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Volume 38 Number 3, September - December 2012

P l u s Blast from the past Mallala Christmasmas Party 50 years of 911 Porsche forum

Mt Gambier Hillclimb









PORSCHE t r o p e R



Legends of the Lake, Mt Gambier Hillclimb


Club Run and Mannum Picnic

Porsche News


Christmas Party picnic


Porsche 911 to celebrate 50 years at Silverstone


Calling all 356 owners!


50 years of 911


Porsche Forum


Porsche announces Rennsport for Australia


Regularity B l a s t f ro m t h e P a s t : N e w F e a t u re



36. 37.


L o s t We e k e n d a t L a d y B a y


W i l l a l l R a c i n g ’s G T 3 R S R


Climb to the Eagle


Having Fun and the Club Championship


Dinner at the Hackney Hotel


H o n o u r ro l l


Mallala Supersprint


2013 Calendar




P r e s i d e n t ’s R e p o r t , Committee and New Members


B l a s t f ro m t h e P a s t : 1 0 y e a r s a g o

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Welcome to the latest edition of your magazine, covering the club’s activities for the last quarter of 2012. It is Porsche Report “lite”, as the club gets a little quieter around the December-January period each year, but it is important for our advertisers to have confidence that we reliably publish four issues a year. (Sorry this one’s a bit late; it’s a slow time for editors too!) Thank you to those loyal enough to stick with us when the publication frequency became a little ad hoc. I am very pleased to announce that two new members have joined the magazine team. I am extremely grateful that Phillip Kellett and Mike Rogers have volunteered to share the load, and in Phill’s case, with a view to taking over as editor. Welcome aboard guys! Mike’s main role will be organising advertising, as well as assistant editor. (Welcome to Longview Vineyards, Mike’s first new client.) So for all advertisers, past, present and future, Mike is your man. Advertising in the Porsche Report is remarkably good value, when you consider the very tight demographic target market that this magazine reaches. And, of course, if you are a member with a business to advertise, there is a lot of stick-togetherness amongst Porschephiles. Rates are only $900 for a full page ad in four consecutive editions (only $225 per ad, for a whole page!). Special requests for specific positioning can be considered, such as inside front or back cover. Maybe you’d prefer just $500 for a half page. And it gets better! Full page or half page advertisers get free membership! How good is that? You automatically get the magazine for the period your ad runs, and you are part of a great club! Finally, if you want to be lowkey, you might consider a business card sized ad for only $220 for four editions. Check Mike’s contact details. Mike Rogers 0438 868 373 mrogers@cutlerbrands.

Phillip Kellett 0409 931 193 Phillip.Kellett@ 5



This is a big year for Porsche, celebrating 50 years of the 911. There are plans afoot. Meanwhile, we are keen to see more of our 356 owners out and about, showing off their beautiful machinery. We are keen to stimulate some interest in perhaps focussing on 356’s for one of the club runs, and also running a feature article on some of the cars and owners in the club. I am sure there are many proud owners who would be happy to have their car featured in such a spread, and if you may be one of them, please call or email me or David Wiffen. David will then organise Bob Taylor to take some shots of your car at your convenience (or you could send some of your own photos) to use in the feature, and chat to you about your history with the car. In this edition, we are trialling a couple of new sections: Blast from the Past. For those of us who have been around for a while, and for those who might be curious about the club’s past, as represented in some content from previous editions of Porsche Report (now about to turn 39 years old!), I have selected a little something form 5, 10, 15 and 21 years ago for your interest. Porsche Forum. If you have questions about how to fix a problem, make your car go faster, or improve handling, this could be a good resource for information exchange. If you happen to have expertise in solving problems in Porsches new or old, and would like to contribute articles, or even advertorials, we’d like to hear from you. It’s all very well having these discussions in tight groups of true enthusiasts, but many other members would also love to know how to prevent in advance the problems that you may have encountered and subsequently solved. Not to mention how to make their cars go faster, so they can catch up and give you some competition! So, if you have a question, or if you have had a problem and found an answer, (like oil surge in Boxsters?), please drop me an email. If it takes an expert to find an answer, we’ll either hunt one out, or print your query in the hope that a reader will know. If anyone wants to add to a discussion, or offer alternative advice, the opportunity will be there; but only if we as members are interested enough to contribute questions, answers, and experiences. So come on, share your passion for the world’s greatest Marque. Roger Paterson, Editor email

“Porsche Report” is the official magazine of The Porsche Club of South Australia (ABN 36 370 887 701) Publisher: The Porsche Club of South Australia PO Box 2209, Kent Town, SA 5071 web site: email: Editor & Advertising: Roger Paterson mobile: 0414 993 930 email: Artwork & Printing Composite Colour 4/347 Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192 Ph: 03 9555 6665 email:

Subscriptions: Porsche Report is only available to financial members of the Porsche Club of South Australia. Not for individual sale. Contributions: Contributions, with quality photographs, are invited. Digital photographs should be 300 dpi jpeg or tiff files. They should be sent to Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine. Copyright: © 2013 by The Porsche Club of South Australia All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any electronic format or transmitted in any form by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Special note: It is the policy of the Porsche Club of South Australia not to publish its membership list to any person or corporation. Its membership list is not for sale or distribution. Any unauthorised use of its membership list or of the material in this magazine may result in prosecution. Send your mail to: Porsche Club SA P.O.Box 2209 KENT TOWN SA 5071 PORSCHE Report OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE PORSCHE CLUB OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Volume 38 Number 3, September - December 2012


Blast from the past Mallala Christmas Party 50 years of 911 Porsche Forum

Mt Gambier Hillclimb

cover photo: Ray Clements

editor’s report


Congratulatons Norm and Oliver!

Hillclimb Final Results

106 - 108 Richmond Road, Keswick SA 5035 ABOVE: Jonathon Borelli and Jodie Borelli used Gary Dann’s 911 997 Carrera S for their wedding pictures in Rymill Park Adelaide. This black and white was one of the photographer’s pictures. Photographer: Phone: “Photos at your place by Raegan”. (08) 8297 1300 BELOW: Rob Black is spotted by Peter Mayer (see reflection) during the ASP Rally. Email:


Congratulations Michael!

Motorkhana Final Results 6



president’s report I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. It’s hard to believe it’s March already! The first run of the year to Hindmarsh Island was well supported. It was a pleasure to meet several new members on their first run with the club. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the camaraderie of the Club and Marque. The attendance at our first sprint for the year was disappointing. Last year the committee sought member’s intentions in regard to competition and as a result elected to continue with six sprints a year. One of the problems is that we are locked into a twelve month contract with Mallala Motorsports Park. We have three “classes” available to enter: competition, untimed and driver training. In the near future we will be looking to run a “regularity” group. So those of you said you wanted to compete, or just have a run, please support your club. Congratulations to Bob Weekes for organising an excellent Show ‘n’ Shine at Middlebrook Winery. The standard of the cars presented has certainly improved after Bob’s cleaning clinics! Well done to all those members who put so much work into preparing their cars. My excuse is I live on a dirt road in the country - the car looks good at 50 mts or 50 kph!

club committee 2012/13

I hope everyone is aware of Rennsport in May. It is at Sydney Raceway and will cater for all types of motor sport including regularity as well as Show ‘n’ Shine. There will be cars from the museum as well which is always interesting. There is a gala dinner organised by PCA so it will be something else! I know we already have members attending but if you are in doubt go!

