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Issue 3 - 2017

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SSR6 - Barbagallo Super Sprint

Tech Day with Mark Schofield

A Day in York


Issue 3 - 2017


Premium Glass Coating







Issue 3 - 2017





Editor’s report


Sporting Series Round 4R – Jack’s Hill


Treasurer’s report


Sporting Series Round 6 - Barbagallo Super Sprint


President’s report


Sporting Series Round 7 – Barbagallo Super Sprint


Vice President’s report


Trials and tribulations of importing my 996 C4S into WA!


Membership report


No more “Whiz Bang Machines”


Social Director’s report


(A Not So) Technical Corner: An Owner’s Log - The Dreaded


Secretary’s Report

Intermediate Shaft Bearing


Sporting Director’s report


Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer (in Gmünd)


911 GT3 with Touring Package


Unforgettable Porsche Experience at 24h of Le Mans


Tech Day: Memory Lane Classic Restorations – A Good Day Out


How I came to join the PCWA


August Club Meeting - Recognising Member Milestones


Creating Extra Luggage Space Out of Thin Air


October Club Meeting at Brila Premium Glass Coating


From ‘Barn Find’ to ‘Concours Queen’


Christmas in July at Quindanning


Porsche Club Presidents Meeting 2017 - Complete With


A Day With York Royalty

Car Candy From Melbourne


BMW Club (WA) & PCWA Combined drive to Dwellingup


Porsches, Porsches & More Porsches


Day 1 - Super Tour of South-West: Perth to Collie


Club History Page: Looking forward to looking back!


Day 2 - Super Tour of South-West: Collie to Balingup to Nannup


Early Morning Drive - Cacophony of the Senses


This Never-Driven 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR


Porsche Club Meeting North Wales



IF/C: Brila




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Issue 3 - 2017


Editor’s report you haven’t been discouraged to contribute new articles in future issues. Also thank you to Andrew Ford, of the BMW Club (WA), for his article in this issue about the joint BMW-Porsche Drive in September.

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. Where has 2017 gone? This is my second year as editor of Porsche West. It’s been a lot of work – weekends and late nights – but when I see the final result – it suddenly makes it all worthwhile! The truth is that without the contribution of individual members there wouldn’t be a magazine of such high quality. A magazine, I know most of you are eager to receive in your letterbox, three times a year. THANKING ALL CONTRUBITORS IN 2017 Without naming each contributor (articles and photos) individually (there are too many of them), I’d like to thank all them, on behalf of the Club, for their support in 2017. Hopefully,

THANKING ALL ADVERTISERS On behalf of the Club, I’d also like to thank all advertisers for their support in 2017. I hope that you will keep supporting the PCWA with your advertising in Porsche West in 2018. Without our advertisers, we wouldn’t be able to produce such a high-quality magazine (we can all be very proud of) three times a year. PETER OGDEN

series) keeps putting his hand up to take photos for the magazine. I’d like to thank him (and his very patient wife, Yvonne) for always saying ‘yes’ when I call him (or email him) to ask if he can take pictures. Not only is Peter a great contributor to the magazine – but with Yvonne – are also two of the most active members in the Club. It is rare that they do not attend a social event. Peter even started racing his car in the Sports Series this year. Thanks to you both. UP AND ONWARDS IN 2018 The job of editor never really stops. As I’m writing my report for the last issue of 2017, I’m already planning the first issue of 2018. If you’d like help with your article, feel free to call me directly on 0412 022 110 or email me at publications@porscheclubwa.org.au. Finally, I’d like to thank my wife Jackie for her help proofreading each issue before it is sent to the printer. Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy the read! (I know you will)

If you indulge me, I’d like to single out Peter Ogden, who event after event (social and sports

Daniel (and Jackie) Eigenmann – Magazine Editor

Treasurer’s report Hello Club Members, the club finances are in good shape for the year and sustainable for the future. Our account balances as of the end of October are $64,330 in our bank account and $1,716 in our PayPal account. This is about $32k above the start of the year.

but will still leave us positive for the year. Magazine advertising is going well, we have taken in nearly $10k, with a few accounts yet to pay. The advertising goes toward publishing costs, so please support our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad in Porsche West.

There are some expenses yet to pay for the Tasmania trip, as well as the costs for the Concours and the Christmas party. These will bring the account balances down somewhat,

The social and sporting series are running slightly positive for the year, and expected to remain so.

Income Interest Income Magazine advertising Membership dues Merchandise sales Social Events Sponsorship Sport Series Total Income

YTD Actual $ 264.71 $ 9,841.50 $ 26,875.00 $ 1,090.00 $ 130,349.00 $ $ 35,218.00 $ 203,638.21

Less Operating Expenses Accounting Fees Advertising Bank Fees General Expenses Insurance Membership expenses Paypal fee Postage Printing & Stationery Social Expenses Sport Series expenses Subscriptions Total Operating Expenses

$ 72.50 $ 487.81 $ 287.50 $ 149.40 $ 539.00 $ 9,413.66 $ 1,416.93 $ 1,818.41 $ 12,367.74 $ 112,005.08 $ 31,150.87 $ 831.00 $ 170,539.90

Operating Surplus (Deficit) $ 4




Membership Subscriptions Expenses Net

$ 26,875.00 $ 10,122.13 $ 16,752.88

Competition Revenue Expenses Net

$ 35,218.00 $ 31,859.34 $ 3,358.67

Social Events Revenue Expenses Net

$ 130,349.00 $ 112,005.08 $ 18,343.92

The conversion to the Xero accounting software is now complete. This has greatly improved the organization and transparency of our finances. Craig Wengel - Treasurer

Income Interest Income Magazine advertising Merchandise sales Total

$264.71 $9,841.50 $1,090.00 $ 11,196.21

Operating Expenses Accounting Fees Advertising Bank Fees General Expenses Insurance Postage Printing & Stationery Subscriptions Total

$72.50 $487.81 $287.50 $149.40 $539.00 $1,818.41 $12,367.74 $831.00 $ 16,553.36

President’s report 2018 is already looking like a great year with a joint lunch in April for 100 with the Mercedes Benz Club in the grounds of a classic colonial home in Harvey, a 4-day weekend tour of Margaret River, a round of golf with some keen PCWA golfers along with the loved staples of Porsches Planes & Picnics, Christmas in July and Classic Cars & Coffee. AND a great sporting lineup!

I am writing this update from Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, our penultimate destination of what will be a 3,000+km journey through South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. The PCWA Tour of Tasmania consists of 19 Porsches, an amazing tour booklet and some 37 truly engaged and happy travellers. In many ways, it is a microcosm of PCWA. The club now has close to 300 memberships and 500+ members, 92% of which have attended at least one event this year. John Paluch, our super-efficient Secretary, discovered that on average PCWA has an event of some sort every week of the year – that is a lot! This year has seen members attend 8 Classic Cars & Coffee events, the truly fun Christmas in July at Quindanning Hotel (the wettest drive I can remember), an amazing tour of the York Motor Museum by the Duke and Duchess of York (Peter and Robin Briggs), the first of many to come “air-cooled” drives, an entire season of great racing and 10 very social club meetings. Although Tours of Europe and Tours of Tasmania are not annual events, they do set milestones for the club and hopefully inspire others to consider future ideas that set us apart from an ordinary car club.

All this is made possible by the 500+ enthusiastic members and an amazing committee who work outstandingly well together in both thinking up AND implementing great events while managing the club’s finances along the way. A special thanks to Grace Tan - Social Director 2016/17 (of course I am biased) - who has been the force behind the mega-events and raising the bar on our regular social events. Grace will be retiring at the end of this year due to heavy travel and work commitments in 2018. The committee of the PCWA wishes you all a safe, wonderful and loving Christmas break and looks forward to seeing you all again in 2018. Deryck Graham - Club President

President: Deryck Graham


Vice President: Rob Page


Treasurer: Craig Wengel treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

Publications: Daniel Eigemnann publications@porscheclubwa.org.au

Secretary: John Paluch


Sporting Director: David Blainey sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au

Deputy Sporting Director: Brett Read


Vice President’s report contact with Porsche Club France which is dealt with separately in an article in this magazine. The club is being managed in a very thorough manner and through the President’s (Deryck Graham) efforts, the Club is close to achieving the target of 300 members. Having returned, I attended a committee meeting on Sunday 8th October and the energy, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication in the Club committee is ever present and will, I’m sure, continue for some time to come. Considerable effort has been put into the Tasmania tour through Grace Tan, Deryck Graham, Andy and Kathy Stack, Cheryl Leeds and Seamus Hannigan etc. and the outcome is a masterpiece of budgeting, planning and teamwork. I congratulate all those involved for an outstanding piece of work. As some of you may have observed, I have not been present at the various meetings for the last four months. This was due to our being on holiday in Europe for four months, yes four months. In those four months I have endeavoured to keep abreast of the club issues through minutes of meetings and email exchanges. We also attended a “Porsche Club North Wales” club meeting as well as making

club committee 2017

Rob Page – Vice President

Webmaster: Scott Alexander


Membership: Kathy and Andy Stack membership@porscheclubwa.org.au

Social Director: Grace Tan


Club Historian: Chris Clarke

Director Classic Register: Michael Broughton The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Refer to the name of the committee member above to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you. proudly designed and printed by

Issue 3 - 2017 www.compositecolour.com.au


Membership report CLOSING IN ON THE MAGIC 300! This has been a great PCWA year so far. New memberships continues to rise. So far this year, we’ve had a total of 68 new members. Our total membership is now at 292, which is a great achievement: 189 family memberships, 102 single memberships and 1 corporate membership. We are hoping to reach the 300-member mark before the end of the year. It has been great to see so many members coming to the club meetings and very pleasing to see the large number of women that are attending - proving it is not just a male domain. With some of the girls now hiring the race track for private practice, it won’t be long before the girls will be nipping at the heels of the boys. With summer, we are looking forward to returning to the Seaview Golf Club and having Gourmet German Sausage barbeques with the beautiful views of the ocean and spectacular sunsets. Previous barbeques have proven to be very popular and sometimes hard to get everyone back inside for the meetings. NEW MEMBERS We welcome the following new members to the Porsche Club family who joined us since the last magazine (to 9.10.17): • Philip and Donna Wratt/Harper 911 GST 2017 • Mark and Jenny Alders/Whitely 911 • Jason Matz 911 • David Thorney • Mario and Gio Vendittelli 911 C4S • Ken and Etsue Nakaseko 997 Turbo • Adeline Armstrong Cayenne • Tim Davies 911 1974 • Scott, Wayne, Meryl Brenchley/Perira/Jones 356

It’s great to see that we are getting a larger variety of Porsches in our club including Cayenne’s and Caymans. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OLD MEMBERSHIP CARDS? If you look carefully at some of our elder club members, you will notice that they keep their old membership cards attached to their lanyards as a sort of badge of honour. This is often a conversation starter for the newer members. 2018 MEMBERSHIP CARDS An important reminder for next year’s membership payment is to get the payment made early - as soon as you receive the invoice. Because the sooner we receive payment for membership, the earlier in the year you will receive your membership cards. You will only receive new membership cards and not lanyards. But remember if you need spare lanyards or new membership joining cards for distribution to potential members, we normally have spares at the meetings. MEMBERSHIP FEES Please note there will be a slight increase in membership fees as agreed by the members at the car stereo shop club meeting. It has been over five years since the last membership fee increase and the members at this meeting suggested that the committee raise the fees to keep up with CPI annually. Looking forward to a fabulous 2018. And thank you to all new members and current members who support the Club. To the new members please make yourselves known to membership and we will help in any way we can. Porsche is a lifestyle and we are living the dream! Kathy and Andy Stack - Membership

Social Director’s report Through the year, we have also had great runs hosted by PCWA members - including Ian Rowson, Bill Richards & Rudy Menke, Scott & Sharon Alexander, Chris & Glynis Westall, Edward Roose and Chris & Lorraine Clarke. Not forgetting the first air-cooled social drive event with Michael Broughton.

