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30th Birthday Edition


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You can’t know exactly what the future holds. But you can know exactly how to get there. If you’re due for a service, get two for the one price. Navigation updated and service from $995* includes: • Annual Oil Service as per factory maintenance schedule. • All parts, labour and oil. • Complimentary Porsche Roadside Assist. • 2015 Navigation update installation (suitable for all versions of Porsche Navigation from 2002). If you’re not due for a service, save $150 from RRP ($545). Navigation update for only $395. Hurry. Limited time only. Book now.

Porsche Centre Perth

TRP PC 8091

101 Stirling Highway Nedlands WA 6009 Tel: 08 9273 3131 DL9261 www.porschecentreperth.com


Offers valid 01 November 2014 to 28 February 2015. *Price applies for Annual Oil Service at Porsche Centre Perth only. Menu price intermediate and major service packages also available. Porsche Centre Perth can advise the recommended level based on your vehicle’s age and mileage. PORSCHE WEST




Issue 3 - 2014



2. Membership repor t

20. Our Porsche Story

2. Porsche Club WA Calendar 2014

2 1 . E n j o y i n g t h e S o u t h - We s t o f W A i n a B o x s t e r S

2. Calling all Members!

22. Sports Series Round 4 Kwinana Motorplex

2. Ever Considered Getting Involved?


3. Presidents Repor t & Committee

26. Greenhills Lunch Run Repor t

3 . Vo l u n t e e r s 5 . W h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g i n m o t o r s p o r t i n W A

28. Driving for Dreams 2014 Photographers View

6. Join our 2015 Sporting Series!

31. The 911 & 912 Porsche

6 . C l u b P r e s i d e n t s

3 2 . B u y i n g a P o r s c h e a n d D o i n g a R o a d Tr i p i n t h e Eastern States

7 . Tr e a s u r e r ’s r e p o r t 9 . T h e V P ’s r a n t ! 1 1 . S e c r e t a r y ’s ( n e e s c r i b b l e r s ) u p d a t e 12. Richards tames giant with impressive Ta rg a H i g h C o u n t r y w i n


30. Driving for Dreams 2014 A Kids View

3 4 . M i c k e y a n d B r e t t ’s A w e s o m e A d v e n t u r e 35. An Air Cooled 911 with AirCon that works 3 6 . F e r d i ’s r e p o r t f ro m P o r s c h e - p l a t z , Z u f f e n h a u s e n 37. “My” Porsche Story

1 2 . A u s t r a l i a ’s f i r s t 9 1 1 C a r r e r a p o l i c e c a r

38. Buying A 911 And Modifiying It

14. Guys Like Us

4 0 . S p o r t s S e r i e s ro u n d 5

14. Members Red Faced Porsche Moments

42. Sport series Round 6

12. Happy Birthday PCWA

43. Sport series Round 7

18. Porsche Priorities

44. Any given Sunday…a quick fang

1 9 . N o w I t I s Yo u r Tu r n …

45. Club Lap Records

our supporters I/C:

Porsche Centre Per th


Tr a n s q u i p To o l s




Renn Sport


Acton Real Estate


About Home Loans


SRS Southern Racing Suspention


Noel Berent Adver tising


Auto Exclusive Perth


J o h n F o w l e r A u t o s p o r t


C a r s t e ro s h o p . c o m . a u


Porsche Centre Per th


H H G L e g a l G ro u p

Issue 3 - 2014


membership report Welcome to the third edition of Porsche West and thank you for your continuing support of our growing club. We currently have 262 memberships i.e. 118 Individual memberships and 144 Family memberships. We have had several members returning to the club and 55 new memberships so far for 2014. Thank you to the members that have been distributing our postcards, we have seen a great response from this and many new memberships. A special welcome to our new members, and to our returning members, great to see you back!

Alexander Scholz and Sarinya Semapech 911 GT2 Adrian and Michelle Moseley 911S Chris Hornsey and family 944 Turbo David Buckley 968S Elvis Stegeman Boxster Rucksan Weerasooriya 911 Carrera S 50th Anniversary Dean Pike 911 GT3 Lindsay Foy 911 Mark Layton and family Cayenne V6 Bob McKinnon and family 911 Carrera S Mark McGuigan and family 912 Sam and Amal Said Boxster Nick Power and family 911 Turbo Neil Magro 911 C4S Steven Curtis 911 Tony Duarte Vaughan Graham Boxster S Neville Stewart 911 John and Jana Jentz 968 Alexis Bachofen and family 911 Turbo Paul Moltoni 911 RS Paul Douglas and Family 911 Paul Norder and family 911

A special thanks to our new members who have submitted articles for our magazine. We invite all members to submit an article about their car, including a picture, for future publications. We have some great contributions from our members in this issue. We understand that circumstances change, so please let us know if you wish to make any changes to your membership by emailing membership@porscheclubwa. org.au. Alternatively, you can log onto the website and update your profile. We will be emailing membership renewal invoices in the next few weeks and look forward to receiving your dues. Early payment will put you in the draw to win a Porsche 2015 Calendar and for members who have not tracked their vehicles, a “Come and Try Event” at MC Motorsport in 2015.

Calling all Members! I am sure you are all enjoying this bumper 30th Birthday edition of Porsche West! Some of you may be thinking you should have sent in a story or article too. Well we need our members help to make issue 1 of 2015 a corker so we are calling on all PCWA members and family to send

in a submission for Issue 1 for 2015 over the next few months.

president@porscheclubwa.org.au by no later than March 15th 2015.

The kinds of stories we are looking for you can find in this issue, so if you have anything Porsche related that you wish to share with your fellow members for our next issue please email them to

Go on, immortalize yourself and your car in Porsche West, it makes for great reading and is always a great memory of yourself and your car for the future!

Ever Considered Getting Involved? Did you know that club rules state that all committee positions are vacated at the time of the AGM? Any member has the right to nominate for any spot on the committee. Usually most positions are filled on the night as sitting members of the committee will nominate for the same position again. This year is no different however there may be some vacant positions available after the meeting, depending on the

number of attendees vacant positions don’t always fill at the meeting. So why not consider coming on board, helping out your club in the best possible way by becoming a PCWA committee member? The good news also is that the position of Social Director can actually be taken up by a husband and wife team (or a couple of friends)!

If you are interested in any position on the committee please email president@ porscheclubwa.org.au for a confidential discussion. The club cannot function as a club without its committee, please consider this! Cheers Edward Roose Club President PCWA.

Porsche Club WA Calendar 2014 Dec 2014 3rd Dec 14 - Wednesday - Club Meeting AGM - Porsche Centre Perth 6th Dec 14 – Saturday – Club Christmas Party – Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough. Early 2015 (Check the PCWA website some events tbc) 25th Jan 2015 - Sunday - “Come and Try” Track day- MC Motorsport (Book early places will fill fast!) 26th Jan Not the Fireworks Social Run hosted by Ferrari Club WA




2015 Sporting Dates 15th Feb SSR1 at MC Motorsport 8th March SSR2 Jacks Hill 22nd March SSR3 at MC Motorsport 25/26th April SSR4 Collie Raceway June 7th SSR5 at MC Motorsport Aug 2nd SSR6 at MC Motorsport Sept 23rd SSR7 at Wanneroo (long track) Oct 4th SSR8 at at MC Motorsport Late Oct/Early Nov SSR9 at Wanneroo (with HSV Club)

president’s report The next big event was Driving for Dreams in October. Thanks to all members & visitors who attended on a very rainy Sunday. Despite the conditions 75 Porsche cars headed to Dwellingup and had a fantastic German style lunch courtesy of the Wheels for Hope team. See report(s) in this issue.

Wow how time flies! Welcome to our 30th birthday edition of Porsche West! Yes that’s right the PCWA was found in October 1983, and 2014 marks the 30th full year of operation of the club. The second half of this year has been such a busy one! In July members enjoyed a “mystery run” to the Core Cidery for Christmas in July, which turned out to be a very wet n wild affair. Indeed members found out that Porsches have a very good fording depth after roads became creeks during the run. Thanks to Elisha & Brad Bird for organising this one it was truly a memorable affair! In August thanks goes to Brett Read & Jen for hosting the Milbrook winery run. It was wonderful to see so many new members at this event and the committee received some very happy emails from members afterwards. If you ever feel like a relaxed cruise to the hills with your Porsche I can recommend Serpentine Dam Jarahdale and Millbrook winery as a destination. One of the best way’s to get there is via Nettleton rd in Byford and also entering from the South West Hwy up Kingsbury Drive which takes you over Serpentine Dam. Thanks to Ray and Janet Galbraith for hosting a September social run including lunch at the Greenhills Inn. All reports was that this was a super day out for cars and members with an excellent turnout of fine cars and even better food and company!

Finally October 25th saw the club step out in Style for our 30th Birthday Party. Over 100 registered guests enjoyed fine food, wine and beer along with a good supply of 80’s music at Porsche Centre Perth. See my full report and thankyou’s in this issue. The final social event for the year was the run to Beverley hosted by David Screaigh. All I can say that it was a wonderful day of Porsches, scenery, country roads and great food. Thanks very much to David for the day a worthy end to a very busy and fruitful social calendar for 2014. Throughout the year we have had many venues for our Club Meetings. One of the newest ones was in September when we had our very first club meeting at MC Motorsport and I can assure you we will be back! Thanks to Jurgen and the MC boys for hosting us it was a super night including some track work for members and one lucky member winning a night hot lap in the MC V8 Supercar. Thanks also to KTEC Autohaus, Porsche Centre Perth, The Motor Museum, Wheels World, Racing Dynamic’s & Rotorvation Helicopters for hosting club meetings this year. I must say that I find it a humbling experience being the President during this 30th year for the club. The PCWA has been served by so many excellent presidents and committee members over the last 30 years and I salute every one of them. It is a very rewarding task taking up this role but also as you can image quite time consuming, it’s not so easy balancing work and club, but if you have the passion then why not get on board?

At the end of this year we will see 2 committee positions become vacated. The first is the position of our esteemed secretary Drew Forster. After 7 years of dependable service to the PCWA Drew is finally hanging up his Pen. The other is that of social director(s). Chris and Glynis Westall have been wonderful servants of the club over that last 2 years and will be sorely missed. I would like to personally thank Drew, Glynis and Chris for their wonderful support during my time on the committee and service to our club! If any of you have the desire to join the PCWA committee for 2015 please let me know by email if you are interested in helping out your club by joining the committee and yes we are happy to have husband and wife teams for some positions. Finally a big congratulations goes to Julie Jacobs for winning the Inaugural Presidents award. This replaces the old “volunteer of the year”. The text on the perpetual trophy reads ”In recognition of outstanding club service, support or attitude” and I can assure you Julie has displayed all of these qualities during her time on the committee. The beauty of this award is that any person, or entity can claim this title and the president of the day solely gives the award (with committee consultation if needed) based on their contact with members and supporters of the club. Cheers Edward Roose Club President.

Volunteers Many will be surprised to find, When the day of judgment nears, That there’s a special place in Heaven, Set aside for volunteers. Furnished with big recliners, Couches and foot stools, Where there are no committee or chairmen, No yard sales or rest area coffee to serve,

No library duty or bulletin assembly, There will be nothing to print or staple, Not one thing to fold or mail, Telephone lists will be outlawed. But a finger snap will bring Cool drinks and gourmet dinners And rare treats fit for a king. You ask, “Who’ll serve these privileged

And work for all they’re worth?” Why, all those who reaped the benefits, And not once volunteered on Earth --Author Unknown

Issue 3 - 2014



QUALITY SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES SINCE 1991 We provide mechanical & log book servicing as well as full maintenance for all Porsche models • • • •

Pre purchase inspections Classic 911 RS Recreations & Restoration Performance upgrades PCWA Member discount

37a Sarich Court Osborne Park WA 6017 Telephone: 9227 8911 Email: k_tec@bigpond.com www.ktecauto.com








Frank Bove 0408 437 636




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CONTACT TONY FOR A QUOTE: 0418 921 505 E: tony@southernracingsuspension.com.au

what’s happening in motorsport in wa Barbagallo Of interest to most PCWA members will be The Brickmakers Super GT Series. Good fields including Ferrari 458’s, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche’s, Chev Comaro, Lotus Exige and ex V8 supercars. They put on exciting racing and a number of your fellow club members compete. The new Formula 1000 series is starting to take shape. Leanne Tander managed to lap at 56.2 seconds which is a smidgen faster that the fastest V8 Supercars. Not bad for a 1000cc motor. The final 2 race meetings for 2014 are: 25/26 October – a two day race meeting at Barbagallo for historic categories. 16 November – The Wanneroo 300. CAMS Accredited Officials Congratulations to Chris Clarke, Barry Nash and Colin Strickland who are close to achieving their Officials Licenses.

club committee 2014

information wsrichards@bigpond.com. CAMS The October meeting of the CAMS State Council included an address from Eugene Arocca and the Annual elections. Eugene, formally the CEO of the North Melbourne football club, ran through the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan which is available on the CAMS website. We can look forward to a number of initiatives planned to help the development of motorsport at all levels. The State Council election results are:

President: Edward Roose


Vice President: Roger Bernhardt


Treasurer : Graeme Robson treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

State Executive Director Alternate Chairman Deputy Chairman

Stephen Fox Lyndon Sperring Nick Rahimtulla David Moir

Social Directors: Glynis & Chris Westall social@porscheclubwa.org.au

State Panels

Sporting Director: Barry Nash

Chris and Barry are seeking Club Chief endorsements which will allow them to act as Clerk of Course of Steward at any Club Level event.

Officials Panel Chairman Bill Richards


Motor Race Panel Chairman John Hurney

Secretary: Andrew Forster

Colin is seeking endorsement as a Bronze Scrutineer which will allow him to act as a Scrutineer for the Club and also as a member of the Scrutiny team for any CAMS event.

Rally Panel Chairman Ross Tapper

Having these endorsed officials in the Club will allow all members to enjoy cheaper competition events. So why not consider following their lead and seek endorsement through the free training offered by CAMS. Club Chief, Steward and Scrutiny courses, along with other specialized courses are being run in 2015 so contact Bill Richards if you want further

Motorkhana Panel Chairman David Elliott Off Road Panel Chairman Hugh Piercy Speed Event Panel Chairman Michael Grogan


Webmaster: Christopher Uchanski


Membership: Julie Jacobs


Bill Richards Publications: Position Vacant. Email if interested

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Click the name of the committee member below to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you.

