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Issue 2 - 2016




Sports Series Round 4 - Collie

Inaugural Cars & Coffee

Getting lost with the PCWA

Social Drive To Mandoon


Issue 2 - 2016






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Issue 2- 2016




Tr e a s u r e r ’s re p o r t


June Club Meeting


P r e s i d e n t ’s re p o r t


P C W A’s I n a u g u r a l C a r s & C o f f e e


E d i t o r ’s r e p o r t


Sports Series Round 6


Social Directors’ repor t


Membership repor t


P a s s i o n & P ro v i d e n c e – Morning with Peter & Robyn Briggs


We b m a s t e r ’s re p o r t


P o r s c h e s a t ‘ Ta rg a S o u t h We s t 2 0 1 6 ‘


S e c r e t a r y ’s re p o r t


Porsche….there is NO substitute!


S p o r t i n g D i r e c t o r ’s r e p o r t


A Sound Idea


New Porsche Panamera


T h e Va l u e o f P o r s c h e P o w e r


New 718 Cayman


Fox Classic Car Collection


April Club Meeting & 10-year Pins


Perth welcomes the Legend back…the 718


Sports Series Round 3


718 Reasons to Get Excited


July Club Meeting & 10-year Members’ Pins Awarded


O u r 1 0 Ye a r s a t t h e P C W A


Goodwood Festival of Speed


S o c i a l D r i v e , W i n e Ta s t i n g & L u n c h a t F a i r b ro s s e n W i n e r y


My Porsche Families


Sports Series Round 4


‘Driving for Dreams’ became ‘Dreaming of Driving’


Thrill of a First Run


Our lifestyle changing year thanks to PCWA


Sports Series Round 5


PCWA Club Merchandise


T h e G r e a t S o u t h e r n We e k e n d e r



IF/C: Brila


Little Home Bakery


Auto Exclusive Perth


John Fowler Autosport


To b i a s C o p l e y G u i t a r s



Edan Air


Noel Berent Adver tising


UZI Design


To b i a s C o p l e y G u i t a r s


All Marine Services

36. Carstereoshop.com.au




Shannons Insurance


We s t L e e d e r v i l l e A u t o s


Tr a n s q u i p To o l s


SRS Southern Racing Suspension




H H G L e g a l G ro u p


Acton Real Estate


Porsche Insurance


C a p i t a F i n a n c e S o l u t i o n s


W h e e l s Wo r l d


Porsche Centre Per th



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Issue 2 - 2016


Treasurer’s report The Porsche Club of WA is in a sound financial position as at the 30th June 2016. As shown on the financial report, the Social Events are breaking even and although showing a loss of $863 this has been affected by the payment of the deposit of $1,180 for the Annual Awards Dinner at the end of the year. The income

for this event will be received at a later date.

a 2015 event that the invoice was not received until this period.

The Sports Series are in a similar position showing a positive amount of $907 but this has also been affected by the receipt of income for SSR5 but at this stage the expenses invoices for this event have not been received or paid and there was a payment made of $3,240 being for

All other income and expenses are as expected and the net income for the period of $9,771 together with the opening balance of $43,601 leaves the Club with a closing balance of $53,372. Bob Naylor - Treasurer


Opening Balance:

Cash Management Account: Operating Account:

$ $

38,049 5,552

$ 43,601

Plus Income:

Membership: Merchandise: Advertising: Interest:

$ $ $ $

18,589 505 5,931 317

$ 25,342

Social Events (net): Sandy Shore: Fairbossen Winery: Passion & Providence: Briggs Collection: Awards Dinner: Concours:

-$ $ $ -$ -$ $

50 70 334 82 1,180 45



Sports Series: SSR7/8 (2015): Come & Try: SSR1: SSR2: SSR4: SSR5: SSR6:

-$ -$ -$ $ $ $ $

3,240 1,608 810 1,048 1,479 3,506 532



Bank Fees: Meetings: Membership Expenses: CAMS: Print & Stationery: Website: Donations: Equipment: Audit Expenses:

-$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$ -$

287 2,062 2,722 1,180 7,073 1,031 500 210 550

Less Expenses

$ 53,372

Balance (as at 15/05/2016): Made up of: 4


Bob Naylor

Cash Management Account: Operating Account:


-$ 15,615

$ $

46,297 7,075

$ 53,372

President’s report

Well here we are again shivering in a lovely Perth winter with our Porsches providing some lovely warmth and entertainment during the colder months! Since our last issue of Porsche West we have had some really cool Social & Sporting Events & Club Meetings. In April, Brila Automotive Coatings welcomed us for our Club Meeting and I must say thanks a bundle to the Brila team for hosting & catering! It was a fantastic informative night. I also wish to thank Adrian and Christina Buri for hosting and catering our June Meeting at their West Leederville Auto’s workshop. I just love a workshop that is so clean you can eat off the floor (ha-ha). Naturally thanks, as always, to Wheels World & David Blainey too for always saying yes to meetings at their venue. See full reports (and lots of photos) in this issue of these meetings. On the social front, Deryck and Grace have been busy arranging some super events. I attended our first ever Cars & Coffee and all I can say is 3 hours goes really fast when you have all these wonderful cars (not all Porsches btw) to look at and great people to talk to. One of the best parts of Cars & Coffee is that feeling of displaying your car, and watching others share your passion by taking pics, asking questions and commenting on it. Also it’s just so nice to see like-minded people bring along their Porsches and more! We saw a very interesting couple of Ferrari’s and lovely older Jaguars and Morgans and much more! Although I did not attend the “Passion and Providence” event, all reports are that this was also a super duper affair and I would like to thank Peter & Robyn Briggs for hosting our Club in their home and showing off some stunning cars (and telling a great yarn). Other excellent events for this period have been the Mandoon social drive (thanks to Scott Alexander for hosting), the Fairbrossen Winery drive (thanks to Chris and Glynis for the accurate course route), and also a huge thanks to Bill Richards for hosting members who ventured down to Albany for the “round the houses” event. On the sporting front Brett Read is to be commended for arranging our Sports Series. These events have been fast,

furious, well attended and very eventful! Our members are excellent drivers and are to be congratulated for always putting on a great show with their Porsches at every sports round. I urge our fellow members to come down to any sporting event and have a look at the action - even if you are not competing! It’s free to watch and heaps of fun! The standout event was, as always, our Collie weekend which was a very well-run, well-attended and goodhearted event. Look for full reports in this issue from our sporting director on all events. We also have our market place up and running on our website. Please contact our Webmaster should you wish to advertise anything Porsche related. Thanks to Scott for his attention to his role as webmaster. Also thanks to Daniel for working very hard on this issue of Porsche West and to all our committee members for fulfilling their duties with excellent diligence. I urge members to support our advertisers who are great supporters of our Club. Marco from Porsche Centre Perth thinks they are the tops too. Thanks for supporting the President’s Report by multi-tasking sleep and reading at the same time, it’s a rare skill like juggling! Nominating for Committee Positions As we are mid-way through the year, all members need to start to consider if they would like to nominate for a committee position for the 2017 year. While at this stage we are unsure of who will be renominating, members are reminded that all positions are “vacated” at our AGM (in December). Any member can nominate for any position regardless if the sitting committee members re-nominates or not. I can report that 2016 will probably be my final year as President, so my position will be available for nomination as a vacant seat. I will only consider coming back if we do not fill the position but I really do think it’s time to move over and give someone else a go. Remember ANY FINANCIAL MEMBER can nominate so please consider this. It would be great to see a new face with new ideas in the chair and I will always be available to help out the new President! I hope you all enjoy this issue of Porsche West. Please remember, it’s YOUR magazine and we want to hear from you. If you have anything at all you wish to share with the members, please contact Daniel (Publications Director) with your story. Cheers! Edward Roose Club President & Launch Controller.

club committee 2016

President: Edward Roose


Vice President Graeme Robson


Treasurer : Bob Naylor treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

Publications: Daniel Eigemnann publications@porscheclubwa.org.au

Secretary: David Blainey


Sporting Director: Brett Read sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au

Webmaster: Scott Alexander


Membership: Kathy and Andy Stack


Social Directors Deryck Graham & Grace Tan social@porscheclubwa.org.au

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Refer to the name of the committee member above to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you.

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Issue 2 - 2016


Editor’s report

In June, Peter and Leonie Briggs were kind enough to open up their garage and share their car collection with Club members. Peter, the consummate storyteller, spent more than an hour telling us about each car in the garage that day. Whilst each story was more fascinating than the next, what really stuck with me was what Peter said at the very beginning - that “what I like most about cars is the people you meet.” And that is exactly what our Club is all about. It’s not about ‘Posh’ people…. it’s about ‘Porsche’ people. If you’re an existing member, or are looking to join, you will quickly find a big family of people wanting to share a

passion for all things Porsche. People who just want to have fun - whether it is on Sunday driving their car to a winery or racing around a track. A magazine for members by members Porsche West only exists because of members sharing their passion with other members. You will hear me say the same thing at every Club meeting… “members want to hear about other members”. So I invite you to contribute a story (or two) to the magazine. If you’re not sure what to write, I’ve listed a few ideas below: • Your experience as a PCWA member. • Your passion for Porsche. • What’s in your garage. • Sharing an amazing/interesting experience. • Reporting on a PCWA event you attended. • Sharing technical information. • Etc. As you can see – there are plenty of things you could write about. You don’t

need to be a Pulitzer-winning journalist or bestselling author to contribute. It’s about your story, written in your own words. A reflection of who you are and your passion for Porsches. If you have an idea for an article and want to contribute – simply contact me at publications@porscheclubwa.org.au. If you need help – let me know – and I will help you turn your ideas (or points) into an article for the magazine. Finally, I’d like to thank every single contributor to this magazine. I know how much work you’ve put in to get your article in on time and I’m very grateful for your effort. This issue would not have happened without you. A special thanks to Peter Ogden for allowing us to use many of his excellent photos. Thank you. Daniel Eigenmann

Social Directors’ report We have also noticed that you quite like good food, comfortable surroundings and nice scenery so we have started getting some events catered for and others with ensured good food and abodes. I think you can all see my partner and co-Social Director playing an extra-large part here! Thanks Grace!

Being a Social Director for the Porsche Club of WA is a little like being Santa Clause with gifts exclusively available from redballoon.com.au. Gifts of experiences can be the best as they make great memories and with likeminded friends, it is more wondrous again. Porsche Club members really are outstanding. As a rule, we are engaged, interested, social, connected and keen to experience the new and the fascinating.




With a standard set, we can then focus on the fascinating and the fun. Each member has connections, community, other hobbies and sometimes some sneaky inside information on one thing or another. Remember Drew Foster’s connection with the Navy and our amazing trips to Garden Island? Or Chris Clarke’s property developer friend that just happened to have a spare industrial estate we could race around? The list goes on and all it needs is your creativity. In the last few months, we have done our best to leverage just that. Upon meeting Peter Briggs at a business lunch, we discovered we were both car mad. An invitation for Grace and I to have tea at his 16 car garage with his lovely wife Robyn made it a no brainer to ask if next time we could bring 60 friends!

Inspiration to do Cars and Coffee came from the great classic Cars and Coffee events of the USA and the UK and also endorsed by my friend Paul Blank of Automotive Events Management, which is responsible for some of the largest and best car events in WA. With some 65 cars and 100 people at our inaugural event, we will certainly run this again! Coming up, we have Christmas in July in the town that time forgot – thanks to Ken and Leone Birch. Then Porsches, Planes and Picnics in September where aviation and cars combine, followed by an interclub classic Cars and Coffee which will be a first for Western Australia. Thereafter, whatever we and the members can dream up! Remember, we are all the children of the club and parents of the club at the same time so participating and giving is natural for us all. Both Grace and I stand waiting for your ideas! Deryck & Grace

Membership report

Our membership keeps on growing. We are happy to report that we currently have 253 Financial Porsche Club WA Members consisting of:

Michael Barrenger Neal Durack (Macan) Robert & Dee Page (Carrera 911) Lee Scott & Family (Cayman) Reece Tymms (911) John & Wendy Kay (Boxster) Steve Buick (Carrera 911) Richard Syrkiewicz (Boxster) Tony Hatt and Family Adam Curtis (Cayman) John & Joy Mercieca (Macan) Ryan/Chae and family Kong   (911)

165 Family Memberships 88 Individual Memberships 37 New Members this year

During the period from the last magazine we have celebrated the following milestones:

It has been great to see some of our new members taking part in what the Club has to offer and enjoying the Club.

20-year membership: Aaron Dollas

Following is a list of new members that have joined our Club since the last magazine was published: John Rozema Dejan Stojanoski & Family (Cayman) Melanie Rogers (Boxster) Greg Billings (Cayenne) Nelson Chua & Christine Tan (Cayenne) Alex Paizes & Family (Boxster) Jeff Foster & Family (Cayman) Swain Johnson (1976 911) Grant Wilkins Michael Taman & Alex Oudejans (Macan) James Tran & Family (Cayman) Lachlan Reed & Family (911) Tony Blackiston (1974 911) Rex Randle (Boxster) Hugh Greenland

10-year memberships: Robin Garbutt Colin and Cherie Strickland John and Shelda Debowski Graeme and Muriel Carter Looking forward to greeting more new members and catching up with all the new members at the meetings, social or sporting events. Please make yourselves known to us. Cheers, Andy and Kathy Stack

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Editor: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Advertising: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2016 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151



Issue 2 - 2016




Collie Sports Series Round 4

Inaugural Cars & Coffee

Getting lost with the PCWA

Social Drive To Mandoon


Issue 2 - 2016 7


“Market Place” was added to the Webmaster’s report The club’s website and after a slow initial

uptake there are now parts and cars advertised for sale. We always like to receive photos of our social and sporting series events, so please send a selection of your photos to me at webmaster@ porscheclubwa.org.au.

If you enjoyed an event and would like to write an article for the club magazine then please also let us know. Cheers, Scott Alexander


QUALITY SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES SINCE 1991 We provide mechanical & log book servicing as well as full maintenance for all Porsche models • • • •

Pre purchase inspections Classic 911 RS Recreations & Restoration Performance upgrades PCWA Member discount

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INCLUDING PORSCHE SERVICE, BRAKES, SUSPENSION, TYRES, WHEEL ALIGNMENT & EXHAUSTS Contact Adrian & Christina on 9381 6829 westleedautos@gmail.com | 8 Rosslyn Street West Leederville WA 6007 WESTLEEDERVILLEAUTOS.COM.AU




Tobias Copley Guitars

Guitar servicing, repairs, and customisations www.TobiasCopleyGuitars.com 0433 100 382

Walter Epple

42 Edward Street, Perth 6000 Tel: 9227 6725 Fax: 9227 1138 Email: walter.epple@autoexclusiveperth.com.au

Issue 2 - 2016


Your Porsche. Porsche Insurance. Perfect. Porsche Insurance provides premium comprehensive insurance with the ability to cover for both business and private use. Our policy includes choice of repairer, genuine Porsche parts, reduced premiums for low usage and many additional benefits that help you tailor the right cover for your Porsche. Call Porsche Insurance on 1300 711 911.





Secretary’s report Welcome all to the second Porsche West Magazine for 2016. First off, thanks go to all of the volunteers that make the Porsche Club of WA Sports Series events happen. Huge thanks go to Brett Read for his actions in dealing with CAMS for the Collie and Barbagallo events. Obtaining the permits and having the sub-regulations approved takes a lot of time to do. Additionally, arranging the track days at RAC DTEC and with the HSV Club and attending and officiating at our track days requires a substantial chunk of Brett’s time. Brett will hopefully have his 996 Turbo Race Car amongst the Sports Series soon. There are also a number of officials who have willingly given their time and obviously enjoyed being part of the Series. Special thanks go to PCWA members Barry Nash, Bill Richards and Chris Clarke for taking time out to come and assist

running our events. As always there are other PCWA Committee members who also do heaps in the background to get these events happening. Our sporting series utilises the RAC DTEC track, the Barbagallo/Jacks Hill track and the Collie track. There are not many/ any other tracks in WA. An issue that has arisen in recent times is that there is a noise complaint that has been lodged with the Commonwealth Government about noise from the RAC DTEC/MC Motorsport track in Grogan Road. A number of events have been cancelled at the venue in the last week or two. This is the media announcement from RAC DTEC/MC Motorsport: “MC Motorsport would like to thank the public for their ongoing support while we tackle the restrictions requested by the Commonwealth Govt. The Motorsports team are working on noise management in order to deal with the unexpected restrictions affecting our road circuit activity. We are currently trialing and sampling a couple of different options to tackle this

and we are looking forward to getting road circuit activity up and running again in the near future.” We will keep you posted, and once again – thank you for your ongoing support! The team at MC Motorsport” The PCWA 31 July 2016 SSR7 event was cancelled on 20 July 2016 because of this complaint. We want to keep using the RAC DTEC/MC Motorsport venue and we need all of the PCWA members to support the venue remaining open. Please keep an eye out for any new news on this issue and let other members know if there is an action that we jointly/ individually need to take to keep this venue open. And finally the Club (due to the Club Secretary selling his business and retiring from his day job) is also looking for additional venues for our Club Meetings. If you have a venue that is suitable for a Club Meeting and are happy to have us there, please let a Committee member know. David Blainey

Sporting Director’s report Hello to all the club members who are competing in the Club Sports Series as well as all the other members that regularly join in and support the Series. A special thanks from me personally to the club members who have made the Series work by giving up their time to be officials at our events. The events that are not at MC Motorsport can’t happen without a Clerk of Course and a Steward for the event. Barry Nash, Bill Richards and Chris Clarke have all given up their time and done a great job in these roles in support of the club. Every event also requires Scrutineers. David Blainey and Colin Strickland have done an outstanding job of checking all cars and keeping everything safe.

The Social Team of Grace Tan and Deryck Graham have also provided great support to the Sports Series making sure that food and sustenance have been on hand when needed. David Blainey also deserves special thanks for his tireless support with eskies, ice and cold bevies. The mid-part of the season has seen us compete at the MC Motorsport venue, as well as Collie track and Jacks Hill. Each of the venues provides something unique and gives us variety and different challenges in the types of driving required. We are, however, a bit restricted in WA with the venues that we have available to the club. David Blainey, in his Secretary’s Report, has provided some background on an issue that has unfolded at MC Motorsport. As a committee we are looking at options to keep the Sports Series exciting and we’ll continue to consult with members and report on developments.

If you didn’t see the post by Gary Cutler on our Facebook page, there was a newspaper report on a possible Motorplex for Albany. It’s early days at this point but we’ll keep track and let members know as developments occur. The results for the Series so far are posted on the club website and they make for interesting reading. Each year we run an outright championship and a club championship. The outright championship recognises the fastest car/driver in the competition, while the club championship is based on class points. Both awards are based on the best 6 rounds out of the 10 rounds in the series. Gary Jacobs is currently leading in the outright championship and John Morrow is leading in the club championship after 6 rounds, however, expect some shake ups as new rounds are completed. Brett Read

Issue 2 - 2016


The Porsche Panamera – a completely new development

The new Porsche Panamera reconciles two contrasting characteristics more than ever before: the performance of a genuine sports car and the comfort of a luxury saloon. It is a Gran Turismo that has been rethought and realigned. The second generation Panamera advances to become a performance icon of the luxury class. In this transformation, Porsche has systematically improved the Panamera concept – with a four-door car that has been redeveloped and redesigned down to the last detail. Its engines and transmissions have been redesigned, its chassis perfected, and its display and control concept reinterpreted for the future. The new Panamera also extends the borders between the world of ambitious sports cars and the world of comfortable cruising cars with highlights such as rear axle steering, active roll compensation and three-chamber air suspension. 911 design language with a much more dynamic flyline. Visually, the unique concept of this large Porsche is reflected in a new expressive design: unmistakably a Panamera, unmistakably a sports car – with long, dynamic proportions, pronounced shoulders, athletic flanks and an extremely fast roof line that is 20 mm lower at the rear. This typical Porsche ‘flyline’ creates a stylistic link to Porsche’s design icon, the 911. Plenty of functionality and easy interaction in the Porsche Advanced Cockpit The typical Porsche interior has been reinterpreted for the future in the new Panamera. 12



Black panel surfaces and interactive displays combine a clear and intuitive user interface like that of smartphones and tablets with the practical requirements for controlling the car. Classic hard keys and conventional instruments have been reduced significantly. They have been replaced by touch-sensitive panels and individually configurable displays which take centre stage in the new Porsche Advanced Cockpit – with great benefits for the driver as well as the front and rear passengers.

All of them – and for the first time including the diesel – are offered with a permanent all-wheel drive system and a new eight-speed Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK).

Despite a significantly extended range of communication, convenience and assistance systems, different functions can now be used and operated more clearly and intuitively. The Porsche Advanced Cockpit transforms the analogue world into the digital present of mobility, while leaving room for passion. The tachometer, positioned centrally in the instrument cluster, is a tribute to the 1955 Porsche 356 A.

A luxury saloon that can take to the race track In keeping with the overall concept of the new Panamera, the chassis also unites the cruising comfort of a luxury saloon with the performance of a true sports car.

New V6 and V8 biturbo engines with ample power and full-bodied sound. A Porsche has always impressed with more than just power; its efficiency is equally important. To elevate this formula to a new level, all of the second generation Panamera’s engines have been redesigned. They have all been made more powerful, while significantly improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. Three new biturbo direct injection engines are being introduced at the market launch: in the Panamera Turbo, the Panamera 4S and the Panamera 4S Diesel.

A V8 petrol engine that delivers 404 kW / 550 hp powers the Panamera Turbo and a V6 petrol engine with 324 kW / 440 hp drives the Panamera 4S. In the Panamera 4S Diesel, a V8 with 310 kW / 422 hp generates powerful thrust and maximum torque of 850 Nm.

This is achieved by supplementing the impressive basic layout with innovative systems such as adaptive air suspension with new three-chamber technology which is standard on all Australian models, together with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) electronic damper control. A new electromechanical steering system also enhances the sporty characteristics. The integrated 4D Chassis Control system analyses and synchronises all chassis systems in real time and optimises the road performance of the new Panamera. Porsche also takes the steering precision and handling of sports cars into the class of Gran Turismo cars with optional rear axle steering – which is also new and has been adapted from the 918 Spyder and 911 Turbo. Brake performance is also improved.

A new blend of performance – the new Porsche 718 Cayman

The fourth, redeveloped generation of the mid-engine sports coupe has a more striking, athletic and efficient appearance. Just a few weeks after the debut of the new 718 Boxster, the new 718 Cayman is extending the new model series. For the first time, the hard-top is priced below the roadster – in a similar way to the 911 models. 718 Cayman pricing starts at $110,300 in Australia with the 718 Cayman S from $140,600. The same new four-cylinder flat engines with turbocharging as in the 718 Boxster

are being deployed in the 718 Cayman. As a result, coupe and roadster have an identical engine output for the first time. The entry-level version starts with 221 kW (300 hp) from two litres of displacement. The S model delivers 257 kW (350 hp) with a displacement of 2.5 litres. This represents 18 kW (25 hp) more power compared to the predecessor models with an NEDC combined fuel consumption of 6.9L /100 kms for the 718 Cayman and 7.3L / 100 kms for the 718 Cayman S when fitted with optional PDK transmission.

The tremendous torque of the new engines in the 718 Cayman promises driving enjoyment and agility even at low revs. The two-litre engine of the 718 Cayman produces maximum torque of 380 Nm (plus 90 Nm over its predecessor), available between 1,950 rpm and 4,500 rpm. The 2.5-litre engine of the 718 Cayman S features a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG), a technology hitherto used exclusively in the 911 Turbo. In the 718 Cayman S, the VTG charger additionally has a wastegate for the first time. It delivers maximum torque of 420 Nm (an extra 50 Nm) to the crankshaft at engine speeds between 1,900 and 4,500 rpm. For the driver this means even better torque across all engine speeds. The 718 Cayman with optional PDK and Sport Chrono Package sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. The 718 Cayman S completes the same sprint in 4.2 seconds. Top speed of the 718 Cayman is 275 km/h with the 718 Cayman S peaking at 285 km/h. New chassis tuning for greater precision and more lateral stability In terms of driving dynamics, the new 718 Cayman models follow in the tracks of the classic 718 sports cars of the past. Thanks to their outstanding agility, the historic mid-engine sports cars won numerous races in the 1950s and 1960s such as the Targa Florio and Le Mans. Lateral rigidity and wheel tracking have been improved in the completely retuned chassis of the 718 Cayman; springs and stabiliser bars have been designed for added firmness and the tuning of the shock absorbers has been revised. The steering, which is now 10 per cent more direct, enhances agility and driving dynamics. The rear wheels, which are a half inch wider, in combination with the redeveloped tyres result in increased lateral force and hence greater cornering stability.

Issue 2 - 2016


By Edward Roose 5/4/2016

April Club Meeting at Brila Automotive Glass Coatings Our April club meeting turned out to be a bit of a “red carpet” affair when Brila Automotive Glass Coatings threw open the doors and rolled out the welcome wagon for members of the PCWA. Their expansive detailing workshop was transformed into a “car launch” style venue with gratis drinks and sumptuous catering for members. Certainly this was a meeting that will be remembered for some time and we are very grateful to the Brila team for accommodating us in such a wonderful manner. PCWA member Michael Broughton’s already lovely white 356 was given the “Brilafication” treatment as a display of the product for the event, and after our meeting, members

Derek & Dianne congratulated by the Brila team 14



were treated to a presentation of the product including a rather swanky video made earlier in the week of Michael with his newly coated Porsche. Indeed, I thought he looked so cool with his machine that he may be a shoe-in as the new 007 James Bond. I wonder if they would mind though if the new James Bond preferred a good red over a martini? The product certainly has some merit, as Michael commented recently that the officials at sporting events have had some trouble writing numbers on the coated parts of his car. In seeing the car a few weeks ago, I can confirm it still looks showroom fresh in its appearance.

congrats to Diane and Derek Pegg for winning the door prize donated by Brila - a free application of the product. If you are interested in protecting your Porsche with Brila Automotive Coatings, see their ad in this issue of Porsche West, and make sure you mention your PCWA Membership to get a tidy club discount. We will always try to vary the places for our Club meetings. If you have a venue you think worthy of hosting a meeting, or would like to showcase your business to members, please contact me for a discussion.

Also thanks to Brila for the cool “show bags” that members were able to take home and

Drinks over, time for the meeting

Edward congratulates Dianne on winning the Door Prize!

A fine 356 coated with Brila’s finest

Eeny meeny miney grog

Everyone chatting about Porsche

Explaining the passion

I can transform your car AND pour wine

Members enjoying Brila hospitality

Only the best for the PCWA. Thanks Brila!

PCWA Brains Trust (Brett & Daniel)

Riveting stuff

Smooth as silk

The Committee & Members

Werner is a funny guy. Right Mo!

Red carpet treatment Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director

Sports Series Round 3 at MC Motorsport 10th April 2016

A very close competition at the top made for an exciting day. Congratulations to Deryck Graham for taking 1st place for the event in his Cayman Turbo. The top three positions were separated by less than a second! Great results overall from many of our competitors in their various classes. Tim Wolfe brought out his stunning 997 GT3RS, but as it wasn’t wearing R Spec tyres it couldn’t match the pace at the top of the 16



competition. It would be great to see the GT3RS out there again with R Specs on it. John Dumbill was exploring the limits of rearend traction in his 911 and entertaining the assembled onlookers with his rendition of a scene from Swan Lake. Then there’s always some Galah that wants to spoil the fun. Sam Wolfe had a brief encounter with a pink and grey resident of the track which saw his windscreen come off second

best. Gary Jacobs came close to suffering the same fate but luckily avoided the unwanted close encounter. All up, a great morning was had by the 35 club members who came out to enjoy what Porsches do best.

Michael cocks his stiff chassis

David running on all cylinders today

David taking a breather Issue 2 - 2016


Deryck & his Rocket Ship

Gary turns in

Gerrit full tilt

Getting started

Glenn ready to race

Graeme hard on the brakes

Guards red classic colour

Ian ready to redline

Ice Cool GT4

John about to unleash yellow power

John Dumbill 360

John thinking hard

Kim testing his carbon ceramics

Marc Humm ready to run

Nice line up

On the black stuff good to see

Ray, Janet & Alba

Sam Wolfe just loves Galahs




Issue 2 - 2016


Tyres - Wheels - Suspension - Road and TRaCK

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Story: Edward Roose


July Club Meeting & 10-year Members’ Pins Awarded At our July Club Meeting at Porsche Centre Perth (PCP), members Graeme (& Muriel) Carter, Robin Garbutt, Colin (& Cherie) Strickland and John Debowski were awarded their 10-year members’ pins by Memberships Coordinator Andy Stack & Vice President Graeme Robson.

Newbon for the excellent catering of the evening. Our meetings at PCP are always a big event with extra members attending and rightly so. It’s just really nice to head to the “Home of Porsche” in WA and check out the super machinery in the forecourt.

It was an excellent, well attended and great humoured meeting and we would like to thanks Porsche Centre Perth for their continued support of the PCWA. Also thanks to Emeline

We hope to see more of our members attending meetings in the future. They are always fun and a great way to meet up, have a drink, some dinner and find out about new and past events at the PCWA.

10 years of fun fun fun

Andy & Graeme with Colin

Andy & Graeme with Graeme Carter

Andy & Graeme with John

Andy & Graeme with Robin

Don’t touch that duco

Let’s talk Porsche

Paul Swiderski is all smiles

Say ‘Porsche’

Singing the club theme song ‘with the pedal to the metal & my knuckles turning white’

The Birds & Colin wondering where they keep the keys

Werner & Lothar the German connection

Congratulations to our latest 10-year members

Issue 2 - 2016


Story & Photos: Edward Roose


Social Drive, Wine Tasting & Lunch at Fairbrossen Winery

Where did that Porsche go?

Showery Sundays are normally reserved for staying home with family, reading a book or watching the footy with a tinny. But at the PCWA these are also reserved for drives in the country, Porsches, wine tasting, great food and company. We had quite the merry band of members attend this “sold out” event taking on a very lovely, well organised route (pronounced rout ha-ha) which took us up over the hills and far away. Just like the five little ducks. As it was good weather for ducks, this is quite apt actually! So after some pre-run coffees and a quick chat, we left our usual meeting point in Midland and headed off in fine PCWA style to everywhere except where we were supposed to go. Yep, you guessed it. Within 15 minutes the group had scattered in all directions… east, west, north, whatever. It was a typical

911 Girls 22


PCWA free for all and it was damn good fun and very funny! Some say there may have been a suggestion that some of the original course notes lovingly created by PCWA legend Chris Westall were missing from the official version. But I can assure you that his good wife, Glynis, is a very fastidious operator and I’m pretty sure she didn’t leave anything out of the route. Well I am kind of sure…. I hope I am sure, ha-ha. Nope it was definitely a lack of our ability to follow directions that meant the PCWA scattered like lost sheep, flat sixes all over the shop and the hills! Yet somehow all managed to arrive at our excellent venue within 20 minutes of each other. Thank goodness for sat nav and google maps hey!

So yet another wonderful social run where members got lost, fed, watered and pampered. Thanks to all who attended. I think we will be back at Fairbrossen soon! By the way, if anyone wants a copy of the course route, I think you may as well just spin the bottle and head in that direction then do around 15 short turns to the left and 5 to the right and you will arrive there in no time!

On arrival members were treated to some lovely wine tasting followed by a really good value menu. Thanks to the Fairbrossen staff

911 Plates on a Boxster WEST

for putting on a great spread and for looking after us. I must say that this venue is excellent for a short drive into the hills. Actually the way most of us arrived was via back roads so it felt like we were actually in the middle of the country. However, Fairbrossen is situated a short trip up Welshpool Road and into the hills.

All smiles

Braving the elements

Car talk


Classic 991 Shape

Coffee now, wine later

Don’t scratch that green 911!

Enjoying a chat

Huddle up it’s cold!

Jolly Joker

Line up

Looking forward to a great day

Rain comes down, roof goes up

Ready to follow the course route notes

Red & Yellow always a good combo

The Route Maestros

Three’s Company

Thumbs up from Alex

Where is the party? Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director Photos: Brett Read & Peter Ogden

Sports Series Round 4 at Collie Motorplex 23rd April 2016

Ron Norder pointing out racing lines

Our annual trip down to Collie on the Anzac Day weekend saw another brilliant day with super fast times being set. The weather was excellent and we were very well looked after with food and sustenance by the social team and their helpers. Thanks everyone who chipped in and made that work for all. A new Class Open Post record was set by Tim Wolfe in a time of 49.7879 seconds and a new Class B record of 52.7801 seconds was set by Andy Tudor. Well done Andy and Tim for their 24



great driving. Blaise Paris was also a notable performer on the day and managed to pip Allan Guelfi to the second spot by 2 one hundredths of a second. The standard of driving is so high these days that we are starting to see margins like F1 qualifying! There were some great battles across the competition. Well done to Tim Wolfe, Blaise Paris and Allan Guelfi who finished on the podium for fastest outright times on the day. 3 wise men

944 cocking its front boot

Allan coming to grips with his GT3

And this 911’s cocked her leg Issue 2 - 2016


Graeme Robson

Tyre pressure monitors

The master and the rising star

A full grid 26



Sharing a Joke

Andy hard at it

Red menace eyes

Drivers’ briefing, exciting stuff

Gary with his iron glove

Gerry setting another hot lap

Grace and Lee

Graeme looks like a super hero in his red racing suit

Hard on the brakes

Horsepower on tap

Ian, Gerry & Graeme

Ray almost always gets the right line


SSR Brains Trust

Thumbs up if you’re fast

Track side harmony & a photo bomber

Which way to the track

We love the Galbraiths

Who said girls don’t like race cars Issue 2 - 2016


By Dee Page

Thrill of a First Run contrasts of green, eucalyptus and gum trees. Black faced sheep along with their leaping, playful lambs, seemed unimpressed by the parade of flashing colour zooming by on the otherwise quiet road. “Wait a minute” I had thought… “is this drive about the scenery?” A black Porsche passed several of us with that familiar sound of a tiptronic roar, jarring me out of my muse with the countryside. I noticed my driver was engrossed in concerted concentration. He was more into the driving than the view… It was his first run too… and required considerable focus. A pit stop coffee run in historical York provided a perfect time to touch base with members we had chatted with at the starting point.

Do you get a buzz from doing something for the first time? It’s a passion of mine and a great source of life enhancing juice. For 11 years my husband Rob and I delighted in driving our Porsche 911 Carrera, a metallic Burgundy with Savannah Beige interior. Then a long-standing intention came to fruition. We joined Porsche Club WA and just in time for the ‘Lakes to Mandoon Estate Run’ in May. This was our first run with PCWA and a whole lot of fun. Our excitement escalated even en-route to the meeting place in the Swan Valley on the outskirts of the Perth city. We stopped at a gas station and met fellow members in their yellow Porsche cabriolet. The hood was down. They were rugged up with head-gear to counter the winter morning chill. Warm intros preceded a chuckle and nod in agreement that we were on the right road to collect with a gathering throng. At a point off Great Southern Highway, a beaming Andy waved us into a steadily building line of exquisite beasts…lustrous, shiny Porsches! Vehicles of different colours, styles and personalities were as varied as their owners. The meeting place, a cleared roadside offshoot was wide and easy for cars to drive in off the main road, U-turn and join the proceedings. A couple of weeks before during a planning run a garage had been there. “It’s completely vanished” Andy pointed out with a shrug. By the 11 o’clock start some 33 sets of wheels were ready to roll. President Ed instructed us about Club rules and road sense, especially geared to the hotfooted. He consoled that someone usually gets lost “so don’t worry if you do”. We could not know then that some indeed would think they had erred at a quirky turn near a T-Junction.




One 10-year member, Robin had brought a co-driver; an 89-year-old birthday girl, who wore a smile from ear to ear at what seemed like an unimaginable first experience. Don’t you love it? From the beginning I held no expectations, not knowing what to expect. I had set out from home with the child spirit in me simply ready to delight in whatever the day would hold. At least it would be a drive in beautiful countryside and an opportunity to meet more passionate people. I had heard stories of other owners and Club members openly admitting that cars, especially Porsches, were a passion. My life and work are about quality lifestyle from an inner perspective that embraces what gives people and communities zest. This event was not only a tonic but further intriguing insight into others’ drives. No excuses for puns. The Drive What a spectacle our entourage made as we commenced on to Great Southern Highway towards Beverley. Lush new growth covered expansive paddocks. Of note were hills covered in rocks and typical roadside paddy melons. They reminded me of scenery from my childhood that surrounded my hometown of Wagin. Scott and Sharon had mapped in some quiet, yet wide, well maintained roads through farmland and bushland. Some 133km from Perth, Beverley is an historical town that provides commercial and industrial support to surrounding agricultural areas. Avondale Agricultural Research Station, with its extensive collection of historical farm machinery, is 10 kms from the town. With its strong history of aviation, Beverley has one of the biggest gliding clubs in Australia (founded in 1973). Our route bypassed the town when we headed towards York. More magnificent

York was the first inland settlement in WA, so it was the first township in the Avon Valley, 97km east of Perth. Remarkably well restored buildings are amongst its pride tourist attractions. Of particular interest to our members could be the York Motor Museum. With its large number of vintage cars and horse drawn vehicles, it is one of the finest collections of privately owned vintage, Classic and Racing Cars in Australia. Housing Peter Briggs’ collection of 150 vehicles it presents the evolution of motor transport… and may be a future outing for our members. Down Avon Terrace through the town we headed towards Clackline, where the “railway line should be on your left” according to our instructions. Then …. at the said T-junction… Toodyay Road, some thought they were lost. Frank, Ed, and us were amongst 7 cars…. We soon found ourselves at the scheduled Roe Highway onto Reid Highway arriving at picturesque Mandoon Estate in Caversham. Mandoon is situated on the banks of the Swan River in WA’s oldest wine region. In 1829 Captain Stirling showed Survey General John Roe the location Roe would be granted. Old Roe Homestead is still located in the gardens of Mandoon Estate, built in 1905. Original Verdhello plantings from 1895 and other old vines are still used today. On our arrival in slight drizzle of winter rain, Mandoon was abuzz with groups, couples and families using the various eateries, and facilities. Organized gardens and a long tree-lined driveway lead to where we all were to meet and eat. There seated on high tables in an open sided, covered terrace we supped on Porsche Club’s selected tasting plates and first drinks. Some followed with individual tasty dishes of a broad selection of cuisines. Our first run with Porsche Club WA will be a fond memory and one of many runs for years to come…we hope.

A very happy family

Andy’s 928 always a classic

Big crowd for a big day

Blue is beautiful

Did someone say lunch

Frank Bove proud of his stunning GTS

Not a 911 in sight

Not quite the correct spelling

Pit stop at York


Kathy & Grace happy as

Mid Engine lineup

The Buri’s actually took their GT4, must have been sunny haha

Premium parking

Scott calling the shots

The best kept 928 in living history

Nice line up starting with Rick & Kirsty’s super 991

Lunch is always a highlight

Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director Photos: Brett Read & Andy Stack

Sports Series Round 5 at MC Motorsport 29th May 2016

David ready to tame the red menace 30



Another brilliant Sunday morning with Porsches and friends at MC Motorsport. The morning started out quite cool but the competition just kept heating up. The final results were a repeat of Round 3 at Collie with the podium spots being taken out by Tim Wolfe, Blaise Paris and Allan Guelfi again. The next handful of positions were hotly contested by Gary Jacobs, Daniel Bathe, Deryck Graham and John Morrow who are always podium contenders on the day. The ladies were also out on the track at this event with Christina Buri, Lilian Choo and Kathy Stack all challenging themselves to master the art of peddling their cars around the MC Motorsport track.

Many of the competitors commented on the great fun of the event and a number of the rookies in this year’s event couldn’t hide the smiles when they got out on the track in their Porsches. One of the great things about the Sports Series is the fabulous range of Porsche cars that you see out on the track at our events. It’s fantastic to see the track focused classic 911’s of David Blainey, Blaise Paris, Brad Kidd and Colin Strickland. David Anderson’s beautiful 911 and Michael Broughton’s 356 are a treat as well. And then there’s all the modern cars – GT4’s, GTS’s, Boxsters and Caymans all looking great.

Issue 2 - 2016


911 leg cock

Adrian Buri - Cayman R

Alex Mokrzycki - Boxster S

Allan Guelfi

Andy ready to set a new record

Boxster balance

Car 27 to the line please

Christina Buri - Boxster GTS

Michael Broughton - 356

Tim takeoff

Tim Wolfe

Giving the boys a run for their money

Colin lifting his leg 32



Blaise Paris - 911 964 RSR Replica

Craig Wengel - 911 Cabriolet

Daniel Bathe - Boxster S

Daniel Eigenmann - Boxster

Roderic Seow - Macan Turbo

David’s Stunner

Deryck Graham - Cayman Turbo S

Gary in the Purple 911 eater

Gary Jacobs

Gerrit Oplaat and his 911 Cabriolet

Gerry Willems ready in his Boxster S

Green with envy

John Dowson - GT4

Issue 2 - 2016





Story: Bill Richards

The Great Southern Weekender Albany Classic 4-5 June 2016

Issue 2 - 2016


Friday: PCWA descends on Albany After months of planning and encouraging PCWA members to visit Albany for the 80th anniversary of the first around-the-house style car race in Albany, a group of 6 cars met at Macca’s in Armadale on Friday 3 June for coffee prior to setting out for the weekend. Six other cars were also heading there but taking different routes with some towing their competition Porsches on trailers. The convoy of 6 (12 persons) headed off down Albany Highway to North Bannister where we left the main highway for a low traffic (no traffic) run through beautiful country to Narrogin via Wandering. It was a good thing that we had decided on that route as when we were approaching North Bannister we joined a queue travelling at incredibly slow speed behind a massive wide load. Lunch had been booked at the Duke of York Hotel in Narrogin and we were greeted in the car park by the Publican who led us through the bottle shop into their dining room. The rest of the pub was chock a block as Friday is obviously the day the farmers come to town. We all enjoyed a good lunch and then headed on to Katanning for the scheduled coffee and cake stop at a quaint café where we were made very welcome by the owner. Next stop Albany. Some of us (4 cars) were keen to take the scenic but longer route through the Stirling Range and Porongurup National Park which meant heading east from Broomehill to Gnowangerup and then due south to Albany. Great roads with NO traffic. The only worry was potential wildlife for the last 50kms in the failing light. Fortunately, we all made it OK without incident. The other 2 cars ran down through Tambellup and Cranbrook, then joined the Albany Hwy traffic which by all accounts wasn’t too bad. Rudy Menke had done a lot of planning for our evening meals and 17 of us met at “6 Degrees”, the restaurant at George On The Terrace, for Friday dinner. We had a private dining area which meant we could all sit together and have

a conversation, although as the night went on we got somewhat rowdier. Saturday: Hill Climbs and tourism We all woke to rain and south polar wind on Saturday. Some headed to The Wind Farm to compete in the CAMS Speed Series Hill Climb, some headed to Mt Clarence for the VSCC Hill Climb and some did other stuff. Judy and I were at Mt Clarence for the duration, possibly because we were so cold we couldn’t move! We were lucky to meet up with many old acquaintances, mainly Austin Healey owners, so the discussion was not about Porsches. We witnessed runs by David Blainey who unfortunately had plug fouling problems but was still a crowd pleaser, as was John Morrow in his newly acquired 911SC which I doubt is standard judging by its performance. John Webb ran his 911 and “Gordi” was pedaled up the hill by club VP Graeme Robson. Saturday night saw 23 of us gather for more food and wine, this time at “The Mean Fiddler” again in a private area as the restaurant was chock a block, as they all are in Albany on this weekend every year. Sunday: The reason for being in Albany We all woke to sunshine and twittering birds on Sunday. Some with thicker heads than others. Our accommodation was close enough to the circuit that we could see part of it and could hear the drivers being called to the driver’s briefing over the PA as we were dressing for breakfast. There was still a chilly wind but beautiful sunshine as the crowds built quickly. As is always the case there were many interesting cars competing and little time to kill between events except when someone broke down. Fortunately, there were no incidents, a first in our 10 years of attending. The pits were worth visiting due to the variety of cars there and the people that you catch up with. The Jaguar Club had some very nice cars on show, as did the local car club.

Heading home through the Stirling Range National Park




I think that those in our group who had not been to the event before were amazed at the spectacle created by some, but not all, events. We all know that a Regularity event is not a race. I don’t think they told the drivers in both the under 3 litre and over 3 litre touring cars as these were real fun. Seeing 911’s harassing 6 litre and 7 litre V8’s and Ford GT40 replicas and passing them with concrete walls all around really warmed the heats of Porsche enthusiasts. Porsches were run by David Blainey, John Morrow, Ian Dickerson, Leonard Kidd, John Webb and Gary Cutler. Graeme Robson ran his Renault R8 Gordini, Ivan Michelsen was in his MGC GT and Tony Michelsen in his GT350 Mustang Fastback, so all in all a good turnout. Dinner at Rustlers Steakhouse on Sunday night was attended by 17 of us. Two of the group, David Blainey and John Morrow couldn’t stop smiling all night having had so much fun harassing the V8’s all day. We said our goodbyes as we left as some were leaving early Monday and others staying on as they were competing in the Speed Series industrial park Sprint or doing some sightseeing. Rudy, Jenny, Judy and I decided to head home via the Porongurup’s and Stirling’s as they would look spectacular in the morning light. Morning tea in Katanning at the only place open, lunch in Narrogin at the only place open then home via Brookton and York. Very little traffic and great Porsche roads. Can’t wait for next year All in all, a great weekend that we hope all enjoyed. I know for a fact that even though some ladies might not have enjoyed the cars as much as the men did they found the boutiques very enticing probably to the financial advantage of the proprietors! We have secured our accommodation for next year so I recommend you do the same if you plan to go in 2017. Many thanks to Rudy for his help in planning and arranging venues for evening meals.

Dinner at The Mean Fiddler

Allan Guelfi giving last minute advice to John Morrow

Coffee stop at Katanning

David Blainey having fun and pleasing the crowd

David Blainey ready to roll

Dinner at Rustlers

Gary Cutler showing the way to a GT40

Lunch at the Duke of York Narrogin

The Mean Fiddler take 2

John Morrow chasing V8’s through GWN7 Corner Issue 2 - 2016



YOUR PORSCHE CLEAR-SHIELD PAINT PROTECTION FILM No more stone chips. Virtually invisible. Backed by 10 year manufactures warranty.

BEL/ESCORT RADAR LASER DEFENSE 100% Legal in WA. Stealth Installation. Maximum Protection against Infringements.




(08) 9328 6486


June Meeting at West Leederville Autos

Story: Edward Roose Photos: Daniel Eigenmann & Christina Buri 7/6/16 I love it when you walk into a workshop thinking “I could eat off the floor this place is so clean”. That’s the feeling I had when I arrived early to setup for our June Club meeting. Rookie of the year (2015) Adrian Buri and his lovely wife Christina kindly invited the PCWA to use their West Leederville Auto’s workshop for our meeting and then also decided they would lavish some more love on us and cater the event too. So as members started to arrive on a cool but calm Tuesday evening, the BBQ was cooking and the wine started to flow. Thanks to the patio heaters arranged by the Buri’s, members were toasty warm as they enjoyed the complimentary baked Pretzels kindly donated by Glen & Carmen Marder of Little Home Bakery (13/28 Rudloc Rd, Morley WA, ph: 9375 7102).

After the usual chatting, drinking and eating (and looking at the machinery on display) the meeting started and as usual it was an excellent well humoured affair.

Congrats to Andy Tudor for breaking another club record

Congrats to Brad Bird for breaking another club record

Later members Andy (big wing) Tudor, Brad (free grog) Bird and Tim (lone) Wolfe received their lap records awards for outstanding performances in the PCWA Sports Series so far. Indeed, Tim was the star of the show with awards for multiple lap records being broken at Collie and also Long and Short tracks at Wanneroo raceway. Well done to these guys for always pushing the envelope of talent to go even faster than before. Thanks to Brett Read for organising these awards.

If you have a business and would like to host a PCWA club meeting, please contact me to discuss for future meetings. Thanks again to Adrian and Christina for their hospitality and also congrats to Daniel Eigenmann for winning the $300 car service door prize donated by the Buri’s. See you all at our next meeting. Cheers, Edward Roose Club President & Adaptive Damper

Congrats to Tim Wolfe for breaking multiple club records Issue 2 - 2016


PCWA’s Inaugural Cars & Coffee Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan, Jayden Clark, Andy Stack and Julie Mokrzycki 19/6/16 The Porsche Club’s inaugural Cars and Coffee on 19 June 2016 was off to a fantastic start, with over 60 cars and close to a 100 passionate car enthusiasts coming along to the event on a crisp Sunday morning. It was a great turnout! Held at City Beach overlooking the ocean, PCWA members were able to enjoy a beautiful drive along the coast to meet up for coffee and brownies while admiring some of the world’s classic automobiles. Alongside beautiful Porsches (naturally!), we also had a variety of other exotic luxury cars including a Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 599 GTO, Morgan Aero, Jaguar XK-140, Jaguar E-Type Series I Coupe, Corvette and a Morgan Plus 8. In addition to the

opportunity of appreciating fine automobiles, it was a great way to meet new friends. What a lovely way for enthusiasts to spend a Sunday morning!

models, in addition to delectable Porsches of course. Please extend the invitation to fellow car enthusiasts you believe would love to participate.

The camaraderie on the morning was palpable. Members even arrived well ahead of time and stayed past the official event close. We are very appreciative of everyone’s strong support and enthusiasm.

We hope to build a vibrant community based upon enthusiasm and passion for cars.

Our next Cars & Coffee event will be in summer. Details will be confirmed closer to the date, so do look out for more information on the Porsche website and Facebook pages. In this next event, we would also welcome more classic and luxury automobiles of various makes and

More delectable Porsches

Deryck’s Cayman Turbo - The perfect event signage 40



Together, let’s make something great and long lasting for all us classic and prestige performance car lovers in Perth!

Austin Healey

Happy lads - Chris, Ian & Frank

Simon’s elegant Jaguar XK-140

Perfect setting for Cars and Coffee

Chris da Silva’s Morgan Aero

Corvette or Carreras all welcome

Eunice, Michael, Glenn, Brett & Deryck

Gary Faas enjoying the morning

Gary’s sexy Testarossa

Gathering of the faithful and Patrick’s Morgan Plus 8

Ray & Janet Galbraith

Smiles all round

Crisp winter’s morning by the ocean savouring beautiful cars

Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director

Sports Series Round 6 at Jack’s Hill 22nd June 2016

911 Balance

Bad boy Leeroy get that boot in

Best fun you can have with your clothes on

Cayman rising

Duck Tail helps

Gary Jacobs hard at it

Graeme fast as usual

John Morrow keeping it real




Lee Brown with his modded Bad Boy

A rather wet mid-week day saw a reduced field for the hill climb event of the series. Notwithstanding this there was some great driving on the day. Well done to Gary Jacobs with the fastest overall time. 2nd place was taken by John Morrow - well done! But the one to watch on the day was Ray Galbraith who was 3rd fastest great result Ray! Ray lashed out on some new R Spec tyres for the event and found some extra speed up the hill as a result.

It was also wonderful to see that the newcomers to the sporting series were well represented at this event. Sam Wolfe continues to drive his 911 Targa very well and is currently running 3rd in his class which, by the way, also includes newcomers Toby Copley, Marc Humm and Daniel Eigenmann. Also competing on the day (in style) was Rod Seow in his Macan Turbo which proved to be a very fast SUV.

Lee burning rubber

Love that Duck Tail

On the power

On the power

PCWA Line Up


Porsche 6 Pack

Roderic pushing his Macan

Toby get set

Sideways action

Stuttgart Stable

Issue 2 - 2016


Passion & Providence – Morning with Peter & Robyn Briggs Story: Grace Tan Photos: Grace Tan & Peter Ogden

Peter Briggs is one of Perth’s most renowned businessmen whose colourful and larger-thanlife adventures have captured the State’s imagination over the past 40 years. He also has an incredible passion and fascination for collecting classic cars, racing and winning. Not just in any vintage vehicle but cars with providence and historical significance. On a gloriously sunny winter’s morning on Sunday 26 June, Peter and his lovely wife Robyn hosted Porsche Club members in their City Beach home, generously sharing their private car collection with us. Over a delectable morning tea, Peter regaled us with lots of incredible stories along with amazing facts and fantastic behind-the-scenes tales


of how his collection came to be. A natural orator who is passionate about life and cars, Peter truly charmed and captivated the audience. There were many laughs and much joy. And of course, many beautiful cars! Today, Peter and Robyn’s collection of automobiles remains world class and invaluable on many levels. We feel privileged that we were able to enjoy their amazing collection. Peter and Robyn also enjoyed the morning with us and mentioned they would be open to hosting another automotive themed event with us in future. More delightful stories to share!

Deryck and I have had tremendous feedback from guests regarding this and other events we have organised to date. Thank you to all lovely PCWA members for your strong support and wonderful camaraderie. Many of these events have come from personal hobbies and interests. We have great fun in planning them and encourage members to share their personal connections and interests with us too. You never know how a hobby, something you’re passionate about or simply an interesting connection could marry well with the Porsche Club and lead to another wonderful event. All things are possible! Just contact us on social@porscheclubwa.org.au and let’s create something great together.

1933 MG Magnette Supercharged (‘K3’)

Friends on a Sunday morning 44



Morning tea is served!

Part of Peter & Robyn’s amazing collection

Bentley - One of the definitive symbols in British luxury cars

Our lovely service staff, Victor

Pebble Beach - By invitation only

The delightful Robyn & Peter Briggs

The first British Le Mans 24 Hour Race entry in 1923

White chocolate ginger mousse tartlets

Peter had the audience enthralled with his tales

Porsche Club members sharing a lovely morning

The exquisite Bentley Platinum

Toby door-prize winner of the book Chassis 141 - The story of the first Le Mans Bentley

What a wonderful welcome to the Briggs home!

No collection’s complete without a Porsche Issue 2 - 2016


Porsches at ‘Targa South West 2016‘ Story: Richard Harbron Photos: Stephen Blackberry (Active Photographic)


Other PCWA members; Brendan Anesbury, Andy Tudor, Brad Kidd and Nathan Ellement all had eventful weekends (Nathan more than most - II’ll let him tell his story!) but had a great time and whetted their appetite for Targa West in August.

Andy Tudor and Millsy Despite the threat of the worst weather to hit South West WA in years, a brave band of Porsche rally teams and their service crews headed to Pemberton to battle the conditions and compete in Targa South West during the weekend of 20-21 May. In the past, Targa South West was an uncompetitive shakedown event held prior to Targa West each year. This year, the competitors drove competitive, timed stages with trophies awarded for the top three in each category and the winners in sub categories such as Rookie Driver and Early Modern. Eight Porsches competed in the event representing a broad range in both type and age of vehicles.

We also had another trouser troubling moment when the car was thrown sideways into a spin that Tim miraculously recovered from. I don’t think I have ever seen both sides of the road by looking straight out the front window before. We found out later that oil had been dumped on the road by a car in front as the cars behind us also had the same occur to them.

I navigated for Tim Wolfe in his 1999 GT3 and we got proceedings underway Saturday morning by being fastest on the first stage from Pemberton up to Big Brook Dam. This set the tone for the weekend and I realised then it was going to be a demanding two days ahead.

PCWA stalwarts David Blainey and Brett Read didn’t hold back all weekend and were consistently quick. Dave must have been going hard as he lost power when the power plug through the firewall to the ignition disconnected after getting some big air on the demanding Gloucester stage. After roadside repairs they were back under way and completed the rally.

The weather got steadily worse and I even had hail bouncing off my stage notes as we had to keep the window down on my side to prevent fogging up and so at least Tim could see out the windscreen. Brendan Anesbury must have seen it coming, as the lights he stole from the MCG and mounted to the front of his car certainly came in handy later in the day when it was nearly pitch black due to the heavy storm clouds. Apart from rain, poor visibility and slippery roads, we also faced other challenges such as fallen trees, extracting a rather shaken Datsun GTR driver from a rollover, and working out what the loud banging noise was whilst hydroplaning with no steering at nearly 200 kmh. (The banging noise turned out to be the windscreen rubber that had peeled off hitting the roof).




That’s the dynamic nature of tarmac rallying though. No stage is ever the same twice. Just when you think you know every inch of the stage and are in a rhythm, something comes along to try and throw you off your game.

Future PCWA member, Justin Gan (he agreed to join after my interrogation at the Saturday night dinner), had a great weekend although gave the spectators a fright by turning right instead of left on the Pemberton town stage but thankfully pulled it up and made the corner a very late entry left turn instead. The Shamrock Civil and Concrete/Wheels World Porsche of Peter Major and Kim Screigh were neck and neck with the GTi Performance Ford Capri Perana all weekend only for the Capri to pip them to the outright Competition Classic category win by only three seconds. An awesome effort considering Peter only had 15 minutes behind the wheel of the ’77 911 prior to the event.

I’d thoroughly recommend events such as Targa South West to anyone as it is a great introduction to new entrants to the sport of tarmac rally but can also be rewarding to experienced drivers who enjoy the thrill of driving and are looking for a new challenge. My suggestion to anyone considering entering who has not competed in a competitive tarmac rally before, is to compete in a season of PCWA sports series events and also enter the McRae Motorsport Rallysprint series held in summer and winter each year at Kwinana Motorplex. These events will provide great driving experience but the McRae series will also provide opportunities to practice pace noting with a co-driver. Training is also provided prior to Targa events to teach rally crews the fundamentals of pace noting and time control during the rally. For the PCWA ladies and kids reading this article, the sport is not just for the blokes either. At this event there were three allfemale teams and twelve female co-drivers and just amongst the Porsche crews, there were two father and son teams. You don’t need a fully blown competition rally car to compete either. Cars without roll cages can compete in Challenge Category, limited to a maximum speed of 130 km hr. Rallying is about driving through corners joined by a few short straights so hooking along at 130 km/hrs can still be quite a thrill. Challenge category is also very competitive as the speed limit on straights evens out the field and is becoming increasingly popular. RJP and KTEC also provide great support to rally crews both before and during the event by ensuring your car is rally ready and setting up a service area to help with any issues that may arise. That said, one of the joys of rallying in a Porsche is that at the end of the day, we just park it and lock it, then pass by the other service crews stripping down their cars as we walk to the pub. It was great to see the Porsches and PCWA members at Targa South West. The event was a fantastic showcase of the various Porsches capable of competing in the sport and they attracted a lot of attention. Porsche participants in the rally achieved the following results: • Tim Wolfe, Richard Harbron - 1st Early Modern 2WD, 3rd Outright Competition Category (Modern)

• Peter Major, Kim Screigh - 1st Late Classic, 2nd Outright Competition Category (Classic) • Justin Gan, Greg Levene - 2nd Outright Challenge Category (Classic), 1st Rookie Driver For anyone interested, information on Targa tarmac rallies in WA is available at www.targawest.com.au For full results of Targa South West go to: http://www.rallyresults.com. au/targasouthwest/2016/

Peter Major and Kim Screigh

Brad and Ridge Kidd

Brad and Ridge Kidd

Justin Gan and Greg Levene

Nathan Ellement and Shayne Uren

David Blainey and Brett Read

Tim Wolfe and Richard Harbron


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Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Marc Humm

‘Porsche….there is NO substitute!’

A very proud Porsche owner (just about to get some abuse)

race circuit in the UK (Yes, I am a Pom). My sister and I watched all the different cars racing around the track. We could choose which one we wanted to be taken around in for a few hot laps.

Completing my first lap at Barbagallo When I think back, my first real triggers in regard to owning a Porsche started in my early teens. I remember watching the 1983 movie Risky Business which included the famous line where Tom Cruise stated “Porsche….. there is no substitute” at the end of the chase scene in his 928. After that I recall other influential movies including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Matthew Broderick takes his best mate’s Dad’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California for a joyride. Last but not least the iconic avid Porsche loving Steve McQueen in Le Mans and Bullitt. These movies and stars started to feed my desire to one day own a proper sports car. My first actual experience in a Porsche came in my mid-twenties when I was invited to a charity driving day at Snetterton 48



There were two cars that were clearly the fastest and absolutely flying around that track. A yellow standard 911 and a lime green race modified stripped out 911 with roll cage and a huge whale tail. When it was our turn we walked to the cars. My sister managed to get a ride in the race modified Porsche while I got ‘stuck’ with the standard road version. I was gutted. Anyway, I got strapped in the passenger seat and out came the race driver. When he got in he said to me “Why do you look so sad”. In a disappointed tone I said “I was really hoping to get a ride in that lime green Porsche as it looks to be the fastest car on the track”. The driver came back straight away with “Well, I own both cars and this is my daily drive. Trust me this car is just as fast”. With that, the pit exit light went green and he buried the accelerator pedal. All I saw for the next thirty or so seconds was the roof of the car followed by seeing my feet then back up to the roof as this guy went like a bat out of hell accelerating and braking to the extents of the car around the track.

I just picked up my car. Look at that smile Once I got my bearings, I managed to keep my head up and watch as we raced around the track overtaking everything in sight. When we came back into the pits at the end of the run, the owner turned to me and said “Well, as you can see she is certainly not slow considering she is my daily drive to work”. I was speechless with a huge grin on my face from ear to ear. I can honestly say it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life to date. That explosive experience in the ‘standard’ 911 on the racetrack engrained in my mind the clear desire that I wanted a Porsche over any other sports car. A real sports car that I could race on the track and then drive home at the end of the day.

well connected I felt to the car. This was what I was looking for. More importantly this was the Porsche I was longing for.

Getting ready to get sideways at MC We fast forward some twenty years. By this time I had been living in Perth for ten years, married with a young son and very happy with life, although something was still missing. My mate Ben who lives in Perth had started racing his HSV and is an active member of their WA racing club. He was telling me how much fun it was getting involved and racing his car. I wanted a piece of that action so began doing some research and found the PCWA website. I read the articles and saw the pictures from the Sports Series and started to dream again about owning that Porsche I had always wanted. From this point forward my journey to owning my dream car began in earnest. Over the next 6 months I did extensive research into what car to buy and watched the car markets carefully during that time. I set my budget and singled out the 997 Mark II as my ultimate choice. Now I just had to find a good one at the right price, colour, spec, etc..

My first time at Barbagallo trying to stay in front of Toby In late 2015 I joined PCWA. I wanted to gain access to the forum and see if there were any good cars for sale within the club plus get to read about what the club gets up to. I remember how embarrassing it felt having to leave the car details section blank when it asked what type of Porsche I owned. The Carrera had always been the ideal for me. I had singled out three very good condition 997 Mark II’s in Perth and proceeded to test drive them. The first two were great cars but something was not sitting right with me. I just did not get that wow factor I was expecting when I drove them. Maybe I had set the standard in my mind too high of what my dream car should be like to drive after all these years. I was really confused but continued on to Chellingworth to try the third 997. While there, it was suggested that I should also test drive a Cayman to compare. So I took out the Cayman for a test drive and instantly fell in love. For me the feel, the mid engine balance and responsiveness of the car were perfect. I was impressed with how

At this point I did have some reservations from a historical and purist’s point of view. I know the Carrera is the iconic Porsche and a true racing legend. I will never dispute the facts. But, you can’t beat chemistry between you and your car. There is also no doubt that the Cayman (and Boxter) are fantastic Porsches in their own right. I weighed up the pros and cons of both and decided in the end that my search should now change from a Carrera to a Cayman. I finally found my Porsche in December 2015. I had almost given up for the year when I spotted an advert that caught my eye for a Meteor Grey Cayman 987 Mark II PDK. Little did I know at the time that both the car and its owner were well know to the PCWA family. I met Frank Bove and his cherished Cayman and knew straight away this was the car for me. It felt right, although I did feel guilty when I advised Frank my intention to take the car racing. I pointed it out it really was my dream to have a Porsche for both road and track fun. Frank understood and true gent that he is, knows I will continue to look after this beautiful car. After picking up the car I immediately took it for a spin with my wife. We pulled into a siding along Mounts Bay Road near the Old Swan Brewery so my wife could take a turn to drive. A wedding photo shoot was taking place and the photographer took a shot of my car while a limo driver nearby turned and said “lovely car mate”. I took the compliment, thanked him and we drove off. We headed to the South Perth foreshore to get a nice photograph of the city and my car. As my missus lined up the shot (see below) some ‘lady’ drove past shouting “Oh get over yourself!”… charming. Five minutes later we pulled up at a local shopping centre. I waited in the car with the window wound down. A guy walked by the car with his wife, turned back and said to her “Now that’s a sports car”. Wow! In the space of 15 minutes my Porsche had attracted more attention than any car I have owned in my entire life. That evening I updated my car ownership details on the PCWA website with pride. I am now an official Porsche owner! Next on my agenda was time to sign up for the Sports Series and meet my fellow club members. I attended the Intro Track Day in January this year and started to get the know the other racers. It was very daunting on arrival but to be fair the friendliness of the club members put me at ease very quickly. I have been very impressed with how Brett Read has managed the series with the support of people like David Blainey and Andy Stack amongst others. All are very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to answer any of those rookie questions we had. The day exceeded any expectations I might have had and of course the car ran like a dream. It was just fantastic opening the car up on the track…. What a thrill!

My first ever time on the track in my Cayman at MC till they wear out while I get more track time and fully intend to replace them with some good race rubber for next year. I have to also mention my ‘Band of Brothers’ at this point. It’s been reassuring knowing the likes of Daniel E, Toby and Rod are in the same boat as me as fellow PCWA rookies. These are great guys who, like me, are proud new Porsche owners and so happy to be part of the club. Since the initial track day, I have attended quite a few club meetings and to date four out of six of the Sports Series events. Every time I go to an event I am always pleased how friendly everyone is. It’s not over the top or pretentious but filled with members with a genuine interest in you and your passion for everything Porsche. I am really looking forward to attending many more events in the future and actively promoting and supporting the club wherever possible. I want to thank Edward, all of the PCWA club members and staff for embracing me into this wonderful family.

Trying to get sideways at MC So, this has been my story about how I got to own my first Porsche and why. I realise this is a journey and that my Cayman may well not be my one and only Porsche in my life. I still watch in awe at all the other Porsche models racing around the track and would love to get out on track in a GT3 one day. One thing is for sure. Porsche….. there is NO substitute! See you out there. Marc Humm

I still have a way to go to compete with the top mid engined drivers in B class like Andy T and Gerry W. These guys are the benchmark for me as well as the likes of Gary J, Daniel B, Adrian B and Deryck in the other classes. I will run my road tyres Issue 2 - 2016


A Sound Idea

Story: Deryck Graham Photos: Grace Tan (with contributions from Andy Stack & Rick Smith) September 2015

How intoxicating can a sound be? On a warm afternoon in 2014, flying along the mountain road leading to Passo dello Stelvio (Stelvio Pass) and totally intoxicated with the sound of my car Sabine’s flat-six Metzger engine reverberating off the canyon walls, the euphoria got too much! This was so awesome we had to share it. So blurting out “next year let’s bring the Porsche Club” to my wonderful and tolerant partner Grace, the 2015 Porsche Club Tour of Europe was born. After some initial resistance from Grace coming to terms with the dichotomy – being on holiday versus being tour guides – ‘we’ finally decided that utopia could be shared. So with a determination to share our dream, the brilliance of Grace’s organisation, combined with her love of luxurious spa hotels and delicious food (not to mention months of effort) and presto! We were embracing our friends in Stuttgart, Germany at the beginning of a great car adventure. So what does it take to share Porsche utopia? Porsches of course, then wonderful roads, amazing scenery and a couple of very very famous racetracks. What makes it all work really is people with a good sense of humour, a love of adventure and the willingness to pitch 50



in and be part of the creation, even guidance of the tour. We had the privilege of travelling with the following PCWA European Tour 2015 members – Allan Guelfi, Alba Cinquini, Andy & Kathy Stack, David & Jennie Blainey, Kirsty & Rick Smith, Michael Broughton, Eunice Dimbi, Barry Elmslie, Maryna De Haan, Rodger Greville and Anne Greville. We started the adventure with a personalised tour of Porsche’s Stuttgart production line where we saw over 25 991 GT3 RS, not to mention some of the most wonderful performance cars known to Porschekind – including the latest model 991 – before its global release at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Little wonder Porsche took our cameras and phones before we got near the plant! That night some people could not sleep from excitement, knowing they were picking up some of the most amazing driving cars known to man and hitting the Autobahns the following day. Yes, bright and early and with ultimate German efficiency, there were eight gleaming latest model Porsches fuelled and waiting on the forecourt of the striking Porsche museum. We were all so excited! Myself especially as this meant Sabine had some friends to play with for the next 1,500km!

A bit of paperwork and sharing of credit card details and we were off. I was wondering how we would go driving together as we left Stuttgart, destined for the picturesque town of Füssen and home of Mad King Ludwig’s famed Neuschwanstein Castle. My worries were immediately dropped as we entered the first tunnel and everyone hit their sports buttons and dropped to second gear to create a cacophony of Porsche music so loud you just had to scream with laughter. Later that night at the lovely Hotel Sommer in Füssen, I was asked what was the top speed I touched in Sabine on the unrestricted areas of the A7? I quietly said 265kmph to discover I was the slowest driver that day – by quite a bit! All were happy and content as we had driven at speed on incredible roads. The ladies had also spent a couple of hours in the spa and meals times saw us savouring incredible food that came with views of the snowcapped mountains – things were all right! Stelvio Pass was now in the sights of the newly inspired charioteers and off we set traversing across Bavaria, Switzerland and Italy, en route to every cyclist’s Everest! Yet unlike cyclists, we all came equipped with 400hp strapped to us.

We stayed at ‘Base Station’, otherwise known as Bormio, which has all of the comforts of an Italian Alpine ski village. Like kids getting their first push bikes at Christmas, we were all up very early and ready to adventure one hour before the previously planned departure time, nearly leaving someone behind! Stelvio Pass is a little tricky. The view of the road often stretches far ahead but the narrow tunnels have blind corners and are one-way. Yikes! While the visibility was good, the drop off the side was a little unforgiving but after a while you get used to it. 1st, 2nd, 3rd – 3rd 2nd 1st, switch back left, 1st, 2nd (red line) 3rd drop gears switch back right. Do this 48 times, listen to the music of the engine, look at the anguished faces of the cyclists and you are at the summit. What you notice at the summit is not so much the amazing snow-capped mountains, the bracing air and the near dead cyclists but rather your own irresistible urge to go back down and do it all again! Stelvio was however just the beginning of the day as we drove through the spectacular Eastern Alps, enroute to the land where the “Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music”. A sound I think we greatly embellished. Destination: the 5 Star Spa Hotel Schloss Lebenburg in Kitzbühel, Tirol – a picturesque medieval, very upmarket skiing town for the rich and famous in Austria – we fitted in just fine. Looking around however, there were 16 exhausted and amazingly satisfied humans having driven 5-7 hours on the most beautiful roads in the world. Despite the tiredness, many words had to be shared about the day and what the next day might bring.

Tirol is known in Europe for the locals’ warm hospitality, something we had experienced the year before when a stranger we met only a few days earlier generously threw me the keys to his limited edition (one of 75 worldwide) Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss cars, a 350kmph masterpiece. An hour of chasing him in his Mercedes SLS through the mountains made us realise these Tirolean’s were good people! And that showed in droves this time too, with the President of Porsche Club of Tirol, Herbert Demanega, generously agreeing to meet with us while we were in Kitzbühel and take us for a little drive. He was joined by Vice President Dietmar Pickelmann and Motorsport Director Florian Lechthaler. Florian followed behind us in his 996 Carrera nicknamed “Little Bastard” and very skilfully manoeuvred traffic to round up the regularly straying Australian drivers. They proceeded to take us on spectacular roads through pictureperfect landscapes of snow-capped peaks and beautiful lakes. Part of the drive was through the Alpine Park Karwendel where we drove nearly 20 km along a road that ultimately PC Tirol had to get special permission for us to drive on. Cliffs rising from green paddocks with cattle all wearing bells next to snow melt rivers. The majestic views took our breath away. At that point, driving seemed a distraction from the magnificent scenery before us but we soon came to our senses. We were very touched by the immense warmth of the Club’s Tirolean hospitality. Our Austrian friends – Herbert, Dietmar and Florian – blessed us with a wonderful day and we hope the Porsche Club of Western Australia can return the favour one day.

rolling Bavarian hills, then to Munich Hotel Sofitel for Oktoberfest. Wow, can the Germans drink and eat! Some statistics here: one of the bigger tents at the Festival can take 9,992 people and sells 780,000 litres of beer in 15 days. Total Oktoberfest consumption averages 7.5 million litres, which is dispensed with the assistance of 878 metres of men’s urinals! The Red Cross has over 7,000 patients with 800+ “beer corpses” revived. Many people become forgetful during this period with lost and found receiving 600 passports, 580 wallets, 320 mobile phones, 220 bags and rucksacks, 18 cameras and 230 glasses – if they were not blind enough! Anyway we remembered who we were and after the visit returned to a very luxurious hotel for a delicious meal and a night on legendary Sofitel beds, known for their extreme comfort. The next day there was a sense of disquiet. It was the day to return the Porsches to Stuttgart. Let’s face it – 1,500km of driving, 3 countries and many mountain ranges later, the bond becomes strong and the letting go difficult. The goodbyes to our Porsches did however divide the tour perfectly in the middle with the end of Part 1 – the driving tour. As the dismounted charioteers were rounded up and put onto what was to become the strangest bus trip story of a lifetime, everyone had racing at Nürburgring and Spa set in sight. Questions like, who would be out front and was it going to be wet or just very wet, were on the charioteers’ minds.

Off to Hotel Alpenhof Murnau, another magnificent spa hotel in the

Story to be continued next issue…

Andy reunited with the globe circling 944. A special moment at the Porsche Museum!

Deryck, Florian & Dietmar at the Alpine Park Karwendel

Top of Stelvio Pass

Part of our Porsche convoy in Europe

Race Day with RSR at Spa F1 Grand Prix track

Stuttgart where it all begins

Mathias Menner - Director of Porsche Community Asia Pacific - once again a gracious host to PCWA

Rennie the Bear with Herbert Demanega (L) & Dietmar Pickelmann (R) - Porsche Club Tirol

Exploring Neuschwanstein Castle Issue 2 - 2016


The Value of Porsche Power

Story: Toby Copley

1st Place - Porsche 918 Spyder

2nd Place - Ferrari LaFerrari

3rd Place - McLaren P1

4th Place - Bugatti Veron SS (1200hp)

Most Porsche owners know that the only way to gauge the horsepower or kilowatts of any given Porsche, is to compare it with another Porsche. There are many other sports cars out there that put out more horsepower than their Porsche rivals, but this often does not translate to a faster car. This extra power that is wrung out of these engines usually results in the compromise of reliability and efficiency, and does not necessarily make the cars any faster.

can be said about the importance of wheels, tyres and suspension, but why stop there?

monumental task to keep the weight down on a car with so many features and technologies, a car that is relatively practical and can be equally brilliant on the road and track. To help with this task, lightweight materials are used like carbon fibre and magnesium, and Porsche has a great foundation for keeping the ever crucial centre of gravity as low as possible - the Boxer engine (AKA Horizontally-Opposed, or Flat engine).

There are many ways to measure speed: 0-100kph, 0-200kph, 0-400m, elasticity, top speed, braking speed, cornering speed/GForce, etc. While all of these can translate to adrenaline, the true test of usable speed in a road-legal sports car, is circuit lap times. Most circuits are made up of straights, bends, corners, elevation changes, and conditions which you would encounter on the roads every day. Many circuits are in fact made up of actual streets that are closed off for the sporting event. So what makes your car go fast in these conditions? Traction - Everything else is meaningless if you can’t put the power down or stay on the tarmac. This is quite a complex task to achieve given the amounts of power put out by modern sports cars, and the need to shave points-of-a-second off lap times. Not enough 52



Here are some of the technologies to assist us with traction: • Traction Control, or Porsche Traction Management (PTM) - making sure there is no wheel spin and distributing torque to the appropriate wheels (or wheel). • Active Suspension Management (PASM), to adjust the dampening of each wheel based on the varying road conditions. • Aerodynamics (of the passive and active variety), controlled by Porsche’s Active Aerodynamics (PAA), for adjusting spoilers and rear wing height and position. • A rigid chassis, controlled by Porsche’s Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), to actively stabilise the swaying force in cornering. Add to that, electronically controlled dynamic engine and gearbox mounts, to easily change from a comfortable Sunday cruise, to a track hugging monster. • 4-wheel driving. • 4-wheel steering. Not forgetting, of course, the weight of the car. A lighter car not only goes faster, but goes much faster around corners. It is a

Braking - Deceleration is just as important as acceleration. Heart-wrenching straight-line speed won’t get you anywhere fast if you need to start slowing down hundreds of metres before every bend. Most Porsches made in the last 20 years have large ventilated disc brakes with big callipers, supported by antilock braking systems - evolving into electronic brake distribution. If that’s not enough, we can opt for models with features like: • Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB). • Space-aged materials, like carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide. • Energy recovery from braking (Hybrid models). Reliability – You can’t become the most successful manufacturer in international motor racing history without a bulletproof vehicle. For 68 years Porsche has proven its reliability in the Le Mans 24 hour, and

World Endurance Championship races - the ultimate test of reliability. This strength and consistency extends beyond the unattainable and filters through to the wildly successful, street legal race cars, such as the GT series Porsches (and effectively all Porsches).

ever to lap the Nurburgring. The two closest rival “Hypercars” (which put out more power, and weigh less than the Porsche) have not topped the 918s lap time of 6 minutes 57 seconds. Even though they have been tested there, no exact figures have been made public, which can only be seen as capitulation.

Power Translation – Our Cayman GT4 (385hp) has set a lap time of 7:42 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit in Germany. That’s around the same time as a Ferrari F430 Scuderia (503hp), McLaren Mercedes SLR (617hp), and a Lamborghini Murcielago SV (670hp). The GT4 not only defies the statistics, but does this all while being significantly more efficient, and costing much, much less to purchase.

The proof: The independently produced “Hyper 5” YouTube videos compare five Hypercars in both lap times and quarter-mile sprints, taking place on the South Palm Circuit of The Thermal Club, California, USA. This circuit has numerous long straights that favour horsepower over handling, and the 918 puts out the second least amount of horsepower of the five. It’s the Porsche’s ability to put that power down and through the bends, which defied the odds and put it in 1st place in both the lap time, and the quarter mile sprint.

At the top end, the Porsche 918 Spyder took the title for being the fastest production car

Efficiency: Well that’s an elaborate subject on its own, and I can assure you that Porsche has a celestial view over its competitors. The bottom line: You can only compare Porsche power to another Porsche. You can take, for example, a Boxster, and extrapolate the power difference to a Boxster S to a reasonably accurate conclusion. Of course, most differently badged models have more than just a difference in horsepower, such as weight, aerodynamics, brakes, shifted torque bands and power curves etc. But if you have a little understanding on these differences, you can get within the ball-park. Unless this is being read to you while you’re driving, GET IN YOUR PORSCHE!

GT3RS with magnesium roof Carrera GT - Carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide ceramic composite brakes

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes

5th Place - Pagani Huayra Porsche Cayman GT4

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Issue 2 - 2016


Fox Classic Car Collection

Story: Bob Hall Photos: Bob Hall & Cheryl Taylor

550 Spyder An article in Porsche Magazine 1/2016 (Christophorus 375) entitled ‘Spyder Man’ alerted me to the existence of the Fox Classic Car Collection housed in the heritage listed historic Queen’s Warehouse located in the Docklands of Melbourne. By coincidence, I had taken the magazine to read on the flight to Melbourne. The opportunity to view some of the world’s classic cars could not be missed. Built in the 1890’s for the administration of the colonial customs regulations including the storage of seized, detained, confidential and bonded goods, the Queen’s Warehouse, originally called the King’s Warehouse for obvious reasons, is of architectural significance. It is a fine example of the unadorned, brick arcaded warehouse of the era. Its unusual substructure of timber pilings and bearers, used in response to the difficult and formerly swampy site, supports a large brick warehouse. After Federation in 1901, Federal Customs used the building. In the period 1908-1924 half the building was taken over by the Department of Treasury and in 1912-13 the first Australian Bank Notes and the first

Porsches 356,718 & 550 54



series of the Commonwealth “Kangaroo and Map” stamps were printed there. During WW2 the warehouse performed the vital role of the goods distribution point for wharf and rail. From 1946 to 1951 it served as the canteen store for the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan, the supply of which was conducted out of Australia. The Commonwealth handed over the building to the State of Victoria in 1995 for a nominal sum to become the home of a historic car museum. It now houses the Fox Classic Car collection with fine examples of Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce cars with up to 70 vehicles exhibited at any one time. Apparently, Lindsay Fox’s collection consists of over 200 cars, kept at Essendon Airport when not being exhibited at the Warehouse. Many of the cars have an interesting history of use or ownership. Besides vehicles whose previous owners were celebrities such as Bing Crosby and Ringo Star, the collection includes special editions, one of which would interest ‘Rev Heads’. AMG modified

Cheryl admiring 1934 Bentley Vanden Plas

four Mercedes A Class to twin engine versions with the second engine located in the rear of the car. Two of these cars were subsequently written off by respected racing drivers, and ‘then there were two’. The Porsche cars on display included a Type 550A Spyder chassis number 5500056, restored by automotive coachbuilder Brian Tanti in 1994; a 1958 Type 718 RSK, a development of the 550 A Spyder; a 1981 Paris-Dakar 911 which was used as the test bed for the 4WD system used in the 959; a 1988 959 Coupe (4WD) and two 356’s (late 1963 & early 1964). The 959 was a limited edition of 200 cars. At the time of production, it contained more technology than any other car ever made. Developed as a Group B competition car to compete alongside Ferrari F40 and the Xj220 Jaguar, it took so long to finish that by the time it was ready, Group B racing had been banned. The exhibition is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am-2pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.

Fox Collection

Perth welcomes the Legend back…the 718

Story: Emeline Newbon


“In 1957 a legendary sports car is built in Zuffenhausen…the Porsche 718. Its mission… to conquer the racing tracks of the world. With a performance level unknown till now, a trailblazing four-cylinder Boxer engine with top speeds of up to 260 kilometres per hour. 1,000 race victories later, I think we can say, ‘mission accomplished’. “

a sports car that reinterprets the technical and design characteristics of the original 718; a sports car that is worthy of bearing the iconic number 718. As a mid-engine sports car, with its new four-cylinder turbo boxer engine it combines the sporting spirit of the legendary Porsche 718 with that of the sports car of tomorrow.

Of course, it’s not just the driving performance of the 718 Boxster that’s impressive. It also has everything on board that is expected of a modern sports car from Porsche. Numerous assistance systems make it safer than ever. And with Porsche Communication Management, including online navigation module, it is also more “connected” than ever.

Powerful opening words by Porsche Sales Executive Marco Magnaterra set the scene for guests at the Porsche Centre Perth 718 Boxster VIP Launch Night on Friday June 24. Guests were treated to take a trip down memory road back to the 60’s when Porsche made motor sporting history. Black and white footage reals off their many victories, whilst guests meander admiringly around the Boxster lineage on display on the showroom floors before the engines start and the room is silenced. It is time to welcome the legend back.

The new 718 Boxster is more powerful than ever and a quantum leap more advanced when it comes to performance. No matter which model you decide on: their engine has no less than 300 hp. The 718 Boxster and Boxster S accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 5.1 and 4.6 seconds respectively. In combination with PDK and Sports Chrono Package these figures drop to a mere 4.7 seconds for the Boxster and an astonishing 4.2 seconds for the Boxster S.

As a thoroughbred roadster, the 718 Boxster offers an incomparable driving experience that makes you feel like you are driving a race car. Porsche have once again defied critics by remaining true to themselves yet evolving the brand to the next level. Welcome the legend back, the 718.

The 718 Boxster was developed with one thing in mind, mid-engine prowess with the compatibility to adapt to any situation. With

PCP Marketing Director Emeline, Dealer Principal Greg, and Edward

The new 718 Boxster achieves this by consistently combining lightweight construction with effortless power development. Resulting in unparalleled handling, whether on the racetrack or the road. Precise. Direct, Uncompromising.

It all started in 1957

Location: Porsche Centre Perth Event Styling, lighting, visual and audio: OMG Events Catering: Feast MC: Emeline Newbon and Marco Magnaterra

Can’t wait to sit in it Issue 2 - 2016


718 Reasons to Get Excited

Story & Photos: Edward Roose

In early July, I was privileged to take this lovely Red 718 Boxster S out for a test drive on a cool but sunny day in Nedlands. Thanks to Paul Swiderski from Porsche Centre Perth for his trust that I would not use Launch Control on this factory fresh car! Although this was only a brief drive around the Nedlands area I wanted to share my instant reactions to this machine and comparisons to my Boxster, as I literally stepped out of my 2015 Boxster GTS and into the new 718 Boxster S. My very first reaction when sitting in the car was that lovely steering wheel. It’s just so chunky and easy to grip. It felt small and ready for business and gave the instant feeling of purpose and character. I remember thinking the new “sports active” switch on the steering wheel (similar to the Ferrari’s manettino switch) was a bit naff. But I got used to it right away and I actually loved it after another few turns! It’s excellent and keeps your eyes on the road, and has a great clock like feel when using it. After lowering the seat to match my height, the seating position was bang on perfect, although I would have liked just a little more movement from the adjustment for the wheel. The seat was typical Porsche perfect, grippy snug but very comfortable. Now I always (and still do) love the interior of my GTS (what’s not to like about alcantera) but the 718 has just been taken up another level! I am not sure how they do it but Porsche almost always make the next model feel just that more up to the minute. Everything about this new 718 screams modern from the cool flat screen sat nav screen to the software that drives it. There is a quality and fit to this cabin that simply tells you that you are in the latest and greatest. There is almost nothing about the interior I don’t like. If I had 56



any opinion (not a complaint) it would be that I prefer the Sports Chrono Clock where it is in the previous model, set into the dash. In the 718 it’s pushed further back which may take a bit of getting used to (and this has nothing to do with poor eyesight ha-ha) The Lines: The outside look of the car is quite frankly amazing. The new rear end is just so good. I love the Porsche wording across the back of the car and the integrated rear spoiler and LED light treatment looks so sci-fi cool! Again while the outgoing Boxster’s rear looks mint, the 718 just moves the bar up one more notch. Moving around the car it just looks clean, fit and ready to rumble. The front looks lower, more squat and tough as nails but with a character that tells you “I am one fast puppy, move over”. I can’t wait to see 718’s on the streets in other colours (Miami blue yes yes). They will turn heads every time! The Drive: Immediately I noticed the power, and notwithstanding an ever so slight turbo lag at the very start, this car, either in standard

“For a split second I thought I needed a 718 Boxster S in my life…” or S guise, is an absolute rocket. With my S equipped car I “got the boot in” momentarily in 2nd gear and the car’s PSM light blinkered. Well that is very hard to do in any mid or rear engine car given the weight over the back

718 Perfection tyres. For the 718S to break traction in 2nd tells me that this is a very fast car. Porsche claim 0-100 in 4.2 for the 718S with Chrono and Launch Control. Well I think that is very conservative, it’s definitely a sub 4 second car in the right conditions. The 718 feels fast, fluid, planted and is certainly the business on the road. The 30% faster steering claimed by Porsche is more efficient on turn in. I noticed even less (almost zero) under steer even pressing into some tight corners (at below the speed limit). Everything feels newer, faster and fresher. It’s an absolutely brilliant effort, which is why we love Porsche cars so much! The Sound: Ok this is the important bit. Everyone wants to know how these things sound. Yes we all know it’s now a flat 4. We have all heard the quips about it sounding like a Subaru STI. Well what can I say? That’s how a flat 4-cylinder engine sounds, it has a low thrum that is unmistakable and I think it’s cool. The sound from the 718 flat 4 is not a bad sound, it’s not “worse” than a flat 6, it’s just different. It’s like asking if you prefer a Pinot Flat 4 or a Shiraz Flat 6. They are both red wines and both great, but what you do prefer?

To be honest the 718 engine sound is a little muted, that’s the engine that’s muted not the exhaust. I noticed that revving out the engine to around 7000 there is certainly not the same symphony of horses coming into the cabin as (say with) my GTS or other flat 6’s I’ve driven. Really it’s the only “blip” on an otherwise blisteringly good package. If you can get past yearning for that flat 6 scream then you will own one of the very best cars Porsche currently make. This (non PSE equipped) 718S exhaust has brilliant pop and crackle when you take your foot off the pedal and it turns heads and makes you giggle. Climbing back into my GTS after the 718, I noticed how thin the (much venerated) Steering Wheel is. In fact, it felt huge in comparison to the chunky 718 tiller. Also, unbelievably, the interior felt a bit dated and the car didn’t morph around me like the 718. But on the way home I had one moment when pressing on a bit and with PSE and Sports activated a cacophony of that flat 6 sound coupled with the ear bleeding GTS exhaust crackle was bouncing off the buildings and I just thought, my goodness I prefer Shiraz!

718 rays of Sun

718 reasons to stare

718 tips to slimmer Hips

Main - 718 Life

Our 10 Years at the PCWA Story: Graeme Carter

When we purchased our first Porsche I decided to join the Porsche Club for the social aspects of the club. The reason for this is I had raced Go-Karts and had a major accident going through a railed fence and busted up my right leg. After I gave up Go-Kart racing I took up speed boat racing that finished after two major accidents writing off two boats, hence, I decided no racing Porsche. We have had some very enjoyable times through our Porsche club membership. We travelled with Porsche Australia to Germany and visited the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart, where we watched the cars being handmade - a great experience. Also up to Lipsec, in the part of Germany that was the former East Germany, a new factory that was set up by Porsche with land given to them by

the German government plus tax exempt for five years to attract them to the sight as the unemployment rate was some 25% in that part of the country. Porsche also created a test race track and a four-wheel driver test circuit. We were offered to drive on both as a consideration for the visit. After the visit to both factories we had an extension to the south of France and visited B&B’s on wineries for a further week. The other Porsche Australia event was the drive on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and SA. We sent our car to Melbourne by train and flew over for the drive. The shire closed the road to traffic and we were permitted to drive full speed and around those bends and curves it was great, plus the social ball and dinner to follow was an excellent night. For a

period, I was vice-president and during that time I assisted the social directors, Darren and Sonia Bower, with the Concours event in the park opposite the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle and the end of year dinner and presentation. We also arranged a bus to take the partners out to visit wineries and other interesting sights in and around the Ferguson Valley while the sporting class were racing at Collie. Although we are retired, I have golf club, health club, wine club and Rotary plus 14 grandchildren, so when we put Porsche Club on top of that it leaves us very little time to travel and that is something we love to do. Thank you for our 10-year pin Graeme & Muriel Carter Issue 2 - 2016


Story: David Cavanagh Photos: David Cavanagh, Franky Kayser


A Decade of fun at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with a Porsche Competition Carrera Riding in the Le Mans winning 1977 Martini Porsche 936

Goodwood Festival of Speed, held every year at Lord March’s Estate near the south coast of England, has grown from its first event in 1993, to be the largest and most successful motor sport event in the world today, with attendance capped each year at 150,000. Thanks to my original works prepared competition Porsche Carrera, I have been fortunate to take part in most of this from the distinctive perspective of a competitor, from the inception of the Rally Stage in 2004, to its most recent running in June this year, and in this article I will try to share some highlights which show why this event is so special for me. The location itself is spectacular, with views from the top of the hillclimb all the way back to the coast 10 miles away, 12,000 acres of estate, in the beautiful South Downs, and at the height of the English summer. The cars and bikes are the most delectable gathering in the world, spanning all disciplines of motorsport over all eras, from century old aero engine record breakers, to the latest model supercars and innovations. Your car or bike needs to be pretty special to gain an invitation, and fortunately my ex works Waldegard Safari Martini Carrera passes that test, with its history as the most rallied Porsche in the world, including two London Sydney events, adding to its appeal. 58



The motorsport competition is very real, and the 1.5 mile rally course designed by former World Rally Champion Hannu Mikkola is a genuine challenge. You can run timed stages as a competition event, or timed stages as demonstration runs, usually running about eight times a day for three days. The 1.2 mile hill climb itself, which I also ran on a press day, looks fairly comfortable at normal road speeds, but once you are at full tilt the road becomes pretty narrow, with unforgiving stone walls around blind corners, and hay bales on the other side. Not at all unusual to have a couple of cars a day clip the wall, run wide into the hay bales, or be towed out of the rally stage with a couple of crumpled corners. Porsche’s Paris Dakar-winning 959 is one of my favourite cars, and one year we were running alongside it, with Dakar winner Jacky Ickx himself consulting us on track conditions and tactics. The rally stage conditions can vary tremendously, starting as a fairly smoothly graded clay surface, with a couple of short stretches of slippery concrete (good for handbrake turns and 360s). If there is rain overnight the clay can become very slippery, like you are driving on ice with soap bubbles on top. Very quickly the course becomes

The girls and I are having fun on the red carpet at the Drivers Club rutted and challenging for some of the European spec rally cars – but for my car which was built for the Australian outback and the wilds of Africa, the rougher it gets the better it goes. We routinely are quicker than many of the four-wheel drive turbo Group B rally cars, in a rear wheel drive 3 litre Carrera. And on occasion we have been quicker than competitors such as the 3 litre Porsche which won the British Historic Rally Championship. Lord March’s hospitality and organization are legendary, his way of saying thank you to the competitors for the show they put on over the weekend. The Saturday night dinner at Goodwood House is strictly by invitation for competitors and special guests only.

Competing on the stage Carrera on the Rally Stage 2005 Loads of paparazzi out the front as guests arrive in a stream of the latest Rolls Royces (from the factory nearby). Firstly, pre-dinner drinks out in the garden, then a delightful three course meal (for 1500 people!) There is always a fabulous mix of personalities from motorsport, and entertainment, the F1 drivers like Jenson Button, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, noted car guy Jay Leno, Dannii Minogue and the Minogue family to mention a few I’ve noticed. The guessing game over dinner is to name the entertainment for later in the evening, a tightly held secret but if you keep your eyes open during the day you might see a few clues. As dinner concludes the guests move out to another area of the garden for a spectacular sound and light show, and guest performance, this year ZZ Top, last year Gene Simmons, previously a specially made film short by George Lucas, and Japanese style theatre circus spectacular by Cirque De Soleil to commemorate Toyota’s anniversary. Then back inside to the dance floor for the main band, ranging from Chrissy Hynde and the Pretenders this year, to Steve Winwood and Brian Ferry. Lord March and his family are usually right there on the dance floor in the thick of us, and the dancing goes on into the small hours. Very handy to be staying in a luxury American motorhome in the grounds of the estate at times like that, definitely the way to make the most of the event. Every day at the driver’s club you never know who you will meet at your table over lunch. This year I had a great lunchtime discussion with Bill Gibbons, of ZZ Top Eliminator fame, about custom car designers and builders, and his own personal styles. The next day we were lunching with Derek Bell, 5 times Porsche Le Mans winner, who I have come to know through Goodwood drivers club and presentations, about the distinctive challenges of rally events such as the RAC Rally (where he competed with some success, one of the better results for a racing driver), compared to the discipline needed for Le Mans. It’s a great place for Aussies to catch up too, I had the privilege to meet the late great Sir Jack Brabham and introduce him to my young son Ben over lunch the first time I ran at Goodwood, and we stay connected to his Le Mans winner son David and his wife Lisa to this day. Lisa is a Perth girl originally herself, the daughter of Ray Thackwell. Ray was a multiple winner of the Wanneroo Six Hour in the 1970 911 2.3 RSR I later owned and also competed with at Goodwood.

Pre-dinner drinks enjoying Lord March’s hospitality – black tie

Helping Jacky Ickx with advice on track conditions before he sets off in the 959

One of my very dear memories was when I was at the rally stage at the top of the hill, and heard a familiar and special sound, which reminded me of Bathurst. So I headed across to the holding paddock at the top of the hill where the hillclimb cars gather in batches of sixteen or so, before returning down the hill.

racing 911, Brocky in a very fast Daytona Cobra. Brock’s Cobra sadly ran wide on a corner, sideways into a tree, and that is how we lost one of our greatest motoring heroes.

There is a unique feeling amongst the competitors there. They have just had the adrenaline blast of the hillclimb, and now have half an hour or so to cool their heels, hanging out by the cars, or duck into the drivers’ club. Sure enough, when I reach the top of the hillclimb, there was Peter Brock in his 05 Bathurst Commodore. As a competitor, you are allowed access, and it’s a good time to go say hi, and that’s how I met Brocky. Very interesting guy, with interest and knowledge across a wide range of motorsport, including development of the wild Pikes Peak hillclimb rally cars, and he had a very engaging manner. When you are talking with him he gives you his full attention so you feel like you are the only person in the world. And he was kind enough to offer me a ride down the hill in his 05 Bathurst winning Commodore. I did have one mission, to look out for the photographers from Wheels magazine on the way back down, and it was a very special ride with a few demos for the crowd. That year at the prize giving, the Aussies were world grand prix champion Alan Jones, multiple world motorcycle champion Mick Doohan, Le Mans winner David Brabham, Peter Brock, and little old me feeling a little outgunned with my rally Porsche.

For this year, one of the very special memories was a ride in the Le Mans winning 1977 Martini Porsche 936. This car was driven to victory that year by my friend from Porsche Jurgen Barth, and he has repeated the success at Le Mans in historic events since. I saw the car at the top of the hill, and noticed, to my surprise, that there was a small padded seat back next to the driver. I had a nice discussion with the driver, and he was kind enough to allow me in for the ride back down the hill. Very low, very compact, very direct, and loud, with the engine sounding like it was inches behind your head through the bulkhead. I could just imagine it at 200 mph plus down Mulsanne straight. I trust this gives Porsche club members some feeling for a competitor’s experience of Goodwood. I can only recommend it.

Of course for me the memory is tinged with sadness, as only a short time later, Brocky and I were again competing in the same event, this time Targa West. I was in the ex KTec Porsche Issue 2 - 2016


Story: Amanda Stafford Photos: Amanda Stafford & Grace Tan

My Porsche Families

My Porsche family collection started with a Beetle. The Porsche family did too. Ferdinand the Founder’s first mass produced car was the Volkswagen, AKA The Beetle, the car of the people. The Beetle was the winner of a 1934 national competition to design an egalitarian car. It had to be affordable, costing less than 1000 deutschmarks to buy and have space in the front for mother and father and space in the rear seat for at least two children. The competition’s sponsor, Adolf Hitler, wanted to give the average Aryan family, blonde and blue eyed, the freedom a car would bring. So he built autobahns to drive the Beetles on. And even built the Nurburgring so that Beetles could race each other on weekends. Please remember that owners of late model Porsches who sneer at Beetles: the Ring wasn’t made for you. By 1939, over 40,000 ordinary German families had subscribed to a payment plan to own a Beetle once production started. Then Hitler started World War 2 and Beetle production was mothballed after only 630 cars were made. It was only in 1945, after the war, that the British forces looked at how to restart Germany’s manufacturing capacity and pulled out the Beetle plans. It looked like a vehicle you couldn’t fight a war with so they gave it the nod.




Finally, Ferdinand Porsche’s car for the people started production and it proved pretty jolly popular with over 21 million to date. When the Germans got sick of making the Beetle over and over again, the Mexicans took over until 30th July 2003 when they ceased production - the last one being #21,529,464. There are few people of my generation who don’t go a bit misty eyed at the sight of a Beetle. Lots of “firsts” happened in a Beetle. First car, first road trip, first date, first child conceived… I came to Beetle ownership later in life, attracted by the classic shape, the endless array of colours and the fun of a simple old fashioned car. It took me three years to work out it had a heater: this allowed me to discard the array of blankets and scarves which kept me warm on cold winter drives. And it had “2:80” air conditioning for summer – two windows down and driving at 80kph to keep air moving. Yes, I could have bought a bland, modern car with air conditioning but would it make me smile every time I got in it? Some things are priceless. But despite my Beetle devotion, I yearned for a classic car of jaw dropping beauty, maybe an old Jaguar or Mercedes. But choosing a car from photos is a bit like RSVP or Tinder: you don’t get the “chemistry”. It’s not just about the looks; it’s about how the real thing makes you feel.

That meant going to car club shows and seeking out their classic cars until I found “the one”. PCWA Concours. November 2009. I stand in front of the Concours winner, a dark grey 356 T6B with a red leather interior and a luggage rack on the back. It is the most beautiful, seductive car I have ever seen. I want to buy it right there and then. The owner tells me very politely but firmly to buy my own. I am bereft. Kind Porsche club members cluster around to comfort me and talk me through the matter. There are very few 356s in Perth but there are more in the eastern states. They ascertain that I drive a Beetle, which they think is a good apprenticeship for a 356, although I don’t understand why at the time. I have found the car. Without realising it, I’ve fallen for a car designed by Ferdinand Porsche’s son, Ferry Porsche. I’ve also found another Porsche family – PCWA. One month later. Melbourne, well Frankston. Porsche Classics, who sell what their name suggests. Their showroom is less Chellingworth and more dusty workshop, crammed with cars in various stages of repair and disrepair. I have a couple of 356s to view, selected from their website, but they are soon forgotten. In the centre of the workshop is a 356 of astounding beauty in luscious, undulating

An early 911 is suggested. They are sleek, elegant youngsters with pure lines. Before middle age fattened Butzi’s creation. Not too early though. The earliest 911s spun like washing machines in fast corners until Porsche learnt to tame the power at the back end. The time limit at the other end was clear. In 1974 the 911 suddenly grew a fat, ugly moustache: the impact bumper. Not for me.

Lavender Beetle burgundy enclosing a cream leather interior. There is an old fashioned radio with Bakelite knobs which only transmits AM radio stations, a leather covered steering wheel, an original electric sunroof and a little luggage rack on the back grille. I hear the details: Californian delivered car brought into Australia, converted to right hand drive as part of a full restoration to the highest standards, Concours winner until all the prizes were won, then retired to await a buyer. The car is a rare type of 356, a Notchback, only a couple of hundred left in the world. None of this matters. The test drive is short. We will have time to get to know each other. Money changes hands and my 356 is boxed up and sent to Perth. Our courtship begins. She is swift, nimble and precious. I slowly push to her limits, around corners and at full speed. We go to York one day, to visit a 356 in the Car Museum, racing down country roads and parking directly outside the museum like an escaped exhibit. She has been set free to be a sports car, not a cloistered, collectable object. We go everywhere, even ending up outside a nightclub where young clubbers pose around her, admiring and taking photos. I realise that she is recognised instantly as old and beautiful. No anger or envy is evoked. She is safe from all but the most perverted minds. As I learn the history of my beautiful 356, it becomes clear that the family is not yet complete. There is another generation of Porsche design. Ferry Porsche’s son, Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson Butzi has designed the successor to the 356, the utterly iconic 911. It feels too early to bring a new car into my life. But the murmurings around me grow louder. Prices are rising fast. It’s now or never.

Sydney. November 2010. The GFC is biting. A businessman wants money in the bank rather than a 1972 911T in the garage with 20K on the clock and no rust. He is a fool. He would have doubled his money by now. The purchase of this car is a colder affair. My secret desire is for a deep aubergine 911 but these are astonishingly rare and I have never seen one outside of photos. If I have a good classic 911, I can trade. This one is silver with a black interior. The short shift gearbox is horrible and there is a testosterone laden sports bumper on the front. They must go and they do. Her classic beauty is restored and she drives like the refined beast she is. It’s another apprenticeship, a steep learning curve to finding and respecting her limits. I feel the back end quiver in warning when I push too hard. We go on track days and always come off a couple of times. I learn to relax and let her do the work rather than driving white knuckled, trying to control her at every moment. There is one task unfinished. My Beetle, the original car, is rusty and rundown, overshadowed by the beauty of the newer generations of the Porsche family. It is time to truly complete the collection. The project begins in late 2011 and will not finish until late 2013. I know what I want – the Beetle will be lavender with a celery green interior. The colour scheme comes from a haute couture dress by Christian Lacroix. The design didn’t matter but the colours enchanted me. There’s no one who will simply do this job for me. I can’t just buy the car this time. It’s up to me to organise. A new chassis is needed to replace my rusty one and the plan evolves. Two Beetles will become one and duplicate parts will go to other restoration projects. A Beetle is found in South Australia – impeccable chassis but bad mechanics. It’s a nightmare to drive. The brakes merely suggest stopping. The 1300 motor is underpowered. These Beetles are perfectly matched in their defects.

I enter the world of artisans, men who practice crafts carefully honed over years. They are hard to find. Artisans don’t advertise. The clients they want will track them down in a determined search for old fashioned quality. Some were easily found. The senior mechanic at Exclusive Autos, where my cars are serviced, is revealed as having worked in the Beetle factory in Germany in his early years. This will help immensely with the melding of chassis with engine and the mechanical fit out. Others are much harder to find. The VW Car Club proves invaluable. Through them I find a secretive Beetle and Kombi society and through this, I find my other artisans. The biggest find is the painter. He comes as a first name, mobile number and suburb only. I ring the mobile number and get a street address. I drive my 356 there, needing to show my credentials as “artisan friendly”. I cannot find his workshop. There are no signs anywhere. Silly me. I ring again and am directed to a line of unmarked workshops in the middle of an industrial estate. The 356 has the expected effect, it advertises me as a serious customer. His waitlist is normally around 2 years. I show him the picture of the dress in the colour scheme I want. His eyes sparkle and he starts to mix paint. He knows the problems of lavender. It fades to grey in low light. The paint will need deep colours within to counter this. He is excited by the project and my car is started only 4 months later. His work is perfection. The lavender paint deepens in colour rather than fading in low light and is perfectly matched to the strip of celery green interior vinyl I bring him. The interior is the last part of the restoration. There is only one man for the job in Perth. I have seen his work at VW Car Club shows and it is superb. I must wait my turn. He does only one car at a time. It is 18 months between first contact and my turn coming up. It’s worth the wait. The interior is simply lovely, perfect in every detail. My Beetle narrowly misses out being ready for the 2013 VW day Concours but turns up to the 2014 one and takes away the prize in her class. My Beetle is the equal of her garage partners. The collection is completed.

My Porsche Families Issue 2 - 2016


‘Driving for Dreams’ became ‘Dreaming of Driving’

Story: Bill Richards

A large crowd turned up to the Porsche Club WA meeting in November 2006 at Ktec in Bulwer Street Perth. Being the first Tuesday of the month, as is the tradition, it was also the end of a day of partying for some of the members who had enjoyed The Melbourne Cup. In General Business, Deryck Graham told us how he had spent a lovely Melbourne Cup Charity lunch at the Hyatt Hotel in the company of senior Hyatt Management and Make-aWish personnel. They had hatched the idea of bringing the joy of Porsche motoring within reach of families supported by Make-a-Wish. Deryck brought the idea to the members and received overwhelming support and a committee was formed by show of hands. DRIVING FOR DREAMS was born. The concept was to provide an opportunity for Make-a-Wish children to sit in Porsches to have photos taken. The initial thought was to assemble the cars at a venue such as The Esplanade, Fremantle where we had held our Concours. Money would be raised to support a wish or two. Things progressed quickly, and the ‘park the cars for photo opportunities’ turned into a major event. On 11 February 2007, a mere three months after the idea was hatched, 200+ Porsches assembled at (actually within the wall of) the Old Fremantle Jail. Arrangements had been made for a large number of Wish Kids to ride in the cars that were to lead the convoy. The committee, led by Deryck, had made arrangements for Police to support a convoy from the Jail to Perry Lakes via the beaches, then on to Belmont Racecourse where a demonstration Motorkana was run. Traffic lights were held

Graeme Owens & Bill Richards with Make A Wish kids publicising 2008 Driving For Dreams 62



on green for the convoy to pass through them and police bikes cleared intersections where necessary. I recall a bike pulling up alongside me and asking me to increase speed. I was already over the limit and thought I was a goner. From there we all found our own way back to the Hyatt where the cars were all assembled on the Esplanade Park immediately behind the hotel.

the bidding spurred on by the members around me. The auctioneer got into the act encouraging me to keep bidding, suggesting that the car would be a great Valentine’s Day gift, that day being a couple of days away. Little did he know that I had never so much as even bought a card for Valentine’s Day. Anyhow my final $500 increase landed us the car and I registered it in Judy’s name.

The Hyatt put on a spectacular Ballroom Party for the children with party food and drinks for young and old.

Judy’s plan was for me to tidy it up and fix a few things then sell it.

The whole purpose of this event was to give Wish Kids something to enjoy and remember and to raise funds to grant a wish or two. Up until this point in time we had given the kids a thrill and delivered them in their Porsches to the front doors of the Hyatt where they were greeted as Stars and escorted to the Ballroom. Drivers of all cars paid to participate in the day and so did any passengers, but this did not raise enough money to grant a wish. However, the committee had used all their influence and acumen to gain sponsors who contributed to the event and sought donations for the Gala Auction, the centerpiece of which was a bright yellow 1969 Porsche 911T. The car was donated by a non club member who had heard what we were doing and decided that Make-a-Wish could have whatever they could get for his car. The amazingly generous man was Graeme Owens of Claremont. Any of you who are serious yachtsmen may know Graeme as he is/was a highly respected international yachting judge. The final item auctioned was the car and bidding was slow with only a couple of bidders. I said to Judy (my wife) “what a pity that the car looked like selling for well under it’s real value” Judy relied “well why don’t you bid for it”. Not wanting to disobey the instruction I joined

Nine years later

Nine years have now passed, still no Valentine’s Day cards, and I have fixed those few things. In fact I have done a lot. While waiting for some small parts to arrive, I started dismantling and as I was still working full time in a position that kept me very busy, little time was dedicated to the car. I was also Sporting Director for PCWA and a CAMS Steward, so time passed and more was dismantled. The car is about to hit the road again having had front suspension and tank supports cut out and replaced, front suspension rebuilt with adjustable sway bar, brakes all rebuilt, front trunk stripped and sprayed, considerable re-wiring, re-upholstered, webers rebuilt, new fuel pump, etc. Doesn’t seem much for 9 years when I write it down but I now know the car intimately and am DREAMING OF DRIVING it. PS – While waiting for this to be published I investigated poor engine performance which has resulted in my dropping the engine and commencing a full rebuild plus gearbox overhaul! So STILL DREAMING OF DRIVING it !!!.

Story: Roderic Seow Photos: Roderic Seow & Lilian Choo

Our lifestyle changing year thanks to PCWA

Our only pit stop - The Lobster Shack

Our GT4 journey to the track and a new way of life started on 13th January this year. It was both a day of excitement and nervousness as Lilian and I took delivery of our long awaited GT4 and started our membership with the Porsche Club of WA. We hoped the car was going to be amazing and lived up to everything that we had been reading for the past 9 months. Also what would lie ahead joining a car club and meeting a whole group of new people……would they be accepting of two new members to their club? Having never taken our own cars out on a track before, what better way to get acquainted with a new GT4 and Club than the Intro Track Day which was scheduled for 24th January. But wait……I remember distinctly the words of Marco from Chellingworth. “Make sure you allow the engine to run-in for the first 1,000kms before heading to the track.” How were we going to do that in 11 Days? A light bulb moment arose…..what better excuse for a Sunday drive. Traditionally we would have gone South, but that idea flew out the window as soon as the bush fires broke out. I remember one year we did a drive East and there was not much out there. If anyone ever finds “Frog Rock” please let us know. So this adventure would take us North.

you feel alive and at one with the car during the whole experience. We only made one stop on the way up at “The Lobster Shack”, it was a great place to take a quick happy snap. The drive took us all the way to Dongara before we decided to turn back, but we could have easily driven all day and night. Passing traffic was a breeze and felt effortless, while always keeping to the speed limits. All up we drove about 700km round trip, close enough to 1,000KMs and not a bad run for a Sunday drive. With normally driving during the week it was perfect timing to book it into Chellingworth on the Friday for a quick check before the Intro Track Day on Sunday. The Sunday came around and we both had a ball of a time. It was more fun and enjoyment than either of us could have anticipated. The GT4 was even more alive on the track than we could have imagined. There is certainly a lot more to learn and grow with the car before needing anything more. Then meeting everyone from the Porsche Club, both new and existing members, was a pleasant surprise.

Made it to the Intro Track Day Everyone was super friendly, welcoming and down-to-Earth car nuts. Both Lilian and I are stoked to be part of such a wonderful club and getting to know some new friends. It is like joining and becoming part of a new family. The next adventure is to take our GT4 on a holiday with us so we can experience Tasmania where some say the best roads in the world exist…… But for now we have realised that buying a Porsche and being part of the Porsche Club is more than just owning and driving a car, it becomes a new and fulfilling way of life.

We could not have asked for a better day, it was blue skies and perfect weather for the whole day. The car was amazing to drive and lived up to every review and article that had been written. Now we understood what Porsche is all about, Driving north to run-in the engine

Issue 2 - 2016


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Issue 2 - 2016





Profile for Composite Colour

Porsche West 2 - 2016  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

Porsche West 2 - 2016  

Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

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