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Issue 2 - 2015




Godfrey’s 30 Years at the PCWA

Christmas in July

Collie Sprints (ssr4)

Gary and Mo’s Mystery Tour


Issue 2 - 2015



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Issue 2 - 2015





Tr e a s u r e r ’s re p o r t


3 0 Ye a r s a t t h e P C W A


Presidents Repor t & Committee


Harpers Happy 4th Bir thday Present


Membership repor t


PCWA Club Merchandise


We b m a s t e r ’s re p o r t


Keep it original


The 17th overall victory for Porsche at the Le Mans 24-Hours


P C W A “ Ve r y P ro p e r ” W i n e r y To u r & L u n c h


Market Update - 964


J u l i e a n d N a t a s h a ’s We s t C o a s t Motor Museum Drive and BBQ


Wa s t h i s t h e f i r s t s p e e d i n g t i c k e t and Rolls Royce in WA?


5.9 Billion Kilometres: one of the PCWAs more ambitious weekend runs?


356 Corner


A n d y S t a c k ’s Te c h i e D a y


How much of a Porsche Nut are you?


G a r y & M o ’s M y s t e r y L u n c h r u n


M y 3 0 Ye a r s i n t h e P o r s c h e C l u b o f W A


S p o r t s S e r i e s R o u n d 4 / C o l l i e We e k e n d


A r e y o u u n d e r i n s u re d ?


Series Round 5


A i r - c o o l e d v e r s u s Wa t e r - c o o l e d


P C W A C h r i s t m a s i n J u l y – Yo r k We e k e n d R u n S p o r t s


Change to Porsche & PCWA EXPERIENCE



our supporters I F / C : C a r s t e ro s h o p . c o m . a u

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Issue 2 - 2015


treasurer’s report

TREASURER’S REPORT PERIOD ENDED 31 JULY 2015 The club had a positive cash flow for the period ended to 31 July 2015. The opening bank balance at 1 January 2015 was $42,124 and at 31 July 2015 it was $52,703. Cash flows for the period are detailed below. Revenue - Membership - Fees received for sporting series - Advertising in magazine - Sales of merchandise - Laser Mail postage subsidy - Bank interest Total revenue

16,005 24,000 8,512 1,545 165 485 _______ $50,712 _______

Expenditure - Membership costs - Sporting series fees and costs - Printing and Stationery - Purchase of merchandise - Meetings - Social functions – net expense - Insurance - Website expenses - Bank fees - Donations - Council of motor clubs membership

4,147 20,528 6,279 3,833 2,058 1,099 855 716 443 100 75 _______

Total Expenditure

$40,133 _______

Net income for the period

$10,579 _______

There has been a good positive cash inflow for the period with membership income strong from new members joining and the balance of 2014 fees. More fees will be received towards the end of the year when members renew for 2016. Advertising income from the Porsche West has reached over $8,500 which is a good contribution to the costs of printing and distribution. The social events have been well attended and as usual the income covers the cost. We have paid a deposit of $2,500 for the Christmas party which is why there is a net expense at present. The club usually contributes towards the Christmas party so there will be a net cost at the end of the year. 4



president’s report done in his PDK Boxster. Simon Line also performed very well in his lovely 911RS.

Welcome to issue 2 of Porsche West for 2015! Currently we are all shivering in a very cold Perth winter. But while the temps have been low of late and the rain has been falling, the climate in our sports series and social event list has been hot! This is all thanks to our new Social Directors “Team Irvine” and Barry the Butterfly Nash our illustrious sporting director. On the sporting side of things we are all enjoying the extremely tight competition in all classes and new this year are some very fast (and loud) cars prepared by Richard James. Clearly Richard knows his stuff and his clients know how to peddle a Porsche! Also Tom Wolfe is not sporting a lovely 996 GT3 setup by our mates at Ktec, and we can see these guys also know their stuff! It’s fantastic to know we have such specialists available in WA for track and racing setup. See full reports in this issue of both SSR4 & SSR5 however our latest round (SSR6) will be reported in full in edition 3 of Porsche West. SSR4 at Collie was an important day because the outright club lap record for Collie Motorplex was broken by Daniel Devires. Congratulations also goes to Gary Jacobs for breaking the A Class club lap record, Chris Westal for breaking B class club lap record and Andy Tudor for breaking the C Class club lap record. SSR5 was another manic affair with 38 cars lined up at MC Motorsport. Some hot times were recorded again and special mention going to Janet Galbraith, Robin Garbut & Julie Irvine who all raced and who are all competing in our inaugural Ladies Plate competition. SSR6 was again a super affair with some really fast times, excellent smooth driving and ultra close results, with Tim Wolfe in his flying 996 GT3 recording the fastest time of the day just pipping Daniel Devres in his 74RS Replica. Kudos also goes to Gary Jacobs who set a blistering time to come in 3rd in his Cayman S and Daniel Bathe who again showed how it’s

In the month of June the committee also unveiled our new club apparel. We now have some lovely new Club Jackets which are both warm but light weight making it excellent for winter driving keeping the arms free for twisty roads. We also have added some club Beanies, Sleeveless Vests, Club caps with varying coloured brims, T Shirts, Polo’s and much more! A very hearty thank you to Julie Jacobs for taking her memberships role to an entirely new level, by also putting her hand up to organise this. On the social side of things I would like to thank everyone who hosted a social event. Events featured in this issue include Gary and Mo’s Mystery Lunch, Andy’s Techie Day at Rennsport Garage, Rick & Kirsty’s Porsche Gravity & Reality Tour, Julie & Natasha’s West Coast Motor Museum Drive & BBQ, and the PCWA “Very Proper” Winery Tour & Lunch. Rudy’s Christmas in July event will be reported in Issue 3. Thanks also goes to Rotorvation Helicopters for offering their venue for our April Club Meeting and also to David Blainey & Wheels World for always saying yes to our club, for both club and committee meetings. Some dates to remember, looking forward, are November 29 for our annual Concours d’ Elegance and December 5, for our Christmas Party & Awards night. Also on the horizon will be a day at the drags, we do expect that event to be full so keep an eye on the club website for more info as it comes to hand. I hope you enjoy this 2nd instalment of our club magazine for 2015 and please remember if you would like to share your Porsche Story or showcase your Porsche in this publication, please let us know!

club committee 2015

President: Edward Roose


Vice President: Roger Bernhardt


Treasurer : Graeme Robson treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

Social Director: Julie Irvine social@porscheclubwa.org.au

Social Director: Natasha Irvine social@porscheclubwa.org.au

Sporting Director: Barry Nash sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au

Secretary: David Blainey


Membership: Julie Jacobs


Positions Vacant. Publications and Webmaster: Email if interested

See you all out there & Go Porsche! Cheers Edward Roose Club President.

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Click the name of the committee member below to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you.

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Issue 2 - 2015



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membership report Blaise Paris 911 964 RSR Replica Brad and Ridge Kidd 911 74RS IROC Replica Jason and Josephine Malecky Boxster S Rob McNeilage Mark Wong Tom and Brooke Colton 911 GT3 RS

A special welcome to our new and returning members Lee Brown Boxster S Lee’s first taste of the PCWA was at Collie Motorplex, you may have seen some of his sterling efforts on our face book page. Thank you Lee for all the track pictures! Lee is a Rookie and will be in the running for the PCWA Rookie of the Year award. Andy King 911 Phill Theunissen and Family 911 Richard Jamieson 911 Craig Wengel and Family 911 Cabriolet Symon Aked Cayman Tony Baxter and family 911 Dave Gilbert and Family 911 Racing Dynamics Corporate Membership includes Cade Bell Jason Grey Michael Simon Connor Richards and Rebecca Price

Welcome back to Derek and Dianne Pegg , they have returned to Perth after their travels and resumed their membership with the club. They are long standing members and Derek is also a former president of our club. So far this year we have welcomed 34 new, or returning, memberships to our club. This gives us a total of 266 memberships, consisting of 1 Corporate, 151 Family and 115 Individual with a total of 518 members. We understand that circumstances change, please email me if you have changed address or need to change your membership status, or you can log in and update your details on the website. I will be resigning my position as membership secretary at the end of 2015. If you are interested in this position, please contact me at memberships@porschewa.org.au Julie Jacobs

webmaster’s report Currently we are a club without a Webmaster so I have been taking care of business in this respect for 2015. The new PCWA club merchandise pictures and prices are finally on our website http://www.porscheclubwa.org. au/ including a word document order form to return to us should you wish to place an order.