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Issue 3 - 2014


Join our 2015 Sporting Series! New and existing Porsche Club of WA members are invited to get involved in the 2015 sporting series. This series offers an excellent schedule of sporting events for those members wishing to improve their driving skills while competing against other members (by way of timed laps) and having a huge amount of fun in your Porsche!

2.ASA Approved helmet (available at any motorbike or speed shop)

The 2015 series will consist of 9 timed events at RAC Driving Centre (5 rounds), Barbagallo Raceway (2 rounds) and the Collie Motorplex (1 rounds).

4. Here are 3 venues in Perth that offer expert fitting of Fire Extinguishers: Porsche Centre Perth: http://www.chellingworthporsche.com/ Ktec Autohaus http://www.ktecauto.com Rennsport http://www.rennsportmotors.com.au/

So why not get involved in our 2015 sporting series by getting your Porsche out on the track! You will NOT be racing other cars directly every event is a speed event which means you will be racing the clock to try to get your best time for the day What you will need: 1. Level 2 Speed Cams license: go to this web address for details http://docs.cams.com.au/CAMS%20Forms/Competitors/ CAMS%20Level%202%20Licence.pdf

3.Fire extinguisher fitted to your vehicle. Note: No new holes need to be drilled in your car, existing seat bolts are utilised and the frame & bottle can be easily removed when not needed.

We will also be offering (in 2015) an advanced driver training day with qualified instructors to allow you to improve your driving and get more out of your Porsche experience. So please keep an eye on the PCWA website for more info!

Club Presidents YEAR NAME 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992


Edward Kozyrski Edward Kozyrski Edward Kozyrski Peter Long Peter Long Adrian Corp Adrian Corp John Cheyne John Cheyne Wayne Rowett



1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Wayne Rowett John Ogilvie John Ogilvie Alasdair Speedie Andy Brown Andy Brown Andy Brown Marilyn Thatcher Marilyn Thatcher Marilyn Thatcher Marilyn Thatcher Derek Pegg

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Derek Pegg Derek Pegg Derek Pegg Chris Clarke Chris Clarke Chris Clarke Chris Clarke Chris Clarke Allan Guelfi/Edward Roose Edward Roose

treasurer’s report

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180)

30th anniversary function net expense 3,897

Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au

Insurance 855 Website expenses 604 Bank fees


Editor: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au

CAMS membership 75 _______

TREASURER’S REPORT PERIOD ENDED 31 OCTOBER 2014 The club had a positive cash flow for the nine month period to 31 October 2014. The opening bank balance at 1 January 2014 was $27,649 and at 31 October it was $41,627. Cash flows for the period are summarised below.

Membership 27,733 Fees received for sporting series 21,355 6,838

Porsche Australia sponsorship 30th anniversary function 3,000 Social functions – net income Future social functions fees received less prepaid expenses 5,075 Laser Mail postage subsidy 731 Bank interest


_______ Total revenue


_______ Expenditure Printing and Stationery

_______ Net income for the period


_______ Membership fees less costs for have been over $23,500, which will cover meetings expenses, the Concours plus subsidise our 30th birthday function, the Christmas dinner entertainment plus club costs for meetings, CAMS affiliation and insurance.


Advertising in magazine

Advertising: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au

Total Expenditure $51,551


Sporting series fees and costs 19,312


The sporting series has been break even to date. This has been an improvement from earlier in the year due to an increase in participants plus a joint meeting with the HSV club. With one round to go at the RAC track plus an afternoon of driver training, the sporting series should be cost neutral for the year. Revenue from advertising in the flyer in 2013 was $2,548 and Laser Mail postage subsidy has been $731. We received advertising revenue for our magazine “Porsche West” of $4,290. In summary, a good positive result for the nine months. Future expenditure includes issue three of the magazine to be published in November, costs for the Concours Délegance, subsidy for the Christmas party. In addition there are expenses for the final social run and sporting event for which we have received over $3,300 from members for those events at 31 October 2014.

Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2014 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to:

Meetings 2,850 Membership costs 4,074


Concours Délegance (includes $3,000 refundable deposit) 6,190


Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151



Issue 3 - 2014




30th Birthday Edition


Issue 1 - 2014


Issue 3 - 2014 9



YOUR PORSCHE CLEAR-SHIELD PAINT PROTECTION FILM No more stone chips. Virtually invisible. Backed by 10 year manufactures warranty.

BEL/ESCORT RADAR LASER DEFENSE 100% Legal in WA. Stealth Installation. Maximum Protection against Infringements.




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the vp’s rant! lanes at every opportunity. Obviously their need or lack of time is more pressing than the ones sitting at a green light waiting for offending cars to clear the road.

Poor driver etiquette or lack of courtesy – a reflection of today’s society? I travel on a daily basis to my workplace in the obligatory peak-hour traffic, and over the years I’ve seen some rather ignorant, aggressive and sometimes dangerous driving. But what was once an occasional display of lunacy or ignorance has become a daily occurrence. We all know that the pace of life in general is ever increasing, seemingly on a runaway spiral to oblivion. Is this though, a placating enough justification for the degenerating driving habits of today? I would like to share some of my grievances as follows and see if you fellow PCWA members agree and come to the same conclusion. Running red lights! Once upon a time, 99.9% of the general populace observed the simple rule of traffic lights, but now I see people running red lights especially in turning

Giving way at roundabouts! Give way to your right, how difficult is that. Even so a lot of fellow motorists seem to struggle with the concept, especially if a single lane road crosses to a dual lane road. The person feeding in from the single lane road can legally choose the inside or outside lane and traffic has to give way in both lanes not just the inside lane. So on frequent occasions near misses or collisions occur due to the ignorance of the road rules often ending with the offending party committing road rage and arguing the point.

So I call upon all you fellow Porsche club members to take up the cause and to lead by example and improve our driving habits as well as show courtesy to your fellow man. Maybe by doing so we can reduce the road toll, the stress of peakhour driving or even reduce the travelling time (since we’re not busy arguing over our piece of the road and holding up traffic). So while you contemplate on whether or not to join this worthy cause I wish you all a safe, very merry Christmas and prosperous new year. See you all in 2015! Roger Bernhardt (VP) PCWA

Overtaking in emergency lanes on the freeways or highways! Every time traffic comes to a standstill, someone overtakes in the emergency lane. On one occasion in a display of sheer lunacy, I’ve seen a fellow “motorist” overtake in the right hand emergency lane on the freeway at well over 120 km/h. Only because both lanes were busy coping with traffic travelling at 110 km/h. Merging! A concept certainly not understood by the general populace and leading to traffic delays due to lack of technique (zipper) or just plain ignorance. At what point does impatience, ignorance or general lack of courtesy become dangerous or even fatal?

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9:11 AM

Andrew Stack Porsche Master Technician Cert.Mech.Eng.,M.I.A.M.E.

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Free delivery for Porsche Club Members, call Edward

EDWARD ROOSE Proprietor Mobile: 0416 009 711 FREECALL: 1800 828 200 Fax: (08) 9437 5060 Email: info@transquip.com.au

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Secretary’s (nee scribblers) update

This will be my final report as committee member of the Porsche Club of WA. My daughter and I joined the Club in 2007, at the first Drive for Dreams at the Fremantle Prison. I had no idea what to expect, my car was a white 82’ 924 and as I drove in there was a large contingent of 911s’, 356’s, Boxsters (including a yellow one which seemed to be at every future event) , 928s, 944’s and a range of other models that I would soon learn to recognize. My daughter, Lauren, was in love all the cars, in particular that red 356.

The event was a great success with over $50,000 raised for charity. The organizing committee had done a fantastic job and I remember meeting a very engaging Deryck Graham, Gary and Mo, Chris Clarke and Craig Lampard to name a few. It was obvious that this club were very friendly and were most welcoming to new members even if they did drive one of those front engine, 4 cylinder VW/Audi/Porsche hybrids. In December that year I joined the Committee. I was the only nominee for the treasurer’s role, and was elected unanimously. It’s funny how that happens in our club, they seem to take anyone who is happy to put up their hand. Since joining the committee I have undertaken both the role of treasurer and secretary and have forgotten how many committee meetings I have attended, or hosted but they have usually been great fun, helped in part by a meal, a bottle of red or two and a great camaraderie as everyone shared their stories about the last track day or run to this winery or that country town. There is always a serious part when we are organizing major events such as the sporting series, concours, the Christmas party or our charity events. This is where the real skills of the committee are on display.

As part of PCWA, we have visited great country towns, some awesome restaurants, the odd Naval Base and airfield, and a few museums to name a few. The runs have been without serious incident and no one has been injured and I hope that we continue to maintain this record.

As for my little 924, well I have two. The original is in parts and the other, ventures out when a sufficient percentage of the vehicle is serviceable. I note now that there is another 924 in the Club which is fantastic and hope that more of these little gems come home to roost.

Our sports series has developed over the last few years. Some of our members are becoming qualified to officiate at these events and with our beginners session at the start of the year, hopefully more people will get the opportunity to see just what their car can do. I even managed to get the little 924 onto the track, the first time ever. Hopefully I can do more of this next year. I would like to thank the current committee for their assistance and support over the last few years. They are a great team and have worked tirelessly this year. I would also like to thank the other Committee members that I have worked with since 2007 including Chris Clarke, Helen Lumsden, Gary and Mo Faas, Graeme Carter, Andy Morris, Darren and Sonja Bouwer, Darren Sandford, Gerry Willems, Monica Jakovich, Robin Garbutt, Bill Richards, Jack Rosagro, Deryck Graham, Craig Lampard and Allan Guelfi, whom have all left their mark on this great club. I would also like to thank the partners of all the above, for putting up with us as we argued about this point or that issue. For feeding us at committee meetings and generally allowing us to do what we really enjoyed doing (drooling over someone’s new car or playing with our cars either on the track or the open road).

I have enjoyed my time on the committee and may well put my hand up at some future time to reacquaint myself with monthly meetings, but at present its time to let someone else take over the role of PCWA scribbler. Oh and as for my daughter, she is still a member, has her licence and a car, but wants a 1970’s beetle or a 930 whichever she can afford first. Cheers Drew Forster Scribbler 2014

Issue 3 - 2014


Richards tames giant with impressive Targa High Country win

Jim Richards has taken his second straight tarmac rally victory aboard the Porsche Cayman S at the three-day Targa High Country event last weekend. Based at the Victorian ski resort of Mount Buller, Richards and his co-driver Barry Oliver claimed an 11-second victory in the Showroom class over the course of 22 stages. Richards ran towards the front of his class throughout the rally and ultimately claimed the narrow win over his nearest rivals, who were equipped with a more powerful 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. For Richards, the win was made more special by illustrating the 325 hp Cayman S as a reliable and equally impressive tarmac rally car after beating the 6.2-litre supercharged V8-powered Corvette at 640 hp - almost double the horsepower of the Cayman S. “The rally was a mixture of fast, open flowing stages and tight and twisting stages. We were disadvantaged on some and performed really well on others. On the fast stages the Corvette was only a few seconds faster, then on the tight twisting stages we could often hold a quicker overall speed,” said Richards.




“It was the nimbleness of the Cayman S that helped us take the class win in the end, along with its precise handling. It’s a great feat beating strong competition in much more powerful machinery. Though that’s what we’re here for, to show what this impressive little car can do.” The class victory is Richards’ second in the Cayman S in three tarmac rallies. Richards first campaigned the mid-engine sports car in May’s Targa Tasmania where he sustained damage on the penultimate day and ultimately retired. Richards then claimed the Cayman S’s first Showroom class win in the Perth-based Quit Targa West tarmac rally in August. Richards’ next confirmed tarmac rally event is next year’s Targa Tasmania, beginning on April 27, 2015.

911 Carrera GTS, Cayenne GTS and Panamera Exclusive Series celebrate world premiere Porsche AG is celebrating three world reveals at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year. The sports car manufacturer is presenting two new GTS models, the 911 Carrera GTS and the Cayenne GTS, at the Porsche press conference in the Petree Hall of the Convention Center at 07:05 a.m. (AEST), on November 20. Porsche is also exhibiting the Panamera Exclusive Series, one of 100 units of the limited special edition of the Panamera Turbo S Executive, although this variant will not be sold in Australia. The four variants of the 911 Carrera GTS close the gap between the 911 Carrera S and the 911 GT3. The model available as coupĂŠ or convertible is equipped with either rear-wheel or allwheel drive and develops 316 kW (430 hp). The Sport Chrono package and other sporty optional features are fitted as standard equipment. The Cayenne GTS develops 323 kW (440 hp) and has an even sportier tuned PASM chassis with a ride height lowered by 20 millimetres, providing a further boost to driving performance. The third reveal at the Auto Show is the Panamera Exclusive Series which offers an especially luxurious combination of performance and exclusivity.

Issue 3 - 2014


by Edward Roose.

Guys Like Us I mean how many of you visit your garage at odd hours of the day or night to eyeball your Porsche? I know that I have been known to take a cup of tea (or a beer) into into the garage and just “hang out” with my 911 for a while, it’s a very emotional thing. Running your hands and eye down the smooth lines, checking the interior, even just sitting in my Porsche the stereo on with a bottle of armour all in one hand and a cleaning cloth in the other. And all the while the “other” car (the daily drive) sits there as the rudimentary transportation device.

\ Have you ever wondered why we like our Porsches so much? Indeed why we love them so much that we are drawn to even join a Porsche Club, in our case the PCWA. Most of us own other cars and some of us even use our Porsches as our daily drivers, but most will also have one or two (or more) cars in the garage too. So why not join the Mazda club, Honda club or any other club that may exist that relate to our “other” cars. What is even more interesting that each member of the PCWA is passionate about their Porsche, be it a 924, 944, 928, Boxster/Cayman, Panamera, 356, Cayenne and of course the evergreen 911 (and the many sub badges that the 911 offers). Then there’s the sub-groups who gravitate to water cooled, air cooled, rear engine, mid engine, front engine, pdk, manual etc. I guess what I am trying to find out here is what makes us tick, where does this passion for our cars (and our club) come from?

