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Issue 3 - 2016



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Discover Your Porsche!

Porsches Planes & Picnics

Rocket Cars & Mean Machines


SSR7 & 8 at Barbagallo Issue 3 - 2016






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Issue 3- 2016





Tr e a s u r e r ’s re p o r t


Sports Series Round 9 at Barbagallo


P r e s i d e n t ’s re p o r t


Rocket Cars & Mean Machines


E d i t o r ’s re p o r t


The People, the Places, the Friendships, the Cars


S o c i a l D i re c t o r s ’ r e p o r t


…What Dreams are Made of


M e m b e r s h i p re p o r t


T h e P o r s c h e Ta rg a Ta s m a n i a E x p e r i e n c e


We b m a s t e r ’s re p o r t


1984 911 Porsche Carrera Coupe


S p o r t i n g D i r e c t o r ’s r e p o r t


Coolant Pipe Issue on the Mezger Engine in the 996


M a c a n Tu r b o P e r f o r m a n c e P a c k

a n d 9 9 7 G T 3 , G T 2 a n d Tu r b o C a r s


2017 - 911 GT3 Cup Car


A Sound Idea….Post-Intermission


Christmas in July - PCWA Flying High


Porsche Muster - 2016 Race to Stop Cancer


A u g u s t C l u b M e e t i n g a t S P To o l s


The Page Porsche Dream


F a s t F l a t 6 ’s & F i n e F r e n c h F o o d


How I Got My Porsche


Sports Series Rounds 7 & 8 at Barbagallo


G o o d w o o d R e v i v a l & P o r s c h e D r i v e r Tr a i n i n g a t


Seaview Golf Club our New Meeting Place



Classic Cars and Coffee ... with a happy twist


A Ta l e o f M a n y P o r s c h e s a n d a 9 9 3 R o a d Tr i p


P C W A Te c h n i c a l D a y a t P o r s c h e C e n t re P e r t h


PCWA Club Merchandise


P o r s c h e s P l a n e s a n d P i c n i c s - T h e W i n n i n g Tr i f e c t a



IF/C: Brila


Little Home Bakery


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John Fowler Autosport





We s t L e e d e r v i l l e A u t o s

32. Carstereoshop.com.au


Auto Exclusive Perth


Shannons Insurance


To b i a s C o p l e y G u i t a r s


Tr a n s q u i p To o l s


Edan Air




UZI Design


Acton Real Estate


All Marine Services


C a p i t a F i n a n c e S o l u t i o n s


Porsche Insurance


Porsche Centre Per th


W h e e l s Wo r l d





our supporters

Issue 3 - 2016


Treasurer’s report There is nothing out of the ordinary to highlight for this report. The agreed new expenditure for the filming during both Social and Sporting events will enhance the image of the Club and will be used over a long time period. This expenditure is included in the website and promotion category. Bob Naylor Treasurer




President’s report

club committee 2016

President: Edward Roose


We find ourselves almost at the end of another wonderful year of fun at the PCWA! And I find myself kind of lost for words at this very moment, because it will be my last President’s Report for now! I can’t believe how fast the last 5 years have gone. Funny thing is with all that the excellent committee members have achieved over the last few years, and the joy at seeing the results and happy club members, it only feels like a few months! I can honestly say that it has been an absolute pleasure and honour being the Vice President and President of this wonderful club. And it simply would never have been possible without the good natured fun loving members! You guys are all the heart and soul of the Porsche Club of Western Australia! What is most satisfying about writing these reports has been the ease with which I have been able to draw upon the excellent past and future events that have been a constant flow at our wonderful club. And this is in no small part due to the hard working committee members that have been with us during this time. I want to personally thank all of them from my year as VP in 2012, right through to 2016. Honestly, every single person who has sat on the committee has been an invaluable and integral part of the success and fun of the PCWA during this time. A few of the positive changes that we have achieved since 2012 are our excellent Porsche West Club Magazine, a strengthening of the bond between the PCWA and Porsche Centre Perth, an increase in the number of members attending social events (most events are all usually full within days), our new Porsche AG approved Website, New YouTube Channel and Facebook page and the growth of our Sporting Series. Also the club is in a very financially stable position which will allow for heaps of new innovative ideas for the growth of our club in 2017 (watch this space - new ideas are coming for next year!) And in leaving I am happy to report all these innovations are in very good hands with our current Publications Director Daniel, our Social Director Grace, Webmaster Scott and our Sporting Director Brett. Indeed, I would like to personally commend Brett for his steadfast handling of the MC Motorsport closure. He has overcome and adapted (in true SAS style) and made our 2016 fun and compelling. Thanks also to the other committee members of 2016, Andy and Kathy Stack who have acquitted themselves well in the Memberships role, Bob Naylor as our ever reliable Treasurer, Deryck Graham who was the other important half of the Social Directors’ role, David Blainey as our trusty and always willing-to-help-out Club Secretary and Graeme (gordini) Robson as the wiley and experienced VP.

I am also happy to report that (nothwithstanding any other nominations) for 2017 we have the following committee nominations, Deryck Graham as President, Christina Buri as Club Secretary, Craig Wengel as Treasurer and Rob Paige as Vice President. Which means we will have a full bench for 2017, an outstanding result! For 2017, our current committee has already approved some really exciting and innovative ideas to grow membership and increase the fun factor for next year brought to the table by Deryck. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but it’s going to be really cool stuff! So the future looks very bright for the PCWA and I commend my support and best wishes to the new Committee and President for the 2017 club year! I will also urge all members to do the same. It’s a big calling to actually volunteer to run the club, and committee members give their time and skills freely so that we all can have a heap of fun, meet new friends and enjoy our Porsches the way Ferdie intended. I would also like to personally thank Porsche Centre Perth for their steadfast support. We have 3 club meetings per year at PCP (including catering). We also have been fortunate to use the dealership for some committee meetings. PCP also provides valuable sponsorship of some club events, sports awards (like the Porsche Centre Cup and our 2016 sporting trophies) and is a major sponsor of our Concours d’Elegance. Also PCP is a full page advertiser in Porsche West and have even been kind enough to provide a bespoke proof-reader of the President’s report in Marco. Thanks to Marco any spelling or grammatical errors have been reported to myself (and PCP sales staff) in lightning fashion! Thanks Marco you really know how to point out those mistakes haha. Thanks again to all members for all your support over the last 5 years. It has been a very humbling experience and an honour to serve this fine club! I thank you all for having the confidence in myself and our successive committees. God bless the PCWA now & forever! See ya’ll around the club. Edward Roose BTW don’t forget to get the boot in every now and then!

Vice President Graeme Robson


Treasurer : Bob Naylor treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

Publications: Daniel Eigemnann publications@porscheclubwa.org.au

Secretary: David Blainey


Sporting Director: Brett Read sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au

Webmaster: Scott Alexander


Membership: Kathy and Andy Stack


Social Directors Deryck Graham & Grace Tan social@porscheclubwa.org.au

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Refer to the name of the committee member above to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you.

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Issue 3 - 2016


Editor’s report

When I joined the Club (exactly 12 months ago) I really had no idea what to expect. I thought (as Deryck would say) that it’d be more of a ‘Posh’ club - rather than a ‘Porsche’ club. And boy was I wrong! Over the last year, I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends and I can’t wait to make even more friends in the years to come. Also, 12 months ago, I decided that if I was to join that I’d want to take an active role in the club. So I put my hand up (where nobody had for a while) for the vacant position of magazine editor. I’d held a similar position a few years ago with the Rotary Club Perth and I thought it’d be lots of fun. And boy was I right (this time)! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it so far. And I’m looking forward to a lot more fun next year. If this year is anything to go by… next year will be an absolute cracker. And the best thing… you’ll all get to read about it in your magazine.

Remember, the magazine isn’t only about the amazing variety of Social, Driving and Sporting events the Club organises throughout the year (of which all of them are written about), but it’s also about giving members the opportunity to share a story, a trip, an experience or their know-how with others. Some members enjoy the writing so much they come back for more (yes I’m talking about Toby who’s written an article in each of the last two issues - and even got his first article published in PCSA’s magazine recently). The magazine is really about the fun and passion we all share as Porsche lovers/owners. And this issue is no exception. In this issue, you’ll read about Toby & Dallas’ US trip (and some pretty amazing cars they’ve driven); Rod & Lilian’s Targa Tasmania Tour adventure (with some breathtaking pictures); Richard’s total rebuild of his 1984 911 (the result was well worth the 3-year journey), Rob & Dee’s Porsche dream (many of you will relate), Robin’s account of how she became a Porsche owner (and almost chose a Holden Astra instead), David’s Porsche story (and the story’s not over by a long shot), Michael’s recent Goodwood and Silverstone adventure (in true Michael style); Ed’s story since his first Porsche back in 08 (never realised how many he’s had since); Chris Molloy’s trip across the Nullarbor for his Race to Stop Cancer (started in WA) and,

not to forget, part 2 of PCWA’s German Tour story (expertly told by Deryck). Remember, if you want to write an article for the magazine email me directly at publications@ porscheclubwa.com.au - or look out for me at the next Club meeting. In closing, I’d like to thank all of our contributors for this issue (too many to name all) as well as our advertisers. Without your articles, the magazine wouldn’t be what it is today. Our advertisers’ support ensures that PCWA can produce a very high quality magazine three times a year. And I urge all members to support all of our advertisers with your business. A personal thank you to Edward (our outgoing President) for his support throughout the year with the magazine. To me he’s the true hero behind the magazine. I’m just the pretty face (haha). Until next year! Enjoy the read. Daniel Eigenmann

Social Directors’ report • PCWA Technical Day at Porsche Centre Perth a visit of the new state of the art workshop

Awards Dinner and officially launched in early 2017.

• Porsches Planes & Picnics - Where members learnt about flying then saw the best in action

A big thanks to the following members who have contributed to the recent social events, Ken and Leonie Birch for Christmas in July at Greenhills; Edward Roose for Fabulous Fine French Fusion Foray; Paul Blank, Andy Stack, Chris Clarke and Grace Tan for Cars & Coffee September and Andy Stack for leading the Porsche Muster Special Convoy; Gary and Mo Faas for creating Rocket Cars & Mean Machines; Robin Garbutt for Oktoberfest and finally Ian Rowson for the New Norcia Sunday Drive. Not forgetting Porsches, Planes & Picnics in September!

• Porsche Muster Special Convoy – the launch of a transcontinental charity run • Rocket Cars & Mean Machines – a visit to what could be the fastest car on Earth • Oktoberfest – Beer and sausages in lederhosen • New Norcia Sunday Drive – Pure driving with a Spanish destination

Well, nothing much has happened with the PCWA social events in the past few months – apart from…… • Wondrous drive to Greenhills – whilst being filmed by drones • Fabulous Fine French Fusion Foray – A dining delight • Cars and Coffee – 150 collectable cars, 250 people and a bundle of smiles




Shaking it up and creating something with a twist and a bundle of joy is part of the base recipe for our Club’s social runs. Thanks to the Airscope Industries team, Studio Orange and our photogenic cast of PCWA members, we have created an amazing video library filmed during the Greenhills run and SSR7 Barbagallo sports day. The clips cover 2 x 30 second clips for our 2017 social media outreach, 2 x 90 second interviews with members for our membership landing page and a 5 minute “short film” for YouTube and our website named “Discover Your Porsche”. All of this will be shown at our Christmas Party and

The PCWA is a great community! As such we will continue to outreach, share and contribute in 2017 whilst creating excitement and joy along the way. Don’t forget to share your ideas for social events for 2017 as we are all ears! Deryck & Grace

Membership report

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au

Well the Porsche Club year is nearing the end and as expected new membership has slowed down. It’s been a very productive year for new members and we have a total of 47 new members for the year 2016. Our current membership number is totalling 263 members consisting of 169 family memberships and 94 single members. New members Following is the list of new Porsche Club members that have joined since the last issue of Porsche West: • John Webb

(multiple cars)

• Laurie & Leone Parmenter

(Boxster S)

• Mirek Marzec


• Mat and Jill Hayman • Greg Levene

(997 C4S) (911)

• Justin & Sudjai Gan


• Paul & Sonya Crute

(911 SC)

• Jamie Draper

(Boxster S)

• John Murabito

(911 Targa)

• Peter Nowland

(911 Carrera)

During the period of the last magazine we celebrated the following milestone: 30-year membership: • Andy Stack We’re looking forward to an exciting new Porsche Club year and catching up with new members to the Porsche Club family at the meetings, social or sporting events. Please make yourselves known to us as we would like to catch up. Best regards, Andy and Kathy Stack

Editor and Advertising Daniel Eigenmann Mobile: 0412 022 110 Email: publications@porscheclubwa.org.au Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2016 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151



Issue 3 - 2016



RRP $14.95


Discover Your Porsche!