Please make sure you keep an eye on the website for any new future events which will be added as they come to hand. If anyone thinks they have what it takes to become the PCWA webmaster please email me or give me a call anytime.

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Editor: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Advertising: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2015 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151



Also the latest sporting result & club championship points, including the latest photos are available by way of the sports series tab located on the club website. Our club face book page has also been popular allowing members to share photos, links, items for sale and other info with the rest of the membership who are also on facebook.

Issue 2 - 2015




Cheers and Go Porsche Edward Roose PCWA Club President, Webmaster. Godfrey’s 30 Years at the PCWA

Christmas in July

Collie Sprints (ssr4)

Gary and Mo’s Mystery Tour


Issue 2 - 2015 7


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The 17th overall victory for Porsche at the Le Mans 24-Hours On Sunday, 14th June 2015, the trio of Earl Bamber (NZ), Nico Hülkenberg (GER) and Nick Tandy (GBR) took the 17th overall victory for Porsche at the Le Mans 24-Hours. They were followed across the line by the sister car of Timo Bernhard (GER), Brendon Hartley (NZ) and Mark Webber (AUS). This made it the fourth one-two result for the brand after achieving this in 1971, 1987 and 1998. But there are more interesting facts and figures about the race. • The winning team completed 395 laps (5,382,82 kilometres). This year’s race was only two laps short of the longest distance covered in Le Mans back in 2010. • The average speed of the winning Porsche 919 Hybrid was 224.2 km/h. • The highest top speed of a Porsche 919 Hybrid in the race was 340,2 km/h and done by Mark Webber on Saturday at 16:40 hrs. • The Porsche 919 Hybrid recuperated and used 2,22 kWh (8 megajoule) per lap. If it was a power plant, a family home could be supplied with electricity for three months. • The head count for the Porsche Team’s operational crew was 120 people. • The Porsche Team made 90 pit stops, 30 per car. • At 26 of these stops tyres and drivers were also changed. • The longest distance covered with one set of tyres was 54 laps for all three cars. In car number 17 Mark Webber did this ultra long run, in car number 18 it was Neel Jani

and in the number 19 prototype it was Nico Hülkenberg. • 116 tyres in total were used by all three Porsche 919 Hybrids over the race distance. • A tyre on a rim weighs 19,9 kilograms. This means, just in relation to wheels, the mechanics moved 2,308.4 kilograms. • The fastest pit stop, including a tyre and driver change, by the Porsche Team was 1:13.9 minutes. • The fastest stop for refuelling was done in 51,3 seconds. • In total all three Porsche 919 Hybrids spent 95 minutes and 36 seconds in the pits. The time for the second best crew entering three cars was over 130 minutes. • 1,896 litres of fuel have been pumped into the winning car. • The winning Porsche’s gearbox mastered 25,293 gear changes (up shift and down shift) during the 24 hours. • The longest time behind the wheel of all nine Porsche LMP1 drivers was for Neel Jani with ten hours and ten minutes. In the winning car it was Nico Hülkenberg who drove most (eight hours, 52 minutes). • Mark Webber lost the most weight of all nine drivers. When the race began he weighed 81.2 kilograms (including race gear and helmet), after his final stint the scales stopped at 78.2 kilograms. • The drivers had 0.85 litres of drink on board for each stint. The drink bottle was

changed at every refuelling stop. • Almost no parts had to be changed during the race. After going off the track, the number 18 car had a new nose twice. On car number 19 at eight in the morning the team did a precautionary engine cover and rear wing change when it didn’t cost any time during a safety car period. • During the 24 hours each Porsche 919 Hybrid had a refill of one litre of oil. • For the best possible visibility each of the three prototypes had four tear-offs on the windscreens, which were removed one after the other. • The highest ambient temperature during the race was 25 degrees Celsius at 16:00 hrs on Saturday. The coolest part of the race was at night between 03:00 and 07:00 hrs with 16 degrees Celsius. • The highest cockpit temperature was 27 degree Celsius. • The night was eight hours long with sunset at 21:59 hrs and sunrise at 05:59 hrs. • 13.5 gigabytes of data per car have been transmitted to the pits during the 24 hours. • The safety cars came out four times. Including the so-called slow zones – speed limits at certain parts of the track – the race was neutralized for a total of 195 minutes. • After three rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship, with double points in Le Mans, Porsche now leads the championship with 140 points, followed by Audi (124) and Toyota (71).

Issue 2 - 2015


Market Update - 964: 1989 - 1993 In the late eighties Recession struck many major brands including Porsche whose staff needed to implement a new concept as “yuppies” of the eighties no longer had money and were carrying debt. The 964 was subsequently born and was designed for everyday driving. It featured working Aircon , power steering and ABS brakes as well as a new look and a 3.6 motor and airbags on the later models. In 1989 the Carrera 4 was released as a 4 wheel drive 5 speed manual. 250 B.H.P., twin plug motor and big bumpers front and rear with a retractable spoiler and coil over suspension. The new look 911 had arrived. Also in 1989 (October) the Carrera 2 rear wheel only drive was announced. This model featured either 5spd manual or 4 spd tiptronic which was a great improvement from the Sporto transmission of the earlier 80’s. By August 1991 the Turbo look for Carrera 2 and convertible became available then in Oct the return of the famous RS arrived with 260B.H.P with stripped out rear seats, lighter glass and no A/C. Also of great success was the Carrera 2 Speedster model released in 1992 : this year saw the 17” cup wheels also being introduced as well as the famous tear drop mirror on the 911.

In 1993 the 30 year Anniversary model was celebrated with a Jubilee Jahre 911 that was only produced in silver. The 964 was offered over its time in coupe, convertible, targa and speedster models. In 1991 there was the 3.3 Turbo and in 92/3 the 3.6 Turbo. Very small numbers of these models were delivered to Australia, only 27 in total. Of the RS only 7 were delivered which makes this model very rare and collectible. With the 964 came some new interiors and additions. The retractable rear spoiler was a neat solution for those buyers that wanted a spoiler for their 911’s. With the flick of a switch the spoiler would raise at up to 80KPH aided by an electric motor. This gave the driver the best of both worlds. Interiors were given more options with extra color combinations. The dash and gauges remained similar to the 3.2 Carrera which was popular with the purists and in 92/93 driver airbags were added. New safety measures saw 13 warning lights fitted which resulted in drivers needing to follow their manual(s) for a change. The new larger fuel tank changed the luggage compartment as it took up a large amount of that area. The new motor was the first of the 3.6 Twin plug Heads with a twin spark ignition system and a new 12 fan blade for better cooling. These models now ran on 95 octane fuel made possible by a revised Motronic system. The main objective of the new engine was to reduce noise. The engine oil cooler fitted on all the previous 911’s was subsequently

deleted and the oil radiator in the right hand front guard was enlarged. The 5 speed gearbox was known as the G64-00 and was derived from the G50 gearbox from the previous 3.2 Carrera and gave out 250BHP which was a big improvement and needed for the additional weight being 1450KG as compared to 1210KG for a 1988 Carrera. A base Carrera 2 Coupe Manual delivered in Australia was $198.000 new. On the current market the value ranges from $60,000* upwards depending on condition and service history while the RS Versions can be upwards of $240,000* partly as they are a rare commodity - only 7 were delivered to Australia. Coupes are by far the most popular model but I see no good reason for this unless racing. Targas and convertibles in 964 are great to drive and very safe so should be considered a good investment. Similarly manual versus tiptronic, the former 0-100kms is 5.7 seconds, the latter 5.9 Do very little difference that the average driver would not even notice. If considering a 964 make sure it is an Australian delivered vehicle with good service history as an Import worth is usually $10-20,000* less and will rarely hold its value as well. *All pricing based on writers opinion Rob Raymer, RSR Revhead

1992 964 C2: This year saw the 17” cup wheels being introduced as well as the famous tear drop mirrors which were carried over to the 993 10




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Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Godfrey Everett