I think one of the reasons for our Porsche Passion is the fact that our cars were (and are) designed and engineered by “guys like us”. The very first Porsche was specifically designed as a sports car, indeed all Porsches up until the Cayenne were designed as such. And even though the Cayenne is not a sports car, that sports car DNA is even evident in the Cayenne model line. Sure its no 911 but you can punt a Cayenne hard into a corner and it will track and keep the line (to the point mr physics will allow anyway). So what ar the main attributes we all love in our Porsches? Well here is a bit of a list (in no particular order) that I think we all love, Steering feel, Power, Engine sound, Handling, Looks, Acceleration and that “Organic-ness” that is still evident even in the most modern Porsche. Some say modern Porsches have lost that “organic” character, but I say just have a listen to the exhaust sound on the current Boxster/

Cayman/911 range to hear that raspy organic pop and crackle par excellence! What I think is amazing is that over the years Porsche have (almost) never lost their way with regards to these attributes, and I think the passion the makers have for their cars is one of the reasons why we love them so much. I like to imagine (for example) that the original engineer who wanted a more delicate steering feel for the 911 back in the 1960’s is sitting next to me when I am punting my 911 down a country lane. Then at that moment when I turn into fast corner and “feel the road” texture at my fingertips through the steering wheel and when I crack a little smile of appreciation, that he or she is sharing that moment with me and is sporting the same little smile. You see it’s “guys like us”, most of them with bigger brains than us who spent the time, put in the hours, did their homework so that “guys like us” can also enjoy what they enjoyed. A Porsche car doing what it’s maker intended, making us smile every day we drive them! So next time you are on a solo country drive, or a social run with the PCWA or even on the track competing in our sporting series and your car gives you “that” moment of joy, lets remember those many Porsche boffins that engineered “that” moment of joy into our Porsche.

Members Red Faced Porsche Moments Edward Roose

Gary Jacobs

Parking sensors? ….Pfffff!

Not realizing that after 4 years of ownership that my “Purple/Black” Cayman S with the “Paint To Sample” colour option did in fact have an official Porsche registered colour name and code all along! A label in the drivers door sill lists it as Pearl Black. Now when someone asks I dont have to make up a name!

My latest Porsche red faced moment came after the “Northern Mystery Run” to Cervantes early this year. Despite the fact that my (then) 911 had rear parking sensors I hopped into the car after a busy day organising and make sure members were happy. Feeling a little frazzled I put the car into reverse and ignoring the sound of manic beeping from the parking sensors slowly backed into Brad Birds 911. Funny thing is that Brad’s 80’s 911 (build like a tank) did not even register the slightest scratch or mark, and the rear of my car was only very slightly marked. A testament to Porsche build quality and “presidential stupidity




Ian Gath I had just bought my first Porsche, a 911SC coupe in guards red. It was my first expensive car purchase and I hadn’t told my soon to be wife that I was buying it, until I rang her from around the corner driving it home. Well she cried when she saw it, her ideal criteria for a car is 4 doors, a boot and an air conditioner, my car satisfied none of these. Anyway, a few weeks later I arranged a day of golf at Burswood to show off my new car to a couple of friends. The golf was great, enjoyed a quiet beer after the round and then off to show the lads my new toy. They loved it.

So, as we were leaving I opened the sun roof and windows, being it was a warm day and no air con. It all went bad when I decided to show off a little by putting my foot down as I left the car park around about the same time as changing the stereo for some tunes on the way home.(Now remember this was before all the road upgrades between the golf course and state tennis centre and the road was much narrower than it is now). When I looked back at the road, from tuning said radio, I was now on the grass and the road was a distant memory, taking my immediate attention were the copper log poles I was steaming towards, ploughed straight through the poles and landed my Porsche in the top of a newly planted raised garden bed, the car was covered with potted colour pansies everywhere, including the driver’s seat. The embarrassing part was the state tennis centre was completely jam packed with a function that looked onto the garden bed I just landed in. Lots of pointing and laughing. Anyway, into reverse, pride was dented more than the car, and drove home rather sheepishly from there.

New top model in the Gran Turismo model range: The Porsche Panamera Turbo S Porsche is placing its fastest, most powerful and most luxurious Panamera at the peak of its Gran Turismo series: With a power output of 570 bhp and a top speed of 310 km/h plus a particularly extensive and top-quality range of features, the Panamera Turbo S1) is guaranteed a special status in its market segment. For the first time ever, an Executive version of the Panamera Turbo S is also available with a wheelbase that has been extended by 15 centimetres. As a result, the Panamera Turbo S Executive2) offers significantly more space and even more comfort, particularly at the rear. Thermal and noise-insulated windows, which include privacy glazing, the interior lighting package designed especially for the rear and a large centre console at the rear are just some of the extensive equipment options that belong to this series. The new top model in the Panamera model line will be celebrating its world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show. The sporty, luxurious character of the new Panamera Turbo S is evident not only in its driving performance but also in the key distinguishing features of its appearance. The Palladium, metallic exterior colour, which is available solely for the new Panamera Turbo S, gives the top model an especially exclusive look and enhances the classy, elegant contours. An indication of the vehicle’s outstanding driving dynamics is provided by the 20-inch 911 Turbo II wheels, which are not only larger but also significantly wider than the standard wheels belonging to other Gran Turismo models. The four-way rear spoiler, painted in the same colour as the exterior, is another unique feature. The new top Panamera model from Porsche features an exceptionally extensive range of equipment appropriate for a top model in the luxury class. It features all of the driving dynamics control systems available for the model range as standard. The Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), an active roll stabilisation system, starts reducing the vehicle’s lateral inclination as it approaches bends, thereby increasing agility and comfort in equal measure. The Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) system works with a variable standard torque split at the rear wheels in combination with an electronically controlled rear-axle differential lock to provide improved traction in any driving situation. Thanks to the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB), the Panamera Turbo S benefits from a high-performance brake system that is particularly resistant to brake fading and wear. The speed-sensitive Power Steering Plus represents the steering system. The chassis of the Panamera Turbo S of course features the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) adaptive damper control and adaptive air suspension with additional air volume.

Some 50 bhp more power thanks to new turbochargers and a higher injection pressure A 50-bhp increase in power compared to the Panamera Turbo engine has been achieved through specific revision work on a number of components. Porsche is now using two new turbochargers with larger compressors in the Panamera Turbo S model. The new compressors increase the air flow and the charger injects more oxygen into the combustion chambers at high loads and speeds. In addition, the injection pressure has been increased by 20 bar to 140 bar. Together, both of these measures also enable higher component loads, which are absorbed by pistons made from a new aluminium alloy and specially coated piston rings. Thanks to the optional sports exhaust system, the Panamera Turbo S offers drivers the opportunity to revel in the sound of motorsport whenever they wish. This unique sound experience is achieved by means of an acoustic channel that can be switched at the push of a button; this channel directs the engine sound straight into the interior. In addition, individual cylinders are skipped when switching up a gear, allowing the engine speed to fall faster and the clutch to engage quickly. Sport Chrono package enhances sporty handling characteristics The new Panamera Turbo S is also perfectly equipped to effectively convert its increased level of power and torque into sporty driving dynamics. One of the requirements for this effective conversion of power is the optimum power transmission concept, which the Porsche Traction Management (PTM) all-wheel drive system offers in the ideal format, even in difficult driving conditions. The Sport Chrono package comes as standard, and co-ordinates the drive power and chassis at the touch of a button to guarantee a consistently sporty response. What’s more, the overboost function is activated in “Sport” and “Sport Plus” mode as well as during kickdown in “Normal” mode; the overboost function temporarily increases the boost pressure to enable even more powerful acceleration and sprint capability. The “Launch Control” race start function guarantees the best possible acceleration when moving off by optimally coordinating the responses of the engine control system and the Porsche Doppelkupplung gearshift programme. Thanks to the reworked gear shifting strategy, the Porsche Doppelkupplung changes between its seven gears even more rapidly, accelerating the new Gran Turismo top model from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Edward Roose

Happy Birthday PCWA!

A wonderful night was had by all at the PCWA Birthday 30th party. That’s right, in October 1983 the first ever meeting of the first ever Porsche Club of WA Committee occurred at the Brisbane Hotel Northbridge and this year marks the 30th full year of operation of our fine club. So the current committee decided to put on a party and what better place to have a Porsche party than at the Porsche Dealership! Although the official email told members to arrive from 7pm in fine PCWA style members started arriving from 6pm while the committee was still setting things up. Not to worry those hearty (un-tardy) members opened the “self service department” and helped themselves to some bevies while the committee finished preparations. By 7pm almost everyone had arrived (better early than late I say) the party was in full swing. Members enjoyed an evening of fine wine, Beer, Finger foods and 80’s music while perusing some fine machinery that graced the Porsche Centre Perth’s forecourt including one very nice silver 991 GT3 that everybody wanted! Later some Committee trophies were handed out kindly donated by Pamela from Porsche Cars Australia. Each Committee member well deserved their award for selfless service of the PCWA in particular Chris and Glynis Westall and Drew Forster who will be leaving the committee after several years of excellent service. Some long standing members also received their 10 year memberships pins, a hearty thanks to them for such wonderful support of our club. Special mention also to Andy Stack who was the longest standing member at the event. 18



Andy is fast approaching the 30 year members mark an outstanding achievement Andy, your membership and support of our club is always appreciated! Also the inaugural Presidents Award was awarded to our Membership Coordinator Julie Jacobs, certainly the most worth winner of this prestigious award. Congratulations to you Julie and thank you for a stellar year of service beyond your calling! Later in the evening we had our door prize and the lucky winner was Barry Elmslie. Congrats Barry on winning very nice 911 watch. Now you just need a 911 to go with that Watch! Thanks to Porsche Centre Perth for donating the prize! I would like to personally thank all members who attended, and also Pamela Ward and Porsche Cars Australia for a generous donation towards the cost of the evening, Greg Arnold (Chellingworth DP and all round nice guy), Jacey Brown, & Paul Swiderski from Porsche Centre Perth for their support, Chris and Glynis Westall for the excellent organising of the event including the drinks and Christopher Uchanski for organising the slide show & music which provided the members with a myriad of old and new photo’s taken from the clubs huge database of pics. All in all this was a wonderful evening of Porsche & Club camaraderie and judging by the back slaps, handshakes and thankyou’s after the event everybody had a wonderful time! Now let’s crack on with the next 30 years shall we?

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Jurg Hunziker

‘Porsche Priorities’ I recall the stories told to me by my father, after our family had migrated from Switzerland to Australia, about my uncle who had owned a 1956 Porsche 356 and through his work involvements had driven the little car to Kuwait only to have it returned a number of years later with it looking somewhat sandblasted and devoid of shiny paint due to its ‘living conditions’. Being all of about 6-7 years old then, I recall looking at photos of the little 356 with amazement. I believe my fascination with the brand and product probably stemmed from those early days.

Road. On the basis that I thought I could use this as a stepping stone to work my way up the ranks to a 911, and having looked at it a few times, I rang the dealer on a Saturday morning and said, I’d be down from Kalamunda within the hour to do the deal. Upon arrival, I was advised that he had sold the vehicle 30 minutes prior. Not impressed ! We were approximately 6 months into the building process in 1997 when my review of the weekend press uncovered an ad for

Porsche ‘ownership’ happened when I was about 12 years old in the form of a 1:12 scale Tamiya model of a Porsche 910, a gift from my sisters. Life couldn’t get much better I thought! I further recall setting my sights at stratospheric levels when in 1973 as a17 years old ‘adult’ with a drivers licence venturing to the Perth Esplanade (now being turned into Colin’s folly!) for the Perth International Motor Show in my trusty Corolla wagon . It was there that the mighty 1973 911 RS in gleaming white with green script was perched up on a metre high podium that I truly thought - I need to get a Porsche! It was from that encounter that I have always desired to get into one of the small bumper cars. A 5 year architecture degree put pay to any further thoughts of Porsche ownership, although I always reviewed what was in the ‘For Sale’ columns of the weekend papers. During a 6 year working stint in the early 90’s as an architect in Zurich with my gorgeous wife Debra, I managed to occasionally get a drive in an early 80’s 911Targa. I recall how sensational the experience was driving with the roof open on mountain pass roads. My ownership ambitions were however again extinguished upon returning back to Perth as my wife and I decided to design and build our own home in Kalamunda. We had not quite started the building process when I came across a late model, good condition, 356A that was for sale at Chellingworths when they were still located on Mounts Bay

a 1973 911E 2.4. I recall not mentioning it to my wife but I did sneak out of the office over a lunch break to inspect it! The car was fantastic, totally original with the exception of the radio (if anyone has an old 1973 Blaupunkt radio in the garage, I’d love to hear from you) and in the period correct ‘signal farbe’, namely Emerald (Viper) Green 225. It was also equipped with a factory installed Behr air-conditioning system. It was a matching numbers car, Australian Compliance and delivered in WA by Amhirst Motors, Morley. Bodywork was acceptable considering the age, the mileage was extremely low at only 28,000 miles. The biggest concern – it was a SPORTOMATIC!. I was already thinking – even before taking it for a test drive or buying it – that I could change the gearbox. Jumping behind the wheel however proved that Vic Ellford was correct all along – it was a fantastic gearbox and a dream to drive. I slipped into the quirky arrangement with ease. I wanted the car! The big issue now was to convince my wife! To my surprise, she said I could buy it if I thought it wouldn’t impact on the completion of the house. I bought the car on 5 April 1997 (and yes it did impact on the house). It was shortly after that that I became a member of the Porsche Club – I even have a 10 year membership badge to prove it! The initial servicing of the vehicle was done through Kevin Clifton and during this period I got to know the ‘master’ – Andy Stack, so when he setup Rennsport in Nth Fremantle he became and has been the service technician of choice. After almost 14 years of ownership, I decided the car was worthy of a ‘mild make over’ and




for this I enlisted the help of the other true craftsman and professional - John Regali from JD Spraypainting, Morley. John and I discussed how we would tackle the project to keep cost within manageable limits (with me doing some of the work) with the primary goal being to cut out the rust that had developed at the bottom of the doors and the bonnet (no other rust was evident elsewhere). We started in my garage in October 2010 - but like most of these projects - I couldn’t help myself! As more and more bits came off the car and correspondingly more and more new OEM parts were being delivered via Pelican Parts or Stoddard Cars from the USA (thank God the Aussie dollar was at or beyond parity!), my wife just shook her head and was wondering if the house would ever be finished! John did an outstanding job on the bodywork (we used new bottom door skins) and the paint finish using Glasurit paint. The finish was fantastic straight off the gun. After all the new seals, coverplates, SSI exhaust, Dansk muffler, etc had arrived from the US, we began the task of reassembly along with a trip to ‘Millanes’ for the installation of the new roof lining and finally the return trip to ‘Rennsport’ for the installation of the motor complete with new SSI exhaust, muffler, etc. The project was completed in June 2013, some 33 months after we commenced. It was a fantastic and hugely enjoyable experience. Working with the likes of John and Andy was a fantastic experience. As mentioned previously, the car was and is totally original with the only recent modification being the fitment of a new Momo Prototipo leather steering wheel and of course the radio!. The only other modification that I’d like to do on her is to change the original ATS Cookie Cutter wheels (albeit I did have these refinished) to a set of Deep 6 Fuchs wheels (if anybody has a set buried in the garage that they want to sell, I’d love to hear from you. Call me on 0403 979 878) And for those of you wondering, no the house is still not complete…… but the car is!