What a year 2017 has been! As Social Director, I have so enjoyed helping to create events that are fun, inspiring and provide that feeling of escape we all like once in a while. With the camaraderie of the members, we have reached out and created not just the wondrous drives in the country but shared special occasions and connections with the likes of Peter and Robin Briggs’ Tour of York Museum and the hands-on Tech Day with Mark Schofield of Memory Lane Classic Cars. Reaching out also includes joint club events with other like-minded clubs such as the Ferrari run in January, which was a sold-out event, as was the BMW run to Dwellingup in September. In fact, virtually every event this year has sold out, sometimes in just the first 48 hours. Note to self – get in early! More collaboration is planned with the Mercedes Benz Club and other exotic car clubs in 2018. See new cars and meet new friends! 6



By the time you read this, we will have had our annual Porsche Centre Concours d’Elegance 2017 and Christmas Party & Awards Night, both notable anchor events on our Club social and racing calendars. One of the biggest events our Club hosted this year is of course, the Tour of Tasmania 2017 – PCWA’s first official driving tour event. The adventure, with 37 excited PCWA members and 19 Porsches, started at the Barossa Valley, then through to the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne and across to Tasmania. We had some serious motoring fun through picturesque towns and chalked up an average of 3,500km of driving on incredible roads. We also connected with Porsche Clubs in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. It was truly a social drive event to remember! More on this in the next edition. I hope that in the past two years, as Social Director, I have helped nurture an environment that is as interesting as it is creative and inclusive. It encouraged me greatly when a new member recently told me that she thought this

would just be another car club that her husband would be involved with. However, PCWA has unexpectedly – and wonderfully – become a second family to the both. Many thanks to the PCWA Committee 2017 for the strength of your support, especially to Deryck Graham for your help and encouragement. There have been many laughs and delicious sushi along the way, but thank goodness John Paluch (actually, it’s Andrea) has lifted the standards of our working dinners in recent times! I am immensely grateful for all the support the Club has given me these past two years. I have had great fun along the way and connected with many wonderful members and now friends. While it is an engaging and hands-on role, it certainly has also been a wonderful privilege. Thank you. Grace Tan – Social Director

Secretary’s report to mix with people of the same basic motoring ilk, even though their choice of vehicle marque fanaticism isn’t quite the same as ours. I think a special mention must go to both the HSV and Triumph Clubs who we now seem to have regular sporting events with. You can only imagine the level of banter and sledging that emanates from these combinations, all in the name of motor vehicle passion and good fun. It seems I’ve passed my three-month probation period here as PCWA Secretary and so much has happened in that very short time. We have had three Committee Meetings in three different locations, four Members Meetings in three different locations, three Sports Series events, four Social Events, four Classic Cars and Coffee events, a Special Technical event, Targa West event participation, a Porsche West issue 2 magazine publication and even attendance at a Liberal Party Conference! Part of my job has been to organise tasks, set agendas, action items, record minutes of meetings and then file these documents. The best part of doing this, is actually learning everything that PCWA is involved in – and quite frankly, the club is entrenched in so many facets of the community here in Perth. Naturally, the networking and contacts we have with the various motoring clubs in WA is enormous. Did you know that the Council of Motoring Clubs has 108 financially registered motor clubs in WA! We have in many cases combined with other clubs for social, sporting and car show events. It’s been quite enjoyable

Also, the depth of the Porsche brand world-wide is phenomenal, with Porsche Cars Australia and Porsche Centre Perth (Chellingworth) both actively involved in supporting and sponsoring our Club. In mid-September, I was fortunate enough to be volunteered to represent PCWA at the Porsche Club Presidents’ Meeting in Victoria, an annual event that brings all the Porsche Clubs together for a group meeting. There are seven officially recognised Porsche Clubs in Australia and a further 663 worldwide spanning 85 countries with more than 200,000 members! The Presidents’ Meeting was a great time to seek guidance and direction for the future of Porsche Clubs Australia wide. I would really like to thank all our members and supporters out there who give us their time, energy, products and sponsorships! It is all very much appreciated and as we are a non-profit (or loss) Club, you know it all goes to maintaining the brand, the image and the great times we have as PCWA members. John Paluch - Secretary

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Editor and Advertising Daniel Eigenmann Mobile: 0412 022 110 Email: publications@porscheclubwa.org.au Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2017 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151


Issue 3 - 2017

RRP $14.95


SSR6 - Barbagallo Super Sprint

Tech Day with Mark Schofield

A Day in York


Issue 3 - 2017 7



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Sporting Director’s report At the time of writing, we have completed 7 of the 8 Sports Series events with the final event being at Collie on Sunday 12 November 2017. All PCWA members are welcome to attend and compete in any of the sporting events. Details on how to join the PCWA Sports Series are on the PCWA website. In 2018, we are going to share events with the HSV Owners Club of WA and the Triumph Sports Owners Association and a draft calendar has been put together. We are waiting on confirmation of dates from Barbagallo and Collie. Once confirmed, the 2018 dates will be published. PCWA – SPORTS SERIES – 2017 CALENDAR Thanks also to the officials who volunteered their time in 2017 to organise and run the Sports Series. The volunteers include Barry Nash, Bill Richards, Brett Read, Colin Strickland and Laurie Parmenter. Without them there would be no sporting series. Thanks also goes to the PCWA photographers Peter Ogden, Andy Stack, Brett Read and Daniel Eigenmann for the photos that help make this magazine. PCWA Round








Come ‘N’ Try






Twilight Sprint






Twilight Sprint






Collie Super Sprint






Barbagallo Super Sprint






Twilight Sprint






Jack’s Hill Climb


Jack’s Hill




Barbagallo Super Sprint






Barbagallo Super Sprint






Collie Super Sprint



* Cancelled

Results for the Series up to completion of Round 6 are as below - and are also included on the PCWA website. Sports series standings are not published for the last 2 events of the series. Final results are withheld until the Christmas Function and Awards presentation evening.

OUTRIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - POINTS LADDER - 2017 Driver Tim Wolfe Dean Pike Sam Wolfe Daniel Bathe Jeff Foster David Blainey Glenn King Marc Humm Allan Guelfi + Philip Green Dallas Copley Peter Ogden Roderic Seow Gerrit Oplaat John Wilding Simon Line Kurt Baur Catherine Foster John Turner Robin Garbutt Michael Broughton Barry Baltanis Adrian Buri Stuart Lister Ron Norder Deryck Graham Adam Plummer Brendan Anesbury Grant Wellwood Ray Galbraith John Morrow + Shane Atwell Michael Bourne David Moir Graeme Robson Brad Bird Gary Cutler Reece Tymms Jeff Beale Driver Paris Blaise Tim Davies Catherine Foster Justin Gan Dallas Copley Ian Bruce Robin Garbutt David Thornlie

Porsche Model Class Rookie 911 GT3 MK1 CS OpenPost 911 GT3 GT 968 CS B Boxters S A Cayman GTS GT Rookie 911T 74 RS Replica OpenPre Cayman R GT Cayman B Combined various 991 GTS GT Rookie Boxster S ('01) B Rookie Boxster ('99) D Rookie GT4 OpenPost 996 A Carrera B 1976 911RS Replica OpenPre 997 A Cayman GTS GT Rookie 997 (05) A Boxster B 356 SC D 911 GT3RS OpenPost Cayman R GT Cayman S A 911 Carrera 3.2 B Cayman Turbo GT 911 Slant Nose OpenPre 1976 911 RS Replica OpenPre GT3 GT 911SC B Combined various 911 74 RS OpenPre 911 Carrera S GT 944T C Boxster S ('06) A 1978 911 Turbo A 911S C 911 C WOMEN'S PLATE - POINTS LADDER - 2017 1986 944 Turbo C Porsche RookieOpenPre Total Pts 1974 Model RS 911 RS Cayman GTS RookieOpenPre 100 911 Boxster S ('01) RookieOpenPre 68 Boxster (98) D Boxster 56 Boxster (04) C

Total Pts 119 113 82 73 55 55 51 45 34 33 31 30 29 29 25 25 24 22 21 20 20 19 17 17 17 16 16 15 15 14 13 13 13 12 11 10 10 7 5

Class Placing 1st 2nd 3rd

David Blainey – Sporting Director CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - POINTS LADDER - 2017 Driver David Blainey Brendan Simon Line Adam Plummer Shane Atwell Blaise Paris Tim Davies Justin Gan Tim Wolfe Roderic Seow Barry Baltanis Dean Pike Jeff Foster Glenn King Catherine Foster Philip Green Adrian Buri Deryck Graham Michael Bourne Grant Wellwood Daniel Bathe Kurt Baur Gerrit Oplaat John Turner Graeme Robson Stuart Lister John Morrow A Brad Bird Sam Wolfe Dallas Copley Marc Humm Alan Guelfi B Robin Garbutt Ron Norder John Wilding Ray Galbraith Gary Cutler David Moir Jeff Beale Reece Tymms David Thornley Peter Ogden Michael Ian Bruce

Porsche Model 911T 74 RS Replica 1976 911 RS Replica 1976 911RS Replica 911 Slant Nose 911 74 RS 911 74 RS 911 RS 911 911 GT3 MK1 CS GT4 911 GT3RS 911 GT3 Cayman GTS Cayman R Cayman GTS 991 GTS Cayman R Cayman Turbo 911 Carrera S GT3 Boxters S 997 996 997 (05) Boxster S ('06) Cayman S 1975 911 Carrera 1978 911 Turbo 968 CS Boxster S ('01) Cayman 1976 911 Carrera Boxster 911 Carrera 3.2 Carrera 911SC 911S 944T 1986 944 Turbo 911 Boxter (04) Boxster ('99) 356 SC Boxster (98)

OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPre OpenPost OpenPost OpenPost GT GT GT GT GT GT GT GT GT A A A A A A A A B B B B B B B B C C C C C D D D


Rookie Rookie Rookie



Total Pts 96 20 18 18 18

Class Placing 1st 2nd 3rd

108 32 16 116 74 64 45 42 18 16 16 14 74 42 32 28 18 18 16 14 100 56 54 48 44 34 28 18 32 18 18 16 16 64 34

1st 2nd 1st 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

•Advice & Troubleshooting •Computers & Notebooks •Inks & Consumables •Onsite Service & Repairs

•Pet Friendly Environment •Printing & Scanning •System Upgrades •Virus & Spyware Removal

1st 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd

1st 2nd

Issue 3 - 2017


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Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Porsche Cars Australia

911 GT3 with Touring Package The 911 GT3 with Touring Package makes its world debut at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) on September 12 in Frankfurt. This pure 911 GT3 is available with a manual sixspeed transmission only and instead of the fixed rear wing it has a variable rear spoiler like the 911 Carrera. Beneath its understated exterior is pure motorsport technology: The four-litre naturally aspirated engine born from motorsport develops 368 kW (500 hp) and 460 Nm of torque. The 911 GT3 with Touring Package sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds to reach a top speed of 316 km/h. The name “Touring Package” harks back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS from 1973. Even then, the puristic 911 design and classic interior features were a key element. The new 911 GT3 with Touring Package adopts and modernises this concept. This variant is aimed at fans of high-quality sports cars who particularly value an understated appearance and classic driving enjoyment. Aside from the Clubsport Package and Alcantara interior, virtually all 911 GT3 options are available from Porsche in combination with the Touring Package. They include features such as all exterior and wheel colours, PCCB ceramic brakes, LED headlights, multiple seat variants, Sport Chrono Package and sound systems. A high-performance sports car in every respect With the exception of the rear, the body of the GT3 remains unchanged with the Touring Package. This means it has large air intakes in the specially designed front end, as well as the air outlet that is typical of the 911 GT3 located in front of the luggage compartment lid. The front and rear lights are unchanged. The appearance from the side is dominated by the forged alloy wheels with centre locking nut. At the front, 245/35 ZR 20 tyres are fitted on nine-inch wide wheels, while at the rear 305/30 ZR 20 tyres




are mounted on twelve-inch wide rims. The tyres create a powerful impression as the body of the 911 GT3 is 44 mm wider at the wheel arches and an additional 25 mm lower than the 911 Carrera.

Porsche has ever developed for a six-cylinder road car. The engine is characterised by its highrevving concept. The crankshaft spins at up to 9,000 rpm, which is truly extraordinary, even for a sports car engine.