Was this the first speeding ticket and Rolls Royce in WA? “Faster Adams, I have an important engagement in the city this evening and I don’t wish to be late”. So said Mrs Emanuel, wife of wealthy pastoralist, Mr Sydney Emanuel, on the 21st December 1908, to my grandfather, Alfred Adams, the chauffeur. He was, at the time driving the Emanuel Rolls Royce Silver Ghost chassis number 60760. Mrs Emanuel and friends were returning home after having afternoon tea at Armadale, 18 miles south of Perth. The result of this instruction was that on the 23rd of December 1908, my grandfather received a “speeding ticket”, or more correctly a “Summons to the Defendant upon Complaint” for exceeding the speed limit of 12 miles per hour. I know this as we still have the original Summons document. The wording of the Summons says, “… did drive a motor car along Albany Road at a speed exceeding twelve miles an hour, contrary to byelaws made and provided”. The document ended by “commanding him, in His Majesty’s name, to appear at Perth Police Court, in the said State, on the 29th day of December, 1908, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, before such Justices as may then be there, to answer the said complaint, and to be further dealt with according to law”. Alf duly appeared in Court and was fined seven pounds ten shillings with fourteen shillings costs. His employer, Mr Emanuel met the bill. This according to Alf was quite a slug, considering that on the same day, in the same court a Magistrate ordered a wayward husband to pay one pound a week maintenance for his wife and four children. Witnesses in this case testified that “Adams at the wheel of a Rolls Royce tourer was driving at the dreadful velocity of something between 30 and 40 miles per hour”. I recollect Alf telling me that he “touched 60 on the good parts of the road”. The way Alf told the story was that as he passed the Victoria Park Police Station on Albany Road enroute to Perth, Constable Lewis who was in the station estimated his speed to be “at a terrific pace fully 40 mph.” As a result he telephoned the Causeway Police Station which was two miles closer to the city where the Police were standing in the middle of the road to stop him. The story of the Rolls Royce itself is interesting. Alf, an engineer by trade, worked for his father, amongst others, in England. His father owned a bus company so Alf had experience in driving both steam and petrol driven vehicles and was familiar with the mechanical aspects of vehicles. On migrating to Australia 1907 he worked for a while in the construction of the Northam Power Station, near Perth, before obtaining employment as a Chauffeur with Mr Sydney Emanuel. 12



Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Sydney Emanuel’s home in Kings Park Road, West Perth took up one whole block and was surrounded by a wooden fence. I remember as a schoolboy passing it each day on my way to and from school. The area was eventually taken over by developers. According to Alf, when he got the job as chauffeur, Mr Emanuel only had a carriage for transport but wished to obtain a motor vehicle. He sought Alf’s advice as to the best car in the world, he, being a Pom, tugged his forelock and recommended a Rolls Royce. Obviously Mr Emanuel also wished to purchase a Rolls, so both Alf and Mr Emanuel went to England, by ship, where the Rolls was ordered. Henry Royce gave Alf a tour of the plant. His primary function from then on was to generally spent most of his time at the factory watching “his” car being built. He said that while there, he drove the “London to Edinburgh” Silver Ghost. On completion of the chassis it was tested on 7 September 1908, and passed to Barker and Co for the fitting of the body. This was Roi-des-Belges coachwork with “scrolled doors”. The car was of German silver and silver finish on the brightwork and painted a royal blue with line work featured in black. On completion of the bodywork, Sydney Emanuel had a large box built with doors, into which the car was driven. These days we would call this a container. For the trip home the car was loaded on to the ship in its container. At each port where the ship went alongside the wharf, the container was off loaded, the car removed and “tours” undertaken. I remember Alf saying how much he disliked this part of the trip for two reasons. Firstly, when the car was unboxed there were crowds of people wanting to see it, and secondly, he was not familiar with the various roads particularly those on which he had to drive on the “wrong side” and he managed to get lost a couple of times. Interestingly, in ports when there was no “alongside berth” available and the ship was required to anchor, a barge would be arranged to meet the ship and the boxed car would be taken ashore for the “tour”.

Eventually the car arrived in Perth and was garaged at the Emanuel home in the stable with the horses and carriage. Alf used to tell the story of Mr Emanuel coming out of his house in the morning to be taken to work and saying “OK Adams how am I going in today?” Alf would look at the weather and if rain was imminent reply “By Carriage”. If on the other hand if was a nice day, it would be by Rolls. The reason for this was that the Rolls had so much “Brightwork” that after it rained, it required considerable effort to clean. Eventually Mr Emanuel retired to England and Alf decided to remain in Australia. Mr Emanuel generously staked Alf with 800 pounds of the 1000 pounds he needed to buy a partnership in the Perth Motor House, later establishing a partnership in “Anderson and Adams”, as agents for Willys-Overland cars. Still later he established his own business, Adams Motors as agents for Minerva, Biancha, Willys and Humber. I think that Alf must have been an innovative and energetic salesman. He told me that to sell the first Leyland truck in Western Australia to Perth City Council, he took over the council’s sanitary round for two nights to prove that the vehicle could do at least as much work as two horse-drawn night carts. He also said that he was the first person to sell a shipment of 100 cars before they even reached the State and once sold 27 cars in two days and 48 in a week. Farmers at that time were apparently hard to sell cars to. This was mainly because the farmer was used to giving a whistle and his normal mode of transport, a horse, would come to him thereby saving a walk. Alf’s ploy was to leaving the car running on full lock, in first gear and on hand throttle, slowing circling in the yard. This, he claimed, gave the impression of movement similar to calling a horse and apparently worked for selling. I understand that the Rolls mentioned above eventually returned to England.

Issue 2 - 2015


By Marc Sherriff

356 Corner G’day everyone. Last issue, I wrote about the various models of Porsche’s original (and prettiest) car, and how their main identifying features. Just so you can break the ice, and have a conversation with the proud owners of 356’s, whenever you come across one. To give you a bit of insight on the heart beat of these cars, I thought it might be a great chance to discuss the engines available over the model life. It is no secret that the success of the Porsche brand is due to the company’s ability to develop a sports car from the Volkswagen Parts bin. This enabled the company to maximise their time on the parts that needed the evolution they had in mind. This being the case, the 356 engine started life as a hotted up 1100cc VW engine. Throughout the model life, the car maintained it’s 4 cylinder, air cooled, boxer layout. Basically there were two configurations. The standard style pushrod motor, and the “Carrera” four cam motor. In this article I will only discuss the pushrod motor. The “Carrera” motor is pretty much seen as the holy grail of Porsche motors to the 356 enthusiast, and deserves an article of its own. Up until about mid 1951, the 1100cc motor, was putting out 40hp. In an effort to both generate more power, and give owners the option of moving up a class in racing, Porsche offered a 1300cc motor, which pushed power out to 44hp. Later in 1951, the 1500cc 60hp motor was available. At this time there were 3 engine capacities on offer, depending on your budget, and desired weekend racing class. The new big engine was a big jump in power. It really got these little cars up and going, and provoked Porsche to address the braking.




The introduction of this 1500cc motor really got the brand noticed amongst the weekend racers. Remember this was the era of race drivers driving their cars to and from events. With the demand for power unrelenting from the customers, Porsche introduced the 1500 Super. This gave another 10hp. 70hp came at a price. It was achieved through jacking up the compression ratio, and using a roller bearing crank. Very efficient and free revving, just with a very short life span. Porsche continued to use these roller bearing cranks for a number of years, but later acknowledged they were problematic, and worked with owners to remedy the problem. Through various cam shaft profiles, carburettors and distributor curves, the 1500cc motor was developed to maximise torque, whilst maintaining the horse power. It was in October 1955, and the introduction of the 1600cc motor, that owners got to enjoy the reliability of a plain bearing crank in the “Normal” car pumping out a healthy 60hp, and up to 75hp in the “Super” version, with the volatility of the roller bearing crank. 1600cc is as big a capacity as the 356 pushrod motors evolved to. Again, through various modifications, both standard, or as factory options, power and torque evolved. September 1959 saw the introduction of a new model, 356B S-90. The 90 being the amount of horsepower available under the right foot. It was generally considered to be as much power as the car could handle, and be driven safely on the public roads, with the four wheel drum brakes. Even with the evolution of the linings, and cooling fins now on the drums themselves. July 1963 was when 4 wheel discs arrived on the cars. Considered the test bed of the

brakes soon to be fitted on the new 901 (911). This then allowed the engineers in Stuttgart to open up the taps a bit further and offer the 356 SC. 95hp on tap, and the end of the development of the 356 pushrod motor by the factory. The motor continued to be used through to the mid seventies in other models. 912 and 914, but did not offer much more in the power stakes, just got more efficient, through head work, and eventually early fuel injection. It is worth noting that whilst the pushrod motors more than doubled in power over their life time, the weight of the motor hardly changed at all. Just over 100kg. This meant that the car’s competitiveness on both the street and track increased significantly, through the model life. I appreciate that a lot of the 911 fans out there are smugly rolling their eyes at the sub triple digit numbers discussed, regarding horsepower. It is worth noting that the 356 cars were only 750 odd kg. This makes for spirited, involved driving. Most 356 owners are just as smug about how nice their cars are to drive compared to the modern cars, but as a fan of both, I am still surprised that how there are more similarities between the two as to how they feel, when driving, than differences. For those of you that have never had the chance, ask one of the club’s 356 owners to take you for a spin at the next meeting, we are a proud lot, and love sharing the experience of our thumping 60 odd horse power. Keep the faith. Marc Sherriff State Secretary (W.A.) Porsche 356 Register Australia