Story: Deryck Graham

Now It Is Your Turn…

The more I drive in Europe the more I realise how far out of line the revenue / speeding obsession is in Australia but more on that in some other article. Sabine, my Europe-based 997 GT3RS, was awoken from a 12 month slumber late September for her annual tour de force of Europe. This year it was three weeks, four countries and 3,500km of the world’s most amazing roads. For Sabine, it was just another time out of the heated mirrored room she sleeps in within earshot of the road where flat sixes sing out at 8,500 rpm - the Nurburgring. Sabine has been to Paris, London, Munich and Salzburg multiple times. She has journeyed to Milan, Amsterdam, Monaco, climbed the Alps five times and cruised the autobahn countless times well north of 250kmph. She’s also made friends wherever she goes. What continent would greet Sabine with roads that go off into green fields like something from the Wizard of Oz, wind up Sound of Music hills to the snow line mountain tops and disappear up and down countless switch back passes? Only Europe. Gosh, I miss her already. Look up “Flat Six Fun” on YouTube and you will see this footage for yourself. Enough about that, before I share with you a touch about the trip I want you to think about it as if you are preparing to go on just this journey and with the latest model Porsche of your choice. Why? Because that is just what is going to happen next year! Read on. Shopping in Paris – good, but no Sabine. We picked up Sabine and headed south down the Romantische Strasse from Würzburg to Füssen in Bavaria where mad King Ludwick’s Disney-like castle stands. Four days visiting the most beautiful 13th to 15th century walled towns with tiny cobble stone roads. Luckily Sabine has the jack up nose feature or she would have lost her lower lip many times! At the end of the road was Füssen, a dreamscape wonderland with great hiking, paragliding and amazing castles for exploring. (Sabine was somewhat bored but sightseeing was truly spectacular).

Next day goodbye Germany, hello Austrian mountains through Saint Moritz, Switzerland and on to Italy and the cradle of Lago di Como (now known as Lake Clooney) – all in just 5 hours of pleasurable driving with plastered smiles on our faces. We choose to chill at Bellagio for a few days where my GF, Grace, celebrated her birthday – rough hey. Sabine made friends in the carpark with a Cayman GTS before taking off to Stelvio Pass. Top Gear called Stelvio, “the most beautiful driving road in the world”. Yep they were right. Tunnels that were filled with engine howls, roads where the legs stretch right out then dozens of 180 degree switch backs, 1st, 2nd 3rd , 3rd 2nd 1st and then all over again with the foot flat to the floor. September there sees hardly any traffic. Just a few motorbikes and the occasional crazy mountain bike rider (they said they loved the sound of Sabine screaming up the mountain so they were OK). Up at 2557 metres you can look way off into the distant mountain ranges and gaze for hours but when you do drop your eyes, guess what – More switch backs all the way down the valley on the other side. Oh yeah! Despite Sabine wanting to stay and do it yet again we had a date with the Austrian Red Bull GP track and we were on a mission to get there. Situated in the beautiful valley of Spielberg some 2 hours southeast of the “Hills are Alive with…”, the GP track is 4.3km of hallowed ground Grand Prix racetrack.

just the poor sister! This charming man and new friend of ours owned two McLaren SLRs – one of which is 1 of 75 “Sterling Moss” SLRs along with a bundle of other cars. The next morning he gave me the keys to the Sterling Moss and off we went in both the SLS and SLR through the mountains of Austrian for half a day, culminating at an amazing restaurant with spectacular views in the hilltops. Leaving this part of the adventure was hard but we had a date with destiny at Stuttgart. So this is where you come in. In Stuttgart I put together the final piece of the puzzle. I met with Porsche who said they would rent me or my Porsche Club friends new or near new Porsches to do the journey we just did and more. Fully optioned Boxters, Caymans and 991s just waiting to play with Sabine. We have a GP track sorted with race cars at the ready, cool, cute and beautiful hotels to warm your feet and to fill you with joy, along with some cool car events – all planned for next September. This time we would welcome some company! Perhaps for five to eight couples (16 people max), it is time for the PCWA to tour Germany, Austria and Switzerland and include drives on GP tracks, cool events and awesome Porsches at your control. Interested? Drop me a line to reserve a spot. Otherwise, stay tune for details. Eight cars – that is it. Meanwhile, Sabine has got new shoes, a warm bath and is now in deep hibernation connected to her trickle charge – maybe next year you can meet her. She is always well mannered after a long sleep. * Photos taken by Grace Tan and Deryck Graham. DeryckGraham@iinet.net.au

We spent the day on the Red Bull Ring with dozens of other Porsches just driving Sabine in the way she was designed to be driven. With the entire day on the track, a beautiful meal at the Red Bull-owned hotel overlooking the track for both of us cost - $500. That included Grace strapping into the car with me on the track!!!! CAMS do you hear this?!! Salzburg and other adventures in between and with her boots now well worn it was time to travel to Kitzbühel in the breathtaking Austrian mountains to catch up with the owner of an SLS Merc that Sabine met at a gas station. Well, it turned out the gorgeous SLS was really Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Adrian Moseley

Our Porsche Story

One of the things they recommended was completing the first 3000kms prior to giving it its first workout on the track, so for the next few weekends we were gladly busy visiting the wineries, Mandurah, Toodyay, West Coast Drive, etc and anywhere else that we could find great cake and coffee to rack up the kms.

Hello everyone, my name is Adrian Moseley and my wife Michelle and I are new members – only joining in July 2014. At the time of writing this quick blurb, we have only attended two meetings and the lunch events to Millbrook Winery and the run to York, both of which was very enjoyable (Brett, Jenny and Ray, Janet did fantastic jobs in arranging the drives and venues). Our first impressions of the PCWA…. relaxed, friendly, people that look for good food and wine and a bunch of rev heads that love Porsches – Perfect !! Anyway, with regards to the car…..we recently bought a new 991 911S (with a few extras), for which Chellingworth looked after us very well! 22



After a couple of k’s later, we made this illustrious milestone, then spent two days at Barbagallo’s trying to wear the tyres down and lighting up the Christmas tree of controls on the centre console – Great Fun! It was even better than I had hoped for!! Now for something a little more personable, Michelle and I grew up in Sydney (yes, I apologise guys) and have lived in a few places in Australia and overseas, really as a result of work requirements, but have now

settled here in Perth for 10 years, so I think we can now call ourselves local sandgropers , will leave it up to you guys to judge that. Our other interests include boating (yes more toys), rock’n roll, swing and lindyhop dancing and did I mention coffee and cake?? My only regret so far, in this whole experience over the last couple of months, is not buying my dream Porsche sooner Cheers Adrian & Michelle Moseley

Story: Scott and Sharon Alexander

Enjoying the South-West of WA in a Boxster S

With a week off between jobs Sharon and I decided on an overnight trip away with our 2005 Boxster S which we’ve had now for 9 months. Accommodation in the form of a B&B had been booked in Nannup for 1 night so after waving the kids goodbye as they walked to the bus stop, we threw the overnight bag into the Boxster and headed off. The plan was to avoid the boring SW highway as much as possible and instead spend quality time in the hills heading south to our destination. It was a cloudy Tuesday morning and the second day of spring, perfect for removing the roof and turning up the heater as we headed in the opposite direction to all the commuters. Day 1: After a mundane stint on the Freeway we turned off at Lakes road to intersect the SW Highway. Del Park road then took us up the scarp and onto Dwellingup and with few cars around I could start to enjoy the Boxster’s handling abilities. The only stop was to take a quick photo of the car in front of a 25km winding road sign as we entered the town. The next section of road is very scenic through the trees and often narrow roads (Nanga Rd, Nanga Brook Rd) taking you off the scarp and ending up in Waroona for coffee. Thanks to Lotha for introducing us to this section of road on a run not so long ago. Heading south on the SW highway it was time to relax with the cruise control set for 113 until we reached the turn off to Collie. The fuel gauge was now at around 2/3 full and we were using 10.4l/100km so when I spotted a BP station with 98 I pulled over to top up as I didn’t want to be running low and having to settle for 91 in some small town.

From Collie the driving got interesting again as we headed south of the township along Preston Road. By the time we reached Ballingup we were tired and hungry so we took Edward’s advice and ate at the pub, which was excellent. The pub also happens to be located on the start of the 40km journey to Nannup along narrow undulating winding country roads that follow the Blackwood river. With no cars around and dry roads the Boxster was thrown into corner after corner all the way to Nannup. I’m guessing the scenery was great but I was too focused on the road to be glancing at the fields and the fast flowing Blackwood river. After coffee at Nannup we did the obvious thing and drove the road in reverse and then headed to Bridgetown to find another great section of road (Brockman Hwy) through forests eventually taking us to Nannup.

Day 2: After a cooked breakfast it was again off with the roof, on with the beanies as we drove the Brockman highway in reverse as the downhill sweeping corners of day 1 just had to be driven in the opposite direction. From Bridgetown the roof went on as we pressed on at a spirited pace along fantastic fast flowing country roads where I remember thinking this would be just perfect for a 911 Turbo, or perhaps the new 911 Targa 4S. From Boyup Brook we passed through small places like Dinninup, Moodiarrup and Darkin until we eventually reached Dwellingup via Quindanning. A total of 940km were covered in the 2 days exploring many new roads that the SW area has to offer and the Porsche was the perfect companion for such a trip. Visit blackwoodrivervalley. org.au for more info on this part of WA.

Issue 3 - 2014


As the date approached for our “Triple Treat” sports event at the Kwinana motorplex I began to panic at bit as we only had 4 entries. However my fear and panic was unfounded as the Porsche faithful turned up in droves (well 21 to be exact ). It was just the usual PCWA members dragging their collective feet and registering at the last minute for an event. The weather looked threatening and as it turned the heavens opened before we could complete the triple treat so to everyone’s dismay the drags had to be cancelled. So in reality the event became a double treat . I was situated in field, looking after the cones for course one, this gave me a great location to view all runs. As it turned out the PCWA drivers never hit one cone. Some say this was blind luck but I like to think it was superior driving (coupled with the fear of a time penalty for hitting any cone!) As the Sporting Director of the Porsche Club of WA it gives me great pleasure to watch as new guys come through the ranks to be very competent drivers! This alone makes membership good value let alone the fantastic social events . One thing I notice about PCWA is the members all get along very well and love to be faster than others in the same class .Gerry , Ray , Gary , Stuart, Luke, Daniel , Graeme and newer members like Brad and Ian to name a few . This is what the sport series is all about having fun with fellow club members and improving driving skills in a controlled legal environment . It was great to see John Fowler back, his skill is very evident by his lack of horsepower with sensational times . I also enjoyed watching young Shaun Bathe, this young fellow is a P plater on our public roads but a very good driver on the track . If only we could educate all young drivers like, this the roads would be a safer place . I would like to thank Janet Galbraith for her assistance with running this event . See you at the Track! Cheers Barry Nash PCWA Sporting Director




Story: Barry Nash

Sports Series Round 4 Kwinana Motorplex 27th July 2014

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Graeme Robson Photos: courtesy of Ray Woolman RaceWayPhotography.com.au





On a cold Sunday morning with the wind blowing off the cold inland, seventeen club members ventured to the RAC driver training track for event 3 of the sporting series. This was also round 4 of the WA Sprint Championship so we joined in another 67 regular racers. Most of the club members ran in the morning session where there were 45 cars in the group. Looking around it seemed like German giants versus Japanese juniors. There seemed like a stampede of Subaru’s and chasing down the evil Evos. We left them to it with the Evos out running the WRX. The Porsche pack comprised the two closely contesting Cayman S, a banquet of Boxsters with Neville Horner’s Spyder at the head. Not to be out done by the modern mid-engine brigade were the air cooled yellow, black, green and white old boys including the oldest old boy, Michael Broughton’s C356 SC. We had the turbos of Brett Read and new entrant Stephen PattenWilliams enjoying the cold air rounding out the rear engines. That only leaves the two with an engine at the pointy end of Ivan Mickelson’s 968 CS and Paul Hendry’s 944. The track for the day was the fast flowing Montacute 4.4km course. It is a good mixture of sharp and sweeping corners with the main straight allowing those with grunt to strut their stuff before the witches hat chicane forces a move with the right foot to the brake pedal after which there is fast left before you are quickly upon a hard right, then a sweeping left before rapid deceleration with a 90 degree left turn and then some fun through a couple of cones and back to the start after sliding to the first cone. Do that a couple of times and you come back with a smile on the dial. Now to the racing! We were given the usual conga line introduction to the course. There were four timed runs with up to four cars on the track each time. With 45 cars to get through 4 timed runs this would be a challenge to finish around 12-30. But with only a few offs and not too many cones dislodged the MC motorsport team kept the racing flowing. Most of us started slowly as the track was cold and wet in places and we familiarized ourselves with the track. We all waited with anticipation when Colin (cold tyres) Strickland went out for his first run. Cautious with no moments for runs one and two but at the Grogan road end of the track we hear the familiar tyres under pressure noise, the plume of blue smoke as the yellow bubble bee heads off track onto the grass and straight for the amour guard! No collision just a little dance amongst the grass and back onto the track. Gerry in the ubiquitous yellow Boxster (maybe this should be Yellow Corner) has to slow and watch before driving by the latest Porsche tractor! This must have warmed up the tyres and inspired Colin as the next and last time out was his best with a time of 3.03.359.

