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Re-entry Students programs and services designed for students 25 and older

Six Quick Tips for a Smooth Transition Take Advantage of Orientations From the library system on campus to your academic department to the TRSP Center orientations--go with questions in mind to actively engage in these opportunities. Go to get a better feel for your options, resources, and sometimes hidden opportunities.

Take a Transition Course Adult Learners in Higher Education is an effective way to sharpen your approaches to scholarship at a research university. The added benefit of this course is that you earn an upperdivision unit while you collaboratively work with other re-entry learners.

Own Your Place Here “Small groups of aspiring adults who desire to keep their minds fresh and vigorous; who begin to learn by confronting pertinent situations; who dig down into the reservoirs of their secondary facts; who are led in the discussion by teachers who are also seekers after wisdom and not oracles: this constitutes the setting for adult education, the modern quest for life's meaning.” Eduard Lindeman The Meaning of Adult Education (1926)

Take a Minimum Course Load in Your First Semester You may be used to tackling many units along with work and family, but Berkeley presents intensified challenges. Over-enroll in your units and then trim back until you have a manageable load. Take this positive momentum into your next term.

Evaluate your Financial Aid Awards and Consider Appeals Many re-entry students find that their expenses include many things not included in a “traditional” student budget. Not sure as to what appeals might apply? Stop by the center for additional resources.

and purposeful connections to your academic experience. As noted in the Six Quick Tips for a Smooth Transition, one of the great opportunities available as you begin your studies at Berkeley is a one-unit transition course offered on a Pass/Not Pass basis. This means that while you will benefit from an array of insights and strategies, the design of the course is to decrease your stress load and offer an opportunity to actively process your academic transition to studies at Berkeley. Adult Learners in Higher Education, EDUC 198 meets once each week throughout the semester and affords the opportunity to be with other re-entry students who understand and respect the juggling act, sacrifices, and purposeful direction it takes to be here.

Re-entry Student Services

Declare Your Major Thoughtfully weigh into the mix in your intended major and get well acquainted with your undergraduate advisor. What seems to be the primary emphasis of the department? Strive for making informed choices with your academic path and heed advice regarding course combinations.

What else do we do in this class? Students participate in this discussion-based forum to address specific issues facing the re-entry adult learner during the transitional first semester at Cal. Course discussions and assignments are designed to refine study skills such as managing the heavy reading load, focusing writing skills for Berkeley expectations, and balancing academics with personal and work environments. Due to its adult learning emphasis, this class affords the opportunity to connect with other re-entry learners who deal with concerns that are often different from traditional-aged students. In addition to weekly meetings, there are workshops and other opportunities in our TRSP Center to work on skills and network to build community. Many reentry students have said that this course was essential to their success at Cal! For section availability please visit:

Adult Learners in Higher Education Your partner, family members often including children or grandchildren, and even friends know how hard you worked to earn this opportunity to study at the University of California, Berkeley. While this is most certainly a privilege—know that what you bring to the university is as important as what you get from this process. That is just one of the beauties of being a re-entry student—you don’t have to ignore or discount all of your professional, personal, and life experience. The goal: to integrate and use your finely-cultivated life skills to make relevant

Consider Prizes and Scholarships Designed for Re-entry Students Within the TRSP Center alone awards range from the Osher Reentry Scholarship Program to the Judith Lee Stronach Prizes for Poetry and Prose, and the Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship as well.

We provide an array of programs and services designed with you in mind. From our comfortable community center to our academic courses—our purpose is to make your time at Berkeley as rich and fulfilling as possible.

Studying at Berkeley is a transformative experience, and this transformation is not limited to you as a scholar. Countless opportunities to impact the campus, community, and society await all Berkeley students. Just think of the potential impact in your experienced hands. Director: Ron Williams 108 César E. Chávez Student Center phone: 510.642.7417 e-mail:

University of California, Berkeley

Re entry student services  
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