By Edward Roose

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Do you have a name for your Porsche Y/N. Do you visit your Porsche (when parked in your garage) at odd hours just to look at it Y/N. Do you visit your Porsche at odd hours just to sit in it even if you are not doing for a drive Y/N. When starting your Porsche do you listen to the raspy exhaust note while its still cold Y/N. Are you the only one that is allowed to wash your Porsche Y/N. Have you been known to clean your rims when you don’t have time to clean the car, after all clean rims make it look cleaner and you can’t stand dirty rims anyway Y/N. Do you keep a “cleaning kit” in your Porsche Y/N. Do you own an unusually high number of Porsche Magazines Y/N. When on carsales, is the search almost always locked on Porsche cars Y/N. The night before a PCWA run or any “official” Porsche drive do you have trouble getting to sleep due to excitement and wake up very early. Y/N. Do you own an unusually high number of Porsche branded clothing etc (watches etc) Y/N. Do you keep your Porsche Keys in a different (hiding) spot in the house to the rest of your keys (so burglars won’t find the keys to your Porsche) Y/N. Do you feel ticked off when your Porsche is dirty Y/N. Do you clean your Porsche before every PCWA (and similar) event? Y/N. Do you miss your Porsche when you are way for an extended period (ie: work, holidays) Y/N. Do you give a finger wave or nod to other Porsche owners you pass on the road? Y/N.

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Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Godfrey Everett

My 30 Years in the Porsche Club of WA 16



Bathurst 1997 Porsche Cup

One Sunday in January 1985 while driving down Canning Hwy I spotted a Porsche 356A Cabriolet in a car sales yard. It was my dream car from about age 13. I thought there would be a few people interested and a couple who would kill for that car so I arrived at the yard at 6am on Monday with cheque in hand for the advertised amount. About 7.30am a salesman arrived and I shoved the cheque in his hand and demanded a receipt. After opening the yard he handed me the receipt which I gripped tightly as a Porsche pulled up outside and a chap walked in saying he had arranged the purchase of the 356 with the car yards owner by phone on Sunday. After a lot of complaining the chap finally left, I breathed a sigh of relief and scuttled off to see my bank

manager to beg him to honour my cheque. This chap later became the President of the Porsche club and we became firm friends. I immediately joined the Porsche club and began competing in all the driving events at Wanneroo and elsewhere however as my driving skills improved the 356 wasn’t competitive against the 911’s, 928’s, 944’s and 968’s and It was obvious I would need something a bit quicker. In June 1985 I located a 1973 911T Targa in Royal Blue formerly belonging to the son of “Tom the Cheap Grocer”. It was soon painted Silver the same as the 356 and I started competing in all the available club events for the next seven years while using the 911 as my daily driver.

At Wanneroo one day in late 1992 I was lapping at what I thought was quick, Willi Beaumeister who was following me mentioned that at what is now called turn 4 my LH inside rear wheel was lifting about a foot of the ground. With that, the decision was made to carry out some mods to the car which included, Seam welding the body, 2.7 Flares, fit front/rear sway bars and adjustable Koni’s Etc. Etc. The 2.4 engine received 2.9 barrels with heads modified to twin plug configuration. The K-Jetronic F/I system was replaced with Webber carburetors. A set of Race seats and Belts also a set of Fuchs wheels topped it off.

Issue 2 - 2015


Late in 1994 after considerable lobbying the W.A. Sporting Car Club advised that if we could field 10 Porsches, we could run our own Porsche Cup series at Wanneroo. On the 27th November 1994 we had our first race consisting of two 944 Turbo’s and eight 911’s of various years and models. What great fun that was as we all became “real” race car drivers with proper Cams licence’s. At the end of our first season I was lucky enough to take out the Trophy for Second place and hasten to add that was mainly due to reliability and consistancy rather than speed. We also managed to field 16 cars at the WA round of the 1995 Shell Australian Touring Cars. Unfortunately after a few years as cars began to drop out of the series we were absorbed into a Marque Sports Car class and few of us continued racing, running in events like the very exciting Night Master Series which ran from midday Saturday to 11pm in the evening. In October 1997, WA Porsche Cup racers were invited to participate in the support races for the AMP Bathurst 1000 which is certainly one of the absolute highlights of my racing career. We managed to field six cars from WA and I’m sure all would agree that there is no better racetrack than Bathurst, the elevation is a real surprise and makes for very exciting racing, from Skyline down through The Esses and The Dipper and into Conrod Straight, the fastest bit of racetrack in the country. Wow, what a thrill.

1st stage London Sydney Marathon 2000

During this period 1992 thru 2000 there was there was plenty of other motorsport going on including: •MG Garages Twilight Trials: These were true navigation events running late into the evening on wet miserable winter days, but great fun.

Start of London Sydney Marathon 2000

Antonov AN124 London Sydney Marathon

London to Sydney. Bogged in Australian outback 2000

rally’s was that Paul Blank was always able to secure the entrants a run on the Langley Park Special Stage of Rally Australia. These were fantastic events with two cars running together on a gravel surface with the Yump and the tunnel to contend with. (What a pity that so and so who now runs the labour party decided he didn’t want or need Rally Australia any more even though Western Australia had the rights for a further 6/8 years!)

•Nissan Car Clubs Kwinana Rallysprint: Run on the suburban streets at Kwinana beach after the houses were removed. We had a lot of success here in a most exciting series pitting many different cars against each other separated by tenths of seconds. •Paul Blanks AEM Classic Rally: I did the 1992 event in the 356A, 1993/94/95/97 in the 911, and in 1996 I did it in a Volvo 850R (yes I know, but it was quick).

Crash During Targa Tasmania 1996 18



These were fantastic events with entry lists of up to 150 cars and some famous entrants like Sir Jack Brabham in a BMW M3 and Eric Bana in his XB Falcon, ‘The Beast”. There was also some great speed and navigation stages which saw us tearing around the countryside by day and night. 1995 was my best year, after replacing the clutch after the second stage at the Wungong Dam hillclimb we ended up finishing in the top 10 in ten of the twelve speed stages including three first’s. Our problem as always was navigation which dropped us back in the overall placings. One of the great joys of these

•Targa Tasmania-We did this event in 1994/95/96 which is a five day bitumen rally around Tasmania covering 2000kms with 38 competitive Targa stages ranging in length from 2kms to 52kms in length. A maximum

time is set for these stages and to win a Targa Plate every stage has to be completed under this time. We achieved a plate in 1994 but due to slipping off the road and losing time on one stage we missed out in 1995. 1996 we had a very serious crash and ended up in hospital. We achieved some success by winning our Prologue category in 1995 and 1996, in fact in 1996 we finished the prologue seventh fastest out of 236 cars. This meant we started at the back of the field with the “big” guys like Neil Bates, Jim Richards, Andrew Miedecke, Rusty French etc. The overnight boat trip from Melbourne to Devonport with all the competitors is also great fun. •Shield of Africa 1998: I did this event with Graham Lloyd in his car as we both decided to do the London Sydney Marathon in 2000 we thought this would be a good practice run. The rally started in Cape Town, South Africa and up the West Coast to Namibia then through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho and down Sani Pass back into South Africa and down the East Coast to finish in Cape town. Tragedy struck at the end of stage three resulting in the death of a Canadian competitor causing many of us to question our motives. There was more excitement in Lesotho as we were told our special stages were cancelled and could only overnight in Maseru but we had to get out of the city by 6am. As we assembled next morning we could see the South African military helicopter gunships flying overhead and we understand they attacked the bad guy’s soon after we cleared the city. We came across a couple of bodies in a guardhouse at the entrance to one of the huge Hydro Electric Dams. It was a very exciting but wonderful event with spectacular scenery, incredible dust, very scary mountain roads in Lesotho where we rolled the car about five times but car was tough and we finished in 6th place outright 3rd in class and the 2nd placed Australian car. This was another very well organized Nick Brittan, TWE event. •Forrest Rally 1999 and Stirling Stages Rally 1999: I did both these Rally’s to get some experience in gravel rally’s and what great fun they were. I’m not sure to many people had seen a Porsche 911 thrashing around the WA bush like this before.