Porsches Planes & Picnics

Rocket Cars & Mean Machines

SSR7 & 8 at Barbagallo


Issue 3 - 2016 7


Webmaster’s report

With all the great events happening during the year plenty of photos are being taken and uploaded to the website. Please keep them coming. Members are also posting them to the Facebook site, which is working well. The IMS bearing in the engine of my Boxster S has decided to destroy itself so I have to consider my options for an 11-year-old car

worth in the low 30’s. Might be just the excuse I need to buy another Porsche in the New Year! Cheers, Scott Alexander


QUALITY SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES SINCE 1991 We provide mechanical & log book servicing as well as full maintenance for all Porsche models • • • •

Pre purchase inspections Classic 911 RS Recreations & Restoration Performance upgrades PCWA Member discount

37a Sarich Court Osborne Park WA 6017 Telephone: 9227 8911 Email: k_tec@bigpond.com www.ktecauto.com


INCLUDING PORSCHE SERVICE, BRAKES, SUSPENSION, TYRES, WHEEL ALIGNMENT & EXHAUSTS Contact Adrian & Christina on 9381 6829 westleedautos@gmail.com | 8 Rosslyn Street West Leederville WA 6007 WESTLEEDERVILLEAUTOS.COM.AU




Tobias Copley Guitars

Guitar servicing, repairs, and customisations www.TobiasCopleyGuitars.com 0433 100 382

Walter Epple

42 Edward Street, Perth 6000 Tel: 9227 6725 Fax: 9227 1138 Email: walter.epple@autoexclusiveperth.com.au

Issue 3 - 2016


Your Porsche. Porsche Insurance. Perfect. Porsche Insurance provides premium comprehensive insurance with the ability to cover for both business and private use. Our policy includes choice of repairer, genuine Porsche parts, reduced premiums for low usage and many additional benefits that help you tailor the right cover for your Porsche. Call Porsche Insurance on 1300 711 911.





Sporting Director’s report Tim Wolfe brought out his fantastic 991 GT3 RS for this event and treated us to some very skilled driving of a spectacular car. This saw Tim break the Open Post track record on the long circuit and the Outright and Open Post record for the short circuit. Records were also broken by Blaise Paris on the short track for the Open Pre Class and Andy Tudor set new club records for both the long and short track for Class B.

What an exciting and event filled Sports Series we have had in 2016. The big impact on the series was MC Motorsport closing and not being available to us for the second half of our series. But a bit of tap dancing and shuffling of events has seen us be able to complete the 10 rounds in the series. This resulted in us making the Barbagallo event on 2 September count for 2 rounds, Round 7 on the long circuit and Round 8 on the short circuit.

As always the series does not happen unless many club members put in their time and effort in the various roles that need to be filled to make an event happen. A big thank you to Bill Richards who was Clerk of Course for Rounds 6, 7 and 8 of the series. Also, my thanks go to Barry Nash who joined with Bill to assess me for the CAMS Event Command qualification during Round 6 at Jacks Hill. Scrutineering has been provided by the team of Colin Strickland and David Blainey.

The outright championship recognises the fastest car/driver in the competition while the club championship is based on class points. Both awards are based on the best 6 rounds out of the 10 rounds in the series. Tim Wolfe is currently leading in the outright championship and Daniel Bathe and Andy Tudor are tied for the club championship after 8 rounds, however expect some shake up as the final rounds are completed. Brett Read

The results for the series so far are posted on the club website and they make for interesting reading. Each year we run an outright championship and a club championship.

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Story & Photos: Porsche Cars Australia

Macan Turbo Performance Pack As the sports car of the compact SUV segment, the Macan has been setting standards in terms of driving dynamics since its debut. Now, Porsche is upping the ante once again: Equipped with the ‘Performance Package’, the Macan Turbo now tops off the model line, impressing with enhanced driving dynamics, increased agility and an even greater emotional appeal. The twin-turbocharged, 3.6-litre V6 engine has been upgraded to deliver 324 kW – which is 30 kW more than the Macan Turbo. The car now accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds (a reduction of 0.4 seconds), and achieves a new top speed of 272 km/h (an increase of six km/h). Maximum torque has also risen to 600 Nm (an increase of 50 Nm) and is available across a broad rev range between 1,500 and 4,500 rpm. This also increases the tractive force: In Sport Plus mode, the time taken to accelerate from 80 km/h to 120 km/h has dropped to 2.9 seconds (a reduction of 0.2 seconds). Fuel consumption (in line with the NEDC) for the new top-of-the-range Macan is between 9.4 L/100 km and 9.7 L/100 km. However, it is not just the engine power that is given a boost in the Macan Turbo equipped with Performance Package – a newly developed brake system, lowered body, controlled sports chassis, Sport Chrono Package and sports exhaust system are all fitted as standard. The front axle features grooved brake discs with a diameter of 390 millimetres – 30 millimetres larger than the brake discs




fitted on the regular Macan Turbo. The discs are gripped by six-piston brake callipers completed with a red paint finish. The Macan Turbo with Performance Package comes standard with air suspension and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), but in this case with an overall ride height reduction of 25 mm – which is a further 10 mm lower than the regular Macan Turbo with air suspension and PASM. With the Sport Chrono Package, drivers can ramp up the performance even further. In Sport Plus mode, this package ensures the chassis, engine and transmission are tuned to sporty effect – accompanied by an even more emotional sound from the sports exhaust system. The seven-speed PDK doubleclutch transmission is now designed to

deliver extremely short response times, optimum switching points and increased torque during gear changes for maximum acceleration. The Macan Turbo with Performance Package is available for order now in Australia, priced from $143,500 excluding statutory and dealer charges, with local deliveries expected from March 2017.

Story & Photos: Porsche Cars Australia

2017 - 911 GT3 Cup Car Boasting a completely redeveloped drive, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup will take to the starting line on the world’s race tracks from 2017. The rear of the world’s mostproduced GT racing car now houses a four-litre, six-cylinder flat engine for even more drive. Thanks to thoroughbred motorsport technology, the compact engine with direct fuel injection delivers peak performance of 357 kW, a 19 kW increase in power over its predecessor. A range of innovative details also improve efficiency in addition to engine performance, ensuring even better durability of the naturally aspirated engine in racing mode. Importantly, maintenance costs have also been reduced. A valve drive with rigidly mounted rocker arms and a central oil feed is being used for the very first time. Furthermore, an integrated oil centrifuge is used to optimise oil defoaming in the engine. A crankshaft with significantly increased rigidity has also been installed.

rigidity and a lightweight body. The new 911 GT3 Cup is ready to race weighing in at just 1,200 kilograms. Porsche manufactures the 911 GT3 Cup on the same production line as the 911 road car in its main plant in StuttgartZuffenhausen. The basic race tuning is performed at the Weissach motorsport centre, where vehicles are also thoroughly tested by a professional race driver prior to delivery to the customer.

of 20 race series around the world where the 911 GT3 Cup is used exclusively. First purchase option for the 2018 version 911 GT3 Cup will be given to teams competing in the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup Australia.

Some 3,031 units of the 911 GT3 Cup have been built in the 996, 997 and 991 model lines since 1998. This makes the Porsche racing car from Stuttgart the most-produced and most-sold GT racing car in the world. The new race car will make its local debut in the 2018 Porsche Carrera Cup Australia championship, one

A new front apron and a new rear end improve the downforce of the new 911 GT3 Cup and therefore enhance traction and performance. The prominent 184-centimetre wide rear wing has been retained from the predecessor model. The wheel dimensions are also unchanged: One-piece 18-inch racing rims with a central locking mechanism are used – with 270 mm Michelin racing slicks on the front axle and massive 310 mm on the rear axle. The intelligent aluminium-steel composite construction ensures maximum

Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Leonie and Ken Birch

Photos: Peter Ogden, Andy Stack and others 24/7/2016

Christmas in July - PCWA Flying High On Sunday 24 July we were only half way through one of our coldest and wettest winters in Perth for many years. The previous Sunday was miserable and the wettest day of winter with 33mm of rain. The PCWA and weather Gods, however, were once again smiling on us as the club celebrated Christmas in July with one of our favourite drives ending at the historic Greenhills Tavern. We woke up to a crisp morning and beautifully clear sky that held for the rest of day. After months of detailed preparation by Deryck and Grace, we were set for the highlight of the driving year. The highly professional AirScope team were “all systems go” to drone film our gleaming Porsche babies and owners as we

navigated (I use that term loosely) our way through the magnificent Avon Valley.

pace into the thriving metropolis of downtown Greenhills.

Blue skies, green wheat and yellow canola fields created the perfect backdrop for the drive and the filming. Under Deryck’s (AKA Steven Spielberg) expert and very patient direction, even our most enthusiastic (and I use that term loosely) drivers stayed within the filming guidelines. Even El Presidente Eddy (where’s the camera) Roose!!!

A relaxing beverage in sunshine was followed by a fun Christmas lunch. The traditional fare and historic tavern were complimented by the “state of the art” commercial drone sitting in our room. And how enthusiastic were the young team from AirScope as they explained with passion their business and the filming process.

A strong turnout of 62 members, around 30 Porsches and one drone made for a fascinating drive through the rolling hills to a stop over at quaint Beverly. The cafes and art gallery were given a good going over before we proceeded at a gentle (and I use that term loosely)

All in all the day, drive and drone were perfect (and don’t use that term loosely) with Christmas in July at Greenhills set to become an annual event

Porsches, Pubs & People

997 leads the way

991 Perfection 14



All the naughty Porsches standing in the corner

Beautiful Scenery!

Classic 924 lines

Deryck & Grace leading the pack

Edward about to GTS (get this sideways)

Eenie meenie GTS

Ready for a fun Christmas lunch

Happy to be here!

Heading to lunch

Hi Vis Helpers

Ken checking his notes

Ken laying down the law

Like a Porsche on a hot tin roof!

Members ready to party

Miles and miles of smiles

Ouch, now that’s a pretty Porsche!

Perfect Porsche Lineup

Porsche Pitstop

Rear, Mid & Front engine all in a row Issue 3 - 2016


That’s Gold!

Thanks to the AirScope Crew

Stuttgart would be proud of this lineup!

The anticipation builds

Roderic & Lilian excited as always

Serving pub grub since 1906 16



Something is in the air!

You’re cleared for takeoff

Car Detailing & paint proteCtion SpeCialiSt with 15 years of experience you can tell the difference


Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Edward Roose

Photos: Daniel Eigenmann 2/8/2016

August Club Meeting at SP Tools We know our members like to swing a tool every now and then. So it was appropriate that our August club meeting be held at the HQ of SP Tools out in Bibra Lake. This proved to be an uber cool venue for a club meeting. Being surrounded by tools and equipment seemed very stimulating indeed and our meeting ended up being one of our best natured and fun of the year. One of our members (Leaping Leeroy Brown) even decided to buy some of the quality merchandise on offer and picked it up at the below warehouse price at the conclusion of the event. Indeed, being in this “man cave” drinking club beers and wine and eating pizza (graciously supplied by SP Tools) was a pretty cool experience. After our meeting, members were very interested to listen to SP Tools WA State Manager Mark McCosker inform us about the absolute quality that is built into SP Tools Spanners and Hand Tools. Also we had the guys from AirScope to also present some interesting info on their UAV’s they use (aka: drones). It was good to see these Aircraft at close range and hear just how, why and what makes them tick. I would personally like to thank Mark McCosker and SP Tools WA for hosting us for this meeting and also providing the excellent door price of an SP Tools hand held Tool Kit which unbelievably was won by Roderic & Lilian. The reason why I say this is that these lucky members also won the door prize at our Christmas in July event! See you all at our next club meeting then!