The duel of the day was between the Caymans of Gary Jacobs and Stuart Lister. Stuart was out of the blocks quickly with his first run (only one other car on that run was quicker). Both had worse times on the second run. The third run was their best with Gary clocking 2.52.539 and Stuart 2.53.607. Their last runs could not improve on these times. But they were the two fastest on the day! The battle of the Boxsters was easily won by Daniel Bathe on his third run with a 2.56.013 followed by Graeme Robson on his last run with 3.02.131 and with a welcome return from holidays Gerry Willems with a 3.04.029. It was good to see the other yellow Boxster of Alex Mokrzycki out on the track with a best time of 3.18.457. Alex improved his times by over three seconds on each run. The Spyder too improved each outing with a best time of 3.13.029. The air brushed old boys acquitted themselves well with lots of noise and swagger. John Fowler flew out of the blocks in the afternoon session with his first run of 3.01.774 his best for the day (tyre trouble after that kept him busy at the wheel). The green machine of Ray Galbraith waited until the last run for his best of 3.04.160. Brad Bird had the top up and the flames spurting from the rear on his way to a best of 3.06.285 on his leave the best to last. David Blainey too had his best run first up with a 3.18.421 time. The Brett Read K-Tec pampered turbo was very consistent each run with a best time on the last run of 2.57.490. Brett got a bit messy on his third run at the “yellow corner” giving the crowd a cheap thrill. The newest turbo produced a quickest third run to clock 3.04.921 but was perhaps the most stunning Porsche on the day. Ivan in the blue 968 was at his best on his third run with a 3.22.333. Paul’s 944 was best second run out with a 3.23.148. Perhaps the for-sale sign slowed him down! The best class D was of course Michael (Laser Mail) Broughton’s elder statesman with a 3.38.866 on the third run. He did beat the carbon neutral zero emissions Mitsubishi Mitev by over 7 seconds. The RAC driver training track provides very safe and fun fast motoring with a track that provides for the fast cars and something for the agile ones as well. Our next outing at the RAC is on the 24 August 14 using the very fast Targa West track (no chicanes). We thank to MC Motorsport team for a very well organized event and look forward to next time.

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Janet & Ray Galbraith

Greenhills Lunch Run Report

Our meeting place at the Midland Centrepoint carpark was very popular as there were also members of the HSV and Mazda MX-5 clubs congregating here for their runs. The weather was a bit threatening with a few spots of rain falling before we departed at 9.30. As there were some cancellations for lunch, there were some lucky members who were able to join us for lunch rather than just participating in the drive. We left Midland under threatening skies and there were a couple of showers during the drive up through Parkerville, Stoneville and Chidlow, but once east of the hills the roads became drier. We continued on open roads through Wooroloo, Baker’s Hill and Clackline before turning onto Spencer’s Brook Road for the run into York. It was good to see the countryside so green and the open roads provided a good opportunity for drivers to “stretch their legs”. After about 1-1/2 hours we arrived in York and enjoyed an hour to stretch our own legs, have a coffee and a browse around the local shops. We continued a further 20 kms out of York to the Greenhills Inn where we enjoyed a 2-course lunch of roast chicken or beef & veggies and dessert of either chocolate brownie or apple strudel, with self-serve tea and coffee. Unfortunately the first course was somewhat slow in arrival, but considering the new owners of the pub had literally moved in only three days before, they did a sterling job and could only apologise for the delays. Some history about our destination: Greenhills came into prominence as the terminus of the rail network in 1897 and as a rich agricultural area. Built in 1906 the Federation style Greenhills Inn was one of three watering holes for the 3,000 people who lived in the 28



town. Patronage was predominantly railway workers when Greenhills was the last stop for the grain trains, but when the grain line was extended to Quairading the town quickly emptied and over time the Inn deteriorated. Until 1995 the pub was in a run-down condition, delicensed and run as a church camp with youth hostel-style accommodation. In December 1995 it was sold to Ashley Matthews & John Perry who embarked on a major refurbishment and rebuilding program to return the pub to its original condition. Memorabilia abounds at the Inn, with exquisite antique furnishings throughout the entire hotel, adding to the magic of this majestic old building. Each bedroom has a unique personality with collections of paintings, mementos and antiques, and each one is a museum. Our Club had Christmas-in-July dinners here on a couple of occasions in years gone by. We would book into accommodation in York on Saturday afternoon, then board a chauffeured coaster bus for the ride to Greenhills for dinner. The Inn was full to capacity on these occasions and the stainless steel bar-top sometimes doubled as a dance floor! The pub was sold again in 2012 to Gail & Bill Hart and the pub has remained an outstanding watering hole in the district with its quirky and quaint features. The premises has very recently undergone another change of ownership; new owners Apryl Longford & Rodney Wells are keen to continue the tradition of running a great pub and will be undertaking further renovations in the near future.

The change in ownership has been a long slow process as we were informed in April when we first enquired about the venue that the Inn was being sold. We made several visits since then to enquire the progress of the sale which seemed to be bogged down in red tape, but we were assured there would be no problems with our booking. On one of our visits a couple of months ago we actually met new owner Apryl and she was quite excited about the Porsche Club having a run to Greenhills. She and partner Rodney are living on-site and have plans to renovate and bring the premises back to its former glory with some much needed painting and general TLC especially to the accommodation & facilities upstairs. Previous owners Gail & Bill did not live on-site full time so were not able to carry out much maintenance work and opened the pub for business on weekends only. Thank you to everyone who came along – we had 42 for lunch - a good turnout considering it was Fathers’ Day; we hope you all enjoyed the day and apologies for lunch being later than planned.

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Ray Woolman (edited by Edward Roose)

Driving for Dreams 2014 Photographers View

8am on Sunday morning saw blue skies and the beginnings of what looked like a beautiful sunny day. I am sure many PCWA members had been watching the weather forecast the day before and hoping for blue skies and warmer conditions, however this was not going to be one of those days! After arriving at the South Perth foreshore and finding time to take some pic’s of the wonderful array of Porsche machinery arriving and already on display at around 9.30 the heavens began to open! Due to the 4:1 person to umbrella ratio and the torrential rain, all of us were huddled closely under the only nearby tree, cursing the rain and wishing it would just go away! The nearby coffee van was over-run with Porsche punters desperate for a warm coffee. It certainly wasn’t perfect driving weather but the hardy Porsche Aficionado’s who turned up in their droves nonetheless (official count was over 75 cars!) were happy to “get the call” at around 10:15 to hit the road. We all welcomed this as everyone started dashing from the partial shelter of the tree & temporary umbrella city to their warm dry cars, all freshly washed and looking beautiful. Millions of dollars worth of German engineering then tamely made its way down the freeway, crawling through the typical “Perth while raining” traffic until finally, Kardup Road exit was insight and the cars began to stretch their legs. The winding road that took us into Dwellingup is where the Porsches really came to life and showed their pedigree. Cornering like they’re on rails and accelerating like, well, like Porsches do, very fast but all legal of course. Upon arrival at the Dwellingup oval, all the clean, glistening cars crawled through red mud and found a free patch of gravel to park on. It was quite a site to see. All afternoon there were curious locals and visitors driving through drooling at the plethora of automotive engineering on display. 30



Laughter, food, soft drinks, raffles and an Oktoberfest quiz filled up the rest of the afternoon resulting in around $5,000 raised in the name of the Wheels for Hope charity which provides and maintains wheelchair accessible vehicles free of charge to their ever grateful families that aren’t fortunate enough to be able to afford one. After chatting briefly with Jodie from Wheels for Hope, I’ll never take driving down to the shops for granted again, what they do is truly inspiring! My name is Ray Woolman and donating my time by taking these photos and a write up of the event has been a pleasure! I’ve met some great people and look forward to seeing you again at future events. For photography enquiries, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at ray@racewayphotography. com.au for a competitive quote!

Tip: I needed to make sure I was dry by the time we arrived as I had official duties to perform, so I hatched a plan which I have outlined below: 1. Take off soaked shoes and socks and place in the footwell. 2. Turn your A/C* on and to full fan and highest heat setting and direct the air flow to both footwell and front vents (direct front air vents to legs). *Air cooled owners, just leave your windows open 3. As the A/C is a dehumidifier it removes moisture from the air (and your clothes) 4. Try to forget your jeans are sticking to your legs and concentrate on driving barefoot in a rainstorm.

By Edward Roose

Outcome: On arrival to Dwellingup (around 50 mins later) I was around 90% dry, for about half and hour till it rained again but this time with lightning and thunder also!

What can I say about the PCWA? How about this, a bloody fantastic bunch of people indeed! Why do I say this I hear you ask? Well imagine the Driving for Dreams day arrives and it’s almost the worst possible weather imaginable. I mean not a cyclone or anything like that, but certainly lots and lots of rain! It would have been easy for punters to just stay at home, sure they all paid their money but it goes to a worthy cause so most of us would see it as a donation anyway.

So Driving for Dreams ended up being Driving for Wet Dreams, however all I can say the day was a testament to the resilience and good nature of all PCWA members, visitors and guests! We had a fantastic day (under cover on the Dwellingup oval) and raised around $5000 for the Wheels for Hope Charity! Nobody left early even though our cars were parked in mud. Thanks to the Wheels for Hope volunteers who put on a wonderful German style lunch.

However notwithstanding the persistent rain in the morning almost every single registrant turned up until we had over 75 Porsche cars ready to head to Dwellingup in support of the Wheels for Hope charity. So kudos to all you hearty souls for doing so!

A massive thankyou to Porsche centre Perth for donating the main auction prizes, to the Wheels for Hope crew for looking after us, to Ray Woolman who donated his time to be our official photographer and to all Porsche Punters who braved a wild, woolly and wet Sunday in Dwellingup to support a worthy charity!

Driving for Dreams 2014 Presidents View

Now if you can imagine you take your clothes out of the washing machine (before the spin cycle) and put them on. That is how wet my jeans & socks were when I finally climbed into my GT3 to join the cavalcade from South Perth. And most members where in the same boat (we needed a boat actually).

Cheers and thanks and see you all again for Driving for Dreams 2015!

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Blaise Isabella Harbron, Age 11

Driving for Dreams 2014 A Kids View 8:50am we left home for South Perth 9:30am we got to South Perth to meet with the other Porsches. We spent 45 minutes in the rain before we left to go to Dwellingup. 11:30 we finally get to Dwellingup. 11:40 we went up to the Millhouse Cafe to get something to eat I had a hot chocolate and eggs and bacon on toast. After, my brother Tallon and I went and played. It was cut short when it started bucketing down with rain. Then my 8 year old brother bid in the auction for a set of salt and pepper shakers. After a yummy lunch of sausages and bread I took photos of all the cool Porsches and made these collages, I hope you like them Blaise!

Get ! d e c i Not and get the most out of your advertising budget Noel Berent T: 9245 8881 M: 0409 488 849 E: nberentadv@bigpond.com 32




Tyres - Wheels - Suspension - Road and TRaCK

Call John: 0416 105 911 john@johnfowlerautosport.com.au

Tyres - Engineered in Germany.


www.johnfowlerautosport.com.au Porsche Club – Book review by Jurg Hunziker

The 911 & 912 Porsche – A Restorer’s Guide to Authenticity There are only so many books that you can read about the Porsche Marque before you get the feeling that you have read it all before. Informative books such as ‘Porsche Excellence was Expected’ by Karl Ludvigsen and ‘Porsche 911 Story’ by Paul Frere, pretty much tell you all you need to know about the sports cars, both on and off the track. The book ‘The 911 and 912 – A Restorer’s Guide to Authenticity’ by Dr. B. Johnson is a welcome departure from the usual and often repetitive facts. I came across this book during my frequent trips to the ‘Pitstop Bookshop’ in King Street, prior to them deserting WA and moving to the Eastern States. The book focuses on the 1965 through to the 1973 models i.e. the thin bumper models and as such is probably not that interesting for anyone with a post ‘73 model. Being the owner of an original 1973 911E 2.4 (F Programme), I was immediately taken by the wealth of information that this book contains. Although not structured in an intuitive manner or necessarily clearly set out, it is the sort of book that you start at the front and simply work your way through all sorts of interesting bits and pieces that the author has uncovered.

It delves into the finer points of authenticity, for example, explaining the difference in the various wheel types that were fitted to the 911 and 912 from painted steel wheels with chrome hub caps, to the various Fuchs forged alloy wheels and the magnesium wheels found on the ’69 – ’72 911T and the ATS ‘Cookie-Cutter’ wheel that was used on the 911E in 1973.

reference bible for the early 911 owner and is highly recommended for those about to embark on a restoration project.

It has a section that delves in detail into the various radio manufacturers and radio models and aerials used between 1965 to 1973 such as the ‘Blaupunkt’ and ‘Becker’ units and other detailed sections outlining the subtle changes in instrumentation, toolkits, and the often overlooked and somewhat ‘mundane’ changes in door seal profiles from the early 1965 through to 1973.

Copies can be purchased from a range of online vendors including Amazon. com, Ebay, The Book Depository and Pelicanparts to name a few

The author has also written a similar book titled ‘The 356 Porsche – A Restorer’s Guide to Authenticity’ that covers equally well the w w w . z u m o g r a f x . c o m period of 1950 – 1965, 356 Porches and makes for equally interesting reading.