Above: Classic Rally 911 1995

Below: Classic Rally 356 1992

•London Sydney 2000: Probably the culmination of my motorsport career. Imagine a motor race thru 11 different countries over 34 days with wonderful accommodation sometimes not so good, each night. Great camaraderie amongst the entrants from all over the world. Twice loading your own car into the world’s biggest transport plane

the Russian Antonov AN124 with double deck scaffolding to take 60 cars in one load. Unfortunately we seized our engine just outside Brno in the Czech Republic but were lucky enough to find a replacement in Cologne, Germany and the owner was generous enough to drive it down overnight so we were able to catch up and continue with the rally. The rally consisted of 2 or 3 Special Stages of between 7km and 72km and transport stages of 400km to 1000km daily with one rest day in Turkey and one in Darwin. The entry list read like a who’s who of the motorsport world with entries from Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola, Michele Mouton, Clay Regazzoni, Ray Belm. One of the interesting features we built into the car was a speaker behind the front LH vent which allowed us to serenade the crowd with the Men at Work tune “I come from a Land Down Under” at the start of each day. The LSM was an absolutely brilliant and exciting event which required incredible organization but ran like clockwork due to the amazing organizational skills of the late Nick Brittan and his team of “Redshirts”. It’s probably best to try to forget the costs involved in doing something like this, and you need a very understanding wife, but the opportunity to do these type of events come along very rarely so as Peter Brock said “Bite of more than you can chew, and then chew like hell”

Finish. Shield of Africa Cape Town 1998 Issue 2 - 2015


Bathurst 1997 Porsche Cup 20



•Targa West Rally 2009: In a word “disaster” far too wet for an old chap in an old 911. Most of the above has been in the 911, it would be remiss of me to not mention the 356’s racing history – York Flying 50’s, 1985 thru 1995 Albany Classic 1991 thru 1996, Classic rally 1992 Langley Park Super Stage 1992 Fremantle Speed Classic, Victoria Quay 1987 Narrogin Speed Classic 1988 & 1992, Midland Speed Classic 1994 Joondalup Speed Classic 1998,

Northam Around the Houses 1999 & 2000 Sandalford Sprints

PCWA Concours 1985 (Targa with Roof Rack)

I also used the 356 as my daily driver in 2011 & 2012 which was challenging in mid-winter with the 6 volt electrical system but the magnificent 356 is still used at least once a week and will be entered in the future for the more relaxed club events such as breakfast and restaurant runs etc. My 911 has now been re built back into road trim and once again becomes my daily driver and will again be competing in club events with either myself my son Declan or both of us. And while It is a bit like Grandfathers Axe (you know, 2 new heads and 4 new handles, but it’s still the same Axe??) that probably worries some purists but it now has that other modern requirement creeping into the value of classic cars, “Provenance”. Naturally none of this could possible without the help of a good mechanic who was fair with his charges and did quality work. In the first instance it was Willi Baumeister of Car Design who rebuilt my car into the machine that was capable of doing the aforementioned events with such amazing reliability. The car is now fettled by Richard James of RJP Motor Sport who makes it possible for a number of club members to get a lot more fun out of their 911’s and perhaps my son Declan will be one of them

Genuine 911 Roof Rack & My Windsurfer.

All of the above happened because I joined Porsche Club WA with a group of like-minded people and my motto has always been “ Never Let a Chance Go By” but the fun still goes on and on, albeit a bit slower. Cheers and Go Porsche! Godfrey Everett PCWA Member since 1985

911 Motor Issue 2 - 2015


By Edward Roose

Is your Porsche under-insured? Most of us Porscheheads like to keep up to date with what other Porsches are out there, indeed my Carsales App is almost permanently locked on the following search options: Most recent>Coupe>Cabriolet. So basically I am always seeing the most recent 924’s, 944’s, 928’s, Caymans, Boxsters and 911’s. There is quite a bit of talk in the Porsche world about the recent northward movement of prices for some specific 911 models. We have seen a marked increase in the last 6-12 months of almost all Air Cooled unmolested (read: original condition) Manual 911 Coupes with their Open-top and Tiptronic siblings starting to follow suit. While Air Cooled cars in mint factory condition have always been sought after, the once “lowly” 964 was almost forgotten, but now you will find it very hard to find any hard top 964 or 993 in manual and the prices of these cars has increased while the demand has all but dried up. 993 values too have soared including the Turbo variant. If you own one keep it! We have seen a similar movement in Porsche GT cars, namely the GT3, GT3RS and GT2, however the naturally aspirated cars (the GT3) have seen the biggest increase in values. This started around early to mid 2014 when prices of the 997 4.0 GT3 (yes we all want one) started to head north in Europe and there has been a flow on effect down the line world wide to all GT3’s with the much sought after 997 GT3RS (in series 1 and 2 guise) seeing it almost reach “parity” to its original new car price in Australia. Also the darling of the range, the series 2 GT3 is reaching dizzying heights in values, cars that were once sitting around $165-200K price are now fetching (if you can find one) around the mid to high $200k’s. With this price movement the price




gap between the Series 2 and Series 1 997 GT3 briefly widened, at this time last year Series 1 GT3’s were still being snapped up for around $130-140K. I know this from first hand experience as I scored one at just the right time! However the market forces quickly dictated that the Series 1 GT3 is not $100K lesser car than the Series 2, so prices for Series 1 997 GT3’s are already at around $160-$185K. My tip is these prices will continue to increase as naturally aspirated manual GT Porches are touted as never to return. However watch this space for a manual 991 GT3RS (well that’s my prediction anyway). This has also flowed further down the line with 996 GT3’s, once available all over the place for around the mid to high $80k’s are now rarely if ever being offered for under $100k. Indeed recently a pristine 2004 GT3RS was offered in Australia for $325k and well looked after (unmolested) Series 2 996 GT3’s are already in the $129k range. At the time of writing this article there is virtually no 996 or 997 GT3’s for sale in Australia and even the 991 GT3 has held it’s 2nd hand value to around the retail price. And prices for the 991 GT3 in the UK are higher than retail price! Some say this bubble will burst but if you look at the history of Porsche car values, when prices go up they rarely come down again. My tip (for anyone who may want to take a punt on values) is that a pristine Australian delivered Series 1 996 GT3 (once a dime a dozen) is the next future classic. They were produced in limited numbers, even less came to Australia and more importantly they are the very first ever Porsche GT3! So if you have one of them or have the chance to buy one take a chance, worst case scenario you own a piece of motoring history and a bloody

great 911, best case is all of the above plus it’s an appreciating asset that also goes sideways and revs upwards of 8000 rpm! In the last few months I have found on checking my insurance that my GT3 was heavily under insured for this current market. The insurance companies are not taking into account supply, demand and current values, indeed “market value” is not reflective of the market at all with these cars. So I urge any of you who own any of the above cars (in fact any 911 as this value “bubble” seems to be confined at this point to bespoke 911’s only) please look at current market values of your specific car (look overseas if there are no examples of your car on the market atm in Oz) and make sure you are fully insured. In closing the moral of the story is “You can keep your money in the bank but you can’t get it to go sideways and you certainly can’t launch it!” Food for thought then! Edward Roose Club President.

Rogers Rant

Air-cooled versus Water-cooled Yes that age old debate air-cooled vs watercooled, which is better? Having owned a 1990 911 (964) for over six years now, and I have been a staunch supporter of the air-cooled faction in the world of Porsche enthusiasts. Fast forward to April this year I was faced with a dilemma where I was no longer happy to race my beloved 964, mainly because of values spiralling upwards and the car no longer a “toy” but an investment. Instead I decided to embark on a new but albeit brief adventure in the form of my wife’s 2006 Polo GTI (which had been massaged over the years with various “go fast” upgrades such as larger turbo & intercooler, custom air intake, V3 KW suspension etc.)