SP Tools State Manager Mark McCosker with door prize winner Roderic

Members learning UAV 101 18



Story: Edward Roose Photos: Peter Ogden and others


Fast Flat 6’s & Fine French Food For the first time that I can remember we had our meeting place at Parliament Place in the city. Thankfully the unusually long cold winter we have experienced took a day off and members were greeted with sunny skies and reasonably mild conditions for our Fantastic French Flat Six Fun Foray.

everyone to arrive. And it was a bit surprising to see Chris and Glynis arrive in their stunning 964 being followed by the local constabulary. We wonder why the coppers would want to be following Chris? I am sure he didn’t get the boot in in the tunnel or anything like that!

As members started to arrive it was clear that we had a lovely array of Porsche machinery on hand for the trek south to our destination of Serpentine town and the lovely new French Restaurant Chez Deux Amis.

Our route took us from the city heading freeway south to Serpentine via some really easy to access backroads that many of you may not have been on before. Indeed, some of them were only a few metres from the freeway, but you would never know it.

With a coffee van on hand, members enjoyed a Sunday morning caffeine hit whilst waiting for

There is just something really special about driving in a cavalcade of Porsches on a sunny

day, especially when there is some yummy tucker waiting at the other end! The lunch organised by our hosts at Chez Deux Amis was fantastic value of money and very good quality. The kitchen and chef handled the orders with consummate ease and all members enjoyed the drive, the food and the company. Thank you to all who attended and to the management and staff of Chez Deux Amis for looking after us. As always please keep an eye on the Club website and register for events ASAP because they almost always (as this one did) fill up very fast!

The head chef revealing his secrets

One big PCWA happy family Issue 3 - 2016


A Room full of French

A toast to the Chef

A very elite wine & conversation

All Smiles

Chris & Gary catching some shade

Frank Bove taking another pic of his GTS

Garden party

Happy Campers Morning Sun!

Ian, David, Jeanie, Brett & Jen

Looking forward to a great drive

Lothar & Adrian discuss cars. What’s New!

Morning Coffee Fix

Parliament Place - a great meeting point

Roderic, Lilian, Toby & Dallas

The Westall’s arrive along with the Police

Porsche Panorama 20



Tyres - Wheels - Suspension - Road and TRaCK

Call John: 0416 105 911 john@johnfowlerautosport.com.au

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All Porsches welcome Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director Photos: Peter Ogden and various contributors

Sports Series Rounds 7 & 8 at Barbagallo Raceway 2nd September 2016

With the RAC closing down the MC Motorsport track, we have had to change the scheduled rounds for the last few rounds in the series. This event became Round 7 on the long track in the morning and Round 8 on the short track in the afternoon. We also opened the event up to the HSV Club and other drivers, so we had 55 drivers on the day. So we were treated to a fantastic mix of cars. The stand out car on the day was Tim Wolfe’s 22



new acquisition... a 991 GT3 RS. It was a real treat to see Tim guiding this car around Barbagallo and setting new class records for the Open Post Class on both the long and the short track. Tim’s time of 53.8609 seconds on the short track was also good enough to set a new outright record for the club. Second fastest time on the day wa s Blaise Paris in his air cooled 911. Blaise was very impressively within .6 of a second

of Tim’s time on both the long and the short track. His time of 54.4719 seconds on the short track was another class record for the Class Open Pre. Another class record breaker on the day was Andy Tudor who set a new class record for Class B for both the long and the short tracks. Another driver who has been continuously improving during the series this year is Dean Pike in his 996 GT3. Dean was third fastest on

both the long and the short track on the day. Round 8 is the last round we publish the year to date records as we keep them secret leading up to the Christmas party and the trophy awards. Tim Wolfe is currently in the lead in the Outright Championship. While Daniel Bathe and Andy Tudor are sitting tied on the top of the Club Champion table. It will be very interesting to see who comes out on top as we calculate the highest scoring rounds.

The Rookie competition will also be interesting this year as there as several new drivers who are putting in some fast times in their first year; Sam Wolfe, Toby Copley, and Rod Seow have all been turning in some fast times. Marc Humm and Daniel Eigenmann are driving really well and doing a great job of exploring the performance of their cars while keeping them firmly on the black stuff.

Thanks to Bill Richards and Brett Read as Clerk of Course and Deputy Clerk of Course, David Blainey and Colin Strickland who provided scrutineering on the day and Bob Naylor as Flag Marshall. Without this support these events would not be possible.

Issue 3 - 2016


3 vying for one spot

3’s company

Andy Tudor fighting for Club Champion

Allan foot down

20 Porsches & a Holden walk into a bar

Beautiful shape

Any lighter it would fly

Colin heads out

Daniel B the Boxster tamer

Daniel B on a flyer

Follow that spoiler

Daniel E hard on the brakes

Deryck flat chat

Do a lap with a coffee on your lap

Downforce in force




987 coolness

A dry day equals GT4 time!

A racing cockpit with cupholders!

Andy asking for prayers

Andy getting advice

Andy hard on it

Blaise flying high


Cool down time

David firing on all 5 cylinders

David trying to stay in front

Deep in thought

Blue haze

Edward giving Simon some tips

Edward telling Daniel E he needs a 911

Issue 3 - 2016


Eeny meeny miney mid engine

GTS, get this sideways!

Graeme telling everyone to settle down

Leeroy Brown


Orange is our favourite colour

Porsche Pow Wow

Ktec Supercar

Smiling with delight

Stare at it long enough and it may fix itself

Sweet composure

The french always smiling





Frogs do float so it’s light as

Gary & his trusty purple 911 eater

Now that’s a big wing!

If I let his tyres down....

It’s missing centre caps!

Ken ready to go


Must catch that red one!

None of us want this car (yeah right!)

Ray flying

Ray’s stripped out racer floats over weighbridges

Red menace

Still a light weight

Stunning shape

Sweet 944 time

Tim breaking all club records in his new GT3 RS

Turn up your speakers!

Weight shift

Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Edward Roose Photos: Andy Stack, Daniel Eigenmann

Seaview Golf Club our New Meeting Place Members have been spoilt this year by some interesting venues for our Club meetings, and the Seaview Golf Club is one of them! Andy and Kathy Stack found this wonderful venue and I am sure everyone agrees that it is a stunning place to hold Club meetings. This year we have had the last four Club meetings there, with the final one in November, and each of them has been fantastic. It’s great for members to have full bar facilities available and naturally our meetings

have also been catered (thanks to Kathy for organising this) with yummy finger food. The new venue also offers members heaps of safe off the street parking and, of course, there are those stunning sunsets! As a member of the committee it’s also been great to have a slightly elevated area from which to speak, meaning that members can see us while they sleep (haha).

we are happy to report that a good number of our Club meetings will continue to be held at the Seaview Golf Club in the future. Thanks to the staff of Seaview for setting up and being very accommodating to our needs and also naturally to all our members who so regularly attend our meetings.

While the Club will be varying the places of meetings next year (to keep it interesting),

George nods off

All smiles at the back of the class 28



Loving the new meeting place

Andy & Kathy all smiles

911R need we say more

Making a point

Members always so calm after free drinks haha

PCWA engine room

Tasty treats, thanks for the food Kathy

Andy handy around the BBQ

Toby wins again Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan and various contributors

Classic Cars and Coffee… with a happy twist! 11th September 2016




Classic Cars & Coffee on Sunday 11 September saw 150 cars and 300 car enthusiasts turn up in just our second event. PCWA also took the opportunity to launch Chris Molloy’s 3rd Annual Perth to Sydney Porsche Muster Race to Stop Cancer along with co-driver David McIntyre. What we did not expect, were two unexpected guests showing up and bringing an unusual twist to our event! It was a rather chilly Spring morning when Porsche Club WA members and friends convened at City Beach to display their cars and meet fellow car enthusiasts. The turnout was fantastic and we had a very fine variety of classic and exotic cars including Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos and Cadillacs on display. All beautiful vehicles, of course. However, it was one white WA Police pursuit car which attracted all the attention for a brief moment at the event! Due to windy conditions, it was a challenge for us to be heard by the huge crowd when making an announcement to launch Chris’ Porsche Muster charity drive. That was when surprise guests Acting Sergeant Tim Wright and Senior Constable Garry Watson gallantly stepped in to help. They happened to be present at Cars & Coffee and ingeniously offered

the use of their police vehicle loudspeaker system to help get the Porsche Muster charity event underway. We happily invited them to position the Commodore with full police livery centre stage where we could use their PA system. This was probably a one-off extraordinary occasion to speak into a police PA system! Deryck Graham was tempted to announce, “Step away from the vehicle and put your hands where I can see them!” But he behaved himself and held back with great restraint. What incredible goodwill and sense of community on part of the two police officers! There were more than a few smiles that morning. And despite the chilly temperatures, the passion of community engagement, along with enthusiasm and strong support for the event certainly warmed the spirit! We are looking forward to the next Classic Cars & Coffee get together. Who knows what incredible surprise might be in store for us? Please look out for details for the next event.

Issue 3 - 2016


A ride in your blue cadillac

A scene from Happy Days

You’re never too young!

Classic muscle

Clean engines rock

Fins of fame

French fantastique

Italian Stallions

Love classic cars

Mid engine balance

On your marks!

Original Miami Blue

964 about to race to stop cancer! 32



Green and orange a great combo

Perfect pick me up

Porsche always best

Porsche better just sayin’

Porsches of all sizes welcomed!

Rick & Kirsty’s gorgeous 991

Roll the dice every time you drive

Silver perfection

Spiritual Daddy

Triumph of engineering

Watch for speedhumps!

Which one handles better...hmmmm

White arrow Issue 3 - 2016


Story & Photos: Edward Roose


PCWA Technical Day at Porsche Centre Perth

Porsche Centre Perth Service manager Eddie Mura with his tech team I had been on Eddie Mura’s back for some time (read: a couple of years) about the Porsche Centre Perth hosting the Club for a ‘Techie Day’. I always knew this would come about but around 12 months ago their workshop went through a significant upgrade, and I must say it’s very impressive indeed! Around 40 PCWA members arrived from 9am and were immediately greeted by the wonderful sight and smell of a coffee van provided by PCP. Now as we all know coffee and cars are fun and when you are actually at the dealership looking at brand spankers in the showroom, it’s even more fun!

around with a new ECU and other issues). Actually I thought there may be one or two members who may actually know the saga of the “Tassie Devil” so I called out in my usual fashion “anyone want to see Brett’s car running?” Next minute there was a stampede of the entire group from the front of the dealership to the service carpark! Now that’s a way to clear some space at the coffee van! After Brett all entertained us with the visceral sound of this awesome (albeit not a Concours contender) machine, we all retired to the workshop to begin techie day.

(Germany supplied) diagnostic equipment. There was also a Panamera engine on display (a goliath of a motor) and Eddie filled everyone in on what PCP has to offer from their state of the art service area, including offering free “pit stop” checks of your vehicle, where you can get your car up onto a hoist and discuss certain technical info with one of the PCP staff (bookings required). This will also include a quick check of tyres, pressures, oil levels etc. After a very informative hour or so we finally moved into the service reception area for some lovely morning tea and light breakfast. I would like to personally thank Eddie, his technical team and Emeline from Porsche Centre Perth for hosting and catering this wonderful and informative morning. And thanks to all members who attended (which was part of the PCWA “big weekend” which included the Techie Day on Saturday and Porsches, Planes and Picnics on Sunday).

So after half an hour or so, almost every member who attended was still congregating around the coffee van at the front of the showroom. In the meantime, I had received word that Brett Read’s 996 Turbo race car was finally running (after about a year of faffing

Eddie had an excellent lineup of very knowledgeable staff on hand for this event and we were all split up into smaller groups. The 3 categories of interest were: (1) the workings of a 911 (type 991) turbo, (2) engineering highlights of a (frontal area) stripped Panamera and (3) the workings of the latest Porsche

2 Germans & an Aussie walk into a bar

A proud & relieved owner, its running!

Ben explains Panamera Tech

Brett & the Tassie Devil

Brett looking very proud. We wonder why haha

Coffee Please




Looking into how to afford one

Edward announces Brett’s car is runing.