Sporty aerodynamics: Rear spoiler with additional aero tip The subtle design features are first visible at the rear end. The extending rear spoiler from the series-production 911 is equipped with an aerodynamic tip (Gurney flap) in body colour. The specially designed rear lid grille bears the “GT3 touring” logo. Other distinguishing features include the silver-coloured side window trims, sports exhaust system tailpipes and headlight washer covers, as well as the Porsche logo at the rear. In the “Black Exterior Touring Package” option these elements are black and the front and rear lights are dark-tinted.

The ratios of the six gears are precisely tuned to the power delivery of the engine and offer particularly sporty shifting characteristics. An automatic throttle blip ensures an exciting sound when downshifting. This function is activated via the “Sport” button on the centre console, delivering dynamic shift processes from faster synchronisation of the gears. The GT sports manual transmission transfers the power to a mechanical rear differential lock with automatic braking (PTV).

Leather interior The interior creates the feel of a classic sports car with manual transmission. In line with the character of a pure GT, fine leather prevails rather than Alcantara. The steering wheel rim with twelve o’clock marker, shift lever, door panel armrests, centre console storage compartment lid and interior door handles are upholstered in smooth-finish leather. The seat centres are made of black fabric. The headrests feature embossed Porsche crests and all seams in the partial leather interior are sewn in black thread. The finishing touch to the interior is black aluminium trim. Powerful six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from motorsport The powertrain and chassis are identical on all 911 GT3 variants with manual transmission, including the variant with Touring Package. The naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine with four-litre displacement is taken from racing cars such as the 911 RSR and 911 GT3 Cup. It is the most powerful naturally aspirated direct-injection boxer engine and has the greatest displacement

Fast on the corners, stable on the straights: Rigid chassis with rear-axle steering The chassis of the 911 GT3 is testament to Porsche’s experience in motorsport. In addition to its precise design the chassis also boasts superior handling characteristics, thanks mainly to the active rear-axle steering. Depending on the road speed, it steers either in the opposite or the same direction as the front wheels, thereby improving the car’s agility and stability. The size of the tyres on both axles is such that the front wheels optimally transmit steering and brake forces, while the rear wheels provide drive and traction. Porsche Track Precision app as standard In addition to Porsche Communication Management (PCM) the standard equipment of every 911 GT3 also includes the Connect Plus module and the Porsche Track Precision app. This app enables the driver to display, record and analyse detailed driving data on their smartphone. The 911 GT3 Touring Package variant is priced from $326,800* – the same price as the regular 911 GT3. Local deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2018.








9328 6486 334 BEAUFORT STREET, PERTH WA 6000




Story: Shane Attwell Photos: Daniel Eigenmann, Andy Stack, Peter Ogden 9th July 2017

Tech Day: Memory Lane Classic Restorations – A Good Day Out Thanks to Mark Schofield for opening up his shop to PCWA members on a wintery Sunday for an introductory lesson into classic car restoration. A full quorum attended the session at Memory Lane’s Bayswater workshop. Memory Lane provides high end restoration services for classic cars and have restored many a Porsche. On display were a couple of 356Bs and a 911RSR replica, along with a few Jags, Mustangs and vintage Fiats. Mark is working on returning one of the 356s to original spec and the other is getting a bit of mongrel Outlaw DNA in it. Mark provided an overview of a few of the lost techniques in restoration such as the English




wheel - a tool that Memory Lane use a lot to flatten out a panel and remove the need for any filler. Mark reckons he will only use lead anyway. No bog around here! A few PCWA members had a go at the English wheel, however the conclusion was you need biceps the size of Mark’s to work the metal for any period of time. After getting some curves out of the English wheel, time was spent on demonstrating stretching and shrinking techniques to get those perfect flat edges. A few PCWA members then had a shot at a bit of spray painting in the spray booth. It would seem red was a popular colour. As some

members found once you start spraying it is hard to stop! It’s kind of addictive. Some of the panels unfortunately resembled a Dali painting at the end. Lots of runs. Perhaps it’s harder than it looks! Thanks to Peter from All Trim, next door, for manning the BBQ and keeping everyone fed. Given the day was over booked, Mark is open to another session if there is any interest. For more information, go to www.memorylaneclassiccars.com.au

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Daniel Eigenmann Photos: Andy Stack, Peter Ogden, Daniel Eigenmann 1st August 2017

August Club Meeting - Recognising Member Milestones

Our August Club Meeting, at the Seaview Golf Club, was very special – for a couple of reasons. First, it was held on the 1st August – which happens to be the Swiss national day (shameless plug – being Swiss). But more importantly, it was a very special evening because it was the Club’s opportunity to recognise 23 of your fellow members for recently reaching significant membership milestones.

As a Club, it is important to recognise both new and current members. That night, with a magnificent sunset on the Indian Ocean as background, 10-year, 20-year and 30year membership awards were given out. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it, but the full list of recipients can be found in the respective captions. Make sure to congratulate them next time you see them.

30-Year Members: (L-R) - Godfrey Everett, Andy Stack.




Presentations were made by our two 30-year members, Godfrey Everett and Andy Stack. Overall, it was a fantastic evening. On behalf of all members, I’d like to congratulate all of the night’s recipients for reaching their respective membership milestones. Personally, Jackie and I, have a long way to go – having joined the PCWA exactly two years ago.

20-Year Members: (L-R) - Jurg Hunziker, Bill Wright, Dianne and Derek Pegg. (Absent: Peter Arnoldi, Ken Cheney, Roger Hummerston)

10-Year Members: (L-R) Rob & Geraldine Landgren, Grant & Jayne Lintern, Marie Cooper & Drew Forster, Cliff Hunt, Barry Nash, Gary Jacobs, Gerry Willems, Allan Guelfi. (Absent: Michael Beasley, Brad Draper, Ken Johnsen, John Lee-Kong, Andrew Morris, Barry O’Neil, Alan Wallace) Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Daniel Eigenmann Photos: Peter Ogden, Daniel Eigenmann 3rd October 2017

October Club Meeting at Brila Premium Glass Coating October saw the PCWA take its Club meeting on the road for only the second time this year. These are great opportunities for supporters of our Club to provide club members with a better understanding of what they do. The October Club meeting was held at Brila Glass Coating on Burswood Road, Burswood. Brila had already hosted a PCWA Club meeting last year in April and were very keen to do it again in 2017. It had been a great success! They didn’t disappoint. As guests arrived, they were given the opportunity to register for three door prizes (see below for the night’s three lucky winners). Delicious food and plenty of drinks were kindly provided whilst members caught up with each other. After about an hour, the committee sat down to report on last month’s activities (as they usually do). The meeting was kept to a minimum to offer Brila the opportunity to update members on their activities (since last year’s meeting) and demonstrate their unique inorganic glass coating system (which comes from Japan). Two of our members’ cars were on display (Derek & Dianne Pegg, and Glenn Marder &




Carmen Bertram). To say they had a ‘brilliant’ experience is an understatement. Derek (Pegg) got up first. He was the lucky winner of last year’s Grand door-prize. He’d never ever won anything before and he didn’t have a car at the time – what were the odds! Within 6 months, Derek and Dianne had bought a car – a beautiful midnight blue 2004 996 C2 Porsche. They promptly contacted Brila to help get rid of 10 years of swirl marks in the paint and give it the Brila treatment. The car was on display that night for everyone to witness how great the car still looked almost a year after it been given the Brila treatment and (according to Derek) only 4 washes. Then Glenn (Marder, of Little Home Bakery’s fame), boosted by Derek’s performance and not wanting to be out staged, grabbed the mic to tell about his own experience with his and Carmen’s gorgeous 911 Carrera S Convertible. The car had been given the Brila treatment last December and a quick `maintenance` treatment shortly before the meeting (usually recommended after 12 months).

DOOR-PRIZE WINNERS If the evening wasn’t successful enough… the following three (lucky) members – ended up with the bragging rights (at least until the next meeting at Brila). • Monique Arnoldi - 1st Prize (Brila Premium Body Coating - RRP $1,260): • Peter Ogden - 2nd Prize (Bronze Detailing Package by Detailing & Cleaning Services - RRP $385): • Ben Bibbings - 3rd Prize (Full Detail Package by Car Care Australia RRP $260): On the behalf of PCWA, I would like to thank Arull (Managing Director, Brila) and his team, for hosting PCWA’s October Club Meeting. The feedback has been fantastic. Hopefully we can do it again. And you never know, I might win a prize this time. Don’t they say: ‘third time lucky!’? For more information, go to www.au.brila-coating.com

Winners are Grinners: (L-R) Arull (Brila), Ben Bibbings (3rd Prize), Peter Ogden (2nd Prize) and Monique Arnoldi (1st Prize), Yoshinobu Uekita (Brila)

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan, Andy Stack & Peter Ogden 23rd July 2017

Christmas in July at Quindanning Our Christmas in July event this year started off bright and early in Mundijong. Excited guests showed up on a very chilly – and wet – winter’s morning to partake in the adventure, all rugged up in their winter’s best. Many of us were dressed in our happy Christmas colours to get in the spirit of the event. Phil & Bev Green even adorned their 991 GTS in glorious golden tinsel! Now, that’s what we call commitment to the cause! The driving adventure took us to the Blue Wren Café in Dwellingup for morning tea, then it was on to Quindanning for lunch, along some very picturesque country roads through lush valleys.




We somehow managed to pick an incredibly wet and cold day for a social drive but everyone was in great spirits. Even a slight detour for some of us (erm…we did get a little bit, ahem, lost – despite the detailed drive notes) did not dampen the joy and sense of excitement in the group. In an area with zero mobile reception (and hence no Google Maps), Roderic Seow – and his super dooper Porsche GPS system – came to the rescue and saved the day....just some 500 metres or so from our destination, the Quindanning Inn.

At our lunch venue, the beautiful warmth of a crackling fireplace greeted us, along with all the lovely Christmas trimmings and some very delicious mulled wine. Our Christmas lunch was a decadent three-course affair, compris-

ing a creamy bacon and potato soup, a hearty roast main complete with Yorkshire pudding and lashings of gravy and an absolutely lovely Christmas pudding bathed in custard to end the meal. All homemade with love. HAPPY TIMES Apparently, the town of Quindanning has its name derived from a local Indigenous word, “quinda”, which means “happy times”. What a lovely and apt name for a town, in which we spent a wonderful afternoon with friends celebrating Christmas in July. Looking forward to it again next year!

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan, Peter Ogden, Michael Katarski

A Day With York Royalty It was a day that dawned with a gentle drizzle and the winter chill was still lingering in the air as we met up bright and early for our August social run. However, no weather was going to dampen the excitement and enthusiasm of our PCWA members that day. After all, we were spending the day with royalty. Affectionately nicknamed the Duke and Duchess of York, our special guests Peter and Robin Briggs were meeting with us in York and taking us on a personal tour of the motor museum there, which Peter and James Harwood established and built 37 years ago. The York Motor Museum opened in 1979 and is now considered one of the finest private collections of its kind in Australia. In addition to the unique display of veteran, classic, racing and vintage cars, the museum is also a treasure trove collection of posters, motoring memorabilia and photographs. We were excited to hear Peter’s story and share in his adventures. Ever the consummate and charming raconteur, Peter did not disappoint. For about 90

minutes, Peter engaged and fascinated us with his wealth of knowledge on the history and providence of the cars in his collection. His passion and love for all things motoring was truly inspiring. Most of all, Peter effortlessly made us laugh as he held court to an audience captivated by all his incredible stories and anecdotes. Thereafter, guests proceeded to The York Palace Hotel for a private lunch. We savoured a very scrumptious three-course lunch at one of York’s finest restaurants. Apparently, the York Palace Bistro is the choice location in town where in-the-know locals head to for a special occasion or celebratory meal. The restaurant did not disappoint.

13th August 2017

It was a fantastic sight, seeing a convoy of 35 Porsches drive into York, with happy, enthusiastic PCWA members spilling onto the street and taking over the town centre for a bit. Yes, we love giving our members and guests the rock star treatment on social events! Thank you again to everyone who attended. Your friendship, support and camaraderie made the event a great success!