Toward the rear of the book it provides detailed appendices outlining year of manufacture, official model designation, horsepower, stroke and bore information, transmission type as well as engine and chassis numbers, exterior colours (including numbers and codes) and interior trim combinations as well as a ‘Spotters Guide’ that provides front, side and rear images of the various model years to allow for ‘easier’ identification. The ‘911 and 912 Porsche – A Restorer’s Guide to Authenticity’ is a comprehensive Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Brett Read

Buying a Porsche and Doing a Road Trip in the Eastern States

Wind the clock back to 2012; I was looking to reacquaint myself with the joys of Porsche ownership. I was spending lots of time on carsales. com.au looking for a 911 to enjoy as a weekend car and to do club events in. I have always loved Porsches and like many of us, had always dreamed of owning a 911 Porsche. But my love of the brand doesn’t stop at the rear engine legend that is the 911. I remember falling in love with the 928 back in 1978 when I saw one parked outside a restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. At the time I promised myself I’d own one of them and that dream came true in the late nineties when I bought 1986 5L 32 valve 928S. I remember when I first saw the shark like nose of the 928 I thought it was an amazing piece of design and then when I owned one I discovered what an amazing piece of engineering it was as well. At the time I was a keen skydiver and used to travel to York or down south to a drop zone near Darken. The 928 is a fantastic GT car and a perfect car for eating up the miles on those weekends. But now I was looking to tick off 911 ownership on the bucket list. I had been looking on all the websites for the right 911. It needed to be something that Jen and I could spend a comfortable weekend away in plus I could take it to the track. I had driven a few air cooled 911’s in WA and as I had few spare days in Brisbane after a work trip I was searching for likely candidates in south east Queensland. It was then that I saw a 996 Turbo that was selling for a bargain price. It was still just out of my price range, but I thought what the hell, I’m here I have time, why not check it out. If you haven’t driven a 911 Turbo, it’s something that you should put on your bucket list. I was hooked, what an amazing car! I have to make a confession here, I am a lover of horsepower and turbo lag is something you get used to. Besides compared to the WRX STI I had owned the 996 Turbo lag was insignificant. So now I was experiencing something that many Porsche Club members are all too familiar with – price creep. The 996 Turbo in Qld hadn’t been cared for as well as I would have liked, so while it wasn’t the one it took my search in a new direction. As I researched more about the 996 Turbo I came to understand that 34



the Turbo, the GT2, GT3 and Porsche Cup cars have the same engine, the magnificent mezger engine. This engine is different to what’s in the 996 Carrera. The mezger engine is a dry sump engine that is very much a race engine. So my search was on for a 996 Turbo. I found one in Melbourne that fitted the bill, and put a deposit on it just before Christmas. The engine had been moderately tuned with a Milltek exhaust, diverter valves and stage 2 remap and was now producing just on 500 HP compared to the stock 420 HP. The pre-purchase inspection identified a couple of things that needed maintenance the biggest being a slipping clutch. At 89,000 km the clutch was not coping with the load of full turbo boost. The seller agreed to replace the clutch and I started planning to collect the car in January and do a road trip in the Eastern States before bringing it back to WA. The final plan was to collect the car and drive to Grafton in northern NSW to have the Australia Day long weekend with friends and then take two weeks to drive south along the coast to Melbourne and then do the Great Ocean Road and on to Adelaide where the 911 would go on the train. What a trip, driving a supercar on a 5,000km, two week road trip over some spectacular roads and parts of this big country is the stuff dreams are made of. Waiting for it took me back to that feeling of being a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. Finally the day arrived; Jen and I landed in Melbourne and collected the car. We stayed the night with my daughter who is studying in Melbourne and then the next day transferred the rego and bought some road trip essentials before heading off in the afternoon for NSW. We took 3 days to drive to Grafton through the flat farming areas of southern NSW before getting into more interesting roads over the Great Dividing Range and through the Blue Mountains. The open roads provided a perfect opportunity to get to know the highway capability of the car, 3rd gear full boost and the feeling of being launched past road trains is an addictive feeling.

Day 2 of the trip was a big one, we started out from Goulburn and drove to Bathurst and then of course laps around the track and over the mountain. Anybody that’s had the fun of visiting this Mecca of motorsport in Australia I’m sure would agree it’s a huge experience, but one that’s full of mixed emotions. The fact that the track is on public roads and accessible is fantastic; but the 60km/h is painful. But then the feeling of coming down mount panorama around those bends in a Porsche is something never to be forgotten. From Bathurst we drove on into the Blue Mountains on our way to Singleton. Singleton is at the end of a brilliant driving road called the Putty Road. It’s pretty famous among car and motorcycle enthusiasts in NSW. It’s 150km of winding road through mountainous national parks. WA has some great driving roads and through the friendships that I’ve developed in PCWA I’ve got to experience many of them in the 911, but the Putty Road in the 996 Turbo with its ability to slingshot out of corners is special. Aaaand on the Putty Road you get to do it again and again and again. Day 2 ended in the beach side town of Forster. We booked this online in advance, which turned out to be a mistake; it was a long haul and just too far in one day. But we pushed on and arrived after midnight. Then to top it off, as we were unpacking our bags from the car the motel room door blew closed with the key on the counter inside the room! Of course the door was self-locking. Thankfully the tiny breakfast service door was unlocked and Jen’s Yoga agility came in very handy as she wiggled in through this tiny door and let us in.

This was the just the start of our two week adventure. The rest of the trip was an incredible experience; we explored some great roads, visited some beautiful beachside towns and collected some wonderful memories. Of course like most adventures it was not all smooth sailing. The Porsche specialist in Melbourne didn’t seat the coolant hose alongside the gearbox properly after they fitted the new clutch. The car was losing coolant each day and the more I drove ithe worse it got. We got this fixed at Autoworks in Charmhaven and the car then performed faultlessly for the rest of the trip. There were many fantastic roads but one that stands out in my memory is the drive in to the beachside town of Mallacoota on the east coast of Victoria. It winds through forest with lots of tight bends and dumps you out on the coast at Mallacoota which has a spectacular inlet and beaches. Unfortunately the Great Ocean Road (GOR) experience was not as good as it could have been. Our timing was not good; to make the scheduled date for the train in Adelaide we needed to travel the GOR on the weekend. There was a festival on in Apollo Bay so we got pretty much heavy traffic for much of its length. In South Australia we took in McLaren Vale and enjoyed some wines before finishing the journey in Adelaide where we put the car on the train. What a fantastic way to see the country. If I ever get the urge to do the grey nomad thing I now know exactly how I’d do it. Give the caravan idea the big flick, all you need if a Porsche of some description, a bag with tee shirts, jeans and board shorts and find accommodation as you go.

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Brett Williams

Mickey and Brett’s Awesome Adventure First up I had to get back to Mickey, so I first stopped by the hardware store, bought a socket set so we could remove his wheel (we could use the GT F jack, but not the socket which was different) and then drove back to help out the stranded Mickey. So I’m on my way back to him totally enjoying the roads and expecting at some point to see the “Red Menace” on the side of the road. After 50 km I realised I had now got to a point where I knew he had been behind me, so I must have just driven past him. So I turned around & headed back towards the town again, this time a little slower so I could see which side road he must have pulled off at. Sure enough I finally saw him standing on the side of the road doing jumping jacks trying to get my attention. He had found a rest stop to park his car, which I didn’t spot so I ended up just driving right past him first time around. On a quiet weekend not so long ago PCWA members Brett Williams & Mickey Janssen decided to go for a drive in the wheat belt, here is their story! With his my new FPV GTF still needing to be “run in” I met up with Mickey and his “Red Menace” 997 C2S at 6.45am and were off and running. There was a lot of Google Map research for this one, so I had planned that we only did roads that allowed us to enjoy our cars for at least 2 hours of uniterrupted driving on some of WA’s most glorious roads. The plan was breakfast in a nice country town north of Perth via the long way there, be home by 11am. I did misjudge fuel consumption a bit and after 2 hours we pulled over to check exactly how far it was to the next town. I had 22km on my range left, Mickey had about 40km range. I realised with Google Maps on my phone that we had 49km still to go aahhhhh. Now even running the car in 6th gear at 1600rpm at 80kmh, it looked very unlikely I would claw back 49km from a 22km range by fuel efficient driving, so I was relying on Mickey that if I did run out and leave my brand new GT on the side of the road, I could at least jump in his car, get to the nearest town and get some fuel and get back to the car. So focused on the fuel gauge, instant econ readings etc, I didn’t notice Mickey had disappeared from my rear view mirror, until he called me on his mobile. It turned out he had a massive puncture with no spare available in a 997. So Mickey was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a 10cm tear in his rear tyre which the traditional Porsche supplied “swishy stuff” could not repair. Thank God we had only been travelling at “fuel saver” speeds at the time and not at the state limit. The problem was that I was likely to run out of fuel 5-10km short of the nearest bowser! I decided to stick with my economy driving and I try and make it. I couldn’t turn around because then we would both be stranded. With a supercharged V8 (think about those two words and you don’t think economy) I geared down to 1100rpm in 6th, and was now rolling at 65km hoping to claw back 150% of the range real distance that was left, if not we were both in serious trouble! It’s amazing what you can do when you’re up against it. I managed to make my 400+kw GT F purr along all the way into the nearest fuel stop with 2km range left on the readout. I had made 20km range to empty last 49km real km. Back in blowfly land, Mickey has called RAC and found out a tow is $1400 and an undefined waiting time! This was just too much to bear, so we made the decision that I would return to his car, remove his wheel and blown tyre, stick it in the GT F boot, drive the 260km from where his car was back to Perth, pick up a spare wheel/tyre (from my 911 lovingly known as the Silver Bullet) and then drive back 260km, fit it, turn around and drive another 260km home again.




Jacked up, ready for action, I open up the socket set, attach the socket to the extension arm that attaches to the lever arm, first nut I apply some torque to loosen the nut and SNAP, the extension arm end breaks off in the socket! I yelled some colourful words quite loudly but who was going to hear us out there anyway! Seeing as we were needing to go home anyway for the wheel, I decided to get my socket set at home with the wheel with Mickey riding shotgun. The GTF fired up and now just passing the 1600km run in period we set off on leg 2 of our adventure, and what an excellent run we had! The supercharger whining, the quad exhaust bellowing, we gave the “last GT” some excellent leg stretching time on wonderful WA roads. I can tell you that some of the WA wheatbelt roads are a very good quality that make an autobahn look average. I Can’t wait to share these roads with the club in a possible social run next year! Anyway, we had a ball running hard but totally safe and legal all way home. Once we had arrived back home I decided to swap to my other Ford F6 (more fuel economical) I put 2 tyres from my 911 the “silver bullet” and spare 996 turbo rims I’ve got (complete with semi slicks) in the boot of my F6, and then headed back with Mickey, once again with the cruise set to 110. I love my Fords as much as I love my 911 and Cayman S! 260km later, we got back to the Red Menace, fitted the turbo rim to Mickey’s car, and headed back home for the final 260km leg. So we were supposed to be back home at 11am (with wives waiting) and ended up being home after 7pm Is there a moral to this story? Yes we wish Porsche would fit a spare tyre to later model 911’s, even a space saver spare is better than 1000k’s round trip driving to get one, although we both had a great adventure and super memories.

Story: Bill Richards

An Air Cooled 911 with AirCon that works

Porsche heavy & inefficient condenser These cars have something in common! They are Air Cooled 911’s with Air Con that works Unbelievable? When Judy and I took delivery of our 1979 911SC 10 years ago the A/C wasn’t good so I had it re-gassed and wow it worked. Well for a very short time then hot air again. So more gas followed by more hot air! I decided enough was enough having heard from others that the A/C in older Porsches never works so don’t waste any more time or money. That was fine during winter, runs down south with excellent heating. The Summer arrived and after a couple of club runs in extreme heat we agreed that country runs in the heat without A/C were not pleasant. That was the end of our summer country runs and has remained so until now. Whilst in Albany for the VSCC Historic Race Meeting a couple of years ago a friend who purchased Bill Stagoll’s 911 (not the competition car) on my recommendation told me that he was suffering from heat stress when using his 911 on trips to Perth so he did some research and ordered a replacement system but has yet to fit it. I got the details from him and made a call to Scott Lang at Autohaus Hamilton in Sydney.

•Front parallel flow condenser and mounting brackets. •Wheel well condenser with 12’ fan. •Serpentine type evaporator core. •Evaporator core blower motor upgrade with new larger diameter fan. •TX valve •Receiver drier •New Sanden Compressor / Adapter plate and Conti V belt. •All hoses made to suit The major difference between this system and the original is that the hoses cope with the new refrigerant gas, whereas the new gas permeates through older hoses. The condensers are of a new design making them more efficient and there is an additional condenser complete with 12” fan that sits in the wheel arch behind the LH rear wheel. The new compressor is of a more efficient design and lighter. Stripping the old hoses from the car proved to be a difficult and grubby job. A hoist would have been ideal but with the car on jack stands and all wheels removed the job was done. It is amazing to see the pile of stuff that you end up with when it’s all been removed ready for the bin.

Those of you who attended the Film night at Wheels World would have seen interviews with Scott and his partner and seen the 911 Group 4 that they built and proudly say is Air Conditioned. It is and it works. Scott took me out in the car for a run to show me how well the A/C worked but also, I think, because he likes driving the car. I had already purchased all the gear from him but as I was in Sydney I thought I would catch up with him and check out the finer points of installing the system.

New light weight & efficient condenser Scott told me the critical points to follow for the installation and provided numerous photos of the Group 4 car and lots of written steps to follow. Cleanliness is the most important thing as any dirt in the system would be disastrous. So all hose ends were carefully taped and with a can of spray silicone I got to work threading hoses through tight spots. The trick was to work from the compressor in a clockwise direction. It wasn’t easy any I got plenty of skinned knuckles. Probably the hardest part was the evaporator unit under the passenger footboard. The hoses aren’t that flexible so it’s a real struggle to get them in place and tightened. All hose fittings are of the modern O Ring type and are assembled using a special refrigerant compound to ensure they don’t leak. Overall the job took a long time but only because I didn’t need the car on the road and I had lots of other things keeping me busy. Am I happy with the system? Yes, and very happy with the support from Scott at Autohaus Hamilton Would I do it again? Yes if I needed to but not as a job. Was it worth it? Yes I saved a couple of grand by doing it myself and the air temp at the outlet vent in the dash is 3° C when cranked up. The limited Porsche venting is still an issue so no matter how good the a/c is it still takes a while to cool the cabin down initially.