Lothar, Dean & Werner

Ladies & Gents, start your engine

Lifting the lid on turbo tech

Michael, Yvonne and Peter

Panamera engine bigger than Ben Hur

We all want this car

We love a turbo that looks like a GT3 RS Issue 3 - 2016



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Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan, Peter Ogden and Deryck Graham

Porsches Planes and Picnics The Winning Trifecta 25 September 2016

1936 VH-UXL Stinson SR-8C Reliant (and Grace). This actual plane served as communications aircraft during WW2

1944 VH-BTP de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth

Allan & Derek hiding in plane sight!

Brett Read debuting his beloved Tassie Devil

Chasing planes in formation

Classic cars sharing the apron

de Havilland Tiger Moths

Part of the SABC Fly-in Formation




VH-SFF Flitzer Z21 – British amateur-built single-seat, open cockpit 1920s-style biplane

What happens when members are constantly surrounded by beautiful Porsches – apart from a great sense of happiness and contentment? Is there some way to make this even better? Yes, marry those sexy flat six engines with wonderful planes and delicious picnics, of course! Then throw in some glorious Spring sunshine and blue skies and you have a combination that is a truly special day out. After a hiatus of six years, Porsches Planes and Picnics returned as a Club social event this year on Sunday 25 September. Born of the then Vice President’s interest for flying dating back way back to 1986, Porsches Planes and Picnics is an eye watering sentimental journey he is happy to share with the ‘well grounded’ Porsche Club. The Sports Aircraft Builders Club Association’s (SABC) Annual Fly-In at Serpentine Airfield is a much anticipated and well-loved event by those in the aviation community. It gives SABC members the opportunity to showcase their specialty aircraft, many of which have been purpose-built or refurbished at Serpentine itself. This year also saw a number of their interstate aviation guests fly in to attend this event.

For non-aviation members, this is an “invitation only” event and open only to selected automotive clubs. Porsche Club members were provided with VIP parking, right on the shady apron of the Serpentine airfield – which is normally not allowed – to picnic and watch the most beautiful classic, home-built, WW2 and modern performance aircraft in action. On showcase this year were also a number of unique aircraft one would not usually get to see on display, including the Sopwith Pup original, T-28 Trojan, FoxMoth and the Colomban Cri Cri (one of the world’s smallest twin engine aircraft), to name a few.

Personally, one of the absolute highlights of

Sometimes the most incredible gems are hidden away in the hangers! Our members also had the opportunity to tour some amazing private hangers. They got to speak with enthusiastic plane owners and got up close and personal with some of these fantastic aircraft.

The flight was over all too quickly it seemed. However, as much as I enjoyed it, I was not quite inspired to sign up to aviation classes. Though there are quite a few PCWA members that do both! I think I’ll just stick with driving and racing the Porsche for my adrenaline rush….for now.

In the tradition of Porsches Planes and Picnics, PCWA members started the day at Perth’s Jandakot Airport, where the Royal Aero Club of WA generously provided us with a tour of their training facilities and aircraft. What a treat!

Porsches Planes and Picnics, however, was a memorable experience for both the motoring and aviation enthusiasts amongst us. With any luck, we’ll do it all again in a year’s time!

the day – besides spending time with great friends at the Porsche Club, of course – was being given a lift from Jandakot airport to Serpentine airfield in a Cessna 152 Aerobat by Mick Harcourt who was piloting the aircraft. The stars aligned, thanks to a spare seat on the plane and Deryck who arranged it as a surprise for me. And what great fun it was! My flight in the Cessna included several barrel rolls too. Woo hoo! Little did I realise that the pilot was once a State champion in aerobatics. Well played sir, well played.

(L-R) 1944 de Havilland Tiger Moth, 2005 WACO Aircraft YMF-F5C, 1954 Nanchang CJ-5 (Yak-18)

Porsches and Planes - a great pairing Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Brett Read Photos: Jennifer Schuiling


Sports Series Round 9 at Barbagallo Raceway Round 9 saw us back at Barbagallo, joining in with the HSV Club for another big event. There were almost 60 cars competing on the day, so the HSV Club did an awesome job and put on a great event. The day was beautifully sunny and warm. Surprisingly, the fastest times were turned in on the first couple of runs in the morning and times went backwards from there. This was the topic of some conjecture after each run as many of the drivers felt they’d put in some faster laps after lunch only to see

Allan Guelfi, Brett Read

Blaise Paris - 2nd fastest for the day 40



that they had not been able to improve on their times for the morning.

Dean Pike, Grant Wellwood and Gary Jacobs were the next fastest.

Tim Wolfe turned in the fastest time for the day - again!! And did not disappoint by bringing another new GT3 to the Sports Series.

A lot of fun was had by a ll who were there, although no club records were broken. This was a bit unusual as the previous rounds have typically seen club records broken on any given day.

Blaise Paris was second fastest and on its first outing Brett Read in the Tassie Devil came is a respectable 3rd fastest!

Thanks to the HSV Club for putting on a great event.

Allan and Brett

Dean Pike - 4th fastest


Grant Wellwood

Tim - fastest for the day

John Morrow, Brett Read, Tim Wolfe

Allan Guelfi

Brett Read - 3rd fastest on its first outing Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Gary & Mo Faas Photos: Andy Stack and others


Rocket Cars & Mean Machines

Rosco going over the details of his new Aussie Invader 5R rocket car

2 x Boxster = GT3 42


3 boxsters 1 911 all class WEST

40 Feet of fury!

Sunny spring weather and meeting at the same venue as the Italian Car Club’s Pasta Run made a great start for the day. With an amazing array of Italian cars rolling up, from Fiats to Ferraris – it was like our own Italian car show! Leaving the Italian cars behind we headed out via Glen Forrest, across to O’Brien Road and “the roller coaster” before making our way to Rosco McGlashan’s home in Mullaloo. Rosco invited everyone to have a look around and take photos before he sat on his ladder and told us about his past and how he came to be building his new Aussie Invader 5R rocket car. Even as a kid, Rosco had always wanted to go fast. Being inspired by the late Donald Campbell’s visit to Australia with his Bluebird turbine powered land speed racer, Rosco was intent on building and racing a car faster than Campbell’s. He left school at 12 with the same goal he has today, to break the world land speed record. He was one of the first to put a V8 engine into a motorbike. Following on from this he was involved in the development of a rocket powered go-kart which he achieved 253mph! (now on display at the York Motor museum). Following on from his first Aussie Invader I, in 1994 he built a revamped Aussie Invader II and Rosco became the “Fastest Aussie On Earth” with an official 500 mph (805 kph) two way pass. In 1996 his newer Aussie Invader III recorded a peak speed of 1026 kph (faster than the World Land Speed Record)

Adrian always gets the ladies

however bad weather halted the attempt and prevented the team from achieving this goal. His current project, Aussie Invader 5R, weighs 6.2 tonnes (plus another 2.8 tonnes of fuel!) and planning to go from a standing start to 1,000 mph (1,600+ km/h) in about 20 seconds (breaking the sound barrier in the process)! Whilst large teams (with huge budgets) in USA and UK are also working on cars to beat the world record, it is incredible that we have someone in Perth working on his own car on a shoestring budget in his back shed! When we were finalising arrangements with Rosco we were so impressed we have personally sponsored his project via the Aussie Invader website and he presented us with our certificate on the day. It was amazing to meet the legendary Rosco and see the final stages of production of this unique machine as he prepares it for his attempt at the World Land Speed record, and hear his stories. After catching up with Rosco we headed back on the road to Mean Machines in Morley for lunch. Unfortunately, this was the busiest day they have ever had and there was a bit of a queue, but lunch came fairly quickly and the atmosphere, gallery and car display made it a great finale for the day. Gary & Mo.

0-Sound barrier in no time

Rosco tells us about the world’s fastest Go Cart

All ears

Extreme engineering Issue 3 - 2016


Gary looking for ideas to go faster

Ferrari photo bombers

Simply amazing

So is it rear or mid engine

Just before the battery ran out

Ken & Leonie looking cool as always

Kurts Rocket Car

Lilian wants one! Back to work Roderic

Mid flight pit stop

Must get larger garage!

Nice day for roof down fun

PCWA actually all listening. Wow!

PCWA can park when they need to

Porsche better just sayin’

Porsches galore

Pre flight check

Red-y set go!




Gary & Mo members of the 1000mph club!

Shady group

Shady ladies

The A team

The hot seat

The Hulberts all ears

The tools needed to build a Rocket Car

Big wheel bigger heart!

991 excited, wing up stationary

Edward & Frank looking chuffed

Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Edward Roose

The People, the Places, the Friendships, the Cars

My Trusty Targa 4S The Start: It was way back in 2008 that after years of loving Porsche but never owning one I decided to take the plunge and buy a Porsche. And my first foray into Porsche ownership was a lovely manual 2000 Speed Yellow Boxster S (yeah just like Gerry & Alex’s car). I remember the day I picked it up, I honestly thought to myself “oh my goodness this is a supercar” and it was!

2008 till now. Owning a Porsche is a dream come true for me, I have not lost that feeling and probably never will. I totally understand how and why our Club is so good, we are all equal no matter what we drive. The reason for this is pretty simple. It’s because the passion remains the same if you drive a 924 or a 991 GT3RS. And all the members “get it”.

“Just take it up to the hills, get to know the car and join the local Porsche Club.”

The Events: I still remember my first official event. It was the 2009 “not the fireworks run” held (most years) on Australia Day in conjunction with the Ferrari Club. I was in awe of all of these amazing cars and felt a little underwhelmed arriving with my yellow Boxster. One of the cars that blew me away was a beautiful silver 997 GT2, and I remember Ray and Janet’s ever present Green 911. I also have a clear memory of a guy in a slightly tired looking 924. I was powering through a roundabout (overtaking) and glanced over. This guy was in the other lane trying to keep up and was wearing driving gloves. The driving gloves captured that moment perfectly. Here is a guy in a 924 driving the nuts of it and doing his best to keep it pointing in the right direction. That bloke was Wayne Taylor who now drives a lovely air cooled 911 Targa.

The Dream: So that is exactly what I did, I headed up to Serpentine, “blew out the cobwebs” of the car and then joined the PCWA towards the end of 2008. In my life there have been 2 big “things” (other than family) that have kept me busy and happy. One is 14 years of playing competitive cricket up until 2007 and then my membership of the PCWA from

Other standout memories have been my first Collie Track day. As I arrived there was a helicopter landing in the bush next to the track, supercars arriving on trailers, the noise of race cars starting. Everywhere I looked was brilliant bedlam. I was alone with no friends, in a town I had never been, about to take my Porsche on a race track for the

And right away I did what most of us do when we first buy a Porsche, I wanted to find out more about it and how to look after it (read: how NOT to break it). So I searched around and found Andy Stack’s phone number from Rennsport. I remember that phone call very clearly (although Andy, who gets lots of these types of calls may not). I asked Andy “Is there anything special I need to know or do to look after it?” Andy gave me the best advice ever! He said “Not really , just take it up to the hills, get to know the car and join your local Porsche Club”.




first time, and I had no idea what to expect. By the end of the day, I still had no idea how to drive on a track but had made a number of friends who are still friends today! Since then the Collie weekend is the one event I have always tried to attend, it’s as I would say “mint fun” because it has all the good stuff the drive, the cars, the track and the social interaction (the wine & beer Saturday night)! Then in 2011 we had our V-Max event. The idea for V-Max was born over dinner back in 2010 mulling over a few glasses of fine red after our Collie track event. I remember blurting out “we should have a V-Max event”. My thinking here was that Porsches are not speed limited (like Audi, BMW, Mercedes) so if we can just find somewhere to legally top out our cars, how good would that be! Deryck overhead me and immediately held up his phone with a google map image of the Wyalkatchem airstrip. “Wyalie airstrip is large enough to land a Hercules aircraft on it” he said. So the idea became a reality. After much planning and effort, the PCWA V-Max event took flight on a sunny Sunday in the WA Wheatbelt town of Wyalkatchem in 2011. Can you imagine the fun we had, punting our Porsches down a runway? The runway was not even close enough to Vmax our cars, but we did have a massive amount of fun nonetheless. If you are interested in more info on this check online for issue 1 of Porsche West. I wrote a “look back” article about this event. It was just so good! I also think that our Porsches & Choppers event was totally awesome. Hosted by Brett

Williams this was a day of fun for all, we parked up our Porsches at Rotorvation at Jandakot Airport, enjoyed their lovely catering before every member was treated to a 20 Helicopter Joy Ride out over to Coogee and back to Jandakot. I mean this was just too much fun and a brilliant memory. I just wish we had more quality pictures of that day! The Drives: I often think of how much of WA I would never have found out about without being a member of the PCWA. And those dusty deserted roads, those lovely lovely roads! Some of my standout drives so far have been, Chittering Valley Rd (I actually cried with joy in my 997 once on this road, no bull!), Lower Hotham Rd, Hopelands Rd, Dewars Pool Rd, Nannup-Balingup Rd, Sues Rd, Nettleton Rd, the backroads into Dongara (actually the backroads into any town haha), Obrien Rd, the roads leading to Lake Grace, the tunnel (yes we all love the tunnel right). And those wonderful towns! Wyalkatchem, Moora, Quindanning (not a town but a great pub), Lake Grace, Dongara, Wandering, Greenhills, Beverly, York, Toodyay, Collie, Williams, Bolghart, Goomalling, Nannup, Yallingup the list goes on and on!

My much loved 997 at Vmax 2011

The People: One of the best ways to meet new friends is to join the PCWA. I mean I literally have lifelong friends that I have met here. I can’t name everyone here because I will almost certainly forget someone but guys like Frank, Mickey, Ian & Bretty have become close friends, there are heaps more you all know who you are! Thanks for being my mates during this time and in the future. In the last 5 years, I have been extremely lucky to have had some really excellent and fun loving committee members (and hilarious meetings) which allowed us to plot the rise and rise of the PCWA, again I can’t name everyone but Julie, Graeme, Chris & Glynis, David & Barry immediately spring to mind. Almost all of you have been pretty amazing friends and colleagues. Thanks for the efforts. You guys are THE reason why the Club has been such a cool place to be! Still a Kid: After all this time I am glad to say that I am still just that “excited guy in the Boxster” on his first outing with the Club, wide-eyed and mesmerised by all the cool cars. I don’t think I will ever lose the joy of seeing the cars arrive at the track and watching them whiz by at 200kph, hearing

them getting closer and louder as they arrive at social events, seeing a line of Porsches taking sweeping bends in the distance while on country drives, listening to you all take off after our Club meetings (yeah most get the boot in, I love it), taking in the vista of all the Porsches lined up at wherever we are, and seeing the smiles on members dials when they realise that the Porsche Club of WA is fantastic Club and the members are just down to earth Porsche Lovers like them! Thanks for the Honour: I can assure you all that I never would have imagined that I would have been elected by you guys as VP and then President of the PCWA and then actually stay in those position(s) till now! Being allowed to represent our Club at the International Presidents’ Meeting was an unbelievable honour, and in writing this article I am about to head to Brisbane to do the same at the Australian Presidents’ Meeting too! So thank you all for allowing this kid to continue to be a kid at this Sports Car Club. It’s what we are all about really. We are just big kids playing with our big toys and having a blast! Long may that continue.

My old 997 GT3 with Chris & Glynis’ 964 & Lothar & Belle’s 996 GT3

At the International Presidents’ Meeting

Chris always good for a laugh

Good mates & great roads yes please!

My Boxster S in a Motorkahana 2009

Julie a worthy winner of 2014 President’s award

With my mate Frank Bove Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Toby Copley

…What Dreams are Made of

The 650S has some cool looking doors. Most of us, unfortunately, never get to drive the sports cars of our dreams, and if we are ever lucky enough to, it is usually handled like an overprotective father seeing his only daughter off on her first date. However, in a magical place called Las Vegas, the team at Dream Racing – which has the world’s largest selection of Racing cars and Supercars – will let you take your dream car around the Las Vegas Speedway inner circuit. For this experience, I took the Porsche 911 Turbo S (991), and the McLaren 650S, for a spin. Upon arrival at the complex, on this hot summer’s day, it was suggested that I “upgrade” one of my chosen Supercars to a race car. I declined. These two Supercars, have had my interest for a very long time, and it was to discover the differences between these two directly comparable supercars that they were selected. McLaren was my supported Formula 1 team for many years (when they had the common sense to use German engines), and the 650S set the fastest lap of any car ever to go around Mount Panorama (seen at the most recent Bathurst 12-hour race). The fastest lap being more than 4 seconds quicker than the fastest lap set by any V8 Supercar. Of course there were no 48



Isn’t She Beautiful?... The Porsche! comparable Porsches in that race (e.g. 911 GT2), so let’s give it some real competition...

“Getting in and out of the car, made me remember that you aren’t supposed to meet your heroes.”

Porsche 911 Turbo models, throughout the generations, have been significantly reducing the life expectancy of its competitor’s designers, and this (most recent incarnation) is no exception. The 991 Turbo S. Its understated styling, and the fact that it brings relative-practicality to the world of Supercars, to some, is almost blasphemous. But there are some of us who want to have our cake and eat it too. Porsche is on the same page.

Let’s race... First up is the McLaren. Approaching the car set the mood. The styling and bright orange colour of this track machine was like meeting your childhood hero. Opening the sexy scissor doors was super cool. Getting in and out of the car, made me remember that you aren’t supposed to meet your heroes. I’m sure there’s an intense, 3-month training programme available, to help you get in and out without looking like Leonardo DiCaprio from The Wolf of Wall Street movie. But luckily most people will be focused on the car. The race cockpit really felt like it meant business, and the 650S handled anything that this track threw at it before asking, “Is that all you’ve got?”. Regardless of the impracticalities and discomforts of this racing-focused car, it’s not a car that you would take to the track on a trailer. While I would not want to drive it in urban traffic, I think it would be quite enjoyable on long, open roads.

The speed and performance of the McLaren was everything that the reviews, figures, and race pedigree would suggest. The light-weight, rear wheel drive, twinturbocharged V8 was truly amazing and exciting. Well balanced through the corners, and great aerodynamics for the straights. Now for the Turbo S... I sat in the driver’s seat – with great ease, I might add – feeling very comfortable, while not feeling like I was going to slide out of position at the first corner. As I was waiting for my instructor to jump in, the assistant, turned on the air conditioning for the seat and adjusted the steering wheel position, and the seats (in 18 ways). That basically defined the difference between these two Supercars. Immediately after taking off, and while still in pit lane, I noticed that the steering felt more responsive than the McLaren. The fourwheel steering makes the significant weight increase (over the McLaren) unnoticeable for the majority of the driving, and a great improvement on previous 911 models.

The Training Simulator

Me flying down the straight in the McLaren

The Porsche 911 Turbo S

Dallas, ready to race in the Aston Martin Vantage...

So many choices.

The brakes were also much more responsive. I got a shock, the first time applying them at speed, and felt like I was being overly aggressive. It was in high speed corners that the balance of the rear-mounted engine Porsche – and the extra weight – needed some driving style adjustment, but the Turbo S felt every bit as quick as the McLaren. The verdict: Track only, it would be one of the toughest choices one would have to make. While being a Porsche lover, the McLaren is a fantastic Supercar and the brand deserves great respect and acknowledgment. The thing that makes us love Porsches so much is that they are equally as brilliant on the track, as they are on the road. To defy the extra weight from all of the comforts and practicalities which make this a great everyday car, and make it a fierce track machine. This is what makes Porsche outstanding.

The McLaren 650S

...and the Cayman GTS.

Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Roderic Seow

The Porsche Targa Tasmania Experience

Bringing a Porsche into your life is like welcoming a new member into your family. So, when Porsche provides you the opportunity for an amazing holiday to Tasmania, you can be sure that they want you to bring your new family member too. We were lucky enough this year to travel with Porsche on their Targa Tasmania Tour for 2016. This was an all-inclusive package which covered everything from the Melbourne to Davenport ferry, accommodation, meals, Symmons Plains track day and even a Porsche jacket. This was a six-day event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Targa Tasmania road rally. Targa Tasmania is the world’s largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally event with competitors coming from all over the world. World renowned drivers including Dick Johnson, Jim Richards, Michael Doohan, Murray Walker, Peter Brock, Peter Fitzgerald, Sir Jack Brabham, Sir Stirling Moss, Steven Richards, & even Porsche legend Walter Röhrl have all driven in this great rally over the years. Since 2011 Porsche Cars Australia have been offering this amazing experience to fellow Porsche owners seeking the thrill of driving on the famous closed-road Targa stages, combined with a social gathering of fellow Porsche owners, while dining on some of the most amazing food which Tasmania has to offer. Of course, not to mention some of the best wineries Tasmania has to offer. This was by far one of the best ‘book, pay and no additional organisation required’ driving holidays experienced. Everything from the 50



transportation of our car from Perth, our accommodation, baggage transfers, meals and entertainment were all taken care of.

the others who had signed up for the tour, most of which had done the tour the year before and loved it so much they returned .

A few weeks before the event was due to start, we said our goodbyes to our Porsche at Chellingworth, as it started its own adventure on a train ride across the Nullarbor.

Morning wakeup call came early as we arrived into port at Davenport. It was a swift departure off the ferry and we were back in our cars heading to the hotel and the beginning of Targa at the Launceston Casino Hotel. Upon arrival, there was enough time to check into our room, have a quick shower and breakfast before taking to the track at Symmons Plains for a warm up day.

We later took a flight to Melbourne, and upon arrival all that was required of us was a taxi ride to Porsche Centre Melbourne. Our Porsche was already washed and waiting for us as we stepped out of the taxi! Pamela and her team did an amazing job. We were greeted with a smile, givenour keys and directions for finding the ferry which would take us onto the next stage of our journey. With that, off we went! We were soon to find out that a “ferry” over there is very different to what we have in Perth. It was a short drive to the port where we soon found a number of other Porsche owners all starting to get to know each other before driving onto the ferry. For those like us who only know a “ferry” as the little boat from South Perth to the City, this more like a huge cruise ship. There were a total 59 Porsches and 118 guests. Porsches came in all forms from GT, 911, 930, 964 Speedster, Cayman, Boxster, Cayenne, even a couple of Panamera and also of all ages from brand new to classic. On the ferry, we were all given cabins to stay in for the overnight voyage while our cars were all safe down below. Before turning in for the night, Pamela and the team gave us all a bag of goodies which included our fully-planned itinerary for the next week, plus our Porsche jackets so nobody would get lost. We then had some time to get to know

“There are very few chances you get to enjoy driving like this and once you have experienced it you are hooked and wanting more.” We all spent the day enjoying the track while also having a great lunch. During the day, our cars were also getting sponsor stickers, identification numbers and RallySafe devices installed. It was starting to become real, tomorrow we would be driving on Rally stages just like professional racing drivers. That night our co-drivers were given their rally stage notes booklets. These books were about 60 pages with notes printed on both sides. They were then told this was book one -book two would come later. Lots of arrows, Mr Squiggle lines, !, CAUTION!!, even EXTREME CAUTION!!!. For those like us who had never done this before we thought, “ummm what have we signed up for?” You could see those partners who were not told about the rally side of the “tour” and expecting a nice leisurely country drive. We were told not to worry and rest assure we would be having fun by the end of the first stage.

Day two came and it was a beautiful day, we could not have asked for better weather to start our stages. After a wholesome breakfast, we were all breath- tested to ensure a 0.00 alcohol limit before getting into our cars. We had been advised earlier that the whole event was a 0.00 event and no tolerance was allowed. Our cars were split into groups of 10 where we then were assigned a Porsche group leader who would lead our group in one of the new 991 series 911 Porsches they had assigned to the tour.

awarded. Unfortunately, there were a few incidents to remind us all that while all precautions are taken, motorsports in any form can still be dangerous and must be treated with respect. For us this came on the second last stage from the finish as we were just about to clock up 2,000KM’s of driving on Tasmanian soil. There was a lucky photographer whom actually caught us seconds before our incident, such a beautiful shot with an unfortunate end. It is a great shot and makes it look like we were travelling a lot faster than we were.

Next stop was the starting line; this was a big inflatable Targa Tasmania arch at the front of the hotel. We all set off one after the other, this was a “touring/transport stage” which is just driving to a closed road stage on normal roads while still obeying the speed limits and road rules. Just like a normal PCWA event…but hoping we would not get lost along the way. After a short drive, we arrived at the first real closed road rally stage, this was to be the first of over 40 stages in the event. As the Porsche Tour ran the stages before the official competitive race cars, we passed a number of serious race cars as we headed to the check point. None of us had helmets, race suits or harnesses like the competitors. We got to the starting point and from there we were set to go on our own with small timed gaps between each car. The co-driver notes all started to fall into place, it was mainly left or right within a distance and caution if any of the turns were sharp or if there were dips to look out for. Before we knew it, we had just driven on our first official rally stage and heading to the next one. From that moment, you could feel what makes our cars so special and knew this was going to be an unforgettable holiday. We did have a monitored speed limit of 130KM/hr but that was not a problem as most of the stages were small winding country roads. The joy and confidence comes from knowing the road is closed so there is nobody coming the other way and you are recommended to use both lanes while driving.

It was a testament to Porsche safety and all the amazing volunteers, medics and stewards who came to our rescue as we both were able to come away from the incident without any major injuries. Even though this trip did not end the way we would have planned, it was definitely the best experience and holiday we have had to date and would highly recommend it to all. As with joining PCWA, we have made new friends who are all down to earth great people and all enjoy their cars. Hellyer Gorge stage There are very few chances you get to enjoy driving like this and once you have experienced it you are hooked and wanting more.

Our car is on the mend and flights prebooked to take on this adventure again in 2017. Hopefully we will be able to share this experience with others as it is a mustdo bucket list item over and over again.

By the end of that day the feeling of exhaustion, excitement and exhilaration were all mixed into one. We ended the evening with the Porsche team all taking us out for a culinary experience at one of the great Tasmanian restaurants. The special guest for the evening was the great Jim Richards who was racing in the event with a new GT4. Each of the next four days would just get better and better. More exciting driving stages, breathtaking scenery, luxurious accommodation and mouth-watering food. For those that made it through to the final stage there was also a medal that was

Lucky shot - literally seconds before the incident

Sheffield stage

Issue 3 - 2016


Story & Photos: Richard Jamieson

1984 911 Porsche Carrera Coupe

3 years of hard work definitely paid off Before I get into the details of what was involved in the total rebuilt of my Porsche, let me share with you my first impressions of driving a 1984 911 for the very first time. Keep in mind that I’d never driven a 911 before. Driving my new purchase back from Welshpool, I wondered what purists saw in this vehicle. As a mechanic, I thought the engine was hesitant off idle, turned on at 3400 RPM and noisy in operation, the gear selection was loose and vague. The car did have a basic charm but it felt old and tired. I drove it only 123km and with all its oil leaks rolled it into the shed with mixed emotions. That was May 2013. I had no idea at the time that I’d be working on it until May 2016. A 3 Year Project

So basically it was remove engine and transmission, the complete Lube system and cleaned up, replaced seals and hoses, the oil tank required clean out, most oil lines leaked. Thanks to Pelican Parts there was no trouble with price or availability on my rebuild. I had a budget but I did all the work. I repaired and updated the wiring from front to rear. True to form, the oil cooler seals leaked on the first run. Thanks PORSCHE

So I put things back and tried to wipe away 30 years of use. The engine and transmission had all been rebuilt. Front Bilstein shockers and rear factory original shockers were replaced. All the wheel bearings were also replaced as well at 328,183km by Automotive Prestige by the previous owner so I was lucky. Walter updated components and brought it up to original 930/20 specs. It now runs and performs as intended. Details of the Restoration: Mechanical and Suspension work: Engine Exhaust Mille Miglia 1 into 2 Muffler and a Cat by Pass fitted. Induction: Cut out Air box similar to Club Sport Spec.

I spent many hours just reading and inspecting before I started on the road to bring this Coupe back to what it was intended to be… a Sports Car for road use. Sorting fact from fiction, trying to figure out what works on these 911s, is an interesting pursuit. There so many options and opinions.


to Andy Stack at Rennsport for his testing of the cooler integrity.


Fuel System: Repaired fuel tank and hoses. Fitted new Bosch fuel pump. Check delivery pressure and flow. Set base idle to spec. ECU: Remapped by (Chip 911) Steve Wong is from Los Angeles I just purchased the chip and fitted. The one in the ECU had been modified but was all over the place with timing and fuel delivery. The new chip is much smoother and delivers good torque and runs nicely to 6400 RPM. Interior: Made new door panels and rear speaker covers. The interior is original all refitted to new backing boards. The front seats were done by Exclusive Upholstery in O’Connor. The Insert material from

Walter Epple. I thank him because this is very hard to find. The Hood lining was done by World Upholstery in Willetton. I put all new sound insulation on the floor and engine bay area. Carpet set from Lakeside Interiors in Belgium. All the windows and door seals to original spec with water proof film on the inside of doors. I did it all at home. Electrical System: Rebuilt Starter motor. Re-made earth straps with heavier cable than original, separate earth cable to Starter to give better performance, correctly wired in starter relay. Fuel pump DME relay I have used as a signal to activate a Bosch 30 amp relay. I increased the size of the wiring to the fuel pump to allow better pump performance in using this configuration to manage the fuel pump it will save the DME relay carrying the current draw (amperage) and thus failing so often. Both High and Low beams are on Bosch Relays to reduce the load on the Indicator Switch and Light switch. Replaced Blower Fan motor and fitted a 7-inch high output fan to oil cooler and used the condenser fan relay from the A/C to run fan, made original horns work. Suspension: Tarrett Hollow Adjustable Sway Bar Adjustable on the front to allow better handling and balance options. The rear bar is standard with Pedder’s Red bushes and rose jointed drop links to keep better control. The original factory bushes and links were soft and would only control larger articulation of Spring Plates. Shockers are new as original and work well for intended purpose of touring our hills and wine regions. I completed factory mod for Rear Stabilizer mounts. A Strut brace is fitted to help maintain better alignment configuration to give better steering feedback. Steering: Replaced the original tie rods with 930 Turbo Units to bring the steering into line with the time and Momo steering wheel. Brakes: Discs are German Zimmermann Cross Drilled and EBC Red Brake Pads with standard Calipers, Booster and M/C. Wheels and Tires: Front 7.5X 17inch running 215x 45x17 Continental Conti 3 tires. Rear’s 9.00X17inch running 245x40x17 Continental Conti 3 tires. Wheels from Design 911 in Essex England.

face. As an old car it sure has some basic handling and performance talents even if delivery in these areas is engaging with great feedback to the driver in the true meaning of a sports car. These 911’s are like your life partner…. they are honest, give you good feedback, good to be with, do not suffer foolish behaviour very well, and look great for all occasions (bar the family transport). Properly maintained and respected, they will always be there for the ride of your life. Car Specifications: • Build Date: Nov. 1983 • Delivered: Perth May, 1984 • Body: Wide Body Coupe with sunroof and Spoiler option. • Interior: Leatherette with cloth inserts. • Color: Guards Red. • Gearbox: 915/67 which has lower final drive ratio, 2nd and 4th gear are lower ratios assisting performance. R.o.W Spec. WAVO shifter fitted to give gear shift an accurate feel. • Engine: 930/20 R.o.W Spec. 170 Kw @ 5900 RPM 284 Nm @ 4800 RPM Comp. • Ratio:10.3:1 with Dry Sump Lube and Cooler system. The Bosch electric fuel injection system and DME ignition are both controlled by the ECU. • The car is basically a standard 911 in a popular configuration. Special thanks to Peter Foote (Parts Manager at Chellingworth) for checking the originality of numbers from the factory build sheet of body, transmission and engine. These all correspond to this day. Thanks also to Pete for his assistance with Drawings and Parts.

Body: I stripped it and made it ready for painting. The guy who painted it would not do it unless he knew it was straight and rust-free. He did the magnet test and said he was happy. This was completed by Terry Main at Accord Paint and Panel in O’Connor. The rear spoiler, I bought on eBay out of Melbourne. It is Factory Original for an 84/911 Carrera. Terry has painted the outside only; all the inner paint is original. Removed A/C system and altered fresh air ducting, has foot well fans and original heater control. Removing the A/C assists handling, weight and balance as well as cooling and engine bay access. I have got it as near as I can to how it proudly left the Factory in Nov. 1983 with a bit of non-intrusive enhancement to make it reliable, drive and perform as the 911 Folk Law would have it!!! 3 Years On – What Do I Think? It was a great project and had its challenges balancing budget and achieving the end result. I’m pleased with the car overall and there are still small things that need attention to detail but I only set out to make it like it should have been kept, the more I drive it the more I appreciate its timeless looks and its ability to put a smile on my Exhaust fitment to get that great flat six noise

Adjustable Sway Bar

Instrument wiring pain! Issue 3 - 2016


Tech Corner by Brett Read

Coolant Pipe Issue on the Mezger Engine in the 996 and 997 GT3, GT2 and Turbo Cars

Water pump pipes If you own a 996 or 997 Carrera or a Boxster or Cayman of the same era you are most likely aware of the design issue with the IMS bearing in these cars. Many owners of these cars have opted to invest in having the IMS modification done to protect from having a catastrophic IMS bearing failure resulting in an almost certain bill for a replacement engine. Owners of GT3’s and Turbo cars have always taken solace in the knowledge that their cars had a different engine that did not suffer from the IMS bearing problem. Owners of these cars know that their GT3 or Turbo car is fitted with the Le Mans winning Mezger engine. This engine is a dry sump race breed engine that is reknowned for being super strong and perfectly able to stand up to demands of track work. What many may not know is that this engine also has a design fault that has the potential to cause major problems. The issue is that the Mezger engine used in the GT and Turbo range of 996 and 997 series cars has coolant pipes that are fitted to the engine using an adhesive. There is no metal-to-metal friction or press-fit to keep these tubes in place, so after enough heat cycles the adhesive will soften/loosen up and the tube will come out of the cast block (with the hose still attached), resulting in a rapid loss of engine coolant. If this happens when you are driving on the highway or on the track it could result in a high-speed crash when slippery coolant sprays all over the rear tyres. The problem and a discussion of the merits of the different fix options can be found on Porsche forums such as Rennlist or 6 Speed Online. There are two common modifications that are designed to address the issue. One involves welding the steel tubes into the cast alloy engine block. The second option involves pinning the tubes in place. The guys at Sharkwerks in the US have written a really good article on the issue and they discuss the two options in detail so I will not go into more detail other than to say that they recommend pinning not welding. If you 54



own a 996 or 997 with a Mezger engine or are considering buying one you should definitely read the Sharkwerks article which can be found at: http://www.sharkwerks.com/porsche/technical-articles/327-the-gt1coolant-pipe-prevention-fix-on-gt1-block-gt3-gt2-turbo-cars.html One important point that Sharkwerks makes is: “Regardless of how the vehicle is driven, it seems this problem may eventually effect all 996/997 Turbo, GT2 and GT3 models including the 2010+ GT3 and GT3RS.” In my reading on the issue on the forums there are many instances where this failure has occurred and it would appear that it is happening more frequently as these cars age. It seems the issue is much more understood in the US as they have a lot more GT3’s being used on the track. Sharkwerks’ advice is that the issue can happen under any driving conditions. Opinion on the various forums tends to be that tracking your car makes the likelihood of having a coolant pipe separation much more likely. Moreover, the issue is considered to be such a high risk that Porsche Clubs in the US are not allowing GT3’s or Turbo cars that have not had a modification done to take part in track events. So, after reading the Sharkwerks article I discussed the options with Cade Bell at Racing Dynamics. We had the engine out of my 996 Turbo to do other work so it made sense to address this issue at the same time. From my experience with vehicles and plant I know the difficulties of trying to weld different metals so it was an easy decision to go down the tapping and pinning path. It takes a bit of time to research and check all the different lines that need to be pinned. The ones on the water pump are easy to get to.

Some of the other pipes are a bit harder to get to, especially up around the oil cooler.

Once done, it provides good peace of mind knowing that this design fault has been addressed.

As I was reading up on the Sharkwerks fix, I saw that they had identified a Porsche OEM plastic hose that was also a weak point and they had made a steel replacement.

As the Sporting Director for the Club, I highly recommend that anyone who is tracking a Mezger engine GT3 or Turbo car have this modification done before tracking your car.

I emailed Sharkwerks to confirm whether I needed to replace this particular pipe. Alex Ross from Sharkwerks came back with a speedy response which confirmed that this part was used on the GT3 only and that the Turbo just needed pinning of the pipes we had identified.