We are also very appreciative of the support given to PCWA by the Shire of York with a special road closure of Avon Terrace, allowing us to park our Porsches along the main street – in the heart of town – for the duration of our visit. Now, that’s a warm welcome by the Town of York! A Property Portrait

PCWA in York

A very special classic 911 Carrera Martini 22



Braised Lamb Shanks on white bean & tomato stew

Cars for all ages

Classic 911s

Convoy ready to start the York adventure!

Crocodile Dundee Ute

Inside the museum

Just a bit of history

Lunch at the Palace Bistro

Meeting Point

Michael Broughton’s Flying Bathtub

Most delicious steak

Parking in the heart of York

Peter Briggs

Your hosts for the day - Peter & Robin Briggs

Porsches in York

Ray Galbraith prepping for the drive

Roderic & Lilian raced back from Targa West to join us!

Special tour of the museum with Peter Briggs

Taking over York for a few hours

Touring the museum Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Andrew Ford Photos: Andrew Ford, John Slade, Peter Ogden, John Paluch, Phil Green 17th September 2017

BMW Club (WA) & PCWA Combined drive to Dwellingup What could be better on a warm and sunny September morning than to meet up with a couple of dozen BMW drivers for a drive through some of Perth’s most scenic roads to a hearty lunch? How about combining that with an equal number of similarly inclined Porsche drivers? This was the mouth-watering scenario that greeted participants in the inaugural combined “Spring in the Valley” drive to Dwellingup. Initially planned as a drive to Toodyay and the Chittering Valley, the challenge of feeding 50 people necessitated a rethink in terms of lunch location. Some previous visits to the Dwellingup Hotel by some committee members raised the lovely southern town as a possible alternate lunch location and the hotel manager was more than happy to take on the challenge. The scene at the muster point at the Baldivis BP was impressive with a collection of 30 of both marques finest from today and yesterday. A scenic route was planned via the stunning forest around Jarrahdale to Serpentine Dam, flowing on to Dwellingup on the lovely Del Park Road. I was fortunate enough to be




a passenger in a 330i convertible and the experience was stunning given the number of wildflowers coming into bloom (the dead kangaroo that we passed was memorable in a different way) – you really do feel connected to the landscape. The town was buzzing when we arrived at the Dwellingup Hotel with the steam train arriving and numerous other displays bringing in huge numbers of visitors. The pre-ordering of lunches proved to be a real timesaver for both guests and the hotel staff. The hotel laid out a separate room for us all and the food came out in a steady stream – many thanks for Stu for his loud meal calling voice! Lunch provided club members the opportunity to mingle with their counterparts and discuss the various merits of their cars. Frequent topics involved service costs, great driving roads, model reliability, motorsport opportunities and the old depreciation chestnut! It was really refreshing to discuss these topics with enthusiasts with a different viewpoint.

Many thanks to Stu MacGregor for his event management and organisation of the lunch venue, and to BMW Club President John Slade for his marshalling duties and welcome address. Special thanks also to Peter King, a member of both clubs who initiated the combined event idea and liaised with the Porsche Club and to Grace Tan for managing communication on the Porsche Club side. Andrew Ford - BMW Club (WA) General Committee

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Edward Roose Photos: Phil Green

14th October 2017

Day 1 - Super Tour of South-West: Perth to Collie There is a certain feeling before a drive with friends, especially when Porsches, fine weather and the open road are involved. I remember waking up early (as I always do) around 4.30am thinking YES, YES today is the day! And I also just knew the members would absolutely love the route that had been lovingly created for them. I tried to stay in bed as long as possible but excitement always takes hold as it did on this day and the kettle was on by 5.30am. Even though our meeting time was 3 hours away, it’s just one of those things… Porsches + Friends + Empty Roads = Excitement over Sleep. So, after an early morning drive, fuel & coffee, it was up, up and away to our meeting point. Although our group was around 35 registrants, a number of late withdrawals meant around 28 hearty souls gathered. By 9.30am, and after

the usual talk, talk, talk about cars, cars, cars, we headed off on our adventure of Day 1. And what an adventure! The roads were empty, the scenery was wonderful the sky was blue and “touch wood” nobody will get lost! Around half-way through the morning session, unfortunately Adrian and Michelle Mosley suffered a puncture. This held the group up for around an hour while Porsche Roadside Assistance was called. Once they were safely sorted out, we continued to our lunch destination at Waroona Tavern. Members arrived buzzing from the amazing roads that exist in the area between the SW Highway & Lord Forrest Hwy (the freeway). After a hearty lunch, and some liquid refreshments, the group pushed on via more back roads up into the hills and on towards Collie. There is something really special about a road that was once gravel that is now bitumen… it’s

new, fresh and usually nobody uses it. Enter the Quindanning Darkan Rd which connected the group to Collie Williams Rd that leads us directly to Collie. What can we say about Quindanning Darkan Rd? Hmmm....it’s amazing, it’s fantastic, it’s a MUST for all members who may want to drive, drive, drive! Arriving in Collie around 3.30pm, our group quickly checked in, grabbed some drinkies and gathered in the car park for some soul time. One of the most satisfying experiences in life is sitting with likeminded friends, after a day of driving drinking beers in the setting sun! The big surprise of the afternoon was a message from Adrian telling us that he and his wife were heading back in their 4x4 for the rest of our event! Wow that’s commitment! Dinner was also a great evening of the same, only just with food included, and by around 11pm after a long day of driving it was time to pull up stumps and get ready...FOR DAY 2!

911 Lineup

A very glam Glynis

Afternoon Delight

Dom and his mega Boxster

Fat & Skinny

Porsche & Drinks - what else!




Car Detailing & paint proteCtion SpeCialiSt with 15 years of experience you can tell the difference


Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Edward Roose Photos: Phil Green

15th October 2017

Day 2 - Super Tour of South-West: Collie to Balingup to Nannup Wow another day of driving, how good is that! And good it was. One of the things I made sure of for this drive, was that the group rarely if at all touched a main road all the way to Nannup. So apart from a short 13km stint on the Vasse Hwy the group had a myriad of “roads less travelled” for around 2 hours of fun, fun, fun! The scenery in this part of WA is just stunning, especially this time of year (early October) because the lakes and rivers are full, the grass is green and the air is clear. While I spent considerable time making sure this route was engaging there were some roads I had not personally driven, and I can say that I was more than surprised how brilliant they were both with the curves, hills, doglegs and open sweepers as with the lack of traffic!

on a sunny Sunday must be kept a secret so ONLY the PCWA can use it over and over again! You need to really keep your eyes on the road when driving Balingup-Nannup, it really is the “stelvio pass” of WA. Until you actually do this road in a Porsche (i.e.: not a daily driver but a bespoke sports car), you just won’t understand how good it is.

So, after arriving for a short stop in the lovely town of Kirup members’ smiles where wide and true, as was mine! We need to go back there again soon. We then headed to the “Jewel in the Crown” of our weekend… the Balingup-Nannup Rd! Is this the best kept secret in WA? I certainly hope so because 41km of curves through the southern hills of WA with virtually no traffic

But I think it’s worth getting up at 5am as this is a destination in WA that you want to drive every single day of your life! I’d be happy to live in Perth but work in Balingup, so I can leave home at 5am to get to work by 9am having done THAT ROAD on the way to work and ON THE WAY HOME.

As mentioned, the road is 41km and winds through the hills and connects the beautiful towns of Nannup and Balingup. Locals don’t really use it because I guess there is no need for them to be commuting between these two towns. And people from the city don’t really use it because it’s just too far to travel, so they think!

Anyway, on arriving at the end of the mega fun road, Adrian (who was in his 4x4 due to his puncture) walked straight over to me and immediately said “I have to come back here in our 911” and he was right, you NEED to do this road. Needless to say that after our morning tea the group kind of dispersed into the rest of the Sunday, but I headed home the same way along with some of the members. Yes, I needed to do this road again, and looking in my rear-view mirrors there was a (Scott’s) nice grey Cayman S right behind me followed by a venerable 964 piloted by Glynis Westall. In fact, Chris and Glynis stayed with me all the way back to the South West Hwy. And did we enjoy our drive home? Of course we did, hahaha! Thank you to all the members who attended this weekend event, I was honoured to have been able to “open my little black book of roads” to the members of the PCWA. Until the next time then… Cheers and Go Porsche!

Rest Stop at Kirup

Follow that 911

Next stop Balingup

Time for a Beer When right means left 28



This Never-Driven 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Just Sold for €2.02 million

ONE of the rarest and most desirable Porsche 911s to ever pass through an auction house was sold over the weekend for a monumental $3.02 million (€2.02 million). The 1993 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera RSR 3.8 is one of 51 ever built, and one of only two to be sold new with a fully trimmed interior, as opposed to the typically stripped down RSRs that were built to race.

on its odometer, showing that not all hypercar owners are unwilling to drive them. Notable Ferraris at the event included a 1990 Ferrari F40 which sold for $1.60 million, only a little more than half the price of the 911 RSR. Meanwhile a 1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso and 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS sold for $2.14 million and $2.69 million respectively.

What’s more, this example has travelled just 10kms since new and still wears a layer of rust-preventative film called Cosmoline - just as it was when delivered by the factory to its previous owner.

Two vintage cars from the 1930s were the most expensive to sell. A 1935 Bugatti Type 57 Atalante Prototype fetched $4.53 million and a 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS cleared at $5.04 million.

The Polar Silver Porsche attracted huge attention prior to its sale at RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba auction on Saturday, where it went under the hammer alongside a number of other high profile lots.

Interestingly, Sotheby’s also auctioned off a Porsche 911 R for the relatively meagre sum of $537,100 (€358,400), suggesting the market for those is a fair way short of the $899,000 being asked by one Sydney exotic car specialist.

A Porsche 918 ‘Weissach’ Spyder sold for $2.18 million with an impressive 11,000km

Tyres - Wheels - Suspension - Road and TRaCK

Call John: 0416 105 911 john@johnfowlerautosport.com.au

Tyres - Engineered in Germany.


www.johnfowlerautosport.com.au Issue 3 - 2017


Story: David Blainey Photos: Peter Ogden

Sporting Series Round 4R – Jack’s Hill 6th August 2017




Round 4R of the 2017 Sports Series was a daytime hill climb at Jack’s Hill (part of the Barbagallo Raceway, Neerabup) on Sunday 6 August 2017. Round 4R is a replacement event for the original Round 4 planned for Monday 15 May which was cancelled. SSR4R was organised and run by the Triumph Sports Owners Association (TSOA) with PCWA invited to attend to make up numbers.

Of the 36 cars that entered the event, 14 were PCWA members with the remaining cars TSOA and Associates cars. The weather was kind and the event ran smoothly thanks to the TSOA volunteers. Dean Pike in his GT3 was quickest on the day with Tim Wolfe in his GT3 0.14 seconds behind. Sam Wolfe in his 968 CS came in 3rd 0.03 seconds behind Tim.

Issue 3 - 2017





Are you thinking about selling your business? Do you know how much it could be worth?

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Operating for more than 25 years Professional, experienced and personal service Both David & Catherine are Chartered Accountants (and Porsche owners!)

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For a confidential discussion contact: David Screaigh Catherine Jones

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david@zircom.com.au catherine@ zircom.com.au


Issue 3 - 2017





Story: David Blainey Photos: Peter Ogden

Sporting Series Round 6 – Barbagallo Super Sprint 3rd September 2017

Round 6 of the 2017 Sports Series was a daytime super sprint on Sunday 3 September 2017 at Barbagallo Raceway, Neerabup. The event was organised and run by the Holden Special Vehicle Owners Club of WA (HSVOCWA) with PCWA invited to attend to make up numbers. Of the 56 cars that entered the event 17 were Porsches and the remaining cars HSVOCWA and Associates cars. The event ran smoothly thanks to the HSVOCWA volunteers. Fastest car on the day was Tim Wolfe in his GT3, David Watkin (PCWA member) in his Nissan GTR R35 was 2nd quickest, and Dean Pike 3rd in his GT3.

