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Ronald Raevsky

Ronald Raevsky is an awe-inspiring painter from Maysel, West Virginia. He is well known for his fabulous art work and has painted around 500 paintings till date. Ronald started painting at a very young age and he was just 8 when he completed his first painting which was a mesmerizing art piece. It would seem that he wanted to paint the world the way it existed or rather recreate the world in his own way and give a new life or meaning to it.

Ronald Raevsky is an amazing landscape painter who is well known for his beautiful landscape paintings. Born in Maysel, West Virginia, he started painting at a tender age. For the most part, scenic landscapes have been the source of inspiration, he also has several paintings, which are inspired from the utopian landscape theme. He has made around 500 paintings till date.

They made an important contribution to his learning experience as Ronald received a lot of encouragement and support from his family. Ronald was youngest in his family and received a lot of love and care from everybody around him. He used to spend most of his time with his eldest sister while exploring the beautiful landscapes and paint them on his canvas. His creativity and art became a part of his everyday life.

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Ronald Raevsky