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Tiny options: Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids

Are you considering completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids? These aids can be a good choice, very cosmetically attractive, small




deliberation, however, should be taken before making any decisions. While there is tremendous appeal to






limitations. The severity of hearing loss should also be considered. Those hearing






moderate the


candidates, followed by those with slightly more severe high-pitched hearing losses.

The Good, the bad, and the ugly The Good CIC hearing instruments are small that they can fit deeply into your outer ear canal. Virtually invisible, these aids typically work well with telephone use and provide less wind noise background than many other options. The Bad Due to the tiny size of a CIC, it may be difficult to manipulate when inserting or removing from the ear. Persons with manual dexterity issues may not benefit fully from this type of device. Battery life is typically shorter since smaller batteries are used to maintain the small overall size. Changing batteries can be more difficult due to this small size. The Ugly Small has its trade-offs. In the case of hearing instruments, being smaller means reducing the area available for additional options. Since the faceplate of a CIC is so tiny, there is not room for manual controls on the hearing aids. Lack of space also leads to lack of a place for directional microphones. The deep fit and small size does not lend well to multiple microphone options.

Careful consideration While CIC hearing instruments are attractive and may be a viable option for your hearing loss and life


Take careful

consideration when choosing your aids, taking into account your hearing health and life needs! Ask your audiologist or hearing healthcare professional to help you through this decision-making process. Let them help you determine whether CIC hearing aids are right for you! For More Information, Call Better Hearing Centers At: (816) 8754520 Or Visit Us At:

Tiny options: Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids  

Overview of CIC hearing aids, their appeal, and their limits

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