Issue 3 - 2017





Issue 3 - 2017


Story: David Blainey Photos: Peter Ogden, Ben Biggins

Sporting Series Round 7 – Barbagallo Super Sprint 1st October 2017




Round 7 of the 2017 Sports Series was a daytime super sprint on Sunday 1 October 2017 at Barbagallo Raceway, Neerabup. The event was organised and run by PCWA with the Triumph Sports Owners Association invited to attend to make up numbers. Sunday was a warm day with blue skies. Of the 65 cars that entered the event, there was 26 PCWA members with the remainder of the field ranging from Triumphs, WRX’s to HSV and FPV vehicles. The event saw the return to the series of Blaise Paris and Gary Jacobs who have not competed since last year. There were 3 firsttime starters in the PCWA Sporting series, Tim Davies in a 911 74RS, David Thornely in a 2004 Boxster and Ian Bruce in a 1998 Boxster. The Women’s Plate is still being hotly contested with Cath Foster, Robin Garbutt and Dallas Copley all competing. One of them

ended up in the sand runoff at Turn 7 and needed to be towed out. Fortunately there was no damage except to the ego of the driver. The event ran smoothly thanks to the following PCWA volunteers: Barry Nash (Steward), Brett Read (Clerk of Course), David Blainey (Event Secretary/Scrutineer), Colin Strickland (Chief Scrutineer), and Laurie Parmenter (Time Keeper). Thanks also to David Ryder and Doug Simpson from TSOA, and Matthew Newman for assisting. Fastest car on the day was Blaise Paris in his 911 964 RSR Replica, followed by Tim Wolfe in his GT3, David Watkin in his GTR R35 and Dean Pike 4th in his GT3. Sports Series standings are not published for the last 2 events of the series. The results are withheld until the Christmas Function and Awards presentation evening. Times for SSR7 have been published on Natsoft.

Issue 3 - 2017





Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Brad Bradshaw

Trials and tribulations of importing my 996 C4S into WA!

WHERE IT ALL STARTED I guess moving to Australia was inevitable. Over the last 18 years the whole family (2 boys, a girl, their mother and I) gradually moved to Perth from the UK. It started with our eldest son who after living for a while in Hong Kong, decided to make Perth his home. His younger brother and sister followed later on. I was the last to migrate – which was not until last year. It wasn’t an easy decision. It took 4 years between getting a resident visa and actually moving to Perth. SHIPPING THE CAR – THE EASY PART A decision I needed to make was whether to take my car with me or to buy one in Australia. After finding out that a similar vehicle in WA was between 2-3 times more expensive than in the UK, the decision was a no brainer…the car’s coming with me. I had owned the car for 6 years. I had it fully restored to Concours standard (as I had with my other 3 Porsches). I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I loved my 996. Making the decision was the easy part. I then needed to find out what was involved in importing my car into Australia. So the hunt for quotes began. After countless phone calls, I ended up choosing Iron Lady Imports in Adelaide. They were to handle everything: from import licence approval up to pre-registering the car in Australia. I was told it would take 14 weeks end to end. 42



It really got started when I submitted my application for an import licence. What was meant to take 2 weeks (according to the website) ended up taking 4 weeks.


Exchanging contracts and organising shipping was relatively quick. Next step was to get my car to the freight forwarder at the Port of Tilbury.

However, unbeknownst to me, it had been 4 weeks before anyone got in touch with me. In the meantime, the car had been unloaded, gone through customs and gone through its first compliance inspection. I was informed that the car had passed except for two issues.

The instructions were very clear: ‘the car must be cleaned before delivery’ (even though it would be cleaned on arrival in WA). The car was absolutely spotless before I left - but then the weather took a turn for the worse. It was foggy (yes, we still get fog there), cold and damp. When I arrived, the car looked black and grubby. Ended up spending a good hour with my collapsible bucket, mitt and micro fibres (a hangover from my Concours days) making sure I delivered a ‘clean’ car.

The first issue was with the VIN number. The number on the chassis did not match the number on the UK registration document (one wrong digit). What looked like an ‘S’ on the chassis was registered as a ‘5’ on the V5 (UK registration document). The VIN had been checked so many times in the UK (even by Porsche on a number of occasions) and had never been an issue. But in Australia, they were adamant - it’s an ‘S’ not a ‘5’. It’s the 11th digit in!

On November 11th, the car was finally booked to leave for Fremantle. I remember the feeling well… thoughts of my car falling overboard, sinking to the bottom of the sea, getting damaged, failing to start, all crossed my mind as I handed over my car. ‘They know what they’re doing’, I tried to convince myself. Seeing my car amongst other Porsches, Jaguars, Aston Martins, made it easier to say goodbye for a few weeks.

So it had to be referred back to Canberra for confirmation. It was a typo and my agent tried very hard to persuade them to accept it but no go.

The car arrived in Fremantle on the 9th of February. I was so excited. I could already see myself driving around my new home in my cherished car!

Next, we sent the paperwork to Canberra for application for a compliance plate! However, after waiting for 6 weeks with very little news we were told the package had

The second issue was with the child seat belt anchorages on the back shelf. I was assured by Porsche they were there but were not visible so the rear parcel shelf had to come out!

not been received (despite having chased it several times), so this had to be done again! In the meantime, the invoices started to arrive and payment was due. Kristian, at Iron Lady, assured us that things would be ok once the plate arrived and most of the costs were done apart from the registration part. Finally, some better news as an e mail arrived stating that Canberra had passed the paperwork and it was on its way back to Welshpool to get stamped and apply for the compliance plate. Once the paperwork had arrived for signing off, we had to send it to Melbourne for the compliance plate (VIN). What was meant to take 5 working days to get there, took 3 weeks in reality. Good old WA Post Office delayed it for over 2 weeks. The plate actually turned up on the 18th May. Unfortunately, as the first inspection only lasts 30 days, it was now out of date, so another inspection was booked for the following week! So what happened after that? The car turned up at my house on the 23rd May late afternoon unannounced in the pouring rain with the petrol light on but it was here all paperwork completed our compliance plate (VIN) installed on the o/s B pillar, but it still needed to be registered so off to Joondalup on the 24th to get it done. Believe it or not, this only took 15 minutes! SO HOW LONG DID IT ACTUALLY TAKE What was meant to take 14 weeks took, all in all, 28 weeks! At the end of all that, I

The 996 now with its WA number plate

discovered that UK number plates are 10cm longer than WA ones. So of course the holes didn’t match and were showing with the new plates. So off to JD Spraying (not too far from me) to have both the front and back PU’s done. HOW MUCH DID IT END UP COSTING


I had allowed £10,000 (about $18,000). It ended up costing me about a third less. Import Licence: Marine Insurance (@ 1.8%): ** Shipping: * Cleaning: * Import duty: * GST: * Sub Total: Custom, Quarantine: ** Customs Valuation: ** Unpack Charges: ** Delivery Order/SCA: ** Quarantine Attendance: ** Compliance: Check Over: Inspection DT:

Quoted (A$) $ 50 $ 756 $ 1,429 $ 350 $ 1,788 $ 3,866 $ 8,239

Actual (A$) $ 50 $ 756 $ 1,429 $ $ $ 5,541 $ 7,776

$ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $

272 818 105 109 249 95 65 95 220 22 25 2,075 450 428 2,000 2,878 12,729

1,900 330 1,150

2nd Inspection AIS: Compliance plate: Collection from Warf: Movement Permits: Postage: Sub Total:



$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Additional Costs: Registration: PU Repairs: Sub Total: Final Total:

$ $ $ $ $

662 662 12,281

$ $ $ $ $

the total valuation came in at $35,000 (or approx. £21,000). The car was listed on the all risks insurance form as £25,000 which was about right for the UK. Interestingly the Australian Red Book valuation in the range of A$49,300 to A56,400.

* As quoted in full versus actual broken down. ** As quoted in full versus actual broken down Import duties/GST is based on Australian Value of Car + Shipping cost + Marine Insurance cost 1.8% of UK value,

With hindsight…yes! But check and check. Here a similar car would cost me between $70,000 to $104,000.

The New Correct VIN Plate.

My 996 C4S parked on the drive of my house in the UK.

Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Deryck Graham

No more “Whiz Bang Machines”

I have been a lover of Porsches since my tolerance level for British car breakdowns snapped in 1993.

the PCWA Albany Extravaganzer and came second in the Mt Barker hill climb, beaten by just 100ms by an angry 930 Turbo.

selling the car, and told them on the phone, “that the car was mine and bring it over right now”. Fairly strong buying signs!

My brothers and I owned Triumph TR4’s (2) a TR6, Jaguar E-Type S2 DHC and 2 XJS’, a petrol gobbling Jensen Interceptor and then finally my 1980 Aston Martin “flip tail” Vantage.

One day in 1994 and the Aston was “resting” in my garage and Nigel Bennett, a long-time friend and Porsche owner, lent me a much-needed car to drive to Margaret River. It was his 1986 944 Turbo and it was amazing! Nigel still has the car complete with its number plate “Wild”.

The 968 was a weapon and helped me win lots of cool plastic statues. But the most exiting one was that of 2009 outright champion. Oh, did the 911 boys groan!

I called the Aston “The Brute in a Dinner Suit” on a good day. On a bad day “The Whiz-Bang Machine” as it used to go whiz and then bang and I had to fix it again – at enormous cost. The Aston was my getting of wisdom as I promptly learnt that “all suffering comes from attachment”. I loved that car and I suffered every day I owned it. It was no slouch of a car. When it worked! I joined the PCWA with the Aston and entered




Within months, the Aston was gone and I purchased my first Porsche, a 951 (1998 944 250hp Turbo). Then 5 years later, it was time for another car. But so little could perform like the 951 until I discovered Graham Lloyd’s 968 Turbo RS for sale. I called K-Tec who were

In 2010, I purchased Sabine (a 997 GT3RS) in Europe and started a whole new love affair with rear-engined 911’s. Just recently, I became the proud owner of a sweet 1980 911 SC. Horse power 204, well under 50% of the last 3 Porsche’s I have owned BUT so what it is love! What next? Who knows but it will be a Porsche no matter what!


The passion, the pride of ownership, the sheer emotional attachment – no one understands it better than Shannons. So when it comes to insurance for your special car, daily drive, bike or even your home, there’s only one person you should talk to – a fellow enthusiast at Shannons. And remember, you can pay your premium by the month at no extra cost. So call Shannons for a

quote on 13 46 46.

INSURANCE FOR MOTORING ENTHUSIASTS | CALL 13 46 46 FOR A QUOTE | SHANNONS.COM.AU Shannons Pty Limited ABN 91 099 692 636 is an authorised representative of AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807, the product issuer. Read the Product Disclosure Statement before buying this insurance. Contact us for a copy.

Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Bill Green

(A Not So) Technical Corner: An Owner’s Log - The Dreaded Intermediate Shaft Bearing Those of you who saw my article in last month’s issue will know that I’m the proud owner of a gorgeous 2004 Boxster S, which is my first Porsche and was purchased at the end of last year from Sydney. This article is not meant to be yet another Intermediate Shaft (IMS) bearing replacement “how to”, rather it is simply my personal IMS story. And that should be no surprise, one thing I have learned about Porsche owners is that their relationship with their cars is just that, very “personal”. I knew something about the IMS issue before I purchased (which bearing in which year car etc.), but I had set my heart on three things: an S model, a glove box and a glass rear window. Given my budget of $35K, this meant a 2003 to 2004 Boxster S, yes the one with the single row IMS bearing, the one most likely to fail prematurely. But no matter, even this bearing has odds way in favour of not failing, so not to worry. But once I started enjoying the car, I could not help but worry, and worry to such an extent that it was detracting from the pure driving pleasure a good Boxster can provide. Now, I accept that this is down to me, to my personality. Many people can fully enjoy their cars without worrying about this kind of thing at all, and I envy them, but unfortunately not me. Carrying out a bit of self-analysis, I concluded that it was not the risk of the bearing failing that I was worrying about but the likely consequences of such an event. It is likely that the failure of the IMS would trash the engine such that it could not even be rebuilt. This would mean that my car would be worth say $10K as is, or take me down the track of a rebuild with a second-hand engine. Both options would be very expensive. Consequently, an IMS failure would likely mark the end of my Porsche ownership. Not a good outcome! So, even with only 65,000kms on the clock, I concluded that the bearing would have to be changed out. I looked for a good shop specialising in water-cooled Porsches to do the work but to cut a long story short… I could not find a shop that both had the time to take on the job and which I trusted to work on my car. Now what to do? I seemed to have only three options. Not drive the car for up to a year and hope the local specialist will eventually fix it (quoted cost $7,000), ship the car to the East Coast for a specialist over there to fit the upgrade, or do it myself. None of these options were ideal but in the end I decided that doing the upgrade myself was the better option, even though I do not have a lift, although I do have a well-equipped workshop.