Norm Goodall President 0429 696 644

Kym Obst Vice President and 0438 800 961

Our social events are very popular and because of the numbers involved the Club has got to book and in a lot of cases the numbers are limited. At a recent event the extra numbers overwhelmed the establishment and the committee was embarrassed by the lack of thought by some members. In future when there is a RSVP for attendance and meals are involved if your name is not on the attendance list please do not embarrass yourself by trying to join the club booking. All it takes is a quick e-mail to do the polite thing!

Roger Paterson Secretary, Magazine, Advertising,Motorkhana Director 0414 993 930

Ray Conley Treasurer and Membership 0419 668 800 Ray Pryor and Joy O’Connor Social Secretaries. Ray 0409 948 889 Joy 0408 856 486

Don’t forget this year is the 911’s Fiftieth birthday, so stay tuned for our big event in October 2013! Look forward to seeing you at competitive or social events in the near future.

Doug McPherson Website 0419 704 247

Enjoy safe driving in the World’s greatest Marque. Norm Goodall, President

Sharon Curyer General committee 0417 866 452

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! David Wiffen Sprint Director 0488 756 888

We hope you enjoy being a member of the PCSA and look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon. Inside the back cover is a draft calendar for 2013. Check the website for updates. Here is some information you might find handy:

Geoff Crowe Competition Results 0418 895 660

Cut-off dates, racing, rules, CAMS requirements and other information is found on our website:

ABOVE: Jonathon Borelli and Jodie Borelli used Gary Dann’s 911 997 Carrera S for their w This black and white was one of the photographer’s pictures. Photographer: “Photos at yo

If you wish to register your car as an historic vehicle, it needs to be at least 30 years old and in near-original condition. For additional information, please contact Peter Brunnthaler or Peter Kowalenko. Contact details below committee

BELOW: Rob Black is spotted by Peter Mayer (see reflection) during the ASP Rally.

Vic Moore CAMS Representative

New members September - December 2012






George Nowak Ray Clements Julian Hiles Sasha Kotlar Danny Scinto Mark Burr Chris Ogden Otto Smart Andrew Hogarth Chris Flannery Stephen Armstrong Andre Strazdins

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2011 2012 1979 1987 2007 1988 1991 1968 2005 2007 1998 1978

911 GT3 RS Cayman 911SC Targa 911 997 Turbo 911 911 C4 912 997 4S 996 911 911SC



Peter Brunnthaler Historic Register/ Licencing 0410 614 911

Peter Kowalenko Historic Register/ Licencing 0429 390 911



Porsche news

Porsche again sets a new high-performance standard The new 911 GT3 brings innovation to the street The 911 GT3 brings out the Porsche DNA in its rawest form, and embodies the “Idea 911” wholeheartedly. The all-new high performance sports car offers both performance and efficiency, as well as driving enjoyment and practicality at an entirely new level. A wealth of technical innovations preserves the original and direct driving experience while combining it with enhanced driving dynamics. The first active rear-wheel steering in a production Porsche plays an essential part here, resulting in an entirely new, even more emotional GT3 feeling. The new 911 GT3 is based on the current 911 Carrera series. However; engine, transmission, and chassis have all been further developed and in some cases bring a radical departure from other 911 Carrera models. The two-seater is powered by a 3.8-litre six-cylinder boxer engine with direct petrol injection for the first time, producing 350 kW (475 hp). Although the engine is based on the 911 Carrera S engine it shares only few common parts. Many components, particularly the crankshaft and valvetrain, are specially adapted or developed for the GT3. For example, Porsche is once again using titanium connecting rods and forged pistons. These modifications set the stage for an extremely high 9,000 rpm rev limit. The 911 GT3 breaks more new ground by coming standard with a new seven-speed Doppelkupplung PDK manual gearbox – with characteristics inspired by sequential gearboxes used in motor racing. It is extremely responsive and now with shorter gear ratios to maximise acceleration. This 911 GT3 now sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds on its way to a 315 km/h top speed. The use of active rear-wheel steering for the first time on the new 911 GT3 brings further gains in handling precision and lateral dynamics. Depending on road speed, the system steers in the opposite or the same direction as the front wheels, to improve agility and stability. Among other new dynamic driving features are the electronically controlled, fully variable rear differential lock and dynamic engine mounts. The height, toe and camber of the newly developed all-aluminium chassis are still adjustable. The new, 20-inch forged alloy wheels with single central locknut now permit larger tyres and in turn more mechanical grip. Traditionally, the 911 GT3 comes as a twoseater based on the lightweight body of the current-generation 911 Carrera. However, the front and rear body sections are always model-specific. The 911 GT3 therefore features a rear body section that is 44 mm wider than the Carrera S. Another clear identifying feature is the large, fixed rear 8



wing. This makes a decisive contribution to the exemplary aerodynamics of the new 911 GT3, which combines low air resistance with a further increase in so called ‘negative lift’.

pump, and lightweight design and materials. As a result the new engine weighs around 25 kg less than its predecessor and a phenomenal displacement of 125 hp / litre (92 kW / litre).

As a result, the new 911 GT3 once again resets performance benchmarks. In addition to reaching 100 km/h from standstill in just 3.5 seconds, the 911 GTS eclipses 200 km/h in less than 12 seconds. The 315 km/h top speed is reached in seventh hear – top gear – of the PDK transmission. And the lap time on the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife is even more impressive: the new 911 GT3 cracking the 7 min 30 sec mark.

Much of the focus of the new engine is the cylinder heads, which differ fundamentally from those of the base engine, and were specifically developed for the 911 GT3. To enable peak performance values and high rpm, the new cylinder heads are equipped with large intake and exhaust ports, large valves, and separate valve control with rocker arm. Cooling and oil supply are also at optimum settings to account for the high loads.

Completely new: Sports engine with high-revving concept

The valve actuation via rocker arms with hydraulic valve clearance compensation is another unique feature. The concept embodied in the 911 GT3 engine originates from racing and allows very high engine speeds on one hand, while the other cams with performance oriented profiles permit a larger stroke and long valve opening time.

The Porsche Motorsport Department has an entirely new engine for the 911 GT3. This engine is a synthesis of the previous GT3 high-performance engine (the potential of which had been largely exhausted) and the new engine generation of the current 911 Carrera series. For instance, the new engine comes with typical motorsports characteristics, such as dry sump lubrication, high-revving power and titanium forgings. These are combined with cutting-edge technologies of production engines such as direct petrol injection, demand-controlled oil

Limited numbers of the all new 911 GT3 will go on sale in Australia late in the year. Pricing is not finalised and will be announced closer to launch.


Porsche 911 to celebrate 50 years at Silverstone. 8th March Regardless of the year, the power and even the engine cooling, what everyone on the track will have in common is an unsurpassed driver’s car. The svelte outline of the original might have been inflated like a lilo over the years, but there is no disgrace in bulking out a bit at 50, pandering to an audience that craves a little more comfort and luxury. Age doesn’t have to blunt you or diminish your popularity, just ask the Rolling Stones.

