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Issue 1 - 2016




Porsche Centre Perth PCWA 2015 Concours d’Elegance

Sports Series Round 2

Christmas Party & Sports Awards Night

Porche Parade To Sandy Shores


Issue 1 - 2016






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Issue 1 - 2016





Tr e a s u r e r ’s re p o r t


I n t ro Tr a c k D a y a t M C M o t o r s p o r t


P r e s i d e n t ’s R e p o r t & C o m m i t t e e


Porsche Parade to Sandy Shores


Membership repor t


International Presidents Meeting


S e c r e t a r y ’s re p o r t


Farewell Graham Lloyd


We b m a s t e r ’s re p o r t


Sporting Series Round 1


S p o r t i n g d i re c t o r ’s re p o r t


Sporting Series Round 2


The new Porsche 911 R


Soon we can think global…


T h e n e w 718 B oxs t e r


Ever Ahead. The New 911


Ve r y I m p o r t a n t Po r s c h e s o n display at Rennspor t


M y We l c o m e t o t h e P C W A F a m i l y


L a s t B l a s t Tr a c k D a y


The Politics of Speeding Fines Part 2


Concours d’Elegance


The thrill and passion will never die


A C o n c o u r s Ta l e o f 2 P o r s c h e 9 1 1 s


“ Yo u o n l y l i v e o n c e ”


Concours Judging Criteria by Andy Stack


The hardest par t of buying a new Porsche is letting go of the old one!


Concours d’Elegance Winners Circle


PCWA Club Merchandise


2015 PCWA Christmas Par ty & Spor ts Awards Night



IF/C: Brila


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Auto Exclusive Perth

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Issue 1 - 2016


treasurer’s report

TREASURER’S REPORT YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2015 The club had a positive cash flow for the year ended to 31 December 2015. The opening bank balance at 1 January 2015 was $42,124 and at 31 December it was $43,601. Cash flows for the year are detailed below. Revenue - Membership



Fees received for sporting series



Advertising in magazine



Sale of merchandise



Porsche Centre Perth sponsorship Concours d’Elegance



Laser Mail postage subsidy



Bank interest


_______ Total revenue $83,023 _______ Expenditure - Printing and Stationery



Sporting series fees and trophies






Membership costs



Cost of merchandise



Concours d’Elegance



Christmas party and net social functions



Audit fees






Website expenses



Bank fees






Council of motor clubs membership


_______ Total Expenditure $81,546 _______ Net income for the period

$1,477 _______

The year provided a small surplus with good membership income, plus a positive result for the sporting series. Advertisers in the Porsche West magazine helped defray the production, printing and distribution expenses. As in past years members’ subscriptions were put to good use for the Concours Délegance and to subsidise part of the Christmas party. When I took on the Treasurer’s role I noted that our Memorandum of Association required an annual audit. We appointed Gregory Bentley from Opulen Accounting and Superannuation to audit the 2012, 2013 and 2014 years. These audits were completed at the end of 2015 with clean audits with no qualifications. There was recommendations about sign off on payments which we have implemented. The 2015 audit is in progress. With the club now enjoying record membership plus excellent participation in social and sporting events, 2016 should be another enjoyable and successful year. Graeme Robson Treasurer 2015 (moved up to vp 2016 next stop el president)




president’s report advertise in Porsche West (go on support your club!) please contact Daniel or myself via the club website or at our next meeting.

Well here we are again at the start of another PCWA year and right off the bat it’s my pleasure to welcome our new Committee members being: • Andy and Kathy Stack (memberships) • Scott Alexander (Webmaster) • Bob Naylor (Treasurer) • Brett Read (Sporting) • Daniel Eigenmann (Publications) • Deryck & Grace <Team Cayman> Social Directors • And last but by no means least Graeme (show me PCWA Commitment) Robson as our illustrious new Vice President! And for not sure in how long a time the President and VP both drive Boxsters! That’s a huge gong for mid engine mastery! On a sad note with the news of the passing of 31 year veteran PCWA member Graham Lloyd. Graham was a founding member of the Club and part of the original crew that got the ball rolling in WA. He will be sadly missed by us all. Please see a tribute to Graham in this issue. Looking to 2016 I can confirm that Brett Read has done a super job thus far in his role as sporting director with a whole list of rounds to choose from this year, including some in conjunction with the HSV club. So if you have not yet “got your car on the track” why not get out there and get sideways, its just too much fun. Also, although only being in his new role for a short period, Daniel has already proven to be an excellent addition to our committee with a solid contribution to this very publication including some new advertisers. If anyone would like to

I also can report that our hard working Social team of Julie and Natasha Irvine has left the role due to work and family commitments. I would like to thank “team Irvine” for their support and dedication over the last year! Julie has said they will still be willing to help with logistics of things like club BBQs etc as well as helping out with our meetings that occur at Porsche Centre Perth. As you know I represented the club at the 16th Porsche International Presidents Meeting in Finland recently. You can see my full report on that in this issue of Porsche West. Finally thanks very much to Porsche Centre Perth, Wheels World and Brila Australia for hosting our club meetings so far and also to Marco at Chellingworth for again reading the presidents report while fighting sleep and general in-attention. If anyone in the club would like to host a club meeting at their venue please contact me for further discussions. I hope you enjoy this bumper issue of Porsche West. There has been considerable effort placed on this first issue so grab a cuppa or a tinnie, sit back and have a great read. Cheers! Edward Roose Club President & Launch Controller.

club committee 2016

President: Edward Roose


Vice President Graeme Robson


Treasurer : Bob Naylor treasurer@porscheclubwa.org.au

Publications: Daniel Eigemnann publications@porscheclubwa.org.au

Secretary: David Blainey


Sporting Director: Brett Read sportingevents@porscheclubwa.org.au

Webmaster: Scott Alexander


Membership: Kathy and Andy Stack


Social directors Deryck Graham & Grace Tan social@porscheclubwa.org.au

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers, email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Click the name of the committee member below to send them an email. Should you require assistance, please send an email and a committee member will get back to you.

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Issue 1 - 2016



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membership report This is the first Porsche club membership report for 2016. December 2015 saw new committee members elected for the 2016 year. We took over the role of membership from Julie Jacobs. Julie had done the membership for a few years now and was looking forward to a break from the role. It has been a huge learning curve for us. But with a big thank you to Julie for all her ongoing help we are slowly getting on top of it. Julie has been a fantastic help to us and we can’t thank her enough. New or returning members in 2015 Julian Gardner Brandon Munro and family 911 Michael Courtis 911 Dean Gorey and family 911 Carrera Jack and Licia David We concluded 2015 with 303 Memberships and 622 members. Currently we have a total of 223 financial Porsche club members The break down currently 146 family members 77 individual members Of which we have a total of 21 new members 14 family members 7 individual members We have been lucky to meet most of the new members so far and hope to catch up with other new members at the upcoming events. Here is a list of the newest members to the Porsche club family Mark Fabian Boxster Michael Tama Macan Turbo Daniel Eigenmann, Jackie and family Boxster Toby Copley, Dallas Young Boxster Mark and Vicki Langdon 996 911 Nick Marino, Teresa and family 997 Carrera Peter and Yvonne Ogden Boxster Ben , Rachael Rasheed & family 996 Turbo Roderic Seow & Lilian Choo Cayman GT4 Daniel & Katie Valentine 911 cabriolet David Moir 944 turbo

“Porsche West” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of Western Australia (ABN 85 153 133 180) Publisher: The Porsche Club of Western Australia PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151 email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Editor: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Advertising: Edward Roose Mobile: 0416 009 711 Email: president@porscheclubwa.org.au Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email: info@compositecolour.com.au www.compositecolour.com.au Subscriptions: Porsche West is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of Western Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to president@porscheclubwa.org.au Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2016 by The Porsche Club of Western Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of Western Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club WA PO Box 447 South Perth Western Australia 6151



Issue 1 - 2016




Porsche Centre Perth PCWA 2015 Concours D’Elegance

Sports Series Round 2

Christmas Party & Sports Awards Night

Porche Parade To Sandy Shores


Issue 1 - 2016 7


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secretary’s report Hi there I’m David Blainey and this is the start to my second year as PCWA Club Secretary. As this is the first Porsche West magazine of 2016 all of the PCWA members (and especially new members) are wished all of the best for a safe and enjoyable 2016. And of course GO Porsche.

If you need any help in getting into any PCWA events let me know (0407390080). I’m into the PCWA Sporting Series and also PCWA Social Events. My cars: This is our newly acquired (Nov 2015) 1974 RS Replica (replaces the 1969 Advan 911T). We also have a Sunday/Social drive car: our 1995 993 Cabriolet Tiptronic. Looking forward to seeing you in 2016. David Blainey

webmaster’s report The start of 2016 saw a change of webmaster as I took over from Edward who already has his hands full as President. One of the first things we agreed on doing was to update the club website to the latest design which has already been rolled out to the Porsche clubs in Victoria and NSW. It’s a fresh new look but also retains the familiar feel to the superseded homepage so it’s not hard to navigate around.

The club’s facebook page remains popular amongst members so take a look and share some Porsche stuff with fellow enthusiasts. We plan on loading photos from both the sports series and social events on both the website and Facebook. If members could sift through their event photos and only send the ones they consider worth uploading that would be helpful.

My next Porsche would also likely be a Boxster S as my wife and I love the option of the convertible and the mid-engine around the bends is addictive. A manual 981 series would be just fine! Cheers, Scott Alexander

I have been part of the PCWA for just over 2 years and currently own a 2005 Boxster S. It recently had the RMS replaced and whilst the gearbox was out the clutch and dual mass flywheel were also done.

sporting director’s report As my first year as PCWA Sporting director I’m sure you all agree that we have a full on and exciting sporting series lined up for club members this year! Also I’m happy to report that it has kicked off in great form with a very well attended Intro Track day at MC Motorsport, the first round back the MC Motorsport and the second round at Barbagallo raceway (see my reports on these in this issue.)

I am really looking forward to the rest of the season, this is going to be a fun year with early indications of some excellent new talent coming through. I imagine that this years Rookie of the year award will be hard fought and well won by a number of newer members!

Hope to see you all out there soon! Cheers from “Turbo” Brett Brett Read

Make sure to follow the action on our club’s Facebook page (Porsche Club Western Australia) and also via the updated galleries and sporting points that will be updated regularly on our club website.

Issue 1 - 2016


Wolf in sheep’s clothing – the new Porsche 911 R 30 mm at the touch of a button will be standard on models sold in Australia. With its overall weight of 1,370 kilograms, the 911 R undercuts the 911 GT3 RS by 50 kilograms. Bonnet and wings are made of carbon and the roof of magnesium. This reduces the car’s centre of gravity. Rear windscreen and rear side windows consist of lightweight plastic. Additional factors are the reduced insulation in the interior and the omission of a rear bench seat. The optional air conditioning system and the radio including audio system also fall victim to the slimming diet. Wolf in sheep’s clothing: classic 911 look with GT motor racing technology

Porsche is unveiling a truly pure 911 in classic design at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show in the new 911 R. With 368 kW (500 hp) from its four-litre naturally aspirated flat engine and sixspeed sports transmission the 911 R follows firmly in the tradition of its historic predecessor: the road-homologated racing car from 1967. Produced as part of a limited production series, the original 911 R (R for Racing) performed in rallies in the Targa Florio together with world record runs. Like its legendary predecessor, the new 911 R relies on systematic lightweight construction, maximum performance and an unfiltered driving experience. This special limited-edition model of 991 units has an overall weight of 1,370 kilograms and is currently the lightest version of the 911. With the high-revving six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine and manual sports transmission, Porsche is once again displaying its commitment to especially emotional high-performance sports cars. Developed in the motorsport workshop, the 911 R extends the spectrum of highperformance naturally aspirated engines alongside the 911 GT3 and 911 GT3 RS. At work in the rear of the 911 R is the sixcylinder flat engine with a displacement of four litres, familiar from the 911 GT3 RS. This racing engine delivers 368 kW (500 hp) at 8,250 rpm and generates 460 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm. The rear-engined machine breaks through the 100 km/h barrier in 3.8 seconds. In keeping with the truly pure character of 10



the car, the 911 with its lightweight design is available exclusively with a six-speed sports transmission. Short gearshift travel underlines the active driving experience. The forward thrust of the 911 R continues to a speed of 323 km/h. Combined fuel consumption in the NEDC is 13.3L/100 km. A thoroughbred driving machine: technology from the race track The 911 R could almost have been made for tight corners. The specially tuned standard rear-axle steering guarantees especially direct turn-in characteristics and precise handling while maintaining high stability. The mechanical rear differential lock builds up maximum traction. Ensuring the greatest possible deceleration is the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) package fitted as standard. The rotors measure a generous 410 mm at the front and 390 mm at the rear. Ultra high performance 245 mm tyres (front) and 305 mm (rear) mm are mounted on forged 20-inch lightweight wheels with central lock finished in matt aluminium.

From the exterior, the 911 R gives a reserved impression. At first sight, the body resembles that of the Carrera. Just the nose and rear body familiar from the 911 GT3 hint at the birthplace of the 911 R: namely the motorsport department in Flacht. In motorsport terms the 911 R has a lot to show beneath the skin: the drive technology comes from the 911 GT3 RS. All the lightweight components of the body and the complete chassis originate from the 911 GT3. However, with a view to road use, the body manages without the fixed rear wing. Instead, a retractable rear spoiler, familiar from the Carrera models, and a rear underbody diffuser specific to R models provide the necessary downforce. Front and rear guards come from the 911 GT3. The sports exhaust system consists of lightweight titanium. A redesigned spoiler lip is installed at the front. Porsche logos on the sides and continuous colour stripes in red or green over the entire midsection of the 911 R show the relationship to its legendary predecessor.

Motorsport development has specially adapted the control systems of the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) for the 911 R. A double-declutch function activated by pressing a button for perfect gearshifts when changing down is also part of the repertoire of the 911 R as is the optional single-mass flywheel.

The driver sits in a carbon full bucket seat with fabric centre panels in Pepita tartan design, recalling the first 911 in the 1960s. An “R-specific” GT sport steering wheel with a diameter of 360 mm receives steering commands from the driver. Gearshifts take place in traditional manner via an R-specific short gearshift lever and clutch pedal. Carbon trim strips in the interior with an embedded aluminium badge on the front passenger’s side indicate the limited number of the 911 R. A typical feature of GT vehicles are the pull straps as door openers.

The result is a significant improvement in engine spontaneity and high-revving dynamics. For unrestricted everyday practicality a front axle lift system which raises ground clearance by approximately

Australia is guaranteed an extremely limited number of the 911 R; priced from $404,700 excluding statutory on-road and dealer charges with local deliveries ex-pected towards the end of 2016.

The new mid-engine roadster: Porsche 718 Boxster

Twenty years after the first Boxster made its debut, Porsche is introducing a generation change that also changes the model designation. The new generation models are now known as the 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S. The twoseat convertibles are now more powerful and more fuel efficient. Porsche is thus continuing the tradition of four-cylinder flat engines in its 718 mid-engine sports cars. In the 1950s and 1960s, these cars won nume rous races, including the legendary Targa Florio and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The centrepiece of the model series is the newly developed four-cylinder flat engine with turbocharging. The 718 Boxster develops 220 kW (300 hp) of power from two litres of engine displacement, while the 718 Boxster S attains 257 kW (350 hp) from 2.5 litres of displacement. In the S model, Porsche also uses a turbocharger with variable turbine geo metry (VTG). Thus, the 718 Boxster S joins the 911 Turbo in using VTG technology, making Porsche the only manufacturer to use this technology in production vehicles with petrol engines. Impressive here are the power gain of 26 kW (35

hp) compared to the previous Boxster models and the efficiency of the new turbo engines. The new 718 Boxster models have fuel economy improvements of up to 13 per cent. The completely new chassis tuning and stronger brakes provide for passionate and sporty driving pleasure. The design of the new model line has also been comprehensively advanced apart from the luggage compartment lids, windscreen and soft top, everything else is new. Inside, a newly designed instrument panel redefines the cockpit. In addition, the latest generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with a state-of-the-art touchscreen is included as standard. The navigation module is available as an option. In the 718 Boxster, Porsche is introducing two completely new four-cylinder flat engines with turbocharging. Their power and efficiency have been increased significantly compared to the previous engines. A bundle of innovations also ensures typical Porsche driving pleasure. The engines excel with more spontaneous response, free-revving properties up into the highest rpm ranges, and not least with their passionate sound. Porsche is implementing the four-cylinder flat engines in two power versions: With two litres of displacement and 220 kW (300 hp) in the 718 Boxster and as a 2.5-litre engine with 257 kW (350 hp) in the 718 Boxster S. Compared to the previous Boxster models, this represents a power gain of 26 kW (35 hp) in each version. Engine torque has also increased considerably. The two-litre engine of the 718 Boxster has a maximum torque of 380 Nm, which is available from a low 1,950 rpm to 4,500 rpm. This represents a gain of 100 Nm or 35 per cent. The 2.5-litre engine of the 718 Boxster S reaches a torque of 420 Nm between 1,900 and 4,500 rpm; this is 60 Nm more than in the previous model. This is the greatest torque gain in the history of the Porsche Boxster. Issue 1 - 2016

11 9

By Edward Roose

PCWA Last Blast Track Day November 2016 One of the greatest gifts one can give is the gift that keeps on giving. So our committee decided the best Christmas present we can offer our members is a TRACK DAY for nix! Next Minute cue the day and over 45 PCWA members having an absolute blast out at MC Motorsport. It was nice to see PCWA stalward Gary Jacobs wind out his trusty new GT4 and to see Brett Williams carve it up on the skid pan in his uber Cayman S. Brett is a drift God but I am sure he will agree it also has a lot to do with the mid engine balance! It was also a big surprise to see the PCWA’s very own “Don Johnson” in Glenn King in his ripper new Cayman R, and if you looked close enough you would have also noticed yours truly ripping it up with my new Boxster GTS’ launch control. One of the greatest gifts to mankind is Launch Control, God bless the boffin who invented it.




We just love the mix of rear, mid, old and new Porsche cars that turn up for our track days, and this day was totally one of the best out and about ever. Everyone just had a total blast so cue 2016 and lots more track days! Yes we like the new PCWA catch cry “More driving and Less eating” So thanks to everyone who took their end of year medicine of “redline therapy” and thanks to Jurgen our resident hero at the PCWA. See Y’all out there! Edward Roose Club Micro Manager, Tyre Shredder & Launch Controller

Issue 1 - 2016


Allan Quatermain C4S 991

Adrian Buri Cayman R

Brett Williams Rippin It Up

Brett Williams Thumbs Up

Glen King eyes for the track!

Glenn King in his new Cayman R

Grace leaves the Cayman with Twist with grace

GT4 Purity

Ivanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s classic shape 997S

Low n Fast

Show us the Red Boxster!

Smoke gets in our eyes

Tail out, smile up!

Tim gets is sideways, then messy!

Tims RS (we all want it)




Issue 1 - 2016


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Issue 1 - 2016


By Edward Roose

Porsche Centre Perth 2016 PCWA Concours dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Elegance




Issue 1 - 2016


Arriving at Sir James Mitchell park at 7am on a cool but sunny Sunday morning it was hard to believe that in a few hours there would be a Marquee, Bar area, seating for Members and over 150 guests, a Registration table and a Catering food area. While I momentarily sighed at the work ahead, I was quickly brought back to reality of how awesome and special a Porsche Club Concours event actually is. And moments later David Blainey arrived with his big van packed to the rafters with Beer, Wine, Ice, Logisitical supplies, Marquees, Tables and all this while towing his new red 911 Race car! Before I even go any further I want to thank David who really made a special effort for this year’s Concours, and although it was a lot of work I did catch him enjoying the experience as did I. Within a few hours everything was set up for a great day and the Marquee was set in a brand new location overlooking the river (instead of the old spot facing the road.) Reports from the members throughout the day was that the new location was much better. It gave us more room and allowed

Overall winner Graham Lloyd with Judges 20



members to use the natural shade provided by the trees which used to be behind us. It also gave a nice feel of being surrounded by cars, and hey we all love that feeling right! 2015 also marked the first time since I have been at the club (so since 2008) that the committee has agreed to the use of caterers. In years past it was the committee who organised and served the food, however everyone agrees that catering is the way to go. It gives members better (and more) food and is less work for an already strung out commiteee (insert recouprative beer here haha). We had an excellent turnout of around 120 cars for the day. Particulary in the Concours event proper which was well attended with the overall best of show car being the late Graham Lloyd’s stunning 993RS (see separate story and pics for all winners on the day.) This was a very special day as I really wanted to make sure Graham attended and did make a few enquiries (to his closer mates) asking that he attend if possible. So to actually have Graham there, and be the overall winner was both a wonderful and humbling experience given that he sadly passed away in February.

There are heaps of people we need to thank for this day. Firstly to all members who turned up early to help set up, to the committee members who helped all day and to the judges who did a wonderful job in finding our winners. Also “Country Kitchen Catering” was both excellent and very good value and thanks to Jumbo Party hire too. We will certainly use these guys again! One of the funny moments of the day was when I was announcing to all members that the bar would be open at 11am, while I was holding a beer! This was noticed by a few committee members, gosh I did not even realise it, so funny. See you all at the 2016 Porsche Centre Perth 2016 PCWA Concours d’Elegance Edward Roose PCWA President & Active Suspension Manager.

Issue 1 - 2016


By Edward Roose

A Concours Tale of 2 Porsche 911’s There was a photo that was part of our issue & story last year featuring the remarkable 30 year PCWA membership exploits of Godfrey Everett. In this story there was one picture which showed Godfrey’s (then and current) 1973 Silver Targa 911 at the Porsche Club of Western Australia 1985 Concours d’Elegance. Incredibly that picture also had a certain yellow ’78 SC standing next to it in the building which is now owned by current PCWA member John Morrow.




John spotted that picture last year and arranged to have his Yellow 911 parked next to Godfrey’s at the “next” Concours which just happended to be our 2015 event and a 30 year reunion for these fabulous cars! So these pictures show both of these lovely 911’s parked next to each other 30 years later, looking just as fresh, both reunited and wowing the punters both in 1985 and 2015!

It’s nice to know that these cars have remained in WA and are still owned by valued members of the PCWA family! Edward Roose

By Andy Stack

Concours Judging Criteria by Andy Stack You may be interested in how the Concours judging actually works. Chief Judge Andy Stack has prepared this info sheet.

2003 boxster/996/cayenne 00 points deducted 3

CONCOURS This is open to all entrants and is the serious end of the competition.


2004 boxster/996/cayenne 00 points deducted 4

Andy Stack (Chief Judge), Richard James, Graham Evans

2005 boxster/997/cayenne 00 points deducted 5

There are three main areas of judging: interior, exterior and the underside of the vehicle.

JUDGING CATEGORIES (Trophies awarded to the winner of each category at the end of the event)

2006 boxster/997/cayenne 01 points deducted 6

Each judge is responsible for completing two pages of the six page judging sheet.

Categories for this year’s event –

2007 boxster/997/cayenne/ cayman 02 points deducted 7

1.Wash and Polish award (open to all Porsche models)

2008 boxster/997/cayenne/ cayman 03 points deducted 8

If there are aftermarket carpets etc, it will lose 4 points for non-originality. So don’t forget to remove the nodding dog and the fluffy dice as you will lose points for this. Factory original fitted parts are required.

2.Concours water-cooled (includes 924,944,968,928,boxster, 996,GT2,GT3,996, 997, 991 Cayman cayenne macan and panamera)

2009 boxster/997/cayenne/ cayman 04 points deducted 9

3.Concours air cooled (includes 356,912,914,911(964& 993) 4.Full Concours overall open to all categories. (this is the highest points scoring car overall) Sections 2, 3 and 4. work on a sliding scale of age demerit points to be applied. Chassis year Example 1998 boxster 00 points deducted W 1999 boxster/996 00 points deducted X 2000 boxster/996 00 points deducted Y 2001 boxster/996 00 points deducted 1 2002 boxster/996 00 points deducted 2

2010 boxster/997/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 05 points deducted A 2011 boxster/997/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 06 points deducted B 2012 boxster/997/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 07 points deducted C 2013 boxster/991/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 08 points deducted D 2014 boxster/991/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 09 points deducted E 2015 boxster/991/cayenne/cayman/ panamera 10 points deducted F

Judges responsibilities are broken down to specialising in either interior/exterior or underbody. WASH AND POLISH This is the most popular section for Porsche owners, since most of these cars are used as day to day transport. Special considerations are implemented to cater for the vast differences and model ranges in attendance. Judges will pay particular attention to exterior paint finishes, glass, wheels, and tyres. They will be judged for preparation and/or originality. The judges for this section are chosen club members selected by the Concours judges. Judges for this section are usually new club members.

The above points will be deducted from the final scoring so that parity will conform in the categories. Below: Andy Stack (Chief Judge), Richard James, Graham Evans

Issue 1 - 2016


By Edward Roose

2015 PCWA Porsche Centre Perth Concours d’Elegance Winners Circle Another excellent turnout of cars was on hand for the 2015 PCWA Porsche Centre Perth Concours d’Elegance competition. Thanks very much to our three judges Andy Stack (chief judge) Richard James & Graham Evans who this year worked tirelessly to come up with 2 runners up and one very worthy best of show winner. These guys are great supporters of the Club, they give up their time every year and put in an outstanding effort, offering excellent expertise and commitment. Special mention this year must go to Graham Evans who actually flew from QLD to WA specifically to judge for our Concours. Wow thanks very much Graham, we are very grateful!

• David Anderson Equal winner wash & polish 1976 911 • James Smith President’s award best 356 As you can see by the pictures related to this story, the winning cars are just stunning and the owners really put in a sterling effort to prepare their cars worthy of a proper Porsche Concours d’Elegance competition.

Just a reminder to all prospective competitors in our 2016 event, preparing your car is more than just a simple wash and vacuum, the judging criteria takes into consideration factory originality, total factory condition including the underside, engine bay and general appearance of the vehicle. See the Concours Judging Info Sheet 2015 for a greater insight into what’s what with regards to concours judging and points awards. We are all looking forward to see which lovely Porsche cars turn up for the 2016 competition!

The Judges needed to work very hard to pick our Concours winners and I am happy to report the following names as winners of the 2015 PCWA Porsche Centre Perth Concours d’Elegance Full Concours awards: • Graham Lloyd 1st Place Best of Show Full Concours 1995 993 RS • Neville Horner 1st Place Water Cooled Boxster Spyder 987 • John Morrow 1st Place Air Cooled 1989 911 Speedster Non Concours awards: • Hedley Fowler Equal winner wash & polish 911 Slant Nose Above: Andy Awards 1st Place Air Cooled John Morrow 89 911 Speedster




Below: Andy Awards 1st Place Full Concours Graham Lloyd 1995 993 RS

Congrats & thanks to Andy Stack Chief Judge

Congrats & Thanks to Concours Judge Graham Evans

Congrats & thanks to Richard James Concours Judge

1st Place Water Cooled Neville Horner Boxster Spyder 987

Edward congratulates John Morrow 1st Place Air Cooled

Edward Presents the Perpetual Trophy to Graham Lloyd 1st Place Full Concours

Equal Winner Wash & Polish 911 Slant Nose Hedley Fowler

Equal Winner Wash & Polish 1976 911 David Anderson

Full Concours Best Of Show 1995 993 RS

Joint Winner Best Wash & Polish Hedley Fowler Slant Nose 911

Judges with Aircooled winner John Morrow

Judges with Overall winner Graham Lloyd

Judges with Watercooled winner Neville Horner

Well done Graham! A worthy winner!

Winner Best Air Cooled 911 Speedster

Winner Best Water Cooled Boxster Spyder

Winner Presidents Award best 356 James Smith

Andy Awards 1st Place Water Cooled Neville Horner Boxster Spyder 987 Issue 1 - 2016


By Edward Roose

2015 PCWA Christmas Party & Sports Awards Night It was a lovely December’s evening as members and guests of the Porsche Club of WA arrived at The Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. A wonderful turnout of over 90 members who were treated to a great night of wining (not whining ha ha), dining, fine food and excellent entertainment from the band “Micro Management”. It was great to see members dressed up to the nines (well…the 8’s which is close enough) as we all chit chatted by the pool for pre-dinner drinkies while listening to wonderful Violin music. Soon enough it was time to saunter into the wonderful room prepared by the Rydges staff, so members (in wedding style) looked for their names listed on the table seating guest list. A lot of effort was put into the seating of members, so we hope that you all were seated near people of like- minded conversation.

Thanks to Barry the Butterfly Nash for helping out with the awards and for organising our excellent sporting trophies. I am sure you will all agree those 911’s mounted on timber looked every bit as good as they made their worthy winners feel!

Thanks to the staff at the Esplanade Hotel, and to all members of the club, who attended this wonderful event. If you have not already done so, check out the PCWA youtube channel for an excellent video presentation of the biggest night of the PCWA calendar.

Congratulations to all our sporting winners (see last December issue for the full list) and also to David Blainey for taking out the 2015 Presidents Award. David has been an excellent supporter of the club in 2015 and this award was very well deserved.

See you all at the next Christmas Party Awards Night!

This year we decided to go for a full Buffet Dinner which was very well received. As we all know PCWA members have a huge appetite and the buffet was the perfect answer. As the drinks flowed the first of the awards were presented to all worthy sporting winners. After Dinner the band “Micro Management” belted out some choice numbers while members danced the night away, and as the red wine flowed the dancing became all the more interesting, see our club youtube channel for more info haha! Above: 2014 Club Champion winner Gerry hands over the spoils to 2015 winner Daniel

944S Halfway there




Below: The experienced Front Bench

2014 Outright Champion winner Gary hands over the cup to 2015 winner Daniel

Adrian Buri the suprise packet of the 2015 Sporting Year!

Adrian Mosely pushing his 991 faster everytime!

Andy accepts his thankyou gift for hosting the techie day

Club Champion Daniel Devries. Well done and well deserved!

Congrats Michael!

Daniel with Richard James

Deryck and Grace accept their thankyou gift for hosting a social run

Edward & Diana Roose

Gary and Mo accept their thankyou gift for hosting a social run

Gary Jacobs just keeps winning!

Rising star Micheal Robbie

Simon Line another excellent year by an accomplished driver!

Tim Wolfe a very accomplished year!

Winner of the Presidents Award for outstanding club service. David Blainey

Team Raffeale

The boys talking about cars..what else!

The dapper Tim Wolfe Issue 1 - 2016


Tobias Copley Guitars

Guitar servicing, repairs, and customisations www.TobiasCopleyGuitars.com 0433 100 382 28



Issue 1 - 2016


24 January 2016

Intro Track Day at MC Motorsport




To start off the year the team at MC Motorsport put on a great event for us which was attended by 38 club members. There was a good mix of first time track drivers and some experienced hands who gave excellent demonstrations of the fastest way to get around the track. Several of the first timers that attended the day have registered for the Sports Series and have been getting their cars out on the track in Rounds 1 & 2.

Issue 1 - 2016


By Edward Roose

Porsche Parade to Sandy Shores




Issue 1 - 2016


With 2016 upon us in a flash it was time to dust off our trusty Porsche cars and enjoy a warm summer’s day of driving and dining. The start of the year is always one of the most anticipated social events as members have usually been cooling their heels over the Christma, New Year period as the club goes into a “hibernation” period. With this in mind I commissioned the first social event being our Porsche Parade to Sandy Shores, which was just a fancy name for the Sth Yunderup Tavern ha-ha. Our new meeting point at Port Coogee Dome (some say North Coogee) was well received and there was just a lovely sound in the morning air as the flat 6“music” was wafting over the harbour as members started to arrive. I always try to get to any social event early because one of the best things about it is seeing and hearing everyone arrive. And on this day we really did have a lovely mix of Porsche cars including rear and mid engine, and coupe and open top.




After the obligatory morning coffees, breakfasts and photo taking (not to mention a lot of Porsche talk) we set off on our journey. The scene and sound of 30 Porsches roaring away from the area was amazing with members of the public and local residents being wowed by the sound and sights! The route taken was certainly one “less travelled” although some members (me included) had done some or all of this route before. And yes this trip did take in the famous Nettleton road leading through Jarrahdale, over Serpentine dam and back down Kingbury drive. No matter how many times I drive Nettleton Road I never get bored of it, it’s just one of those excellent roads that is very close to the city and a wonderful way to stretch your Porsche and take in some lovely country air and scenery. We also had the usual stop on the dam for a photo session and this time we actually had enough Porsche cars to stretch the entire length of the dam wall, it was truly a wonderful sight and very exciting for the new members of the club.

Once back on Sth Western Hwy the group took in some more stunning roads like Hopelands, Corio and the like and headed to a very nice back entry into Pinjarra. Everyone arrived in time for Lunch at the Sth Yunderup tavern, which was a fantastic value and quality affair giving members a welcome drink on arrival and a choice of 3 dishes for lunch. All in all this was a very well received event with lots of thankyou’s and congrats afterwards. Thanks to everyone who attended and also to the staff and management of the Sth Yunderup tavern for looking after us.

Issue 1 - 2016


Story & Photos: Edward Roose

International Presidents Meeting Levi, Finland, March 2016



Issue 1 - 2016


After months of planning and considerable personal expense, the day finally arrived that myself and my wife Diana jetted off for the International PCP meeting in Levi Finland. Now for any of you Porsche dudes in the know you would immediately understand the significance of this part of the world as being: A: The place most car manufacturers winter test their cars, and B: the place Porsche allow their customers to get sideways in their cars on a frozen lake. Well I am happy to report that B was the order of the event and one of the highlights of my 4 years as PCWA club president (and 1 year as VP). Now while some of you may not know where Levi is, I can tell you that its just about as far away from Perth as any place on the globe, and the flight of 21 hours (29 hours in total inc transit time) is a long one even though our travel agent told me I had booked the fastest way to get to this region. Our travels took us from Perth to Singapore to Helsinki to Kittila to Levi, which just happens to be 200k’s north of Arctic Circle and a very cold part of the world! I mean the first night we were there I was suffering from a good dose of jetlag and woke up around 3am. As I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to “layer up” (put a few layers of clothing on) and go outside to take in the unbelievable beauty of the place, and the sheer cold which cannot be explained until you experience it! All up I went for 5 layers of clothes being T Shirt>Thermal long johns> polar fleece>Porsche jacket>PCWA bomber Jacket plus gloves, scarf, beanie and larger overall head beanie. Walking outside it was around minus 20C and while I was ok walking around for half an hour or so, taking pics of the frozen Porsches in the car park (see pics) I would hazard a guess




to say that a few hours out there would be very uncomfortable or even life threatening! The 4 days taken up by the Presidents meeting was very time consuming, full on and rigorous with little free time as every event was arranged with Germanic precision. Now Germanic precision is a good thing when you are screaming down the long straight at Wanneroo at 190kph but not so great when you need some time to unwind. Needless to say there was not a lot of free time but that was balanced out with lots of fun! The 2 half days of ice driving (not their full program of 3 days) was amazing and totally off the scale fun wise. The 991 (series 2) cars were fantastic but before you wonder how the new low blow turbo flax 6 sounds, we never got out of 2nd gear on the ice so the sound was muted regardless of which car you drove. I can say the 991.2 Turbo is a drift machine and was easily the most fun I had ever had at 90 kph! The main part of the tuition for this event was to teach us the Scandinavian Flick, and on ice it was just amazing how hard it was to hold the slide. Forget racing lines when you drive on an ice track, it’s totally different to anything you may have experienced before! I would totally recommend this to anyone who loves driving and Porsches! What I would have liked more of was one on one time with other Club Presidents however with the program pretty packed every day there was little time for this except over a beer at the bar, and then we usually just did what all Porsche members do, talked cars cars cars, actually more like Porsche Porsche Porsche.

There was also an informative “Porsche workshop” which told us about their new products and other innovations in the way of a Porsche community website and offers for “club watches”. I have a copy of the pdf of this workshop and can email it to any member who may be interested. I am honoured that I was able to attend this event with my wife and represent our club. I am happy to report that copies of Porsche West and some PCWA Club Beanies where given out to members of the Porsche Clubs of Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Malta and Finland! All in all the International Porsche Clubs Presidents Meeting was a whirlwind affair that really took our breath away, it all happened so quickly but I do bring back some good ideas for our club which I will discuss with our committee and a load of new Porsche friends and experiences! Edward Roose Club President and Scandinavian Flick Maestro

Issue 1 - 2016



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Farewell Graham Lloyd Story: Godfrey Everett & Edward Roose It is with much sadness that we must report on the passing of 31 year PCWA Member Graham Lloyd in January 2016. We assure Penny and family of our continued thoughts and prayers during this sad time. We certainly will all be feeling the loss of a PCWA Stalwart in the Gentleman that was Graham. Graham joined the Porsche Club in 1985 amongst an enthusiastic group of racers and immediately began to compete in all the Club events which lead into the local Classic Rallies and eventually the Targa West. Graham was also a fierce competitor in the WA Porsche Cup series run at Wanneroo Raceway from 1994 thru 1997.

Graham competed in the Porsche Cup at Bathurst NSW in support of the Bathurst 1000 in 1997

He also had a 1953 HWM Jaguar Open Wheel Racing Car which he raced in the Round the Houses events.

In 1998 he competed in the Shield of Africa, a Rally starting and finishing in Cape Town South Africa and travelled thru six African countries including Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho.

It was also very fitting that Graham’s super 1995 993RS was the Best of Show winner at our 2015 Porsche Centre Perth Concours d’Elegance and I (Edward) was honoured to have been able to congratulate a very excited Graham on his well-deserved victory.

In 2000 he competed in the London Sydney Marathon through 11 countries over 34 days Graham had a number of very nice Porsches over the years including 924, 944, 944 Turbo, 928, 928s4, 968, 2 early 911’s, 911 Speedster, 993RS.

In honour of the memory of Graham the PCWA Committee is also pleased to announce the Perpetual Trophy for the overall winner of our Concours d’Elegance will now be renamed the Graham Lloyd Memorial Trophy.

During this period he also competed in the Targa Tasmania in 1994 thru 1997.

PCWA well represented in the Shield of Africa Rally

On the trailer and out of the.... Graham was a worthy winner of our 2015 Concours Best of Show

Getting ready to compete in Shield of Africa

Graham & Godfrey Loving Life PCWA Style! Issue 1 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director

Sporting Series Round 1

at MC Motorsport â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 14 February 2016




The first round of the series was held at MC Motorsport on a warm and sunny morning. All who attended were treated to some great driving and competition. The star of the day was Tim Wolfe in his 996 GT3 with a time that was 3.5 seconds faster than the 2nd fastest driver which was John Morrow. 3rd fastest was Mr Consistency, Daniel Bathe in his very quick Boxster S. Interestingly, the top 10 positions were won by an even mix of mid engined cars and 911’s, although the GT3’s did hold 4 of the top 5 positions. It was great to see Brad

Kidd return to the Sporting Series in his beautiful green ’74 911. Brad is clearly no slouch when it comes to peddling his car around the track and even though he was still getting used to his car he took 8th positon. It was great to see several GT4’s out on the track, but unfortunately their inability to run R Spec tyres held them back. Several ladies also took part on the day including newcomers Christina Buri in her Boxster GTS and Lillian Choo providing some variety in her BWM M4.

Andy Tudor

David Anderson

Deryck Graham

David Blainey

Glenn King

John Dumbill

Micheal Broughton

Christina Buri

Sean Bathe

Issue 1 - 2016


Story: Brett Read, Sporting Director

Sporting Series Round 2

at Barbagallo â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 21 March 2016




What a great way to spend a Monday … “better than being at work!” was the agreed response from many of the 27 drivers who made it to Barbagallo Raceway for a full day of long track and short track action. Tim Wolfe was on fire on the day and set a new club record for Class Open Post with a lap time that was a full 2 seconds faster than his nearest rival. Then in the afternoon he repeated the trick by setting a new Club Outright record for the Barbagallo short track!! It was a new club Outright and Open Post record for the short track in his 996 GT3. The previous record was set by Paul Summers on 14-Feb-09 in a time of 55.5852 seconds in a 997 GT3 RS (’07). Tim did it in 55.4481 seconds to break the record that has stood for the last 7 years.

Blaise Paris scored the second fastest time on the long track in his ’74 911 and just pipped out Nathan Ellement who came a very close third in his 997 Turbo. Many people that follow motorsport in WA may know that Blaise has previously raced a Mazda RX7 and Nathan has a long history of Speedway racing. Blaise was getting used to the very different rear engine 911 and Nathan was sliding around on road tyres which makes both of their results impressive to say the least. Much more to come from these two drivers we think. There were many good drives from club regulars with Daniel Bathe, Adrian Buri and Gary Jacobs slogging it out for 4th, 5th and 6th positions. The rear-engine versus mid-engine competition

Rod has been posting some good times already in his GT4

Show us the Mid Engine Master!

is clearly alive and well with the top 6 positions being another 50/50 split. There were also several new competitors who took the opportunity to get out on the track in their Porsches. The smiles on their faces said it all when asked the question about how good is was to throw their Porsche around the track. An honourable mention needs to go to Marc Humm who clearly improved in leaps and bounds over the day in his Cayman. The enthusiasm in the posts on the club Facebook page after the day was testament to the fun had by all; Daniel Eigenmann being a very notable enthusiastic newcomer to the joys of Porsches and a nice fast track.

Ian going over his racing lines one more time

Issue 1 - 2016


By Deryck Graham

Soon we can think global…

Ever spent time on the net looking at Porsches for sale around the world? Ok confess we all have. The excitement of finding a genuine 928 Club Sport manual for sale in the UK or a low k’s 993 Turbo in that perfect blue sitting in Japan at a price that just makes you cry. You know it costs comparatively little to transport them and that in most cases the right hand drive versions are all but identical to the Australian delivered cars. However Australian Porsche owners have had to act in the national interests to date and protect the Australian car industry particularly models that directly compete with Porsches. I have never quite worked out which models but let us not question that. So for years now there has been a tariff barrier that is so high and solid that Australian Porsches were some of the most expensive in the world. This has been nicknamed “The Australia tax”. To give an example when I purchased my 997 GT3RS new in the UK in 2010 for GBP108,000 it was just under half the price of the exact car in Australia.

classic and convertible cars over 25 years old, scrapping a historic $12,000 duty on imports • A rolling 25 year term rather than a fixed barrier to import anything post 1988 will be brought in. In addition to the approval of parallel imports from 2017, imported vehicles will no longer have to affix identification plates, which will save the industry around $70 million per year, according to Minister Paul Fletcher. “Our modelling suggests about 30,000 vehicles will probably come in under this. Now as a reference point there’s about 1.1 million new cars in the Australian market each year. And once Ford, Holden and Toyota close down then all of those will be imported,” Mr Fletcher told the ABC.

His business is one of those that will be most affected by the changes, with big price differences when importing from the UK if buyers are willing to give up a local warranty.” As Mr Ellis so correctly says why not remove the luxury car tax too as this was a tax imposed to stop consumers importing substitute cars to those offered by the Australian industry. No industry - no need to have the tax. So to put the world of Porsches for sale into perspective; the number of two door Porsches currently for sale in Australia on carsales.com.au at the time of writing this article was 681. The total number of 2 door Porsches for sale in the top car sites in 32 first world countries at the same time were 164,080. It is a big world out there!

Business Insider quoted the following; “If the government is serious about making motor cars, especially high-end motor cars like the Porsche, more affordable to the consumer, then why doesn’t the government abolish the luxury car tax?” Porsche Australia spokesman Paul Ellis said.

We are not quite at the point where we can import that beautiful low k 993 turbo from Japan, well not until 2020, but you will be able to import the 928 Club Sport in 2017 and maybe even find an otherwise unobtainable limited production run new Porsche out of Japan or the UK from 2018 onwards. Fingers crossed.For more details search MVSA Overview Brochure Jan 2016.

Below: 993 Turbo

Above: 1988 928 CS

Planned changes to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, announced in February by Minister for Major Projects Paul Fletcher might start the process of bringing Porsche prices into line with world standards. Here are some of the highlights of the proposed changes. • Individuals can import one new car every two years • Each parallel import must be 12 months old or less, and must have travelled less than 500km • Imports will only be allowed initially from the United Kingdom and Japan due to high safety standards and right-hand drive • Changes will be made to the import of




By Emeline Newbon, Photography: Verve Portraits

Ever Ahead. The New 911 acceleration and an immense new rear axle steering that delivers even more stability and agility. Under the hood lies an enhanced new bi-turbo flat engine (911 Carrera: 370 hp/911 Carrera S: 420 hp) offering more torque and higher revving ranges, reinforcing immeasurable drive, direct accelerations, legendary sounds and less fuel consumption. Finally we are nothing in this modern world if we’re not connected. With Connect Plus you are wired in globally onboard the innovative infotainment, with online navigation as well as Apple Carplay.

Sitting on high bar stools, front row to a team of ten dressed in all black, we watched pairs of hands elegantly meander bows back and forth over worn strings. We are taken on a journey of reflection, to question where we have come from and to be reminded to look ever ahead of us. The violins take a moment of pause before the power of voice comes to life and fills the air with the unmistakable opera from The Fifth Element. The now unrecognisable Porsche Centre Perth showroom is filled with countless eyes fixated on the raw talent of the Perth Symphony Orchestra. As the music nears its end an electrifying video commences the long awaited countdown. There is anticipation in the air and the audience moves nearer, in the hope of being the first to catch a glimpse. The final numbers flash on the screen and as

the curves of the zero strike up, the screen begins to part to finally reveal the only car made to beat the 911 – the new 911. The 911 will remain the 911 precisely because it never stops evolving. It is proof that you can stay true to tradition and still remain a pioneer. Every new idea, invention and model, is a Porsche striving to deliver excellence. Resting on laurels was simply not an option. When constructing the latest 911, Porsche is looking ahead. Not at what has been but rather what is to come. The new 911 speaks this truth time and time again. At first sight you will see a sharpened new front and rear design with four point LED daytime driving lights, three dimensional taillights and four point break lights. On feel you will experience more power; faster

With the new 911 Porsche has redefined the boundaries of what is considered possible, by consistently subjecting itself to scrutiny it has chosen to ignore everything from the past, all its successes and all its race wins, through it is only now that they can move forward because Porsche believes that anyone who stops improving, stops being good. See, feel and experience the new 911 at the Porsche Centre Perth showroom

Location: Porsche Centre Perth Event styling, lighting, visual and audio: OMG Events by Tony Salom

Catering: Heyder and Shears Music and Entertainment: Perth Symphony Orchestra MC: Michael Genovese


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Issue 1 - 2016


By Toby Copley

My Welcome to the PCWA Family It was a very pleasant surprise to become a part of something much more than just a proud owner of one of the best vehicles in the world. It was a long time coming, to live the dream of owning a Porsche. Little did I know that the joy would multiply tenfold, by becoming a part of the Porsche Club of Western Australia family. The love of cars was always there, since childhood. However, it was not a significant point of focus until 1999. I was 20 years old, I hadn’t had my license for that long and I couldn’t see myself being able to afford anything better than my rusty old Nissan Bluebird Station Wagon. Nice cars were just a pipe-dream, so I didn’t pay much attention, to avoid frustration. There was nothing much to do when I was working in the country during the week, so, I made money and read motoring magazines. That was an eye (and heart) opener, to say the least. Learning about what makes a real sports car perform, rather than just listening to those around me drone on about how they want to put an over-sized V8 motor in their old family saloon, so it will go fast in a straight line for 400 meters which turns into “white knuckle prayer time” when approaching a corner. It was made abundantly clear in all of the publications I could get my hands on, then, and many years to follow, that Porsche was THE performance car manufacturer.




Almost unanimous victory over hundreds of vehicle comparisons, performance car of the year shootouts, lap times, speed comparisons, efficiency, etc. Not to mention being the most successful manufacturer in motor racing history. I remember that one magazine, which put the Porsche in 2nd place, stated that the Porsche was better in every way, except the magazine preferred the styling of the other vehicle over the Porsche. Back then, the two overwhelmingly brilliant, successful, and coveted Porsche models, were: The Boxster S (986), and the 911 Turbo (996). While each superseding model just seems to get better and better, all Porsches become beloved classics, but these two will always be my first loves. Yes: It was a ménage à trois. Fast-forward past 15 odd years of pining and frustration, at the start of this year, I managed to seduce my very own 986 Boxster S. I joined PCWA immediately after my acquisition, thinking that I could probably at least have some fun at a track day. I was not overly optimistic of what the other Porsche owners would be like, but I could not have been MORE happy, to be SO wrong.

Every member I have met has the passion, and celebrates everything that is Porsche: Performance; Passion; Perfection. Every event (with the club) has simply been an amazing experience: The meetings, which are as much an enjoyable social event as they are productive; the casual country drives; and the race days, which can either be a bit of fun, or as serious as you are willing to go with it. There is a vast accumulation of comprehensive knowledge and experience from many different fields of expertise and backgrounds, and an inspiring willingness to share this wealth. PCWA is more than just a club. It is an intimate community of which I am extremely appreciative to be a part. I feel very welcomed to the family.

Presidents note: You are so welcome to our PCWA family Toby and thankyou very much for your kind words! Every hard working committee member certainly loves to hear such glowing words from existing and new members. It just makes all the effort so worthwhile! Cheers & Go Porsche Edward Roose.

By Deryck Graham

The Politics of Speeding Fines Part 2 think with our 38 fixed cameras in the little city of Perth with many more coming we are likely to win this title too.

country driving and city driving. Another well considered stance that we do not consider despite this enormous country of Australia. PS We do not endorse speeding however if you want to do 111km/h or more – go to Europe!

With a few famous exceptions such as Switzerland and Netherlands, Australia has some of the highest speeding fines in the world.

What we are not winning in however is effectiveness when it comes to death rates per 100,000 people. We are up among the highest in the developed world with Germany at 4.3/100,000 then France at 4.9/100,000 and finally Australia with a much higher 5.9/100,000.

What also needs to be considered is just how often these fines are enforced. I

Finally before you look at the table consider the way each country divides the fines into

In the last PCWA magazine we had a misprint of the table on European speeding fines versus Australia. Here now is the full table with the direct comparison with Australian speeding fines and the effectiveness in reducing the death toll.

For more details search MVSA Overview Brochure Jan 2016

By Toby Copley

The thrill and passion will never die Fear, adrenaline, regret for not telling your loved ones how much they meant to you, wondering if you should have gone to the bathroom before climbing in this uber racing 911. All of these thoughts went through my head when approaching the first corner of the Calder Park raceway back in 2004. As a passenger in a GT3 Carrera Cup Porsche, driven by pro racer Dean Grant on a “Hot-Lap”, I had a shocking awakening to the talents of such drivers, the laws of physics, and how close to breaking them that this vehicle could come.

Unprepared, would be an understatement. I had never done more than sit in a Porsche at this point, and it was my friend that had won the hot-lap that I was there to watch. While I snuck off to meet racing legend Jim Richards (who was doing some race testing at the track that day), my friend told the team how much of a Porsche fan I was. So, they generously said that they would give me a free hot-lap. At the time, I was the owner of a Subaru WRX, and I was looking into rally driving. After getting out of the GT3, after the hot-lap, my

legs were shaking, and I questioned whether or not I had what it took to become a race car driver. 12 years later, the passion for Porsche never faltered, and I finally bought the car I’d been dreaming of for 15 years. Immediately joining PCWA, I went to the “Come and Try” track day. I have now signed up for the “Sports Series” tournament. And now that I am a member of the PCWA and participating in their excellent & thrilling sports series, the thrill and passion will never die! Cheers and Go Porsche Toby Copley.

Issue 1 - 2016


By Bob Hall

The hardest part of buying a Porsche, letting go of the old one! A recent visit to Porsche Centre Perth by Cheryl & I to book my 2007 Cayenne V6 in for some minor ‘extended warranty’ work had an unexpected outcome.

I have to say, the Dark Blue V8 Cayenne S with 21” wheels did look the business. Paul ‘very kindly’ offered us the opportunity to take the vehicle for a test drive. I know I’m in dangerous territory now. Loaded with extras and 38% increased power over the V6 and that V8 throb; I was impressed.

After making the booking for the following week, a stroll through the showroom led to an ‘idle’ (on my behalf) conversation with Porsche Cars Manager, Paul Swiderski. I’m not quite sure how the conversation got there but suddenly I’m agreeing to check out a 2012 Cayenne S which had just been traded. “Why not, no harm in looking; after all I’m not in the market for an upgrade – I love my Black V6 which has served me so well.”

Just to make sure I hadn’t lost it completely, I also test drove a turbo diesel Macan and the latest Cayenne V6; neither managed to change our opinion of the S. Now came the real hurdle; “how much did you say my V6 was worth; what an insult!!” Now I feel a total traitor to my beloved Black Cayenne of 8.5 years. How can the best vehicle

I have ever owned be worth so little? Although my new Dark Blue pre-loved 3 y.o. V8 has done 65,000, she is a dream to drive. I still miss certain aspects of my V6 Cayenne; the deepest black paintwork and the ride quality on 18” Toyo tyres as well as the off-road ability. Just like in life, we must move on from great memories as well as bad!!.. The hardest part of buying a new Porsche is letting go of the old one... :( The ‘new’ one is sensational!! Bob Hall

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By Daniel Eigenmann

“You only live once” I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on holidays in the south of France (near St Tropez) with my parents and my younger brother. One of my mum’s very good friends from her Uni days in Germany had a Porsche 911. I can’t remember what model it was or what colour. It was in the late seventies and all I can remember from sitting in the back is how hard it felt compared to my dad’s Audi. That was my first and last ride in a Porsche, until I finally bit the bullet and bought my first Porsche, an arctic silver 2006 Boxster in June last year. I’ve always loved Porsches. Really, unless you’re Jeremy Clarkson, it’s very hard to resist the beauty, simplicity and drivability of a Porsche. When I first mentioned to my wife Jackie that I was thinking of buying a Porsche, I was getting ready for a long drawn out negotiation. Instead I got the surprise of my life. She simply said “go for it - you only live once”. And the rest is history. About 6 months later I joined the Porsche Club. It took me that long because I had no idea one existed. A good friend of mine had been a member for a short period of time told me about it. He thought that I’d get a lot out of it. And boy was he right. Since joining the Club in January I’ve discovered a club where everybody shares a passion for Porsches and a desire to have a good time. Not knowing what to expect I was amazed to see how many events were being organised throughout the year - social events, member meetings and even a sports series. If you enjoy driving your car on normal roads wait until you take it on a race track where you can let it rip. It’s absolutely awesome and quite frankly addictive.

I initially bought my car for my wife and I (sorry kids no back seats) to enjoy driving around with the roof down. No other reason. The thought of taking my car on a race track, let alone compete in a sports series, never ever crossed my mind. That was until I came across the Club’s invitation to take part in the 2016 Intro Track day at the MC Motorsports track near the airport in January. Saying that I was anxious is the understatement of the century. I was petrified. I’d never driven really fast before. Except for driving on the German autobahn a couple of times and once on my way to Kalgoorlie (that was when I first came to Perth from Switzerland in the early 90’s and thought that open roads in the middle of nowhere meant go as fast as you can). The fear I felt when I first sat down in the car for my first go on the skid pan soon vanished and was replaced by a huge grin. I loved it so much that I decided to join the Club’s sports series. After waiting to have a fire extinguisher installed and my brake fluids replaced I took part in my first ever race at the Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo this March. And whilst I was the slowest (I’m not just saying that - I’ve got time sheets to prove it) I had an absolute ball driving the car around the track the way it was meant to. You never know. I might one day get a newer, faster car to challenge the boys at the front.

And that dear fellow members is my story. What’s yours? If you want to share your story (like Toby does in this issue) let me know and I can help you (with the help of my wife and other committee members) turn it into an article for the next issue of the magazine. I’m sure we have many members with more interesting stories than mine. As your new magazine editor I’m inviting you to share your stories and photos. That’s what the Club is all about... meeting other people with an equal passion for Porsches and sharing it (my friends are sick of hearing me talk about Porsches all the time). If the only thing holding you back is the fear of the blank page, fear not. Get in touch with me on 0412 022 110 or email at deigenma@ gmail.com. You don’t have to write the actual article if you don’t want to. Simply email me bullet points and we’ll turn it into your story. Cheers. Daniel Eigenmann


I’d recommend to anyone who’s never taken their Porsche on a track to give it a go. You don’t have to break records if you don’t want to. Just have fun. I know I am. To be honest I never ever imagined I’d be racing my car around a track. If I did, I would have bought a Boxster S.

Issue 1 - 2016


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Finding the most fitting financial solutions for Porsche Club members. Finding PCWA members the best financial solutions starts with me taking the time to fully understand your financial ambitions. I’ll then research and tailor finance most fitting to your individual situation from around 30 of Australia’s most trusted financial institutions with their myriad of competing products. Whether it’s a loan for your first home, your next home or refinancing your current home, purchasing a vehicle, equipment or taking out a business loan, I’ll guide you through all the necessary paperwork. It’s effortless. So you can truly celebrate your acquisition knowing you have the most appropriate loan for your needs. And this service is free of charge. The final chosen lender pays Capita a commission when the loan is settled. Simply contact me today and make a suitable time for me to see you.

Daniel Eigenmann Finance Professional and PCWA member. Mobile 0412 022 110 Australian Credit License Number 389087

Issue 1 - 2016





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Porsche West 1-2016  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

Porsche West 1-2016  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Western Australia

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