This would get it done sooner and the car would remain under my control, albeit that by doing it myself there would be no warranty. Next question… which upgrade to choose? There are three basic types of fix in ascending cost, a simple replacement bearing (Pelican Parts do one at less than USD200), an upgraded bearing (ceramic balls – around USD900), or replace with an oil fed plain bearing (LN Engineering’s IMS Solution). I like the idea of an oil fed plain bearing, being simple, reliable and even if worn should not destroy the engine. So that’s the one I chose, albeit at a cost of USD1,800 for the kit.

But wait, there’s more! A number of special tools are required. Whilst I could have saved money by making substitute tools I chose not to. So the specialist tool kits cost a further USD160 + USD250. So with oil and a new Rear Main Seal this brought the parts’ cost to AUD3,200. Expensive but still doable and better than a ruined engine. However, if it was decided to just replace the bearing with a similar design this could be done for under AUD1,000 including the specialist tools. Added to the AUD35k cost of the car this still makes this model Porsche a bargain.

Now where do all these bits go

Inside of the original IMS bearing outer race showing the surface deterioration.

The transaxle is heavy and expensive, hire a transmission jack. Tiptronic transaxle (a pain working through the starter aperture) but doable with a hired transmission jack. By the way Mr Porsche, why just the one really awkward splined bellhousing bolt, apart from just to annoy me? I then followed the IMS Solution detailed instructions step by step and to the letter. Being terrified of losing the cam timing, I locked both cam banks using the tools provided and removed all three chain tensioners, just to be safe.

Get the car as high as possible on axle stands. Make sure it’s safe to work under. A word about the LN Engineering bearing and tool kits. The quality of every component was first class, the packaging was superb and the instructions which came with the new bearing detailed and complete. All in all, very professional and a real confidence booster. There are many YouTube videos and IMS change out explanations on the internet forums so there is no need for me to go through the whole change out process. Rather what follows is a brief recap of just a few highlights (lowlights) of my experience to show the extent of the work that can be undertaken on these cars in a home workshop. I have no lift so I worked with the car as high as possible on axle stands. Quite doable but if you are

All back together, showing the new spin on filter and oil feed pipe to the new bearing. over fifty have a good Chiro / Physio standing by to straighten you out at the end of each day! First, I drained the oil and removed the sump plate and filter with bated breath. Phew no metal or plastic debris at all. So far so good. I then set about removing the

In the IMS Solution installation video the engine is out of the car and the 4 – 6 cam tensioner is whipped out in seconds. In my Boxster, that took me half a day while I worked out how to remove the left bank inlet manifold and the power steering reservoir and pipe, so I could lift the A/C compressor out of the way. Yikes, lucky I had plenty of time and was not doing this commercially! Hence the $7,000 quote I suppose, working on these cars is VERY time consuming. Having said that, Porsches are beautifully engineered and a joy to work on for anyone who likes tinkering and has the time. First challenge, did I have the correct bearing kit, yes I did – a single row. The installation went smoothly and after installing the new filter and adaptor, the connection pipe, and a new Rear Main Seal using a homemade installer, I reassembled everything very carefully. Finally and with thoughts of valves hitting pistons, I took a deep breath and fired her up, SUCCESS! After a series of tentative test drives she has now covered 5,000 kms on the new bearing with no issues whatsoever. Now I can enjoy that turbine like flat six to the full. Magic! What of the original bearing I hear you ask. It had the seals intact but there was a lot of thick, smelly oil in the intermediate shaft and in the bearing. The bearing seemed to spin smoothly but when the seals were removed and the bearing washed it was very loose, and rattled when spun. Examining the race surfaces after cutting the outer race showed patches of roughness with noticeable “lateral stutter” marks across the bearing track. Good for another 10,000kms, 50,000kms? Who knows but something I shouldn’t need to worry about now for a very long time.

Back on the road and drive, drive, drive. Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Dean Pike

Porsche Automuseum - Helmut Pfeifhofer (in Gmünd)

How lucky am I? Last February, Meg mentioned the next World Rowing Masters was to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a rhetorical, shall we go? Indeed, I said. Then I sprinted to the computer to complete the obvious search and low and be hold the Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer in Gmünd, Carinthia, Austria is 101km from Meg’s 6-day rowing event at the extremely picturesque Lake Bled. The day after I arrived, and before Meg’s events started, I dashed across the border to the location that the very first Porsche car was made. Prof Dr Ing h.c. Ferdinand Porsche lived and worked here from 1944 to 1950. His life story with accompanying photographs feature along one wall as well as a video. He was 69 years old when the first car bearing his name was made. He was a prolific inventive mechanical engineer from a very young age and his son Ferry seemed to be the force behind the sports car direction. The museum is privately owned and housed in a traditional two-level barn in a very quaint mountain village. For just 8 Euros, you can get up close and personal with about 20 special Porsches and a couple of specialised military VW’s (don’t mention the war!). On the ground floor, I was unexpectantly greeted by an awesome 996 GT3 RS that was the British GT Champion in 2001. That just might inspire a sticker or two for my old GT3. Then there was some naf air-cooled stuff near it.




Upstairs, was a Le Mans winning GT1 that was expected to be my highlight, which is sort of obvious with two Mezgers at home, but the GT1 on the website was a loan car from the Factory Porsche Museum and had been returned and replaced with a 935/76. Brilliant! In untouched original condition bearing cracks, scratches and even leaking oil (I dunked my finger in the drip tray, real 2.85 litre turbo driven by Icyx and Mass). Peering inside, it was amazing to see how simple the roll cage was. It is way less than even today’s half cage, and this thing did 340kmph.

well (got a gold medal a few days later) and got some footage. Turns out heaps of space as I had inadvertently deleted all of my museum pictures. Never mind plenty on the internet.

Notables upstairs were a 2010 Carrera GT, a 924 Carrera GT, both on loan from the Factory, three RS’s (including my favourite RS, a Ruby Red 964) oh, and a tractor. Plus, half a dozen 356’s from the first to the last. Mounted engines were on display downstairs. Don’t forget the Carrera 906 that went around Le Mans.

Oh, did I mention the Hangar 7 Red Bull (F1 cars and planes) Museum that we chanced upon?

Then it was back downstairs and I hung around the 996 GT3 RS until I figured it was time to go – yet, I didn’t want to go. So, I did another long lap and finished at the GT3 again. Then I left. Would I ever see these cars again? So, I shot back to the rowing for Meg’s first event and finding no space on the camera, being full of Porsche car pictures and videos, I set about working out how I was going to respond to her post race request for race footage. Selfishly thinking about limb preservation, I deleted a few Porsche Museum car pictures and videos. Meg’s crew rowed

After the rowing, with 10 others, we did a 7-day bike ride thru Slovenia (highly recommended), followed by a few days in Salzburg. Turns out there is a Porsche museum in Salzburg. Thoroughly modern and created by Ernst Piech, as a tribute to his Grandfather and showcases many pre356 vehicles that he heavily influenced.

Returning to Ljubljana airport meant travelling past the Gmünd Museum so we turned in, paid 8 Euros again, and took some repeat pictures and managed not to delete them. And I stood by the Paragon GT3 again, and then I nearly left before staying a bit longer….

Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Roderic Seow and Lilian Choo

Unforgettable Porsche Experience at 24h of Le Mans

This year was the 85th anniversary of the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race which was held in June around the small town of Le Mans in France. This year Porsche organised to house 500 guests from around the world to support their efforts to win for a record breaking 19th time and go for a 3rd Le Mans win in a row. There were only a handful of Australians who booked to go on this amazing experience, with large groups coming from America, China, South Africa and various countries of Europe. It took a great feat of German engineering for Porsche to transform what is normally a convention centre into what was to be known as the Porsche Hotel, next door to the track. This included individual cubical rooms, each with electricity, a bed and desk. One would not believe that they even built a bathroom area with flushing toilets, running water, glass doored showers with magical Porsche Ninja cleaning staff who clean the showers dry after each use without being seen. There were numerous Porsche shuttles running from the hotel to the Porsche Experience Hospitality Centre and various vantage points around the track, which made light work when you wanted to get around. Hospitality was to the level we all expect from Porsche with mouth-watering meals served during the weekend with an endless amount of fun and entertainment both on and off the track. 50



During the weekend there were a number of guest speakers. We were lucky enough to bump into and have a chat with a fellow Australian at the bar named Mark. He was a very nice guy, said he used to drive some fast cars and used to drink some energy drink which gave him wings. On track, there were a range of cars from the feature LMP1 class cars which featured the race winning Porsche 919 Hybrid, LMP2 and also GT classes. Having all the cars on track at the same time gives you a real sense of how quick the top end LMP1 Porsche 919 is. When you saw Porsche 911s and Ferraris flying at 200+kmh suddenly get passed by an LMP1 doing 340kmh, it made them look like they were just on a Sunday drive. It is a shame that I can’t add sound to this article as the best sounding cars were the new Porsche 911RSR. Everyone at the race agreed that they were the most amazing cars on the track. Whilst they were not the quickest, the sound of that new mid-engine 4.0L engine was one envied by all. The closest I can describe it to would be a naturally asperated engine sound from a previous generation Formula 1 car. Pure Porsche heaven! During our trip, we also met a great bunch of guys from Porsche Club Ukraine. Whilst walking along, we noticed a group waving a huge flag in the air with a Porsche Club logo and being fellow Porsche Club members, we went over to introduce ourselves. In traditional Porsche Club style, we were welcomed as if we were

all one big family. Photos were taken and conversations were shared, before we knew it pictures were already on their Facebook page. Big thanks go to Porsche both Australia and Germany for organising such a memorable event. Anyone interested in these Porsche Events, please feel free to reach out for more information as Porsche Cars Australia do host a range of great events. We were very fortunate to be there for this historical event and experience Porsche winning the race. It was not until later in the year that we were to learn that Porsche is pulling out of the World Endurance Series at the end of the season and this was the last Le Mans 24 Hour which Porsche was to race at. You never know when things will change, always take an opportunity when it comes and enjoy the memories they bring. Best bucket list item yet, make sure you add it to yours.

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Mark McGavock Photos: Andy Stack

How I came to join the PCWA

How did I come to join the PCWA? It happened about this time last year (2016). I am an avid motorbike rider (Harley Davidson owner at the time), so myself and two friends, decided to take a ride to York for breakfast, like any good ride breakfast or lunch is the main reason. As we turned right on the road, past the Lake Roadhouse to go to York, I noticed on a side road a collection of Porsches lined up. So I beeped my horn and signalled to turn back to have a look at this group of amazing cars. As we pulled up, the line of Porsches went on forever. I was in heaven. The guys knew I have a soft spot for Porsche and I was like




a kid in a candy store. As we were taking photos of the cars on display, I turned round to the guys and said “mark my words, I will be part of that line up next year”. To this they laughed and said “Right!?”.

So, my next step was to contact the PCWA and join up. And true to my word, I was at the next York drive. Of course, I told my doubting friends about it. We ended up having a good laugh about it!

Well the challenge was set. I set about looking for a Porsche Boxster. After looking at a few, I came across a really tidy 1997 white Boxster with a hard roof (colour matched), with a rag top that looked like it has never been used. It was a great price. Therefore, after talking to the Minister of Finance (the wife, Lorna) and talking her around, “Gertie” (my name for the car) was mine!

The only thing was, I had to give up the bike to appease the wife. So bikeless now, but that will change soon!

Story & Photos: Andrew Raffaele

Creating Extra Luggage Space Out of Thin Air

My wife and I have moved on from our 964 with the purchase of a Lapis Blue 996tt. A very different Porsche with modern electronics, features and suspension. I remember when I first started driving the 996, I thought… OMG this thing is huge compared to the tiny traditional shape that is the 964. We decided to take the car on the “Tour of Tasmania” with the PCWA. The 996tt has the AWD system which encroaches into the front trunk area reducing the available luggage space, and as most Porsche 911 owners will attest… luggage space is a premium! So choosing what to take has to be considered carefully. With that in mind, I believed there was space to be had in the passenger side footwell. After a quick measure up with Katie in the car, I set about making a footrest for her which not only made it more comfortable but also created a little spot for three sets of shoes. I know it doesn’t sound like much, however, it made all the difference. Now, we were ready for Tassie!

Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: John Webb

From ‘Barn Find’ to ‘Concours Queen’

On 9th September 1964, this 356 SC was born in Stuttgart, as all later 356 were, and spent its childhood in Bologna, Italy. It was born with all the standard accessories as per the SC’s of that year. It was also given a radio, luggage rack, spare parts bag and a set of seat belts. With its silver metallic paint and blue leatherette interior, it enjoyed a privileged life until it was 28 years old when it boarded a ship to Fremantle. At the age of 30, the SC was in need of a restore and was sent to the Vee Dub Centre WA . Here it was stripped down and a superficial restore/ tart-up began. The brief was to build a great driver and swing the left hand drive over to right hand drive. The task began, but before too long the money ran out and the SC sat nude, in the workshop corner for around 10 years. A fellow PCWA member was able to purchase the SC in its torn down state and stored it for another 12 years doing bits and pieces when the new owner had time. I had seen the SC a number of times and offered to buy it and do a concourse restoration that was becoming of such a beautiful marque. The nude shell and all the many, many boxes of components that had been stripped down and stored since 2003 in a barn in the Chittering Valley and a Wembley Downs backshed were relocated to my toy box. Over the 20 year period of storage, the boxes had been eaten by white ants and moisture had taken its toll. Packing and re-packing the boxes resulted in gearbox parts being mixed in with motor parts etc. Once I unloaded all the boxes, I came to realise I had just purchased a 356 SC jigsaw. Luckily I had just finished a nut and bolt restore on a 356 Cab B so armed with a parts manual, I started to sort the jigsaw puzzle out. The most challenging task was to 54



identify what bolt, spring, washer, nut, clips went where, as most of the car’s small parts had ended up all together in a plastic bin. The body was completely stripped, the complete front and rear guards, floors, rocker panels etc. were surgically removed in the opposite method to the way they were installed in Stuttgart 50 years before. After blasting and corrosive treating the new body panels, an 18-month full time perfection restoration was under way. Every spot weld, nut, bolt and washer, seam sealer brush stroke was duplicated as per the 100s of pre-stripped photographs to exactly replicate the way the SC left the factory in 1964. This included returning the SC to its original LHD. In parallel to the body work restoration, all the running gear, motor, trans-axle suspension, brakes, wiring, fuel system, upholstery, and chrome was rebuilt and restored to Dr Porsche’s original creation. Special thanks to Paul Irvine for his body work perfection and artistry. We are currently Restoring a “Toilet find” 1969 911 T RHD.

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: John Paluch

Porsche Club Presidents Meeting 2017 - Complete With Car Candy From Melbourne

(from left to right): John Paluch – PCWA (Secretary), Tony Andreevski – PCA (Director – Marketing), John Pooley – PCT (President), Geoff Crowe – PCSA (President), Roxanne Saba – PCNSW (President), Joann Corcoran – PCC (Social Secretary), Lee Cooper – PCQ (President), Pamela Ward – PCA (Customer Relations Manager), Michael O’Brien – PCV (President), Barry Pritchett - Australian Porsche 356 Register Inc. (President). Every year, Porsche Cars Australia sponsor the Porsche Club Presidents’ Meeting in their Melbourne headquarters in Collingwood, located directly above the Porsche Centre Melbourne. There are seven Australian Porsche Clubs represented (WA, SA, TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW & QLD), as well as the Australian Porsche 356 Register (VIC). This year our PCWA President Deryck Graham was away on a business trip in Europe, so I was asked to represent PCWA as Committee Secretary. I did try and pass the baton early on, as other committee members had been on board for much longer than me, but it was not to be. The alarm bells should have sounded by now, you can call me naive, but I did go willingly….. Now, I’ve heard in the past that the Presidents’ Meetings have been an absolute “jolly”, with several days of luxury 5-star accommodation, fine dining, cellar selection wines, escorted tours, driving new release Porsche vehicles and even track days at Mount Cotton or Phillip Island (well, this is what I was being fed….). I’d even heard a lot more than these basics, but publishing censorship for our magazine prevails. To set the record straight, in 2017, the Presidents’ Meeting was a one day, all day boardroom meeting in the offices of PCA. OK, the night before was somewhat exciting, being flown into Melbourne, picked up from the airport in a black Porsche Cayenne and delivered to the 5-Star Stamford Plaza Melbourne, right bang in the centre of the Melbourne CBD. To be honest, I was more impressed with the 56



2014MY diesel Cayenne that had 320k on the clock! This vehicle looked and performed like brand new, original engine and gearbox. What an endorsement for the marque. After settling into the hotel on Tuesday night, the “presidents” all met up in the foyer, prior to heading out for an evening meal. Again, to set the record straight, we had to walk to the restaurant – there was no swanky limo! OK, being CBD Melbourne, that was about 200 paces to an unremarkable looking establishment called “Bottega” restaurant in Bourke Street. My google translator suggests “bottega” means shop, studio or workshop, however, to my surprise the “private room” dining upstairs was nothing short of exquisite, superb, with no shortage of customer service. This really was the highlight of the trip, dinner was hosted by Tony Andreevski, Pamela Ward and her marketing assistant Chloe Op De Coul, all from PCA. The cuisine was excellent (and there was no shortage for the larger eaters), the wine was also top shelf, even our Tasmanian President, John Pooley (who has a family wine business/vineyard), had his wines available for the evening. I might add that some of the presidents showed a bit more exuberance in wine sampling than I had expected, but that just made the conversation far more honest, open and quite loud and messy from memory (I figured that’s why we had a private room upstairs away from the normal diners)! It was a great evening and a nice ice breaker to get to know each other

in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere before the following day’s events. The dinner was the most suited time to “meet and greet” all parties and openly air their concerns regarding Porsche Club issues. Prior to the dinner, PCWA had made contact with Lee, Roxanne and Michael to understand their support levels from PCA. Those staying in the hotel walked back and prepared for an early start at PCA the next morning……..early start, ouch! MEETING AGENDA 9.15: Tour of Porsche Centre Melbourne (PCM) – Porsche Classic accreditation, showroom, workshop, engine build area, customer delivery and new model release secure store. 9.30: PCA Boardroom – review of previous minutes from 2016. 9.50: Product update, Porsche Connect and My Porsche. 10.20: New Porsche Corporate Identity. 11.00: New Porsche Club Brochures. 11.35: Porsche Financial Services update. 11.45: Porsche Motorsport. 12.00: Porsche in Motion. 13.15: Porsche World Expedition. 13.30: Porsche Driving Experience Events

911R (aaaahr, it’s for the Rich!) 14.00: 70 Years of Porsche (2018) 15.00: General Business - Presentation by John Paluch – PCWA Secretary. TOURING PORSCHE CENTRE MELBOURNE The tour of facilities at PCM was quite frankly amazing. The new cars sales floor, the Porsche Classic display hutch, new car delivery area, huge vehicle workshops and engine rebuild room were far more extensive than I’d expected. Don’t quote me, but I think there may be around 30 vehicle hoists in the workshop, with some specialised hoists for race cars, SUV’s and future “e” models….. PCM have recently been accredited with a Porsche Classic license, which means they have Porsche Factory endorsement and experts who combine service and advice with the relevant expertise and enthusiasm to attend to much older Porsches, with genuine parts. There were amazing cars in the classic showroom in Concours condition. There was a customer display stand where you could show off your classic Porsche – apparently the stand was booked out for the year with customers queuing to show off their newly restored classic Porsche.

I must thank our PCWA committee, Porsche Cars Australia and Porsche Centre Melbourne for sponsoring my exciting visit. Pamela Ward and team did a superb job in hosting the event and ensuring our utmost comfort. If pictures can speak a thousand words, then here are the ones that I liked the most! (all of cars no doubt….pictures shown are just a sample of what was on offer). To

those who declined the assignment, this is what you missed out on!! By the way, I do have an extensive report on the actual Presidents’ Meeting, but that is work related and not for our Porsche West magazine!

Porsche Classic - 356 Speedster in PCM workshop holding area

Porsche Classic - 911E 2.2 Sportomatic on showroom floor at PCM

VISIT TO THE LINDSAY FOX MOTOR MUSEUM I couldn’t help but take a myriad of photos during the visit to Melbourne, both at the Porsche Centre and the Lindsay Fox Motor Museum downtown (a must see for any auto enthusiast). The Fox Classic Car Collection includes more than 50 prestige vehicles collected over a 30 year period by Lindsay Fox. The collection includes Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes Benz marques. It is ideally situated in the historic Queen’s Warehouse in Melbourne’s new and exciting Docklands precinct.

Porsche Classic - 911 Customer Display at PCM - everyone wants to display their special car right here!

For the high flyers at the executive level – no less than a Porsche aircraft engine – displayed outside the entrance to the PCA Boardroom. Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Bill Richards

Porsches, Porsches & More Porsches

Having resided in the UK (North Somerset to be more precise) for nearly 5 years in the mid 80’s, we tend to travel back there every couple of years and use it as a base for further travel. We are lucky to have a close friend, Audrey, who accommodates us in her lovely home at Norton St Phillip. She is also a classic car admirer. The trips are usually planned to coincide with other attractions (motorsport), so arrival and departure dates are determined with that in mind. This year, I discovered that Porsche Club Great Britain (PCGB) were holding their biannual ‘Classics at the Castle’ in early September followed by their annual Concours in late September so those were critical planning dates. Then I recalled that there was always a great classic race meeting at what was our local circuit when we lived there. That event was at the end of the first week in October, so that meant 5 weeks in the area to make sure we got those 3 things in. When I first heard about the ‘Classics at the Castle’, I discovered that it was a ticketed event and tickets were available online for PCGB members so I contacted their office and Mandy Sutch, Member Engagement Manager sorted it out for me. She also arranged for us to have tickets for the Concours, which once again was a Member event. Not only did she organise our tickets but met us at the gates for each event to ensure we had smooth passage. I had read a bit about Classics at the Castle in various magazines so was looking forward to it. I had not realised that this year’s event was a 50th birthday celebration of the 911S. The main assembly of Porsches was based around the Castle and they were ALL 911S’s, dozens of them. There were over 800 Porsches 58



displayed around the Castle grounds, pre 74’s were closer to the Castle than the post 74’s. Photos don’t do the event justice. Our next adventure was to the PCGB annual Concours being held at Ragley Hall, the home of the 9th Marquees of Hertford and his family. We arrived soon after 10am at the venue. Mandy was at the gate and welcomed us with our tickets. Having parked out of sight behind the marquee, as instructed, with the Astons, Bentleys, R8’s etc. we didn’t know which way to look or head so went straight into the huge Club marquee which contained displays of apparel, Chopard time pieces (they are a club sponsor I assume!), a coffee bar and tables and chairs for relaxation. The coffee bar was amazing and would be in place at Classic Cars and Coffee being the front section of a 356. I then spotted Derek Bell. He was seated at a table with the Club Vice Chairman and a stack of posters of his and Jacky Ickx’s Le Mans winning 956. I headed straight for him, had a chat and got him to sign a poster. Judy and Audrey went their own way, leaving me free to wander through the 650+ Porsches that were displayed. The cars being judged were in various groupings and those vying for the major prize were at the entrance to Ragley Hall. In turn, each of the entrants (32, I seem to recall) drove their car onto a staging platform where a bunch of judges pounced on it with torches, mirrors and clipboards. While judging was being carried out, the owner was interviewed giving us all some history of the car which made the event all that more interesting. What a great day. I was sure that it couldn’t be eclipsed by anything else we would do whilst on this holiday. I was wrong.