When I purchased the system Scott did recommend that I get it professionally installed but as I have built a race car and restored cars I figured I could do it and he was more than happy to offer phone and email help. The system consisted of: •Rear parallel flow engine lid condenser and mounting brackets. Rear wheel arch condenser and fan

New light weight & efficient condenser Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Rick Smith

Ferdi’s report from Porsche-platz, Zuffenhausen

130-point checklist under cold conditions and 1% of engines go through a hot testing cycle lasting more than two hours. The problems with the latest GT3 engine were traced to the failure of a nitrogen-treated part that failed after a period of time greater than the hot testing cycle. A detailed file for each and every engine is stored for 10 years by Porsche.

About 300 Porches roll off the assembly line at Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart Germany five days a week. About one half of Porches on the line are black. The station cycle on the multilevel assembly line is 3 minutes 44 seconds exactly. Boxsters, Caymans and 911’s follow one another in no particular order except that two 911 Turbo Cabriolets will not be together on the line (the 3m 44s cycle time is limited by this model). Stations are manned by up to five people depending on the activity set for that station. Apprenticeships range from 3.5 – 5 years for workers at Zuffenhausen. Porsche employs approximately 7000 people here with another 5000 at Weissach doing R & D. There are just two robots on the assembly line – both involved in placing the front and rear windscreens – one to measure and one to place. Apart from this your Boxster, Cayman or 911 was assembled by hand. The same goes for your engine: assembled by hand. Like the main assembly line there are numerous stations with each person on the line able to assemble an entire engine by the time they finish their multi-year apprenticeships. All tools on the engine assembly line are electric. Engine parts are scanned and identified by the tool and the correct number of turns and torque are applied on the part and that the right part is in the right place. Engines go through a 38



Space is limited at Zuffenhausen so most parts are brought on site from their manufacture locations. Despite space limitations, Porsche have recently added a state-of-the-art car painting facility located ahead of the main assembly line. So lets make sure our next Porsche is not black and we order our paint scheme like this one I found in the Museum ! (And you thought that being a furry bear mascot was all bier and skittles!)

Story: Bob Hall

“My” Porsche Story

My first experience of a Porsche was in the late 60’s when a friend took me for a spin in his red 356. I wasn’t impressed; it was noisy, had harsh suspension, and seemed very basic compared to the MG’s, Austin Healey’s and Triumphs I had experienced whilst attending Britannia Royal Naval College in UK. It wasn’t until late 2006 I was exposed to the Porsche marque again. My partner’s (Cheryl) son, Rueben Taylor, owned a Boxster at the time and he invited us to the “Make a Wish Foundation” event at the Hyatt. At the time I was looking for a 4 x 4 which was capable of towing 3.5 tonne and didn’t want to go down the Toyota Landcruiser path again. At the time neither BMW nor Mercedes had a 4 x 4 capable of towing 3.5 tonne. Chellingworth’s display at the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ event included a new model, a 3.6 Ltr V6 Porsche Cayenne, which could tow 3.5 tonnes and cost less than the top of the range Landcruiser. Cheryl & I were hooked. We joined the PCWA on the day and next week ordered the car. As it turned out I decided not to purchase the boat requiring a 3.5 tonne tow vehicle, but haven’t regretted buying the Cayenne. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Whilst enjoying driving the Cayenne I had no idea of its full capability until I attended Porsche’s Level 1 training at AHG. I was blown away by what the vehicle could achieve. I can just imagine what would have happen if I tried the same maneuvers in my Landcruiser. Sometime later I completed Level 2 training at Mount Cotton where I experienced a range of Porsche models – what a blast!! I can highly recommend the Mt Cotton facility and its courses. If I had my time

again, rather than spreading the training over a couple of years, I would book Level 1 (Precision), Level 2 (Precision Plus) and Level 3 (Performance) to be completed concurrently. This would have helped to consolidate skills learnt and save on airfares. The Cayenne is an excellent towing vehicle providing great stability and an impressive overtaking power. Just ask Past President Chris what he witnessed on the Coalfields Road, near Collie when we had our van in tow!! The vehicle has been used to tow our van to the Eastern States and up North. It also has been used to tow and launch our trimaran. We have taken it off road in the Exmouth area and in the Flinders Ranges. As far as the “dirty” Porsche in the photos – a few years ago we drove from Rockingham to Melbourne towing our trusty 21’ Coromal caravan. We took a rather indirect route there and back which included the following destinations – Albany, Ravensthorpe, Esperance, Norseman, Balledonia, Caiguna, Cocklebiddy, Madura, Mudrabilla, Border Village, Yalata, Nundroo, Ceduna (town infested by rats, participated in Anzac Day ceremony there), Coffin Bay, Port Kenny, Elliston, Port Lincoln, Tumby Bay, Arno Bay, Cowell, Whyalla, Clare, Arno Bay, Pt Augusta, Gladstone, Georgetown, Yacka, Clare, Gawler, Lyndoch, Williamstown, Mt Crawford (forestry), Mt Torrens, Birdwood (National Motor Museum), Hahndorf, Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Tailem Bend, Kingston (home of the giant lobster), Robe, Millicent, Pt Macquarie, Portland, Pt Fairy, Great Ocean Road in wet & slippery conditions, Apollo Bay, Wye, Lorne, Airlie Beach, Anglesea, Torquay, Geelong, Moonee Ponds Ballarat, Sovereign Hill, Lake Wendouree, Bendigo, Daylesford, Castlemaine, Euchuca, Cohuna, Kerang, Lake Boga (Catalina

Flying Boat Museum), Swan Hill, Nyah, Mildura, Robinsvale, Yamba, Renmark, Paringa, Berri, Barossa Valley, Truro, Gawler, Semaphore, Dublin, Pt Wakefield, Snowtown, Red Hill, Port Pirie, Quorn, Hawker, Rawnsley Park Station - Wilpena Pound, Blinman (highest town in S.A.), continued through the spectacular Flinders Ranges without the van; stopped at Parachilna “Prairie Hotel” (famous for housing movie stars over the years) see photo. The journey home was via Hawker/Quorn, Pt Augusta, Kimba,Wudinna, Minnipa, Poochera, Ceduna, returning via Norseman, Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Southern Cross, etc… approx. 10,000kms later we arrived back in Rockingham. The Cayenne hadn’t missed a beat, consistently cruised at 95-100kph and returned between 14-18ltrs/100km depending on wind conditions. I might mention my Cayenne has featured in one of Ewan McGregor’s films, “Son of a Gun” yet to be released. It was pouring with rain during filming in the Superpit area of Kalgoorlie and the vehicle was a sorry sight when it was returned to me. I won’t be going down that path again! The Cayenne is now in its 8th year and the only repairs required have been tailgate struts and a trim, replaced under warranty, as well as replacing the rear diff (Porsche recall) in 2007. Thus far the vehicle has operated flawlessly. Q. If it is such a good vehicle why don’t I compete on track days? A. Throwing a 2.2 tonne vehicle around a track is hard on tyres and brakes –unfortunately, as a retiree, it just doesn’t make economic sense!! Anyway we love our Porsche as you can see and we Love the PCWA! Cheers Bob Hall Issue 3 - 2014


story : Mickey Janssen

Buying A 911 And Modifiying It

Hi my name is Mickey Janssen and I like many of you are completely obsessed with everything Porsche!!! I have been a Porsche fanatic since my dad came home with a 1984 “Guards Red” G-Series when I was four (4) years old in Holland. Since then I have been in touch with Porsche one way or another but it wasn’t until six (6) years ago that I was able to buy my own first Porsche a 1998 996 C2 6sp Black on Black, many of you would have seen it. The original “Black Bazooka” After 4 years I decided to sell it and move onto to something better, something quicker, something more “exotic”. Along came the “Red Menace” which was (coincidentally) new Guards Red 2005 997 C2S with a factory Aerokit. I bought the car in Adelaide and was easily transported to WA by CEVA logistics in an enclosed transporter for $1,700 incl GST. They were very good and I highly recommend them! Whilst the car is an absolute weapon in its standard form, I have always been one to try and make car go faster and add personal touches. So I started to look for ways to modify the car, I wanted to share this with you as there are so many ways, products and brands out there that it can all get little confusing. Firstly for anyone that is looking to modify their Porsche there is a GOLDEN WEBSITE – Design 911 UK. www.design911.co.uk This company has everything and anything for all types of Porsches – the website is very user friendly and the service is fantastic. So to the modifications: EXHAUST: I started with the exhaust – I did some research and soon discovered that you can spend anywhere between $2,000 all the way up to $10,000 on an exhaust system. After reading many forums and talking to many people I made the decision to go with a Eurocup GT 40



High Flow Exhaust which includes Headers, Cats and Mufflers. The package offered a good increase in performance between 20-30bhp and the price was reasonable at $4,000 incl GST. I bought the exhaust from the website www. eurocupgt.com they specialise in everything for European performance cars!! Again the service and delivery was fantastic. The exhaust is probably the first thing that most people would modify as not only does it give you the most significant performance enhancement but it also gives you that satisfying deep exhaust note that you long for! I agree and recommend that anyone who is happy to have a more “aggressive” sounding Porsche this is a must do first modification. After a while however you yearn for more power (note this is a common theme) and once you start to modify you can’t stop! INTAKE PLENUM AND THROTTLE BODY: So I went on to look for more power and again researching found that many Porsches are restricted by the Intake Plenum and Throttle Body - I discovered that the IPD Plenum and GT3 Throttle Body were the perfect next step for my modification. Porsche has been controlling engine output by restricting the inlet track for decades. This has been successfully accomplished by utilizing smaller throttle bodies. This simple power control solution has been a very effective way of preventing lower level models from outperforming certain flagship models, especially models with prolific racing pedigree. Although the factory engine packages are fantastic performance machines, they are engineered and developed to achieve specific performance numbers that satisfy some of their customers and competes well with rival brands. Unfortunately driving enthusiasts who seek an elevated Porsche driving experience like me and many others they will require performance levels well outside the target market.

The IPD Plenums deliver substantial power and torque gains, but when combined with larger throttle bodies they perform even better. All of the IPD “Competition” Plenums utilize the next largest size throttle body offered by Porsche. In my case, the Competition Carrera upgrades the factory OE 74mm throttle body with Porsche’s 82mm 997 GT3 throttle body. Generally Competition Plenums are designed to perform with cars equipped with high performance exhaust systems. The more extensive the exhaust system (headers, cats and mufflers) the better. Optimizing air intake and the exhaust together creates a balanced performance package that allows the engine to inhale and exhale more air thus creating more power and torque. Gains vary depending on pre-existing mods and quality of after-market exhaust installed. As we all “should” know, horsepower and torque become harder to find and typically more expensive as we climb the proverbial performance ladder. The Competition Carrera Plenum however is designed to work with applications that are already moderately to heavily modified. Power gains will vary with each Carrera, but the bottom line is, there will be noticeable and impressive gains that are sure to make any Porsche Carrera driving enthusiast smile. After the IPD Plenum and Throttle body were installed I went on a couple of runs to allow the ECU (car’s brain) to adapt to the modifications - where I noticed significant the gains in the torque my car now had – simply put it pulls a lot harder and faster! I totally love it! Again the above modifications only lasted for approximately 3 months until that itch came back. AIR INTAKE AND UNDERPULLEY: Next was the air intake and the underpulley - I chose a BMC Air Filter and an RSS Underpulley.

BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1, for example, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with BMC cotton air filter, produced using the same technology and materials as the F1 air filters, are evident.



Last but not least is the suspension, again after reading many forums and talking to many tuners and mechanics the best suspension was H&R as this was PASM adaptable.

I decided to keep it simple and run with a simple PORSCHE decal, going with my black rims I opted for the black decal. I purchased this from www.designstuffonline.co.uk – this site is amazing and will let you customize the decal to your liking for any Porsche. I installed this myself which was really easy and took about 15mins each side.

The RSS Lightweight Underdrive Pulley offers improved HP & TQ by reducing drag from the power steering pump, A/C, water pump and alternator.

Ultra high performance cars like the Porsche Carrera GT, 996 GT II and GT III are equipped with H&R springs, while Mercedes Benz chose them for its supercar, the CLK DTM AMG which is directly derived from the DTM CLK. The use of high tension steel and the complete certification according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 allow an enormous flexibility at highest quality.

The idea of the underdrive pulley is that it will reduce demand that the stock pulley puts on the power steering pump at high engine revs. Not only will this preserve the longevity of the pump, it will also improve performance, throttle response, and give the track racer a car to be confident in. Since the pulley is lighter then stock, the rotational weight reduces load on the engine slightly. Once the Air intake and the Underpulley were installed again I took the car for a run and noticed that the overall package was really working together!!!

H&R spring sets offer an inexpensive but high quality possibility to experience sportivity by yourself.

With all of the above modifications the end result a really happy owner! Finally visually I was fairly happy with the car however thought it was lacking the little bit of extra WOW factor so I decided it needed some decals – I went online and had a look at the decals available for Porsche 997’s and quickly realized that there were many available.

