! espresso coffee! • access to professional photographer • access to professional photographer • recognised by PCV as eligible performance driving driving course for club competition • recognised by PCV as eligible performance course for club competition • limited drivers and open pit structure allowing plenty of track time

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story & photos: David Lovatt

Turbo Mountain Run 996/997 Register On Sunday the 16th of October we held a 996/997 run which we combined again with the Turbo register . We decided to plan a shorter run than usual, but nonetheless taking some interesting mountain roads, totalling around 156km. On this run we had 14 cars in total of which 7 were Turbo Register members. A good , balanced turnout with some finest examples of each . It’s a pity the weather didnt grace us with its finest in return.

challenging route to Marysville, normally only frequented by motorcyclists testing the relationship between man and machine. The route took us through some nice winding roads, climbing gradually through picturesque forests. This part of the route was a great suggestion from Turbo Captain, David Mallinson and a great route for those who enjoy an involving drive, and for those who enjoy non congested roads through alpine forest.

After departing Melbourne following morning coffee at the Golden Arches , we all regrouped at the the charming town of Warburton. The starting point for the

Following a short stop at Marysville , made shorter by the unfavourable weather, we continued along some less challenging yet still involving roads through the Black Spur to Healesville and on to the magnificent Oakridge

Regrouping at Warburton (turbo’s leads the pack)

Like I said it still has an impact

Winery at Coldstream. A fabulous setting and a great place to conclude the morning. There we were greeted and entertained by the very funny and outgoing host Andrew, who even arranged for photos of our parade entry through the main driveway. The food , wine and service were second to none and this is certainly a destination worth returning to in the future. All in all a great day with great cars, people, food , wine and countryside. What better way to spend a Sunday.

Great cars, food, wine and friends what else is there in life

story: Clair Cromie

Mid-911 End of Year Lunch Mid 911 Register

Well, here we are on a fine Sunday in November for the final Mid 911 lunch of the year. Our venue was the Sandringham Yacht Club, what magnificent views we had over the bay!! This was expertly organised by our own Graeme Anderson who is a member of the Yacht Club. Many thanks to Graeme for all of his time and effort in organising the day. A group of 16 of us……..(was to be 18, but, as our Social Director/Treasurer is a man of considerable and wide ranging skills, it appears he may like to readdress the basic concept of diary reading!) gathered to talk about the

years’ runs, outings, the upcoming ball and the ever anticipated runs for next year. Our luncheon was as pleasant as our surroundings with a Japanese influenced menu and a dessert selection which included a tasting plate, all of which Sylvia and I shared with great enthusiasm, YUM! A lot of chatter was to reminisce about how brilliantly organised our Tour of Warrnambool was, we all took great pleasure in recapping events to those who didn’t go and all were in agreement that the guys from the ‘Bool set even higher standards for future Mid 911 trips, well done to you all!!

All in all the Register enjoyed a busy and diverse year whether we went north, south, east or west. Many thanks to our scribes and snappers with special mention to our main culprits, Trevor Leavesley and Neville Sampson, we all have some wonderful articles to look back on thanks to your contributions. We look forward to an exciting and interesting year in 2012, so on behalf of Peter and I, we wish you and your families a safe and very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year xxxx.

SUMMER 2011/12


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SUMMER 2011/12

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Porsche Parade Summer 2011/12  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade Summer 2011/12  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria