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Fall 2014 Transition Courses

Transfer Students, Re-entry Students, Student Parents and Veterans Transitioning to Cal: An Introduction to the Research University for Transfer Students Education 198: One unit pass/not pass Instructor and Course Coordinator: Lorena Valdez, 510.643.6285 This class is designed to help facilitate your transition to Cal by improving your knowledge of the research university and its resources, identifying key academic skills and strategies for upper division coursework and building connections and community. During the semester we will focus on areas that promote academic success such as critical reading, preparing for exams, time management, and academic writing. Students will actively explore campus resources and learn about internships, undergraduate research, study abroad and other enrichment opportunities. Enrollment is limited to 25 students per section. Sec. 35 "Mondays 9-10 Sec. 36" Mondays 10-11 " Sec. 37" Mondays 11-Noon Sec. 38" Mondays Noon-1 Sec. 47 Mondays 1-2" Sec. 39" Tuesdays 9-10 Sec. 40" Tuesdays 10-11 Sec. 41" Tuesdays 11-Noon

155 Barrows Hall 85 Evans Hall 183 Dwinelle Hal 155 Barrows Hall 187 Dwinelle Hall 285 Cory Hall " 228 Dwinelle Hall 240 Mulford Hall

CCN: 23950 CCN: 23952 CCN: 24388 CCN: 24391 CCN: 24418 CCN: 24394 "CCN: 24397 " CCN: 24400

Sec. 42" Tuesdays Sec. 48 Tuesdays Sec. 43" Wednesdays Sec. 44" Wednesdays Sec. 45" Thursdays Sec. 46" Thursdays Sec. 49 Thursdays

Noon-1 1-2 10-11 11-Noon 11-Noon Noon-1 1-2

246 Dwinelle Hall 2066 Valley LSB 209 Dwinelle Hall 100 César Chávez 110 Barker Hall 246 Dwinelle Hall 105 Latimer Hall

CCN: 24403 CCN: 24421 CCN: 24406 CCN: 24409 CCN: 24412 CCN: 24415 CCN: 24424

Adult Learners in Higher Education Education 198: One unit pass/not pass Instructor and Course Coordinator: Ron Williams, 510.642.7417 Students participate in this discussion-based forum to address specific issues facing the re-entry adult learner during the transitional first semester at Cal. Course discussions and assignments are designed to refine study skills such as managing the heavy reading load, focusing writing skills for Berkeley standards, and balancing academics with personal and work environments. Due to its adult learning emphasis, this class affords the opportunity to connect with other re-entry learners who deal with concerns that are often different from traditional-aged students. Many re-entry students have said that this course was essential to their success at Cal! Sec. 29  Mondays Sec. 30 Mondays Sec. 31  Tuesdays Sec. 32 Tuesdays

Noon-1 4-5 11-Noon Noon-1

151 Barrows Hall 103 Wheeler Hall 85 Evans Hall 237 Cory Hall

CCN: 23932 Sec. 33 Wednesdays 4-5 106 Dwinelle Hall CCN: 23935 Sec. 34 Fridays 11-Noon 183 Dwinelle Hall CCN: 23938 Sec. 50 Mondays 1-2 155 Barrows Hall CCN: 23941

CCN: 23944 CCN: 23947 CCN: 24427

Once Upon A University: Student Parents in Higher Education Education 98/198: Two units pass/not pass Instructor and Course Coordinator: Ginelle Perez, 510.643.5729 The goal of this class is to create a supportive learning community in which to master the unique challenges experienced by parents who are new to Cal and/or   new to parenting.    The course is designed to provide timely information, an understanding of financial aid resources,   academic tips and shared strategies for balancing course load expectations with parenting imperatives.  Course content is developed with student input, and includes  class presentations, guest speakers, facilitated discussions, creative homework assignments (involving your children!)  and hands-on class exercises. Education 98:   Education 198:

Sec. 8 Sec. 8

Fridays 11 - 12:30 PM Fridays 11 - 12:30 PM

100 César Chávez 100 César Chávez

CCN: 23605 (for freshman / sophomores) CCN: 23869   (for juniors/seniors)

Veterans in Higher Education Education 198: One unit pass/not pass Instructor and Course Coordinator: Ron Williams, 510.642.7417 This course is designed to acclimate veterans to the opportunities and expectations of student life at UC Berkeley. Learn to maximize benefits and make the best transition to the Cal academic experience. This class affords the opportunity to connect with other new and experienced Cal veterans to gain insights and strategies for working with issues that are often different from the traditional student experience. Education 198

Sec. 2


Time: 11-Noon

Stiles Hall

100 César E. Chávez Student Center / 510.642.4257 /

CCN: 23851

Cal Independent Scholars Network Cal Veteran Services Center Educational Opportunity Program Re-Entry Student Center Student Parent Center Undocumented Student Program 100 César E. Chávez Student Center 510.642.4257


Designed for new students to address the key issues and topics as you begin your first semester Transitioning to Berkeley Workshops: Get a jump start on your fall semester! Understanding and Maximizing Financial Resources Tuesday, August 19 from 6 - 7:30 PM Getting Started in Undergraduate Research Thursday, August 21 from 4:45 - 5:45 PM What to Expect--Balancing Life and Academics Thursday, August 21 from 6 - 7:30 PM

Welcome Workshops Fall 2014 Tuesday, August 26: 4 Steps to Success in L&S - 1:30 - 3 PM Wednesday, August 27: L&S Advising: Tools for Transfers - 10 - 11:30 AM TRSP: Getting Started @ Cal - Noon - 1 PM Refreshments Provided Financial Aid: Maximizing Your Resources - 1 - 2:30 PM The Library: Navigating Services - 3 - 4:30 PM Updated Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Workshops take place in 100 of César E. Chávez Student Center

CE3 fall 14 transition courses  
CE3 fall 14 transition courses