If you are planning on doing Targa events in one of these cars, then I believe it is an absolute must. The consequences of having a coolant pipe failure at high speed on a fast bend in the forest is not a risk that I can live with.

Adhesive joints

GT3 Replacement Pipe

Oil cooler inlet

Pinned pipe

Oil Cooler

Issue 3 - 2016


Story & Photos: Deryck Graham

A Sound Idea….Post-Intermission

Sabine at RSR Nurburg What happens when a short but intense romance breaks up? Sadness, frustration, some craziness or maybe a focus on the next exciting event?

that night, a very grumpy group of would-be racers arrived at the hotel overlooking the Nordschleife German Grand Prix track with stories of assassination plans not completed!

Well, that was just what happened when PCWA members handed back their Porsches to Porsche Stuttgart after 7 days and 1500km of driving in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Bye bye 991 GTS 200kmph ++ autobahn mean machine, bye bye you roof down Boxster GTS alpine hugging dream machine! WHAT’S NEXT?! Roll on Nürburgring Nordschleife and the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

Next day was the much anticipated outing on Nürburgring with a group of very fast Renault Sport Meganes awaiting our driving pleasure. Not content with just a dry track, we ordered up the wettest track day possible with relentless rain complete with only 50-metre visibility and cross-track riverlets. Were we worried, you might ask? YOU BET! The nice instructor at RSR Track Days informed us that he had driven “the Ring” over 200 times and he would certainly not go out on a day like today – unless you paid him. THAT MADE US FEEL A LOT BETTER! We hit the track at 5pm by which time the rain had dropped from torrential to consistent – just the break we needed to have some fun.

Excited race car drivers boarded our chartered bus at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, bound for Nürburg where the world famous Nürburgring is. This was normally only a 3 hour drive. Remember, the autobahns are not always fast despite visions of endless open tarmac. What followed was the bus trip from hell! Yes, the slowest possible bus driver in the fastest driving country took control and hit the truck (slow) lane for a 7 hour stop-start journey. Alan Guelfi was ready to exercise his superb bus driving prowess but the German woman driver would have none of it. Later 56



Lap after lap, we went out for some of the slipperiest laps, a touch below the lap records but was it exciting? Sure was! I was doing 12 minute + laps and getting more sideways action than my 8min 20 laps. Those drivers that drive the 24 hour DTM races in all weather are gods!

That night at dinner, there were many relieved faces knowing that we all completed our dream of “one day driving on the ring in very, very wet conditions” and finished in one piece! This was not taken for granted, as on the first lap on corner 12, there was a brand new BMW M6 with its nose smashed in by a metre and some unhappy drivers surveying that rearrangement. It happens every public day and more often than not, many times. People mistakenly think track driving means driving the car much faster and very early on in the track circuit. Well, their theory is usually proven wrong! To bed and excited about driving on SpaFrancorchamps, we all slept ridiculously well. Ready for another great day of racing the next day, this time in haze and even more rain, complete with great aquaplaning opportunities. The 112 km drive from Nürburging to SpaFrancorchamps is through alpine forests with switch-back corners followed by the amazing green pastures few of which have fences or gutters. You feel like you are driving on some magical grey carpet laid out ahead for your car. Our convoy did not include very

competitive drivers at all so no one wanted to be out in front – which must have been why the lead car in our pack was changing constantly, with friends in our convoy zooming past and overtaking with big smiles on their faces! The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is just incredible with over 7 km of perfect track with massive run-offs, the huge Kemmel Straight, massive descents and of course famed corners like Eau Rough and Bruxelles to keep you focused. I learnt to drive at 200kmph with 50 metres of visibility with the help of just faint red taillights of cars ahead as part of the navigation process. We rotated drivers out on the circuit and were like a family of anxious parents when each car was out on the super-wet track. We awaited their return and sighed our relief when they did return safely. I must say, it was nice to feel loved 8-10 times a day. :) But as a driver, you gradually learn to adjust to prevailing driving conditions and you bed in for the wonder of what the track has to offer. I think the PCWA crew ultimately took to the Spa track like ducks to water! Each of our drivers got to experience the thrill of 20 laps or 140km on the track. That makes for hours of driving experience! The team at RSR was quite exceptional. They gave

very detailed briefings, took us on a pre-race track walk (if we got there early) and allocated their experienced race car professionals to teach each of our drivers the pros and cons of the track. On top of this, there was plenty of good food, hot and cool drinks and various refreshments catered for throughout the day. In between drives, we had the opportunity to explore the pit areas and see cars and teams you would never see in Australia. Teams of Radicals, BMWs, 991 Cup Cars, Merc AMG GT race cars, McLarens and Lamborghinis that actually race, not just promenade in first gear! That night at the sublimely beautiful Romantik Hotel Le Val D’Ambleve in Stavelot Belgium, in proximity to the Spa circuit, we had plenty of stories to share of the past two days of track driving. After 10 days of sharing some of the most amazing scenery, driving, spa hotels and racetracks we had formed a camaraderie rich and strong with Michael Broughton and Alan Guelfi keeping us laughing every day; Andy and Kathy Stack chatting everyone up via Rennie their overly cute Porsche travel teddy bear; Alba Cinquini ensuring everyone was back safe post-race; Jenny Blainey, Kirsty Gamonsway, Grace Tan and Eunice Dimbi forming the (pretend) Very Famous Peoples’ Club and signing autographs for unsuspecting passers-by at the Spa Circuit, Rick Smith and Kristy tag team driving incredible levels we all praised, and Rodger Greville just smiling on

a constant basis. We were absolutely loving it! Last but not least Barry Elmslie and Marina De Haan were always keen to be first off and see the experiences we all so enjoyed. Our last stop was Daun, for a stay in the Romantick Schloss Hotel - a proud German castle high on a hill. With driving and racing behind us now, we all became tourists in enjoying the luxurious spa (even more!), the quaint cobble stoned streets and delightful forest walks. That night we all knew it was our last dinner together and we cried – with laughter for hours, as we recalled the funny stories friends experienced on the journey, recounted wonderful moments which happened and realized that we all formed friendships that would last for many years. The next day, other tears appeared as the tourists from the far off land of Western Australia made their respective journeys home or onward trips, leaving Grace and I arm-in-arm on our own. We felt that incredible sense you get when you know you have just experienced something very special and absolutely memorable. We woke Sabine up again and headed to Brussels for some quiet sight-seeing, secretly missing our friends very much. One day, we will do it all again….

Splash down on Spa with Grace giving directions

Issue 3 - 2016


(Pretend) Very Famous Peoples Club

Andy, Kathy and Renni on Nurburgring

Rain traffic 200kmph all good

Delightful Dining at the Hotel Le Val D’Ambleve

Grace and I and the car named Sabine parked outside the Porsche Museum

Who’s got the biggest smile

Grace Switzerland

Last Night at Castle in Daun

Post-Nurburgring Race High

We don’t look a bit nervous

Spa walk

Team PCWA at Porsche Museum happy pre Bus Drive From Hell

Deryck & Grace Driver Navigator Team Nurburgring 58 PORSCHE WEST

Eunice and Grace Bye Bye 991 GTS

Happy snaps Stuttgart

Story: Chris Molloy

September 11th to 18th

Porsche Muster – 2016 Race to Stop Cancer - Race Across the Nullarbor

4 wheel driving, 911 style an adapted ute cover for extra weather protection and Ian, the new owner of last year’s Porsche Muster car, the white 944S2, provided us lodging and dinner in Melbourne.

A brisk minus 2 at the top of Mount Hotham, Victoria This year the 3rd annual Porsche Muster Race to Stop Cancer returned to its origin; A Race Across the Nullarbor. The annual Porsche Muster is the longest classic Porsche fundraising drive in the world. This year the distance was 6000km, meaning a fundraising target of $6000. After shipping our trusty ’90 964 C4 cab to Perth, we were aiming to make the drive across Australia from West to East in 7 days. So briefly, how did it go? After the amazing send off from the PCWA cars and coffee event at City Beach and the convoy drive to lunch in the hills South of Perth, we rendezvoused with members of the respective Porsche Club chapters in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. There were also a few Porsche specific encounters including a border patrol gentleman in Ceduna with an ex track ’84 911, a couple headed to Phillip Island with their GT3 cup car which was wearing

Other highlights included climbing the 150 metal spikes that take you 52 metres up to the Diamond Tree fire lookout near Pemberton, visiting the National ANZAC Centre in Albany, whale watching at Head of Bight in SA and of course chasing endless horizons across the Nullarbor is something you just need to experience to appreciate. The stunning scenery and country roads of Victoria leading into the Australian high country is simply sublime from behind the wheel of a Porsche. Going off road on a flat dry lake bed in the outback was a bunch of fun in the 911. Our Nullarbor Links golf tournament ended with David winning after 5 holes played a staggering 28 over, on 48, with me on 55. The 2016 Porsche Muster was a success from the point of view of safety, fun, reliability and lifelong memories. Final distance was around 5600km due to weather related detours. The fundraising continues towards the $6000 target. Our most sincere thanks to those of you who have donated. To donate to our Cure Cancer Australia fundraising effort go to https://curecancer.gofundraise.com.au/ page/RACE_ACROSS_THE_NULLARBOR The Porsche Muster would like to thank Simon Greenwood of Autowerks NSW and Andy Stack of Rennsport Motors WA for making sure our

car was prepared for the trip. Grace, Deryck and Edward from PCWA, Kym from PCSA, Carly from PCVIC and Roxanne from PCNSW. We are truly grateful to all of you for helping us to connect with Porsche enthusiasts across the country. Thanks to all the club members that came out to meet us for coffee and a chat and to encourage us to complete the trip. We would also like to thank our key sponsor Warren and Brown for their ongoing support. The Porsche Muster will return in 2017. We will be working closely with the various Porsche Clubs to make sure everyone has plenty of notice and time to prepare. Driving a Porsche is always an occasion, driving a Porsche to raise money for a worthwhile cause just makes it so much more enjoyable and ultimately gives it a purpose that will benefit our community. We sincerely hope that you can join us on this amazing adventure next year. For the full story and photos, visit www.porschemuster.com

The start of the Nullarbor Plain Issue 3 - 2016


Story: Dee Page Photos: Daniel Eigenmann

The Page Porsche Dream Interview with Robert Page

the doors and spoiler could be opened. It was the nearest I would get for that time to owning the car I had in my sights, some day. The day came at Chinese New Year 2005. We had lived and worked in Singapore for many years so Asian celebrations and rituals had become significant to us. Engrossed as an advisor on major construction contracts in terms of over-runs of time, owning a Porsche was an idea off in the future for when we returned to Perth. That Chinese New Year, Dee and I were visiting family in Perth. We went to look at K-Tec’s stock through the window.

Rob, what, where and when did the passion begin? “It was in California (1970s) in my mid20s. I was Project Manager on a small commercial development owned by a dentist. He invited me to lunch and I offered to drive us. ‘Let’s go in my car” he said. It was a Porsche, yellow with a black roof. I thought “Wow! I’ve just got to have one. I loved its shape, colour, its sound and power.”

In the 1990s, a friend of my wife and mine in Perth owned a metallic aubergine 911 and offered me a go at the wheel. I kept a photo of me standing by his car thinking ‘One day soon’. In 1998 for my birthday my dear wife, Dee, threw a surprise party at our black and white former British Army house in tropical, steamy Singapore. There for the Happy Birthday song a Burgundy 911 birthday cake was unveiled, complete with Porsche key ring, and a model toy car as part of the gift,

‘That’s your car Robert!’ Dee urged. “Today is Chinese New Year, those colours represent it (a metallic Burgundy (red) body with Savannah Beige (gold) interior), we live in Asia and today we spoke of our gratitude for what has transpired. Also soon we will move back to Perth.” That was three years before we returned to live permanently. We bought the car, drove it when we were here and stored it with a professional luxury car minder until returning to live here in 2008. “It has been a source of pleasure ever since. And we are now thoroughly enjoying being members of Porsche Club WA.”

Story: Robin Garbutt

How I Got My Porsche

I thought “why not look?”. In its underground garage and approaching it from behind, I thought the gleaming white shape looked rather sexy and the leather of the terracotta upholstery certainly titillated my nostrils. A short explore of the Boxster’s individual characteristics and the car was mine.