After only two stints on the track racing with my fellow Porsche racers and raising an occasional eyebrow amongst the spectators and fellow racers, my lovely wife decided that the Polo’s racing career would come to an abrupt end by keeping the keys away from my eager hands. So after a month of consternation and octane withdrawal I decided to resolve this situation by persuading the wife to let me pursue my racing aspirations by buying another car, not just another car but another “Porsche” more than likely “water-cooled”. Only problem was my lady set a rather meagre budget for the latest four wheeled addition to our family. But a small budget was better than none so I was determined to achieve the best ”bang” for my buck. Spent a couple of weeks scouring the classifieds and carsales. com, I decided a 968 would be ideal. But I soon realised that the pursuit of a 968 was ambitious for the budget set and settled on finding a clean example of a late 944 instead.

So I have now embarked on a bold mission to enable the Boxster to not only equal the 964 but possibly surpass it in its track capabilities and possibly just maybe lean a little towards the water-cooled camp. Below, air colled vs water cooled classics

I came upon such an example shortly after, a 1990 944 S2 though with high kilometres but clean and also drove admirably. So I decided to make an offer subject to mechanical inspection. But the 944 was not to be, on the eve before the inspection I come upon the classified of 2001 Boxster S for exactly the same money as the 944. I could not believe my luck and promptly contacted the seller and made arrangements to view the car. As soon as I saw the car I knew that my mind was made up and only a rather negative mechanical report would we detrimental to my purchase decision. So I became the proud owner of a 2001 Boxster S that required some loving in the form elbow grease and some lightning of the wallet. Now I’m a staunch supporter of the “Porsche” brand with one leg each straddling the dividing fence in the debate of air-cooled vs water-cooled. Initial impressions show that the 964 feels more solid & willing to rev as well as sounding more sonorous compared to the Boxster. Handling feels more nimble in the 964 (with its shorter wheelbase) but I do feel that the mid-engine layout of the Boxster will eventually be more advantageous in the racing to come.

Get ! d e c i Not

and get the most out of your advertising budget Noel Berent


T: 9245 8881 M: 0409 488 849 E: nberentadv@bigpond.com Issue 2 - 2015


By Lee Brown

Change to a Porsche & the PCWA experience! Hi there! To all PCWA fellow members that I haven’t met yet, my name is Lee and I have recently joined your club after I was approached by one of the members at German car day. Further to that there was a Porsche card left on the windscreen of my Boxster.

it could do. This brings me to my first event with the PCWA Sports Series Round 4 down at the Collie Motorplex. What a full on day this was! I was absolutely blown away with how professionally it was run by the club and the knowledge from fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

I have grown up and always been around European cars, which are my passion and past time. Having completed my apprenticeship with the BMW group and working in the industry my passion has grown extensively, I have always driven BMW but then there was time for change. I thought what is going to be next! After selling my E46 M3 the feeling was empty. My thoughts were I need something, which is just a tad level above but still in an affordable budget. Choice was a Porsche Boxster!

After getting different advice and ways to approach different corners apex and how to get the most out of the car from various members. By the end of the day my track times had come down and I was knocking of seconds each lap time. I was very happy with my result, as this was the first time I had the car out on the track the adrenalin was pumping! However that’s not the end….

I had always had a soft spot for the Porsche Boxster from the day back in 1998 when a family relative rolled up to our house in there brand new blue 986. I was only a young kid then but I couldn’t believe how flash this car was. After going for a ride in it I knew it was all that! Especially as it was my first Porsche to ride in. After my Beamer left, I started to do some research on theses cars and couldn’t believe how affordable they were for a Porsche! I was very lucky to find a 987 S’ Manual with low km’s and colour combination what I wished for. It was a fight purchasing this car between myself and another buyer that wanted it. This car is a true sports car and gives me a smile every time I sit in it or drive it. They simply are in there own class when it comes to a two-seat roadster. So back to my journey joining the club I thought why not fill this card out and meet with other Porsche enthusiast. There is no point having one of these cars to sit in the garage with a dust cover on it. I was so eager to get it out on the track and see what




….Better to that was out on the exit from leaving the track just to top the day of! I was invited to follow out a nice Silver 997 GT3, which was taking me down some windy tight roads back into the town of Collie. This was to

feel what Porsche enthusiast say “Porsches are on rails”, thanks for the great drive Edward. I think the Boxster S put up a good account of itself but the GT3 definitely has the longer legs, it just dominates the road like a boss! The sound of our 2 cars baffled up and down through the hills sounded amazing. This day out with the PCWA really brightened my knowledge and given me a better understanding and feeling for my car and what they are built engineered for. Members of the club had made me welcome on this day, which was a great fun day out. I’m now more driven and looking forward to more future events with the PCWA and also learning more to extend my knowledge and passion for PORSCHE. See you out there! Lee Brown

By Edward Roose

30 Years at the PCWA! It was a tremendous honour to have some original members of the PCWA at our July Club meeting! A wonderful turnout of current members were on hand to congratulate Godfrey & Blanche Everett for 30 Years of continuous membership of the PCWA and also Graham Lloyd for the same 30 year commitment to the club (supported by his lovely wife) I must say that having only been a member since 2008 I felt a little humbled to have been given the opportunity to present these awards. It was fantastic to listen to both Graham and Godfrey regale the members with stories of long past events and amazing tales of Porsche related activities as far afield as Africa, and all the while representing the Porsche Club of Western Australia! Thanks to all the members who attended this most important club meeting (the best of the year by far!), to Wheels world for hosting the meeting and to Mr. & Mrs. Everett and Lloyd for attending.

Graham Lloyd receiving his 30 Year Plaque from Club President Edward Roose

Hands up who’s been a PCWA member for 30 years!

So now it’s on to the next 30 years! Look for Godfrey’s story in this issue of Porsche West, it’s a cracker! Edward Roose Club President

RIGHT: A great turnout for the 30 year membership celebration meeting

Harpers Happy 4th Birthday Present After attending two of the excellent PCWA sporting Series events, Harper Stanley Thomas Dumbill could not stop talking Porsche, spotting Porsches and dreaming Porsche.

See you on the track Harper, we know of another crazy PCWA who likes to hair about in his 356 too. He will certainly have his hands full with your ripper little Porsche!

He truly is a a current and budding member of the PCWA in every way! So it was only fitting to get him a classic 356 for his 4th Birthday. Watch out for him at Barbagallo, MC Motor Sport and Collie!

Go Porsche and happy Birthday! Edward Roose Club Presidnet

Cheers John Dumbil

Issue 2 - 2015


PCWA Club Merchandise Thanks very much to Memberships Manager Julie Jacobs for arranging our new Club Merchandise! As we are still short a PCWA member to put up their hand to be webmaster we have temporarily placed the new merchandise on our website along with a word document order form.

If you wish to make a purchase please visit our club website http:// www.porscheclubwa.org.au/ to view these pictures in a larger format and to place your order by filling in the order form also located there. You can also use the order from inserted in this issue should you wish to place any order.

Orders will either be posted to you (at extra cost for postage) or you will be able to pick them up from any club meeting if they are available for collection. If an item is not available ex-stock we will inform you as you may need to wait until our next bulk order.

Black Men Polo Top Sizes S to XXL $45

Jacket Gold Limited Sizes $70

Jacket Red Limited Sizes $70

Short Sleeved Tee Black Sizes M-XL $30

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Club Caps with Red, Gold or White Lined Brim $20

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Reversible Fleece Vest Sizes S-XL $50

Soft shell Jacket Sizes M-XXL $75

Women’s Polo Red Sizes 10-16 $45

Beanie $15 Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Ron Widdison

Keep it Original! Location, location location, that’s the catch cry when it comes to property. With classic cars it’s original, original original if you want to retain the value of your car or buy a potential motoring investment. With the market bottoming out now is a great time to by your classic Porsche. If you buy right it can offer years of enjoyment and give you a good return when it’s time to sell. An original car by definition is - “as it left the factory floor”. It goes without saying that chassis and drive train numbers are the most important items to have as original. The most common areas owners tend to change on their vehicles are wheels, stereos, steering wheels and exhausts. There is nothing worse than seeing post 90’s wheels on a pre 90’s car. It’s like mutton dressed up as lamb or putting vinyl weather boards on your Edwardian house – just because its modern doesn’t make it right! That also goes for aftermarket steering wheels matching the cars paint colour. If you want to be a decorator stick to painting your house!

Cayenne technicolour yawn interior more valuable in the future. Do you remember back in the 80’s when every back yard mechanic was tacking a can opener to the bumble beetle to make a quick buck. Convertible beetles were all the rage, every hairdresser had to have one and a factory convertible was out of reach. Fast forward 30 years and there a very few Beetles left for the current youth to restore. Sure you could restore a backdated 911 back to original but the cost would probably be prohibitive. I’m of the opinion that we are just custodians of these fine cars so unless you plan on being buried in it, it will one day be up for sale.

“Art” or huge mistake? SC to weirdo retro 993 Threre is nothing wrong with buying a non Australian delivered car. After all the cars were not built here. Just because it was not imported buy the official importer does not mean it is not a good car. As usual a pre purchase inspection is a must.

I don’t like losing money on cars and who does? Sure you can’t include the cost of regular maintenance but there is no reason that you should not at worst go close to getting your money back on an air cooled Porsche (sorry post 97 water cooled owners). Stick to some basic principles when buying Porsches and always keep selling in mind when buying in case you ever need to unload it in a hurry. 1. Manual hardtops are more sort after. Cab and tip options cost more at purchase but are worth less when its time to sell – go figure!

Lambo doors on a 944 :-( If you do want to change these items make sure you keep the original equipment and refit them when it’s time to sell. Currently on my car I have race seats, steering wheel and a spare set of 16inch Fuchs because I did not want to damage the original wheels on the track which were in immaculate condition. Sure the extra Fuchs cost 2.4k but I know I will get my money back as I have in the past because of their rarity. The car will one day be returned to its original glory when it comes time to sell and the seats and wheels will be in immaculate condition for the new owner. One of the most common items to disappear are car stereos and they are probably the item which will date the most and look out of place. Having a stereo with bright blue flashing LED’s looks plain wrong in a 70’s or 80’s classic. If the original equipment fails, keep it in a box and sell it with the car so the potential new owner can get it fixed if he wants. Finding used original stereos is near impossible as they are generally thrown out after they fail. Back and forward dated cars. To some degree I get why people back date cars. They justify the expense by arguing that you get the classic pre 74 look with modern reliable mechanicals in a galvanised shell. To me they are destroying 964’s, 3.2 Carreras and SC’s which will become 28



2. Buy the best example you can afford. Its false economy to buy a cheap car. You will only spend time and money on it which you will not get back at sale.

959 Clone chop top - If you pay the 180K plus asking price (Dec 14) come see me - I have some T1 shares going for $50! - now down to $89K (Aug 15)

3. Buy original examples. Sourcing original parts to get it back to its natural state can be timely and expensive. 4. If you are going to buy a race car get a factory model where all the work has been done for you. You won’t waste money on parts that will actually devalue your car when its time to sell. Eg. GT3, 968CS, 993 or 964 RS, 911 CS. If you cant afford that buy a club car that someone else has built. You can bet they are selling way under what it owes them.

964 Cup wheels on a 3.2 cab

5. Get a pre purchase inspection from a Porsche specialist! Not the local garage or your mate.

Batmobile 928 bodykit

Forward dated SC to 964


Not so cool

Porsche “Pascha” interior ULTRA COOL

After market Borbet wheels

Porsche Houndstooth cloth seats

Water cooled wheels on air cooled cars

Fuchs wheels

Poo brown interiors

Original Stereos

Colourful aftermarket steering wheels (with flat bottoms) Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Julie & Natasha Irvine

PCWA “Very Proper” Winery Tour & Lunch July 2015




One of the ideas born out of committee discussions has been to have the odd event during the year that does not involve a social drive. While all of us love to drive our Porsches to any event, this particular social day was more about fine food, fine wine and fabulous company! So on a cool but sunny day in July around 15 PCWA members met at the historic Edgecombe Brothers Winery.

It was Morning Tea, Tours, and Wine Tasting all round with everyone enjoying the wonderful Perth winter sunshine in lovely surroundings. Later members enjoyed a relaxed al fresco lunch under the vines and native wisteria. This was all washed down with some choice Red & Sparkling White wine with views to the vineyard which overlooks the tranquil waters of Lake Yakine and the distant Darling ranges.

Thanks to all who attended and please keep an eye on our club website for more exciting activities planned for the rest of 2015

Julie & Natasha Irvine PCWA Social Directors.

Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Julie Irvine.

Julie and Natasha’s West Coast Motor Museum Drive and BBQ

What a welcome!! What a great turn out for Mine and Natasha’s first event as your new Social directors. We had beautiful whether and a fantastic scenic drive to a tucked away Museum in the Mandurah region. The route began at McDonalds on Belair Drive, taking us through Armadale, along Jarrahdale rd and over Serpentine Dam. We stopped on the dam wall for a photo or two and then continued on to the museum via the excellent Kingsbury Drive. The Museum, transported us back to a time long forgotten. This museum holds a collection of stunning restored cars, the history of sprint cars and speedway racing. The smell of racing fuel and the love of the race were displayed and discussed at length.. The bbq at the museum is a front of an old Buick.. Our snags cooked in style while the conversation flowed and the laughter rang out. Thanks again to all who attended and we hope to see you soon at another PCWA Social Event Julie & Natasha Irvine (aka Team Irvine)




Issue 2 - 2015


story: Rick Smith

5.9 Billion Kilometres: One of the PCWA’s more ambitious social drives?

May 2015

On the 31st of May this year PCWA members filled our tanks and embarked on perhaps one of the more ambitious club runs in recent memory: A drive from Pluto to the Sun: 5.9 Billion kilometres. Zero hour: 9 AM …plus 30 minutes. A journey of discovery no doubt. For a start it seemed the Astronomical Society were quite correct: Pluto is not a planet. It turns out Pluto is a small yellow balloon last seen attached to Kirsty’s windscreen wiper outside Gingers Roadhouse on the Great Northern Highway. And with that little known fact discovered a group of about 40 cars embarked on a trip to the Sun. Since the shortest distance between two points in 4-dimensional space-time is a curve the route taken had its fair share of these. And for those who like their space in three dimensions: the route had carefully arranged a fair number of straight sections between the curves. Something for everyone then! With just 24% of the journey completed we passed Neptune – named after the Roman God of the sea and water. Perhaps Neptune himself was pre-occupied with restoring his rightful position in the Roman Pantheon given that on this sunny Sunday his realm consisted of a blue balloon on the side of Julimar Road. After a short pause in Bolgart we returned to our seats and passed Uranus with 51% of our journey complete. Near New Norcia - the northern-most point of the journey - spirits were as high as a kite and inversely proportional to the rate of fuel consumption on the CalingiriNew Norcia Road (my favourite road section on the day… and differential equation come to think of it). 34



At 76% journey distance Saturn was missing its representative balloon and it seemed that a number of followers were also missing from the standard route though we all seemed to appear at the final destination irregardless. Reaching the end of Orange Springs Road we turned south onto Cowalla Road and with just a few kilometres remaining we passed Jupiter (87%), Mars (96% - a red balloon of course), Earth (97.5%), Venus (98%) and Mercury at 99% in quick succession. At journeys end we discovered that the centre of gravitational pull in our solar system is actually a Gravity Discovery Centre! A final check of our odometers showed an interesting anomaly: it turns out we had only travelled 279km in just 3 hours!? Something to do with time dilation and length contraction when travelling at near the speed of light (thanks Porsche). Now if only there was a place nearby where we could learn about Einstein’s Physics .

Issue 2 - 2015


story: Edward Roose

Andy Stack’s Techie Day

A mixed bag of weather greeted the 30 plus PCWA members for Andy’s Techie day held at Andy Stack’s Rennsport Garage in North Fremantle. The morning started with the obligatory hour or so of beverage drinking, snack eating and oily stuff perusing. And there was plenty of all of the above to check out with some brilliant displays set up by Andy of all things Porsche, both in working order and otherwise Soon Andy began his impressive presentation offering members an insight into parts they may have all heard of, and paid for in the past but not necessarily have actualy laid eyes on. It’s a real eye opener to see how these parts are made, and how and why they fail. It was soon clear to see that most of the items that did fail were in most cases NOT from the air cooled side of the Porsche world, which is a testament to the fantasic build quality and longevity of the Porsche brand in those air cooled days! Members also enjoyed a tasty German style Sausage sizzle kindly organised and cooked by Roger Bernhardt. All in all this was a fantastic event and our hearty thanks goes out to Sir Andrew Stack who is and always will be a wonderful supporter (and member) of the Porsche Club of WA. Thanks to all who attended! Edward Roose PCWA Club President.