As the 911 reaches 50 years of memorable motoring, a record-breaking event at Silverstone pays homage to the famous sports car. Today’s Porsche 911 is significantly larger than the original model and comes with a huge array of high-tech features. It remains one of the finest sports cars in the world. The Porsche 911 is 50. Think on that for a moment. A car has turned 50 and is still in production despite the astonishing technological advances of the past half century, an era that has propelled us from three-figure telephone numbers and manual exchanges to pensioners potentially going to Mars. Admittedly, today’s offering is in many ways wildly different to the petite rear-engined flat-six sports car that stepped on to the world stage at the Frankfurt motor show in 1963. But unlike so many models that share only a carried-over name with their forebears, the fundamental formula that made the 911 the darling of the driving classes is pretty much unchanged. The 911’s survival is all the more remarkable because its long life hasn’t been without trauma. It didn’t take many years for nostalgic images of Steve McQueen gliding serenely through the French countryside in an early 911 for his 1971 movie Le Mans to be supplanted by pictures of despised yuppies flinging later cars backwards through hedges accompanied by a raft of tabloid headlines that poured scorn on them. Then there was the controversy among its disciples when Porsche first had the nerve to try and modernise it with water cooling in what the manufacturer referred to as the “996” generation of 911. But through all that – and the lifelong taunts of being a glorified Beetle – the 911 not only survived, but evolved and thrived to sell more than 800,000 of all variants. So how to salute such a landmark in motoring history? Unsurprisingly, events are being planned all over the world, but few will rival the extravaganza set to take place at Britain’s home of Formula One from July 26-28. Over three days, the Silverstone Classic, powered by the AA, will pay homage to the 9



famous Stuttgart sports car, the highlight being a rather special parade on the Sunday. Already famed as the biggest motor racing meeting in the world – with 24 races and more than 1,000 drivers – the Silverstone Classic is also establishing a reputation for its record-breaking parades. Two years ago more than 750 Jaguar E-types lapped the Northamptonshire circuit to set a new world record on the occasion of that car’s 50th anniversary, while last year it was the turn of Ferrari’s ferocious F40, some 60 cars achieving another world best. And this year the Porsche 911 will take centre stage, with (appropriately) 911 examples of the car snaking around the 3.67-mile track in convoy. Organisers are already predicting that reaching the ambitious total will be easy, and the response so far suggests they are right. Even before the bid has been officially announced, word has spread and more than 300 911s are signed up to be part of this historic occasion. And, even though the different types of 911 are legion, you can be sure that every one of them will be at Silverstone, from the £300,000-plus 1973 Carrera RS 2.7 to a £10,000 1990 964. Masterminded by the Silverstone Classic and Porsche Club GB, the parade will also feature many of the world-beating racers that were spawned by the 911.

The record-breaking Silverstone Classic parade will be a fitting tribute to one of the greatest and most enduring cars of all time and an astonishing spectacle for visitors to the event. Already established as the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, this year’s extravaganza is set to be another recordbreaker with 24 spectacular races covering the full spectrum of motorsport history. Highlights include six decades of Formula One, Group C prototypes, sports cars, Super Touring Cars plus an exciting new one-hour showdown for pre-1966 GTs staged at dusk on Saturday evening. Living up to the “Rocking and Racing” tag line, the Silverstone Classic provides live music concerts on both Friday and Saturday evenings. The line-up is topped by Sixties chart legends the Hollies (above right) and also features some great tribute bands paying homage to Pink Floyd, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and Guns ‘N’ Roses. Standing 40m tall, the new BMW “Eye” will provide vast panoramic views over both the dramatic action on the Silverstone circuit and the dazzling infield display areas where more than 7,000 classic cars will be on show. All tickets for the Silverstone Classic (July 26-28) – which must be purchased in advance – give free access to racing pits/paddocks as well as trackside grandstands and the live music concerts. Special “Early Bird” offers are available for those booking before the end of March, with adult tickets starting from just £30 (plus fees). Full details can be found at If you have a Porsche 911 and want to be part of the parade, contact 01608 652911 or email

50 years of 911. What are they saying on the internet? For five decades, the 911 has been the heart of the Porsche brand. Few other automobiles in the world can look back on such a long tradition and such continuity as the Porsche 911. It has been inspiring car enthusiasts the world over since its debut as the model 901 at the Frankfurt International Automotive Show in September 1963. Today it is considered the quintessential sports car, the benchmark for all others. PHILOSOPHY The 911 is also the central point of reference for all other Porsche series. From the Cayenne to the Panamera, every Porsche is the most sporting automobile in its category, and each one carries a piece of the 911 philosophy. Over 820,000 Porsche 911s have been built. For each of its seven generations the engineers in Zuffenhausen and Weissach have reinvented it, time and time again demonstrating to the world the innovative power of the Porsche brand. Like no other vehicle, the 911 reconciles apparent contradictions such as sportiness and everyday practicality, tradition and innovation, exclusivity and social acceptance, design and functionality. SUCCESS STORY It is no wonder that each generation has written its own personal success story. Ferry Porsche best described its unique qualities: “The 911 is the only car you could drive on an African safari or at Le Mans, to the theatre or through New York City traffic.” In addition to its classic yet unique lines, the Porsche 911 has always been distinguished by its advanced technology. Many of the ideas and technologies that made their debut in the Porsche 911 were conceived on the race track. The 911 was committed to the performance principle from the start, and motor racing is its most important test lab. From the very beginning it has been at home on circuits all over the world, earning a reputation as a versatile and dependable winner. Indeed, a good two thirds of the 30,000 race victories achieved by Porsche to date were notched up by the 911. THIS YEAR For Porsche, the 50th anniversary of this iconic sports car is the central theme of 2013. There will be a wide variety of anniversary events, starting with the ‘Retro Classics’ automobile show in Stuttgart. From 7 to 10 March, the Porsche Museum will ring in the anniversary year with four special exhibits, an early-model 911 Turbo Coupe, a 911 Cabriolet study from 1981, a 1997 road-going ‘street’ version 911 10



GT1 and the pre-series Type 754 T7.


The company is also sending an authentic 1967 model 911 on a world tour. Over the course of the year, this classic car will travel to five continents where it will be shown in places like Pebble Beach, California, China, Goodwood in the UK, Paris and Australia.

911 through the years Story and photos from Porsche AG. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the founder of the company, designed the nowiconic Porsche 911 in the 1960s. F.A. Porsche died Thursday in Salzburg, Austria at age 76. The 911 rolled out in 1963 and has gone through dozens of iterations since. The instantly recognizable curves of the 911 are the same today as they were nearly 50 years ago, but much has changed as well. The car he envisioned lives on.

1973 1973 was the last year of the “first generation” 911’s. Later models would come with increasingly powerful engines, as well as safety additions to comply with changing safety laws over the world.

Take a tour through the history of Porche’s best-known driving machine. The sweeping lines of the 911 were styled by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. In the 911, he created a larger, less cramped replacement for the company’s first model, the four-cylinder Porsche 356. The new car, with a rear-mounted, six-cylinder engine, was originally designated the 901, but the number was changed because French competitor Peugeot claimed a patent on car names formed with a zero in the middle. 1963

The Porche 911 rolled out for the first time in 1963. It wasn’t until 1965 that the car made it to U.S. shores, with a price tag of $6,500.

1980 Porsche revamped the 911 in the late 70’s. The new version was known as the 911SC. The automaker originally planned to phase out the car, but the 911 proved so popular that the company continued rolling out models.


1998 993 Turbo

2005 Cabrio roof tucked away

The “Targa” model 911 was the company’s attempt at convertible compromise. At one point, Porsche feared that U.S. safety regulations would eventually outlaw fully-open convertibles.

2003 996 New Targa

1987 The Club Sport model, seen here, was designed for club racing. The vehicle featured a reduced weight for more speed, but at a cost of comfort. CS 911s came without a radio, rear seat, or air conditioning, among other amenities. 2004 996 with ‘those’ headlights


1990 964 2012

The “third generation” of Porsche 911’s began in 1990. The cars feature more speed, more safety, while keeping the distinctive 911 shape.

The Porsche 911 was recently named the “2012 World Performance Car” at the New York International Auto Show.

2013 991 GT3

1994 993




Story: Porsche Australia

Porsche announces Rennsport for Australia Porsche festival with more than 300 cars

car racing and regularity events, the weekend will provide participants and spectators with a unforgettable injection of Porsche speed, agility, resilience and history never before seen on an Australian motorsport track. The largest gathering of Porsches ever at one race venue in Australia will occur at the inaugural Porsche Rennsport Australia Motor Racing Festival to be held on the weekend of May 25 and 26 this year at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek). “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” - Ferdinand Porsche Spurred by the success of previous Rennsport festivals in North America as well as its own army of Porsche owner enthusiasts in Australia, Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) has decided to create a special event for all Porsche fans. Racing and road going Porsches of all types and vintage will share in a weekend of glorious racing at the recently renovated and renamed Eastern Creek circuit, with more than 300 Porsches expected to participate. Local and rare historic Porsches as well as famous racing cars from the Porsche Museum in Germany will be on display as well as performing demonstration laps. Instructors from the Porsche Sports Driving School will perform on the skidpan and the Cayenne’s off-road prowess will be demonstrated on a 4x4 track. “Porsche Rennsport Australia is shaping up as the must-attend event for all Porsche enthusiasts in 2013,” says Porsche Cars Australia Marketing director Kevin Nicholls. “With over 60 years of Porsche history in Australia we have a large customer and fan base to draw from. The cars, the people, the tales ... the opportunity to be Porsche proud for an entire weekend and share a love of the brand will be on offer to all.” The literal English translation of the German ‘renn sport’ is ‘racing sport’, with the famous RS letters adoring the engine lid of some of Porsche’s most track-focused road cars Recent improvements to the circuit facilities will allow the entire circuit, figure 8, skid pan and four wheel drive track to facilitate various events and activities throughout the weekend.

Track Events Spearheaded by Porsche Carrera Cup Australia and Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Australia presented by Pirelli, the majority of the action at Porsche Rennsport Australia will take place on-track. To celebrate Porsche Cars Australia’s inaugural event, both of these premium onemake sports car categories will be adjusting their normal championship rounds to deliver an endurance battle worthy of Porsche’s motorsport history. Supported by a variety of other Porsche sport 12



Categories include: • 3 x Carrera Cup races, including a 1 hour Pro-Am Endurance Race • 3 x GT3 Challenge races, including a 1 hour Endurance Race • Group S and Group N races for historic Porsche sports cars • Porsche Sports Car races • 944 Challenge races • Regularity trials for all Porsche models including 356s • Historic Demonstration trials including Porsche Museum cars and significant Australian Porsche cars. If you wish to take part in track events, or in the Concours or Show ‘n’ Shine, at Porsche Rennsport Motor Racing Festival Australia, your entry must be lodged online.

Concours Those with an eye for detail should enter the Porsche Concours d’Elegance. Situated within the paddock area, the Concours judging is due to take place on Saturday, with prizes awarded at the Rennsport Dinner that evening. Concours cars will then be displayed again on Sunday in the same location, adorned with their respective awards. The Porsche Concours event will showcase some of Australia’s finest Porsche examples, from 356s all the way through to the more modern classics.

Show “n” Shine Those looking for a little more relaxed inspection of their Porsche may opt to enter the Porsche Show ‘n’ Shine. All Porsche models are eligible, and will be parked together in the pit paddock. Show ‘n’ Shine vehicles will be judged a little less closely than Concours, however prizes will be awarded to those judged best afield.

Entertainment Porsche Sport Driving School If you are yet to experience the fun of a Porsche on the Skid Pan, or the incomparable handling capabilities of our cars around a motorkhana course, then a short ride with the Porsche Sport Driving School will keep the smile on your face all weekend. PSDS will be set up to ensure spectators who are keen will not walk away disappointed. This will include demonstration runs along the Sydney Motor Sport Park 4WD course. Porsche Kids Driving School Our junior Porsche aficionados are certainly not forgotten on this Festival weekend. A kids’ corner will be set up to captivate our younger participants, including our Porsche Kids Driving School for those aged (approximately) between 5-8 years old. This is one of the most popular children’s events at the Australian Formula 1™ Grand Prix. Porsche affiliates stands – retail Our closest business associates are keen to join Rennsport, meaning you will have a perfect opportunity to partake in some very special retail therapy. Everything Porsche in one place. Who could ask for more!

Exclusive to Porsche owners Saturday and/or Sunday Rennsport Lunch Join your friends, fellow Club Members, Porsche celebrities and Porsche staff for a bite to eat. These exclusive dining events must be booked in advance to secure your position in this stylish, but relaxed environment overlooking the track. Saturday Night Rennsport Dinner What would a Porsche event be without a celebratory dinner. Available to all Porsche owners, the dinner will celebrate Porsche’s motorsport history in style. Once again, this must be booked in advance to secure your position.

Story: Doug McPherson Photos: Ray Clements


21 October 2012 Mallala Motorsport Park Skidpan

On arrival at Mallala it was cool, with a light wind blowing. There was a minor issue getting access to the skid pan, but it was resolved by the time I arrived a little after 9am by some of our more resourceful members. We had 8 Porsches, 1 of which was double entered, a gaggle of WRXs and a Forester turbo, as well as an exotic Lotus Exige. Juris Kuznecovs has been a regular Supersprint competitor for many years and had decided to come & try himself and his car at a Motorkhana. For those of you who have not competed in a Motorkhana, there is a significant mental element remembering some the more complex patterns, and then translating a 2D picture into a 3D model when actually driving the car around identical orange cones quickly. President Norm Goodall was in attendance, ensuring his eligibility for the Club Championship by attending at least one Motorkhana event during the year. His passion is Hillclimbs & Sprints. Norm kept it all together and remembered the patterns, incurring no penalties during the day. Ryan Reynolds was attending his first Motorkhana in his 986 Boxster. He showed a lot of car control and was having a lot of car fun sliding the rear end around the tighter sections. A bit of a natter revealed some previous experience in this form of motorsport, but in front drive Minis.

the rest of the day to be the overall winner, including against our WRX friends. The WRX boys usually add to the spectacle by smoking up multiple tyres as they round up the cones. Their enthusiasm sometimes sees them overcook a power slide, but it is all good for the spectators. Some of the WRXs make interesting mechanical noises as differentials lock and unlock. For those of you who love mechanical things, some of the cars are significantly modified and their owners will happily explain them to you. As a performance car they are great value for money and do very well compared to our Porsches. The pattern which caused the greatest amount of drama was the Long Crossover. There was nearly a mutiny over Roger selecting this pattern. It is one of the longer patterns where your drive up and back twice. Mentally I had divided it into 4 sections the first 2 were “easy” with the 3rd & 4th sections requiring good spacial awareness to pick the next cone to aim for. I successfully negotiated my first run but then had a WD on my second run. A momentary lapse in concentration meant I went from section 1 to section 4 in my head as I rounded the top cones. I realised my error

The closest competition is of course between Ray Pryor and “nephew” Andrew Burgess driving the same Boxster Spyder. Experience won over youth due to Ray making fewer mistakes! Rob Harrison exhibited great car control in his 3.2 Carrera keeping it very smooth and tidy ending up second behind our organiser, Roger Paterson. Roger clipped a cone and had a rare 5 second penalty, which he then made up during 13



Bob Weekes

Doug McPherson

instantly but then just looped around to get back on pattern. This results in a 10 second penalty for Wrong Direction. It might be better (ie quicker) to stop, reverse back and correct without incurring a WD penalty. I have to admit “red mist” sometimes over rules good judgement in my case in these circumstances. Timing as usual was organised by Ray Pryor, with Lorraine Weeks doing a sterling effort recording the times during the day. Ray, Roger, Norm and Andrew shared the line-up marshal role. Thanks to all those who attended, making it a memorable day. (On this event we ran the Reverse Lazy Eight as a hand-brake turn practice pattern, as a warm up before the event proper. President Norm asked for special consideration regarding the complexity and difficulty of the patterns. He suggested a single cone at the far end! As for the Long Crossover, we definitely won’t have that one again. That is because, apart from the mutiny, so many people had a WD that it was not a fair test of driving skill. A shame for Norm, because despite his plea for a simple pattern, this was the pattern at which he most excelled! RP)

Roger Paterson’s hand-brake turn sequence

Doug McPherson’s big drift

Matt Knighton shows how to work all four tyres in a hand-brake turn

Andrew Burgess

Phillip Kellett

Ray Pryor

Rob Harrison

Norm Goodall



Ryan Reynolds


MOTORKHANA 21/10/12 MALLALA Porsche Club

Overall Porsche

Roger Paterson

Triple Loop 1 41.79

Robert Harrison


Long Triple Loop 2 Mothballs 1 42.46 5 29.05 HC 43.5 29.62

Norm Goodall



Ryan Reynolds


Doug McPherson


Phillip Kellett

Long Mothballs 2 28.26

Long Crossover 1 74.15

Long Crossover 2 72.11

Off Centric 1 27.14

Off Centric 2 26.59

TOTAL Place Place Points 346.55 1 1 100




















































Ray Pryor












Andrew Burgess




















54.81 WD


Bob Weekes

88.3 WD

96.44 WD 99.62 WD 99.62 WD


99.6 WD 99.6 WD

WRX Club

Overall WRX

Garry Dodd


Triple Loop 2 43.36

Long Mothballs 1 30.22

Seth Coultas






Matt Knighton






Triple Loop 1

Long Mothballs 2 29.54

Long Crossover 1 72.2

Long Crossover 2 74.89

Off Centric 1 28.05



Off Centric 2 27.96 5 354.85 HC 27.97 356.26

Place 3

Place 1


























5 404.21






HC Daniel Osborne





73.23 HC

Alan Driver


Patrick Moody Sam Jongenelis

43.62 57.19 WD 56.84 WD

47.19 46.84

Sam Jongenelis 15


41.72 WD 32.05 31.83






5 HC

Blake-Lee Danher REPORT


10 HC x2

10 HCx2

HC 86.78



Juris Kuznecovs

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Story: Ray Pryor Photos: Joy O’Connor, Maria Obst and Ray Pryor

Lost Weekend at Lady Bay 27th-28th October 2012

Below: En route

Sunset at Lady Bay As Joy and I watched the ever darkening clouds passing over head, we wondered what was in store for the rest of the day, weather wise. Then the first cars arrived at the Victoria Hotel for the start of our Weekend Away adventure. Joining us in the car-park, was a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, who had a similar idea; a nice run through the hills with lunch at the end. We eventually gathered up 12 cars and headed to our first stop, Wirra Wirra Winery via Clarendon. Our stop at Wirra Wirra not only included sampling the lovely wines but also taking in the views, the 6 metre bottle made out of corks and, of course, a group photo. We then travelled to Willunga and on to the Victory Hotel for Lunch. A total of 25 people enjoyed the pleasant view, atmosphere and good company. The patrons of the front bar admired the display of the many Porsche models in their car park. After lunch a number of us continued on to Myponga where the ladies visited the market and the ‘boys’ admired the Classic cars that were on display out front. The group then back tracked to the Myponga Reservoir turn off and followed the fast flowing road to Carrickalinga, enjoying the views of the undulating countryside and the ocean. We eventually arrived at Lady Bay resort, our destination and accommodation for the night. After relaxing for the rest of the afternoon in our well-appointed rooms with great views from the balconies, the surviving six couples met for cocktails before dinner. Host Rick explained the inviting menu, and then it was decision time.

Below: Alex and Dianna Innocenti

The Weekend Away was a delightful break from life in Adelaide and a good opportunity to spend some time with valuable friends, enjoy driving our Porsches, eat some good food, drink great wine and just value each other’s company. Feedback suggested everyone was more than satisfied with their selection which supported the relaxed atmosphere around the table. Sunday morning we met up at a café in Yankalilla for a large egg and bacon breakfast before setting off for Port Elliott. Nathan and Anna Jones planned the route to Port Elliott via Second Valley, Delamere, and then a very

Horseshoe Bay 18



picturesque run to Victor Harbor, finishing at the Flying Fish Café. Where we found, sitting all alone in his Porsche Targa, our illustrious President. Norm joined 10 other like-minded people for a very enjoyable seafood menu while taking in the views of Horse Shoe Bay.

Joy’s just Dessert

Group photo at Wirra Wirra. Adrian Creedon and Helen, Kym Obst, Lee fulton, Russell Barnes, Anna Jones, Derry Swan, Ron Wishart, Joy O’Connor, Nathan Jones, Pam Fulton, Ray Pryor, Anne Barnes, Dianna and Alex Innocenti

Maria and Kym Obst Nathan Jones, Phil and Dianna Jacquillard, Alex and Dianna Innocenti, Ray Pryor and Joy O’Connor,Adrian Creedon and Helen, Kym and Maria Obst, Anna Jones

View from the balcony

Socialising round the cars

Blow: rest break

Bottle of Corks 19



Above: wine tasting

Photos: Bob Taylor

Climb to the Eagle 2nd November 2012 The annual Climb to the Eagle, organised by the Sporting Car Club, was run on Friday 2nd of November. Bob Taylor was there, and discovered a lot of proud Porsche drivers enjoying the day, including quite a few 356s.








LET US HELP YOU We specialise in

Roofing Re - Roofing Carports Verandahs Roof Top Solar Commercial Roofing Call or email fellow member Andrew Box 8410 1883 or 0418 892 772




Story: Ray Pryor Photos: Joy O’Connor

Dinner at the Hackney Hotel 2nd November 2012

Lee Fulton, Helen, Anne Barnes, Derry Swan, Russel Barnes, Adrian Creedon, Jim Pierson, Pam Fulton At the suggestion of Jim Pierson, the November Club dinner, which was to be our last for 2012, was held at the Hackney Hotel and attended by 25 members. Great to see a few faces we had not seen at a Dinner for quite a while, especially Vicki Rooke. Food was of good quality, however, we chose the deluxe Seafood platter along with Tim & Amelia, and somehow, the Chef forgot the second order. It eventually came and they said it was well worth the wait. The Hackney set aside three tables for the Club which gave plenty of opportunity for members to mingle after the meal.

Seafood platter at last for Tim and Amelia

As usual the boys tended to talk about cars, mainly Porsches, whilst the girls found plenty to talk and laugh about.

David Wiffen and Joan Amos

Richard Hayden and Adrian Creedon behind

Bob Weekes and Russell Barnes 23



Helen and Anne

Stuart Elshaw

Photos: Warren Edwards, Bob Taylor

Mallala Supersprint

4th November 2012

The start

Peter Mayer follows Marty Ewer in the battle of the white GT3s PCSA SUPERSPRINT Super Sprint Round ROUND 3 3

04-Nov-12 Mallala

Results Conditions:

Place CarNum Driver 1 83 Ryan Reynolds 2 84 Steve Thiele 3 54 Randall Bonner 4 3 Ewer Marty 5 50 Tony Keynes 6 32 Phil Jacquillard 7 58 Robert Harrison 8 31 Kym Obst 9 39 Doug McPherson 10 53 Amelia Eime 11 45 Peter Mayer 12 71 Ray Bessell 13 80 Jon Van Leuvan 14 72 Chris Pazios 15 55 Tim O'Daley 16 24 Dave Wiffen 17 82 Chris Ogden

Very Hot/Windy

Car Boxter 996 Cab 944 T 997 GT3 Boxter S 996 GT3 Carerra 89 Boxter 964 C2 996 GT3 997 GT3RS 996 911 SC 997 s 996 Cup 964 Cab 964 C4

Lap1 1.2722 1.2629 1.2632 1.1726 1.2818 1.2045 1.2668 1.2878 1.3390 1.2287 1.1952 1.2933 1.3624 1.3503 1.2251 1.5222 1.3941

Lap2 1.2768 1.2579 1.2661 1.1705 1.2830 1.2413 1.2682 1.2988 1.2874 1.2259 1.1897 1.3062 1.3487 1.3350 1.2203 1.5284 DNF

Lap3 1.2795 1.2631 1.2888 1.1713 1.2837 1.2116 1.2861 1.2820 1.2849 1.2251 1.1964 1.2976 1.3554 1.3052 1.2178 1.5501 DNF

Lap4 1.2784 1.2692 1.2560 1.1697 1.3187 1.2049 1.2781 1.2905 1.2920 1.2380 1.1996 1.2981 1.3429 1.3203 1.2256 1.5381 1.3292

Lap5 1.2787 1.2658 1.2612 1.1720 1.3147 1.2074 1.2841 1.2920 1.2934 1.2393 1.2027 1.2999 1.3418 1.3077 1.2295 1.5356 1.3322

MGF Mini Cooper S Exige Radical EVO EVO 2012

1.2887 1.2780 1.2411 1.0904 1.1960 1.2509

1.3014 1.2720 1.2444 1.0791 1.2077 1.2086

1.4495 1.2656 1.2497 1.0887 1.2036 1.2106

1.2936 1.2896 1.2447 1.0800 1.2021 1.2110

1.2927 1.2666 1.2615 1.0828 1.2070 1.2143

Lap6 Lap7 Lap8 1.2806 1.2744 1.2800 1.2697 1.2654 1.2654 1.2628 1.2608 1.2596 1.1735 1.1705 1.1817 1.3041 1.3393 1.2977 1.2064 1.2130 1.2084 1.2884 1.2764 1.2774 1.2815 1.3135 1.3130 1.2979 1.2981 1.2987 1.2417 1.2354 1.2323 1.2073 1.2008 1.2063 1.3095 1.3023 1.2987 1.3431 1.3439 1.3587 1.3041 1.3113 1.3109 1.2306 1.2300 1.2338 1.5122 1.5473 1.5280 1.3352 1.3527 1.3343 RED=New Handicap

Lap9 Average Handicap Difference Points 1.2762 1.2774 1.2816 -0.0042 100 1.2725 1.2658 1.2550 0.0108 89 1.2537 1.2636 1.2514 0.0122 79 1.1750 1.1730 1.1532 0.0198 70 1.2979 1.3023 1.2750 0.0273 62 1.2098 1.2119 1.1801 0.0318 55 1.2898 1.2795 1.2474 0.0321 48 1.3015 1.2956 1.2547 0.0409 42 1.2905 1.2980 1.2550 0.0430 36 1.2312 1.2331 1.1884 0.0447 31 1.2173 1.2017 1.1500 0.0517 26 1.3042 1.3011 1.2450 0.0561 21 1.3879 1.3539 1.2900 0.0639 17 1.3048 1.3166 1.2450 0.0716 13 1.2262 1.2265 1.1500 0.0765 10 1.5851 1.5386 1.2850 0.2536 6 1.3412 1.3456 1.2950 0.0000 0

OTHER MARQUES 21 57 85 62 93 89


Simon VanLeuvan Peter Bowden Juris Kuznecovs Graeme Cook David Pavone Adam Trimmer



1.2975 1.2729 1.2536 1.0828 1.2100 1.2096

1.3061 1.2675 1.2563 1.0793 1.1972 1.2086

1.2926 1.2792 1.2533 1.0831 1.2150 1.2032

1.2955 1.2883 1.2568 1.0848 1.2140 1.2064

1.3131 1.2755 1.2513 1.0834 1.2058 1.2137

Lean into turn 1

Rob Harrison about to go out for some fun

Peter Mayer’s GT3 (ex Rob Black)

How many Porsche members does it take to check a tyre pressure

The problem with your engine is .....

Flying finish

Close in the hairpin

So who’s the fastest here today then 25



The chase

The pass






Story: Roger Paterson Photos: Ray Clements

Legends of the Lake, Mt Gambier Hillclimb 2nd November 2012 Perusing the results of this classic annual event, which is very popular, and always oversubscribed, revealed that a few of our members competed in Porsches, along with some in other brands. There were, of course, also a couple of other Porsche ring-ins.

Pictured is Mark Poole showing how it’s done in his immaculate 1983 930. Other Porsche club SA members included Nathan Jones, 1985 930; Norm Goodall 1977 911SC; Kai Pottharst, 1978 911SC; (and Kym Wallace 1983 944, who was a listed entrant but for whom I could find no times. Problems?) There were 146 final entries, and 137 classified finishers.

And the winners are: (Fastest time of the weekend after up to 9 runs) Mark Poole 58.100 3rd in Road registered over 2001cc Nathan Jones 58.495 5th in Road registered over 2001cc Norm Goodall 1:01.587 4th in Marque Sports 2001-3000cc 1:01.976 5th in Marque Sports 2001-3000cc Kai Pottharst




41st Outright 43rd Outright 75th Outright 78th Outright

Story: Ray Pryor Photos: Maria Obst, Joy O’Connor, Ray Pryor

Club Run and Mannum Picnic 18th November 2012

What has now become the Porsche Club of South Australia annual run to Mannum with a picnic on the banks of the Murray River was held on Sunday 18th November 2012. Rumours had filtered to me that ‘although we love the picnic by the Murray, the run is a bit boring’. As the first run your new social secretaries have organized to Mannum for many years, this set a challenge, as I must admit we had pretty well travelled the same route each year. However, when looking at the map, there ain’t a lot of alternatives. But after a bit of a study, and a Google or two, I thought I had the problem solved. Our normal meeting spot at the Feathers Hotel Burnside, it would appear, was still the place to gather as there are toilets and coffee available. On leaving the Feathers we travelled what seemed to be the old path up Greenhill Rd through Summertown, Uraidla and on to Balhannah. But now the difference: back road (good surface) from Balhannah to Littlehampton and on to the Old Princes Highway. This route then takes us on to Nairne, a 15 minute break at Kanmantoo, then through Callington, and left turn at Monarto South. This road eventually meets up with the MannumMurray Bridge Road, but not without a little twist. A few kilometres up the road as you come over a crest, in the distance all one can see is a dirt road. I knew immediately Bob




Weekes was thinking, ‘I’m not going there’. However, all is revealed after the next crest; an intersection with the dirt road straight ahead and the bitumen veering to the right. Once on the Mannum-Murray Bridge road it was a straight run to Mannum. Our picnic spot selected, we all settled down with chairs and Eskys to enjoy our lunch and great company. The boys eventually gravitated to the car park and discussed the various merits of their cars. The latest trip to Melbourne was revisited etc. In all we had 15 cars and 27 people attend our annual picnic at Mannum. Now for a new route to Mannum for next year!