I purchased a ‘Classic Porsche’ magazine at the local bookshop and having read the feature story about Tuthill’s Safari 911, I thought perhaps I could fit in a visit to this guru’s premises in rural Oxfordshire. I rang and arranged a visit with Andrew Boyle. On arriving, we discovered a collection of rural buildings hidden away with Porsches here, there and everywhere. I met Andrew who took me on a tour. Judy and Audrey had stayed in the car and noticed a man of my age in overalls on a pushbike heading out of one of the buildings with a bright orange car panel under his arm heading off down a lane. It turned out to be Francis Tuthill. What a pity Judy didn’t get a photo! The workshops were very interesting, engine and gearbox room with a variety of things in progress, body and paint shops with cars in various stages including a Safari 911 being built for a customer, restoration shop with a 912 on the rotisserie having new sill etc. fitted, assembly shop with a race car, a Below Zero Ice Driving car, and a 911R. Andrew took me back to the office where we found Francis climbing onto his bike with 2 mugs of tea and a pressure pack can under his arm. I was introduced, he said ‘can you carry the pressure pack can as I have a cup of tea I need to deliver to one of my men’. He walked the bike and we chatted as we headed off down the lane. When he learnt that I was from Perth he told me that his old friend Peter Arnoldi and Monique had recently been to stay. What a small world it is. As we arrived at another group of buildings, he said ‘you are entering my secret special project area’. Inside a small shed, about as disorganised as my own, was an immaculate bright orange body shell on trestles. ‘Recognise it’ he asked. Well I didn’t immediately but it was a Saab 96 V4 which Francis had previously owned

and rallied. He bought it back from a farmer in a very poor state and has restored it. To my surprise he explained that he would be driving it in the RAC Rally in 4 weeks. A lot of long nights ahead I suspect. Apparently the first leg of the rally involves the famous Shelsley Walsh hill climb in reverse direction.

The guy working on the car smiled and said to Francis, it will be on its roof in the first stage. Having spent a lot of time with him, we walked back to my car where he told Judy she was a very accommodating wife. She suggested perhaps I should stay for a week to which he said all I needed was a swag.

That would have been extra special but not feasible as I had more planned to see and do. In amongst all of this, we attended various Austin Healey premises, hill climbs and classic car events. A great 5 weeks that will be hard to beat next time!

1973 2.8 RS

1995 911 RS being judged - too low to get on judging dias

Tuthill bodtshop

One of the Tuthill Ice Driving cars being overhauled

The ultimate coffee shop

Paul Stephens own display

Phil Jarvis’s 1958 356A Outlaw

Panamera Turbo Sport Turisimo

Issue 3 - 2017


Story: Chris Clarke

Club History Page: Looking forward to looking back!

Early Club line-up featuring 356’s and early 911’s. (Photo courtesy of Tony Coddington) Welcome to the Club History Page – Looking Forward to Looking Back. These are the first ramblings of the Club Historian and I hope to reveal some Club history to you and also gain some information from you. Whilst the Club is only a very young thirty four years old, how much of our history do we know? What records or items have been kept from those early years? For instance, how did the Club Logo come about? Who were the initial Committee members? The Founding members? When and how did the Sports Series as we know it start? How did we get Ferdi the Club Mascot? When did we produce the Club number plates? I could go on…. There are very few members from the initial years with us today, and those who are, have been rightly celebrated and acknowledged for their ongoing membership of the Club. The Club now has a growing list of members with 30-, 20- and 10-year memberships. I saw many proudly displaying their 20 Year and 10 Year membership pins at the recent meeting. However, we still have a lot of blanks in our history and I hope to fill some of those in… with your help. I have dedicated this first History Page with our Premier Club Event, the Concours D’Elegance and Car Display. 1984 – INAUGURAL CLUB CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE – TAYLOR STREET RESERVE The Inaugural Club Concours D’Elegance was held at the Taylor Street Reserve on the 18th November 1984. Over twenty cars competed, from a membership of only thirtynine. There were five Divisions, plus a People’s Choice Award. The winning cars of the five Divisions ranged from a 356 Speedster, a 1979 924, a 1970 911T and two 911 SC’s. Interestingly, there was no Outright or Best of Show Award in 1984. This Award, was first presented in 1989 and was won by Barry Heatley with a 1985 930.




1985 – PAGODA BALLROOM The following year in 1985, it was held inside the Pagoda Ballroom. Yes you read right, inside! Members of the public were charged an entry fee of $2 to “…view cars with a combined value of over two million dollars…”. There were over forty members’ cars on display in the ballroom. What a sight that must have been. 1988 – FREMANTLE ESPLANADE RESERVE In 1988, it was held at the Fremantle Esplanade Reserve for the second time, and the Ferrari Club were invited to make it a combined Concours Event. Interestingly, the City of Fremantle only gave permission for thirty cars to be displayed on the reserve. Compare that to the numbers attending the Concours we have held since, in both the nineties and the noughties.

Chief Judge Andy Stack (2007)

The 1988 Concours also saw the introduction of the ‘Wash and Polish’ category, which was won by David Monks with his 1985 944. Other winning cars included a 356B, a 930 and a 928S4. I do not have a record of a ‘Best of Show’ winner, nor if there was a category for ‘Best of Show’ in 1988. Can anyone help enlighten me with some information? SINCE 1988 Since 1988, we have held the Concours at many venues including the Vines and Joondalup Country Clubs, back to the Fremantle Esplanade Reserve and more recently at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth. (This was after the City of Fremantle no longer wanted cars driving on its grass!) THE JUDGES Of course, the members and their cars are very important, but a Concours event cannot be run without any judges. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the

The Silverware they are all fighting for, or in this case our fine Club Perpetual Trophy for the Best of Show & Outright Concours

judges, and one cannot start without mentioning our Chief Judge Andy Stack. One of our longest standing Club members, Andy has been judging the Concours forever! While everyone else is mingling, drinking, relaxing and generally having a great time, Andy and his team are hard at work judging the competition cars, tallying points and when allowed, presenting the trophies. Other judges I am aware of and acknowledge here include Richard James, Walter Epple, Graham Evans and newcomer David Blainey. We thank you all in making the competition side of the Concours what it is today. MORE INFORMATION NEEDED – CONCOURS AND CLUB

As I said, we are missing information about Concours Winners and details of the prior Concours events. Do you have any recollections of winning cars or where the events were held? Was your car a winning car? For example , do you have any info or recollections of winners in 1986, 1987, 1991 to 1999, 2001 or 2002?

As for the Club archives, we will take anything related to our Club History for the Club Archive – old magazines or flyers, meeting agendas, minutes, trophies, stickers, badges, event info/sheets. (We have copies of items such as old Christmas Party menus). No item too big or small and your donation will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged for posterity.

Do you have any old photos of previous events or the cars that attended and/or won?

Finally, and until next time, does anyone have a contact for Barry Heatley, our very first ‘Best of Show’ winner?

I would like to build up a pictorial history of the winning cars for the Club archives and have been trying to track down past winners. If you know where past winners are, please let me know. We can scan original old photos, slides or negatives, returning them to you with a digital copy.

Please let me know at historian@ porscheclubwa.org.au Your Club Historian – Looking Forward to Looking Back!

Panorama shot showing how the number and type of Porsches has changed by 2007. Multiple 911’s and 944’s lineup

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Issue 3 - 2017


Story & Photos: Edward Roose

Early Morning Drive - Cacophony of the Senses

When was the last time you just went for a drive in your Porsche before the sun, before the traffic awakes? And the roads, even those in the city are empty. Being alone with your Porsche on any day is a wonderful experience but on empty city roads at dawn, where everywhere is your playground is Porsche Pleasure Personified. The early mornings are a pure and magical time when most of the world is still asleep, and any movement of life is graceful, purposeful. The pre-dawn glow in the early morning sky offers purity of light that seems to make everything calm, serene, alive. The cold morning air extracts a little more power and a little more edge from the throttle. Enter the metallic exhaust burble on a cold start, better than a fine symphony, a cacophony of the senses. Headlights seem brighter, clarity of illumination interior, no radio today please, the only news needed is click, click, first, second, guttural growl... And the orange glow sky light is a curtain that hangs for much longer than you expect, calling you to take some time, carve a curve, listen, feel, learn, appreciate. Cue the sweet aroma from the outside, air intoxicating the cruise along lanes normally reserved for lesser cars. Orange glow turns yellow as the sun continues to rise but the horizon, still awash with dark hues, pushing you to flow on and on, the time of your life. Windows down, cool




summer breeze mixed with pure Porsche sound, steering feedback, it’s all here. Stopping for a brew, if caffeine is your pleasure, or the cool lines of your Porsche as you stare, walking around the lines in this light look better, so much better. Taking it in, grateful for this wonderful creation giving you simplicity of pleasure, a smile, that feeling. Taking time to see, listen, to hear it, feel it, always willing you on for one more drive, up and up! Heading back if you could only stop time, stop the intruders on your roads which for a while belong to you and your Porsche. Flowing on to another sweeping bend, not at a standstill now, all of you asleep while I am awake and alive, for my dawn drive! Edward Roose - Early Riser

Story & Photos: Robert and Dee Page

Porsche Club Meeting North Wales

o Gymry……yn enedigol o Llanfairfechen wedi gael ei addysg Gymraeg yn Fangor etc etc.” On conclusion there was applause and I asked how many Welsh speakers there were in the room. About 6 put up their hand with big smiles and then came over for another chat. I must add that we weren’t asked to sing or recite any poetry, Bread Of Heaven.

Our journey began on 6th June 2017, first to France and then on to North Wales, the Land of the Gods. Whilst in North Wales, we made contact with Sue Taylor, the club organiser of the Porsche Club North Wales and were invited to attend their meeting on 21 July at Northop Golf Club. We set off from Glan Conwy at 5.00pm for a 6.00pm start. Arriving on time we were well received and introduced to all the members in attendance who numbered between 30 and 40 from varying areas such as Chester, the Wirral, Ruthin and Denbigh. Sue Taylor was in attendance as well as Phil Graham, the Porsche Club Great Britain Regional Director. The event was a “Show and Shine” which started at about 6.30pm when all had arrived. In the “Show and Shine” every member receives a “Marking Sheet” and they all inspect and mark the other cars according to the sheet, as they see fit, except of course for their own. Following the inspection, the marks are entered into a computer so that a weighted average result is achieved and then the outcome announced. The winner, second and third receive prizes. The inspection is an opportunity to go out into the carpark and inspect the cars and talk with the owners about the car, what they have had done to it, age etc. etc. Mind you, some were eager to get back into the club house for the usual refreshment. The photographs show the effort some of the members put into their cars. As you can see from the photos the cars were immaculate.

approach to the various events. This was Phil Graham’s role. I referred to the Porsche Club WA organising a tour of Tasmania via Adelaide and Melbourne and that was met with great interest as to cost, logistics and timing.

We had a great evening meeting some wonderful people and would not hesitate to return for another meeting and, on our return, visit other Porsche Clubs. We made contact with Porsche Club France and Porsche Club Provence but unfortunately their programme and our programme clashed and so we were unable to meet but were extended an open invitation the next time.

There was a constant question as to why we were in the UK and North Wales Club and there was also a question as to whether we had brought our Porsche with us??? I replied that all would be revealed. The evening was a lovely break from our routine and wonderful to see people from other parts of the world with the same enthusiasm for their beautiful Porsche’s as we do. Phil Graham was asked to give an address, which he did, thanking all the attendees for their effort and Sue Taylor for her continuing input and welcoming myself from the WA Club. I was then asked to give an address. I began by thanking them for their hospitality and friendship and that we had enjoyed both the inspections and conversations throughout the night. It was clear that we had the same excitement and love for Porsches, it was a night we would not forget. I mentioned that a question had been raised as to why we were in North Wales and without repeating the whole version I started “rhwyn Cymro Gymraeg

The “Show and Shine” worked well in the circumstances because in the UK in summer it doesn’t get dark until 10.30pm and being Wales, the weather was kind and it didn’t rain. In the club house discussions took place about PCWA, our set up and activities and in general we follow the same format. However, the UK Porsche clubs do not have a committee as we do. They have organisers and team members and then Regional Directors who ensure that the various clubs have a consistency of Issue 3 - 2017


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Issue 3 - 2017


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Profile for Composite Colour

Porsche West 3 - 2017  

The official magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

Porsche West 3 - 2017  

The official magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

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