Issue 2 - 2015





Issue 2 - 2015


By Gary & Mo

Gary & Mo’s Mystery Lunch run

The unusual meeting point for our mystery lunch run was Lake Leschenaultia and the first surprise was, this was also the venue for the morning tea! The shire reserved a section of the car park for us along with a large pavilion overlooking the Lake Leschenaultia (recently undergone quite an upgrade & very different from my school days here for swimming lessons) with a spectacular backdrop for our morning tea. In addition to a large range of Mo’s freshly baked cakes there was also macarons and sushi with drinks kindly organised by the café. To add to the ambiance, we organised a private performance of the very talented violin duo Richard Price & his son, Daniel. Richard’s exceptional achievements include touring Australia with Andrea Bocelli; he has also performed with both the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and the Queensland Theatre Orchestra as Co-Concert Master. After a relaxing start to the morning we headed off for around an hour drive around some amazing backroads to our lunch at Broads Restaurant at the Upper Reach Winery in the Swan Valley. ‘Broads’ is owned by Annalis & Anthony Broad. Annalis trained with the Sofitel Group in Melbourne and worked at the Hyatt in Sydney. Anthony trained in a Michelin Star restaurant in the UK before extensive overseas travel brought him to Australia where he met Annalis. They organised a special main course & dessert to wrap up our mystery day out. Thanks to all who attended and….Now to start planning our next event! Cheers Gary & Mo 40



Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Edward Roose

Sports Series Round 4 Collie Weekend




As usual the annual PCWA trip to Collie Motorplex was another fantastic day of Flat Six fun, Fine Wines and Fast times! (Not in that order). The club saw another huge turnout of over 38 cars, all of them driven with precision, flair and a fair dose of hustle! The weekend kicked off with a lovely BBQ Dinner on the Friday night all washed down with lashing of Beer, Wine and Tall Stories. The car talk was flying thick and fast and how we all love to talk cars right? Thanks to Julie Jacobs for liaising with Collie Ridge Motel in organising the Friday night food and patio heaters! This was an important day for the club because the outright club record for Collie Motorplex (which stood for 7 years) was broken by Daniel Devries in his flying 74RSR Replica. Congratulations to Daniel! This particular event actually was one of those days when the Porsche Planets aligned as the conditions were there for records to tumble and tumble they did! Congratulations also goes to Gary Jacobs for breaking the A Class club lap record, Chris Westall in his lovely 964 for breaking B class club lap record (which stood for 5 years) and Andy Tudor for breaking the C Class club lap record. Another notable performance on the day was by new member Lee Brown who had his very first PCWA event (and track day) at this event. And without a lot of track experience plus being in a standard 987 Boxster S on road tyres managed a very tidy time of 58.774. A special mention also goes to John Fowler in his classic Targa SC. John doesn’t have a lot of power to play with but consistently fast lap times hovering around the high 54’s prove his driving ability is right up there with the best of the PCWA A few years ago a mid 54 second time would have been considered blistering for any road car but it just shows you how much the club has progressed in terms of times for this particular circuit, which in all honesty is one of the best circuits in WA. Rumours are afoot of collie Motorplex being resurfaced and possibly extended in the near future, if this occurs we can look forward to even faster times and larger turnouts for future visits to Collie The Saturday evening proved to be another excellent social occasion where some of the record breakers where awarded with some red wine in congrats for their efforts. Thanks to all who attended the event, to our sporting director, Barry Nash, and Chris Clarke for officiating and to all those at the track who helped out in varying ways. See you all at the track! Edward Roose Club President.

Issue 2 - 2015





Issue 2 - 2015










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www.johnfowlerautosport.com.au Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Barry Nash

Sports Series Round 5




My role as sporting director has many good points but none better than seeing 40 of Porsche finest lining up for a club sporting event. The presentation of all cars was sensational and everyone drove to their highest potential on the day!

is the norm with 40 being the usual number! This has been achieved from a joint effort of PCWA committee and PCWA members. I personally love catching up with sporting members they all have the same goa, to go faster, and they proved that again at SSR5.

With this event there was a minor communication breakdown which saw a change to the format of the day that did not reflect the supplementary regulations. Although this was clearly flagged at 2 preceding club meetings it still took a few members by surprise, I would like to thank the membership for their understanding and patience. As it turned out most drivers actually went faster with the back to back runs and many seemed quite happy with that format. However the committee has learnt from this experience and will endeavour to communicate with more clarity in future. Everything is a learning curve so this format will be voted on if every used in the future.

On the day the flying Daniel Devres set a scintillating time of 2:47.042 with Simon Line hot on his heals with a 2:50.947. Another read hot time was set by Tim Wolf in 3rd and the flying Daniel Bathe in his Boxster PDK in 4th position! Alan Guelfi also fared well in his shiny new 997 GT3. I am sure once Allan comes to grips with his new beast the times will tumble. In fact less than 10 seconds separated the first 10 place getters!

Three years ago a 14 car turnout was considered a good number, but today 30 plus

This year will be my final year as Sporting director I have loved working with the Committee and members to grow our events and can only see more progress in the future. It gives me great pleasure to announce Brett Read has nominated for the role in 2016. So assuming there are no other nominations for sporting director I

am looking forward to working with Brett next year! Naturally I expect all sports series drivers will be patient and assist Brett while he is coming to grips with his new role and I will be in the background doing CAMS official duties. So I will still be around the track keeping an eye on your all! I will also be supporting the committee were ever possible. It is important to remember the club is run by volunteers and we all need to do our bit at some stage to keep the club functional. After my little stint I have the utmost respect for the PCWA committee and would encourage all members to have a ago Anyway we are looking forward to an exciting finish to the 2015 series as the mid engine boys chase the air cooled boys for PCWA Glory! See you on the track! Barry (the social butterfly) Nash

Issue 2 - 2015


Story: Rudy Menke

PCWA Christmas in July – York Weekend Run. 21st February 2015

Considering the weather forecast for the Saturday, it did not deter the members who were looking forward to blowing out the cobwebs from their magnificent machines, which are built to enjoy the open country driving. We met at Leapfrogs Café Wanneroo providing the caffeine injection before the first stage to Toodyay for lunch. The rain set in not long after our departure as we headed north to Gingin, but as we turned east on Gingin Brook road it stopped and was not seen again. Our first stop was West Coast Honey owned by the Fewster family where we sampled their local products, like Jarrah honey, white Gum honey, Black Butt and York Gum honeys as well as honey comb, jams and olives. From there we drove through Gingin towards Bindoon stopping at the Riseborough Estate Winery where we tasted the local produce of white and red wines made by Flying Fish Cove and Bella Ridge and we were not disappointed. In between wine tastings there was also an art gallery to inspect with a variety of paintings including landscapes and contemporary works for sale from local artists. Travelling east and north of Bindoon we drove past the Bindoon army camp via the Bindoon Dewars Pool Road where there were plenty of bends and hills to enjoy, with some spectacular scenery for those who had time to look. Lunch was the good old country burger and chips at the Coca Cola Café that hit the spot plus time to stretch the legs. Back on the road we headed to Northam following the Avon River and taking the Tourist route via Katrine Road bypassing the town and out to York where there were some good straights and sweeping bends through the glorious country. We stopped 50



off at Pioneer Drive Lookout which overlooks York and the surrounding Valley before arriving at our destination, the York Palace. Dinner was in our own dining room and was a set menu with traditional trimmings. The chef was in a panic thinking there was something wrong with the food, as many of us just could not eat the amount supplied and I am sure no one retired hungry with the sticky date pudding making sure of that. Sunday morning was a slow start with some of us enjoying breakfast down the river side outdoor café and then spending time at the Motor Museum admiring approximately 150 of the many makes and models collected over the years by Peter Briggs, including Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Racing cars, which are recognised as one of the finest collections in Australia. When planning this run, my first priority was the driving pleasure for both the driver and passenger/navigator taking into account stops, scenery and a variety of road conditions. Unfortunately I did not have sufficient time to incorporate a questionnaire quiz to make it more interesting, but plan to have this in the next run in 2016. Thanks again to everyone who atteneded!

Issue 2 - 2015


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Issue 2 - 2015


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Porsche West issue 2 - 2015  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

Porsche West issue 2 - 2015  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

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