All in all I am very happy with the modifications to date, some of the items that I am still looking at and exploring are the ECU Tune, this, however requires a lot of thought but provides a big reward when done right. I highly recommend getting a DYNO power run done to see what actually needs to be done prior to purchasing anything. The Red Menace is in the process of being tuned and I am more than happy to share results to those interested. All mods were professionally fitted by Andy Stack and I am very happy with the results! Thanks for reading my story and look forward to talking and sharing many more with you all. If you want any more info feel free to email me at Mickey_Janssen@cfsgam.com.au Cheers & Go Porsche! Mickey Janssen (RED MENACE – MJ 911)

dyno run


Full Eurocup GT Highflow Exhaust on

IPD Kit installed

OEM Throttle Body vs IPD Throttle Body

OEM Underpulley vs RSS Underpulley

Throttlebody and Plenum installed

Tools for the job


Air filter and under pulley


Exhaust removed Issue 3 - 2014


Another excellent turn out of 18 Porsche cars and one Mazda MX5 was the order of the day for round 5 of the PCWA Sports series. This round was held at the RAC driving centre and hosted by MC Motorsport. Tony Michelson did well to top the times even though he was stuck with unsuitable tyres for this round, with Daniel Bathe and Gary Jacobs second and third respectively. It has been very interesting watching Daniel & Gary in their mid engined chariots trade places all season which makes for a very captivating final round! Gerry Willems has to rate a mention here too as he gets a lot more out of his stock Boxster S than should be possible. Also Brad Bird drove very well to be second in his class. All members drove within themselves and no major incidents occurred. One of the reasons we love using this venue is because the track is very exciting and also very safe with good run off areas and good organization by the MC staff. Also as it’s a flat track (with no hills) it is a bit easier on brakes and tyres too! Thanks to the efforts of our president Edward Roose & the PCWA Committee we will be doing a full five rounds at this venue next year. I personally think this is a very good idea and would like to thank Edward, he is always in the background offering support and ideas . The remainder of the 2015 sporting series will be at our other favorite venue in Collie and also the ever popular Jacks Hill (hill climb) and 2 events at Barbagallo raceway. Yes that’s right we will be having a full 9 rounds for the 2015 series should be sensational! From my point of view I think the sports series is gaining traction (pun intended) and I believe there will be many new members running next year. In fact I urge all members to get involved in the 2015 sports series, it really is one of the best things you will ever do in your Porsche! You are never racing against other cars (only against the clock) and you can do any or all of the 9 events! I will be more than willing to help anyone join the series just drop me an email at sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au anytime!. There is not that much you need to do to join but more details on what is required is also on our website under the “sports series” link. As we are a sporting car club this series is very important and heaps of fun. I just love to see Porsche cars doing what they are designed for! See you at the Track! Barry Nash PCWA Sporting Director




Story: Barry Nash

Sports Series round 5

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Barry Nash

Sport series Round 6




It was a perfect day that greeted us for round 6 at Barbagallo raceway. We had 24 entries which was the largest turn out for they year! Considering it was a weekday this was sensational. It seems you guys love Wanneroo Raceway!

Sport series Round 7 Story: Graeme Robson

As usual there was some lovely cars all presented for scrutineering including GT3’s Turbo’s and even a GT2 and all of them in first class condition. It was decided to do the short track first followed by the long, nothing wrong with a bit of variety! It came as no surprise that Daniel Bathe topped the short track times in his Boxster S. His form this year has been sensational backed up by strong Cayman S performances PCWA stalwarts from Gary Jacobs and Stuart Lister. I must say that Gary and Stuart really know how to handle those Cayman’s! It was a different story on the long track with the power of the Turbo’s and GT3’s coming into their zone. I could not help but notice Ivan Michelson was in radio contact with his son Tony, it’s just really great to see family participation. I would especially like to thank Bill Richards who saved the event at the last moment by being our Scrutineer and also assessing Colin Strickland, Chris Clarke and I. Bill is a very quiet gentleman and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running a Track day. I had to sign his official’s license and was amazed at the amount of events he covers in a single year. Our Sports series is really starting to gain traction with new members and old members returning to the track. This really does bode well for next year with 5 scintillating rounds at MC Motorsport (RAC Track on Grogan Rd) and also our famous Collie weekend (probably on the Anzac Weekend check your diaries now!). And rounding off with the ever popular hill climb at Jacks Hill and one event at Barbagallo raceway. I look forward to seeing you all at the track soon! Details are always on our website and if you need more info about getting your Porsche on the track with the club you can always email me anytime! Cheers and see you out there Barry Nash PCWA Sporting Director.

It was a sunny Friday when 8 club members joined the 33 members of the HSV Club for the day for event 7 of the sporting series.

better as you can get into a bit of a rhythm plus if you stuff up a corner there is more of an opportunity to redeem yourself.

All cars had to be scrutineered after signing on with race control. This was very efficiently and thoroughly done by two members of the HSV Club plus helpers. There was also a chance to weigh our cars on the weighbridge, which some of us did. So now I can answer the oft asked question of, what is the weight the red Boxster”?

The duel of the day was between the Cayman of Gary Jacobs and Boxster of Daniel Bathe. The morning runs proved to be our quickest with Gary the fastest with a 1: 067801 and Daniel with a 1: 07227. Gary was also 5th fastest of the 41 cars on the day.

The driver’s briefing was the usual, be careful out there as motor racing is dangerous so don’t do anything stupid like try and pass another car on a corner and no hand held GoPros. Members who had not driven on the track were asked to grid up and they would be taken around the track by an experienced driver to show them the track and the racing line. The instructor and driver swapped and the member was able to do a few laps practice laps. This is something that the PCWA should do each time with our first timers at Barbagallo and Collie. It is always daunting the first time out if you have not been shown the track. The HSV Club do two timed runs with up to six cars on the track each time. Having seen the weight of some of these cars two laps is about all their brakes could handle (except for the race prepared cars). The HSV members were split into 5 groups with the “P” group making up the sixth. So we all went out together. We had the usual suspects of midengine with 2 Caymans and 4 Boxsters plus the air cooled classics of Colin and Brad Bird. We also had our own photographer with Jayden Clarke arriving with Colin Strickland to record our exploits. We organized ourselves into the pecking order of the most likely speediest at the front and not as speedy after that. With only 2 hot laps there were plenty of outings. But the “P” group agreed that the 5 hot laps that we did on the SSR6 is

Graeme Robson on his 15th run did a 1: 088532 (almost a PB) to just pip the Cayman of Stuart Lister with a 1: 089947. Ian Smith in the black Boxster was having a not so gripping time but kept it on the black stuff for a fastest lap of 1: 122603. Andy Tudor kept up his class shattering performance with a fastest lap of 1: 132086. He beat his time from SSR6 set only a week or so before. The air cooled boys with lots of noise, smoke and flames performed well. Colin with a best time of 1: 100351 and Brad pushing the 911SC to a best of 1: 102593. Brad tried his hardest to catch the red Boxster to get under the 1: 10 but was unable to find that little bit less. Next time Brad! Lunch was served around 12-30 with the usual sausage sizzle by the HSV Club. After lunch there was a chance for competitors to take out passengers in their cars (sans helmets) for a few laps at about 80% race speed. Jayden jumped at the offer by Stuart for a few laps in the Cayman. We are not sure how this went down at home by his “air cooled” dad. This too is something the PCWA should do to so family members, volunteers and members who are thinking of tracking their car can experience some of the fun of driving on a track. The day was a “Goldilocks day” of racing. Not too hot and not too cold, just right. We thank the HSV Club for a very well organized day and after speaking to one of the committee members thanking them for their hospitality, he said they are looking forward to us joining them again.

Issue 3 - 2014


Story: Edward Roose

Any given Sunday…a quick fang

Have you ever wanted to just go for a drive in your Porsche and share it with friends? Sometimes (read: every weekend) I get that urge. So on any given Sunday and with no official PCWA social run or event on the cards (and spousal approval) I decided to email a few friends, during the week, from the club, to see if they felt like a country drive. A few emails and replies later we had quite the handy little crew of Porsche owners (all members of the PCWA) for an impromptu breaky drive to Toodyay. Needless to say it was back roads all the way, which really is the only way to travel in a Porsche car. All the guys had a blast and the cars performed admirably as usual. And the good thing about a breaky run is you meet early (say around 7am), shove off around 8am (after the usual car talk and back slapping…see pics) and you end up being home by lunch time. These kinds of roads with twists and turns allow you to drive your car at below the legal limit but still totally enjoy the experience! Another road I urge all members to try is the Nannup-Balingup rd. You will rarely go past 80kph but there is no need to go any faster at the road is challening to suspension, braking and steering. If I had my way we would have a social run with the club every single weekend but 46



logistically that is just not possible, so we do try at least to have one social event every month. Events themselves are fairly easy to setup but the management of them is a little more in depth, and our social directors & the event hosts have done a sterling job this year keeping the club entertained with interesting and fun social events which intertwine nicely with our sports series. So what’s my point here? Well if you ever just want to have a good drive with some friends then why not shoot off a few emails, post to our facebook page (if you are on FB) or make some phone calls to your closer mates in the club and get out there! Then if you find a good route or destination you may consider sharing it with the club by hosting an official PCWA event later in the year. Currently we are formulating the 2015 social calendar so please email us if you want to host an event! Google maps is a brilliant starting point to any proposed run as you can see which roads are the back roads and where they lead to. I have always found the back roads to be more challenging with less traffic, better scenery and of course more curves! So if on any given Sunday you feel the urge to get “Porschefied”…call up your friends and get out there, then consider hosting a social event in 2015, it’s a lot of fun!

Club Lap Records These Are The Club Lap Records For Club Sanctioned Events Held At Collie Motorplex. They Relate To The Full Circuit And Have Been Taken From Timed Laps During The Sports Series Rounds Held Each Year.54.0816 Seconds Collie Full Circuit Recorded Time Driver Car Date Class - Open 48.5120 Seconds Cade Bell 9 11 Rsr Rep. (‘74) 4Th-Apr-2009 Class - Gt 50.3620 Seconds Brad Kidd 996 Gt3 (‘04) 29Th-Mar-2008 Class - A 51.6423 Seconds Gary Jacobs Cayman S (‘10) 27Th-Nov-2013 Class - B 54.0816 Seconds Bill Stagoll 911 S (‘75) 29Th-Aug-2009 Class - C 56.0875 Seconds Ray Galbraith 911 Sc (‘83) 4Th-Apr-2009 Class - D 66.4612 Seconds Michael Broughton 356 Sc (‘65) 23Rd-Mar-2013 COLLIE MOTORPLEX CIRCUIT Progression of Club Lap Records for each Class. (Please Note : The Collie racetrack was upgraded and changed during our record keeping) Outright Record DATE RECORDED TIME DRIVER CAR 15-Sep-2007 29-Mar-2008 4-Apr-2009

55.9163 seconds 50.3620 seconds 48.5120 seconds


996 GT3 (‘04) 996 GT3 (‘04) 911 RSR Replica (‘74)

29-Mar-2008 4-Apr-2009 Class GT Record

52.6470 seconds 48.5120 seconds


968 RS (‘95) 911 RSR Replica (‘74)

15th-Sep-2007 29th-Mar-2008

55.9163 seconds 50.3620 seconds


996 GT3 (‘04) 996 GT3 (‘04)

15th-Sep-2007 29th-Mar-2008 4th-Apr-2009 29th-Aug-2009 9th-Apr-2011 23rd-Mar-2013 27th-Nov-2013

58.3981 seconds 56.4160 seconds 53.6151 seconds 53.2677 seconds 52.7648 seconds 52.2173 seconds 51.6423 seconds


CAYMAN S (‘07) CAYMAN S (‘07) CAYMAN S (‘07) CAYMAN S (‘07) CAYMAN S (‘10) CAYMAN S (‘10) CAYMAN S (‘10)

Class B Record 15-Sep-2007 29-Mar-2008 4-Apr-2009 29-Aug-2009

61.0587 seconds 55.2850 seconds 55.0054 seconds 54.0816 seconds


911 TARGA (‘85) Modified 911 S (‘75) 964 CARRERA 2 (‘89) Modified 911 S (‘75)

Class C Record 15-Sep-2007 29-Mar-2008 4-Apr-2009

59.7692 seconds 57.9630 seconds 56.0875 seconds


BOXSTER (‘99) 911 SC (‘83) 911 SC (‘83)

66.4612 seconds


356 SC (‘65)

Class Open Record

Class A Record

Class D Record 23-Mar-2013

Issue 3 - 2014


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Congratulations on being a Porsche Owner! You are invited to experience the thrill of your car with the Porsche Club of WA! see overleaf for details

We cordially invite you to a complimentary 3 month membership Simply fill in & return this postcard

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Porsche Club of WA PO Box 447 South Perth WA 6151

Club Class Champions for Each Class YEAR 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


Brad Kidd Deryck Graham Daniel Devries Murray Hill John Zelesco Colin Strickland






Allan Guelfi Allan Guelfi Allan Guelfi Allan Guelfi Allan Guelfi

Behnam Bordbar Behnam Bordbar Behnam Bordbar Craig Lampard Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs

Adam Plummer Craig Lampard Steve Vojkovic Steve Vojkovic Derek Pegg Gerry Willems Gerry Willems Ray Galbraith Gerry Willems

Derek Pegg John Fowler John Paluch Ray Galbraith Colin Strickland Colin Strickland John Fowler Bill Wright David Blainey

Lance Kinnaird Michael Broughton Michael Broughton Michael Broughton Nicholas Ager Michael Broughton

1. Class A was highest Class until Class Open was introduced in 2008. 2. Class Modern was introduced in 2009 and was renamed Class GT in 2013.

Club Concours D’elegance Best of Show YEAR



1989 1990 2000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Barry Heatley Ron Roozen Justin Willis Lou Schillaci Russell Byfield Craig Lampard Samantha Bordbar Terrence McLaughlan Bryan Williams Chris Gaudet John & Jessie Ryan Dr Beng-Keat Chan Ray Chan Stephen Matthews

930 Turbo (‘85) 911 SC (‘80) Boxster (‘99) 996 Carrera (‘01) 928 S (‘82) 928 S4 (‘88) 993 Cabriolet (‘95) Boxster S 550 Anniversary 911 3.2 Carrera (‘87) 928 S4 (‘88) 944 Coupe (‘84) 911 3.2 Carrera (‘89) 911 3.2 Carrera (‘89) 993 Carrera

Club Outright Competition Champion YEAR



2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Behnam Bordbar Behnam Bordbar Behnam Bordbar Brad Kidd Deryck Graham Allan Guelfi Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs Allan Guelfi

964 RS (‘92) 964 RS (‘92) 996 GT3 (‘03) 996 GT3 (‘04) 968 RS (‘95) 996 GT3 (‘00) Cayman S (‘10) Cayman S (‘10) 996 GT3 (‘00)

Club Class Competition Champion YEAR



2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Derek Pegg John Fowler Behnam Bordbar Brad Kidd Derek Pegg Gerry Willems Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs Gary Jacobs

911 SC Targa (‘80) 911 SC Targa (‘79) 996 GT3 (‘03) 996 GT3 (‘04) 964 Carrera 2 (‘90) Boxster S (‘00) Cayman S (‘10) Cayman S (‘10) Cayman S (‘10) Issue 3 - 2014


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Porsche Centre Perth Chellingworth 101 Stirling Highway Nedlands W.A. 6009 Tel: (08) 9273 3131 Sales

8am - 6pm Mon - Fri 8am - 1pm Sat Service 7.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri Parts 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri www.chellingworthporsche.com

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