Robin’s favourite car It was the occasion of a big “0” birthday and my wonderful son hired an Avis Holden Astra convertible for 24 hours. November is warm and welcomes breezes through your hair, so son Ian and I made the most of it. After lunch with friends at Kings Park 60



Frasers Restaurant and a starlit drive and dinner in the scenic Swan Valley, I found I really needed a convertible in Perth! While half-heartedly looking at Astras for sale, I was advised by a friend about a 3-year old Boxster ‘S’ and, as it was close by in Subiaco,

Two years later it came to me that I should join the local Porsche Club, to participate in social events. So, at a Northam German Car Day I became a member and found that I should also participate in speed events. Fortunately, I gained excellent training from well-known racer Jim Richards who was visiting Perth at the time and have now had my speed licence for 10 years. Even though the Boxster is an entry level Porsche, except for taking junk to the tip it’s surprisingly versatile and, even without any modifications, it performs excitingly well on curves. Nothing quite like speeding around a track and beating your own PB. Lots of fun and thrills any time and every time.

Story: Michael Broughton

9th to 13th September

Goodwood Revival & Porsche Driver training at Silverstone No CAMS or equivalent license was required, so it was a free-for-all derby, with many drivers diving into corners to overtake, contrary to track rules. We saw seven red flags within the hour and all drivers were debriefed on staying on the track and only overtaking on the straights. The Clerk of the Course was particularly critical of the Radicals, which is essentially a racing car, saying several of them that morning “had seen more grass than Bob Marley”. I also visited the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, New Forest, and the British Motor Museum. Happy to share some photos if anyone is interested. Retro Rockers

As an enthusiastic owner of a 1965 Porsche 356 SC, which I have owned, driven and raced for over 23 years, historic cars are my passion.

“Several of them that morning “had seen more grass than Bob Marley”. In September this year, I attended the Goodwood Revival for 3 action-packed days, where the world’s most rarest and iconic cars, with impeccable racing history, were driven at a frenetic pace, often by talented and highly credentialed drivers, with one goal, to win the event, at all costs. Goodwood also hosted a tribute to our own iconic legend Sir Jack Brabham, Barry Sheene, motorbike champion and the UK’s win at the FIFA World Cup against West Germany in 1966.

Porsche had a display of select modern and classic cars at their display but the highlight for me was an early 60’s 356 quad cam motor, on a stand, started every hour on the hour, and left to purr beautifully. Check out www.goodwood.com After Goodwood, I participated in a Porsche driver-training course at Silverstone on their own racing track, incorporating skidpans and a slick oval circuit for lots of impromptu fun. The range of current cars I drove included, Porsche Carrerra, GT3 RS, 3.8 and 4.0, and a GT2. My final day was at the Silverstone GP track driving with an instructor in a Mazda MX-5 track car, sharing the circuit with a plethora of enthusiastic owners, driving La Ferrari’s, Porsche 918 hybrids, McLarens, Aston Martin’s and a bunch of lunatic Radical drivers. Driver training in the MX-5 at Silvertone GP track

356 quad cam motor

German u boat commander

GT3 and GT2

MX-5 training car

Porsche display at Silverstone

Porsche display at Goodwood Issue 3 - 2016


Story: David Anderson

A Tale of Many Porsches and a 993 Road Trip

On the shores of Lake Macquarie Nineteen Eighty-Four wasn’t only George Orwell’s year, it was also mine because it was the year I bought my first Porsche. In 1984 and 1985 the motorways, roads and hedge-lined lanes of Kent in the south of England were my happy hunting ground in a Guards Red 1974 2.7 Carrera Targa. After two years living in the UK and Europe, my wife Judy and I had returned to Australia in late 1985. Coincidentally just in time for the first Adelaide F1 GP! We’d arranged to ship the 911 back and we continued to enjoy it for another year before selling it to the late Ian Cocks of Adelaide Grand Prix fame. By then the Porsche bug had well and truly bitten. I can still recall a UK friend telling me, “There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who’ve got a Porsche and those who want one!”. And although a succession of mostly BMWs and Benzes followed, I could never get the visceral feel or the unmistakeable sound of an air-cooled 911 out of my system.

Lennon’s prescient words, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” were never far from my thoughts, and for me those “other plans” definitely included Porsche ownership. So after more than a decade of being Porsche-free, in the early 2000s I bought a purpose-built track/ race car - a Riviera Blue RSR Replica that had been built by RJP Motorsport for a WA client – a car that I had fallen in lust with at first sight. The pathway to purchase was made a whole lot smoother after I’d deliberately steered Judy towards it at Barbagallo Raceway and her first comment upon seeing the car was, “What a beautiful colour!”.

“There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who’ve got a Porsche and those who want one!”

A few years spent racing and enjoying that car certainly sated my Porsche appetite, but eventually it had to go to make way for a pleasure boat, something Judy said we could enjoy together as a couple. Strangely, I’d had no inkling that she hadn’t been getting as much enjoyment out of the Porsche as I had! However, after a few very enjoyable (but again Porsche-free) years of boating here and on the east coast, I again self-diagnosed with AWP - Advanced Porsche Withdrawal - a condition that was quickly remedied with the purchase of yet another RJP-built track car in August 2013. This time it was a very light, very straight, narrow-bodied 1976 road/track car with 3.4 quite urgent litres bringing up the rear.

But that dream had to take a back seat for a few years when Judy and I moved from Adelaide to Perth in 1996 to start our recruitment business. And even though we were flat out building the business, John

In the years since, having totally succumbed to the Porsche virus, I’ve indulged in a moving feast of 911s which have included a 1969 2.0 911S, a 1976 930, several late-1970s Targas and an assortment of 1970s and




1980s SCs, as well as the subject of our recent road trip - a 1996 993 Carrera 2. Just two non air-cooled cars have found their way in - a 997.1 Carrera S and a 997.1 GT3 Clubsport. As I write this, the collection has been whittled down to four - a 1979 SC Targa, the road/track car, the 993 and the GT3. The Polar Silver 993 first caught my eye on Carsales because the ad touched my “911 Hot Rod” nerve, a condition that had afflicted me for some time. The car had been extensively and expensively modified under the skin, with the list of mods reading like a who’s who of the Porsche-fettling industry. The most significant upgrade had been the replacement of the Tiptronic transmission with an Albert Motorsport-built 6-speed G50 box with RS ratios, Porsche Motorsport 60/40 LSD with a 4:1 final drive. An RS lightweight flywheel, RS clutch, FD Motorsports “Golden Rod” shift rod, short shift kit and a genuine, and very pretty, RS gear lever completed the picture. Other upgrades included Bilstein PSS-10 adjustable coilovers, RS adjustable sway bars, Big Red Turbo brakes with RS rotors, braided brake lines, RS engine and transmission mounts and Elephant Racing strut brace and bushes. The final mechanical touches were a Motor Sound airbox and ceramic-coated headers feeding into Fabspeed X-pipe stainless sport cats. Apart from breathing a little more freely, the engine is a standard 210 kW/282 hp 3.6 Varioram. In the looks department, the car has been lowered over 18” 3-piece Tramont Cup wheels and sports Turbo bumpers front and rear, Turbo S front scoops, LEDs with

clear lenses and lightweight RS door cards. Even with a cursory read of the specs it wasn’t difficult to see where the owner’s claimed $90k of expenditure had gone. So with a rap sheet like that, I did what any Porsche obsessive would do – I bought the car sight unseen! Not only that, but I proposed that instead of freighting the car to Perth, we’d fly to Sydney, pick the car up and embark on a seven-day road trip up the east coast, ending at a friend’s place on the Gold Coast. We’d then freight the car back to Perth from Brisbane. What could possibly go wrong? The 993 can trace its origins directly to the very first production 901/911 in 1964. Hand-built on essentially the same body shell architecture as that 1964 car, the 993 stretched Porsche’s air-cooled engine technology about as far as it could go in a road car, with one pundit declaring that “the 993 was and forever will be that last fresh breath of air that Porsche gave the world”. Porsche’s engineers had also developed a totally new multi-link rear suspension for the car, utilising a light-alloy subframe with coils and wishbones. From a design perspective, the 993 is widely regarded as one of the best resolved of all the 911 designs. The work of Englishman Tony Hatter, the 993 smoothed out the lines of the preceding G-series “big bumper” cars, a feature that had been dictated by US safety regulations. An uneventful flight to Sydney saw us arrive at the French’s Forest home of the 993’s owner at around 3.00pm. A detailed explanation of the work that had been done on the car, illustrated with a thick file of invoices, took over an hour and so by 4.30 we were on our way north. First impressions of the car were mixed. The suspension was quite “solid”, even though the owner had kindly adjusted the PSS10s to their softest setting, but the engine and gearbox were simply glorious. The urgency (and the sound!) of the Varioram engine and the notchiness of the 6-speed RS gearbox were just what I had hoped for and made for an exciting trip through peak-hour Sydney traffic! Our first stop was a friend’s place just north of Hornsby – an area that we knew well from our boating days out of Bobbin Head – which gave

me a chance to forensically and objectively examine the car. It was easy to see where the previous owner had spent that $90k, as the car was in mint condition. The paintwork was perfect, the interior unmarked and I had even warmed to the driving experience in the hour or so it took to escape the Sydney traffic. The suspension seemed to have softened, the gearbox was a delight once the oil had warmed and the engine was as eager as ever. In short, the car was everything, and a bit more, than I had hoped for. After a couple of days catching up with friends in the area, I couldn’t wait to let this 993 off its leash. So on the third day we headed up the M1, referred to locally as the Pacific Highway, to our first stop by the Brooklyn Bridge over the Hawkesbury – a bridge that we had cruised under many times in our boat, but had never driven over in a Porsche. We both had a feeling of exhilaration to have escaped the confines of Sydney and to be on the wide, open road at last! The 993 revelled in the conditions, loping along at over 110kph in 6th, although the short final drive meant that the engine was revving a bit higher than I’d been used to in other 911s. Notwithstanding that, you could tell that she was in her element on the Australian “autobahns”. The next few days saw us get off the beaten track and take some winding back roads through places like Laurieton, North Haven, Buladelah and the imaginatively-named Sandy Beach, as well as major centres like Gosford, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Ballina, and Lennox Head. In truth, the A1/Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane is a national disgrace, with much of it a basic 2-lane country road, with speed-restricted

Home at last

roadworks taking up around one-quarter of our journey. It really didn’t look like much progress had been made in the decades since we’d driven a motorhome through here back in the 90s! Of course the 993 hated these conditions, balking at the snail’s pace 60 and 80kph roadwork limits and constantly tugging to be let off the leash and to crank up the decibels on the Fabspeed exhaust. When the road opened up so did the throttle and the 993 sang and danced her way through forests, farmland and canefields with not a care in the world.A few days into our journey, a chance comment on Facebook found us meeting up with some fellow Porschephiles in Byron Bay, resulting in a convoy of classic 911s, along with an outlaw 356, taking a fast cruise up into the hinterland to indulge in a leisurely brunch in Newrybar, a secluded, serene village about 20kms inland from Byron. Meeting Chris, Steve and their mates was a highlight of our journey and of course Porsche conversation dominated proceedings, with Judy entertaining the boys with her passenger’s take on our Porsche road trip. I had mixed feelings as we pulled into our friends’ place on the Gold Coast. It was great to have arrived safely and without incident, and lovely to see our friends again, but deep down I would have been happy to have kept going - to find some more winding country roads and to give the 993 its head. On the other hand, after 7 days of thoroughly getting to know the car, I couldn’t have been happier with my sight-unseen purchase. She hadn’t missed a beat, she’d done everything demanded of her without complaint, and she’d given Judy and myself a rapid and comfortable week-long road trip up the east coast of Australia. What more could we have asked for?

The Byron Bay convoy

Saying goodbye in Brisbane. See you in Perth

The 993 at rest by the Brooklyn Bridge over the Hawkesbury River

More of the Byron Bay convoy

The first 911 after a long dry spell. RSR Replica.

Where it all began. Porsche 1974 2.7 Carrera Targa in the UK

Custom sound system Issue 3 - 2016


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Daniel Eigenmann Finance Professional and PCWA member. Mobile 0412 022 110 Australian Credit License Number 389087

Issue 3 - 2016





Profile for Composite Colour

Porsche West 3 - 2016  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia.

Porsche West 3 - 2016  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia.

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