One of the locals

Below: Shady lot




The line up

Below: Rotunda relaxation

Below: Its a tough life

Below: Chit chat




Story: Ray Pryor Photos: Roger Paterson, Maria Obst, Don Callow

Christmas Party Picnic 2nd December Christmas cheer came early to the Porsche Club, on arrival at our annual Christmas Picnic everyone was offered a glass of Moet champagne with the compliments of the season from Ross Almond. A big thank you to Ross. 85 adults and 14 children then settled in to the Christmas spirit awaiting the much anticipated arrival of the big man in red. However, first the masses had to be fed and this was provided by Aussie Ripper Roast with a selection of roast meats, hot potatoes and a variety of salads. Selection of sweets followed. Some people went back for seconds. Father Christmas arrived in a Porsche (what else) laden with gifts for the little ones. Santa gave out the presents with much Ho-Ho-Hoing, asking the children their preferences for Christmas day and held court offering chances for the adults to express their wishes, a jolly time was had by all. A wave of the hand and some more ho-ho-ho–ing and Father Christmas was off to the North, (car park). The weather was kind to us and the venue very suitable for our picnic. The caterers provided an excellent meal. The company was great, and the kids had a wonderful time playing with their new toys. From Joy and myself, we hope you had a great Christmas, and may 2013 be a happy and healthy year.

the hour, comethREPORT the man 31 Cometh PORSCHE

Callow Andrew

nson kids Je almer

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eP and th



g r Youn d Pete n a l o r Ca

Chriss y twins M Paterson, K ym and ila and Sibella J , Dave ulie Sullivan ,B Gilbert, Rob an rad and Bree d Mich ele Re with udiger


eyno Ryan R ria and a D d n ea Daniell

Twins w ith Palm ers 32



Christmas Party picnic

ra d Sand Des an



Good tu cker

make How to

appy! a kid h

Joy Ra y and J ames

, Beck and As hton


Sulliva nd Kym Julie a




Christmas Party picnic

lia d Ame Tim an , g u o m, D nd Nor Kate a


e and Bob W eekes,

and Le e and Pam F ulton


daugh en and is Ogd n r h C d riso yl an s Sher and Rob Har ember New m g McPherson u with Do


r ’Conno , Joy O n o h a M




and Pe ter daugh Kowalenko w ter and it son-in-l h aw

r y Pryo and Ra

c San M

The sc ene





n , Jense , Jason Yvonne

e ik Palm and Er

Calling all 356 owners!

David Wiffen and I are planning a special feature on the 356’s owned by club members. We would love to hear from you. How did you come to own yours? What is the history of the car? Does the 356 have a special place in your motoring heart? Please tell us about your interest in owning a 356. Do you recall any anecdotes of adventures in your 356, and/or those of other members, past or present? You may choose to contribute just some information on the car, or better still, a short article. No journalistic talent? Then you may prefer David to come and have a chat with you and write up what you’d like to say about 356’s. Get in touch with David at 8272 3043 or Bob Taylor would be happy to professionally photograph your car, and David could organise that for you. (No obligation to buy photos; they are primarily for the magazine.) Naturally we want to publish photos of as many club members’ cars as possible, so if you’re not keen to get Bob to do some shots, please send us some of the best of your own. Ideally, we’d like to do a club run one Sunday morning, to a pleasant lunch, with a special focus on 356’s. That would be a great culmination of the collation of photos and stories, ready for a feature article in the magazine. Please let us know if you’d like to participate in such an event. Contact Ray Pryor at 0409948889 or, or Joy O’Connor at 0408856486 or 35


REPORT, our amazing social secretariat. Don’t dilly-dally; get on the phone or your email and let us know that you’re interested. Contact the organisers above, or me if you like, at All the best in Porsche enjoyment, Ed

Porsche Forum New Feature Dear Porsche Forum.

Your options are:

I was wondering if you could give me any ideas on what camber to run on my 964. It’s a 91’ C4. From my last Wheel alignment the camber was: Front L -3 15’ Rear L -3 31’ Front R -2 55’ Rear R -3 04’

1. pay for new tyres too often,

My wheels are 18’s which would affect this I assume? Fr 235/40R18, Rear 265/35R18. My biggest concern is that I’ve chewed through the inside edge of the rear Falken 453’s in 5 months and 5000kms, I think this is excessive, what do you think? I’ve only done the one track day during this time, and my general driving is into and from work with the weekend hills drive every couple of weeks. From the forums most people seem to run between -1.1 to -2 on the rears. Thanks for any info you can give me. Cheers Chris Ogden Hi Chris, I can only reply with regard to my experience with the 996 turbo and 997 GT3, but I totally agree that that much negative rear camber is inappropriate for normal road use. Not only that, but without putting the car up on a hoist, it is very difficult to see that the inside shoulder is down to the wire belt!




2. set camber at about neutral and compromise track day performance, 3. realign to neutral for road use and back to camber for track days (what I used to do), 4. buy a second set of wheels for your R rubber, to save those tyres for track days, and do your daily driving on more durable tyres (also what I used to do). North Tce Tyres used to charge me $50 to change wheels and realign (ie $100 to prepare for each track day and change back to road use) including local pick up and return for a good customer! They would have plenty of data on what works for various models, as would Buik’s. Of course, I would think you could save the $100 per track day by changing the wheels and camber yourself, with a small investment in a camber gauge. Hope this helps. Cheers Ed Members, Have you had similar problems and come up with another or better solution? Have you had any other issues with your

Porsche that you have solved, or that remain unsolved, that other members may be interested in hearing about? Are you technically minded, with extensive experience in driving and maintaining multiple Porsches over the years? Maybe you’d like to volunteer to Mr Porsche Forum, and coordinate this column in the future? The members would love you for it! Address you emails to the editor: roger.

Ya gotta love negative camber & sidewall deflection

Story: Norm Goodall


What is regularity? The Goodall definition is- “It’s a very relaxing way to enjoy your car on various tracks, driving at your speed.” In our Drivers Championship, your car has a handicap and the aim is to beat the nominated time set by our handicapper. Once you beat the handicapper, your PB becomes your handicap, so the pressure is always on you to do better. Great fun, but not everyone wants to drive that way. In racing events the requirements are much more stringent than in a “speed event- a sprint”, however one can get to drive at the same tracks as the “racers”. I’ve run in regularity at Bathurst, Winton, Wakefield Park, Mallala and, in the future in Rennsport, at Sydney Raceway, so you can get to drive at all the great circuits in regularity! How do you go about it? The requirements are the same as a super sprint. Level 2S CAMS licence, blue triangle, fire extinguisher, Dorian timer etc (check the PCSA web site). No special harnesses roll cages etc. After a practice session, and a check of your lap times, then you nominate the time you feel comfortable to achieve. At Mallala, the nominated times must be between 1.25 and 1.50 per lap. At larger events, there may be up to three groups just to keep the times close. This is to limit overtaking. Safety is paramount! 37



Driving: It’s a matter of being consistent, change gears at the same point, brake at the same point. Remember no external or internal timing aids are permitted! Who’s the winner? The most consistently used formula is for every 0.1 of a second over one’s nominated lap time – one point. Every 0.1 under your nominated time - two points. Therefore, the driver with the least points – Wins! Coming soon to Porsche club days at Mallala! Try it, as it is great fun!

A New Feature

Blast from the Past: New Feature This section may become a regular feature of future magazines, depending on readers’ feedback. The plan is to find something of interest from 5, 10, 15, and 21 years ago, (or even longer), from past issues of the Porsche Report. What did past members do and say? Did you know the first motorkhana was on grass? Maybe you recall an article that you think would still be of interest today? All feedback is welcome.

