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Ronald Raevsky Is A Great Painter With Immense Power To Create Paintings Of Marvelous Landscapes

Ronald Ravesky is a famous painter from Maysel, West Virginia, who also knows how to give happiness and make a person think deep with the help of his landscape paintings. His precious art work is a pure combination of deep expressions, vivid colors, and creative ideas. He has been very fond of nature, since childhood and that is why, he always tries to spread the beauty of nature on his canvas. He has a different but good sense of vision and the talent of painting the nature helped him to make some of the most wonderful creations of his life. He was just 8 years old when he created his very first landscape painting. When his family came to know that he is gifted with this amazing talent to paint, they started supporting him and kept him inspired throughout his growing period.

Ronald Raevsky stepped on the ladder of success when he was offered an amazing opportunity by a businessman and according to him he offered to create a website that would sell his paintings. He understood that it was a opportunity which he might not get in future so that is why he grabbed it without thinking twice. He thought that it would allow him to share his gift and vision with rest of the world. According to the terms and conditions of the deal, he would create wonderful paintings and the businessman would try to sell them with maximum profits. Another part of the deal was that they will divide the profits equally. This deal brought great profits and immense popularity for Ronald. One of his masterpieces was auctioned for $15,000 in NY and the name of that famous painted was “The Awakening�.

On the more personal side, Ronald Raevsky lives in Maysel, in his family estate and is married. He has two beautiful kids. His wife’s name is Angela and she is a Spanish girl and they came across each other when Ronald was studying in NY. Their marriage happened after his graduation and together they moved to Maysel, West Virginia. Besides creating art, he manages a horse riding staple where he gives horse riding lessons to children.

Thank You Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky Is A Great Painter With Immense Power To Create Paintings Of Marvelous Landscapes