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Tinnitus Sound Therapy - Getting Louder At some point, you have to come to terms with the amazing little fact even 21st century medicine cannot cure some of the most obscure and common ailments (think of a cold!). This has been the case for many years with conditions that affect hearing like hyperacusis and tinnitus, though new advances in sound therapy are beginning to melt the tip of the hearing disorder iceberg. Tinnitus sound therapy is rather high tech and works in a method similar to noise canceling headphones. The first step is to determine the frequency of the pitch that patients experience. Current studies indicate that nearly 80% of sufferers hear a constant, single pitch tone. If you're one of the unlucky 20%, this kind of treatment will have less promising results and may even be ineffectual. Once the pitch perceived by the patient is matched, audio equipment is used to reproduce the sound and then invert the phase so that the new audio is the acoustic inverse of the original. Once the correct note is obtained, it is played back for the patient and the two sounds combine to make no sound, effectively canceling each other out.

At least, that's the goal of the technology and the last hope for many suffering from the condition. Tinnitus sound therapy isn't a cure, but a method of helping sufferers cope. In the initial stages of treatment, patients submit to 30 minutes of listening to the inverted audio for several sessions. If he or she experiences a reduction in the perception of in-ear tones, a CD is produced with the canceling signal to be used at home or with any personal stereo system. This practice is currently being used at the Tinnitus Control Center in New York City and similar treatments are used at other auditory health clinics across the country. Note that tinnitus sound therapy isn't a fullproof system and those treated experience anywhere from 50% to 90% reduction in the original in-ear noise. REFERENCES: ments/sbtt.aspx For More Information, Call Better Hearing Centers At: (816) 875-3615 Or

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Tinnitus Sound Therapy - Getting Louder