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Can Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Work for Me? Almost every single pain or sensation in the body will go away at some point in time. When you first put your clothes on you will feel them, but then after some time passes you will forget about the fact that they are even on your body. This is the process of habituation and it is imperative for maintaining neurological functions. It is this process that founded Tinnitus retraining therapy. Habituation is an Integral Component to Feelings of Sensation. If habituation did not exist, the things that we are able to feel, hear, taste, smell and see would end up driving us crazy over the course of time. The majority of us associate habituation as the process of ignoring something, which in reality it is. The whole process takes place within the nerve cells leading to the brain. We don’t just stop sensing everything that is going on around us; however, the brain will effectively determine which stimuli it wants to ignore and which ones it wants to recognize. If habituation never took place, we would not be able to sense anything because it would recognize every stimulus at the same time and it would end up drowning among all of the others. If the stimuli are threatening, it will not become habituated. Most of the time, any stimuli that is not threatening, yet remains constant and repetitive will end up being ignored over the course of time. Even though Tinnitus is effectively the same as habituation, you are not able to ignore Tinnitus the same way that you can habituation. The whole purpose of Tinnitus retraining therapy is to be able to train your hearing into becoming habituated to the sound of Tinnitus. Visit one of Four Convenient Locations 4657 Blue Ridge Blvd Kansas City, MO 64133 (816) 875-3615 941 W. 75th Street Overland Park, KS 66204 (913) 534-8873

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Can Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Work for Me?  
Can Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Work for Me?  

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