Which Porsche to buy? 5 years ago From the Porsche Report Dec 2007, Vol.32 no.4

21 years ago From the Porsche Report Jan 1992, Vol.17 No.3

Originial Mallala map




Blast from the Past: Mallala History Story:

15 years ago: From the Porsche Report Feb 1998, Vol.23 no.4 (The more things change, the more they stay the same)

10 years ago: From the Porsche Report April 2003 Vol.28 No.5




Story: David Wiffen Photos: Bob Taylor

Willall Racing’s GT3 RSR

As I rolled through the gates into Willall Racing in Gilman, it was strangely quiet. There was no characteristic ‘bark’ of an air gun during a wheel change, nor an engine being rev’d up, as a mechanic backs out of a service bay. It was a very hot Saturday, and midday too. For a split-second, I was outside the famous Skunk Works in Burbank California. I expected to see the SR71 Blackbird, or a U2 spy plane hidden

in one of these large hangers. Two black Nissan GTRs were parked outside, so I knew I was in the right place, but no Porsche GT3 … yet.

Then, as our eyes adjusted to the dark, we could see the elegant shape of the GT3 tucked away inside.

Keir Wilson, Martin Donnon and Susan Eaton were there to welcome us, and answer our questions on the car. We look forward to meeting the other members of the Willall Racing team, Gareth Norton, Paul Howson and Chanel White out at Mallala very soon.

The black and white GT3 RSR sat to one side of the workshop, with Willall Racing logos down the sides. It has 440hp of power from a 3.8 litre block, Holinger sequential six speed box, and a Motec M8 engine management system/ADL dash. Left hand drive of course. Martin said that they purchased the GT3, a 2005 version, after it was imported from the US, and it would be their personal Porsche car for parts development and maybe some racing in the Australian GT series in 2013. I felt that it would not be long before they were out on the grid at Mallala, putting in sprint times in the 1.10’s as they continued to develop the car. As Bob worked his photographic magic on the GT3, Martin explained that they had a ‘one in, one out’ approach to their business, focussing on one client at a time. Far better, he felt, than having a number of different clients’ vehicles gathering dust in the outer reaches of the workshop. Of course they worked with other experts such as Mark Buik, so Willall Racing are very much part of the Porsche community. Naturally, on such a warm summer’s day, the conversation touched on to the ‘hot’ topic of brakes and tyres for Porsches. Martin said proudly that they could upgrade their capability by fitting special water cooled brakes, similar to those now fitted to the V8’s, for an extra $850 to $1000, so this could improve lap times and driver’s confidence.




Ben Cakebread, one of our marshals, had been heard to exclaim on the track radio, ‘’Godzilla is coming!’’ Sadly, that one is no more!

Martin laughed and explained that this small bunch of dollar notes, was the scrap value of the burnt out car. They had nailed them to the wall alongside this photograph of the Nissan GTR that had come to grief out at Mount Alma Mile. As it had ended up as a puddle of melted aluminium and charred remains.

The only other sounds were Bob and his camera, working around the GT3, and the friendly chirping of ‘Turbo’ the ‘company’ budgerigar in the corner. It gave the place a pleasant air of normality and domestic calm, in a high tech laboratory, where cars came to be ‘breathed on’ to make them perform faster. I looked around walls too at the photographs of other Willall Racing vehicles, and their track triumphs. Then the odd sight of a small bunch of dollar notes pinned alongside a photo of a Nissan GTR caught my eye.




Who can forget seeing that white Nissan GTR out at Mallala, usually well out in front of a group of GT3’s pounding down the track!

Although in the shadows, we had caught a glimpse of other cars, we averted our eyes and the camera lens from the top secret development projects! Cutting edge parts and performance development for Nissan GTRs is, after all, a major part of their business. (Perhaps the subject of another article?) The Willall Racing Toyota 86 (WR86 package) was there, resplendent in black and grey. Martin talked about a 200kw output on E85 ethanol fuel. It will be interesting to see how this car too, progresses throughout the year. Bob had his photographs and I had switched off the recorder. Sadly our visit had come to an end, and we had thanked Martin and Susan for their time and courtesy. All too soon we were back outside in the sunlight. However, that special silence was still ‘there’. Definitely we had just left the Skunk Works of California. Those Black and White stripes on the cars …. that just added to the overall impression.

Story: Geoff Crowe - Competition Results and Handicapper

Having Fun and the Club Championship Porsche clubs around the world were formed through competition and providing opportunities for Porsche owners to enjoy the unique driving thrills that only a Porsche can give you. In addition, anyone who has driven in an organised Club event will tell you how much they have learned about their special car. Indeed many get hooked and try all the different disciplines of motor sport. Many of our members have progressed to competitive motorsport including Tarmac Rallies and Club events at Bathurst and Phillip Island- just to mention a few. Our Club has taken all this into account and provides a competition program that can cater for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a 924 or the latest GT3, our events can cater for you. For example, speed is not an issue at Mallala, because we run ‘grids’ of cars on the track with similar times and we allow for newcomers in separate groups. Safety and respect for other drivers comes first with no compromise. This is a race against your designated handicap – not against other cars.




Driver training is also an integral part of our competition with ‘one on one’ tuition provided at our supersprint days for anyone who wants it. For those that wish to measure their progress, we have a competition system that culminates in an annual award. To be eligible for this, at least one event in each of all 3 club disciplines must be entered. These include our 6 supersprint rounds at Mallala, 3 motorkhana events and 3 hillclimb events at Collingrove. In all of these events you are competing against your own times and car handicaps. There is no doubt that consistency and improvements will give you the best result and a chance of scoring the most championship points. It’s fantastic to see that at the halfway mark we already have a battle from new members and seasoned competitors for the top spot. If you haven’t tried the competition side of our club out yet, come out and have some fun at the next event and see what your car can do. Its’ exhilarating and I can guarantee you will learn a great deal about your Porsche.

Month Type

22-Jul 12-Aug 9-Sep 23-Sep 21-Oct 4-Nov Feb-13 Mar-11 Mar-24 Apr-21 Jun-02

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Kaz Herbst REPORT

Wayne Obst

Stuart Elshaw

David Gilbert

Porsche Club SA Calendar 2013

Other Events of Potential Interest (non-clashing)

Date 5th April

Event Club Dinner

6th - 7th April

Mt Alma Mile

Location Points Broadway hotel Glenelg Mt Alma

21st April 28th April 17th May 25th – 26th May

Hillclimb 2 Club run Club Dinner Porsche Rennsport Supersprint 6

Collingrove Mt Barker TBA Sydney Raceway Mallala

Date Event 19th - 21st April Shannon's Nationals 4th May OzGymkhana 5th May Marque Sports 6 hr Regularity

2nd June


18th May yes

15th June


18 June 21st - 23rd June

Club Run TBA Adelaide Hills Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally & Sthn Vales th 28 June Club dinner TBA End of Porsche Club Drivers' Championship year. 7th July Supersprint 1 Mallala yes 14th July Hillclimb 1 Collingrove yes

21st - 25th August 1st September 29th September

Targa Adelaide

Adelaide Hills

Motorkhana 1



Supersprint 2



20th October 1st November

Hillclimb 2 Collingrove yes Climb to the Eagle Glen Osmond

3rd November 8th November

Supersprint 3 Legends of the Lakes Hillclimb Motorkhana 2

24th November

Lots more Social events to come!!




Mallala Mt Gambier Mallala

23rd June

4th August 17th - 18th August 18th August

Location Mallala Tailem Bend Mallala

SA Circuit Racing Champs VWC Bitumen Khanacross

Twilight Mallala

Winter Cup 2


Winter Cup 3


SA Circuit Racing Champs VWC Bitumen Khanacross Winter Cup 4

8th September 21st - 22nd Sept SA Hillclimb Championships

Tailem Bend

Mallala Tailem Bend Collingrove Collingrove

22nd Sept 2nd November

OzGymkhana SA Circuit Racing Champs

Tailem Bend Twilight Mallala

7th - 8th Dec


Tailem Bend

yes yes





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